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The Hope pioneer. (Hope, N.D.) 1882-1964, July 22, 1920, Combined Issues for Thursdays, July 15th and 22nd, 1920, Image 7

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Hot water
Sure Relief
Death only a matter of short time.
Don't wait until pains and aches
become incurable diseases. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
Th* world's standard remadj lor kidnay,
Hw, bladdar and uric acid troublaa—th*
National Remedy of Holland since 1690b
Guaranteed. Three sizes, all draggiatat
Uik fee the BUM Cold Medal «a nor las
Confirmed Woman Hater Finally Suc
cumbed to Culinary Ability That
Reminded Him of Home.
When I worked on a cattle ranch In
Wyoming I chummed with a cowboy
named Hank, who was a genuine
woman hater, writes a correspondent.
His mother died when he was a child,
and a stepmother, stepsisters and step
aunts had treated the boy so unkindly
that he learned to distrust and dislike
all women. If by chance any woman
stopped at the ranch house Hank
would seek other quarters.
He often deplored the fact that
western cooking did not measure up
to eastern standards. Well. Hank be
came foreman and I was fairly
stunned when he announced that he
was to mnrry a girl who cooked in a
boarding house in town.
"However did it happen?"
In amazement.
"Simple enough," he made answer.
"I discovered that she cooks baked
beans just like they do in Boston."
That Egg Episode.
"This egg," said Columbus, "illus
trates the fact that the world is
"Yes," put in King Ferdinand cap
tiously, "but how about the egg which
dropped awhile ago and smashed?"
"That illustrates what is liable to
happen to the world if some of you au
tocratic rulers don't show a little more
prudence and foresight."
Most men who pay as they go are
slow travelers.
They win luM twice as long If you Shake
Into Your Shoe* ALLEN'S FOOT=EASE, the
Antiseptic, Healing powder for the feet. It
takes away the sting ot Corns, Bunions,
Callouses, sore, aching, swollen, tender feet.
Allen's Foot=Ease stops the friction which
eausea the wear on shoes and stockings,
saves expense and makes walking delight,
•hake It Into your shoes, Sprinkle It In the
foot-bath. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Burglary Is Not Profitable.
When one reads in the pafler an ac
count of a burglary where the thief
succeeded in securing $5,000 to $10,000
worth of jewelry, one 5s apt to think
that the spoils were probably worth the
risk, but Investigation has shown that
thieves never realize anything like the
full value of their plunder. In Eng
land It was discovered that out of 468
burglaries reported In various parts
of the kingdom the proceeds netted the
principals an average of about $75
each. The value of the plunder wae
many times that figure. In addition
to this, each one of the number had
been sent to jail for his crime.
As It Seems to Be.
"What does the critic say about the
"He says it's a good, clean, whole
some little play, and ought to be su
"Oh, dear, let's go somewhere
Have you been refused Life Insurance?
Reverse Method.
"How does this detective you hav®
employed propose to fpllow the case
"By hunting it down."
(Original Sulphur Mud Baths of the Northwest)
High Blood Pressure, Bad Heart, Kidney and Liver
Troubles, Rheumatism, Neuritis, etc., successfully
Write for Information
Mudbaden Sulphur Springs Co.
As A Table Drink
Postum Cereal
meets every requirement!
Pott Office Box
Jordan, Minn.
Neat Retort That Certainly Should
Have Made Her Better Half Do
Some Thinking.
How he ever happened to do It, heav
en only knows, but Jones really
brought home a small box of candy
and gave it to his wife with a lordly
and gracious air. Mrs. Jones managed
to overcome her astonishment suffi
ciently to thank him, but evidently
Jones did not regard her expressions
of appreciation as adequate to the oc
casion. for he observed:
"I happened to be with Smith when
he gave his wife a present yesterday.
Now, there's a woman who can really
show a man that she appreciates a
thing! Her expressions of thanks were
really charming."
"Doubtless, but consider how much
practice she has," Mrs. Jones respond
ed sweetly.
