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The Hope pioneer. (Hope, N.D.) 1882-1964, February 12, 1920, Image 6

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RE you doing without a
beautiful home because
you believe that such a
home is only for the wealthy?
If so, you need do without it
no longer. You can realize now
your dream of a house that is as
beautiful, as comfortable, and as
convenient as your home ought
to be, however small.
We make it possible for you,
through our co-operation with
the manufacturers of guaranteed
and trademarked Curtis Wood
work, to build a beautiful house
with as few as 3 rooms, or with
as many as 8.
There are homes of four dif
ferent architectural expressions
Colonial, English, Western
and Southern—from which you
can make your selection. Surely
among these you will find one
that is just what you want.
Trowbridge &Ackerman, arch
itects, of New York—authorities
in the field of domestic architec
ture—have designed these homes.
You are, therefore,, assured of a
home that will be correct in every
detail and beautiful of design,
and at a cost that is within your
To insure your home being
beautiful on the inside—where
you live—Curtis Woodwork has
FOUND—Ladies Muff. Owner can
have same by calling at Pioneer of
fice and paying for ad.
H. M. Knight will hold an auction
sale at his farm four mies east of
Colgate, on March 3rd.
Merton Trammell went to Finley
Monday evening to attend band
practice with the Finley band.
Mrs. M. L. Lofland is reported to
be recovering nicely from an at
tack of the flu at her home in Eden
dale Twp.
FOR SALES—House and barn and
acre and a halt of land, on south
side of Hope. Inquire of W. C.
P. V. Lindstrom was up from Far
go Tuesday making arrangements
Deal Direct with the
itm Largest Oldest
House in the West
BUhist Pilca and Immediate
Caah Returns. Write for price
list, Uii and lull Information.
rswf--'-1' u-
w/Wn /Aereach of
been designed by the same
authorities especially for these
homes. Your woodwork com
prises the architectural "details"
of the house, and upon the char
acter of these rest in a large
measure the beauty, comfort, and
convenience of your home.
Curtis Woodwork is standard
ized and manufactured in large
quantities. This lowers the cost
of production, and thus reduces
the cost of good woodwork to
you. Through this standardiza
tion and quantity production,
we are now able to offer you
woodwork of architectural char
acter, and a beautiful home that
is within your means.
for his auction sale which will be
held some time in March.
We have received a line of the
latest sheet music and will receive
new selections weekly. Call and
look them over.
Would you like to see some of
these homes?
At your request we will obtain for
you, free, a portfolio of "Better Built
Homes." If you are interested in 3, 4,
or 5-room houses, you will want Port
folio No. VI if you desire a home of
6, 7 or 8 rooms, we will obtain Port
folio No. VII for you. Or perhaps you
would like Portfolio No. VIII, which
shows houses particularly adapted to
farm use. Each portfolio contains
illustrations of the exteriors, interiors
and floor plans, with complete descrip
tions of 32 homes.
Which portfolio do you wish?
Begin now to start action on realiz
ing your dreams of a home of your
own, by talking over your homebuild
ing plans with
Th Town Boosting Movement of 15
years ago sought mostly to build up
a town with new industries, without
regard to the outlying territory
which was tributary to the town or
could be made so. Thereby it ne
glected wonderful resources of de
velopment lying partly idle at its
back door.
The modern Town Boosting move
ment realizes the potential values of
the surrounding territory. It is
just as interested to see outlying vil
lages grow as to see its own muni
cipality grow. It realizes that mod
ern life unifies a business center and
all the surrounding country. What
helps the outlying country, helps the
center, and vice versa. It promotes
good roads, motor truck and other
transportation, and everything tend
ing to farm and village prosperity
and welfare.
Boards of Trade take up and push
all kinds of enterprises for utiliza
tion of the agricultural resources of
the surrounding country, such as
canning and preserving workshops,
creameries, factories for producing
evaporated, condensed and powdered
milk and other dairy products.
They push schemes to introduce
higher standards of stock breeding.
They work to bring the results of
W. G. NEWELL, Manager
scientific agriculture home to the
farmers. A great deal of the sup
port of the Farm Bureau movement
has come from organizations located
in business centers.
The proper utilization of farm
products is capable of an almost in
finite development. Take the matter
of milk products. As milk is so bul
ky and heavy, it is much more nat
ural to prepare a lot of these pro
ducts close to the farms where the
milk comes from. Similarly when
every neighborhood has its canning
factory, far more fruits and vegeta
bles will be raised, and all this new
production brings new business to
the trading centers.
It is predicted by some, that the
building of hard roads will lead to
cutting out of consignment shipping.
The farmer, it is claimed, will bring
his produce to market direct by mo
tor truck if you give him a good
road, and this largely eliminates the
This may be looking ahead for
some distance, but the more you fa
cilitate communication, the easier
you make it to sell by the shortest
route. When produce moves quickly
over good roads, it won't have to
be shifted around among so many
people, each claiming their percent
age of profit.
