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(From the Lyeeumite and Talent for March.)
Leave your Sewing Machines
at H. H. Fulmer's for repairs.
Plain sewing done at Mrs.
Holm's. Phone 122. 49.
Yes, sir! We had a Lyceum Course in Ruralsville this year,
For to elevate our morals and radiate Rood cheer.
At least, that's what the preacher said when he canvassed over town,
A-selling season tickets at two dollars each—cash down.
So when he shows his circulars, explaining what's to do,
I bought two o' them tickets just to help, the thing go through.
And I'm mighty glad I bought 'em, for now I clearly see
I needed that there lecture course far more than it did me.
Additional Locals
The Lyceum Players March 10.
Do it now. What? Pay your
Geo. Cole visited his brother
at Colgate Thursday.
A. 'G. Stiles made a business
trip to Wahpeton Saturday.
H. H. Fulmer left for Idaho
Saturday evening on a business
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dorranee
spent Sunday at the Slingsby
Now is the time to get ready
for the corn contest. See ad for
The Board of Insanity met in
this city Monday to hear the
case of Mrs. Archie Keillor.
Dr. F. W. Chandler, Dentist,
will be at the New Hope House
Saturday and Sunday, March 18
add 19.
Now is the time to lay in a sup
ply of stationery for the coming
year. We oan furnish you, and
guarantee satisfaction.
Hair Switches, Puffs, etc.,
made to order out of combings
and cut hair. Write for parti
culars. Mrs. John Keillor,
Sharon, N. D.
The first come was a concert by The Glee Club Male Quartet.
Four chaps dressed up like waiters, but they could sing, you bet!
And they played them long-tailed trumpets just like a reg-lar band.
You ought to hear that music I tell you, it was grand.
And one chap had his dad along from down in Injiana,
And they all done fine a-singin' and a-playin* the pianner.
The Glee Club of Chicago sure captured us that night,
And we figured that our lyceum course had started out all right.
FOR SALE—Two sets John
Deere Breaking Bottoms, almost
new. Will sell cheap for cash.
Inquire at Hope Implement
Co. 50-2t.
The M. E. Ladies Aid Society
will hold their annual sale and
supper in the basement of the
M. E. church Thursday, April
18th. 50-3t.
The spring rush in job work is
now on and we advise you to get
your order in early for those
notes, letter heads, envelopes,
statements, etc. Call and see
samples and get prices.
And next we had a cartoon man—that one they call Ross Crane.
Well, sir, he was a wonder, and they want him back again.
The way he drew them pictures was a miracle to see.
He was quicker than chain lightning, and he quit too soon for me.
Then our third show was a humorist, a-labeled Ralph Parlette.
We grinned as soon as he began we ain't thru grinning yet.
He made me think of Lincoln with his nonsense and his sense,
For his face and form ain't handsome, but his head and heart's
Next came another concert and the house was crowded sure,
Folks sitting on the mourner's bench, some standing 'round the door
To hear the Dixie Jubilees in songs of long ago—
Them old plantation melodies we never will outgrow.
They sang, "Swing low, sweet chariot," then in fancy made us roam
'Way down on the Swaunee River with the old folks at home.
They sang the old camp-meeting songs as only they know how.
They surely left us happy when they made their good-night bow.
Yes, sir! We've had a lecture course—the first one in our town,
But it won't be the last one, just as sure as my name's Brown.
Them lectures and them concerts is just worth their weight in gold.
With their counsel and their comfort for our people, youngandold.
They bring us inspiration, they enlarge the mind and heart.
Yes, sir! We'll have another course, now that we've made the start.
They're ministers, them people, with their lectures, song and jokes
And eyery where they go I pray, God bless them lyceum folks!
And last night was the wind-up, said Rev. Thomas Giles.
When he introduced a lecturer named Robert Parker Miles.
His lecture was on "Tallow Dips," and I declare to you
I couldn't see no sense in that and wondered what he'd do.
That feller introduced us to some great souls he had known.
We walked with them and talked with them in cottage and on throne.
His "Dips" they shine so brightly, it seems to me by rights,
He ought to change his subject and a-call it 'Lectric Lights."
Formaldehyde at Mallory's.
Ira Baker spent Monday in
M. B. Cassell went to Bis
marck Saturday evening.
Mrs. H. A. Bemis, of Easton
Twp., was in the city Monday.
WANTED Sewing by the
day. Phone 123. 49-tf.
R. A. Pope, of Colgate, is re
ported to be improving rapidly.
