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Certain-teed Roofing
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weather proof, spark proof, clean and sanitary, and very dur
able. Certain-teed is not affected by acids fumes or smoke,
and does not melt under the hottest sun.
Guaranteed 5,10 or 15 yamrm, according to thicknass.
It pays to get Ctrtam-teed because
it costs no more to lay than ordi
nary roll roofing, and lasts much
Cortie Across Now
Agreement with the United States provides
that you will be drafted if you don volun
teer. All men between 20 and 40 are liable.
Your Brothers Over There
Are Calling to You
Answer the Call! Volunteer to-day the
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You Can Join Either the
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rf Gold
coming to farmers from the rich wheat fields of
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Write for literature and particulars as to reduced
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Canada, or to
W. E. Black, Clifford Block, Grud Forks, N.D.
j. L.
Port*, Dsoa Block, Groat Falls, Host.
Canadian Government Agents
The Betsy Ross Yarn Company
Manufacturers of Knitting Yarns
354 Fourth Avenue, New York City
65c per full 4 oz. hank
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Spring Run of Distemper
tfCDAHNC" A small outlay of money brings very
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IPOBN iBDlOiL CO* Muitsctarsn, Qdkti, lad.
(By E. O. SELLERS, Aoking Director ot
the Sunday School Course of the Moody
Bible Institute, Chicago.)
(Copyright. 1918, Western Newspaper Union.)
(May be used with missionary appli
LESSON TEXT—Mark 6:1-31.
GOLDEN TEXT—Freely ye have re
ceived. freely give.—Matt. 10:8.
TEACHERS—Romans 10:13-15 Isa. 40:3-9
Matt. 2S:
16-20 Acts 1:6-8 2:1-4: 16:9-10.
PRIMARY TOPIC—Jesus feeding the
MEMORY VERSE—Give ye them to eat.
Mark 6:37.
of Christ.
power of the Gospel of Christ.
The time of this lesson was autumn,
A. D. 28 the location Galilee.
I. Marvelous Unbelief, (vv. l:l-6a).
Jesus is rejected the second time at
Nazareth. He entered into the syna
gogue on the Sabbath, as was his cus
tom, and the people were astonished
at his doctrine. His application of
the scripture was similar to that of
his first rejection. The significance of
this visit is found in verses 5 and 6
—the limitation of the mighty Christ
through unbelief by those who knew
him best.
II. The Mission of the Twelve, (vv.
6a-16). From the parallel account we
find why Jesus sent forth these disci
ples (Matt. 9:36)—because the peo
ple were scattered as sheep without a
shepherd. In the tenth chapter of
Matthew we find the names of those
whom he sent out (vv. 2-5)), the fifth
verse of which designates that only
Jews were included in this mission.
We need to remember that these dis
ciples were sent out before his cruci
fixion. Their pilgrim character Is
shown in Mark 6:9, and the solemn
manner of their dealing with those
who reject them is indicated in verse
eleven. They were being sent forth
as sheep in the midst of wolves. They
were to be delivered up to the council
and haled before the rulers of the
synagogues, but with them was to go
an enabling power (Matt. 10:20).
Meeting persecution was to be a part
of their program. They anticipate the
persecution with which Christ is iden
tified, for he exhorts them (Matt.
10:28-31), to be of courage and to fear
not, for are they not "of more value
than the sparrows?" Their going forth
was to bring divisions (Malt. 10:34),
but also a reward to those who re
ceived them aright—a righteous man's
reward. (Matt. 10:40-42.) Notice
their obedience (Mark 6:12-13), and
their achievements as the visible evi
dence of the power they had received.
III. Malignant Hate. (vv. 14-29).
Mark gives us the most complete ac
count of the death of John the Baptist.
