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Mr. Dude—I was thinking how much
I resemble your carpet—always at
your feet, you know.
Miss Sly—Yes, very much like my
'Carpet. I'm going to shake it soon.
Mr. Luther Burbank, the plant Wiz
ard of California, has originated a
wonderful new plant which grows any
where, in any soil or climate, and bears
great Quantities of luscious berries all
the season. Plants are grown from
•Seed, and it takes only three months
to get them in bearing, and they may
be grown and fruited all summer in
the garden, or in pots during the win
ter. It is unquestionably the greatest
Fruit Novelty ever known, and Mr.
Burbank has made Mr. John Lewis
•Childs, of Floral Park, N. Y., the in
troducer. He says that Mr. Childs is
one of the largest, best-known, fair
est and most reliable Seedsman in
America. Mr. Childs is advertising
seed of the Wonderberry all over the
world, and offering great inducements
to Agents for taking orders for it.
This berry is so fine and valuable, and
8o easily grown anywhere, that every
body should get it at once,.
"Have you noticed that the baroness
never talks about other women?''
"How could she? She is all the
time talking about herself."
The increased use of "Toris" for
-rheumatism is causing considerable
•discussion among the medical frater
nity. It is an almost infallible cure
when mixed with certain other ingre
dients and taken properly. The fol
lowing formula Is effective: "To one
half pint of good whiskey add one
ounce of Toris Compound and one
ounce of Syrup Sarsaparilla Compound.
Take in tablespoonful doses before
each meal and before retiring."
Toris compound is a product of the
laboratories of the Globe Pharma
ceutical Co., Chicago, but it as well as
the other ingredients can be had from
any good druggist.
Foreign titles come high—and a
good many American heiresses have
discovered that they were not worth
the price.
Strong drug cathartics simply aggravate
the condition—the true remedy for consti
pation and liver trouble is found in Gar
field Tea, the mild Herb laxative.
The hand can never execute anything
higher than the heart can aspire.—
PAZ0 OINTMENT 4s guaranteed to euro any case
of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding PileB 1c
to 14 dars or money refunded. 60c.
Many a man lives,,a regular cat-and
dog life. He purrs in the parlor and
barks in the kitchen
Are heavy cream buyers. Get tbeir prices.
Silver Is of less value than igold
gold, than virtue.—Horace.
Senate and House Agree on Resolu
tion Providing for an Investigation
of the State Penjtentiary,
Bismarck, Jan. 15.—The legislature
held a joint session this afternoon to
listen to an address on taxation by
Prof. J. L. McVey, tax commissioner
of Minnesota qiidpresident-elect of
the North Dakota university. The
galleries were filled and the address
was well received.
The house committee on state af
fairs today reported the Benate reso
lution for an Investigation of the state
penitentiary, providing for a commit
tee of four from the, house and three
from the senate, empowering-the com
mittee to subpoena witnesses and call
for books and papers and appropriat
ing, from th§^general fund- to pay the
expenses of the Investigation. The
senate will probably concur In the
amended resolution.
Senator Fierce presented a bill in
the senate appropriating $2,000 for an
investigation by the governor and at
torney general of the carrying charges
of grain to terminal points, and for
bringing the subject to the attention
of the interstate commerce commis
sion if the charges are found to be
Joint committees were appointed to
prepare suitable program for observa
tion of Lincoln's birthday, and the
event will be a notable one.
Andrew Carnegie has been asked by
joint resolution to make the state uni
versity a beneficiary of his foundation
for the promotion of teaching.
In the house Mr. Floyhar of Valley
City threw a bomb into the camp of
the newspaper fraternity, of which he
is a member, by introducing a bill to
abolish the publication of insurance
statements, one of the best pieces of
patronage in the state insurance de
Gov. Burke this afternoon announced
the appointment of John Carmody of
Hillsboro and S." E. Ellsworth of
Jamestown as the two new justices of
the supreme court provided for by the
amendment to the constitution carried
at the late election.
That the state anti-pass law is far
ther reaching in its effects than was
intended by the man who framed it,
or than the most radical opponent of
the "easy riding" privileges would de
mand, is the belief of a Moorhead man
who keeps posted on matters at the
state capltol. So general i3 this opin
ion that it is probable the law will be
amended at the present session of the
legislature so as to correct some of
the inconveniences now experienced,
said this man today.
In theory, it is argued, it is all right
for everybody to pay his way when he
travels by steam or electric road.
That is only a matter of justice to the
corporations and to the public. But
in theory, too, it certainly is good
business for railway companies to sup
ply employes with passes to enable
them to travel freely in the interest
of the Companies.
