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Official iaper of Laverne, K. Dak.
VOLUME 41. No. 85
Governor-elect Nestos Will
Take Oath of Office on
Wednesday, Nov. 23
Monday. Nov. 14th. The chairman
of the state canvassing board having
announced that the official count of
the ballots will be completed Wednes
day afternoon, Nov. 23rd, plans are
nor practically completed to have the
inauguration take place in the House
chambers immediately following the
announcement of the vote. Secretary
of State Thomas Hall will, as chair
man of the canvassing board, officiate
at the ceremonies. The oath of office
will be administered by A. M. Chris
tianson, Justice of the supreme court".
While the inaugural cerenonies will
be complete in detail and carried on
with becoming dignity the outstand
ing' feature will be its simplicity. Ac
cording to precedents and lime-honor
ed custom both the retiring and the
new chief executive will be given a
chance to deliver a mssage to the peo
ple of the state. The reason lor the
inaugural ceremoniesare given in the
invitation issued to Governor Frazier
in these words
It has been a long established cus
tom in our country and our state that
whenever there is a change in the
office of governor, boh he retiring
governor and the incoming governor
should have an opportunity to speak
publicly to the people of our state.
"In harmony with this custom, ar
rangements have been made for an
inaugural ceremony to be held as
soon as the canvassing board is thru
With its work on the 23rd of thiB
"Acordial invitation is extended to
you to address a brief statement to
the people of North Oakota in the
House Chamber of the State capitol
immediately following the adminis
tering of the oath of office to the
The public is invited to attend and
participate in the exercises and copies
of the announcement have been
failed to Btiftt,-officials arid members
'bf the legislature.
The program is us follows
America—By the Audience.
Invocation—Right Rev. Bishop
Vincent Wehrle, o. S. B.
Administering oath of office and
address—A. M. Christianson, Justice
Of Supreme Court.
Song—North Dakota Hymn—Gale
Community Chorus.
Address—Gov. Lynn J. Frazier.
Address—Gov.-elect Regnvold A.
America the Beautiful—Gale Com
munity Chorus.
Reception from 4:30 to 6 p. m..
Governor's office.
On the evening of Armistice Day,
the Woodman hall was the scene of
an elaborate party given in honor of
the members of the Hope Minerva
young ladies') Club. The hosts of
the evening were a group of young
men who had previously been the
guests of the Mlnervas at a Hallow
e'en party given at the Cassell home.
The hall was entirely transformed
from its usual appearance by the
decorations. Because of the day,
Armistice Day, the decoration scheme
was carried out with streamers of
red, white and blue, together with a
canopy of string confetti. At one
end a canopy of blue dotted with
stars and a big "Oscillating (no, not
osculating) Moon" added a finishing
touch to the arrangements.
Th free of the high school girls,
Mildred Lathrop, Gertrude King and
NESTEttOlfcM I RXCHtOtfeN'..
A.-?-.-.. r\ .T'•'*
Zoe Bowen, costumed as "Maids of
Honor" .presided at the frappe and
favor tables and served the luncheon.
The evening was spent in dancing
special favor dances being the feature
of this part of the entertainment. A
delicious lunch was served during the
evening. It is understood that the
affair was one of the most successful
ever given in Hope.
Velma McKee is out of school with
a severe case of tonsilitis.
Mae Campbell, of Page, spent Fri
day at home.
W. B. Snider spent' several days
the past week in Valley City.
M. G. Pederson was in Fargo Thurs
day on business.
Harrington Bros, shipped four car
loads of stock Saturday.
Florence Hill, who has been taking
medical treatment in Fargo, returned
Mr. and Mrs. John Carmichael au
toed to Valley City Thursday.
Mrs. John Smith and children spent
Wednesday afternoon at the Hoiset
M. G. Lake was a Fargo passenger
The Ladies' Orchestra practiced at
C. O. Smith's Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. John Elrick are the
happy parents of a baby boy, born on
November 8th.