It is not a lesson that we need to em
phasize to the scholars of the younger
grades, but It has a deep significance
to those of the more advanced depart
ments of the Sunday school and if
we are going to get the scope of the
whole Epistle of Mark, it must be con
sidered. Herod thought he had tri
umphed, but he was defeated. Thus it
Is with the sinner always—he over
shoots the mark. Germany's hatred of
England stands in the way of its com
plete domination of Europe, and it
was Germany's pride which caused It
to make those military blunders which
prevented it from capturing Paris. So
It is with Satan and the sinner Just
when the victory seems to be complete
God intervenes. "They that be for us
are more than they that are against
us." The counteracting power of God
offsets the devil's hatred so that we
are made "more than conquerors
through him that loved us."
It was because Jesus sent forth
these disciples that they were called
apostles, literally "sent ones." They
had been called unto him (Mark 6:7),
then sent forth, not singly, but by
twos, so today the lonely servant has
with him the Holy Spirit. Our mes
sage is "peace," but we must have
peace ourselves if we are to impart It
to others.
If punishment is to be measured by
the amount of light one sins against,
the heaviest, punishment must rest
upon those in America and England
who know the gospel but reject it.
It is evident that the disciples re
ceived great power (vv. 12,13) as sug
gested by their return (v. 30). They
acted wisely In telling Jesus "all
things," both what they had done and
taught. Although sent forth, they were
not to spend time in visiting and en
tertaining, nor in seeking the hospital
ity of the rich. They were to be
wholly dependent upon God, taking
nothing with them in their journey
Ings, but staff and sandals, betokening
their pilgrim character. The gospel of
Mark gives us the picture of the ideal
There are more temptations to break
the commandments than there are en
couragements to keep them. Resolve
to help break the temptations and to
help make the encouragements.
In material things it's not what we
want but what we get that counts. In
spiritual, It's not what we claim but
what we've got.
Faith is the practical exercise of
the spiritual eyes. Spirit is the only
true substance. The spiritual body la
the real man.—Henrjr Wood.
Girls! Use Lemons!
Make a Bleaching,
Beautifying Cream
The juice of two fresh lemons strain
ed into a bottle containing three ounces
of orchard white makes a whole quar
ter pint of the most remarkable lemon
skin beautifier at about the cost one
must pay for a small jar of the ordi
nary cold creams. Care should be tak
en to strain the lemon juice through a
fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets in,
then this lotion will keep fresh for
months. Every woman knows that lem
on juice is used to bleach and remove
such blemishes as freckles, sallowness
and tan and is the ideal skin softener,
smoothener and beautifier.
Just try it! Get three ounces of
orchard white at any pharmacy and
two lemons from the grocer and make
up a quarter pint of this sweetly fra
grant lemon lotion and massage it daily
into the face, neck, arms and hands. It
naturally should help to soften, fresh
en, bleach and bring out the roses and
beauty of any skin. It is simply mar
velous to smoothen rough, red hands.
We always know just what not to
say after we have said it.
A Hair Store Blonde.
"Isn't Maude's hair light?"
"Yes, she can lift it on and off eas
ily."—Boston Transcript.
He Sidestepped.
".Tust why did you leave college?"
"The dean didn't go into details."—
Jack O'Lantern.
Men are made to make money that
women may spend It.
1 cap corn
Explained So Far.
A letter had been received by the
sergeant major of artillery from the
British war office, with reference to
one, Gunner Green, who, reported
killed, had arrived at Woolwich. Could
a full and satisfactory explanation of
same be forwarded?
The X. C. O. gave the matter much
thought, and then forwarded this re
"Green was an old comrade of mine.
I visited him wlu-n he was dying of
Ills wounds, and then saw him buried.
Hence. I know that he's dead, and am
considerably surprised to hear of his
return to Woolwich hut please exon
erate me from further hlamc, inasmuch
as I am not responsible for his subse
quent movements."
How to Bring Them Up.
Mrs. Domestic Tabby—I'eople don't
know how to raise children nowadays.
They let them have their own way
far too much.
Mrs. Brood Hen—That's very true.
