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Women Picket the Republican Convention
Rr which the .Republican party is now responsible.
flic Republican dcfcatc6 -ratification in Dckrarc.
itcIRcpublican party is Mocking ratification }u Vermont.
For the first time in liistory a candidate for president of the United
States has been tendered the nomination and has accepted it while a prisoner
in the penitentiary. The unique event occurred at the Atlanta federal prison,
when Eugene V. Debs, serving the second year of a ten-year sentence for
violating the espionage law, formally was notified of tils nomination for the
presidency of the Socialist party. Debs is here shown greeting Seymour Sted
roan, his running mate.
Loyal to the Flag in Hawaii Schools
The schools of Hawaii ure modeled largely after those tn the states.
Here are seen a number of pupils pledging allegiance to the Hag.
Republican party is Mockiu| jmtificatscn jfounceticu'.
itft tire KcpuMkan party ?tcp blocking sufft*aa»'
The Woman's national party decided to picket the Republican convention in Chicago, and this shows one of
the banners their pickets carried to the Coliseum. The women holding it are Miss Alice l'aul and Mrs. Abby Scott
British and Arabs Keep Order in Jerusalem
Debs Geis Notification in Prison
Mounted English and Arabian troops mingling with a crowd in Jerusalem during the holy week festivities
to keep order. The observance of Christian, Jewish and Turkish religious holidays at the same time has been a con
stant source of friction in Palestine.
0} women
Fxperts of the otlice ui cereal in
vestigations, department of agricul
ture, making tests of different vari
eties of oats in order to determine
their susceptibility and resistance to
the destructive smut disease. They
worl: 011 the government experimental
farm at Arlingti^i, Va.
hull"6Fshamr6ck iv.
Shamrock IV, on the ways
Jacobs shipyards. City Island,
where It lias been ovorhaul"d.
photograph shows tl.e peculiar
of the hull of the ctm .-hnll-'ng
Five Hundred Million Brain Cells
sponsive to the Call of
of the Intellect.
On a rough estimate, the brain con
tains 500.000.000 colls, each having a
consciousness of its own. Your self
consciousness, your personality, should
he the master of all these willing
They are the genii of the mind,
humbly waiting to do your bidding
guardians of the vast stores of ideas
that you, more often than not without
realizing it, have gathered along life's
highway. Art you one of the reck
less kind, who hnve "110 idea." or are
vmi iu the ranks of the sensible, who
summon the spirits of the intellect to
their aid?
Mow is this done? Nothing tr.ore
simple. ("let the problem fairly and
srpiarely into your head, and then for
get it! The little genii of the brain
refuse to be coerced: humor them,
however, and there is no limit to what
they call, and will, do for you. You
have to make a decision. Turn the
problem round and round In your head
till you are giddy, you will get no near
er to 'he solution. I'm it away from
yen. I»on't force your thoughts: leave
them alone, and behold, suddenly,
when you least expect it. the idea you
have been searching for will jump into
your mind, to be instantly recognized
as the idea you wanted.
Th" magicians of the brain would
appear to he more amenable to femi
nine than masculine rule, for the prov
erbs of all nations agree that women's
best ideas are her first ones, while
man has to wait for second thought If
he would act rightly.
Our search for ideas, too, must be
systematic If we want to get hold of
useful ones.
According to tlie I'lntonic philos
ophy, Ideas are the universal types of
which individual specimens are the
nrcre or less imperfect copies so that
we need not lie downhearted if we
canivu carry out our ideas in practice
exactly as they occur to us In the
Thought grows snowball fashion, and
Is jhc opposite to money.
The more we spend the more we
have.—London Answers.
Good Causes and Poor Tunes.
Mr. liernard Shaw, who has fallen
foul of "The lied Flag," which he re
gards as an air that would ruin any
movement, seems to forget that many
a good cause has been supported by
poor tune. The Belgian national mi
llion is a remarkably inane melody
but lliat did not impair Hie resistance
of Liege. And neither the words nor
music of "God Save the King." are
particularly uplifting. The air of
"Lillibullero," that is said to have
whistled James II off the throne of
Kngland, cannot have been a very dis
tinguished one, for nowadays no
one seems to know what if was. On
the other hand Hie Russian national
anthem was easily one of the most
stirring examples of its kind in Ku
ropo. I.lit il Hil not save Rus-ia from
collapse. If the sovieis have provided
a substitute for It the result would
probably please Mr. Shaw as Utile as
"The lied Flag." which be considers
should b'- rechristeiied "The Kternal
March of a Fried Kcl."—Manchester
Thinks Earth Will Last Many Years.
