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orth Dakota
A blind pig at Balfour was burned.
Several towns in the state want city
A separator was burned near Wil
Lightning struck a residence at Han
Griggs county produces some fine
Abridge has been built on Cut Bank,
near Upham.
H. R. Schriver is the new postmaster
at Wheelock.
Some flax near Medina went nine
teen bushels.
Fine yields of wheat are reported
around Wilton.
A collector sca'red a McHenry coun
ty farmer to death.
There is a protest at Courtenay over
the shortage of cars.
A lot of threshing rigs have been
burned over the state.
A rural mall route has been estab
lished out of Wimbledon.
It is said that Mohall is paying over
the market price for grain.
The Wimbledon city council is legis
lating against "pot gangs."
Complaints are made by farmers of
the damage to crops by blackbirds.
There have been some fakirs work
ing the busines men of Devils Lake.
Dunseith wants another mail route
established, with connections at York.
The car famine is causing a lot of In
convenience to the grain growers near
The Northern Pacific extension from
Denhoft to Turtle Lake will be com
pleted this fall.
Thresher men full of fighting booze
raise disturbances in some of the
smaller towns.
At Brocket, hobos became obstreper
ous and one was shot through the leg
by the marshal.
Hail storms In September in North
Dakota indicate the good old summer
time is lingering.
Horse thieves are busy near the in
ternational line In the northwestern
part of the state.
There are complaints of great delay
!n the arrival of trains on the Soo
branch to Bismarck.
The wheat around Lansford is re
ported to be averaging about twenty
two bushels per acre.
Lost, strayed or stolen—a bunch of
chickens that some one was going to
send the kernels man.
Near Milton, Matt Doyle had his
right hand blown off by the bursting of
the breech of a shotgun.
At Antler two traveling men picked
up, some rough women along the line
and were refused rooms.
There will be some fine Shorthorn
cattle from Barnes county at the stock
sale in Fargo this winter.
In Stutsman county near Cleveland
one field of flax is reported to have
gone twenty-three bushels.
A town on the Edgeley-Dawson ex
tension has been named after Streeter.
This should be some reward.
The Stutsman reports fifty-five
threshing machines were being oper
ated in the vicinity of Balfour.
Crane hunting is the popular pas
time at Hampden, where they are said
to be so numerous they are pests.
Several instances are reported over
the state where the crops this year
will pay for the purchase of the land.
Oliver county is said to have a
wheat crop that is averaging from
twenty to thirty-live bushels per acre.
The weather men are already guess
ing on this winter. As usual, it will be
a warm, short winter and a long, cold
Bowbells has a family of tough
youngsters who do not seem to be able
to keep their hands off other people's
Lightning struck a big barn near
Maxbass and destroyed the building,
sixty tons of hay, three horses and
some machinery.
The state land department has is
sued a bulletin giving a list of all Capi
tol lands, sold and unsold, by counties,
together with a quantity of useful in
formation concerning the manner of'
disposing of these lands. Attention is
called to the fact that the capitol lands
are. in a class of their own, and do not
come under the constitutional provi
sions which govern the sale of other
s:a.te lands. The lands may be sold on
such terms and in such manner as the
Vgislature may prescribe. It happens
that the legislature has prescribed the
manner which is employed for the sale
of other lands, the same rtlles as to
time of payment, rate of interest, etc.,
governing, but the bulletin just issued
says that it is expected that the next
legislature will provide, for the dispos
al of these lands for cash, or on short
er time, so that buyers may pay up at
once if they wish to do so.
North Dakota is getting some good
advertising at the state fairs in East
ern states. The displays reach just
the class of people who will be valu
able to North Dakota.
The W. H. Brown company of Man
dan Is planning a big advertisement of
the state's resources through the pub
lication of Brown's Farmer, which will
be sent broadcast to homeseekers.
At Crosby some stolen horses were
recovered and the man who brought
them back received a $00 reward. The
Eagle intipiates the young man should
Ijave been Questioned Qiore closely.
Russell wants a town hall.
The Cando mill haS been sold.
Minto has an expert horse trainer.