Xow, look at my chickens. They would
n't have amounted to anything if they
hadn't been sat upon.—People's Home
Not Just as Good.
"Have you a tireless cooker In your
"No, but we have a coalless fire."
Rome men think that the proper
way to begin the day Is to find fault
with the wife at the breakfast table.
Swift & Company
At a recent hearing of the Federal Trade Commission there
was introduced correspondence taken from the private files of
Swift & Company,which showed that the Company had been con
sidering for some time an educational advertising campaign.
The need for this publicity has been apparent to us for sev
eral years. The gross misrepresentation to which we have
recently been subjected has convinced us that we should no longer
delay in putting before the public the basic facts of our business,
'relying on the fair-mindedness of the American people.
The feeling against the American packer is based largely on
the belief that the income and well-beirig of the producer and
consumer are adversely affected by the packers' operations,
resulting in unreasonably large profits.
Swift & Company's net profit is reasonable, and represents
an insignificant factor in the cost of living.
For the fiscal year 1917 the total sales and net profit of Swift
& Company were as follows:
This is equivalent to a $3,465. profit on a business of $87,500.
pound on dressed beef.
If Swift & Company had made no profit at all, the cattle raiser
would have received only one-eighth of a cent per pound more for his
cattle, or the consumer would have saved only one-quarter of
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
"Opportunity passes in the way of
every man."
Artist Soldier—Yes, but the con
founded thing is almost invariably
Minnesota's 1017 lumber output was
3,000,000,000 feet.
"Nothing Is new under the sun!"
How about the 1018 weather records?
Pounds of Flour Saved
if each of our 22,000,000 families use this recipe
instead of white bread.
One loaf saves 11,000,000 pounds three loaves a
week for a year means 1,716,000,000 pounds saved!
Enough to Feed the Entire Allied Army
Corn Bread with Rye Flour
1 cap rye floor
2 tablespoons sugar
S teaspoons Royal Bating Powder
Lost 65 Pounds in Weight and
Had to Give Up Work. Has Been
Well Since Using Doan's.
"Being exposed to extreme heat
when working as an engineer, and
then going outdoors to cool off,
caused my kidney trouble," says
Karl Goering, 8513 N. Orkney St.,
Philadelphia, Pa'. "In cold weath
er and when It was
damp, my joints and
muscles would swell
and ache and often my
limbs were so badly af
fected it was only with
great misery I wits able
to get around. For a
week I was laid up in
bed, hardly able to
1 teaspoon salt
1 cap milk.
1 Ogg
2 tablespoons shortening
Barley flour or oat flour may be used instead of rye flour with equally good
results. Sift dry ingredients into bowl add milk, beaten egg and melted
shortening. Stir welL Put into greased pan, allow to stand in warm place
20 to 25 minutes and bake in moderate oven 40 to 45 minutes.
OPT new Red, White and Blue booklet, "BestWar Time Recipes," containing many other
recipes for making delicious and wholesome wheat saving foods, mailed free—address
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., DeptW, 135 William St, New York
move hand or foot.
"Another trouble was from irreg
ular and scanty passages of the
kidney secretions. I became dull
and weak and had to give up my
work. Headaches and dizzy spells
nearly blinded me and I went from
265 to 200 in weight. Nothing
helped me and I felt I was doomed
to suffer.
"At last I had the good fortune to
hear of Doan's Kidney Pills and be
gan taking them. I soon got back
my strength and weight and al} the
rheumatic pains and other kidney
troubles left. I have remained
cured." Sworn to before me,
WM. H. M'MUNN, Notary Public.
Get Doan'a tl Any Stora, 60c Bos
cent per
She Meant All Right.
"1'in hurrying to tell you this,""
hastens N. W. C. "A woman came in
to our Red Cross branch, looked at the
surgical dressings and asked, 'Is all
this gauze cauterized?'"
It's good to think before you act,
if you don't think about it too long.
Cruelty «nd cowardice camp under
the same roof.

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