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Wednesday. May 16.
james A. Cove, one of the moat
-i-ominent Republican politicians in
jl'ii'liigun and collector of customs at
Grand Haplds. Is dead of apoplexy.
The Standard Oil company has de
clared a quarterly dividend of |9 a
share. This compares with a $15 divi
ii.'nd in the last previous quarter and
.if $9 a year ago.
One luindred and fifty delegates
fr»m fifteen states are attending the
eighth biennial convention of the Cath
,.]i'c Knights and Ladies of America,
session at Detroit, Mich.
Majn Barak G. Thomas, the "nes-
of Kentucky racing, breeder of
Domino ami Himyar and founder of
•he famous Dlxiana stud, is dead at
U-vington. Ky., aged eighty years.
jusepli Constantlne, a prospector,
wi,o lias just returned from a trip into
Pimtii valley, Nevada, reports the
finding of
bodies of two young
Eastern prospectors at the foot of
funeral range.
Thursday, May 17.
The Illinois legislature has passed
primary election bill.
ltiKhi Rev. Edward Henry Bicker
rtetli, h. It, bishop of Exeter, Eng., is
The Standard Oil company has an
nounnil an additional advance in the
selling price on all high grades of
General John McCarthy, former
postmaster of Chicago and a major
general timing the Civil war, is dead,
iigiil seventy-one.
Arrangements are being made by
the »ays and means committee of the
Chiiagi) Commercial association to
hold a big corn festival in Chicago in
the fall.
Jimmy Hrltt and Terry McGovern
have signed articles for a ten-round
bout, at catch weights, to be held at
.Madison Square Garden, New York, on
the innlit of May 28.
Friday, May 18.
The Roone cereal mills at Boone,
la. have been totally destroyed by
Are with a loss of $1f0,0U0.
Michael imvltt, who was operated
ud Wednesday tor the second time for
tiliiud poisoning. Is reported to be
much Improved.
The world's International commerce
will aggregate fully $25,UU0,000.000 in
On' year lauii, says a bulletin issued
by the department of commerce and
The national fete day, the flrst since
the dissolution of the union between
Sweden and Norway, was celebrated
throughout Norway Thursday with
extraordinary enthusiasm.
I'r. Thomas S. Latimer, widely
ktiunn as a physician, as professor of
medicine at the College of Physicians
ainl Surgeons and a prominent ex
Confederate soldier, Is dead at Balti
nwe. aged sixty-seven years.
Saturday, May 19.
The pope has suspended his audi
ences owing to the fact that he is
snBering from a slight attack of gout.
Fanny Herring, once a theatrical
favorite in New York, Is dead at Slms
'"ii'S. Conn. She was seventy-four
years old.
•seven thousand New York painters
and paj.erhangers will, it Is announced,
strike on .Monday, tying up all work
of this kind in that city.
James Theodore Walker, a young
clubman and repuuted millionaire of
bonis, is dead at his country
limne near Clarksville, Mo., from burns
"weive.l in an explosion.
Tlii' Masons and Builders' associa
tion hi .San Francisco has raised the
»aKes of bricklayers and bricklayers'
wipers Commencing May 21 brick
avers will receive $7 per day of eight
and helpers $4 a day. This is
of fl a day for bricklayers
and r.ii coins for helpers.
Monday, May 21.
Charles Albert lxipez, the sculptor,
dead at a New York hospital where
an operation a week
Mrs Jefferson lavis' condition is
greatly improved. The fam
is now hopeful of a complete re
Torrential rains recently have
ashed ashes and cinders down the
'0l'(*s of Mount Vesuvius and have
xiiH'i the country around the vol
t'olonei i.amira, Mexican minister
(liitta and former military attach'*
t'li- .Mexican legation at Washing
«s injured during a recent
"'""'ii, is (lead at Peking.
olonei Charles George Wilson, the
'"'-s'dent of the New York Con
inft0li S'ock Exchange and a for
bo-.'.H' •Sident
New York health
is dead, aged sixty-three years.