In a recent lecture Sir Oliver Lodge,
the 'eminent Knglish scientist, an.
nounced lliat thea earth would prob
ably continue to exist for '-'O.OOO.OOO
years more. These are, ol course,
round numbers. Some scientists esti
mate that the earth will live for ten
times this age. There have been ani
mals of one kind and another on this
planet for fully this length of time.
The dinosaurs are believed to have
lived through some such period. Tlio
age of man, which is probably only a
few thousand years, seems the merest
trifle by comparison. When we con
sider how mini lias developed during
recorded history, which is less than
ten thousand years, we may hope
that he will evolve to an infinitely
finer type in the future.—Hoys' Life.
Carry Photo Messages In Eyes.
Spies, engaged in a life-and-death
business, have devised extraordinarily
Ingenious methods of concealment
since history began. No means could
be more remarkable, however, than that
used by the Russian bolshevik! for
at till:
messages through the enemy
lines. The inside skin of an eggshell
Is pasted on glass, and reduced with
microtome knife to almost impalp
able thinness. It Is then sensitized,
and a microscopic message photograph
ed upon it. Removed from the glass,
it Is spread with a brush on the sp,\ 3
eveball. under the lid. It does not
inconvenience the carrier, and being
quite transparent it Is practically In
visible.—Popular Mechanics Magazine.
Film Quickly Developed.
Sixty rolls of photographic film han
dled in ten minutes' actual working
time Is the claim made for a system
of glazed stoneware developing tanks
now on the market. a"cordinc to Pop
ular Mechanics Magazine. The tanks
ure sold in sets of three, one for
developing, one for fixing and one for
washing. F.acli has a concave bottom,
terminntiiYg in a brass drain cock.
The last, or washing, tank is fitted
also with an overflow connection, to
permit continuous water circulation
from botton/ to top.
Taxing the Alien in Italy.
Under the Italian laws a foreign
resident in Italy pays an income tax
solely on income derived from Italian
sources. He is not taxed 011 Income
Jerived outside of Italy.
Shrimp Color Prominent in Both
Hats and Dresses.
Renewed interest in Girdle, Result of
Long Waists ar.d Egyptian
Designs in Clothes.
For Sports Wear
Shrimp color is much in evidence in
both hats and dresses for sports wear.
A crepe tie chine dress in this shade
is in two 'pieces, the shirt having a
plaited bosom and turned-back plaited
cull's as well as a plaited collar, the
remainder of the blouse being plain.
Tlie skirt is accordion plaited and a
straight belt ol the material gus
about the waist buttoning in the back.
With this frock is worn a hat of alter
nating bands of shrimp colored organ- 1
die and straw.
The fresh interest In the girdle
brought about through the long
waisted dress and the prominence o!
Fgyptian designs iu clothes has forced 1
belts into the foreground. Kven sports
belts have brightened up to be in
keeping with the new girdles. There
are belts formed by links of various
metals joined together with bright
colored contrasting silk floss. and of
brown leather stitched in contrasting
shades. Then there are leather belts
that have nickel slides at two-inch
intervals. Three slides are slightly
narrower .than the belt, pinching the
leather together.
Tail Is a shade fast pushing itself
to the fore in sports clothes. It is a
practical color. All the bright hats
and sweaters harmonize especially
well with cafe an lait. skirts, which
may he of tweeds, cheviots or home
This beautiful dinner frock is devel
oped in brown satin meteor with an
over drape of brown net with embroid
ery in the same shade. It is so de
signed to give a modified hip fullness.
The waistline shows a girdle of gcid,
lue and green metalized ribbon.
Knuckle Length.
Negligee sleeves are of (lie new
iiuckle length.
Charming Models Have Been Devel
oped in Which Colors Are Inter
estingly Combined.
The Novelty Ribbon Blouse
Among the Interesting novelty
Mouses recently brought out those
made of strips of ribbon fagot ted to
gether are especially attractive, and
they offer alluring possibilities to the
woman who makes her own blouses.
