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lriij»:iro FoaSs
1 '. il Lv Th(l Siiiti Mhriiies
A' 1 it:! of Aciillenunl Fcotls That
*ip:xhu fey Authority of tltf State
kpk tad Steele Comity
I, McPlierion, county auditor. here
by certify that the following is a full
and completo list of all. Adulterated atid
Misbrauded Food Products, certified to
ine for publication by E. F.Ladd, Chem
ist of the1 North l/akota UoverntuPtit
Agricultural Experimental Station wii.l
Food Cpmmietior.er lor North Dakota
on tho 13th day of January J904.
Given under ray hand anil seal this
16th. day of January, 1904.
Cc»uuty Auditor.
I, E. F. Ladd, Chemist of the North
Dakota Government Agricultural Ex
periment. Station,and Food Commission
er for North Dakota, hereby certify that
1 he list of products enumerated herein
have been analyzed and the same found
1o bp adulterated as shown in each in
dividual case I further affirm that
is a true and correct list to tho best oi
my knowledge.
Food Commissioner North Dakota
Government Experiment Station.
Sworn and subscribed to before me
this 14th day of January, 1904 at Fargo,
N. Dak.
Notary Public. Ca?s Co.
(SEAL) My Commission Expires April
79 Preserved Strawberries, Monogram
Jiraud—Winston, IJarpsr, Fi-jher &
Co., Minneapolis, Minn, contains
coal tar dye.
80 Preserved Strawberries, University
Brand—Winston, Harper, Fisher fc
Co., Minneapolis, Minn contains
coal dye tar and saccharin.
137 Farren's Strawberries. Shield
Brand—J. S. Farren & Co, Balti
more. M1., contains 6acchariD.
100 fcilrmvberries Home Brand, Griggs
(./""(•••i- .t Co Si. Paul. Minn con
i«in0 aciii or 1)h. i&te of
ro a
2^0- Vt v-rwd Strawberries. Bengali
Iv,i ', v! t.• 11.. i:niilbliH liCi 5Vk 1C acid
uni a .lor.
211 l-'ies-tved Strauljprr'cp. Bengal
{inprKs opc-r it :. Sst.
Paul. Mi.in., contains ataruh paste
and no strawberry.
21- Strawberry Preserveo. "Victor
Brand—Griggs Cooper & Co., St.
Paul, Minn., not pure strawberry
312 Red Cherry Preserves, Honey Dow
Brand—Erie Preserving Co. Buffalo,
N. Y., contains coal tar dye.
314 Preserved Strawberries, Honey
Dew Brand—Erie Preserving Co..
Buffalo, N. Y., contains coal tar'dye.
372 Strawberries, Newell's Extra—
Geo. R. Newell, Minneapolis, con
tains salicylic acid.
430 Canned Strawberries, Geo. R.
Newell! Minneapolis, Minn., con
tains coal tar dye.
456 Preserved Strawberries, U. S.
Brand—U. S. Canning Co Fre
donia, N. Y., contains salicylic acid.
482 Red Raspberry Jam. Honey Dew
Brand—Erie Preserving Co., Buf
falo, N. Y., contains coal tar dye.
555 Raspberry Preserves, Golf Club
Brand—Chicago Concsntrating Co.,
Chicago, Ills, contains benzoic acid
and cochineal.
5[0 Raspberries, Belmont Brand-
Chicago Concentrating Co. Chi
cago, 111., contains benzoic acid and
coal tar dye.
573 California Fruit Preserves, con
tains salicylic acid.
574 Raspberry Jelly, Miss Williams'
Pure Home Brand—Made in Des
Moines, Iowa, contains salicj-lic
acid and vegetable color.
Dairyman who is first
582 Klrawbrtvry Jam. Fiesh Fruit.
Kxtrft Quiility—.Ciifi ivo lii'D!l.i'rn
CV. RoHuuster, N. Y,, contains ben
zoic ocid. ".
Gl") Strawberry PrPForvps, Pure Food
field with The U. S» Cream
j|Separator that catches the
JJincreased profits.
Rrand—Pjir* Fond Prusprviug Co..
Iiutral'i. N. Y., contains coal tar dye.
(i'2G Red Raspberry PrrFei'vpp. Uoine
Brand—Griggs Cooper & Co. St.