Tuesday, May 22.
|!rtIlli Sargent has been reap-
t'd commissioner general of im
""Krai ion
Almost the entire business section
'iv ti
tf' Aljbevill3
Uf Wo|,|
has a population of
Cross authorities in San FYan
'he' 7" '"eI)ar'nK to take over all
of t,!
upon the withdrawal
Mas'''"-1 f°t' forty years a
Pre.!"\!(. ',""vr a,,l an authority on
dead at Kansas City,
'fcndpr'k'f'1 ^a'°
declined the
shi,, "Ie Japanese ambassador
""ton- Baron Komura has
^-'"ed to taue the post.
killed and two
-syIvji'i- fa"'nK rocks in the Penn
tunnel under the
"ver at New York city.
American Regular* to Subdue Trouble*
I some Natives.
Manila, May 19.—The Philippine
ooiumission has authorized Governor
George Curry to begin a campaign
With regular troops having for its ob
ject the absolute subjugation of the
Pulajanes on the island of Saniar.
The scouts and constabulary, who will
be withdrawn from the pursuit, of the
insurgents, will garrison the present
army stations while the regular troop-?,
with Curry in command, will scour tho
The general campaign has been
planned to begin immediately, accord
ing to orders issued after a confer
ence between Acting Governor Gen
eral Ide, General Wood and Governor
Curry. Stubborn resistance is ex
pected to the expedition, which in
cludes fourteen companies of infantry.
Plre Destroys Large Portion of Stan
ley, Wis.
Stanley, Wis.. May 1».—A spark,
from the Northwestern mill started a
Are resulting in a loss or about $20.
000. About 100 houses burned and a
dozen business places, including tho
Northwestern Lumber company's
large department store, nothing of the
contents being saved.
Damage to tile residence portion
Will reach $100,000, every house being
burned from the Northwestern store
to Franklin street. Very little was
saved from any of the icsidencos on
account of the fearful high wind. One
thousand people are homeless.
Washington, May 22.—More than
COO murines will confront l.iberul
Officials of Cleveland lee Combine
Cleveland. May IS.—The grand jury
has returned indictments against Pres
ident Harry Norvell and thirteen di
rectors of the City Ice Delivery com
pany, known locally as the ice trust,
on the charge of violating the Valen
tine anti-trust law.
Those indicted are all well known
business men and the most of them
were the owners of the ice companies
which were merged into the alleged
trust several years ago.
The men are charged with creating
restriction In the ice business, increas
ing the price of ice and preventing
competition in its manufacture, pur
chase and sale.
•hoots Himself When Placed Under
Arrest for Embezzlement.
Norfolk, Va., May 19.—Irwin Tuc
ker, president of the Savings bank of
Newport News, Ya., committed sui
clde in his room over the bank it.
Newport News just as Chief of Police
Reynolds of that city opened his door
to arrest him upon a warrant charg
ing him with defaulting in the sura of
$10,000. Tucker shot himself through
the right temple as the iloor was
thrown open.
The Savings bank has bed closed
pending an investigation bv the boaid
of directors. One report is to the
cffect that the shortage mav am.unit
to $20,000.
General Stoessel and Admiral Neboga
toff Condemned to Derth.
St. Petersburg, May 22.—I is r.i
mored that the military cou whieh
has been investigating the irrend.-v
of Port Arthur and the batt of the
Sea of Japan has condemned death
Lieutenant General Stoes:- I, who
Commanded the Russian -rces at
Port Arthur, and Rear Admi a! N -!.
gatoff. who commanded one- ui Ad
miral Rojestvensky's squadi -ns and
who surrendered during the i. r.'-il it
tie to lite Japanese.
Russian Officer Prominent in Sup
pressing Disturbances.
Kallszk. Russian Poland. May -l.-f
Count Keller, a colonel ut di a moons',
was severely wounded by the explo
1 slon of a bomb which was thrown at
the officer while he was r^Miniim
from a review. His hoise was killed
umi orderly was injured.
ers on the Isthmus of Panama in case
they attempt to promote riots and
revolution ut the time of tiie election
la Panama ou June 2o. Although the
canal zone is under the secretary of
war there is no indication that the
war department will have any troops
near the isthmus at the time of the
approaching election and Secretary
Taft must rely upon the marine corps
to protect the canal zone.
