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VOLUME 85. No. 42
Of the Board of County Com-
Sherbrooke, N. D., Jan. 3rd, 1916
•The Board of County Commission
ers convened at 10 o'clock A. M„ pre-
Chairman Johnson, Commisslon
ers Dronen Hovick,* Williams and
Verwest. Minutes of. Nov. £, 9 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22", 23 ana 24
read and approved as read,
Qamotion O. W. Williams was
-elected chairman of the board lor the
ensuing year.
G. D. Fisher filed application and
otter to obtain assignment of tax sale
.cqrtificateto lots 13 to 24 inc., block
$£Qgri£lnal town, city of Hope, held
t&'County, Mr. Fisher offered to pay
?i27.54 to county for such assign
ment which is the amount of taxes
due on said lots without interest and
penalty. On motion offer was accept
31 arid Auditor was instructed to exe
Sfite. such assignment.
y*Bpard adjourned till 1:30 o'clock
p. m.
Afternoon Session
We extend best wishes
Board convened at i:S0 clock
P. I.i., all members present.
Following bills 'were on motion al
P. O. Sathre, State attorney's ex
penses $30.00 G. H. Gilbertson, cash
advanced for postage, etc., $3.05
Blondie A.. Hoit, postage, $7.60
Biondie A. Holt, Co. Supt., mileage,
$€9.90 Aivin P. Boe, cash advanced
for postage, recording bonds, wolf
bounty, $36.50 Steel County Tri
bune, notice of delinquent tax-list,
$92.84 commissioners proceedings,
typewriter paper, envelopes $ 16.20,
printing postal cards. $5 00, totai
$114.04 Sharon Reporter, commis
sioners proceedings $11.85 F. A.
Stiner, 100 lbs. sweeping compound
$2.60 Adam S. Moote, postage ana
box rent, $4.65 D. W. Vaanie, post
age and expenses at district court
Case county, $12.00 Walker Eros.,
& Hardy, typewriter ribbons, $1.5 5
blanks $5.22, totai $6.77 Valley City
Times record 200 booklets, certifi
cates of attendance $20.00 Finley
©•aeon, printing and publishing,
$87.56 State Tuberculosis Sanitar
luin, irappBes for Carrie t»erg and
'Joga A. Johnson, 118.10 John Steen
A Happy New Year
To One and All
Treasurer, -maintenance for
Johnson, Carrie Berg and Ole
."Volmen ifrom October 1st, .1915:
i. $170*06 Times Herald Publishing
i^iCo., 19'16rTsx receipts, $35.00 Oscar
9hn«oh,boarding, -guarding and liv
£cof Juvenile prisoner, $21.5 5
Holt, cash advanced for cartage and
telegram $1.10 Warwick Sentinel
appropriation state estray paper 1915
Printing Co., office sup
D. independent
of 6 phones and
Hetland, census
t5pirnshiR, $ 8
ease of
The following bills were paid
from Motor Vehicle. License Fund:
for dragging roads in various town
ships: Anton T. Ohnsager, Westfield
i-iS.i-G Peder Midetokke, Franklin.
££2.50: Alfred Johnson, Melrose,
$5.60 H. W. Chalmers, Melrose,
$19.10: Clifford Swanson, Melrose,
$12.00 Martin Rieder, Melrose,
f9.60 Henry Fiaine, Broadiawn, $6.
Fred Dresher, Broadiawn, $18.95
J'hos. Sussex, Carpenter, $3.75 F. C.
Kimball, Carpenter, $12.00 F. C.
Brasted, Carpenter, $10,50 W. K.
jayjith, Carpenter,£24-_0f.
r-oli owing bills were oa motion al
iened: vviliow Lake Township, part
appropriation for road on south side
section 36, said township, $200.00
Better Farming Section, N. D. Exper
iment Station, salary and expenses
Better Farming man, November, 1915
Board Adjourned till 1:30 o'clock
P. IJ.
Afternoon Session
The Board of County Commission
ers reconvened at 1:30 o'clock p. m.,
all members present.
