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Linton, North Dakota.
The Record I* entered at Hie I.into,i 1'ust
oSce aecoDd-cl&M matter.
TllBagircultural experiment .station
at Fargo has just issued a pamphlet
with the title, "Rust I'loblems:
Pacts, Observations and Tlieoi lev
P(«slble Means of Control." Tins
pamphlet should l»j in the 1IIIKI»
of every fanner. It will In sent
free to any one in the state who
sends his address lo
College Experiment Station, I'aifc",
N. U." Buy a postal card and fiend
your address. You will not onl le
ceive the anti-rust pamphlet, but oui
address will Ije listed and you will ie
ceive all pamphlets that may subse
quently be issued bv the experiment
station people.
TiiKKts is one tiling that people com
Inn into North Dakota to buy land
should look out for. That is, that
they do not fall into the hands
of some
swindler who will hold them up for a
much larger sum plus the agent's com
mission than the land is offered for
by the owner. This week a Finlander
came to Linton and was negotiating
with one dealer for a quarter-section.
The price the dealer asked him was
•14 an acre. The land belongs to a
non-resident gentleman who owns a
considerable area of acre property in
this county. It happened that the
land-seeker happened to get away
from the land-dealer Ion# enough to
talk witii other residents of the town.
He then ascertained that the land
was listed with several other deal
era that the price asked by the owner
50, with a commission of a dol
lar per acre, making a total of **.".
In other words, the dealer was alxut
to skin the newcomer out of per
acre, or the respectable sum ot •"•w.
OfK contemporary down the street
Is hereby kindly informed that in our
judgment he cannot expect to have
bis political enemies who aspire to
office opposed by the people because
of the allegations -by himself and
others about as reputable as himself
as to the looting of Alaska. How lie
expects to defeat Streeter. Jones ct al.
because of the Booklovers mess ot
slush we do not see. streeter is cer
tain that he has never looted Alaska.
William Jones, Es|.. candidate fur
sheriff, claims that he lias never, to
his knowledge, looted Alaska. Aleck
Macdonald lives away off in the other
end of the county, and no one down
this way can say just what lie lias
been doing. But as lie lias always
been busy with sheep, it is highly im
probable that the tall senator lias ever
looted Alaska. And the highly intel
lectual, honorable and square-dealmg
Boss of the Batcave may rest assured
that among those who may lie so bold
as to run for office without asking his
permission it is not likely that any
of them lias ever looted Alaska. It is
also highly probilile that the dele
gation from tins county to the state
convention will be composed
known, honorable, upright, citizens
regardless of past factionalism -who
have never looted Alaska. What more
can the Baldheaded and Bombastic
Belligerent Boss Backcappcr of the
Batcave ask fotv
Methodist Episcopal.
Sunday's services as follows: I'reach
ing at 11 a. in. Subject: "Moses at
the Burning Bush, or .Seeing oil in
Common Things." Sunday school at
12 in. At 7:.t0 in the evening a patri
otic service: "Lee's Surrender at A p
pomattox." The dramatic closing
scenes of the last days of the southern
confederacy. 1'atrioiic music. A most
interesting occasion. Come everv one.
You are invited.
F. M. HAYKS. I'astor.
Straaburg Ball •Game.
A correspondent sends us Hie fal
lowing account of a ball gauieat stras
burg last Sunday between the Mer
chants and the Rowdies:
Following are thenamesof the mem
bers of the contesting nines and the
number of runs they made:
Merchants-B. Wald: M. liaumgart
ner, 1 run in *th inning: M. Borick, 1
run in nth: J. Baumgartner: Volk.
1 iun in 1st and 1 in nth: A. Kraft:
Fischer: A. Batimgartner. 1 run if,
8lh: Henry Foutli. 1 run in nth. To
tal. runs.
Rowdies--Matt Lipp, run in tit li
and 1 in htli, l'eler Lipp. nin
«th: Ed Mayland. 1 run in 2d. 1 in it 1.
1 in 7th audi in stir. Felix li.ichineyei
Ben Blissenbach: Lawrence Mas'tel
John Sherr Francis Wlialen. in nth
and I in Nth: Jacob l-outh. ijiii
Total, 10 runs.
To the work ot their tir.st luseuun
the winners owe a large share of their
success, although all the hovs did verv
good playing in their respective ulaees.
Arbor-Day Proclamation.
I'nder date ot March 2Mh tin
Sarles issued the tollowmg proclama
"Agreeably to long established cus
tom and because it is especially wise
and necessary that the people of these
prairie states should set apart a day
for the planting of trees and shrubs
and the beautifying of homes and pub
lic places. 1 do designate Friday, April
27, 190», as Arbor Day for the state of
North Dakota. On that day I rec
ommend that ail citizens join in the
work of setting out trees and shrubs.
Let our schools and public institutions
be further adorned with the forest
growtlis that shall bring comfort and
delight to tills and future generations.