Only 200 marines are ou tho Isth
mus at present. These are in com
mand of Major C. J. Long. More than
400 marines are on tlia Columbia,
which is ou its way to Guantunaiuo
and will be within easy call in case
the politics become stormy in Panama.
This large detachment of marines is
In command o£ Major Jojeune. The
Marblchead, which is now sailing
southward down the Mexican coast:
and is only a few days from the
Isthmus, carries only a small detach
ment of marines and cannot add much
Strength to any land expedition which
Is so threatening.
Wednesday. May 16.
Senate—Practically the entire day
devoted to the consideration of the
unti-pass amendment, which was
adopted after making so many excep
tions as to arouse laughter every time
the provision was read.
House—Naval appropriation bill
passed, the effort to strike out the
provision for the largest battleship lu
the world having failed.
Thursday, May 17.
Senate—Mr. Bailey reiterated his
charges in regard to the alleged un
derstanding hetweeu the Democratic
senators and the president and again
arraigned his critics in sharp lan
House—Consideration of the so
called naturalization bill resumed, but
no great headway made.
Friday, May 18.
Senate—Railroad rate bill passed
by a vote of 71 to 3, Messrs. Foraker
(Rep.i and Morgan and Pettus
(Denis voting against the measure.
House—Democrats under Mr. Will
iams spent the day in tiiibustering to
prevent passage of a bill paying au
old claim in favor of a Southern uegro.
The bill finally passed.
Saturday, May 19.
House—My a vote of 107 to 66 tho
house refused, because the conferees
had recommended that members of
congress be included within the scope
of the bill, to pass the anti-graft bill,
so-called, dealing with cotton leaks
and other matters of a confidential na
ture. which, should thev become pub
licly know n, might have a tendency to
affect markets.
Senate—Not in session.
Monday, May 21.
Senate—Executive, legislative and
Judicial appropriation bill passed after
three hours' consideration. It carries
House—Notwithstanding that the
leader of the minority insisted upon
the presence of a quorum throughout
the day twenty-two bills were passed.
Batoum, Kussia, May 21.—W. H.
Stuart, tht* American vine consul, was
shot and killed at his country place.
The assassin escaped.
Sir Stuart was a lirltish subject
and one of the largest ship brokers
and exporters of llatoiiui. During the
revolutionary troubles of last fall liis
life was many times threatened by
longshoremen and at Christmas a
deputation visited Mr. Stuart's office
and piactically compelled him to give
them $1,500 under the guise of a holi
day gratuity for dock laborers.
Washington. May 21.—Vice Consul
Stuart, who was killed at Hatoum,
was an Kngllshman, forty-nine years
old and had filled the position for
about two years. At the time of his
death he was acting consul.
Forest Fire Ignites Storehouse Con
taining Dynamite.
Cobalt, Ont., May 1!'.—Several tons
of dynamite exploded in the north
western section of the town, wreck
ing twenty-five houses and throwing
the residents into a panic. A number
were more or less injured by flying
debris, but none seriously. The ex
plosion was caused by a forest lire
igniting the building in which the
dynamite was stored.
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, May 21.—Wheat—May,
83V|c: July, 83'is®S.:1/ic Sept., 80%g)
S11,c On track No. 1 hard, 85-%c:
No Northern. S4'f,c No. 2 North
ern. W-Jc.
Duluth Wheat and Flax.
Diiluth. May .'1.—Wheat—To arrive
and on track—No. 1 Northern. SI
So Northern, 827«c May. SlVjc
July. K-J•"»: Sept., 81 Flax—To
arrive, on track and May, $1.15%
July, $1.1 7'h Sept., $1.17 Oct.,
St. Paul Union Stack Yards.