Roy Smith autoed to Valley Sun
day afternoon and Mrs. Smith, who
has been receiving medical treatment
there, returned with him.
C. O. Smith was a caller Tuesday
afternoon at the Roy Smith farm.
Mrs. W. G. Sowden spent Tuesday
afternoon at the Geo. McKay home.
Don't forget the turkey supper at
the Presbyterian church on Friday
evening. J',
Miss Anna Edwards spent the
week-end visiting at her home inCas
Mrs. J. C. Walters and children
were passengers for Fargo on Thurs
day evening.
C. I. Granger attended the dance
at Page Friday evening.
Ruth Swanson was a caller at the
J. W. Williams home Tuesday even
Mrs. T. P. Overby was a caller at
the L. E. Sell home Friday.
Mrs. Wm. Sherman, of Colgate,
was a visitor at Burner's Friday.
Mrs. J. A. Sund called at the T. P.
Overby home Monday.
Anna Swanson, Bernlce Burner,
Agnes Stevrud, C. J. Swanson and
C. I. Granger were Wednesday eve
'callers at the J. D. Parkman farm.
A very large crowd attended the
Ladies' Aid in the church basement
G. E. Rye attended the dance In
Pickert Friday evening.
We are very pleased to see the
snow, as it covers up all the hot air
flying around—nix on 'em.
An unknown visitor was walking
along Broadway and accidently
slipped on a banana peel and hurt his
—feelings. He was rushed to the
Blabon hospital where he re
ceived first aid treatment. His Injur
ies are reported to be serious.
Armistice Day was duly observed
by a community sing at the school-
Because it lacks room, the Child
ren's Home at Fargo,
Junior Red Cross enrollments have
come in the* past week from the fol
lowing schools: Franklin No. 3 Prim
rose No. 3 Sherbrooke No. 2, Gold
en Lake No. 4 Newburgh No. 2 and
Enger No. 2.
Julia Kringlen, of Riverside No. 2,
reports that the carnival given there
recently netted $26. She also re
ports that all children of school afe
house. A fair crowd attended and a
pleasant evening was spent in dinging
patriotic songs among which w^s ihe
state song, "North Dakota."
Edna Barker spent the week end at
her home near Argusville.
Milton Swanston, Harold Fischer
and Loyd Orser autoed to Hope Thurs
day evening. They reported a Most
enjoyable time.
Saturday afternoon a nuinbc.- of
ladies met at the S. Wiswell home for
the purpose of organizing an em
brardery club. They elected Mrs. Wis
weel as president and Mrs. Orser as
vice president. The club will meet
everytwo weeks.
Supt. Pearson of Hope City Schools,
occupied the Presbyterian pulpit Sun
day morning He delivered a very in
spiring discourse using as his text
Prov. 23-7. "As a man thinketh so
he is."
Miss Nicholls, Miss Barkerand Mrs.
Melson autoed to Page Wednesday
evening on a shopping expedition.
Alex Brooks and family arrived
Wednesday from Anoke, Minn. They
moved onto the Rush farm south of
Colgate where they intend to make
their future home.
School Items
Leonard Flicklnger, while playing
during the noon hour Thursday, fell
in such a way as to injure his leg.
At the presentSJfjtriting he is still un
able to use his leg as it received a
very severe bruise.
The pupils of the grammar room al
so the English classes have been ob
serving, "Better English Week."
The girls of the fifth and sixth
grades have organized Into a sewing
club. Several of the girls have finish-,
ed the first project, namely a sew
ing bag.
Embarrassing Moments
ILL. tt D06-60NEP If
Even Take Awpopy's W&RD
Aflour Trie WEATHER *AflWN
to turn a-
way an average of 36 children a
month. A building campaign has
been started and donations amount
ing to five cents a brick have been
asked. Steele County has been al
loted 5655 bricks to be sold to school
children, individuals, church organ
izations, etc. Kindly send money in
to the superintendent's oTce and same
will be forwarded to Headquarters at
By Charles Sughroe,
Tana Nmvapcf Unioa
tvV BOARD -to* P\E*
AtiAurte oee*n, *rtV SM* \ufcvt*.