Let appropriate exercises be held in
the public schools, that our childu-n
may be taught the wisdom otCuiiMuon
labor for the civic good and join with
intelligence and affection in the work
ot beautilying the state. Let the
love of nature enter into and brighten
the hearts ol the whole people, and
let them signifv their gratitude for
leaf and shade bv bringing forth these
groves that were the tirst temples of
Biscuits baked rn/ht
three min­
utes. every day next week, at our store.
S. J. Ilagg.
Cirammar Room.
Lee started to school Mon­
Isabel Tough returned t" school last
John Itowerdmk is absent from
school on account of sickness.
The eighth grade took final exam
inations last Thursday and Friday.
Frieda Backhausaud Bessie Tal lada
are absent from school this week on
account of mumps.
Intermediate Room.
Willie ?eil entered school this week.
Lois Williams is now attending
school regularly.
The pupils are preparing for an
Arbor Hay program this month.
Frank Meier has left school to work
for his fattier in the blacksmith shop.
The intermediate department ren
dered a short program last Friday
afternoon. Miss McDonnell and pupils
were visitors.
Primary Room.
Edward Books won the prize for
best wiiting this week.
Margrel Macnider entered the pri
mary department Monday.
Lucy Schmidt entered school Tues
day. We now have thirty-five pupils
in tegulai attendance.
Ctf l'he Bowdle Creamery Company
is paying cash for cream. One door
south of the Dakota House, on lower
Ai the time of the passing of the
primary law the Record published the
text of it in full. But busy readers
haven't time to study out its provis
ions. We therefore in this article
give a synopsis and explanation as to
the number of signers required by
candidates for the different offices
who aspire to places on the two party
tickets, and also as to other matters
of interest connected with the new pri
mary system. Most of the provisions
of the primary election law specify the
duties of the county auditor and of
the judges and clerks of election. But
this article is an explanation of the
duties of candidates and voters. There
is nothing complicated about it. The
manner of conducting the election is
along the same lines as that of the
regular November election. In fact,
more than fifty sections of the regular
election law are cited by the new law
as governing the primaries. Instruc
tions will
due time be issued by the
proper authorities as to the duties of
the inspectors, judges and clerks ot
election, which arc practically the
same as at the regular election.
In the matter of voting there is
also but little dillerence in the
manner ot procedure at the pri
mary and at the regular election.
There aie two ballot boxes provided—
one for the democrats and one' for the
republicans. The voter enters the
ioomas.it present. He goes to the
judges' table and asks for the party
ticket he wishes to vote. In case he
asks for a ballot ol the party which
he lias antagonized in the past he can
be challenged and sworn to the effect
that the ticket lie asks for is the tick
et of the party with which he alii 1 i
ate. He must then sign the atlidavit
lle goes in the bowth and votes for the
candidates that lie favors as the nomi
nees of his party. In case lie wishes
assistance in marking his ballot, two
election otlicers of different political
paities shall accompany him into the
booth for that purpose. Neither at
the pinnu\ noi attlieregularelection
shall a voter take but one election
otluei into the booth with him He
•mist ha\e two of different parties if
he wishes assistance in marking his
The election will be held on Tues
da. June t'.Mh, between the hours of
i. in. and 4 p. :n., and the polls must
not lie closed during those hours.
I'etitions must be circulated by
th's. disiuiig to have their names
IJimteii un tin- primary ticket of th"ir
pait. Foi the legislature ten per
cent of the votes cast for the highest
candidate of his party at the last gen
ei.il election must be obtained For a
county otliee tive per cent of the votes
cast at the general election for the of
tice to which he aspires must Ijes-.'cured.
The IVe fo,
eandidate for
state sena-
NN bet bet tins must hi
count\. wheic there urc two or iu.,re
counties a district, will have to
sittled bv an opinion trom th- attit
ney general's otliee
The fee for county commissi,mors is
W: loi county surveyor and coroner.
for justices ami constables
aj i,
egates to stale conveniioini,, ,lnt
to pay a fee, but must have on their
petition the names ot voters emml
ten per cent ot the vote cast
for their
party candidate lor governor at the
election ot ivu4. As the public admin.
istutor in this county has never quai-1 —.
itiui, the bond being lar^e mid the in-
getting on the ticket, and it will prob
ably go by default.
In obtaining signatures to
a petition)
a candidate must see to it that bis
petition contains the names only of
tnemliersof his own party.
The number of petitioners required
by candidates of both parties, and the
fees of different classes of candidates,
are as follows:
No. on No. on Amt.
Offices Petition. Petition. to
Rep. Dcm. Pay.
