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The Hope pioneer. (Hope, N.D.) 1882-1964, January 30, 1902, Image 1

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1 It Tafces Time I
jr To Plan and Make 1
Masque Costume
rft®sOiir stock of Buntings, Silkolines, g—
I .Crettones,. Denims and Fancy
Trimmings is the Largest
and Most Varied. :••,:•• v...-v,
And You Know Our
Prices are Lowest
Only one week more before the
big event.
Don't delay but select the mater
"T ial for your costume now ^t-
Kraabel, Johnson ft Co.'s
Ward' &. Murray
Talk With
If you want to sell your farm or buy
another call at our office and we can make m\
or save you money. If you want a Loan on °n
your land give us a call.
flortb baHola.
The Pioneer.
Implement Dealer,
When In need of
Farm Implements.
I canry the following lines:
TheOelebrated Angle Siev^
Webber Fanning /Hills.
.u Disc and Shoe
f: Van Brunt Drills.
Carts, Etc.
Jlope, North Dakota,
Gen. Bailey, "Tank Kee," gave
a series of three lectures on
China, in this city last Thursday,
b'riday and Saturday nights, at
the Opera House. The lecturcs
are said to be very interesting
and instructive. His large dis
play of curios are said to be
great. His audiences were some
what small, however. The first
night the crowd numbered about
sixty, Friday night somewhere
around SO, and Saturday night,
owing to the fact -that the ladies
did some good hustling during
the afternoon selling tickets, the
crowd was somewhat larger.
We were pleased to learn that
the ladies d'd not lose on the deal.
We understand they guaranteed
Mr. Bailey $50 and expenses..
Hew Diug Firm.
A deal was closed last Friday
whereby, O. L. McDonnell dis
poses of the Star Drug store
stock to Messrs. Johnson &
Everson, of Lyle, Minn. .The
members of the new firm are
both strangers in the city. They,
are very pleasant gentlemen to
meet and will more than likely
make a big. change in the store,
as we understand the store room
is to fce enlarged somewhat.
New Woodman Rale.
Rock'Is'and, 111.. Argus: .The
committee on readjustment of
rates -of Modern Woodmen of
America, appointed by authority
of the St, Paul head camp, today
appeared before the executive
council alt the present session in
Rock Island and submitted a plan
of rate which was approved and
ordered to be publ shed this
month in the official paper of the
society, and which is subject to
the head camp at Indianapolis,
in 1903
The report, which is consider
ed a masterly document, clearly
shows the necessity* of reabjust
ment. and offers a plan indorsed
by the leading actuaries of the
United States and well fitted to
the conditions of a great fratern
ity like the Modern Woodmen of
America.. The executive council
deem it best not give to the pub
lic tha nature of this repor: until
it appears in full in the Moder
Woodman, the official organ of
the sqciety. o'
The committee on rate adjust
ment is composed of George W.
Clark, of Topeka, Kansas W. H.
Thompson, of Grand Island, Neb.
J. J. Thompson, of Bloomington,
111. F.H. Cummimgs, of Grand
Rapods, Mich., and H. S. Oliver,
of Lisbon. N. D. For the past
two-.montlis the members have
been in session in various places
ill this state ana Indiana and they
have made a most exhaustive re
search, covering insurance bod
ies of all descriptions, and. the
peculiarities presented by the
Modern Woodmen. They have
had the advice and assistance of
the best actuarial experts of the
day and the table they have pre
pared has been considered from
every stand point. It is to be
published and distributed among
the members of the order so that
its provisions will be known to
every Woodman when it comes
up for consideration at the fet
ing of the head camp in 1903.
•v a.'**?*" L^c-
There was no school in the
High School rooh\ last Monday
morrting, on account of the cold.
A number of the pupils in the
different rooms a^e troubled with
severe colds.
Howard Boise has returned to
school, after a two week's ab
sence on account V)f illness.
Blake Dawdv was a visitor to
High School room Tuesday
Rev. E. S. Shaw, of Fargo,
visited the High School last Mon
day morning. Mr. Shaw com
plimented the 9th Grade Latin
Class very highly'^ saying that it
was the tanner class of the state.
Needless to eay4the class feels
highly, elated oyer the compli
ment and will try to merit it
Just fere it may be said that
the pupils are always glad to see
the parents visit an would feel
encourage if thy parents would
make it a point io visit the
schools much more frequently.
Try it and see.
MisS Curtis' room is quite
crowded, but some new seats
have been ordered, which will
help out quite materially.
The schools were given a ha'f
holiday last Friday afternoon, to
enable them to Tank Kee
and hear his lecture on "The
and Cirls of China,"
Friday is the last school cay
in January—'.he fifth school
month. Only four months left,
Second-Class Mail.
President Roosevelt's state
ment to Chairman Loud of th.c
houtie postoffice committee, in re
gard to the abolishment of the
abuses in fecondclass mail mat
ter, will be gratifying reading to
the public. A powerful lobby is
gathering in Washington for- the
purpose of bringing about a re
consideration of the action of the
postcffice department in cutting
off from the privileges of second
class mail matter, serial novels
and other such publications
never intended by congress to
have such privilages. But they
rekoned without President Roos
evelt. He said iri iiis annual mes
sage that the postoffice depart
ment "should be sustained in its
efforts to remove these abuses."
