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School Notes
All sortsof experimental
in Botany lately.
William Masters entered the
short course recently.
Mrs. Norton was a visitor of
the fourth grade Friday.
Pern Patterson was at her
home in Pinley over Sunday.
During the Art Exhibit, many
took time to inspect the rooms
and equipment.
Herbert Masters is absent this
week and in care of a physician.
We all hope to see him back soon.
The diplomas belonging to the
class of 1911 are ready at last.
These have been returned to the
printers twice because of unsat
isfactory work.
Every pupil of the school was
given an opportunity to enjoy the
pictures Monday afternoon at
2:30. Owing to the fact that a
note sent to Miss Harden, in re
gard to this, found its way into
the hands of Contractor Hardin,
the third and fifth grades missed
out and continued until regular
closing time.
The report of the examiner for
the State High School Board has
been received and a condensed
form of the same is given here
with. The following shows the
results of the state examinations
of last May. Last year all First
Class High Schools were required
to take one examination. Some
of the schools did only the mini
mum requirement Every pupil
of our schools is required to write
on state examinations. This fact
should be considere I when the
report is examined. While out
standing is not as high as we
wish it were, still we are proud
of the work that we did, ranking
as we do with such cities as Ken
mare and Jamestown.
Name of School No. No. No. Per
Ex. lias fail ct»\
1 Lakota 31 20 5 84
2 Carrinuton 17» 140 30 8:
3 Devils Lake :is 201 82
4 Cooperstown 22i) 185 44 80
Dickinson 273 213
6 Lariinore 150 112 38 75
7 Langdon 22!) 173 50 71
8 Casselton 1S4 137 47 74
9 Grafton 358 290 08 71
10 Pembina 113 81
11 Drayton 107 74
12 LaMoure 190 131 59 09
13 Mandan 280 187 93 00
14 New Rockford ltjti 109 57 05
15 Park River 207 170 91 05
16 St. Thomas 150 97 53 04
17 Hope 102 102
IS Kenmare 218 138 80 03
19 Jamestown 501 315 150 02
20 Oakes 221 138 83 62
21 Cavalier 211 130 81 01
22 Mayville 142 87 55 01
23 Harvey 54 22 5!l
24 Lidgerwood 100 95 05 59
25 Cando 107 03 44 5!)
28 Lisbon 250 140 1! 0 54
27 Minot 35 18 17 51
28 Williston 75 37 3S
29 Valley City 424 2oo 224 47
30 Rolla 158 74 84 40
31 Minto 02 25 37 lu
32 Enderlin 83 33 50 39
33 Bottineau 12 4 8 33
34 Grand Forks 00 18 48 27
35 Wahpeton 47 9 38 20
Fargo, no examinations taken
Bismarck, dropped from High school
to $43.60. -Mrs. Cyrus Wheeler
purchased two pictures during
the exhibit for presentation to the
first and fifth grades. 'Hiawatha'
is given to the 1st grade and
"The Song of the Lark" to the
fifth grade. We extend to Mrs.
Wheeler not only the thanks of
these grades, but of the whole
school for this substantial assis
tance in our campaign for school
Additional Locals
New post cards at Mallory's
Drug Store.
Fresh candy all the time at
Mallory's Drug Store.
Drs. Chandler & Gale,Surgeon
Dentists. Look for dates.
Now is the time to lay in your
winter's supply of fuel, and the
place to get it is at Ed W. Han
son's Coal Yard. He SELLS
the best grades of Hard and
Soft Coal.
Prof. Ralph B. Perry of Harvard
Thinks Man Has Two Forms of
Consciousness—His Theory.
Cambridge, Mass.—Prof. Ralph B.