St Paul, May 21. Cattle—Good to
choice steers. $4.uO#ii.50 common to
f.iir. $:i.fii"?f 2*,: good to choice cows
:uu! heifers $.'i nfifft 1,5u veals, [email protected]
4 2.".
ers. 4 "T,'a ."i 7.j good to choice lambs,
$ .o-efi a. uood to primp spring
lanths. $7 5nf( POX'.
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Chicago. May 21 —Cattle—Beevea,
$4 l-f S 1" "ows and heifers, $1.75'5
f. i*.. stock'-rs and feeders, $2.75fr
Ti/xans. $ I oijfi 4 ij calves, $4 oo
i'i. Hogs Mixed and butchers,
good heavy, $0 "u®»5.40:
jouuh heavy. Ivl'ifi light. $«.M
pi«s- $1.25® C.ln. Sheep,
$4 7o'fi ."0 shorn lambs. $f [email protected]*
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago. May 21—Wheat May.
Sf.i4c: July, 8344c. Corn—May,
4,.'1c: July. 4iit(&4KV4c Oats—May,
July. 34c. Pork—May, $15.
July, S15.72 Ms- Plax—Cash,
Northwestern. $1.1": Southwestern,
*1'U May. $5.n Uutter—Creamer
i-'? ".U'-jJi lx'ac. Kggs—lt'£&
Poultry--Turkeys, loc chickens,
Chicago institution Has Authorised
Capital of
Chicago, May If.—The Commuu
wealth Trust and flsvioft bask, Chi
cago's flrst union tabor banking Insti
tution, has opened Its doors. The bank
la organized uuder the lava of Arl
•ona and has an authorised oapital of
12,000,000, divided into shares of $!
each. This capitalization has been
reduced to $500,000. half of which has
fteen subscribed for.
The managing officers of the bank
are practical bankers and USD of long
experience. The board of directors Is
composed of men who are prominent
In the labor world.
Pipe's Condition Improved.
Rome. May 19.—When Dr. Lappoaf
visited the pope during the morning
he found his patient in an- Improved
condition, although he had a Some
what restless night at the result of his
attack of gout. Owing to a alight
rise in his temporature Dr. l^pponl
ordered the pope to remain is bod
tor several day*.
Seventy-one Members Pavor Paaaago
en Final Lineup, Senators Ferafcer,
Morgan and Pettuo Casting Ike Only
Negative Votes—•ill Under Consid­
eration in the Upper Mevee for
More Than Two Mentha.
Washington, May It.—The railway
rate bill passed the senate by a vote
of 71 to 3. The only votes cast
against It were thoao of Sosattra For
aker of Ohio and Morgan and Pettus
Of Alabama.
The bill now goes t» conference be
tween the committees of the two
houses. The general opinion la that
the agreement of the coa^renee com
mittee will sustain the bill ta prac
tically the form that it passed the
Foraker of Ohio, the Republican
who voted against the bill, has been
consistent In his attitude on the meas
ure. He has been against It since It
was Introduced. Ho contendo that It
was unconstitutional and worthless.
In season and out of season, and re
fused to compromise.
Senators Morgau and Pettus of Ala
bama, both more than eighty years of
age, voted no because the Confederate
legislature proclaimed the doctrine of
atates' rights and they think the bill
Is tiol in consonatic* with that doc
It was after seveuty days of almost
continuous deliberation that the sen
ate passed the bill. It was reported
to the senate Feb. and was made
the unfinished busluess March 12.
Krom tbat date to May 4 the bill was
under general discussion without lim
itation on the duration of speeches,
iifty-etglit of which were delivered.
Mauy of these were prepared with
great care and two of them consumed
more than a day's time In delivery.
Senator l.a Koliette spoke for throe
days and Senator Daniel of Virginia
for two days. Senators Bailey, For
aker, Lodge, Hayner, Dolllver and oth
ers each sioke for an entire day.