TU' HOY 0OG£,*mV
are attending school.
Franklin school No. 3, Wanda
Thorn teacher, sent in 75c for the
Children's Home at Fargo. The child
ren earned the money contributed by
doing odd jobs.
Golden Lake school No. 1, Olga
Strand teacher, has organized a
Health Club with a captain at the
head who has supervisors under him.
One of the duties of the supervisors
is to inspect the children's teeth and
iiands as to cleanliness every morn
ing and report to the captain who in
turn reports to the teacher every
Friday A Hallowe'en party waS|
given at the school October 31st, a
social time was enjoyed.
Gladys Benschoter, of Hugo No. 2,
reports that her school is planning on
giving a program and basket social
at the chool on Friday evening, Nov
ember 18th.
A simple, yet beautiful ceremony
iook place last Monday afternoon at
three o'clock at the Lutheran church
when Mr. Oliver G. Vierkandt and
Miss Phoebe R. Eggert joined hands
for life. The ceremony was solemniz
ed by the Rev. H. L. Wiese in the
presence of a small number of rela
tives and friends.
To the strains of Lohengrin's Wed
ding March,| Played by Mrs. Fred
Steinke, Miss Ruby Eggert maid of
honor, preceded the bride, dressed in
a beautiful frock of while. She carri
ed a bouquet of pink roses. The bride
looked very charming in her gown of
white satin with scolloped and bead
ed overskirt of georgette. She wore a
veil of maline and carried bride's ros
es and lilies of the valley. The groom's
attendand was the brother of the
bride, Mr. Lloyd Eggert.
Following the ceremony a bounte
ous dinner was served at the home of
tue bride's mother, Mrs. Carrie Eggert
-o about twenty guests, consisting of
'members of the immediate families.
The young couple is well known in
this community and has the good
wishes of their many relatives and
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Vierkandt will
reside on a farm several miles east of
Try It
Weary Willie slouched into the
"How much will you give me for
this overcoat?" he asked, producing
a faded but neatly mended garment.
Isaac looked at it critically.
"Four dollars," he said.
"Whf," cried Weary Willie, "that
coat's worth ten dollars If it's worth
a penny!"
"I woulden't give you ten dollars
•v-r- -.» rx5---?v m/ iWi-v w*'-if
for two like that," sniffed Isaac.
"Four dollars or nothing."
"Are you sure that's all It's
worth?" asked Weary Willie.
"Four dollars," repeated Isaac.
"Well, hear's yer four dollars,"
said Weary Willie. "This overcoat
was hanging outside yer hsop, and I
was wonderin' how much it was
really worth."—Los Angeles Times.
H. L. Wiese, Pastor
Services next Sunday in the German
language. We wlBh to call attention
tj the fact that the service on Thanks
giving Day will be conducted in the
English language, beginning at the
usual time, ten-thirty o'clock.
H. W. Evans, Pastor
11:00 a. m. Morning worship.
12:15 p. m. Sunday School and Adult
Bible Class.
7:00 p. m. Christian Endeavor, led
by Jessie Miller.
7:30 p. m. Evening worship. Sub
ject: "The Humanitarian Appeal.
America and the Near East Relief"
Welcome to all services.
G. Fairbanks Bristol, Pastor
11:00 a. m. Morning sermon subject:
"Thank You"
12:00 m. Church School and Kinder
7:30-p. m. Evening Praise Service
and brief address.
The Annual Union Thanksgiving
service will be held on Thanksgiving
morning at 11:00 o'clock sharp in
the Methodist church, Rev. Evans
preaching the sermon. The public
is cordially invited to attend this
We welcome to our church, all per
sons who are not affiliated with any
'church, there is always room for an-
other and we are glad to have you
with us if you wish to come. We
have good lively services throughout,
our singing is the wide awake kind
and all services are an uplift to those
who join in them with us, just ask
someone who has been to one.
Our Sunday School furnishes great
Advantages for all persons, from the
little tot to the older person.
