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30x3 Case,
•»l H» I»I I 1 ft
It f-l»i
Paints* ONa, Brushes* Qlaee
Coal and
ii iti im
*«i tisDi mm
Teach Your Child
To Be Thrifty
Then you nowr will have cause to blush
for It
Pew parents' hearts have ever ached
over the misdoings of a thrifty child.
Guide your boy and girl out of the path
of the spendthrift.
Start an account for them in our bank
and teach them the importance of sav
If you do not follow our advice you may
regret it.
If you do follow it you always will be
Special Sales in Furniture
Occur in my store every day, because I have a
complete line, excellent in quality, such as
Dining Room Sets Bed Room Sets Parlor Sets
Tables Chairs Book Cases Writing Desks
Buffets Dressers Etc.
Portieres Window Shades Rugs
Lace Curtains Etc.
Come in and let me show you the stock, as
there are some nice Bargains awaiting you.
E. D. Washburn
Ford Agents
Model Touring Gar, $550 Model Runabout, $500
TtTE have received a complete »tock of Forti Repairs.
Jfo waits for repairs to come 1000 or 1.500 miles, no
expetuive telephone charges to pay. Our stock of Automo
biles and Tire Accessories is complete. We aleo carry a
full line of CASINGS and TUBES of the following well
known makes: Goodrich* Good year, Flak, Federal.
Below we quote our prices on a few ot the standard sites:
$11.70 Tube,
Wi ilso kavi thi Mwist idvanci In Innir Tubis-a Brow Tube.
Satisfying Results.
The Hope Dray Line
C. F. FERELL, Prop.
41 Garden plowing given special attention.
Calls attended promptly, and goods removed
without risk or injury.
Your business solicited.
Nrtnth Da Ir
$be Ibope pioneer
non, it
L. J. BOWBN, Editor and Manager
GEO, W. BAQLEY, AMOolat* Editor.
Per Temr, In mermace 41.50
Entered at the post office at Hope. North Ha
«ota, as second clais matter.
__' To inauro insertion, all advertise
ments and pay locals must reach our
office on or before Wednesday noon
of eaoh week.
All notices of entertainments of
any nature at which admission is
charged, given by local organizations
are charged at the rate of five cents
per line per Insertion.
of the Hope Pioneer, published week
ly at Hope, N. Dak., required by the
Act of August 24, 1913.
Editor, L.J. Bowen, Hope, N. D.
Managing Editor,
Business Managers,
Publisher, North-Dakota
Publishing Co., Hope, N. D.
Owners: (If a corporation, give name
and addresses ot stockholders hold
ing 1 per cent or more of total
amount of stock.)
L. J. 43owen, Hope, N. D.
J. A. Bowen, Hope, N. D.
J. A. Pepper, Fargo, N.
Known bondhlders, mortgagees, and
other security holders, holding 1
per cent or more of total amount of
bonds, mortgages, or other securi
First National Bank, Hope,
Subscribed to and sworn before me
this 1st day of Aprii, 1914.
M. B, Milligan,
[SEAL] Notary Public.
(My commission expires Oct 30, '19
Suffrage Notes
ae is
jte is
The |'iua.lm «u^lge League held
their Jgtjiar meeting in the city hall
^.Jarsday evening. After the roll
iuon£iieJbtislnese was transacted, and
it was deolded to ask Mr. Courtney,an
attorney of Page, N. D., to give us a
talk at our neat regular meeting.
Mrs. Oumb read a paper entitled
"The Public Pulse." It seems there is
a national association oppose to wo
man suffrage, of which Mrs. A.
Dodge is president. One argument ad
vanced by them is the power of indi
reet influence. Jane Addams is cited
as having accomplished muoh without
the ballot. Miss Addams once said
when a reform worked for by the wo
men has reached a certain stage poli
ticlans took the matter out of their
hands and managed it to Buit them
selves. It is regrettable that anti
suffragists should go into politics for
he a of he pi he
of polities. They might better utilize
their time demonstrating the much
lauded power of indirect influence.
Some really good things have been
accomplished where women vote, how
ever, among which are a mothers
pension law in Washington a mini
mum wage law in Oregon an equal
guardianship law and the raising
the age of consent in Calfornia.