Paul. Mirn.. crntliit)S coal tar dje
and benzoic acid.
033 .Cnrrant Jelly, TTeiriz Brand—H
J. Hninz & Co.. Pifsburjf. Pa., con
lains BolphitaR and benzoic acid.
7C1 Strawberrips Monron Brand—
fjochpstpr PreFerving Co. Roches
ter, N. Y.' contains formaldehydo.
712 Grape Jam. Eagle Brand—And
erson Pwerving On., Camden, N.
Y.. contains sulphites and coal tar
dyfC?' ,.', 'V: '.
730 Strawberry Jam, Pure Fruit
Reitl Murdonk & Co.. Chicago. Ills.,
contains noal tar dye and not pure
733 Strnwberripp, Peeress Brand—C.
H.Pcereon Packingr (Jo., Baltimore,
Md., contains sulphites.
741 Strawberry Presprvpp. Curtice
,.. Brothers Co Rochester, N. Y., con
tains sulphites.
730 Red Raspb°rrips. Monogram Brand
—Winston. Harper, Fisher & Co.,
Minneapolis, Jiinn., contains sul
792 Blackbprrics. Monogram Brand—
Winston Harper Fiplier & Co.. Min
neapolis Minn, contains formalde
£01 Strawbarries. Nash Brother?
Grand Forks, N. D., contains coal
tar dye.
802 Strawberries. Nash Erolhers,
Grand Forks, N. D., octains coal
tar dye.
878 Strawberry Jelly, Clover Leaf
Braud— Chicago Concoutrating
Chicago—not (Strawberry jpllv and
contains coal tar d^e, sulphites and
837 Pure Red Current Jelly, County
Club Brand—Jubn Sexton & Co
Chicago. Ills., containH coal tar dye,
mainly apple ajul little or nocurrant
889 Preserved Pure Apple Butter,
Pride of the West Brand—Chicago
concentrating oo.. Chicago, Ills
contains coal tar dye aud salicylic
937 Favren's Strawberries, Shield
brand—J. S. Farren & co„ Balti
more, MC!.. contains sat charin.
95C Ceriaesan uarasquin cherries, Geo
Dalidet fe cn. Bordeaux, France
co-itaiiis coal tax dye.
957 Preserved Strawberries, Palace
car Brand—culfalo preserving co,
Buffalo, N. Y., cintains coal tar dye,
and formaldehyde.
972 Preserved Strawberrios, Dinne
Party brand—Orchard Park cann
ingoo.. Erie, N. Y., contains coal
tar dyve.
•76 Pitted Red Cherries, Dinner
Party Brand—Orchard Park Cann
ii'g Co., Eiie, N. Y., contains coal
tar dye.
978 Ccripes an Ararasquln CI'CrriKs
Geo. Pa!irt & Co.. n-irdeaux
France, ciintHin1* »»1 *nr d\».
'.TO ri-^ei vc'l Siiawbi rrii s. Club
iioiiSK JJin I—J-lviiiklin' M'-Ve-iirl
•t Co. 111., (o.tains
trtr ilje. j'wacts for Ijotax and benzo
033 ..Strawberry J«m, D'nnpr P.,ity
n^Hud.—Erie Pre.'-erving Co., nuf
fdlo, N. 1.. not pure strawberry and
improperly labeled.
1033 Preserved Cherries, nishop & Co,
Los Angeles, Cal., contains coal tar
dye, in excessive amount.
1C90 Strawberries, Bishop & Co., Los
Angeles, Cal., contains coal tar dye
in excessive amount.
1116 Red Cherries Preserved, Honey
Dew Brand—Erie Preserving Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., contains coal tar dye.
1121 nigarreaux an Marasquin Cher
ries, Geo. Dalidet & Co.. Bordeaux,
France, colored with coal tar dye.
115 Peas, Valley Brand—Valley Can
nine Co., EauClaire. Wis., contains
borax or boracic acid.
778 Peas, Brand D.—nurt Olney Cann
ing Co., Oneida, N. Y., contains
793 Beans,-.Monogram Brand—Winston
Harper Fisher & Co., Minneapolis,
Minn., contains formaldehyde.
807 Beans. University Erand. Winston
Harper F'ither & Co., Minneapolis,
Minni, contains formaldehyde.