The Rage.
The movie star was sobbing as if
her heart would break.
"What's the matter, dearie?" asked
her friends.
"I want to get a divorce," replied
the teary one, "but my husband is so
good to me that I cannot find any
grounds."—Film Fun.
Just a Row.
"Did you ever try working the ouija
"Ever get anything out of it?"
"Once. Got a family row. Ma ac
cused me of influencing it and I swore
she was making the thing move."
The flavor, much like superior
coffee, always pleases and when
health and economy are con
sidered, this wholesome beverage
fits every need.
Boil Postum Cereal fully 15
minutes, after boiling begins—or
if you prefer a quickly prepared
drink, buy the newer form
Instant Postum, which is made
instantly in the cup.
"There's a Reason" for Postum
Made by Postum Cereal Company, Inc.
Battle Creek, Michigan
Belated Returns, Nearing Com*
pletion, Show Uudoubted
Frazier Victory.
Congressional Fight Split, League
Winning Third, and Antis
the First and Second
Fargo, N. D.—Latest returns from
last Wednesday's primary election in
this state show Governor Frazier lead
ing over William Langer, his opponent,
by approximately 5,000 majority, with
additional precincts still to be heard
from, which will probably still further
increase that number. Other members
of the Nonpartisan league ticket are
very generally, if not universally,
nominated with him, though the final
and official ballot will be required to
Indicate the size of majorities for the
several candidates. The race is said
to be particularly close, however, be
tween Thomas llall and Senator Caliill
for secretary of state, and between
Miss Minnie Nielson and Miss Ruth
Johnson for superintendent of public
insl ruction, and the results are not yet
wholly conceded. Returns are not yet
sufficient, either, to decisively indicate
the result on justice of the supreme
court, for which Setli Richardson,
Fargo attorney. was contending
against Chief Justice A. M. Christian
sen. All four of the judicial and
school enndidates' names will appear
on the ballot again at the fall elec
For the United States senate, how
ever. it appears that Dr. E. F. Ladd,
the Nonpartisan candidate, has won by
a margin probably somewhat exceed
ing that which will be realized by the
In the congressional race, O. M.
TSurtness in the First and George M.
Young in the Second district, both
anti-league candidates, have won over
their opponents. Congressman John M.
Iiaer and Thomas I'endray. The ma
jority for Burtness is claimed to be
about 3.000. In the Third district,
Congressman J. II. Sinclair of Ken
marc, has won over his opponent,
former Congressman P. D. Norton of
The legislative nominations in many
districts, and the result of the fight
over initiated and referred measures,
have not yet been fully reported.
Only meagerest returns have yet
been received from the Democratic
primaries, and the vote so far as
reported is unusually light.
Following is the tabulated vote on
the governorship so far as reported up
to a late hour Monday afternoon:
County— Frazier Langer
Adams 507 422
Barnes 170H 1S"J2
Benson l.'WO 1313
Billings 281. 208
Bottineau 1704 014
Bowman "30 404
Burke 1020 001
Burleigh 1403 1002
Cass 2020 4,r)21
Cavalier 018 1175
Dickey !M3 !)24
Divide 1205 500
Dunn 710 485
Eddy 784 510
Emmons 8S2 887
Foster 503 571
Golden Valley 307 510
Grand Forks 1081 2409
Grant 470 344
Griggs 802 433
Hettinger 780 524
Kidder 083 537
LaMoure 1185 830
Logan 388 302
McHenry 1720 1001
Mcintosh 502 000
McKenzie 077 55S
McLean 1400 1175
Mercer 051 343
Morton 1771 1543
'Mountrail 1047 SOS
Nelson 025 042
Oliver 571 ISO
Pembina 782 111S
Pierce 713 74S
Ramsey 1073 1012
Ransom 1158 002
Renville 000 310
Richland 405 1203
Rolette 051 550
Sargent 874 1118
Sheridan 775 308
Slope 35
Stark 1011 1202
Steele 501
Stutsman 1800 2420
Towner 740 588
Traill 1231 1304
Walsh 1212 1214
Ward 2444 2203
Wells 1037 840
Williams 1854 1069
Totals 54182 49854
City Vote Is Heavy.