But the recent ruling of the attorney
general that no city or state official
can accept free transportation, has
had a wide application, and one not
foreseen. It is ruled, for example,
that notaries public are state officials
in that they are commissioned by the
state to perform certain legal func
tions. Hence, a notary public, who Is
in the employ of a railway company,
and who .is commissioned a notary
merely to facilitate the business of
the company, finds that he cannot hold
a pass on the road that employs him.
So it is that all the .notaries public
employed by the Great Northern road
in its general offices, with one excep
tion, have resigned, and that one Is
doing little but acknowledge papers.
Under the same ruling the state uni
versity will be deprived of the serv
ices of Judge Thomas Wilson, general
counsel for the Omaha road. Judge
Wilson is a member of the board of
regents of the Minnesota U, and as
such is a state official. He could
scarcely be expected to surrender his
annual pass to serve the university for
Then there is Frederick Weyerhau
ser, a member of the state board of
forestry, a man whose experience and
judgment in matters of timber, it is
ursed, the state can ill-afford to lose.
But Mr. Weyerhauser is owner or an
officer of several railroads. L. W.
Hill, president of the Great Northern,
was recently offered the position of
chairman of the state highway com
These -men are active, public-splr
ited citizens, whose services they are
willing to give to state or city gratis,
but who are not willing to surrender
the right to ride free upon the rail
road properties they represent. The
public simply misses their services be
cause of the too close application of
the #nti-pass theory.'
Bismarck, Jan. 20.—With a major
ity of the member*- of the legislature
against him as their personal cl
The 81gn of Power..
It is the greatest -manifestation'? of
power to be calm. It is easy to he
active. Let the reins go, and the
ftoraes will drag yoii down. Anyone
can do that but he who can stop the'
plungigg horses js the strong man.
Which, requires the greater strength
letting go, or restraining? The calm
man is not the man who is dull. You
must not mistake calmness for dull
ness or laziness. ... Activity is
the manifestation of the lower
Strength, calmness of the superior
gtrengf'h —Swami Vivekannanda.
EjMongrMBman M. N. Johnson was
declaredelected tJnltodStates senator
today by a- "vote of 126 Republicans
to lf Democrats. This is the first
time a United States senator "has been
elected in this state as the choice of
a primary.
After his certificate of election was
sighed in the presence of the two
houses of the legislature, Mr. Johnson
made a long address before the joint
assembly, declaring himself unpledged
as to elective or appointive officers ex
cept in twfc cases and those pledges,
he said, he made because the men who
received them were' worthy and ha
had an entire right to make them,
as both were unsolicited.
Mr. Johnson's certificate of election
was delivered to him by Senator La
Moure, the oldest member of the
state senate who nominated him in
the senate yesterday. Mr. Johnson
left for the East today, and will go
to Washington the latter part of Feb
The senate state affairs committee
today declined to agree to the house
amendments of the. resolution for an
investigation' of. the state penitentiary
and a committee of conference on the
part of the senate consisting of Sena
tors LaMoure, Pierce and Tolcott was
named. The house conferees will be
named tomorrow and will probably
get together on a resolution. The ob
jection to the resolution is understood
to be" the giving of the house of a
majority of the membership.
Bismarck, Jan. 21.—The day in the
legislature was devoted to the passage
of bills of minor importance. One of
the bills passed by the house was for
a constitutional amendment to in
crease the term of supreme court
judges to ten years. The bill to do
away with terms of the supreme court
at Fargo and Grand Forks was favor
ably reported by the senate committee
today and will probably pass both
An invitation was extended by both
houses to Dr. Grassick of Grand
Forks, state health officer, and Dr.
Ruediger of the state health labora
tory to address the two houses on the
subjects of tuberculosis and public
health. All interest tonight is cen
tered upon the probable outcome of
the Tuttle-Storey contest, which is
made a special order for the house
tomorrow afternoon. The houses will
be closely divided on the'question, and
it is expected that the majority for
either contestant or contestee will not
be over two or three votes.
A bill presented to the house today
calls for the abolition of the live stock
sanitary board and the reinstatement
of the old system of district veteri
naries. Another bill calls for the re
moval of all telephone and telegraph
poles from private lands and their
erection upon section lines.
Andrew Carnegie was invited by
concurrent resolution of the .two
houses to m'ake the state university at
Grand Forks a beneficiary of the
teachers' foundation.
A decision is expected from the
supreme court in a day or so that will
have considerable effect upon the
revenues of the state 'and will affect
the appropriations that can be made
by the legislature to the extent of
about a quarter of a million dollars.