Rate Bill Not Satiafactory to House
Washington, May 22.—The railroad
rate bill was considered for three
hours at night by the house commit
tee on Interstate and foreign com
merce and the decision reached to
recommend disagreement to all of the
aenate amendments and to send the
measure to conference. Th: commit
tee will not ask that Instructions of
any character lie given to the house
Bt. Petersburg, May 21.—The threat
ened storm over the emperor's refusal
to receive the delegation from tho
lower house of parliament, appointed
to present to him its reply to the
speech from the throne, has been
averted. The house during the after
noon adopted a resolution to proceed
I with the regular order of business
and the discussion of the agrarian
I question began.
The moderate leaders of the Conati
tutional Democrats, atter laboring
with the hotheads until the early
morning hours, succeeded in convinc
ing them that it would be a fatal blun
der to precipitate a conflict upon a
false issue and a resolution was pre
pared pointing out that tho Impor
tance of the addreas consisted In its
contents and not in the form In which
it is transmitted to the emperor. Some
of the Constitutional Democrats frank
ly expressed the opinion that the
house itself committed an error in ap
pointing the deputation when the law
specifically provided that communica
tions from the home should go
through the urosldent.
More rain this week.
Millinery cheap at Miss Smith's.
Mrs. A. W. Situs is visit Aber
tius. Hrouian went to Minneapolis
Mrs. Marion Coon went to Minneap
olis Monday.
Arthur Seney was down from llrad
dock Tuesday.
Mr. and Mis. Kowse were over from
Hampton yesterday.
liobert t'asile was down from tiie
north country Saturday.
The Linton lia/.ar people are alxuit
to hrinif in an automobile.
WHrin* your feed to Paul Muencli'*
feed store and «et it ground.
Mr. ami Mrs. McLain were in 'from
the Sand Creek country yesteiday.
Mrs. Lottie Wescott took in the ex
cursion on the Milwaukee Monday.
HrSeed Flax—the itest. *l.2."i p*r
bushel. See L. W. liropliy. IJrofy,
Miss Leltie ICspesetli left by Mil
waukee train Mondat for Minneap
Albert Tough is a^ain holding down
a clerical position with the Linton
John Schaap and Tone Verhoef were
up from the Hull neighborhood yes
ISTMiilet seed and Dakota Sun
shine seed corn for sale. Paul
(J. C. McOec, Frank Arnold and
Phillip Holler were up from Hague
{&"l>r. T. M. MacLachlau (Special
ist) eye, ear, nose and Tluoat, Bis
marck. D.
Will Mahaney took advantattcof tiie
low rates on the Milwaukee to visit
the Twin Cities.
Henry Van Ueek or West Held and
P. Hooks of Linton were recent vis
itors in liisiuarck.
Mrs. Andrew Wolfei relumed Mon
day from a fortnight's visit with
friends at/.eeland.
tr ir you want to Isurow money
on your farm, the Linton Stale bank
will lend it to you.
Attorney Lynn went to liismarck
Tuesday on professional business, re
turning Wednesday.
S. A. Fischer, president of ilie Se
curity State Bank of Straslmrtf. was a
visitor in Lintoii Monday.
Commissioner Slierwood. of the
Fifth district, was a visitor in Linton
a couple or days this week.
A cheap-excursion train four dol
lars tor the round trip left Kureka
Monday for the Twin Cit ies.
The family of Mr. F. W. Paul ac
companied liiiu to Liuton from his re
cent trip to southern Minnesota.
Mrs. F.J. Smith and her son, Mil
lard, were passengers on Moudaj's
south-bound Milwaukee passenger.
Hats 91 and up. At Miss Smith's.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sclilaiigeuare the
happy parents of a brand-new boy
that arrived a few daysago. All well.
Horn—-Friday, May IS. l«o«j, to Mr.
and Mrs. A. N. Junge, of Linton, a
daughter. Mother and little miss all
OT The First Bank of Linton, Liu
ton, N. D., has real-estate money to
loan on good farm lands, three to live
Tracey Campbell, the Dakota Cen
tral Telephone Company's switchboard
expert, was in Linton a couple of days
last week.
The new concrete sidewalk and steps
in front of Attorney Lynn's office
building are a great improvement of
the corner.
C. N. PHELPS, Bismarck, is agent
for tke great Edison Phonograph.
When la Bismarck do not fail to come
and hear one.