Senator .. 1'. W 00
Ke|n*senlatlve. 100 :,7 10 00
Iuk*Kat« .. .. •a •jn
Auditor «i 'V Sfi HO
Tr«* asu re -'1 to tw
Site riff Zi ou
ICl'tflst^r of I»eeii"S 2\ 1)0
Clerk of District ('ourt •Ai 10 00
County .ludtfe
14 14 00
yjehool Superlntfinlenl Xt UVJ 1)
state Atiorni'y ^'1 oo
surveyor .... .... a."» ". too
oroner hi oo
Just h'es ..... :rj 31 I 00
onst ahle«i ..,.. .. i: 1 00
Fir?it IMslrii't a 0 oo
Veoinl llistrh't ..... ii 4 uo
1 Iflii IMstrhM too
First District ,.... 5 4 oo
.V'cond District :i .j 00
Third District 5 7 oo
ourtli District O«J
1- If!ii District .4 4 5 00
Candidates for delegate to the statu
conventions must obtain on their peti
tion ten per cent of the vote of their
party for governor at the last election.
No fee is required of delegates. The
names ot as many persons as there are
delegates ot a party to be chosen may
appear in one petition.
No person must sign a petition for
more than one aspirant tor the same
office. But where there are two or
more offices of the same class, such as
justices, constables, etc.. he may sign
as many petitions for aspirants as
there are offices in that class. Ill
other words, he may sign fourdifferent
petitions tor candidates for justice or
I'ntil the republican and democratic
state committees make the apportion
ment of delegates from the various
counties to the state conventions.it
will not be known how many delegates
are to Ije chosen. But the number of
delegates for each county must be
certified to the county auditor of each
county, by the chairman of the two
state committees, previous to the tirst
of May.
A voter may use a sticker or write
in a name of any one whose name is
not printed on tlie ballot.
If a voter of one party votes for a
candidate whose name appears on the
ticket ot the other party, lie virtually
throws away ins vote, as such a vote
will not be added to the votes
for the same person taken from the
ballot box of the party on whose ticket
the candidate name is printed. For
instance. John Doe is running for
sheriff on the democratic ticket:
Richard Roe for the same office on the
republican ticket. A republican wants
to vote for John Doe. If he does so.
Ins vote will not be added to those
cast for John Doe in the democratic
box, and vice versa.
If a candidate on one ticket should
receive the most votes not only on his
own ticket, but on the other party
ticket, he would be the nominee of
both parties. But. as lie could have
his name in but one column on the
regular ticket at the November elec
tion. he would have to choose the col
umn in which his name would appear.
Il will thus lie seen that should the
unlikely event happen of a candidate
receiving a majority of the vote on
the opposite ticket, it simply means
that the opposition party has indorsed
him and desires the place left blank
on their ticket. But. even then, un
der the provision of law which allows
county central committee to till va
cancies caused "bv resignation, death
or otherwise.' it is likely the county
central committee of the party would
have the right to name another per
son for a place on their ticket.
It will thus be seen that the candi
dates of an entire party may dodge
the fees required of candidates by
tailing to circulate petitions, thus
having no ticket in the iield at the
primary, and then have the party cen
tral cjinmittee till the vacancies of
the entire ticket by appointment.
But at that stage ut the game it is
likely that the tax-paying voters—and
all voters are taxpayers in these parts
—would have something to say about
the matter, as every candidate who
failed to put up ins fee and then ran
for office against a man who had paid
his fee would put the entire amount
of such lost lee upon the taxpayers.
In other words, such a scheme would
enable the candidates of an entire
party to run for office at the expense
of the taxpayers: for it, should be
Inriie in mind that the fees provided
by law are tor the purpose of making
the men who want to run for office
stand a good share of the Cost of hold
ing the election. It is not likely that
a confidence game of that kind would
win out in the case of a single candi
date. It is reasonable to suppose that
the voters would lielieve that any
man who wanted to ike part in the
political dance should help to pay the
In preparing his ballot the voter
piesentative flu. will, ut course, have the right to vnt-.
paid in each t"i miiv as many of those on his ticket
for only
as there are otlices to be tilled. I'll lis,
il there were several names on the
ticket lor auditor or treasurer, but
one could ho voted for. But, as four
justices or constables are to lie elected,
the voter may vote for four names on
his ticket in each of tiiese groups.
l'he newsprint millinery is ready
f"i inspection
at M. iKirnsife's.
come nothing, there are neither tecs a
nor salary on which t,. tasetbe fee f,„ 1 PHELPS
see the great cooking
wonder at
our store all next week. See
in this paper, h. J.
Line of Kdlaoa Pbonocrapta
1clnl8 keP*
continually on band,
Progress, March Jkl.)
Win. Grover was down from his
place near Winona. Wednesday. Mr.
Oirover is an expert mason and has
contracts already for a large amount
of stone work this summer.
Peter Linderman. a young German
farmer of the Dale neighborhood died
in I'ollock yesterdav morning, March
2!». ltMi, at the home of Ludwig
Meier. His affliction was pneu
monia. The funeral will be held to day
at the German Catholic church at
Geo. N. Fiddler drove from here to
Artas Saturday morning. There he
was joined by his brother Harry and
sister Elizabeth and together they
journeyed to Wisconsin to be at the
bedside of their aged mother, who is
suffering with paralysis and is not ex
pected 11 live. She is *7 years old
and Uer husband is til.
