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Ancient and Modern Ideas on the Subject a
Time and Disease the Effacing Agents
of Beauty. What Has Science Done
to Restore the Lily and the Rose?
^Socrates called beauty a short-lived
•tyranny, Plato a privilege of nature,
Theocritus a delightful prejudice,
Theophrastus a silent cheat, Carneades
a solitary kingdom, flomer a glorious
gift of nature, Ovid a fav9r of the
gods. Aristotle affirmed that beaaty
was better than ail the letters of recom
mendation in the world, and yet none
of these distinguished authorities has
left us even a hint of how beauty is to
be perpetuated, or the ravages of age
snd disease defied. Time soon blends
the illy and the rose into the pallor of
age, disease dots the fair face with
cutaneous disfigurations and crimsons
the Soman oose with unsightly flushes,
moth, if not rast, corrupts the glory
of eyes, teeth, and lips yetbeautiful by
defacing the complexion, and Alls the
sensitive soul with agony unspeakable.
If such be the unhappy condition of
one afflicted with slight skin blemishes,
what most be the feelings of those in
whom torturing humors have for
years ram riot, covering the skin with
scales and sores and charging the
blood with poisonous elements to
become a part of the system until
death? It Is vain to attempt to por
tray such suffering. Death in many
cases might be considered a blessing.
The blood and fluids seem to be im
pregnated with a fiery ^element which,
when discharged through the pores
upon the surface of the body, inflames
and burns until, in his efforts for relief,
the patient tears the skin with his
nails, and not until the blood flows
does sufficient relief come to cause liim
to desist.
Thus do complexloB8l defects merge
into torturing
disease, and piqued van
ity give place to real suffering. A
little wart on the nose or cheek grows
to tlfe all-devouring lupus, a patch of
tetter on the palm of the hand or on
the limbs suddenly envelops the body
in its fiery embrace, atomise on the leg
expands into a gnawing ulcer, which
reaches out its fang& to the sufferer's
heart io every paroxysm of pain, a
small kernel la the neck multiplies into'
a dozen, which eat away the vitality,
great pearl-like scales crow from little
rash-like Inflammations la such abun
dance as to pass credulity and so on
may w« depict the sufferings to which
poor haman nature is subject, all of
which involve great mental distress
because of personal disfigurations.
If there were not another external
disease known, eczema alone would be
a sufficient Infliction on -mankind. It
pervades all classes, and descends im
partially through, generations. While
some are constantly enveloped in it,
others have it confined to small
patches in the ears, on the scalp, on
the breast, on the palms of tho hands,
on the limbs, etc., but everywhere its
distinctive feature is a small watery
blister, which discharges an acrid
fluig* causing b^at, inflammation, and
Intense itching. Ring-worm, tetter,
scalled head, dandruff, belong to this
scaly and itching order of diseases.
Psoriasis, our modern leprosy, with
Its motherrof-pearl scale, situated on
a reddened base, which bleeds upon
the removal of the scale, is to be
dreaded aud avoided, as of old. Im
petigo', barber's itch, erysipelas, and a
score of minor disorders make up ih'
part the catalogue of external diseases
of the sklu. 'fhus far wc have made
110 allnsion to those afflictions which
are manifestly impurities of the blood,
Viz.: swelling of tli$ glands of the
throat, ulcers qp the neck and limbs,
tumors, abscesses,, and mercurial
poisons, with loss of hair, because
the whole list can be comprehended in
tho one word scrofula.
It is in the treatment of torturing,
disfiguring humors and affections of
the skin, sealp. and blood, with loss of
hair, that the Cuticora remedies have
achieved their greatest success. Orig
inal in composition, scientifically com
pounded, absolutely pure, unchangeable
in any climate, always ready, and agree
able to the most delicate and sensitive,
they present to young and old the most
successful curatives of modern times.
This will be considered strong language
by those acquainted with the character
and obstinacy of blood and skiu humors
but it is justified by innumerable'suc
cesses where all the remedies and meth
ods in vogue have failed to cure, and,
In many cases, to relieve, even.