The case is that involving the law
passed two years ago requiring coun
ties to pay flOO annually for the care
of insane patients at the state hospi
tal and imbeciles at the state school
for feeble minded. Several of the
counties have refused to pay the
charge and the whole sum that has
been paid in is something like $150,
If the decision goes against the
state a good share of this sum will
have to be refunded and the state will
in addition have to find revenues to
compensate for this failure of revenue
to the state hospital. The decision is
awaited with great interest by repre
sentatives of state institutions whose
appropriations will depend to some ex
tent upon the outcome of the case.
The conference committee on the
penitentiary investigation resolution
w%s named today and will probably
report within a day or so. It seems
likely that the resolution as finally
adopted will call for four members
from both the senate and house and
for a report before the close of .the
Grand Forks.—A. J. Albring of Spo
kane, Wash., is in the city in search
of the murderer of his son, Kevil Al
bring, who was murdered at Spokane,
Dec. 16, 1907. That the mystery may
be solved right in Grand Forks is the
opinion of the Spokane officials who
have been keeping the affair dark. The
man who is guilty of the murder is
named Cook. This information the
official at Spokane secured from an
eld pal of his.
Minot.—Doc Reed, a steady farmer
residing ten miles "south of Ross, has
won a prize in the way of a beautiful
young Virginia widow. Doc grew
lonely out on the broad prairies and
no damsels of his liking living near
by, he sought the assistance of a matri
monial journal, bless the publication—
and soon entered into correspondence
with a beautiful young widow of Vir
Man'e Rough Path.
Times are not always hard, but a
man always neeik money, for he is
compelled to buy his salvation of a
preacher, his health of a doctor and
hin rights of a lawyer.—Atlanta Con
Big Engineering Feat.
One of the biggest, pieces of engf
nsring in New England is a 2,500
horsepower dam in the Union river, at
Ellsworth, Me. It is constructed of
hollow concrete, and cost twirly
Go to your druggist and get one-half
untice Concentrated pine Compound,
two ounces of glycerine, half a pint of
good whiskey mix it up, and use it
in doses of a teaspoonful to a table
spoonful every four hours, shaking the
bottle each time. Any druggist can
supply ingredients.
The Concentrated pine is a pine prod
uct refined for medical use and comes
only in half ounce bottles, each en
closed in a round case which is air
tight and preserves the fluid in its full
strength, but be sure it is labeled "Con
'centrated." A prominent local druggist
says he has filled this prescription hun
dreds of times and has seen it work
The Use of a Fat Man.
*T don't know whether I'll like Jack
or not when I see him again," said
she. "He wrote me he was getting
fat. I hate a fat man."
"A fat man's all right," said the boy
who was playing cards on the floor,
"when a burglar gets in. A fat man
will scare a burglar."
"But," she demurred, "I'm not mar-,
rying a man just because he's good to
scare burglars with, am I?"
$100 Reward, $100.
The leaden ol this paper will be pleased to team
that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science
has been able to cure In all Its stages, and that .Is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional (Urease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's. Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally. acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces ot the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building tap the constitution and assist
ing nature, in doing Its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in Its curative powers that they oiler
One Hundred Dollars, for any case that it tails to
•jure. Send for list ot testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists. 78c
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
In the Divorce Colony.
The little De Jones girl is talking to
her playmate, Lucy van Smith.
"Oh, Lucy," said she, "we have a
new papa!"
"Have you? What's his name?"
"Mr. Jones."
"Oh, pshaw! we had him, too, but
we didn't like him."—Lippincott's.
•cure any possible case of DISTEMPER,
PINK EYE, and the like among horses
of all ages, and prevents all others in the
same stable from having the disease. Also
cures chicken cholera, and dog distemper.
Any good druggist can supply you, or send
to mfrs. 50 cents and $1.00 a bottle. Agent9
wanted. Free book. Spohn Medical Co.,
Spec. Contagious Diseases, Goshen, Ind.
Jack's Faux Pas.
Maud—I noticed that you had Jack
Clubberly to church with you Sun
Bell—Yes, and the poor heathen is
so unused to going that he wanted the
usher to check his hat and coat.
Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy. Com
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Con
forms to Pure Food and Drug Laws. Mu
rine Doesn't Smart Soothes Eye Pain.
Try Murine in Your Eyes. At Druggists.
The man of intellect is the noble
hearted man withal, the true, just, hu
mane and valiant man.—Carlyle.
Miller & Holmes St. Paul, Minn.