Miss Elizatjelh Webster passed away
Friday, March 23. IJHHi, at the home
of J. Loutzenhiser in this city. The
funeral services were held in the Pres
byterian church, Sunday. Elder U.
Y. I'ollock preached the sermon and
was assisted by Rev. Clnttick. The
remains were interred in the cemetery
at Dale.
W. s. Fulmer spent Sunday with
his family in Linton.
Carpenter F. C. Gau went to Minne
apolis Saturday for a few days' visit.
G. W. Gilman, who has been sick
for some time, is again able to be
Don't fail to read carefully S. J.
Iiagg's advertisement in this paper.
See tirst page.
Mrs. L. D. Ferguson, ol Hazelion,
came to Linton by N. P. Monday, re
turning home the next day.
C. C. McGee, of Hague, ho was in
Linton a few days, returned home by
Saturday Milwaukee passenger.
Will Rumhali, ol the north country,
was in Linton Friday. He came here
to meet his lather, who arrived on
Friday's passenger.
The man who was promised tifty
dollars for sneaking a land-buyer away
from another dealer says he hasn't got
his titty--filready yet.
President Cram, of the First Bank
of Linton, is having an addition
built to the Schweitzer building in old
Linton. When finished it will make
a roomy residence building.
I'pon the request of the draymen,
Uoadmaster Ashton. of the Milwaukee,
had a crossing constructed just north
ot the depot. Teams can now drive
up to load or unload on either side of
the depot.
Miss Marie Spear, wno has been
teaching school in the Naaden neigh
borhood, near Winona, came to Lin
ton Saturday, l/pon her arrival here
she learned that a married sister at
Madison, S. D.. was very sick. She left
for that place Monday.
It is strange that such a mighty
land dealer as Patterson says he is
should condescend to inform the pub
lic that he has been doing a dab of job
work recently. It is hardly possible
that the few dollars he may pick up
in this way will make much difference
to a wealthy nabob like himself who
utis a tree-list newspaper for the pur
pose of advertising Ins land business.
R. A. Evans, upon the receipt of a
telegram stating that his mother was
very sick at her home, Yates Center,
Kansas, parted tor that place Thurs
day of last week. A telegram recent
ly received in Linton from Mr. Evans
states that Ills mother is no better.
M. B. Morford, who went to the hos
pital al Aberdeen week before last,
came home last Thursday. He says
that the doctors told him they could
do nothing for him unless they oper
ated on him. However, they thought
that it was not imperative to do so
at present.
Said a Linton business man the oth
er day: "It makes me tired to listen
to that man Patterson's blowing. You
never hear him speaking about any
thing else but his own business. He
seems to think that everybody else's
business is ot no consequence in com
parison with his. He converses on no
subjects but those pertaining to what
he has done, is doing or is going to do:
what he has sold and what he is going
tosell: how many quarters he's bought
and how many he's going to sell.
Everybody else is a second fiddle to
him, in his judgment. He is the worst
bore I ever came across."
Public Land Sale.
Hasi.*d upon Yliu application of F. A. t'ratn.]
Itisfnarck. N. Ii. Mitrrh il. liWfi,
Notirv is hon-!y k'iven tliat in
inmru«'tions from tho oiumU*iomr of
tlic ln-iH'ia! Land Office, asooutaim-d in lot
t«r of May ^. und«T authority
vostrd in 111 tii l»y e!t,ion LI. Ht'vised
Matures, as amended by ttio art of conffross
approved ebruary 2U, we will proceed
to offer at public sale at 10 fltM.'k. a. tn. on
thelMhdayof May. at tliU olTice. the
following of land, to-wit
B. *4 JN'C. Twp. I ti V. Ktfe. TH
A of Fifth I'. M.
Any and all person* clainilni: adversely
Hie above-descriiied land, or auv part there
«»f-:«re advUed to tile their claims in this
«ttic«' on or hefure the time above designated
for the commencement of the said sale
otherwise their right* will lie forfeited.
JKWK1X. Kegister
Public Land Sale.
1 Kust'd iiixin tlie upplic.-iUiiii of II. Miillli.)
NaluU's. a« Httiended liy he net of ctniKress
ii|ipriivt'd i't-lirunry *JI, Is!ft. v,v will prot-eed
to tifTer at |Mlfli! suit- ut III ti ItieU ii. 111. on
tlie Mill (lav Miiv.
fdlidwinir iJ'K^.t. nf
The Way of It.
Our steamed contemporary down in
pie, situated as
state line.
items each week from a paper in an- ,, ..
other state—meaning the I'ollock Pro-
Kress. For the benefit of said steamed
we will av
a big county.
by different railway
systems that
tain neighborhoods
witli the happenings
Tor a great
many short, ci
lating to
Subscribe for the Record.