A girl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Bob McClellan Wednesday
Formaldehyde, 40 per cent.
25c a pound at Wamberg's Drug
Hope Checker players would
like to arrange for a tournament
with out of town teams.
Mrs, P. N. Lane left for Fargo
Monday evening, where she vis
ited until Wednesday morning.
FOR SALE—A. limited num
ber of Barred Rock Cockerels.
Inquire at F. C. Brasted farm. 3
Mrs. J. A. Bowen returned
yesterday morning from a two
weeks' visit at Minneapolis and
St. Paul.
Card Board, Blotting Paper,
Bristol Board, plain or linen fin
ish, Writing Paper and Mono
gram Stationery at the Pioneer
FOR SALE—My property in
Hope. One acre of ground, house
and barn. Good well of water
and cistern. Enquire of Willis
Bailey, Hope, N. D. 50-tf.
I have closed my shop at Bla
bon temporarily and will put all
my time among the farmers buy
ing Live Stock. Will be able to
call on short notice. A. H. Bra
ger, Blabon, N. D. 42-tf.
Attend Archer's Sale, Wednes
day, March 22nd, on his home
farm, 3i miles south and 3 miles
west of Finley. Thirty-five head
of horses and mules and a lot of
good machinery. I. W, Stand
ley, auctioneer.
We want a correspondent at
Blabon and Colgate* If you are
interested in either of these little
cities let us hear from you. If
you know of anyone who would
act as correspondent send us
their name. Hope Pioneer.
If you have trouble is getting rid of
your oold you may know that you -are
not treating it properly. There is no
reason why a cold should hang on for
weeks and it will not if you take Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. For sale
by all dealers.
Hope Markets
March 9th, 1911.
No. 1 Northern Wheat.... $ .89
2 .... .87
Velvet Chaff .87
No. 1 Durum .74
2 72
No. 1 Flax 2.55
Barley 70
«o perish in heater fire.
Many Victims of Russian Picture
Show Disaster Children.
St. Petersburg, March 7.—Ninety
persons, many of whom were children,
were burned to death and forty others
injured in afire that destroyed a mov
ing picture theater in Bologole.
The flames broke out while the ex
hibition was in progress and quickly
enveloped the building, cutting off
every avenue of escape.
Futile attempts at rescue were made
by those who happened to be dose by
the exits, when the fire started, and
by those from the outside, hut the
fury of the flames drove them back
before they could reach the shrieking
victims, who, in their efforts to get
out of the building, fought desperate
ly among themselves.
Bologoie is a small place in the
southern part of Novgorod province
on the Nikolai railroad.
Charles Brown Lore Dies.
Wilmington, Del, March 7.—Charles
Brown Lore, chief Justice of the Dela
ware courts for 15 years, was found
dead in bed in his residence in this
city. He would have been 86 years
old on March 16.
Twin City Market.
Minneapolis, March 7.—Wheat, May,
97%c July, 99%c No. 1 northern,
98%c No. 2 northern, 95%c No. 1
durum, 84%c No. 3 corn, 42%c No.
3 white oats, 29c barley, 90c No. 2
rye, 79%c No. 1 flax, $2.67.
Duluth, March 7.—Wheat, May,
98%c July, 99%c No. 1 northern,
South St. Paul, March 7.—Cattle
Steers, [email protected] cows, |[email protected]
calves, $8.40 @7.75 hogs, $6.70®6.90
sheep, yearlings, $2.00 @3.50.
Chicago Live 8tock.
Chicago, March 7.—Cattle—Steady
to strong beeves, [email protected] west
ern steers, [email protected] stockers and
feeders, [email protected] cows and heifers,
[email protected] calves, [email protected]
Hogs—5c up light, [email protected]
mixed, $6.90 @7.25 heavy, $6.75®6.20
rough, $6.75 @6.90 good to choice
heavy, [email protected] pigs, [email protected]
bulk of sales, [email protected]
Sheep—Steady to 10c up native,
*3.10©4.86 yearlings, 14.7505.75
lambs, native, [email protected]
"Night Riders" Land Grabbers.
Boise, Idaho, March 7.—The federal
grand Jury meeting here March 20
will investigate alleged illegal land
entries and alleged intimidations of
contestants and their witnesses by
methods somewhat similar to those of
the Southern "night riders." There
has been one murder growing out of
these land disputes, D. V. Emmons
having been killed by Joseph K*
Vaughn. Various contestants tell
weird stories of visits from these
threatening "night riders.**
Mourns Whipping Pott.