The schoolhouee at Binford is too
Booze vendors seem thick over the
North Dakota has over 100 national
Prairie fire stories will soon be in
Some fine samples o£ apples are
found at Walcott.
There are thousands of acres of fine
flax around Velva.
Mayvllle is still discussing the or
ganization of a band.
Cooperstown is building a lot of res
idences this summer.
A hobo headquarters near Coopers
town is to be broken up.
The Great Northern is to erect a
brick depot at Ellendale.
Hillsboro merchants report an ex
ceptionally good business.
Box car merchants have been work
ing northern Ward county.
Successful nurseries'are in operation
at many points in the state.
Whooping cough is epidemic in
some parts of Walsh county.
A switch engine service has been in
augurated at Harvey by the Soo.
The season has certainlyb een along
one—even if it was a trifle moist.
Afield of wheat near St. Thomas
went twenty-one bushels per acre.
The farmers of Bottineau county are
getting the largest yield since 1895.
The people of McLeod are still han
kering after that Soo depot and agent.
There was some disappointment
around Pingree over the wheat yields.
The tale of the thresher on the Mis
souri slope is not a disappointing one,
A considerable amount of durum
wheat was raised in Pembina county.
A farmers' elevator is being' eom
pleted at Russell, ahead of the rail
A 30,000-acre tract of land, in Mcin
tosh county recently changed owner
A lot of booze was seized at Lalcota
and destroyed without the order of the
Leeds is long on tin horn gamblere
who arrived there to fleece the farm la
A school house in Dickey county wag
struck by lightning and burned to the
A he coon, a mulatto and two white
girls were chased from a camp near
The report that a drunken man klcfc
ed his way out of the Stutsman county
jail is denied.
This is a good year for retrievers, as
the duck shooting is much better thau
chicken killing.
Two brothers beat a Wells county
deputy sheriff till his face was like a
slaughter house.
A Dickey county man was examined
by the insanity board and given a cer
tificate of insanity.
The North Dakota university has
added two crack football players from
Michigan to its team.
A board jumper from St. Thomas
was overtaken on the way to Grand
Forks and made to dig up.
There are said to be several cases of
scarlet fever near Harvey that have
not been offtcially reported.
A Traill county man was arrested
on the charge of handling a girl so
rov.ghly that he broke her arm.
The crops in the Antelope valley,
near Oberon, are going from nineteen
to twenty-two bushels per acre.
Carrington captured a pair of enthtt
siastic baseball fans when Dr. and Mrs.
Harmon of Fargo located In that city.
There is no denying that the central
and western parts of the state have the
laugh on the Red river valley this
The efforts of Congressman Marshall
in getting rural free delivery estab
lished in the state is generally appre
As a result of trespassing cattle it
is charged that Frank Ketbman as
saulted Rev. and Mrs. Bascom, near
The Soo is said to have sidetracked
200 cars at Washburn early in the
shipping season to carry grain from
that section.
The citizens of Tioga took pains to
keep the telegrapher protected during
the strike, and a new depot Is promised
as a reward.
The Morton county fair is said to
have'been better than the state fairs
formerly held at Mandan, and didn't
cost half so much.
Some of the citizens of Lisbon pro
tested against the violation of the Sab
bath in working, keeping stores open,
hunting, fishing, etc.
The thousands of acres of uncut
wheat in the Red river valley is the
strongest argument that can be mads
in favor of drainage.
Gus Bousso of Dickey county and a
Finlander became involved in a quar
rel and both used their knives. The
Finn was carved considerably.
A Park River boy swiped a bike in
Starkweather. His father learned of
the theft and sent the wheel back,
while be interviewed his son in the
An Anamoose man was aroused one
night and when he got out of bed found
a burglar covering him with a revolv
er. The burglar took the Anamoose
man's watch and escaped.
W. ~6L House of Lidgerwood has re
rom Labrador, where he went
to view the eclipse of the sun, but a
naughty cloud got in the way for twen
ty minutes and spoiled all his fun.
Sleeping Men Lose Lives in Blaze or
fclorth Dakota Farm.
Jamestown, N. D., Oct. 4.—A fright
ful, accident occurred on the Wllllair
Jones farm, lately purchased by E(?