Municipal voting was said to be
much heavier than in the primary of
two years ago, and in Fargo and at
other larger points it is claimed that
both candidates received a share of
the increased number. Fargo gave
Langer 3,470 Frazier 1,450.
Tlie anti-League headquarters re
ports a turnover in results iu favor of
their ticket as against two years ago
in the following counties: Traill,
Foster, Logan, Mcintosh and Einmons.
League representatives also claim
gulns in various localities.
I tingthe Stomachs turiBcwetsaT
Promoting MM""
Cheerfulness andRestCoata®
A helpful Remedy for
Loss OF
resulting IherefrcOT^P"
facsimile Signaffg.0*
•TtbWnllis »ld
IX, .-
Euct Copy of Wrappm.
Surely a Mean Employer.
'Ener.v," observed Bill 'Awkins,
False Claims.
hope there is no Mother who thinks she can treat her sick baby without
calling in a Physician, or with remedies that she uses for herself.
Most Mothers know that Baby requires remedies especially prepared for
babies, yet there are some who think that what is good enough for them is good
enough for Baby, and it is to these Mothers we appeal to give nothing to their
babies that is not specially prepared for babies or recommended by their Physician.
False claims may kill, but false claims can never restore your child.
For over thirty years Fletcher's Castoria has been aiding in the reduction
the deaths among infants as Mothers have become more and more acquainted
with it. Always keep it in the house.
'ear as yer got a job."
"Yes," answered the sad 'Enery,
'ave got a job."
"Yer don't appear very 'appy about
it, do yer?" asked Bill. "Ain't yer
foreman a decent cove, then?"
"Oh! E's a n'-ean, low-minded fel
ler!" cried the outraged 'Enery. "'E's
a dirty dorg 'e is. Got 'Un-like no
tions as 'ow gents like me should be
treated. F'r instance, would yer be
lieve it, 'e actually took the legs off
the wheelbarrers so as a cove can't sit
down an* rest? Oh, 'e's a mean dorg!"
—London Ideas.
Don't streak or ruin your material in a
poor dye. Insist on "Diamond Dye»."
Easy directions in package.
Lift Right Off Without Pain
•in in
Doesn't hurt a bit! Dx-op a little
"Freezone" on an aching corn, instantly
that corn stops hurting, then shortly
you lift it right off with lingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient to
remove every hard corn, soft corn, or
torn between the toes, and the calluses(
without soreness or irritation.
A Calculating Nature.
"Why did you refuse to take sum
mer boarders this year?"
"I've been to town quite several
times," answered Farmer Corntossel.
"I've- about decided those city folks
can't afford to eat very hearty all win
ter and I Ocn't want to take 'em on
when they've spent so much time sav
in* up their appetites."
Music's Charms.
"I like plenty of music nt a political
gathering," remarked Senator Sor-.
"You think it has a calming influ
"Undoubtedly. The great beauty
about a brass band is that It can't be
Children Cry For
Mothers Must Use Care.
Why do we so often call your attention to imitations of Fletcher's
Castoria? Because it is a baby's medicine and imitations are always
dangerous, particularly imitations of a remedy for infants.
Tour druggist may not keep an imitation but they are to be found
on drug-store shelves. Reliable druggists think only of the welfare
of their customers. The other kind only of the greater profit to be
made on imitations.
Tour own judgment tells you that Fletcher's Castoria having for
over thirty years at great expense held up its reputation, must jeal
ously guard it. Then, it follows that this company must use the very
best of material. Must employ experts in the selection of the herbs.
Must retain skilled chemists in its manufacture.
Tour same good judgment must tell you that these irresponsible
imitators are trading on your credulity and the reputation built up
by Mr. Fletcher, during all these years, for his Castoria.