A cane Is an old man's strength and
a young man's weakness.
We buy cream. Write desk No. 3 for prices.
Arms and laws do not flourish to
N. W. Hide & Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
A light heart lives long.—Shakes
Trait blue-black like an enormous rich blueberry in looks and
taste. Unsurpassed for eating raw, cooked, canned or preserved,
in any form. The greatest garden fruit ever introduced and
equally valuable In hot, dry, cold or wet climates. Easiest plant in
the world to grow, succeeding anywhere and yielding great masses
of rich fruit all summer and fall—and all winter in pots—(As a pot
plant It is both ornamental and useful). The greatest boon to the
family garden ever known. Everybody can and will grow it.
Luther Burbank, of California, the world famous hybridizer,
originated this new fruit and turned it over to me to introduce. He
says of it: "This absolutely new berry plant is of great interest
and Value as it bears the most delicious, wholesome and healthful
berries in utmost profusion and always comes true from seed."
P* S. This
Off©r Will
not dppoar
tpriaent without ripping apart Write (or Stee booklet—How
AMtge table Preparation for As
similating the Food and Reg ula
ting the
Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ness and Rest.Confains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
P^ipt of OtH DrSAHBElffTV/fBR
fimpirin S*td
Clmr*fin{ Suyar
Wtnkryrttn Ftavor.
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fever sh
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
At fc rnoii\h" ,1
3 5
^Guaranteed under the Foodanj
Exact Copy of Vftippefc
I Per Salzer's catalog page 129.
I Largest growers of seed barley, oats, wheat, I
Ispeltz. corn, potatoes, grasses, clovers and!
Ifarm seeds in the world. Big ca&log free: or, I
Iseud IOo in stamps and receive samples of I
barley yielding 173 bu. per acre. Billionl
I Dollar Grass, Oats, Speltz, etc., etc., easily I
I worth SIO.OO to get a start witk. Or, send I
114c and we add a sample farm sted novelty I
I never seen by you before. I
1SALZER SEED CO., Box Wv La Crosse, Wit.
In great variety for sale at the lowest prices by
A. If.
It YT.A4si.Mt.,Chirac*
A. N. ,l!C.—Q (1909—5) 2267.
Luther Burbank's Greatest Creation. A Luscious Berry Ripening in Three
Months from Seed. Seed 20 Cts. Per Pkt.t 3 Pkts. for SO Cts., Postpaid
can be the first to grow it in your town and make big money selling both berries and seed, I raised 550 qunrts from a ftAv plants'.
Color more coods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One 10c package colors all fibers. They dye In cold water better than any other d«a. You
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
^Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
A flavoring that is used the tame as lemon Of
vanilla. By dissoivinc granulated sugar in Wa
ter and adding Mapleine. a delicious syrup la
made and a syrup better than maple. Mapleins
is sold by grocers. Send
stamp for sample
and recipe book. Crescent Mfg. Co., Seattla.
1 O A N S A E S A E A E S O I S
The gateway toYosemite.and the par
den spot of California. In the center
of the great San Joaquin Valley, cheap
lands, on easy terms, under the best
irrigation systems in the West.
Churches of all denominations and splendid
schools. All fruits, alfalfa, grain and vege
tables (frow in great abundance. We lead the
West In the production of peaches, flgs, Bweet
potatoes, alfalfa, dairying and liog raising.
No winters here mild and healthy climate.
Land of quick returns to the farmer in many
rases the first year's crop pays for the land.
Four railroad lines.
Write Merced Chamber of Commerce
.i FOR 20 CTS. (Silver or Stamps) I will send 1 pkt. Wonderberry
seed, (3 pkts. for GO ets.)^mdjny GREAT CATALOGUE which tells all
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MY GREAT CATALOGUE of Flowers and Vegetable
8eed, Bulbs, Plants and Rare and New Fruits FREE to all who
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fail to see the many great Novelties I am offering this year of which
the WONDERBERRY Ts the greatest ever known.
Write for Wonderberry seed, and Catalogue at once. Do not peglect delay. You
Ois, Bleach and Mix Colors. MONROE DRUG CO., Qulnoy, tfflnatm.
illustrated folder and full information.
P. A. CHAC1BEKL.AIN, Secy., Merccd, Col.
flT ftprprv
Young Man or Tonne Lady
TV ft 111 ril as apprentice to learn jewelry
Engraving also Jewelry Business.
Bojrce Building, Chicago.
ilia Farms and Homes
K. B. CHAFF1N CO.. Inc., Blehmond. Vs.
never sttcU
to the iroa
can dm

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