The Cuticura treatment is at once
agreeable, speedy, economical, and
comprehensive. Bathe the affected
parts freely with hot water and Cuti
cura soap, to cleanse the surface of
crusts and scales, and soften the
thickened cuticle. Dry, without hard
cubbing, and apply Cuticura Ointment
In every county reliable, energetic men to sell on
commission especially to the Farmer* and Thresh
ers onr line of High Grade Imbricating 01la.Greases,
also Roof, Barn and House Paints. Apply at once.
JUl diSSS Oil bUHtai CIiXTKLlSJ), 01110.
to allay itching, Irritation, and inflam
mation, and soothe and heal, and, lastly,
take Cuticura Resolvent, to cool and
cleanse the blood. This treatment af
fords instant relief, permits rest and
sleep in the severest forms of eczema
and other itching, burning, and scaly
humors, and points to a speedy, perma
nent, and economical cure of torturing,
disfiguring humors, eczemas, rashes,
and Inflammations, from infancy to
age, when all other remedies and the.
best physicians fail The remedies con
stituting the Cuticura system will repay
an individual scrutiny of their remark
able properties.
Cuticura Soap contains in a modified
form the medicinal properties of Cuti
cura Ointment the great skin cure and
purest and sweetest of emollients, com
bined with the most delieate and re
freshing of flower odors. It purifies
and invigorates the poreA of the skin,
and imparts activity to the oil glands
and tubes, thus furnishing an outlet
for unwholesome matter, which If re
tained would' cause pimples, black
heads, rashes, oily, mothy skin, and
other complextonal disfigurations, as
well as scalp affections and irritations,
falling hair, and baby rashes. Its gen
tle and continuous action on the natural
lubricators of the skin keeps the latter
transparent, soft, flexible, and healthy.
Hence Its constant use, assisted by an
occasional use of Cuticura Ointment,
realizes the fairest complexion, tho
softest, whitest hands, and the most
luxuriant, glossy hair within the do
main of the. most advanced scientific
knowledge to supply.
Cuticura Ointment is the most suc
cessful external cnratlve for tortnring,
disfiguring humors of the skin and
scalp, including loss of hair, in proof
of which a single anointing with it,
preceded by a hot bath with Cuticura
Soap, and followed in the severer cases
by a full dose of Cuticura Resolvent, is
sufficient to afford immediate relief in
the most distressing forms of itching
burning, and scaly humors, permit rest
and sleep, and point to a speedy cure
when all
other remedies fail. It is espe
cially so in the treatment of infants
and children, cleaning, soothing, and
healing the most distressing of infan
tile humors, and preserving, purifying,
and beautifying the 6kin, scalp, and
Cuticura Ointment possesses, at the
same time, the charm of satisfying
the simple wants of the toilet of all
ages, in carit for the skin, scalp,
hair, and hands far more effectually,
agreeably, aud economically than the
most expensive of toilet emollients,
while free from every ingredient of a
doubtful or dangerous character. Its
One Night Treatment of the Hands,"
or Single Treatment of the Hair,*' or
use after athletics, cycling, golf, ten
nis, riding, sparring, or auy sport, each
in connection with the use of Cuticura
Soap, is. sufficient evidence Of this.
Of all remedies for the purification
of the blood and circulating fluids, none
approaches in specific medical action
Cuticura Kesolvent. It neutralizes and
resolves away (hence its name) scrofu
lous, inherited and other humors in
the blood, which give rise to swellings
of the glands, pains in the bones, and
torturing, disfiguring eruptions of the
skin and scalp, with loss of fealr.
Cuticura Resolvent extends its puri
fying influence by means of the pores
to the surface of the skin, allaying
irritation, inflammation, itching, and
burning, and soothing and healing.
Hence its success in the treatment of
distressing humors of the skin, scalp,
and blood, with loss of hair, which fail
to be permanently cured by external
remedies alone.
The grandest testimonial that' can
be offered Cuticura remedies is their
world-wide sale, due to the personal
recommendations of those who have
used them. It is difficult to realize the
mighty growth of the business done
under this name. From a small begin
ning in the simplest form, against prej
udice and opposition, against monled
hosts, countless rivals, and trade in
difference, Cuticura remedies have be
come the greatest curatives of their
time, and, in fact, of all time, for no
whero in tho history of medicine Is
to be found another approaching them
ln.popularity and sale, in every clime
and with every people they have met
with the same reception. The confines
of the earth are the only limits to their
growth. They have conquered the
To the test of popular judgment all
things mundane must finally come.