Dickinson—Stating that If the law
would permit, he would sentence *acl)
to the whipping post with twenty lashes
or more apiece. Judge Crawford passed
sentence upon six violators of the pro
hibition law. Louis Sweat. Welngate,
John Kulka, Jacob Kreigei, A. John
son and Td Hickman. The sentenca
tor each was ninety days in Jail at
hard labor and
fine with twenty
additional days if the fine is uot paid.
Won From Milwaukee.
Dickinson—The rifle team of this
city won In a match with a team
Milwaukee sharpshooters.
Coal Selling
Suicide at Wheelock.
Willlston—Peter Heibert, a pros
perous young farmer living Pour miles
south of Wheelock shot and killed him
self with a revolver. A doctor said he
was deranged and he took up a re
volver and left the house shooting
himself when Home distance away.
Low Price.
Haynes—The coal mines north of
town are having julte a battle over
the price or coal. They lowered their
price from $2.60 to $1.25 and now one
of the mines has again made a re
duction and is selling coal at $1.00 per
A Timely Suggestion.
1 want to give a timely and strlklni
present to my husband."
"Than why not five hhn a
Nothing to
Tliink About
"Yes," said the nice little old woman
from her oorner Mat In the lobby of
the family hotel, "wo shut up our
house and moved here so I could get a
little rest and quiet Daughter said
I'd never reoover my nervous tone as
long as I had a house on my hands to
fuss over. I take such an Interest in
things when I do take an interest—and
you know what a house is! Something
all the time to upset you and keep you
thinking and planning! The doctor
Mid I needed a complete mental rest,
with no rMponslblllty and nothing to
distract me, and that's why we went to.
"I like It here—don't youT Of course
I don't know that I like all the people.
Pbr Instance, the folks In the room
next to mine must be dubious. They
oome home at all hours of the night,
®jr dear, all hours! They walk per
straight down the corridor, be
cause I can tell by their steps, but you
needn't tall me that two o'clock In the
morning is a respectable hour for a
man and his wife to get home three
or four nights every week.
"I've never laid eyes on them—not
that I've tried to, of course, but you'd
think I'd run upon them In th^ hall
going In or out Every time I hear
a door olose and think It's theirs I
And when I get out into the hall it's
somebody else going out. It's very
"Ton don't happen to know their
{name, do you? Not that I care—I Just
"That's a pretty girl who Just went
by—the one in the lynx furs. Oh, you
must have notloed her. She's the one
that alts at the table under the elec
trio fan nearest the north window and
a young man with stralght-up blond
jhalr comes to see her every Tuesday
evening. There's another one calls,
too, but he's not so regular. She's so
dark that they'd make a line couple,
wouldn't they?
"If people only use common sense
there's not a bit of ohanoe for mar
riages to turn out unhappily. Just look
at the Carllntons here—anybody can
see they're unhappy, because he Just
buries himself in his newspaper at
meals and snaps If she asks him to
paM anything. I didn't get a bit of
salad the other night because my wait
er took it away while I was watching
to see If Carllnton wouldn't speak to
his wife before he finished his coffee.
"I don't see how she stands it—it's
so apparent to outsiders. I feel so
sorry for her that I just hate to catch
her eye when I'm looking at them. She
bu a way of looking up suddenly
when you don't expeot it I should
thlpk she'd have known by the shape
of his ohln that she'd no business to
marry him. Some women never pay
any attention to thoM things.
"Didn't that automobile wake you
up the other night? Why, the big
green one that stopped out In front
of the hotel about half past three and
chugged away for such a long time. I
think whover came home In it hadn't
any money to pay the bill and the
chauffeur had to go Inside to collect it.
"That Orosebeck man wasn't down
to breakfast-at all the next morning—
1 know, because I went early to mine
and then read my paper In the lobby,
and I could see every one who came
out of the dining room, and he never
appeared. I'd hate to say for certain
that he was the one who came home
In that automobile, but I have my
suspicions. He always looks as though
he came out of a bandbox, too, and a
man like that'll bear watching.