Mr. Chas. Pulling and bis sister,
Mrs. Harvey Walter, of .southern Kiii
mons, were visitors in Linton the lore
part of the week.
Mr. Howe, a business man ot Uud
cliffe. Iowa, who owns some real es
tate in this county, was in Linton le
tween trains last Ft idav.
W. J. Marchant. who went Iowa
to be with liis brother. Frank, who
was very ill, sends word that his broth
er has since passed away.
Tom Kielfer, of Hie Dale country,
was in town Saturday, returning I'loin
Iowa, whither lie was called by the
fatal sickness of his father.
Miss Priscilla Pecore. "f Karroo
county. Wisconsin, arrive:! Linton
last week and has taken a cienral po
sition in Attorney Lynn's office.
Waists and skirts at Miss Smith s.
Mrs. A. j. Atlia, accompanied hy
her daughter Ada, of Ortonvilie. Minn.,
is visiting her .son, Mr Karl At ha. and
daughter, Mrs. A. N. Junge, in Lin
Miss Juanita liuggles, who formerly
helped her parents in the Yeater ho
tel at Ha/.elton, ariived in Linton Fri
day to accept a position in the Linton
Paul Muench and family. S. J. Ilagg
and J. C. Me Murray visited l»r. Wui.
Muench over Sunday, and did a bit of
tishing- Saturday afternoon and Mon
day forenoon. Tliey brought in sev­
eral big
all right.
Mt. Krause. issue agent at 1 it
Yates, was in Linton Tuesdav. let inn
ing troiu a up to .south I ,ikot,i.
Horn. Monday. May Jl. i-mm
Mts. Minnie Keebler. ot the Linton
neighborhood, a sun. MoU,,.,
Doll't toiget that the talented a'
tiess, Kill Craven. ill appear at the
opeia-hoiise Juno 4tlr. The pl.u i»
"Last Lyniio."
Miss KluaU-th Wet nor, the
nurse Who has been attending Mis.
A. Pattcison tor soeial weeks, de
parted for the south iiv Tuesday's
I will eairy a line of millinery
tlllough I Ills season. Tlieio will hi
some one loll III ehatge of stock if I
aill absent, .stoie always open
Miss l.uia Speai, who was recently
called to Madison, H,| |,e sen
oils illness ot a sister, leturned to Lin
ton I' Id ay to resume her work in the
Advocate office.
Mr.aiul Mis. ('In 1st lanson. of the
Linton iieiglilHii hood, are also the
parents of a new I my, who came a
week ago Monday. Colli I lie young
man and his mother are doing well.
M. ilogue, of Steele, was in Lin
ton last week soliciting liieiulieislilp
for the 'out liieut.,i11 'asuatt ('ompany.
au accident-insurance company of
Chicago, lie met with good .success.
A very enjoyable dancing parly was
given at. the Arlington last. Fnd.iy
night. Mr. and Mrs. Stoddaid, Char
lie Westerlierg and Charlie Kat/.en
berger furnished the music, which was
Joe Stember expects to go ovel to
Neiui. S. I»., before long, to start up a
paper for Mr. Pattcison. Joe lias
many Irieiids in Liuton, who will re
gret, to see him lea ye. And the base
ball fans will smely miss him.
Messrs. lieu, ttohlig ami (J. A. Iteed,
respectively agent and piaiio-tunei ror
Stone's Music House, have been in
Lilitoli the past week tuning the pi
anos which had formerly Iwn sold by
Mr. Bohllg and taking orders forother
hist ruments.
The teachers' institute which will
Itegin in Linton Monday, June 1th,
will l»e conducted by Prof. Schmidt,
principal of the Jamestown schools,
one of the leading educators of the
state. He will he assisted by Miss Al
ice J. fisher.
The llev. Matt. Wing will lectinc in
the opera-house Thursday evening,
May L'lth. Subject: ''The I'niiid
States in tiie Light of Modern Proph
ecy." He will also preach at his home
Sunday at, 11 a. m. All are cordially
invited to attend.