Following bills on motion allowed:
G. H. Grimson, criminal fees for
November, '$58.10, December $29.00
totai $87.10^ Justice' reports now
considered, iteports of G. A. Mon
ceitn for quarter ending September
30th, 1915, Justice fee, G. A', Mon
teith $2.90, and for quarter ending
December 31st, 1915, fees as follows:
A. Monteith, justice, $10 3 5 Her
bert Friese, witness, $2.10, with fins
of $4.00 accompanying same A.
tsjerke, justice fees for quarter end
ing _September 30t'n, 1915, $1 70
W. tx. Elliott, justice fees for quar
ter ending December 31st, 1915,
$8.70 Clew Henry, witness, $2.40
H. Andrews, witness, $5 00 H. Fresh
itness $2.40 Swen Langager. wit
ness $2.30 G. N, Grimson, witness.
$2.10 Haifdan Petterson, justice fees
quarter ending December 31st, 1915,
$6.95 John O. Storebo, witness,
$2.10 Peter Storebo, witness $2.10
Chas. Storebo, witness, $2.10 John
tangeland, witness, $2 10, Robt. Fer
guson, witness $2,10 all of which
reports were on motion allowed and
fees ordered paid tsiii of Albert B.
Guptiii for salary for December as
Juvenile Commissioner 3rd Judicial
District, $15.60 on motion allowed
Biil of aabel & Kraabel, goods fur
nished Carrie Berg, $17.75 on mo
tion allowed.
Sheriff's certificate of uncollectible
personal property taxes for 1914,
amounting t& $53.06 was now taken
up and checked over It appeared
to the satisfaction of the board that
there was no property on which to
make levy, it was moved, seconded
and carried that such amounts be
cancelled upon tax lists tot. 1814.
The following bills h&ting been
paid by the County Auditor for quar
ter ending December 31st, 1915 was
on motion approved G. J. JMustad
Auditor, $450. Alvin P. Boe, treasur
er, $450 Q. N. Grlmeon, sheriff,
$437.50 P. O. Sathre, state's attor
ney, $300 Adam S. Moote, county
judge, $375. G. H. Gilbertson, reg
of deeds, $400. Blondie
county superintendent, $400.
Vadnle, clerk of court, $800.
de&utr auditor, $195.
^iHH^^^Iusbee, deputy coun
', $200 Mrs. Inga
.register, of
wertpaid fj
that the Sharon Reporter. The Hope
Pioneer and Steele County Tribune be
designated official newspapers for the
ensuing year, 1916.
The chairman appointed commis
sioners Dronen and Verwest to check
accounts in Treasurer's office and
Commissioners Johnson and Hovlclc to
check In other offices.
On motion the board adjourned til)
9 o'clock A. M., Wednesday, January
Et'n, 1916.
Reports were submitted allowing
conditions In Treasurer's office quar-:
t'U- ending December 31st, 1915.
Balance on
hand Oct.
1, 1915 .$ 34.987.25
Oct., Nov.,
Dec 1915
Jan 3rd.,
4th, 1916,
Oct., Nov.
Dec., 1915.
-'r\ Vs' 7^
County Auditor.
January 5th, 1916
Duties of checking offices commenc
ed at 9 o'clock A. M., all members
present, checking continued through
out the day.
County Auditor,
January 6th 1918
The beard reconvened at 9 o'clock
A. I\i., present chairman Williams,
Commissioners Dronen, Hoviclt and
Verwest checking offices was resum
ed and completed at 2 :30 o'clock
11. in.
$ 45,932.90
Payments, Jan.
and 4th, 1916, ....