Either plain or gay flowered ribbon
may be used. Some very charming
models are shown, in which ribbon In
two colors is combined. Black and
white is especially effective. Ttlhhon
Is also combined very effectively with
sheer materials, such as chiffon net,
etc.. In the development of some un
usual and ch'irmlng blouses.
The blouse of heavy knitted silk
fabric continues to be a great favorite.
That It Is not destined soon to he re
carded as a back number seems to be
Indicated by the fact that one of the
foremost American designers, whose
models are offered to the most exclusive
clientele, has recently brought out a
largo collect ion of blouses of tills ma
terial. Some are the hip length mod
els, cut somewhat on basque lines,
while others are made long by the
use of very deep fringe as their trim
ming or finishing touch.
lilouses. or more properly, perhaps,
smocks of wool Jersey cloth are very
popular for sport wear. That buyers
regard them with favor seems indi
cated by the fact that some shops
carry them in both the blouse and
sweater sections. It Is often possible
to match a snu ?k tn a separate skirt.
Wend'rn Ncwamper Unwn£
"Frills and more frills" make this
charming town blouse. It is a strik
ing model fashioned in cream 'net,
trimmed with Irish lace edges, and
beautiful hemstitching.
Arizona, Moccasin, Morocco, Chippen
dale and Camel Some.of the
Fashionable Tints.
Far from unimportant to the femi
nine mind and the pockctbook is the
announcement that at least ten shoe
colors are to be fashionable this sea
son. What Willi the high cost of
leather and silk hosiery anil the
trouble that high-heeled pump and
spat wearers now have matching up
their pedal equipment, this latest word
from tliif color authorities is accompa
nied by some misgivings.
There is a wide ramie in the brown
shades dedicated to font wear, but al
though brown may be brown to the
casual shopper therc^Is a vast differ
ence to the fastidious mind between
chestnut, Arizona, moccasin. Morocco,
Chippendale anil camel, which are a
few of the fashionable foot tints for
summer wchr.
For the rest of her aUit'e the sum
mer girl may run to the most vivid
shades for evening, with a somewhat
subdued assortment for street appear
ance. Egypt and Cairo are two of
the new bright blue shades, and In
the purple family the novelties have
been called huckleberry, bramble and
perilla. Parakeet is the season's
brightest green and Caprf'is its equiv
alent in blue. Aero, hydro and radio,
tints of Copenhagen, are of a less star
Ming brightness anil will lie rivals of
the copper tones, which are railed
cauldron and kettledrum on the new
color card issued by the Textile Color
Card 'association.
St:tching tci Form Stripe.
An Interesting fabric treatment not
ed in some of the smartest and most
expensive Dili's is that of employing
stitching In white or bright color to
form a stripe, of course, hair-line
stripes have been seen for ages, but
they have heretofore been woven inti
faiiri •. Stitching the stripe in pro
vides a novelty—ami that's what the
public wants.
Ivory Takes Plnce of Shell.
Several new developments have
taken place in purses. One is the
substitution of ivory for the shell
frame. Frequen'tly the ivory is stained
to give it an aged appearance. When
not stained these frames grow beau
tiful as time goes on. A frame of this
sort may be looked upon as a treasure.
thereby obtaining a serviceable little
sport frock.
Dainty Frocks, Gulmpes or Narrow
Collars Are Being Worn for
Outdoors Sports.
One of the most potent Influences In
summer neckwear fashions Is the
sweater. In sections of the country
where golfing and various outdoor
sports prevail, handsome sweaters of
silk and fine wool are now being worp
with dainty "fronts," guimpes or nar
row, exquisite collars. Frequently^
matching cuffs are used to complete
the illusion that the sweater is worn
over a separate blouse. In some in
stances extra neckwear accessories
are carried in a bag for use In fresh
ening up the sweater after the game,
says the Dry floods Economist. Thu
supremacy of the tuxedo type of sweat
er Is credited with the recent revival
of the long, narrow, rolling collar.
Tills type of collar Is also appropriate
for. use with tailor-mades having the
narrow rolled revers opened to the
waist. Various other collar shapes
continue to be widely represented. and
as soon as the weather permits of the
wearing of summer dresses they should
become a factor in summer wear.
Two-Toned Ribbons.
Two-toned and flowered ribbons are
to be seen on many new pieces of
lingerie and on sets described sultabl#
for the bridal trousseau.

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