That seems to have been over
looked. But wh^n Mr. Loud
went to the White House to talk
with the president jon this sub
ject, and to express the hope
that there would be no backward
steps taken, the president very
emphatically assured him that
he need have no fear. As to cut
ting off these abuses, the presi
dent declared^ that it was "the
policy of the administration.''
and that he would do all he could
to see that it was carried out.
There is no reason to believe
that Mr. Payne, who is to suc
ceed Mr. Smith-'.as post master
general, has any different view
on this question than has the
present head of the ostoffice de
partment. There is no proba
bility that congress .vill interfere
with a reform which will save
the government, when carried in
to full effect, $24,594,235 annual
ly. No bill could become a law
without the approval of the presi
dent, and that could not be
cured.—Philadelphia Press.
We have purchased the machinery business of
Geo. A. Warner. We expect to carry a complete
stock of the best lines of goods on the market.
When in town call on us and get acquainted, take
a calendar home with you, a.nd when you need any
thing in our line—call again.
Lathrop & Lunding,
Farm Machinery, Hope, N. Dakota.
& *W
..... ,^*t-fcf''.'*^-'"iil^f~-'~''a*'*J-•^-W*-*T* •'•••••r^tj-^-ii'-T|^-j-^-'-*t-"-T'f'-*-'r"",rt^"-'':-)"I'T"T*"--*,,f~-"-L "~"UJ---,*')irr*-*' Lit-"^'-:^'i i'••'.•? jj'iinji
ma. r. a. in.
(Edited by the UNION.)
I am but on^but I am one I cannot do
everything1, but I can do something what
I can do, I ought to do and jvfiat I ought
to do, by the KTACC of God, I wtlt do.
The Nal'onal Temperance
Society has received a. check for
$2,000 from Andrew Caregie.
In Jersey City recently a pro
minent candy and fruit dealer
was arrested for selling rum till
ed chocolate drops to children.
It had been noticed that children,
who bought the candy on their
way to school, were stupid and
dull in the class room. Investi
gation showed thev were intoxi
cated. The dealers were warn
ed to sell no more of this kind to
children. The parents are
greatly alarmed over the devel
opments. They find many of
the children hive formed an ap
petite for drink.
The call is issued for the
tbirtyfourth annual convention
of the National Woman,s Suff
rage Association to be held in
Washington, D. C., Feb. 12-18.
In connection with this American
mDeling there will b? held an In
ternational Woman's Suffrage
Convention in which fourteen
countries will be represented.
At the recent National Conven
tion of the W. C. T. U., at Fort
Worth, the surpr'sing fact \vaR
made known that in more than a
thousand tewns and cities of the
United States the so callel cur
few ordinances are in force.
At the begining of the century
j^st passed a woman aged sixty
years died. She had lived a life
of drunkenness vagabondism
and crime. Seventyfour ye.irs
later lier progeny numbered 834
persons, out of these the history
of 700 have been traced and re
corded.. Of this number 10(
were illegitimate, 142 were beg
gars, 04 lived upon charity, 161
woifteh"^-(?re1iVihg itnmoral lives.
7:('» were criminals, and 7 were
assissins jr murders. During
that period of 75 years this family
has cost the state for maintani
ence, imprisonments, asylum ex
penses, criminal trials and in
terest more than a million dollars.
Hope Union decided at their
last meeting,, to hold a double
contest on Feb. lHh.
Feb. 17tli is a day set apart as
a memorial day for Miss Willard
it being the date of lier death.
We aim to observe tlis day by
holding, an orilorical contest and
the same time a musical con
test. The latter being the first
of the kind held in the county.
The regular meetings of the
Union are well attended and
much interest is manifested by
the memb rs.
Cheap floney!
Cheap Honey!!
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farm. We can beat them all on
interest rates. Unless you want
to pay a higher rate you had
better call on
Nothln| Lfte.lt.:'
Compound Syrup
It will relieve Coughs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Hoarseness—in fact
all Throat and Lung troubles.
Give it a trial.
New Books! New
'WamkfS Jgcobson,
Ilis ©moists. -S
S& *5
lung & Smttb
Are arriving every day and by FEB. ist. we
can show the best and most complete line of
up-to-date Gent's Furnishings ever shown in
the city. We have bought nothing but the
best in every department and we feel con
fident if we can s^-ll you once we will always
have your trade. We have added to Our
Stock a complete line of Boys', Girls', and
Childrens' Shoss anu they are the best .that
money can buy. We would like to have you
try a pair and if they do not give satisfaction
we will cheerfully refund your money.
If you want a made-to-order suit for
Spring, we can guarantee you a fit and you
will find Our Prices.
1 20 Per Cent. Lower 1
than others. When you need anythidg in
Our Line don't forget us.
"The Cash Store." 2
Carpenter® WarQer. 3
Subsribe, for the PIONEER.
Call in and see -them.. The
very latest books out.
W ll*"
Uj v'4j

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