John Storey, one ot the Kidder
county candidates for the /epubllean
nomination for a place on the repub
lican legislative ticket at the coming
election, was lu Liuton yesterday. Mr.
Storey, while here, tiled his petiiion
with the county auditor.
Messrs. Hidden and Sijuires catii" up
from Fort Yates Friday, remaining
over night here. Maj. Beldeu left next
morning by the N. P. for a visit at liis
old iiome in Kidder county, and Mr.
Squires took the afternoon Milwaukee
train for a trip to Milo.
Jackets at Miss Smith's.
Mrs. Adah Wallace Cnruh, who is a
National W. C. T. I', worker, will
lecture at the M. K. church Monday
evening. May ^'Mth. at *t o'clock. Mis.
I.'nruh is recommended as a brilliant,
earnest, and entertaining speaker. A II
are cordially invited to attend.
While speeding out Broadway. Mon
day night,Col. Patterson sdevil wagon
met with a mishap. The hulgine ran
into a bull, breaking one ot the bul
gine's lamps and damaging the radi
ator. A bad scare was all the injury
apparent, so fai as the bull was con
The damage done Thursday of hist
week by the heavy rain, through the
Hooding of the Patterson and »boi
nteiei basements, is estimated at •/•no
and VMt respectively. The damage to
Dick Kvans'new stole- building was
less than at lirsl supposed amounting
to about 1
In a few davs tin Linton l',a/ ir peo
ple will have a lirst-class simple of
the J. I Case separat'.r ou the va
cant I it. Iioitll the Jieeoid office.
It will lie run bv a regular thrasher
engine, and will enable any one look
jug foi an engine and s'-paiatoi t.o see
Ijolh in opeiation.
There is a brave bunch of baseball
ersdownat. Pol look on -the- o. Tlie
have actually consented to ,me to
Linton and buck up agin the Ainolii
lators on Memorial 1'ay Pity the
poor, self-sacriticing "fofj.ru hope'"
We'll eat 'ein alive' We'I! eat cm
alive! Yum' Vum!
Married. At Be'lilahd Ceiite'r'.' \V"is.'.
May l'itli, l'.'OCi. by the Kov. Mood, of
Mu.secoda, Wis.. Mr. ISert Chase, of
Linton, and Miss Itutli N. Logue. of
Richland Center. The In ide comes as
a stranger to us. but. with .the lepu
tation of Icing a -ery yv.ilhv i»niiii
*1.50 I'KII Yi: \|{. IS AI»\
rings of JinI,. The lUvord
acknowledges the girt or nice, lug
ule.vs o| be 4ine.
'I"a tin-,I
,| |„,v
h"iuo lor lictse, I and hei bus
ha rid. 'lie
k* 11M L' 1 11, 511,11 I |!,»[],,
I l-'atal Li 101
ill )11 ji -vi uiiij
highly l, 11 ile I l,y T.!
'K I, -,v
hini I lie I
IC 11| extends
y* is'II S to th. »MUlV,' ttpic, .y ho l.lle
I'-'ilU" hol|s.-k.op'lllg lie- HtH'uie
stea.I iieai Linton.
Mastei 1- -I
,y Pali, ivii iiict i\i!ji a
scyeie accident s.it unl while p. tying'
Banker Sims went, east by the Mil
waukee yesterday. It is reported
that while absent he will purch.isea
two-seated automobile fin (lie hank.
oi I,, it I.:,, iihaps n, i|„-
u.i".el 11d- ||, |,.|i fiV:-|i, a \Mi.
breaking on,-o| hiyyiists. In Woi-
l"ll 11 Veil up he Injnictl l|ll'!oi,e.
and istei Ii.
g.'ning, :iio„ as
Weil as coiuii •. (i. e,|
Nu. Mi,eiiei-b0»r.epubiicaii .^tiiV'
Ida lo, OUIIII Issloliel l,| he I I I
district, yy as in i.nu vesleidav mie.
here he tiled Ins pi iiiiar-y -law ,.,-t ii i-n
*1111 I he count.v auditor'. iie peti
tion contains up.y aid of hit
wlli.'h is a el I show mg l,.i a
couiiiiissioiiei dist i.-t pet in n.