Vliy buy a cat a sack? At our
exhibit next week we will show von a
Majestic in actual operation, s. ,i.
iar5ordon Hats never look ••weath
er-beaten." That's because thev're
made to wear and hold their shape
and color in all sorts of weather. A
Gordon Hat wouldn't lie a Gordon Hat
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is the Cordon price tor best hats. We
sell them. The Linton Leader.
Public Land Sale.
llliisvU upon the application nf 1 ranU
llisiniiri'k. II.. Mai.'li^:! I'.kh
Notice is hereby uiveil
that In pursuant
of instructions from the
approved eliruary
*'ouiniissiancr of
of May
^'0. IMC.,
Public Land Sale.
I liased upon the upplicat ion of John llos. li
A N 11 I IKK 11' I:, I
Ulstnarck. N. D.. March u':i. I'.HHi.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance
of instructions from the Commissioner of
the General I.and OHice. as contained in
letter of May M.
under ant horn
vested In lilm by sect ion Jl.'ij. 1 s. Uevlsetl
Statutes, as amended by lie act of congress
approved 1'ebruary -il. ls'.i'i. wu will proceed
to offer at public sale al lu clocl, a. 111 mi
the 'Jth day of May. I'.rnti, at this olttce. the
following tract of lan.i. to-wit:
K. 't "f s. of sec. :#i, 'I wp. V.
Uge. T.'i \V. of I'lftii I*. M.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
the above-described land.ttr anv part there
of. are advised to tile their claims in this
office on or before the time above designated
for the commencement of the said sale'
otherwise, their rights wilt be forfeited
M. II. .IKWKU,. Kegister
Public Land Sale.
tliased upon the application ol Clinton 1. |tlllOllgll the 1
W aglier
fj.Wll (iri'lCK. I
ttismarck, N. H., March ^1, Iio. 1
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance
tif instructions from the ommissioner ot
the General Land office as contained
letter (,* of May J7. I'.'O't. under autliontv
vested In him by section :-l.t.. I s. lievisetl
Matlites. as amendd by the act of ctxnrress
approved ebruary id. ls.i.-t. we will proced
to offer at public sale at ID o'clock a. in. on
the Wtli day of May. I'.iHi. at this office, the
following tract of land, to-witt:
IhMi't worry your correspondent.
Don't write him anything bv hand
takes his time to
make out that
may leave him in
doubt that he can
not easily read.
And don til I out
legal papersor card
memos or make
out accounts
or ho
tel menus, etc.. in
ourown handwrlt-
It looks had. retlccts on your ntaioiini
makes people think vou can atloid .1
stenographer, and is somet itnes atnlig^ou.
Yo* can write out your letters make out
an abstract tii I in* an insurance pohi-v
enter your card memos -make out your
accounts, or a hotel menu- or «J« any Kind
of writing von need, on any kind, si/.e or
thickness of paper, atid SIMCK :IIIV \V:IV yon
want on
The Standard Visible Writer
\ou ran write auv of tlu-sr iliiti-rs v'i r
Miif If you do not happen to
MOlih fit
llisintirck. N. I*.. Murdi Jll. l'JUit.
Ntiticc is liereby Kiven tlial in pursuance
of inslructions from the L(iiiitnissioner of
tlir (icnt ral l.iintl office, os ciititainetl In
letter «»f Muy i!'. 1 '.«•. under authority
v.'slvil in liiu hy Sect inn
for «il can ea?»llv learn, with a ntth*
practice, to write just rapidlv. and as!
perfectly. a«» atl expert opnator on tin-!
M.l\ KU. ItcruuM' the Ol.lN |'. li i*.
typewriter. And
(»t tills (itlice. the
X. K. Unf S. K. tun I W ttf \\. t,
T«rp 132 N-- Use. W of I'lfth. I'. 1.
Any uurf all persons clainilinr ntlversely
tin- alttivf tlt^t-riiH-d laml. or iiuy pitrt tiiere
of an-ndviwd in tile then claims in this
tiOIv on or hufure thctime almre desii iiale(l
fttr thr
,-an see
every woni you write. Ali-»ut* so per cent
han any utiier vpew rit ••r.
beeanse it has about Ml per cent I.K^S ut
IX. I*4H than most
other pew rite
Klghty Per cent KASIKU to write with than
tlieM* oilier MI»I.K'ATI:II. I.XTIUI'ATK
CHINKS that require "humoring" -technical
know ledge—long pract ic«' and special Uiil
to operate. I
I'. s. lievisetl
I- or
of the salti salt',
iilh. rulsf. tlM'Jr rltslits will tx' forfeited
li .1 KVVI.I.I.. IJeulster.
J(i II AT I'l lfl.l Mi It
cannot he adjusted I
any special space with which is im
rile abstracts, insurain'i* poll
4'les. or odd-si/.ed ioeuinents except vou huv
expensive SI'KOIAI. attachinent.s re(|uiriug I
e.x^rts to onerate. I
ou can aulust the DM I-.U
auv !ti \-l
M'A4 h-you
eau write on
the bowels of the earth points the Napoleon mm me-v ), ,• been
scorn at we ulis because
we'uns have
the audacitvto reprint ..