The civilized world has rendered its
verdict in favor of Cuticura.
From February 15th to April 30th, 1903,
WAY will sell one-way Colonist tickets
from its eastern terminals—St. Paul,
Minneapolis, Duluth and the Superiors—
to nearly all points on its own and con
necting lines -in Montana, Idaho, Wash
ington and Oregon. Good land in these
states is rapidly being sold and the op
portunity to get desirable, low-priced
homes is just as rapidly passing. For
rates, details and general information
write at once to
Correspondence and Inquiries Gen: Pass. & Ticket Agent,
are given promt attention. ST. PAUL, MINN. 4
Washington and Idaho. Delightful
climate. Productive soil. Choioi
wheat, fruit, meadow, timber and
grating land. Write for free 1U1
and cheap rates for Homeseekeis.
BOSSIES-Xtccaox, Bpokano,
Lignite Briquettes.
Northern Iowa capitalists o.re plan'
ning to. enter on an important move
ment for the development of the lig*-7
nite fields of North Dakota. It is pro*
posed to install brique.tting machin
ery and turn out briquettes at New
Salem. The company that is under
talcing the project is the North Dako-'
ta Lignite Coal company. The men in
terested are A. D. Clarke of Algona,.
Mayor Eugene SchafEter of Eagle
Grove and other capitalists who were
associated with Clarke1-in the pur
chase two or three years ago of 434,
000 acres of land in the region of Bis
marck. The speculation turned out to:
be enormously profitable. The syndi
cate sold out about three-fourths of
its lan»l and plans to sell the rest, but
it will retain about 20,000 acres near
New Salem for coal lands.
Intercollegiate Debate.
The question for the intercollegiate
debate to be held here about March
14 between the representatives of the
University of Manitoba and those of
the University of North Dakota has
been received, and is as follows:
"Resolved, That undenominational
religious instruction should be given,
in our public schools."
Sides have not yet been chosen, but
the University of North Dakota rep
resentatives will choose in a few days.
Last year the debate between these
institutions was held at Winnipeg, the
representatives of the U. N. D. being
successful. This year the debate is
held at Grand Forks and Manitoba
has hopes of success.
The U. N. D. representatives arer'
Victor Wardrope, Fred Larsen and T.
Thardarson. _y|
Butter Contest.
The result of the butter contest at
the State Dairy Association's meeting
at Hebron was as follows: A. R. Kin
ney, Hebron, 93% R. F. Flint, New
Salem, 93 H. Michaels, Judson, 93
Victor Glantz, Hanover, 93 C. W. Lo
renz, Hebron, 92 Fred ICrause, Blue
Grass, W. Schuster, 90.
The meeting was one of the best
ever held in the state and was a great
help to the creamery buttermakers.
The association indorsed Ed Suden-.
dorf of Elgin, 111., who is secretary of
the National Buttermakers' Associa
tion, for chief of the dairy division of
the St. Louis world's fair.
TI19 creameries in the southern part
of the state will unite with the South
Dakota dairymen at Aberdeen on "Feb.
10 and 11.
Ward county always manages to
get to the front. In addition to the
thousands of new settlers, the great
flax belt and the premier coal regioh:
of the state, reports have been sent
out of gold discoveries in the hills of
that county. A man named Thorn
who has had California and Alaska
experience as a gold miner, declares
he has discovered auriferous ore
along a small lake about seventeen
miles southwest of Bowbells. He
thinks the hills near the lake are full:
of ore and has planned an investiga-t
tion in the spring. That section is
unhomesteaded because of the rough
nature of the country and if gold is
found there mining claims will be
taken under the mineral law.
Settled and Married.
J. K. Salisbury and Ellen J. Nichols
were married at Grand Forks. The
bride was defendant in a $6,000 dam
age suit for the alienation of a hus
band's affections, brought by Mrs.
Salisbury No. 1, durfng the January
term of the United States court here
three weeks ago.
Mrs. Salisbury No. 1 applied for a
divorce some time ago and the de
cree was filed. The -suit was settled
by the payment of the full amount of
the claim by Mrs. Nichols.