Balance Jan 5th, 1916
$127,431.29 $127,431.29
Funds and where kept:
Firer National Bank of
Hope, $ 6,861.50
Hope National Bank, 6,953.63
irst National Bank. Fin
ley 6,262.31
State Bank of Finley, 6,629.04
first National Bank, Shar
on. 7,490.14
Citizens State Bank, Shar
on, 5,719.28
Blabon State Bank 5,151.95
Colgate State'Bank, 5,352.50
Luverne State Bank. 4,980.93
Pioneer State Bank Lu
verne. .. 6,100.87
Drafts ana checks, 6.218.19
Currency in safe, 214.57
Township orders, 9.00
Credits, 187.50
School orders 22.80
Time deposits, County
Emergency Fund) 14,000.00
$ 81,054.21
-Committees checking other offices
reported as follows: Auditor's office
fees collected October, $4.75, Novem
ber $6.75, December $5.50, totai
$17.00 Register of Deeds office,
fees collected October $130.95, No
vember $231.05, December $314.85,
total $736.85 Clerk of Courts office,
fees collected October $33.00, Novem
ber $36.00, December $22.50, totai
$101.50 County Judge, fees collect
ed October $5,00, November $10.00,
December $10,00, total $25.00 Coun
ty superintendent office, f6es collect
ed October, November and December,
$7.00 Sheriffs office, fees collected
Qctober $135.40, November $53.35,
D3=emfDer $80.50, total, $269.25
vouchers were shown as proof that
ail ui vhich fees had been properly
turned over to county treasurer as re
quired by iaw.
The following applications or
abatement of taxeu, having been tiled
with the auditor, same were now pre
sented, Chas. Vadnie made applica
tion l'or abatement of 1913 tax,
upon personal property and 1911 as
delinquent road tax in I-Iugo township
Welles Thomson Co., made applica
tion for abatement of 1915 tax upon
credits assessed in the Village of
Sharon, on motion said applications
were rejected, for the reason the
poard has no authority to make such
abatements in view of Supreme Court
decision in the case of City of Minot
against Amundson. 22 N. D. page
The following buis were on mo
tion allowed: D. F'oiey, justice fees
cases State vs. Doe and Farris, $6 25
Mary Rygg, refund of probSte fees',
estate of O Rygg, decased $110.
County of Cass, cost of triai of
Steele county .prisoner in district
court of Cass County $208.10 John
Steen, state treasurer, maintenance
four patients at institute for Feeble
Minded, Grafton. N D., quarter end
ing December 31st, 1915. $200,00
Newburgh Township, 75 per cent of
aid given Mrs Hoidalii. $45.00 Vil
lage of Finley, 75 per cent of aid
given Mrs Ole Lerass, $93,60 C. G.
Schaede, work repairing county house
in Hope, $18 75 E. W. Hanson, ma
terial furnished repairing county
house in Hope, $20.26, O. E. Dowliug
cutting weeds and dragging roads,
county road.. $13.00 Chas. Iviiiier,
bridge work In Carpenter and Col
gate $20 00 A. J. Heimark, county
superintendent, Eoard of Health,
$16.80 P. O. Sathre, president coun
ty Board of Health. $3.00: Blondie
Our Share
In the Advancement
Of Hope.
Electric service helps a city advance in industry
and especially so if it is a twenty*four hour service.
Now that twenty-four hour service is your
good fortune the electric washing machine and
electric iron can be enjoyed.
Electric Irons and Electric Washers are as es
sential to the home as the plow is to th? farm.
Give your wife a square deal and let her have
some of the comforts that can now be enjoyed by
the all day and all night electric service.
'Sf _____
Hope Light & Power Co.
A. Holt, vice president County Board
ot Health. $3 00 J. W. Needham,
Tuhereuin and Thermometer County
Board of Health, $3.25.
On motion the Board adjourned till
Friday January 7th. 1916, at it
ovioek A.