Small stringers—Mono­
gram Brand—Winston Harper Fish
er & Co., Minneapolis, Minn., con
tains formaldehyde.
810 Beans, Refuse stringless—Mono
gram Brand—Winston Harper Fish
er & Co.. Minneapolis, Minn., con
tains formaldehyde.
812 String beans, University I rand
Winston Harper Fisher & Co.,
Early Bird,
tliat Catches
And it's the
'Buy a U. S. and proVe it.
W a a a
'S For 'Western fciisiomcrs we transfer «ur Rcpnmtnrs from riiicapn. I.n Crosse,
its Minneapolis, Sioux City,
City and Omaha. AdJrtss all letter* to
Vermont Farm ESachino Co., BCSJOWG Falls? Yt«
jalannnnitlis.. -stian
ioM'aidebyde r^ :T-:,||
893 Sift«d\ Early .Tun® Peas, Red
Rabbit birind—E. J. Vodra Can
nirg Co., Two Riverf, Wis contains
F94 Sweet WrinMed Marrow Fat Pens
—Blue Diamond Brand—E. J. Vodra
Canning co, Two Rivers, Wis., con
tains boras.
Ky5 Selected Early June Peas- -Blue
Diamond brand, W.J. Voura Cann
ing Co., Two RLVOI'8, Wis., contains
71 VanCamp's Tomato catsup—Van
camp packing co.. Indianapolis, lud.
contains coal tar dye.
181 Libby's Tomato catsup—Libby
McNeal Libby, chicago, ill., con
tains coal tar dyo.
212 Snider's Home Mado catsup—T.
A. Saider Preserving co Cincinnati,
Ohio, contains coal iar dye.
213 Tomalo catsup—National Pure
Food co., ciuciunaii, Ohio, contaius
coal tar dye,
221 Tomato catsup—monarch brand-
Iieid Murdock & co., chicago, 111.
contains coal tar dye.
233 Tomato catsup—Home brand,
Griggs cooper fc co„ St Paul, con
taint* coal tar d.te.'
234 Tomato catsup, colonial brand,
Griggs cooper & co tit. Paul, con
tains coal tar dye.
33") Catsup, No. J(5 brand, Foley Broth
ers & Ivellcy, St. Paul, contains coal
tar dye.
356 Tomatoes, Brand No. 17, Foley
Kelly, St. Paul, contains
coal tar dye.
4S7 Catsup, Sunnysido brand. Tip
Top Ketchip co, Cincinnati, Ohio,
contains coal tar dje.
521 catsup, Minnpsota Favorile,
A. Gedney Pickling co., fat. Paul
contains coal tar dye.
f27 sutler's Ketchup co., Cincinnati,
Ohio, contains coal tar dyo.
549 catsup, Tiger Brand, Platte cd..
Baltimore, Md., contains coal tar
G18 catsup, l-Iome comfort, nrant
canning co., crant, N. Y.. contains
coal tar dye
703 catsup, climax brand, clias. F.
London, cincincali, Ohio, cuntaius
coal tar dye.
713 Tomato catsup, Empire brand,
made in St. Louis, contains benzoic
acid aud not properly labeled.
714 Toiratn catsup, Home brand.
.Eddy & Eddy, St. Louis. MO., con
/tains benzoic acid aud nut properly
897 catoup, Home Brand, Griggs coop
er & co., St. Paul, contains starch.
958 Tomalo catsup, Minnesota Favorite
L. A. Brooks, Larimore, contains
coal tar dye.
977 Tomato catsup, iron rch brand,
R'-id Murdoch & co. Chicago, con
tains coal iar dje and a tiller.
998 Tomato OKtsnp, Monarch brand.
Reid Murdock
co, Chicago, ill.,
cnutaiiis coal tard*e.
100.~» TomHto ca'ft p. Monarch brim
•Rei &ur<lock ite co., chicago.
tains coid tar iye.
1119 Totnao c-itsup. Snpprior Quality,
from Kariiifm' «nppiy House I Umi).
colmed wiili cual tar de and iou
tains ttarch.
1120 Tomato catsup, Van camp's brand,
Van camp Packing co., Indiauapulis,
Ind., contains coal tar dye.
342 Extra choice corn, canton, can
ning co., cantoD, Mo., contains sul
348 corn, Rockwell brand, Rockwell
city canning co„ Rockwell la.,
contains sulphites.