The marriage has caused a sensa
tion, as the principals were promi
nent. They left the state at once for
Washington, where they will reside.
A Bust.
The Bjornson association of this
state decided a year ago to give a bust
of the famous patriot and poet to the
state institution it considered the
most deserving and finally decided in
favor of the agricultural college at
Fargo. Recently a bust was present
ed by .the association to the college.
Among the speakers were Dr. Thams
of Fargo, Dr. Fjeldo of Abercrombie,
Th. Klavenes, the iamous Norwegian
editor, in this country on a lecturing
tour, and Ole E. Hagen of Crookston.
Instant, Death.
James Steel, a settler, and a man of
family living east of Bull Dog Run, in
Roseau county, met with instant
ileath. Mr. Steel with several others
were riding1 on a wood rack when the
bobs struck an obstruction and threw
him on his balance, and in stepping
forward his weight broke the board
he was standing on and the' rifle
which he held by the muzzle and
which was discharged, sent a bullet
through his hand and directly
through his neck and the base of the
brain, causing instant death.
The Consolidated Coal company at
Dickinson has placed an order for
$30,000 worth of new machinery to
use in mining lignite coal at its mines
near this place.
Electricity will supply the power
and when the new machinery is in
stalled,which will require about
three months, the company will be in
a. position to mine 500 tons a day
whereas it is now mining 200 tons
News Notes.
Bisbee is to have a national bank.
It will be organized by local parties.
Out at Williston the snow has crust
ed, and stockmen are anxious about
their cattle.
The community in which the cream
ery question is not being agitated, is
a back number.
It is believed that the chances for
tho opening of the Fort Totten reser
vation" this summ6r are excellent.
The Wahpeton high school has ac
cepted a challenge from the Brecken
ridge school for a debate.
Gram Bros, have arranged to start
a wholesale bakery at^Minot.
Th» Dully Tranwtctlnns of the Lawmakers
lltaumrck. A Short Summary of
th« Kecnlnr Routine.
Bismarck, Feb. 7.—The senate yester
day passed the bill authorizing bonding
the'state university at Grand Forks for
$150,000 for the erection of additional
buildings. Other senate bills passed were
those providing for the appointment of
commissioners of deeds, changing the lo
cation of the state Institute for feeble
minded from Jamestown to Grafton pro
viding for deportation of non-resident in
sane persons creating two state game
warden districts, and prohibiting the
scattering of drug or medicine samples.
In the house the Tufts anti-trust bill
passed after some debate. This is a
Stringent measure giving state courts ju
risdiction of all trusts and combinations.
Other house measures passed were the
deficiency appropriation for Jamestown
asylum, and the bill regulating practice
of optometry and prohibiting mutual in
surance companies from doing hail busi
ness in North Dakota. The senate bill
providing that no person shall solicit In
surance in. the state unless he has a cer
tificate of authority from the insurance
commissioner passed the house, a pro
posed amendment "to allow one officer of
«ch corporation to solicit in the state
from outside being defeated. Lamour's
William Budge, of Grand
Forks, a life member of state university
trustees, also passed the house.
N" Feb" 9—The
missionists won the first encounter in the
house Saturday afternoon and forced an
adjournment after thirty minutes of par
liamentary battle. Chairman McCrea and
six members of the temperance commit
tee recommended an indefinite postpone
ment of the Movius bill, providing for a
substitution of the local option measure
for present prohibitory section.
Representatives Lish and Lyons signed
a minority report that bill be passed, and
before action could be taken on the rec
ommendation Lyons gained the floor and
declared that the report of the committee
had been changed since leaving the com
mittee-room. v.
He followed with a demand for the call
Of. the house and it was found that Rep
resentatives Movius and Miller were ab
sent and not excused. The sergeant-at
aTms was directed to arrest the derelict
members and bring them to the b&r of the
By a vote of G2 to 32, the call of the
house was suspended and Immediately the
resubmissionists demanded another call
and gave notice that this would be kept
upi This was avoided by carrying the
motion to adjourn and the first clash be
tween resubmissionists and prohibitionists
was ended.
Governor White vetoed a bill providing
for the issuance of $66,000 bonds for ad
ditional buildings at the Devils Lake deaf
school, owing to a defect in the title.