Perry of the division of philosophy of
Harvard university is of the opinion
that every man has two forms of con
sciousness and says:
"The lower being primitive, uncivi
lized, half submerged, while the other
rising above it as a bright light out of
a fog, a dominating, controllable, In
tellectual consciousness. In certain
individuals there may be two of these
dominant consciousnesses arising out
of the same sub-stratum of uncon
scious consciousness. When such is
the case, the subject may be said to
have a double personality. This, at
least, is one explanation of the pheno
menon of multiple personality.
"We may say that the lower stra
tum of consciousness is that portion
of the brain which is at work without
our being fully aware of it. It is the
part of the consciousness which tells
us of certain things which are going
on about us, but which our attention
is not at the moment centered upon.
For Instance, I may In a certain way
be aware of the r~ise which comes
into me through the window from
across the street, although merely in
a hazy way I am not really acutely
conscious of this noise until my atten
tion Is directly centered upon it.
"It is this submerged consciousness,
this ability to note what it going on
without actually bringing the aware
ness to the direct scrutiny of the
brain which is called the lower or
substratum of consciousness.
"This bright sphere of conscious
ness is the part of the consciousness
which is active for the moment. My
conscious consciousness is the part at
work while I have my mind fixed upon
one particular matter.
"Now, in certain individuals there
may not be merely one single con
scious consciousness. There may be
two. There may be two of the bright,
luminous spheres arising out of the
"When such is the case w* have
what is called a multiple personality
The Art Exhibit closed Mon
day and was forwarded to North
wood Monday night. While the
Exhibit was not a great success
in a financial way,"yet we all feel
repaid for the work thru the
pleasure and enjoyment which all
seemed to show. The Exhibit
was all that it was advertised to
be—an excellent collection of
pictures and a rare treat for
young and old. The children
seemed to enjoy it most of all.
The knowledge of the pictures
and artists which several have
shown is amazing. The total
amount from the sale of tickets
is $48 75. The iimount raised by
grades is as follows: High school
$7.70 Seventh grade $3.15 Sixth
grade $6.95 Fifth grade $4.5)5
Fourth grade $10.95 Third gnide
$5.70 Second grade $0.00 First
grade $4.35. The Pioneer ver.v
kindly donated the tickets so de
ducting the express charges and
adding our commission for the
sale of catalogs and pictures we
7\ ence, though, clapping for more. They
tlttve a.decoration fund amounting thought, it was comedy stuff. It was
Only one of these consciousnesses is
at work at the same time. The one
ordinarily active is the one recog
nized, is the personal! of the Indi
vidual in question, the other rarely
coming to the front and swaying the
person's actions, may appear to be a
totally different person, having nc
traits in common with the personality
which we are in the habit of associat
ing with this particular body."
Actress in Ten-Cent Show Made Vic
tim of Joker Who Scattered Snuff
Powder In Theater.
Chicago.—Nellie De .Onzo, 17 years
old, an actress in a ten-cent theater
in South State street, near Harrison
street, is under the care of physicians
at St. Luke's hospital as a result of a
three hours' spell of sneezing. The
other night while she was singing in
the theater a yonug man in the audi
ence scattered a quantity of snuff in
the theater.
Miss De Onzo sneezed for that
length of time before she was re
lieved by a physician at the hospital,
where she was taken by the manager
of the theater. She lives in Oak
The victim of the unusual snuff at
tack told an interesting "sneezing
story" of what happened.
"Believe me, I am the regular lit
tle sneezer," she said. "The first
sneeze was kind of funny. The second
wasn't bad. But the third had me wor
ried. It was breaking up the act and
the manager was up In the air. But I
kept right on. The audience thought
lt was a scream. We were singing a
new rag song and you can Imagine
how It sounded with a sneeze whefe
the words ought to be. I sounded
like the drummer with the cymbals, I
"Finally it got so bad that one of
the girls had to take me away. I went
down to the dressing room and
sneezed until I thought I would die.
went blind, almost. They sent for a
doctor, they say, but I was too liear all
in to notice. I could hear the audi
Every person needs a business
education and it costs no more to
get it at thJs great Business and
Shorthand Training School, under
exact office conditions, than at
one of the small questionable
ones. The results are. however,
very different. 350 D. B. C. pupils
went to excellent positions in
banks and offices this year—over
400 will do so next year. All Par
go banks and 685 others employ
D. B. C. pupils as cashiers, tellers
or bookkeepers. No other school
offers such endorsement.
nuiny—like a storm at sea.