Mr. Livermore gave a fine talk
the Growth of Woman Suffrage. We
feel that we have a great deal to thank
the men for In their interest and ap
preclatlon our efforts. We find
very few men who are opposed to this
question, whteh gives us a great deal
enoouragement. Mr. Livermore
spoke authentically of our national
and state aonstltutlons, and brought
out the fact that in so far as the women
are concerned our government is not
a oomplete Democracy. Our- nation
has progressed wonderfully since the
framing of the constitution, and along
with the benefloial reforms the vloes
have progressed, suoh as the liquor
trafllo and the white slave traffic.
Those who are fattening financially on
these vlees (ear the-women's vote inore
than siny thing else,-whioh Is one good
reason why the men need the women
diteot influence In stamping out these
wrongs. All the sinister Influences of
the oountry is lined up against wo
mas suffrage, and it is to be regretted
that good people in opposing suffrage
allow themselvss to be used as a mask
for tbsse evil influsnoer He thinks
that women wotild not be doing their
if he id an
right to vote, and that women are de
manding to vote that they may help to
right the wrongs whose Influence 1
national, and not for popularity
Woman suffrage is inevitable, a
lot's not be the 48th state to confer
thl* right upon our women.
Mva. Wtood read "An Allegory on
Wlmen's Rights," whioh dwelt upon
the faot that, women have nothing to
do with laws, but laws have lots to do
with them.
The woman's suffrage question .has
been receiving Its just amount at
tention In the U. S. senate during the
past few weeks.. Only onelong speech,
that .of Senator Bryan, of Florida,
has been mde against it. He asked:
Cannot the mother trust the
Passenger Cars Must Be
Kept Clean.
If you are not satisfied with the san
itary condition of the railroad trains
in a el re be a
it is fully within your power to have
them corrected. North'Dakota has
an effective law on this subject which
any one may invoke and set into im
mediate operation, if they have just
cause. Here is one in relation to the
cleanliness of passenger coaches:
It is the duty of railroad companies
to have their passenger cars fumlga
ted at least once in 30 days, and all
cars should have posted therein a
printed notice of the time and place
the car was last fumigated. Com
a in of an an it a a
will receive the prompt attention of
the railroad commission.
The railroad companies of the state
must have a bulletin board, upon
which, at least 30 minutes before the
scheduled .time of the arrival of the
train, must be placed the faot whether
such train is on time, and if late, how
late, which bulletin must be changed
at intervals of one hour until the ar
rival of such delayed train. But pas
senger.trains not more than 15 min
utes late-shall be deemed on time
far as the bulletin is concerned. Any
failure of the station agent to post his
bulletin, If reported to the railroad
commission, will secure a prompt,
And the Printer Pied the
The sountry editor has trials of va
rious kinds and some have more trou
bles than others. An Arkansas man
had written an article about a wed
ding that occurred in his town and
gave it to the printer to be set in type.
The printer had been Indulging to a
limited extent in hydrant water (a rare
occurrence among the craft) and lie
got the wedding article mixed up with
a public sale notice, and the whole
thing appeared like this:
Wm. Jones, the only son of Mr. and
Mrs. Josiah Jones, was disposed of at
auction sale to Miss Lucy Anderson,
on! my farm, 1 mile east of Leonard
ville, in the presence of 70 cows, in
cluding the following, to-wit: 7 mules,
12 head of Rev. Jackman tied the nup
tial knot, with krinkly horns an 1
muley cow. lie beautiful home of
the bride was beautifully deoorated
with 1 Blaakhawk. corn planter, 1 sul
ky hay rake, 1 feed grinder, 1 set of
double harness, nearly new and just
before the ceremony was pronounced
the bride's sister played one Jersey
cow, fresh in the spring, oarrying a
large bunch of flowers in her hand and
looking oharming in one bunoh of
sleigh bells, 6 shocks of corn, 3 ricks
of hay, 1 grindstone, mouse-lined sole,
and trimmed with about 10 bubhels of
The groom is a well knoyn" Durham
bull with ring In his nose aBd has al
ways stood Well with 0 Duroc hogs
while the bride Is an accomplished
driver with flowing mane and tall.
Among the beautiful presents were two
sets khlves and forks, one steam en
gine, riding plow, one wheelbarrow,
go-oart, bob sled and ether articles
(ck numerous to^ mention.
The bridal couple left for an exten
ded honeymoon trip. Terms, twelve
months cash. Lunch will be served
a he a a a
Mrs. Jones will go to housekeeping in
a ha no of a an
oorn orlbs in a cosy house near the
corner ot Main and chicken house
close by. Colonel L. B. Gray,
Nothing So Good For
'Cannot the wife trust the husband?"