Senator Hale introduced a correct bill
covering the issue.
Bismarck, N. D., Feb. 10.—The resub
mission bill was killed by the house yes
terday. The Prohibitionists took a lesson
from their temporary setback of Saturday
arid forced the fighting, adopting the ma
jority report of the temperance commit
tee, which recommended the indefinite
postponement of the bill. The resubmis
sionists made another effort to delay pro
ceedings, but were unable to do so.
New bills presented in the senate were
the annual appropriation of $20,000 for
public printing repeal of the law for
the gathering of agricultural and farm sta
tistics by assessors, and a bill to provide
for printing of special agricultural reports
by the state. Bills passed by the senate
were to provide that legal executions
I shall take place at the state penitentiary,
and_ providing for bonds for the state agri
cultural college. The senate concurred in
the house resolution favoring removal of
tariff on lumber.
Lamoure, of the special committee for
Lincoln's birthday observance, reported
favoring a joint session of the two houses
1 o'clock Thursday, at which John M.
cochrane and "Father- Conaty, of Grand
Forks, will speak.
The house passed the bm raising the
age of consent from 16 to 18 years pro
hibiting Sunday work by barbers, and
changing the beginning of the county
auditors term from March 1 to April 1.
Another bunch of new bills was presented
in the house, among them a bill for the
establishment of a sanitarium for con
sumptives at Minot and making appro
priation Of $5,000 for that purpose. Ham
mer presented a bill to repeal the pro
vision of law permitting a change of
Judge on affidavit of prejudice in court
Bismarck, N. D., Feb. 11.—A feature of
the senate session yesterday was a long
debate betwefen Lavayea and Bacon over
a proposed reapportionment bill taking one
"township from the F#'th .legislative dis
trict and adding it to the Sixth.
The house had a little fight over the
personal liability bill. Beck, of Stutsman,
called for a committee report on the bill,
which had been agreed to be favorably
reported. After a.preliminary fight, Chair
man Elton was instructed to report the
bill and the measure was favorably re
ported to tho house for action. There is a
lobby of railroad employes here working
industriously for the passage of the bill.
The house passed the capital bonding
bill, which has already passed the senate
ana insures the completion of state Capi
tol during the coming year. The bill pro
vides $100,000 bonds for the purpose. The
senate passed the anti-cannon fire-crack
er bill, and the bill repealing the law cre
ating the office of state agent for preven
tion of cruelty to animals. The only im
portant new bill presented was Simpson's,
providing for a vote by the people on
candidates for United States senator at a
general election preceding the election of
a senator by the legislature. The vote is
to be certified to the two houses of the
legislature and announced, and election fs
then to proceed-after the-present fashion.
A Joint session of the two houses was ad
dressed by Dr. Henry W. Coe, of Port'
land. Ore., in the interest of an appropria.
tion for an exhibit at the Lewis and
Clarke exposition in 1905. The two houses
passed a concurrent resolution for ad
journment from Feb. 13 to 20.
Bismarck, Feb. 12.—Sharp's primary
election bill was yesterday made a specials
order for Friday of this week, on motion
of Chairman Hale, of the committee on
elections. The committee recommended
the bill to pass, amended to provide for
holding of primary elections in July in
stead of September. Senator Lamoure,
representing the minority of the commit
tee, said the minority desired time to pre
sent a report, and the matter went over.
New bills were presented providing for
a new system of oil inspection with the
gravity test prohibiting limits on tickets
sold by railroad companies increasing the
compensation of county commissioners to
15 a day providing a reward of $50 for
information leading to the conviction' of
•violators of the prohibition law providing
for a display of the state's resources ai
the Lewis and Clarke exposition. Bills
were .passed fixing the salaries of supreme
court judges at $5,000 a year providing
for organization of unorganized counties
west of the river, and authorizing an issue
of bonds for the deaf school. The com
mittee on appropriations will recommend
an appropriation of $142,000 for state
asylum maintenance, $83,000 for the state
penitentiary and $59,000 for the institute
for feeble-minded. The committee passed
a resolution that the total appropriations
recommended should not exceed $632,000.
which represents the available revenue
of the state for two years.