"1 was sneezing about four times a
minute and they hurried me to th«
hospital. I sneezed for three houra
before they gave me chloroform. Let's
see, three hours at four times a minut«
ute—that makes something more than
700 snezes in a row. Some sneezing, be
lieve me!"
mmense Vessel Has Five Decks
Above Main Deck.
8h® Will Have Features That Hav#
Never Before Been Introduced,
Including Most Powerful
Marconi Apparatus.
Stettin, Germany.—With five decks
above her main deck and a series of
balconies stretching across the front
of her superstructure like the pil
lared facade of a temple, the world's
argest ship, the Europa, the keel of
which has been laid here, draws all
eye3 of those who gaze seaward In
Scarcely had the world become ac
customed to the Mauretania as the
synonym for the largest and the latest
in marine architecture than the Olym
pic and Titanic were laid down. No
sooner was the Olympic shoved into
deep water than the owners of the
Mauretania published the plans of
even a longer ship.
In black and white the comparison
shows as follows:
Olympic ..
Europa ...
Length. Tonnage.
790 feet 32,500
860 feet 48,000
900 feet 50,000
The floating island of steel will have
a displacement of 70,000 tons. To ex
press the equivalent idea in other
terms, the new liner will be fashioned
of materials weighing 140,000,000
pounds. It would require the entire
population of Philadelphia, about 1,
400,000 persons, each carrying 100
pounds, to handle this material. The
steel and wood and brass and woven
fabric would fill a train of freight
cars forty-four miles in length, stretch
ing across the Isthmus of Panama by
way of the canal. The combined ca
paoity of the largest three hotels In
New York is 3,285 guests, while the
Europa will carry 4,250 passengers.
She will have nine decks above the
water line, equal to the height of the
largest apartment houses. Her ca
lm city will exceed 5,000, reckoning In
the crew.
The builders have ordered from the
fcests of Oregon 2,000,000 feet of fir
for her decks alone. This lumber huj
been "kilnning" near Portland. Only
clear, vertically grained wood hui
been accepted.
With so much space available fea
tures are possible that have never be
fore been introduced. There will be
a choice of dining rooms, a Ritz-Carl
ton restaurant, grill, tea room, tea
garden, rathskeller, palm gardens,
convertible in winter into sun parlors
women's salons in different decorative
periods and national styles, "univer
sal" telephones, the biggest gymnas
ium vet, running track of tank bark,
trainer rubbers, squash court, swim
ming pool, Turkish and Roman baths,
submarine signals and powerful air
pumps to waft below currents of the
purest air and afford equable temper
ature throughout.
The most powerful Marconi appara
tus ever set up at sea will be in
stalled, the unusual height of her
masts making it possible to receive or
transmit messages across the broad
expanse of the Atlantic ocean. The
Europa will always be in direct com
munication with either her namesake
continent or America.
The biggest ship of the seven seas
will be here In 1912.
Independence of Mother-ln-Law.
"Well, Hinksey," said .Jiggers, ge
nially, "did you celebrate the Fourth
of July in fitting manner?"
"You bet 1 did," said Rinksey. with
a swelling chest.
"What did you do?" asked Jiggers.
"I read the Declaration of Independ'
ence to my mother-in-law," said Blnk'
"Phee-ew!" whistled Jiggers "You
are a brave man, aren't you?"
"Oh, not so very," said Rlnksey. "1
did it over the long distance wire."—
Harper's Weekly.
Name for Roosevelt Baby.