"Efficiency" is our motto and we
endeavor to give our best in all work
ings of the church.
The Conference Minutes for the
thirty-sixth session of the North Da
kota Conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church, are at hand and
persons wishing one may have it by
letting the pastor know. The price
is 50c per copy. It would be well
if all persons who possibly can, would
purchase one of these reports as it
relates the proceedings of the con
lerence of the churcn of the North
Dakota Conference of which our
church is a part. The pastor will
gladly order more copies for those
who wish them.
The first meeting and rehersal of
the High School orchestra was held
on Wednesday evening of this week.
The regular rehersal is to be held
every Tuesday evening at 8:30.
Musical talent outside of the high
school is invited to join the orchestra
as the purpose of those in charge is
to make it a community affair.
Plans are being made for a series
of Sunday afternoon popular concerts
similiar to those conducted last year.
loo AT AUAMTie ttttV?
Official Paper. City of Hope, N. Dak.
$2.00 per year, 5 Cts. per copy
IUMK ntlltaiAit ifiourtfthlit
Branch Established in Min
neapolis ior convenience
ox i\orcnwesc oomiers
Jbivery person lormeriy iaeutiiied
with the military or liavai service
during tue iaie war wuu uua auowed
I iib UUVtilUiUt/iik wu
a.Or iuoi'g tUcUl tilgut-ccu mujf
nnduue »ueu insurance p*or to Juuu
ary 1, istaa, by paying two momus
premiums on the aiuuu.it oi: insurance
ne wishes to reinstate, proviuing ne
can pass the required pnysicai exam
Tuose who are unable to pass the
exemination on account oi a disability
received in or aggravated oy military
of naval service may reinstate tneir
insurance by paying ail premiums
due from the date of lapse to tue pre
sent time, together with interest at
five per cent (5) perannum, com
pounded annually upon each premiun
from the date the said premium was
This means that if you were form
erly identified with the service and
intend to reinstate your insurance
and can pass the physical examina
tion,tuat you will nave to attend to
tile matter immediately.
It also means that those who are
unable to pass the required phy
sical examination as stated above,
will have to arrange to pay up their
back premiums immediately if tney
intend to carry Government insur
ance. This is a matter of utmost im
portance and should be taken care of
before the time set by the Treasury
Department expires. The Government
is equipped to handle this matter
with the utmost expedition and any
person Interested and entitled to con
sideration, as stated above, should
communicate with the United States
Veterans' Bureau, District 10, Keith
Plaza Building, Minneapolis, Minn.
Term insurance, that is, war time
insurance which is now in force, may
be converted without medical exam
ination to any of the following forms
of insurance
20 payment Life,
30 payment Life,
24 year Endowment,
30year Endowment,
Endowment at the age of 62.
Conversion into any one of these
tortus may be maae at any time prior
to March 4, 192U, out inasmuch as it
is to tue au vantage oi tne Insured to
convert the insurance into one ot the
tonus mentioned aoove, it snould be
done as soon as possible if the person
circumstances will permit.
There is at the present time an
insurance Cashier Representative
stationed in the District 1U office of
tne United States Veterans' Bureau,
Minneapolis. Premiums may, there
-ore, oe paid from tm& time on in
ij.u or oy uia.it, ^o t..e auove men-
A a A A-
J-iUiiUiiig, Xtoxj jpiii Ave.,
Aixiuneupoiis, ivunn. it vvm De ol atf
vimage 10 every ex-service man or
woman, WuO has or has kept up his
her insurance, to apply to the
Veterans' Bureau, and investigate the
benefits which are obtainable to thos
insured under the Government plan.
If your insurance has lapsed do not
fail to reinstate the same jbefore
January 1, 1922.
You are invited to the Thanksgiv
ing Ball at the Hope opera house on
November 24 th.—Advertisement.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid will
hold their Annual Fancy Work Sale
and Supper in the basement of the
church on Wednesday, Nov. 30.-Ad
Off to Atlantic City

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