A Lisbon biind-pii/iier was oiK.-ratin"
Em-1 Lckstrom. -l Shold.n. goS.» -.to.•
It. is so divided liesii it ,i iisp c'.ihli m.i, n-l a,m,
ivr- I
JU 111
are not in touch! The f:\rmcis around l,': V-u--
of other neigh- over the arrest of a man wh has'We
many Emmons county
town stealing things hat sect inn.
pc n,,. plan
it is just, across
We get from the Piogie-*' is carried .ut. the lake on-ht ti
items ix- popui ir sort
Emmons county ptoplc. '1 he
connecting SpiritAVoi,
Lake with Jamestown by el-ctric iv:.
Clerk of ('oiui
same is true ol the Braddock and lla-|
M'tn n. tiaillv ir.nneii ..he ,ii his-.m-i
zelton papers. Very lew people in the
,» I a l-\. weeks ago. and the -t her nv
upper half ot the county ever go to
the towns in the southern halt, and
very tew down south go up ii"iih.
But everybody likes to know what his
fcllow-citi/.cns and fellow-taxpayers in
other parts of the county are doing.
\nd it is entirely appropriate and
customary for a newspaper centrally
located in a county to reprint items ot
county interest copied trom papers
ill other partsot the countv. Our highly
steamed friend, the Boss ol the iiat
cave, generally follows the lead ot tin
Record in making purchases, whether
lie needs ein or not. lie should tol
low our example in this respect, let
ter tire your patent innards. Charles.
and print the bright, up-to-date things
that near-by newspapeis say about
Emmons countv people and happen
nidi, of
nod !-1 1 i[ and Lhj. ut.hc.i .an!-.
Was spi.lined iikewise
A Ward c..iiniy man h:i.s a log \V lie-,
pedigree name i-ccupics h.tii imcc ct
a a 1 1
every day name of 'i'ige. jiist.''
ordinary animal would.
The Moitoii •:ri: fair'-it^s• c:-f(
having obtained ino! e\ enough to
1 't t'li I le.'ss. is ptopjiin^
a good fair Ins stiinme:. and i's'" ex
pect vd that it will he a m.i'isn.
The stock inei] l' a I la vtf)'(): iut
a protective association ai in e(.
ing their stock -f ca' tie and in i::
tact. The prcvalcnc ol' hoiso-stea
inn lias mad" -.oniet. liinu or: tie" so:.
I icspi! the I ,i re uf :l a
lions" in ('liiea": •. which cai:i: ji'.
lar^e 111111e't'' N "O'i's :i'i j\. ti
country, a lot people -i id send iw
their ood mole to oilier caUllo^
insi itut ions.-- I'fi 11m.
When oiie looks "Yt, .r..Jdie:: si,lit''
hilll bv
™7. I'.m."). uniier autiiorilv
vested in him liy section
Miit.utes. us aiuvntieil lv lhe
were paiiil'u
will pi-oct-rd
a I a n-
the !Mh (lay of Mav.
I'.mii. at tliii otlin. 111
following tract of land, to wn
N. N. W. '4 of
I wp.
7* W. of I'iftII I*. M.
Any and all persons rlaitniiiLr adversely
tile liliove-tlfst-rUtetl land, or iinvpait there
of. are advised to tile their claims In Ihl
oHIee on or before the time above desig
nated for the comiuenivtiifut of the said
sale otherwlsie.their rights will be forfeited.
M. II. .IKWKU,. ItcL'Istei
loll N SATTI'.UM N 11. I
Notices .sijiiiod by hltir ado/.en of tie
leading ei!i/.e:i of Walij.0:1 h:i\
been sent out. olVeinie leuard 1
*HK for tin.' r. ,• -very ho iy 1
Uev. T. M. Kdwaids. who disappear!
tI'oin there on the e\ 111 in^. til I com
ber Hist and lias not. been heard
since. It is siippo.se I that ic trhd
to cross the I! I lliv. and iirnke
('OUtiiiis-i. lie: (iiihreitffi. \v!) is p:,
paring some liieiat.ui'i
N. K. *4 of \V. and l,ot I. of sec. au,
Twp. l:ll N.. Hge. 7H W. of IMftli 1». M.
Any and nil persons claiming adversely I prepared. I uasilllicit as tJit1 president
thu alx)v«*-aesrrihL'(J land, or any part Mini-- ..
of. urii advised to lilt heir la!
ins in tins dS 1 1 iiu-1, ,i I it-i it I .\
office «n or In-fore the tune above tlesig-
nated for the commencement of he
said sale
otherwise, their rights will be forfeited.