People who go around Hope
coughing and sneezing in these in
fluenza times, are frequently sore
because their sociul gifts are not ap
This is a seven
room bouse in
the Western ex
pression, which
also has its own
distinctive Cur
tis Woodwork.
Southern type,
which is fin
is it
Curtis Wood
work designed
especially for
This is a seven-room
Colonial bouse de
signed by Trowbridge
6* Acker man. To the
left is a view of the
living room, finished
in Curtis Woodwork,
designed by the same
The plan of this
house is identi
cal with that of
the Colonial
home above. It
is in is
throughout with
Curtis Wood
work of English
"ffie Permanent JuTnitureJbry6ur7(Qitut
I hear men say sometimes, "Great
Scott! This is the village Gor forgot
There is no chance for me to rise, in
this old burg of mossback guys."
Then they go forth upon a day, to
fairer pastures far away and there
they find things just as bad as in
their own abandoned grad. It cuts
no ice where genius dwells we'll al
ways see it wearing bells. The man
who has the goods may go to desert
waste or arctic snow, and there hang
out his modest sign, and he will find
that trade is fine. Ours is a quiet
dreamy town, but it would hold no
fellow down. If some youth shows
the proper fire, with wrench or ham
mer, brush or lyre, men drop their
work for half a day, to help him up
ward on his way. With proper stuf
fing in your head, there isn't any
town so dead that you can't cut a
swath right there, and nineteen
finds of laurels wear. And in the
deadest, grayest town a man may
win a world renown. If you fair
reader, where you are, can't hitch
your wagon to a star, you couldn't
do hte trick in Cork, in Boston, Jop
lin or New York.—Walt Mason.
This is to certify that the names and
addresses of all persons Interested as
partners in the co-partnership concern
known and designated as THE FARMERS
HARDWARE COMPANY are as follows:
Wm. James Hudson, of Luverne, N. D.
Prank Vodden. Of Luverne. N. D.
And that the principal place of business
COMPANY is at LUVERNE, Steele Coun
ty. North Dakota.
In testimony whereof we have set our
hands and seals this 20th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1919.
State of North Dakota,
County of Steele.
On this 20th day of December, A. D.
1.919, before me. J. t. Foley, a Notary
Public, In and for the aforesaid County
and State, personalty appeared, Wm.
James Hudson, and Frank Vodden, known
to me to be the persons who are de
scribed in the foregoing Certificate, and
acknowledged to me that they executed
the same for the purposes therein named.
Notary Public, Steele County, North Da
kota. My commission expires April
Teacher to little youngster—What
is poultry, Mary.
Mary—"Poultry is is certain kind
of verse.
On Monday two of the hopeful,
but inactive Freshmen were dropped
out of High School. We are sorry
to see them go but this lesson com
ing early in life may teach them
the truth of the old saying, "Life
is real, life is earnest.." This ap
plies to the student's life as to the
rest of us.
Everybody has started out with a
vision of nineties as final marks for
the present semester. Here's hopig
our dreams come true.
The Hope basketball team goes to
Aneta Friday to show them a little
more about the game of basketball.
Joslyn is on .the sick list. We all
hope he may soon be back with us.
The flu seems to have struck quite
a few families. Latest reports are
that all are getting over it nicely.
Nellie Lunding was back from the
University visiting with old High
School friends.
Hope 40. Shut-on 3
The above score indicates how
complete was the rout of the Sharon
basketball team at the hands of the
local whirlwind five last Friday
night. The score would undoubtedly
have. been even greater had not one
of the local forwards recently suf
fered a bruised shoulder which pre^
vented his usual string of baskets
The game was finished with substi
tutes. The Hope defense baffled the
visiting team, who were compelled
to shoot from long range. Evident
ly they had not mastered this dubious
are for they were not able 40 make
any points via the air route either.
Joslyn and Gumb looped them in at
will, joslyn put in 11 Counters, and
Capt. Gumb 10 any a free throw.
Klovstad railed in three more with
the uninjured arm. The Sharon
lads were clearly outclassed. Nelson
put in one for Sharon, and Halvor
son made the other point with a free
Hope 4, Sharon 2
The girls game was a scrap from
start to finish. Both teams fought
with desperate energy, but neither
seemed able to get the edge on the
other to any great degree. Our
whirlwind center, Pickens, was just
up out of bed from a recent severe
illness, and was somewhat out of
her stride, not having had any prac
tice for some time. Both teams did
some nice passing at times, but
guarding was so close that scoring
was practically impossible. Mary
Pepper looped in the first one for
Hope, and later Hazel Pickens came
across with a pretty one. Swenson
for Sharon took a chance when no
body was looking and put one in for
Sharon. The girls say they all had
a good time out of it, so everybody
is happy.
(Continued from first page)
greater deficit. These appraisers
fees are excessive and burdensome.