San Francisco.—The little daughtei
of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt
Jr., is to have a christening partj
soon, but the precise date is not dell
nite. The little girl Is to be named
Grace Green Roosevelt, after hei
grandmother, Mrs. H. Addison Alex
ander, whose maiden name wai Grac«
Green. Mrs. Alexander is here from
New York as the guest of her daugh
ter. The latter is In the best of health
receiving her friends who come to se
the child. The baoy has receiver
glftB from all over the country.
S. Hitchcock, Pastor.
Morning worship, 11 a. m.
Sunday school, 12 m.
Evening service, 7:30 p. in.
C. E., Tuesday evenings.
Homer H. Moore, Pastor.
Preaching 11 a. in.
Sunday school 12 in.
Epworth League 7:15 p. ni.
Preaching 7:30 p. m.
Notice of Chattel Mort=
gage Sale.
Notice is hereby given that default
has been made in the conditions of that
certain Chattel Mortgage made by
George W. Roy of the county of Steele
and state of North Dakota, .Mortgagor,
to the Hope Implement Company, of
Hope, North Dakota, a corporation
organized under the huvs of the state!
of North Dakota, Mortgagee, dated
the 1.5th day of April, 1900, to secure
the payment of two promissory notes,
to-wit: One note dated April 13, l!)0i),
for $(2 50, due Oct. 1st, 1!)()SJ, one note
dated April 13, 190!) for $02.50,due Oct.
1st, 1!)10. Said mortgage was filed in
the office of Register of Deeds for
Steele County on the loth day of April
liMii. Default is of trie following nat
ure: the notes are past due and unpaid
and whereas said Mortgagor has!
abandoned said property, said Mort
giigee deems said debt unsafe and in
secure, and there is claimed to be die
on said mortgage at the data of this
notice the sum of one hundred sixty
four and 14-100 dollars (il()4.14i for
principal and interest.
And said ii ortgagu will be foreclosed
by a sale of the personal property in
such mortgage and hereinafter di
scribed, at public auction at the front1
door of Major Implement Company's
office in Hope, N. Dak. at the hour of
two o'clock P. on Friday, the 1st
day of December, 1911.
The personal property which will be'
sold to satisfy the said debt is de
scribed in the said mortgage as fol
lows: One 20 disc Vanlirunt Drill,
complete: one Gray mare, 3 years old
weight about llQOlbs. named "Flora"
and increase known as the W. 11. Far
ris mare.
Dated November 22, 1911.
W. lv ELLIOTT, Agen?.
State of North Dakota, I
County of Steele.
In District Court,
Third Judicial District.
G. II. Stavens Plaintiff.
C. F. Kindred, Charles F. Kindred,
George Stark and all other persons
unknown claiming any estate or inter
est in or lien or encumbrance upon
the property described in the Coin
plaint- Defendants.
The State of North Dakota to the
Above-Named Defendants:
You are hereby summoned to answer
the complaint in this action and to
serve a copy of your answer upon the
subscriber within thirty days after the
service of this summons upon you ex
clusive of the i3ay of such service and
in case of your failure to appear or
answer, judgment will be taken against
you by default for the relief demanded
in the complaint.
Dated October 21, 1911.
Plaintiff's Attorney, Residence and
Postollice Address, Mayville, North
To the Above-Named Defendants:
Take Notice, That the action en
titled in the foregoing Summons re
lates to, and is to determine adverse
claims to the following described real
estate, to-wit:
The Southwest Quarter (i). of Sec
tion No. Twenty-seven (27), in Town
ship No. one hundred forty-seven (147),
North of Range No. Fifty-four (54),
West of the 5th P. M.
That the Complaint in said action
was filed with the Clerk of the District
Court of Steele County, on October
2(1, A. D. 1!11.
Our $50 course prepares for business
life, or for position as clerk or book
keeper. Our new $85 course in Com
merce and Banking (endorsed by Bank
ers' Association) supplies cashiers and
tellers for the Northwestern banks, and
bookkeepers and credit men for the
larger concerns. The shorthand course
(under an expert reporter) trains court
reporters and high grade stenographers.