Bears the Signature of
You Can't Rub It Away
Rheumatism is in the Blood
Liniments Will Never Cure.
If you are afflicted with Rheu
matism, why waste time with lini
ments, lotions and other local appli
cations that never did cure Rheu
matism, and never will?
Do not try to rub the pain away.
Try the sensible plan of finding the
cause of the pain, and go after
that. Remove the cause, and you
remove the pain.
You will never be rid of Rheu­
Collie Dogs Said to Become Despond
ent and Weary of Existence When
Usefulness Is Over.
Some animals really commit suicide,
says a writer in London Answers.
A dog either from old age or suffer
ing from an incurable malady, will lenp
Into the sea. Especially is this true
of collie dogs. A kind of ineiandioly
seems to take possesion oi them
when their activities and usefulness
are impaired.
The writer has known a Scotch col
lie to take, as it were, a farewell look
at the old herding hills one day and
then to plunge into the sea with a
whining cry. and thus end its misery.
Hunters have known the elk buck
and other big game to leap over preci
pices deliberately and mangle them
selves when the man-enemy was with
in steady range of his prey.
A stork has been known to perish
in a conflagration rather than desert
her little helpless brood.
A swallow was seen flying back and
forth to its nest after a wicked wreck
ing of her nest by some mischievous
urchins. She was running the same
risk as her blrdlings, and seemingly
faced the prospect of their fate un
Peril of Growing Pains.
Little John had put in a very hard
day of playing and that night he said,
"Mother, oh. how knee aches!"
"That is just a growing pain and
will be all right in the morning," re
plied his mothi-r.
At that John exclaimed: "But the
pain is in just one knee, and is one of
my legs going to be longer than the
No Wonder.
Otis—You say that something at the
banquet last night disgusted you?
Chester—Yes had too much climate.
Sat between a California native son
and a man from Florida!—New York
Evening I'ost.
Ma Was a Widow.
"Would your mother get mad If I
stole a kiss?" "From her or from me?"
asked the girl.
matism until.,,, you cleanse your
blood of the germs that cause the
disease. S. S. S. has never had an
equal as a blood purifier and scores
of sufferers say that it has cleansed
their blood of Rheumatism, and re
moved all trace of the disease from
their system.
Get a bottle of S .S. S., and get
on the right treatment to-aay. Spe
cial medical advice free. Address
Medical Director, 111 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, Ga.
Kill All Flies!
Placed anywhere, DAISY FLY KILLER attracts and
kills all flies. Nent, clran, ornamental, convenient antf
cheap. LaataaJluca*
/son. Made of metal,
can't spill or
tip over
will not soil or injure
mythinc. Guaranteed.
at your dealer or
[PRESS. orepaid. $1.25.
HAROLD »200 Do Kalb Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Comfort Your Skin
With CuticuraSoap
and Fragrant Talcum
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcam 25c.
After you eat—always use
—one or two tablets—eat like candy.
Instantly relieves Heartburn, Bloated
Gassy Feeling. Stops indigestion,
food souring, repeating, headache
and the many miseries caused by
EATONIC is the best remedy, it takes
the harmful acids and gases right out
of the body and, of course, you get
well. Tens of thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drug*
gist. Cost a trifle. Please try it!
earning over $10.00 every day felling nevt
product sweetens like sugar relative
only 3c a pound. Grcatvnt mom?y tnakJne
repfaier on f»arth. Kxperlcnre unnecessary.
Particulars fr*c. Writ*1 A-l I'ltOliUCTS CO..
N^Tit. K-W 14. *73 North V.VIIm St.. Chicago.
Poujjry, Horse Hirles. Cow Hi
dps, Wool
McKay Produce Co., St. I'uul, Minnesota.
Costa liica is the married man's
paradise. There is not a millinery
store in that country.
Only a busy man can employ bis
spare time advantageously.
Morning nJ
eepYbur Ey^es7
Clear* Clear Health/
\Afrit* for FfM Cart Book Nurina Co«

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