M. II. JKWKI.I,. Kegister.
You Can Easily Op
erate This Type
writer Yourself
j, W!
is desiie.i
lo pi,
K-/ 1 wiil cai rv a .iii.- iiiiiiinei
hreu^li Ibis s'Hsi ti. 'i'here will 1 .c
S''Hie lie Iffi in chil'^e .stuck if I
am absent St iic il».us p.-n ^i
reasonahle si/.e and tliu-Uiiess of pup.-r
right out to the very edge, wiihuit the aid.
Of A'V KXHKN'SilVK ATTAt HMKS or special
skill, and your work will be neat appearing.
legible and clear
Ol-1 KK i» he pc lit
er for the
lawyer, the Insurance agent the
hotel proprietor or any man
does ins
us now for our booklet on
JlliM.lft'lKp features «i I lie HiiMIK
Ill tills Cttjll
Alien. II. W :tt|t|..,'i
I .'alt
ti W ittttun.
Hid was di'i -Ailed
1 'i I igelit sea
IT!i was made a! the time
ot his i.sa ppea a nee. I tii he ic e:
I'cred with 11,,? work.
in the interes'
of iniinigration work In the slat",
cently wrote a letter t- J'resident
Roosevelt. re(|iiest ing his phojoei-aph
for Use in lie literature that is to be
1 hat I'.u-t
witli the pielurc. Ileceiiily Mr. (ti..
breulli reeei vctl ,i:n-. .1" laic,:
Itraphs ol L11'
itii•:i:, with liis sig­
nature and tin- daie. Th" t.itI-• [:t
has evidently nol 1011401 !cn tin ye irs
lie spent un lhe cui^cs nf Nijith 1 )a
A rciii.ii liable limine well' fes 'lii-'i
struck liy he N. I', '•tiinp-my, at the
.1 aini'stin\ 11 in ie!-lIOIISC, Mipplvinu
watei at the ratenl ."III.IIIMI a I It .lis
1 nillr. and thus relieving a very pltss
iii^' Ii'.-t•(i ,jt the f.iinpmy. wliieh v.as
f'li'ei.'d in draw water i' its nyint
from the eity nyiiiants tin- a tim.-.
The new well was drilled I'mm the
hntt'illl nf the old i!t-•
:"LL I I _-T. JFIL
I .'fiilm.
"ii i-ft
•r half
Tin: iadV iojuri..
:ici ot congress
though not iui.
Last \ea. o\v: ."too .steam piows .-'
used in Ins state. i':i war ti.
number will be ^I'oal.y ii.cn .is-'d. a
the pi act it'a! ti I sit a :n p.o It
been abundantly dcmoii.s: iat•.-il, ai
modern appliances have made il
ot the elic.il est lot hods •iiiinin,
a a a
b-." cu! I va
'lhe it .! No:! I h.'IIi a road pn
poses ft] .-plant hnu". jSiuiitit ies
yowiH' ii'tcs ai'.n^ i:s \aii :s lin
which ii in a fft wars HHMMI ti
tles lor lie system. While 1 111 11..
they would set Heel w!y silo
telic'.sand save the in pa ny a lo'
expense and W'oriy ilii: liar lhe win'n
A It it' II nil.
|:i '.iit-rj tin ritiht 11,|,
':al,i ''."n"' 'li,/.-!,
in'! '*r:ibi!ii'd on N f?
|{'iur,u' ,l.«hii thn
3 I -f
^*o,ii• S(m 11,.t.
eft. 1
11" t-i.
changes and es hiv yne ceiffkrati
its An a un V"i tiy and an l,,.!
-5th he liei onus impressed with tii
a a a W 0 1
rand I' ork•, 11 era Id.
At Asli'e.v a saiaU I'my .iS l/ii !i
by a dot in .i |ccuiiar tnanm-'. I!
was sitting witii he head ol I lie ai..
uial in his lap. and he eh ii.cei!
make a sudden ihoyi iie n!, wh t:.
(lor, sta11 icil. sniaitif at him aiiCsei/c
tbi iv:r. .I:te,»b- W
:in-il on
il ihe.l.
hi toil. |t-
•"If ,f r«^i,
I t'CKn.
riirh .. Itip.
•JO -S 11 t.i it
•r tmu
tvu.,-, I'iil
0 I'u^ii,
Id SI,,-.
eal i- u.,1 .
'ba piiirui. Is 11 un |J,
'-ri} light ribs'..:
»n lc?Vi
rk. "i'|.ii I)ah-. 'n!
w. .i\
^*oiM:s. ame brand on
npaau. Ai.-el
i'-ft 7
I on i-},t hip.
«ielMM).V ",lM y, »|j
li-.i-,-. on u-f! NII.miller.
vis Uros. lii'itvi-r *r• U* Mm.-K
I.'.p t-.-ij. at
and h«!-s.^.
ii-fl ht a i,i| 7
**. ••nine
1 II /.e
"a. ei
-lohii 1
hi 1\ II 1
li'l") Mil l» f|
I'll'fl,'. 1 .111..