It is alleged in the report that the
Drake Mill shows a net profit of
$2,748.23, but it also appears that
items which should be charged to
its operating account are found un
der expeditures of the Mill and Ele
vator Association, and that if the
books were properly kept, that there
would be a deficit intead of a profit
in this industry.
I am of the opinion that the re
port wholly fails to comply with the
provisions of Section 6, and that
from its evasive and misleading char
acter, and from the showing made
as to the condition of the industries,
that a thorough examination ought
to be made of the affairs of the In
dustrial Commission by a competent
firm of registered accountants and
all of the industries put under com
petent business management.
Interest throughout the state, ac
cording to information here, is that
Republicans are taking an unusual
interest in the convention called for
Bismarck February 17, the Second
Republican State Convention. Re
ports that Alex McKenzie would con
trol the convention which was held
January 28 failed to prove anything
more than reports. Delegates from
nine of the counties in the Sixth Ju
dicial District at the time of the
first convention met and prepared to
break up anything that looked like
in effort to steam up the roller. One
of their members was made chairman
of the convention, Attorney A. T.
Fauer. The only effort made to
swing the convention was a move
for the endorsement of General
Wood. This was blocked. It was a
Republican convention, with no one
steering any pet projects through,
was the verdict. Now harmonious
approbation of the flrBt sesson is ex-
pected of the second convention Feb
ruary 17.
County commissioners of North
Dakota have within the past week
received urgent letters and telegrams
from F. W. Cathro, director general
of the Bank of North Dakota, urging
that the county boards pass resolu
tions and wire congressmen from
this state, Baer in particular, urging
the passage of a bill to deposit $10,
000,000 of federal funds in the State
Bank. This is to be loaned out to
the farmers at 6 percent. The rate
of interest now paid the federal
banks is four prcent and the county
commissioners have generally balked
at the action to boost the credit of
the state bank to two percent extra
to the farmers.
(Continued from first page)
David Boyer et ux to Hattie L.
Strong, $75, wd, Lts. 9, 10, & 11
Blk. 2, Colgate.
F.W.E.Mewes to Hattie L. Strong,
$75, wd, lots 12, 13, 14 & 15, Blk.
2, Colgate.
George W. Foster to Hattie L.
Strong $3000, wd, lots 7 & 8, Bk.
2, Colgate.
Edith C. Greenwood et al to Al
fred Ward Greenwood, $6400 wd,
S% 11-145-55.
Miller H. Trilhus et ux to Alex
ander Curry et al, $11,520, wd, E%
of SE%,Cec. 20 and SWVi 21-148
Alexander Curry et al to Marius
P. Ostmo $13,800, wd, SE»4
20 & SW'4, 21-148-56.
United States of America to Tor
ger A. Bergan, Patent SW% 4-148
R. E. Anderson et ux to William
E. Devlin, $16,000, wd, S% 10-146
Aksel and Ments Skadsdamen to
M. Sigbert Awes Company, $1, wd,
E% of SWVi 1-147-56.
State of North Dakota to Oscar C.
Berg, Patent, SW% 36-148-56.
Charles W. Hillerson et al to Wil
liam Jame« Hudson and Frank A.
Vodden, $4,000 wd, Lot 12, Blk. 8,
Samuel Oxton et ux to John M.
Olson, $1900, wd, lot 7 and W 35 ft
lot 8, Blk. 4, 3rd Add. to Finley.
George Murray to Thomas V. Dev
lin, $5600, wd, SW4 1-146-57.
George Murray to.Thomas V. Dev
lin, $15,000, wd, E% 1-146-57.
Agnes Amos to Hope National
Bank, $700,' wd. ots 1 to 2, and 16
to 20, Blk. 28, Hope.
Gordon Jefferson et ux to John
Selken, $1. wd, Sy2 34-144-55.'
Albert J. Brakke, Adm. Est. An
drew A. Brakke, Deceased to Stella
Brakke, Admx. Estate of Malius
Brakke, Deceased, $8,320, Adm.
Deed, W% yf NE% and E% NW%
14 and SE»4 11-147-57.
Stella Brakke, Admx. Estate Mal
ius Brakke, Deceased, to Andrew
Dronen, Admx. Deed, $14,400, W%
NE& and E% NW% 14, and SE%
Write American Loan & In
vestment Co., Valley City or
Fargo, N. Dak.
Live Stock and Farm Sales
A Specialty
Write or phone at my expense for dates
Shotwell Floral Co. 5AgJg
Funeral Designs made up on
short notice.
Phone or write us. Night or Day.
Send for Catalog
Physician and 8urgeon
TELEPHONES: House 49. Office 0
Office over First National Bank
Office hoars:
9:00 to 12:00—1:00 to 6:00
Phone 188 Hope, N. D.
A Specialty of Live Stock and
Farm 8ales
Arrange dates at Hope Ntl. Bank
Hope N. Dak.
Office over First National Bank
PHONES: Residence IBS, Offloa 1S1

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