The stenographers for the U. S. District
Court, N. D. Supreme Court, 3d Judicial
District and the Cass Co. Court are D.
B. C. pupils. Can other schools offer
this proof of superior training?
F. W. A.MKS,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
State of North Dakota, In County
County of Steele. Court.
In the Mattel- of the Estate of Joseph
Sackrison, Deceased.
Xotiee to Cmiilwx.
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, Klizabeth Sackrison, Adminis
tratrix of the estate of Joseph Sackri-
son, late of the Township of Hugo, in
the County of Steele and State of North
Dakota, deceased, to the creditors of,
and all persons having claims against
said deceased or said estate, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
within six months after the first publi
cation of this notice to the said ad
ministratrix, at her residence in the
Township of Hugo in said County of
Steele,(post office address, Hope, N.D.)
Dated October 31, 1911.
Elizabeth Sackrison,
Administratrix of the estate of
Joseph Sackrison, deceased.
Win. Harclay,
Att'y for Administratrix,
Sherbrooke, N. D.
First publication Nov. 2, 1911. 5t.
State of North Dakota, I
County of Steele- I' In County Court.
In the matter of the Estate of Andrew
Anderson. Deceased.
Alfred J, Anderson, Administrator, Petitioner
Alfred J. Anderson, and all other persons in
terested in said estate Respondents.
Notice and Citation, Hearing of Fin
al Account and Petition for Dis
tribution of Estate.
The State of North Dakota and the said
I'ounty Court, to the above named Respon
You. and each of you. are hereby notified,
that the linal account of Alfred J. Anderson,
ilie administrator of the estate of Andrew
Anderson, deceased, late of the township of
Willow Lake in the County of Steele and the
State of North Dakota, lias been rendered to
and tiled in thisJJourt therein showing that
the estate of SrjHftdeeeased is ready for tinal
settlement ana 'distribution, and petitioning
that his Qnal account be allowed, the residue
of said estate distributed the person thereunto
entitled, bis adminstration closed and he be
That Friday the loth day of December. 1911,
at the hour of 1 o'clock p. M. at the Court
Rooms of this Court, at the Court House in the
Village of Sherbrooke, County of Steele and
the State of North Dakota, has been appointed
by this Court for the settlement of said Until
account, and heat-ins? of said petition for dis
tribution. at which lime and place any person
interested in said estate may apuear and file
bis exceptions in writing to said tinal account
and petition, and contest the same.
And you. the above named respondents, and
each of you. are hereby cited and required
then and there to appear before this Court,
iitid show cause it any you have, why the said
tinal account should not he allowed, the resi
due of said estam distributed, the administra
tion of said estate closed, and said administra
tor discharged.
Dated this 24tli day of October, l!'l 1,
the Court,
(Seal) AdamS-Moote,
Judge of the County Cyurt. Steele Co,, N. D,
Win. Uarclay.
Attorney for Administrator.
Sherbrooke. N. D. il-5t.
State of North Dakota, I
County of Steele, In Countv Court.
In the matter of the Estate of Andrew Ras
mussen, (sometimes known and called by the
name of Anders Rasmussen). deceased.
Anne Rasmussen. Executrix Petitioner.
Anne Rasmussen and Anna Ida Rasmussen.
Niels Laurits Rusa.ussen. Peter Albert Ras
mussen and Mattie Elina Rasmussen, minors,
and D, \V. Vadn e. Special (Juardiau of said
and all other persons interested in said
estate. Respondents.
Notice and Citation,Hearingand Fin
al Account and Petition for Dis
tribution of EsVate.