•'l.i'j'.'lcei, ii,,,.
I.'\,.llll. 11,11'-•s•
'k r« iii ii11, a"
u-r, i,t,.
J-J..II -f,.|,.„I
il'f ft
Hi I'.-HuT .•
A. -l.'.MllH,
11 is A 11 azi 1 tin
ll'iuuard, Hen -I-'umnin^innu
ft bin:
1 I 'I'M'*,
7 3
I I Oil.
ii fiL"l« 11ij».
isjin .it ii_-ii
I't-oni u-o
rit left ^ide
ie ui.ii I•«#
a. r-illlr
11 111111 J.
aini tp.
nil! it!
r.t Vtl.it, A. —1 !'i t-ii I
I -1 1 III tW'i 11 Il-'t
if ft hip
H7 mi
!•'. IV I I
I ". I I .I/S I Oil.
eu it-fl liij,
I. -I.ii
s. lb-i-s.
-I' .• iiat
II,i. w.
:'attb 0 0
Ji- HI if l\
i-fr.rd.. M. i:
iatu I .mtnoli-hiit
«.it »M
I'1 I'V.t'S 14 l/l
M«ie ne'/ix.
Win. -Kn
hip, 11..,—
N.i.iib ii, V'.-Wji.ni
open f'.riiei s)
V...-'' brand (-mall) 01
I'.d/fi-, M. II
'.'! In- ma
)liOMl '«V'
pi he
l'e. likf,
•••y par
Uir juk'Im ur an
s' linai-Mlf-'d '»ii h'f'.
.-•U.-r 11
r- a .-
1'« ie. A I,. I. t\
Cut! le. on
Icr-ori. A. I' AnnM
i'ttllt li. II. s.tn
poll i' 1
^h 1 hip.
i'i!sliJohn-Wmona. Ib.i
:KS :'RI'. 'A 11
*fl MiHUt
rt »t li
B*. 4-4 ON IF
"'l 'ti idef. ..
ribs. Il, on lfl'1
at ill 1 o:
biped till left shoulder.
brand on left hip.
W -Wcstlieid
('alt •,
i^iil inp.
Kii-h. II/*• Hon 'all I".
lbis". -1 I on iffi bo-iM.
:iiith. I 1. lla/eilon. ''all'iV:?
on ri iii :la k.
N1WI iv. (if o. A C.ayton. A'nllb! atn.i?.h.
II li,Wt M'
A '-'i I'i -bi Iii').
Tod-i. .Iati.es liaylon
:hi .sboi.iIder.
Caltlt'. iart'i*
^l^^e1 Hoi
"ii j'OV.
hole in it-1*1 ear.
1'i.uirh. Mi-, -I. W n»-iie-lt-r
11M'.se». l'oreiroin-r bratni on ri^iit liil
at 11f. aua- bra nd on !fl hip.
•III 11 l.i 'loin. .1. U. Wesilieid faltrn.
a il
hip llor-e.
ieft hip. ^-.
Iiu,1. I'
a S
I'III wnt"1.
•ill ie. S
t, fl
I li I. Cult 'U't ~dit hip
Vflh-r. A. -M
ei if r. 10. C. -11 a li
riuht shoulder
II ampton. at Ii*. "r
A e-ei'ti. •!. Linton
ireie on left hip
I well. The
bitf well has tilled to three feet from
the top and supplies more waiter than
ean be used, the water 'inu of a .1
quality and uniniuri-'iis to the engine
boilers, allle tiirh nt ci.nipioie te'
has been made by the eni!ipaii\ e\
pertsasyet. The supply is ,-o m'i'at
that no water will he taken from t'c
I'lpestein. as lieietol'iire,
Hampton. lb'rse- 0
1 |e, lite il'.-i
rattle. 74*'
llor»e^. VT
hon ider
.b»hn bivona ilor*e*. rtiim
I -in Hiidr r. CatHe, li« ZZ
"Leader" and "Repeater"
Carefully inspected shells, the best com
binations of powder, shot and waddingt
loade 1 i.iachir.es which give invariable
rest-Us are responsible lor the superiority
of Wincht--,ur "Leader" and "Repeater"
Factory Loaded Smokeless Powder Shells.
^1 here is r.o guesswork in loading them.
Reliability, velocity, pattern and penetra*
tion are determined by scientific apparatus
and practical experiments.
them If not. why not
5 1:
W iiiiinai'.n, A m'ob— \S nopa. 1 '1st—. TT
l^t't hip.
W ray. Jolm lla/elton. rat if.
•orubined on rurht hip.
eater. 1». 11. II a z»d
1 on. I 'at tie
c./ I or Sale A New Home llrop
liead x'nm^'Machiiie. Applj
Record Otliee. I'rice, Si^.
The First Hunk nf Lint'
ton, N. I lias real-estate ni'
I- .a
11 MI L"n(i
lain) lands, three
i: re mil call at "iir
S. .1. Ila-c.
a I
Do you

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