"Shouldn't you think that woman
with the pinkish hair would get tired
running downtown so much? I kept
track one week and ahe went out six
mornings straight She wears her
best sable furs to shop In, too, and
that's what drives a lot of husbands
to drink, such extravagance. Sable is
so delicate. I should think she could
find enough useful things to do at
home Instead of gadding about so
much. Ill warrant she doesn't keep
her husband's sooks darned. It's tha
most curious oolor for hair. I'd hate
to say ahe dyed it, but what's a per
son to think, I'd like to know? 81s
times in one week—
"You say maybe she was going to
the dentist? Oh, well, perhaps so, but
I don't believe it This time of year
everybody Is too busy to bother with
the dentist. She was just hunting up
more doodads to spend her husband's
money for, that's what she was up to.
I think If a shame—and he looks so
gray. Well, perhaps he la old enough
to he gray, anyhow, but if she'd be tha
right sort of wife, Instead of extrav»
gent, he wouldn't be half worried Into
his grave.
"Do you suppose thoM clerks read
the postal cards before they distribute
them in our boxes? They seem to
take such a long time over the mall,
jlfrs. Binga, the grass widow, got one
from Europe yesterday. I was standing
right there when the postman laid the
ibundle down and it was on top. She
jpeema quiet, but 111 warrant she's
ideep. Correeponding with some man
jabroad la a bad sign.
"Yea," the nice little old woman
concluded, 'Tm getting a good rest
here, becauM there's absolutely noth
ing to distract me and occupy my
mind! Sometimes I wish there was
something for me to take an Inter
est In!"
Easy Money.
"There are all sorts of ways to get
"Yea, Indeed. Some men sell bogus
,mining stock and some Just rob the
Illinois Central nUremV
Took Her at Her Word.
A woman came into a general store
with a jar of butter. She desired to
exchange it for another jar of butter.
In churning her butter she had dis
covered a mouse in the churn.
"It didn't injure the butter," she
said to the storeiceeper, "and to any
one who did not know the circum
stances it would taste alright."
Taking the woman at her word the
merchant carried her jar into the back
room, transferred the butter into an
other jar, and the gratified customer
took back her mouse gutter with many
thanks for the accommodation.
There is a great deal of needless
trouble in the world on account of
squeamish sentiment.
Do you know that of all the minor
ailments colds are by far the most
dangerous? It is not the cold itself
that you need to fear, but the serious
diseases that it often leads to. Most
of these are known as germ diseases.
Pneumonia and consumption are
among them. Why not take Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and cure
your cold while you can? For sale
by all dealers.
Notice for Bids for Furnishing Books,
Blanks and Stationery.
Notice is hereby given that the Board of
County Commissioners of Steele County.
North Dakota, will recive sealed bids for fur
nishing the county with Books, Blanks and
Stationery required for a period of one year
dating from April 1st, 1911.
All bids to be accompanied with a certiBed
oheck to the amount of 5 per cent of the total
bid. payable to the order of the Treasurer of
Steele County, N. Dak., as an evidence of good
faith and guarantee that the successful bidder
will enter into contract and furnish satisfac
tory bond as required by law. Bids to be filed
with the county auditor not later than 2 o'clock
p. m. Monday. April 3rd. 1911, The Board re
serves the right to reject any or all bids.
Further information can be obtained from the
county auditor.
By order of the Board of County Commis
Dated at Sherbrooke, N. Dak., this 24th day
of February. 1911.
(SEAL) S. McPherson.
4SMt. Auditor of Steele County, N. D,
Mice for bids for Deposit Interest
and Sinking Fund Fuller's Lake
Drain No 1
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals
will be received by the Uoard of County Com
missioners of Steele County. North Dakota,
up to the hour of 2 p. m. on the 3rd day of
April. 1911 from National and State Banks for
the deposit of Six Thousand Dollars, ($6000.00)
of the Interest and Sinking Fund of Fuller's
Lake Drain No. 1. for a period of one year, as
provided for by Section 2439 of the Revised
Codes ot 1U05, as amended by Chapter 92 of the
Session Laws of 1907, and Chapter 70 of the
Session Laws of 1909.
Such proposals must state in writing what
rate of Interest perainum will be paid on said
sum of Six Thousand Dollars or any part there
of. All proposals to be enclosed in sealed en
velope and marked "Proposals for Deposit of
Interest and Sinking Fund Fuller's Lake Drain
No. 1," and filed with the County Auditor.
The Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids.
By order of the Board of County Commis
Dated at Sherbrooke, N, Dak,, this 24th day
of February. 1911.
(SIOAL) S. McPherson.
49-4t. Auditor, Steele County, N D.