The favorite recreation of the queen
of Greece is yachting.
Caricature collecting is a favorite
fad of the empress of Russia, who
said to be an expert caricaturist.
The queen of Koumania, Carmen
Silva, is a poet an^l story writer.
is a very skillful operator on the ty
'The queen of Saxony's hobby
"sweet charity." She has founded
numerous orphanages, sanitariums,
schools and homes.
Catarrh, Coughs, Colds and Grip.
A letter recently received by Dr. Hartman from Sister Beatrix, J10 W 80th
street, New York, reads as follows
Interesting Letters from
Catholic institutions.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio:
Dear Sir:—" I cannot say too much in praise of Peruna. Eight bottles
of it cured me of catarrh of the lungs of four years standing, and I would
not have been without it for anything. It helped several Sisters of coughs,
and colds and I have yet to find one case of catarrh that it does not cure."
In every country of the civilized
world the Sisters of Charity are known.
Not only do they minis
ter to the spiritual and
intellectual needs of the
charges committed to
their care, but they also
minister to their bodily
neeVls. With BO many
children to take care of and to pro
tect from climate and disease, these
wise and prudent sisters have found
Peruna a never-failing safeguard.
Dr. Hartman receives many letters
from Catholic Sisters from all over the
United States. A recommend recently
received from a Catholic institution in
Detroit, Mich., reads as follows
California—Low Rates.
Beginning February 15th, the M., K. &
T. Ry. will sell Colonist Tickets to Cali
fornia at very low rates, viz.: St. Louis,
$30.00 Kansas City, $25.00. Touirist Car
through to San Francisco lea-yeu St. Louis
each Tuesday at 8:32 p. m. Ask any Katy
Agent or address James Barker, Gen'1 Pas6.
Agent, M. K. & T. Ry., 202 Wainwright
Bldg., St. Louis.
Never be liberal beyond your reputa
tion: it excites suspicion.—Indianapolis
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio:
Dear Sir:—" The young girt who
used the Pertina was suffering from
laryngitis, and loss of voice. The re
sult of the treatment' was most satis
factory. She found great relief, and
after farther use of the medicine we
hope to be able to say she is entirely
"—Sisters of Charity.
This young girl was under the care of
the Sisters of Charity and used Peruna
for catarrh of the throat, with good re
sults as the above letter testifies.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case,
and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable
advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President Of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
A 50 Cent Hat
This hat In either style
of finish
sent post-paid on receipt of
Black, Brown and Steel. fioy's hats,
Those who have used salts, castor oil, and the
many home and manufactured purgatives,
know that in such treatment there is no possi
bility of a cure from constipation. These
remedies are at most physics and do absolutely
no good. In fact they frequently provoke piles
fistula, female disorders and many cases
of appendicitis are traceable to
their use. Soon the ordinary
doses of these physics fail
to have any effect -.0«„T?eren8Terwava».
tinnn case of temporary or obstinate
howfils constipation that
Mufl's Grape Tonic
would rot enre. First, Mull's Grape Tonie Is unlike any 1
other treatmert for constipation. It Is the greatest
and most positive laxative known. But that lsn"t what
cures, it Is tho tonic properties of the grape and other
fruits that strengthens the worn-out 'muscles of the in
testinal tract. Mull's Grape Tonic fcnllds flesh makes
strength and creates rich, red blood.' Mull's Grape Tonic
Is the finest thins ever known for conitloatlon. It Is guar
anteed to cure yon. Large sample bottle sent
address on receipt of 10 cents for postage by LUbtnlng
Medicine Co., Rock Island, 111. Sena your druggist's name.,
All druggists sell Mull's Grape Tonic at 60 cents a bottle.
Promptly cures sill
Use a good, penetrating liniment when there's a hurt,,
bruise, pain in your body or the body of your beast,
worms its way down through the swollen, fevered
muscles to the very heart of pain and drives it out*
cents in cash, postal order
MENS HAT NO. 1. stamps. Money back it not
7n soft rough finish. Colons satisfactory. We refer to tho
Grey Mix and Bile. Mix. first National Bank of Middle
town, N. Y. Send for cata-
Si iTn logue for other Men's
A. N. K.-G
to any 1

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