Till, 191fi
The Board reconvened at 9 o'clock
A. M.. present Chairman Wiliiams.
Commissioners Dronen, Hovick and
Minutes of the meetings of Janu
ary 4th and 5th, 1.916 rsaa and ap
pro v*6d
0&^motion the Auditor was in
structed to advertise for sealed bids
for road building to be done at tii£
fciiowing places: between the Village
oi i- iuis^ and snaron i^nown as Di~
vision No. 5 on oOuni^ Road, also in
Easton, Meirose and Riverside Town
ships. advertisements to be made as
soon as practicable, and in the fol
lowing papers: Grand Forks Daily
i-Ieruld, Fargo Courier Newa, Hope
Pioneer and Sharon Reporter.
On motion Auditor and Treasurer
were instructed to transfer $2500.00
fi'um Penalty and Interest Fund to
County General Fund.
Pursuant to Chapter 2 2G3, C. L,
1913. it was moved, seconded and
carried that one man be employed
aurmg the year 1916, for the purpose
of giving aid to diversified farming,
shall cs iocated at the Viiiags
cf iniey
On motion salaries for county offi
cials, deputies ana clerks for ensuing
year, 1916, be fixed as follows: Sher
iff $1750, Auditor $1800 Treasurer
T1S00 Slates Attorney $1200 Co.
Superintendent of Schools $1600
County Judge $1500 Clerk of Court
$12 00, Register of Deeds $1600
Auditors clerk twelve months at sal
ary not to exceed $70 per month
Treasurer's clerk, eight months at
salary not to exceed $65 per month
Register of Deed's clerk .twelve
months at salary not to exceed $66
per month. Deputy county superin
tendent. tweh'6 months not to exesed
r0 'j per annum.
The Hon Adam 3. Moote. Judge of
|jic County Court made report to the
Board of County Commissioners,
Auditor and Treasurer, that after
proceedings duly had in hie court, un
der the Mothers Pension Law of 1915,
payments as follows have been order
ed made to th6 following persons:
Emma Johnson, $15 00 per month
Ciara Windnese $15.00 per month and
Belie Monson $15.00 per month- On
motion made, seconded and carried
the Auditor A arer wst
4^ cent oj,,
/V* .pon recefefe
•Cv -itementa froApj:
or village .'
bllla were on •pfjft'-.Vf
proper a,
G. .1, MUSTAD.
County Auditor.
Vs' Vbllla
.erbrooke Town8hl||v
piu A idge on line betweeplH
tionb. ••ad 13, $59.00 S. O.
oonuiiii. Joner, per diem and mir
$28 00 Anton Hovtck.commlsslVh
per diem and mileage, $34.40
Williams, commissioner, perdiMt?
mileage, $31.80 L. Verwest.'Hvi •'1
mlssloner, per diem and mlhvlf
On action the Board adjour
S, J. irosi
Counter A)j
Nisi! M'Crsa Disd,
Nick McCrea, an old settler died k'
his home
in Sharon Monday aftergo
Mr. McCrea, who had seemingly
in excellent health, ateaheartydtpu
and ufterwards taking his younestt'®
lay down on a couch to take a

A few minutes laies when a member*
the househould spoke to him andn
failed to respond, it was disooyejlp
that he was dead. Mr. McCrea wadj|.|"'
successful farmer, and had but reoufl
ly built himself a fine home in Sba 'Jt,
and had moved to town to enjoy
—Finley Beacon.
H, N. Homer Dead. Hfi
Women who get but little ex(«n
are likely to be troubled with
H, N. Horner, who has bean oofi/
to his home tor the past three mon'
passed away this morning at2o'oli
The funeral will be held from
Methodist church Saturday ftftero
at 2 o'clock, and it will be under
auspice of Mayflower Lodge, A.
A. M.—Finley Beaeon.
Wofiidii of Sedentary Habits.
tion and indigestion and wil.^
Chamberlain's Tablets highly 118
ficial. Not so good as a th-rvo
mile walk every day, but Vii-y
better than to allow the bowuli
main in a constipated condition,
are eas.y and pleasant to takjving.
most aggreeable in effect. Obt'
everywhere.—Adv. ,•

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