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Notice Is Hereby Given, That that certain
Mortgage, executed and delivered by Archi
bald W. McCann and Frances McCann, his
wife. Mortgagors, to James D. Brown, Mort
gagee, dated September 24th, A. D. 1907, and
filed for record in the office of the Register of
Deeds of the County of Steele and State of
North Dakota, on the 30th day of September,
A. D. 1907, at 4 o'clock P. M,. and recorded in
Book "12" of Mortgages on page 159 which
said mortgage was thereafter, by an instru
ment in writing, dated January 12th, A. D, 1911.
duly assigned by the said James D. Brown to
the Beidler and Robinson Lumber Co., which
said assignment was filed for record in the
office ot the Register of Deeds in and for said
Steele County, North Dakota, on the 23rd day
of February A. D. 1911, at 9 o'clock A. M.. and
was duly recorded in Book "17" of Mortgages
on page 409. will be foreclosed by a sale of the
premises in such mortgage and hereinafter de
scribed. at the rront door of the Court House
in the Village of Sherbrooke. in the County of
Steele and State of North Dakota, at the hour
of two (2) o'clock in the afternoon on Satur
day, the 8th day of April A. D. 1911, to satisfy
the amount due upon such mortgage on the
day of sale.
The premises described in such mortgage
and which will be sold to satisfy the same are
located and situated in the County of Steele
and State of North Dakota, and are described
as follows, to-wit: The East fifty (50) feet of
the South half (S. X) of Block Three (3) in
Major's First Addition to the Town of Hope,
according to the plat thereof, on file and of
record in the office of the Register of Deeds in
and for said County.
There will be due on such mortgage on the
date of sale, the sum or Fifty-five Dollars and
ninety Cents ($55.90), besides the costs of fore
Dated February 27th. 1911.
Beidler & Robinson Lumber Co.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
C. S.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee.
Hope, N. Dak, 49-6t,
Come in and see our "Wild
Grass" Bond. Just the thing
for letter heads and envelppes.
Going Daily except I Going
East Sunday
6:25 a. m.
7:15 ..Casselton 7:40
6:35 Ayr 8:28
6:13 Page ... 8:48
5:54 ....Colgate... 9:01
5:42 Hope.... 9:17
2:30 Aneta.... .10:25
2:15 Devils Lake
Close connections at Fargo
for St. Paul and Minneapolis
A, G. FICK, Agent
Hope, N. Dak.
Professional Cards.
C. S. Shippy,
Attorney. At-Law
and Notary Public
E. S. Johnson
Hope N. Dak.
Office Over Hunt's Store
Dr. J. A. Hedding,
Physician and Surgeon
Office In Firat National Bank.
Office Phone NOi 181.
Residence No. 169.
Physician* and Surgeons
Arthur Peake
Chronic and Surfleal Diseases.
Prances Connell Peake
Diseases 'of Women and Children.
Stern Bldg. Fargo, N. D«
Dr. H. G. Fish.
Physician and Surgeon
Telephone Connections.
Office second floor of
Office hours 9 a. m. to 9bp. m.
OfHoe in Philip's Blook
Office 37 Residence 117"
Geo. A. Fead,
Offloe First National Bank Blook
Hope. North Dakota.
Decorate Your Home
Correct and Artistic Decor
ations at Moderate Cost.
My Samples of
Wall Paper
For the Season of 1911 Represent
The Best the World Affords
I will be pleased* to call and
show you the very latest.
I also do Paper Hanging, Grain
ing, Kalsomining and Painting
—of the Highest Quality.—
S. C. ANDERSON Decorator
Box 192 Hope. N. Dak
Read North Dakota's
Independent Daily
The only seven day paper in tha
state and the one which gives fair
and free all the news all the time
is the
Fargo Courier-News
Daily and Sunday
Independent politically fair and
open editorially the Courier-News
aims to supply the people of North,
Dakota _witn a morning newspaper
which will be a factor in building,
up the state. It is for North Dakch
ta, first, last and all the time
Your Local Paper for tocat News
The Courier-News for OatsMeMcwa
Those who favor an independent
untrammeled stand on the part ot
a newspaper those who like a
bright, snappy, well-edited morning
paper of progressive tendencies
will be glad to welcome as a daily
visitor the Courier-News.
You can get it anywhere in
North Dakota every day in the
year. Subscription $4.00 per
Address all communications to
The Courier Pub. Co.
Fargo, N. D.
The cleanest, neatest and best
work in Paperhanging,
ing, Kalsomining and Signs
is done by
Painters b.r\d Decorators
Box 201. Hope, N. D.

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