Posey, situated ten miles southwesl
of Courtenay. One of the men work
ing on the place had returned frorr
hauling a load of wheat to town. Mr
and Mrs. Posey had waited supper
and while seated at the table about 11
p. m. a fire was discovered in the
barn. In the barn loft were sleeping
two men, engineer Hambley, who had
been running the threshing engine
and another man of the crew whose
name was not learned. The fire hat?
gained such headway that nothing
could be saved, and the two men were
burned to a crisp. Twelve horses
four colts, harness, hay and other
property were destroyed. The origin
of the fire remains a mystery.
In Drunken Frenzy Charles Dexter
Slashes Bateman.
Des Moines, Iowa, Oct.. 4. While
intoxicated and in a fit of demoniac
temper, Charles Dexter, a star catcher
of the Des Moines Western league
ball team, last, evening stabbed First
Baseman H. Q. Bateman of the Mil
waukee American association team
Bateman's condition is very serious
and he is not expected to live. Dexter,
Bateman and several other players of
the Des Moines and Milwaukee teams
were making the rounds of the city in
a hack on what they called a "fare
well" tour. They drank heavily and
when the trip ended Dexter and Bate
man quarreled over paying the hack
bill. Bateman called Dexter a vile
name, whereupon Dexter drew a long
knife and slashed Bateman across the
bosom, the blade cutting into the
lung. Dexter continued to threaten
others of his associates when he was
Express Car Blown to Pieces and Hun
dreds of Shots Fired.
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 4. The east
bound Great. Northern passenger train
leaving here at 8 o'clock last night
was held up by a gang of bandits ten
miles out of this city. Hundreds of
shots were exchanged between the
train crew and the robbers and the
express car was blown to pieces by
three charges of dynamite. Sheriff
Smith is organizing a posse to go to
the scene. No word as to whether
any one was killed has been received.
Benjamin Ott, Inventor of the First
Such Device, Dies.
La Crosse, Wis., Oct. 4.—Benjamin
Ott., for fifty years a resident of La
Crosse and a pioneer, of the State of
Wisconsin, died here yesterday at the
age of seventy-four years. In 1867 Mr.
Oil in vented the first twine binder in
the United Stales, which he sold to
the Deering.and McCormick Harves
ter companies. Part of the invention
is still in use on all machines.
8low Eagle Walks Into Pierre and
Dies In Street.
Pierre, S. D., Oct. 4—Slow Eagle, an
Indian from west of the river, who
came to Pierre yesterday, accompa
nied by his squaw, just after reaching
this side began to spit blood, and the
squaw caught him as he fell, holding
him in her arms and wailiDg as his
life ebbed away, finally letting him
fall into the gutter, where he died In
a few minutes.
Waging War on Glanders.
Winnipeg, Man., Oct. 4. An epi
demic of glanders is being combatted
throughout Manitoba, and many
horses suffering with the disease have
be/en destroyed. The disease has not
appeared to any marked extent in this
city, but its ravages in the country are
serious. The government lias taken
decided measures to stamp it out.
One horse belonging to Lieut. Gov.
Mackillan was destroyed here last
week at the instance of the officials.
Death Watch for Rooney.
Fargo, N. D., Oct. 4.—Advices from
Bismarck are that Warden Boucher of
the state penitentiary has established
a death watch over John Rooney, the
condemned murderer. Rooney is to
be executed Oct. 17. His crime was
the murder of Harold Sweet of White
Earth, Minn., in Fargo. His case was
appealed to both the state and the
United States supreme courts, and
the death sentence has been three
times imposed.
Accidentally Shot.
Chetek, Wis., Oct. 4. Mrs. J. M.
Malr was accidentally shot by some
boys shooting at a target in this city.
She was in her back yard when the
shot was fired, the ball striking her in
the back of the head. She is in a pre
carious condition, and her life is des
paired of.
Two Miners Killed.
Custer, S. D., Oct. 4. The dead
bodies of Dexter McFadden and .J. E.
Mathias were discovered when the
day shift went on at the Saginaw
mine, eight miles west of Custer. The
men had been killed in an explosion.
Demented Woman Is Suspected of Sat
ting Fire to Many Buildings.