435 corn, Anthony Kelly, Minneapolis,
Minn., contains sulphitee.
405 Faribault Extra Old colony corn
Faribault canning co., Faribault,
Minn., contains sulphites.
545 Corn, Waldorf brand, Metropoli
tan anning Co., Rome, N. Y., con
tains saccharin and sulphites.
611 Newark Sweet Corn, Wayne
County Preserving Co., Newark, N.
Y., contains sulphites.
620 Corn, Glenwood brand, New Gicn
wood canning co., Glenwood. Ia.,
contains sulphites and saccharin.
052 corn. Standard Quality carol
brand, Geo. R. Newell & ro„ Min
neapolis, Minn., contains Bulphites.
656 corn. Plymouth brand, lSangor
Packing co., Bangor, Mo., contains
716 Succotash, Log Cabin Brand—P.
& I. J. White, Blos8vale, N. Y., con
tains sulphites.
765A Corn, Burt Olney Canning Co.,
Oneida, N. Y., contains sulphites.
766B Corn, Burt Olney Canning Co,
Oneida, N. Y., contains sulphites
and saccharin.
966 Sugar Corn, Artesian Brand—
Minnesota Valley Canning Co., La
fceur,' Minn. Gives reaction for
1037 Sweet Corn, Faribault Extra Old
Colony—Faribault Canning Co.,
Faribault, Minn., contains form
1047 fc'weet Corn, The Vernon Brand-
Curtice Brothers, I'ochester, N. Y„
contains formaldehyde and sac
1084 t-'ugar Corn, Artesian Brand—Min
nesota Valley (anning Co, La-
Suer, Minn., good reaction for form
1093 Extra Succotash, onarch Brand—
Reid Murdock & Co., Chicago, 111.,
contains saccharin.
McCormick Behnke & Co., St. Paul
—Fruit Brand, oo oil of lemon and
colors artificial.
54 McCofmick Behnke & Co., Ft.
Paul, Palace Brand, no oil of lemon
and color artificial.
(56 McCormick Behnke & Co., St. Taul
Seal Brand, no oil of lemon and
color artificial.
89 Na»h Brother's, Grand Forks
I'l. I'ibbin Brand, oil of lemon
noi H"1 "olor artificial.
131 Wit. io TT^rper Fisher & Co., St..
Paul—TI ""d. oil of lemon, 62
per cent and toi. foreign.
132 Winston Harper Fisher & Co.,
Minneapolis, Minn., Climax Brand,
oil of lemoa aoas
»nd coJpr artificU),
•"•iV t*e#-«*
UR •'. II. Allen & 'o., t. I an I, Miiai..
Hohin Hrand, oil of lemon 2 per cent
none-color foreign.
147 J. H. Allen & Co., ^t. 1'anl. Minn.,
oil of lemon none and color foreign.
203 Home Tea Company. Grand
Forks, N. I)., l'ure Brand, oil of
lemon 2.30 pur cent, and colored with
coal tar dye.
220 Thomson Tayloi Spice Co, Chi
ycago, Hie., oil of lemon none aad
color natural.
307 F. L. Frary & Co., Minneapolis,
Minn., standard Brand, oil of lemon.
3C8 F. L. Frary & Co., Minneapolis,
Minn., BelmOnt Brand, oil of lemon
none and color foreign.
375 Griggs Cooper & Co., St. Paul.
Lagneb Brand, oil of lemon, 15 per
370 Foley Brothers & Kelly, St. Tau!,
oil of lemon none.
412 S. J. Vidger & Co.. Fargo. N. P..
Sampson's Brand, oil of lemon, 06
per cent and colored with coal tar
418 Gng-gs Cooper & Co.. St.
Home Brand,oil
of lemon 3.59 per cent and
color foreign,
423 Standard Chemical Works,
St. Louis, MO., Standard
Brand, oil of lemon none and
colored with coal tar dye.
426 Thomson Taylor Spice
Co., Chicago, 111., oil of lem
on 1.09 per cent and colored
with coal tar dye.
428 Bastine & Co., New York,
Bastine'Brand, oil of lemoa
3.12 per cent.
438 M. S. Davis & Co.. Lisbon
N. D., Pure Concentrated
Bi and, oil of lemon 62 per
cent and color foreign.