Senator Clapp retorted: "Cannot the
so us he he an no
husband trust the wife?" While the
recent vote on an equal suffrage
amendment to the Federal Constitu
tion resulted in 35 senators voting for
it and 34 against, it was not the neces
sary two-thirds majority to carry. The
suffragists of the oountry feel that
they have scored a triumph in defeat,
for it was far stronger than its oppo
nents are willing to admit. Women
now vote in ten states, and thirteen
more have decided to put the suffrage
question to vote. We feel that the ad
dition of a few more enfranchised
states will help'out the Congressional
work so that it will not be long before
we shall have Federal legislation.
When You Register
Watch how you fill out the blank the
assessor gives you to sign. If you are
a ''Progressive Republican" register
as 'Regubllean.'' Otherwise you will
be given a "Bull Moose" ballot and
have to vote it at the June Primaries
Cough or
When you have a cold /6a want Xk#
best medicine obtainable so as to jot
rid of it with this least possible delay.
There are many who consider Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy unsurpassed..
Mrs. Boroff, Elida, O., says: "Ever
•since my daughter Ruth was oured of
a severe cold and cough by Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy two years ago, I
have felt kindly disposed toward the
manufacturers of that preparation. I
know of nothing so quick to relieve a
cough or cure a oold." For sale by
all dealers. (Adv.)
Her Wants.
"Does your wife want the vote?"'
"No. She wants a larger town house,
a villa on the seacoast, and a new
limousine car every six months. I'd
be pleased most to death If she could
fix her attention on a small matter
like the vote."—New Orleans Pica
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Get the new portfolio of suggestions for dec
orating. It shows in colors many attractive
ways to paint and decorate, and tells just
how to get effects shown with SWP products.
Remember S
oertein Mortiece, made, executed and
delivered by In*eborNjbo, a widow,
MortgMor, to.rtiie3nnt-National-Sank of
Hope, as Mottiwe, dated the 19th dar of No
vember, 1912, and filed tor reoord In the offloe
of the Register of Deeds in and for the Countv
Steele and «tate ol-North Dakete,
Wllllama paint.
Wamberg'8 Drug Store
The Rexall Store.
Lincoln Beachy]
Is "some" Bird Man. He holds more records
than any other man in. the business But
That there is an aviator who has Beachy beat to
===S::S:=!BS=!= a "frazzle It is
Whe Great American Dollar
Now, just because there is a bird ort it is no rea
son you should let it fly. Deposit it in a Bank
(preferably ours,) and it may be the first brick
in the new home you have dreamed of.
The Hope National Bank1
We invite a strict comparison of^tbe
ftth daraLNoVembefrlittSr at otloak f.
and recorded In Book 18 of Mdrtaates. DIM
66. Win MMseSos^raaacef tffraniMi:
In such mortface and 'hereinafter deacrlbad
at the front, OOOB of TBK~ Court Buua»-la th* ic
VlUace -of 'Sharbrobke, in the Cotmty o("S
Steele and State of Jforth Dakota, on Wed
neede».'tl»W|dsr erA»ra,WH. atflwteur
of one O'dtfck P. M„ to nStffirth
amount rftie tib said mortgage upou tne dar
ofsale. The premises described In aaldoaort
gage and Which will be sold to satlsf? he
same, are those certalapremlaea iltiufted tn
the County ol Steele and Stat* of North iba
kota and described as follow* to-wlti: The
Northeast Qnacter NSK of BseSton Twelve
(12), Township One Kundred ^rikr-four(ll4j
North, of Binge PHty-sevenB7) West the
•Fifth Principal MtiHdlKbcontstuac One tttan
dred Sixty (WO) Acies, accodUbg to the Uni
ted StatesSnrver thereof.
There will be due on such mortgage enthe
of Ml*- the turn of M40.00 for lntcrestvaid
prior mortgage, II2S.68 for^expensWBaid
in curbing w#ll on premises! £26.95 fori
for the years 1912 and lSl^ $78.86 total aaas&nt
$1070.02 together with the costs and disburse
ments of• this foreclosure, including legal at
torney's fBes.
Dated this 7th dar of March, 1914.
WM. BARCLAY, Mortgagee.
Attorney tor Mortgagee.
Sherbrooke, N. D. sits
You are Apt to Think
The real purpose of house paint is to protect.
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