Red Wing, Minn., Oct. 5.—Several
fires in the western part of the city re
cently have, presumably, been set by
a demented woman, for whom the po
lice are searching. Yesterday morn
ing a large barn belonging to L. 1A
Childs burned. During the night kero
sene was" poured on the front steps, of
the beautiful residence of S. B. Foote,
of Foote, Schultz & Co., and ignited
burning the steps but failing to de
stroy the house. It is understood that
a big reward will be offered for the ap
prehension of the guilty person.
Negro Harvest Hand Is Arrested on
Charge of Killing.
Fargo, N. D„ Oct. 5. Clovls Will
iams, a negro, was brought to Fargo
yesterday morning on a charge of
murdering George Walker, another ne
gro. Both were employed in a thresh
ing crew at the north end of this
county. The charge is that they quar
reled over a poker game. Walker got
a revolver and Williams a shotgun.
Walker was disarmed and Williams
shot him in the side, causing almost
instant death. Williams was ar
raigned and his case continued.
Experts' Report Is Given to the Post
master General.
Washington, Oct. 5. Postmaster
General Cortelyou' will soon make pub
lic the report of the commissions of
postal experts appointed to make an
investigation to determine the practi
cability of establishing pneumatic
postal service in several cities of the
country, among them St. Paul. The
commission's report was submitted to
the postmaster general yesterday,
establishment of the report will doubt
less have tl.e approval of. the post
master general.
Federal Court Affirms Decision
Against Bridgeirian.
Helena, Mont., Oct. 5.—The United
States circuit court of appeals at San
Francisco has affirmed the decision of
the federa: court of Montana in the
case of the United States vs. M. L.
Bridgman, who was convicted last
winter, after a long trial, of present
ing false vouchers to the commission
er of Indian affairs for lumber, and
was sentenced to three years in the
penitentiary. Bridgeman is at present
out on $10,000 bail.
Wisconsin Postoffice Robbed on Hesls
of Jail Delivery.
Sparta, JVia., Oct. 5.—A'wit $700 Id
cash and stamps wa3 sectlivd by rob
bers who last night cracked the safe
in the Cashton postoffice, and the au
thorities are looking for members of
the notorious Fay gang of postal rob
bers. Following so closely the jail de
livery at La Crosse, the authorities
are icoiined to the belief that Trainor
and Cunningham, the La Crosse coun
ty fugitives, had & part In last night's
Thirty-Six Caees Are Entered for the
Opening Term.
Sisseton, S. D., Oct. 5.—The October
term of the circuit, court convened
here yest.eruay, with Judge McCoy
presiding. The term promises to be a
busy one, as the Calendar shows sev
enty-three civil and thirty-six criminal
cases, and is by far the largest in the
history of the county. The principal
event this term will be the trial of
Zech Flute, the Indian who is accused
of murdering Colby and Peterson.
Cokato Fair Brings Out Some Large
Cokato, Minn., Oct. 5.—The Cokatc
fair and carnival, held here last week,
has been a success from the start.
There was fine weather and numerous
exhibits, over 1,000 entries being
made. Prof. C. P. Bull of the state
experimental station addressed the
farmers. Among the unusual exhibits
was a squash weighing 122 pounds
and one weighing 110 pounds and a
large display of produce.
Alleged Horsethief Is Again in the
Toils of the Law.
Sisseton, S. D.,- Oct. 5.—Word has
just reached here that Sam Ortley,
one of the alleged horse thieves who
broke jail here last Friday, was cap
tured near Veblln yesterday morning,
and Deputy Sheriff Hicks has gone
after him. This is the second time
this fellow has made his escape, and
he is looked upon as a bad man.
Has Lumber for Eight Years.
Duluth, Oct. 5.-*—Alger. Smith & Co.
have purchased 125,000,000 feet of
pine In Lake and Cook counties. The
company now has timber to keed it?
two Duluth sawmills operating fot
eight years.
Engineer Is Killed.
Terre Haute, Ind., Oct. 5—Second
section of Big Four freight No. 9P
ran into a derail at the crpssing of the
Southern Indiana belt line here last
night. The engineer was killed ami
three men injured. __

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