444 Stone Ordean Wells Co.,
Duluth, Minn., Jewell Con
centrated Brand, oil of lem
on 1.56 per cent and colored
with coal tar dye.
450 Geo. R. Newell & Co.,Min
neapolis, Mrs.Baker's Brand
oil of lemon 1.37 per centand
colored with coal tar dy^.
458 Joseph Goodman, Sheldon,
N. D., Pure Kood Brand, oil
of lemon 1.06 per cent and
color foreign.
462 Made in St. Paul, Minn.—
Anchor Brand, oil of lemon
.69 per cent and colored vyith
coal tar dve.
467 Corbiu & Sons & Co., Chi
cago, 111.—Clear Quill Brand,
oil of lemon 5.62 per cent but
color foreign.
477 Boston Chemical Works,
Boston, Mass.—Standard
Bi'and, oil of lemon 62 per
cent and color foreign,
478 S ar Extract Co., Chicago,
111.—Star Brand, oil or krnon
5u per colli and colored ui.li
coal tar i) e.
4S3 UnUnoun Nichol's Bran '-,
oil ol lemon 1.35 per cent.
5U3 John Kneeen, LaMoure,N.
D.--Concentrated Brand, oil
of lemon 1.12 per cent ana
colored with coal tar dye.
508 Stone Ordean Wells Co.,
Duluth, Minn.—Jewell Con
centrated Brand,oil of lemon
I 50 per cent and colored
with coal tar dye.
512 Hurley Brothers,Forman,
N. D., Our Leader Brand,oil
of lemon 62 per cent and col
ored with coal tar dye.
523 Atwood & Steele, Chicago,
111.—Perfection Brand, oil of
lemon 37 per cent and color
532 Atwood & Steele, Chicago,
111.—Double Extract Brand,
oil of lemon 3.44 per cent and
color foreign.
534 Tillman & Bendel, Saa
Francisco, Cal.—Tillman's
Brand, oil of lemon 1.35 per
cent and colored with coal
tar dye.
544 Winter Sp,ce Co., Chicago
111.—Favorite Brand, oil of
lemon .31 per cent and color
550 W.H.Kent, St.Paul, Minn.
—Kent's Nectar Brand, oil
of lemon 1.35 per cent and
color foreign.
551 Atwcod & Steele, Chicago,
111.*- Hoosier Brand, oil of
lemon 62 cent and color
552 Minnesota Spice and Mer«
cantile Co., St. Paul, Minn.
—Pure and True Brand, oil
of lemon 1,35 per cent and
colored with coal tar dye.
560 Geo. Meldrum, Chicago,
111.—Meldrum'sTriple Brand
oil of lemon 4.40 per cent and
color foreign.
587 Wm. McMurrav & Co., St.
Paul,^inn.-Double Strength
Honest Bottle Brand* oil of
lemon 1.06 per cent.
593 Johnson McCowan. Grand
Forks, N. D.—Pure Food
Brand, oil of lemon .93 per
cent and color foreign.
596 Seely Manufacturing Co.,
Detroit,Mich. Seelv's Brand
oil lemon 1.56 der cent and
colored with coal tar dye.
608 J. H. Allen & Co., St. Taul, Dain
ty Brand, oil of lemon 4.38 per cent
and color foreign,
617 Royal l.'emedy & Extract Co., Day
ton, Ohio—Houder's Brand, oil of
lemon none and color foreign.
638 Kenwood Mfg. Co., Chicago, 111.,
Kenwood Urand, oil of lemon cone
sad color foreign,
.'.'L .vt '.'J1'
We still have left a few sets of
dishes from our last consign
merit, which we want to close out
and to do so we make the follow
ing offer.
Upon payment of $5.00 cash we
will give you a set of these dishes
and advance the date of your
subscription one year. This off
er is for old as well as new sub
The paper one year and a set of
these handsome Dishes
To anyone who will pay $15.00
on subscription v/e will give a
set of these dishes ABSOLUTE
LY FREE. In this way you get
credit on subscription for the
full amount paid and we give you,
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plete set of dishejg. j.
STILL Another Offer.
Get up a club for the PIONEER.
To anyone getting us ten new
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no expense to yourself.
ui uuuui
7 &

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