The Slate of North Dakota and the said
County Court. To the above named Respon
You, and each of you, are hereby notified,
that the tinal account of Anne Rasmussen. the
Executrix of the last will and testament of
Andrew Rasmussen. (sometimes known and
called by the name of Anders Rasmussen),late
of the Township of Willow Lake in the County
of Steele and State of North Dakota, deceas
ed.has been rendered to and filed in this court,
herein showinsf that the estate of said de
ceased is ready for tinal settlement and distri
bution, and petitioning that her tinal aceourt
be allowed, residue of said estate distributed
to the person thereunto entitled, her adminis
tration closed and she be discharged. That
Kriday the lath day of December, lilll, at 1 t*.
at the l^ourt Rooms of this Court, at the
Court House in the Village of Sherbrooke in
the County of Steele and State of North Da
kota. has been appointed by this Court for the
settlement and allowance of said linal account,
and hearing of the petition for the distribution
of said estate, at which time and place any
person interested in said estate may appear
andlile bis or their exceptions in writing to said
tinal account and petition, and contest the
And you. the above named respondents, and
each of you. are hereby cited and required
then and there to appear before this court.and
show cause, if any you have, why the said
final account should not be allowed.the residue
of said estate distributed, the administration
of said estate closed, and said Executrix dis
Dated this 20th day of October, mil.
By the Court,
Adam S, Moote,
(Seal) Judge of the County Court,
Steele County, N. D.
Win. Barclav.
Attorney for Executrix,
Sherbrooke, N. Dak. 31 10-2(5 "t
PIONEER, $1.50.
I sm, MMUtme£
TSi£ ce^roKTAfii »^.v.
8:10 p. in. Fargo ... 6:25
7:15 ..Casselton 7:40
6:35 Ayr 8:28
Going Daily except Going
East Sunday West.
Page ... 8:48
5:54 Colgate.. 9:01
5:42 Hope... 9:17
2:30 Aneta ... 10:25
2:15 Devils Lake 12:35
Close connections at Fargo
for St. Paul and Minneapolis
A. G, FICK, Agent
Hope, N. Dak.
The D. B. C. has built a magnificent
new building (35,000 square feet of
space) is seated with roll top desks,
has 60 typewriters, adding ma*
chines, blllers. money changers^
etc. Our pupils deal with each
other and with magnificently
equipped offices, using aluminum
money. Our courses are fascinat
ing and practical. The Northwest
has "No other school like the D.
B. C."
Next term begins soon. For book
let write.
Watkins Blk. Pargo, N. D.
Yours for uni
Yours for grent
est I iv 11 in
Yours for never
failing iu.,ul s.
Yours for purity.
Yours for economy.
Yours for every
tiling that goes 13
raUe up a strictly
high grade, ev. r
pea a hi .y.j:. .g
hat is Calumn Try
it once and n..,ie iho i-
Jvem.f nt in your bak
ing. Ser how rniit mora
economic.. 1 over ih»s
priced trust brands, ll ,w
much better than lha cheap
and bis -, an kinc :.
Calnmet is highest in quality
moderate in cn-1.
B, Received Highest Award-
WosU's Pure Foot!
Shotivell Floral Co.
Growers of Plants.Cut Flowers, &c.
Funeral Designs made up on
short notice.
Phone or write us Night or Day.
41-tf. Send for Catalogue.
Subscribe for the Pioneer
Money to Loan on Real Estate
M. B. Cassell & Co Sherbrooke
Farm Bargains. Send for our Free
Illustrated Catalogue. CASSELMAN
& Co., Richmond, Va. Established
20 years.
Professional Cards.
C. S. SKlppy,
and Notary Public
E. S. Johnson
Hope N. Dak.
Office Over Hurst's Store
Dr. H. G. Fish.
Physician and Surgeon
Telephone Connections.
Office second floor of
Office hours 9 a. m. to 9 p. m.
OfHcie in Philip's Block
Otiioe 37 Residenup 117
Dr. J. G. Abbott,
Physician and Surgeon
Office in First National Bank.
OHlce Phone No. 181.
Residence No. 169.

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