TwIlls weie horn to Mi md \il,,
HI Llsll o| he West lieid oel,dil.o|
llooil. lec.'Ul |y W bethel iiovsoi i'ir«,J
oi a gill an.I a b..\. ohi infonn ,oi ,i iV'
11II a
ile say lie son he 11 pa
I he Count see ins I .. lie SI i| ny |,e nil
Hi igI at ion pi oblein That In- M-c-ml
set of twins 111 a month down tbeie.
hoys o( altoijl eighteen 1,1 nuii
teen yeais came in I1..111 \lieideen
the other day. bidden uudei a ase^
asl dug 111.id ii 11.- consigned lo 1 he
Linton lla/.ar. and yy Inch o.-cupn .1 pai
of a Hat c,| l»|ie ot I
le III yyiole ,1':
IKistal caid and dropped it in the post
office: bill, as lie I I to addless It,:'
the I'llld is posted III the |. .I' 'V,
.IWail Ilie he addl ess. 'Ih.- b.y gives'-.'
an account ot I
us 11 ij
1.1 I I o\ 1 '.-a 1
Sister Anna: .lust .1 11y, I it l.iiit"iia!
.'.u p. a11e 1 111, miles ot 1 iding un
der a ('ase In,ishing 111a. lime. This:
is a swell biiig. We weie out and
heard the hiind play. It was line
ie lei el is sig lied. .N 01
I I 1 lo.t a
'1 I'll. III.' boy .lie Ml »posei
I to Ii 11,
gone out, ol I
ovv 11 I iv I he N 011 hei 11 I'.i
cl tic.
Miss Craven in Soulli llakoln.
Ilia let ei t' 1 a lie.i 111.- I 1 .11111a I
II. I. Walker, manager of I he I'.iooU
illgs opet.l-house, says of the I ocel 11,
engagement of Miss llutb 'laveii. I
talented ui
ot oi 1 11 actress, and hei.
able company who ill appeal a! Lin
ton June lib "Played Last l.yni.o
lie ,",t 11 I a la
1 ge and a
pprecial and 1 -7
ence. and I must.say that Miss 1 '1.1 yen's
interpretation ot th.- 1111I011 uuat e.
Lady Isalsille, yvas an-.ong the best
ever seen hei e. The work ol I!i.'hiinl:
Valentine as Aiehibald 'ai lysle vsa-i
almye pa
1. and 111 chaiaet.ers of tbsff
nature lie will certainly please any ulni
are so lorfunato as to hear him Miss
Tlielnia I
ie I
'i it liirbaia llaie
did e\eel|ent ly. as did ills.. loiel,
Hall as 'a uielia. lalo- tin- company
as a whole, our people consider Me'iu
one of the best balan.vd I it has
played here foi yeais. Miss 1'iaveii
and 11'-1 company have found a yvaiiil
spot, 11 11 ie bea 11 of I
!i110kiugsit.es. and,
will be aeeoided a beaity yv.-ic.ui.'
when 11
ley appeal Icrc n.-vt s-asoii iu:
The Stale l-'air.
Il weather per 11111 aie* lup.J.s h"l.l
OIM, the sc 11 11
|e for- th" ileal ion of:
(lower beds and rowsol sweet peasoti aii
sides ol l-'aigo ale an grounds ou:
lis o|MMiing days will greet the people
of I he state as a p.nails'' almost.
A scheme that n"|uiies I ilnu most
ly ret uol uf the very exp.-nsive kind
-has been (.'onsidet ed by tie- .issocm
Lion to beautify the grounds in eviy
way possible. plants ot a:l kin Is:
glow quickly on vall''V sul: so it, is
proposed to stall, at
to lay out
Ilower beds lie-11 buildings lining,
walks and di 1 ve-ways, an I especialn.
to train swe"t peas along Hi.- l.-ices
about lie grounds and
effect will be beautiful. 'lllis tlllie
of real. .lul.y j:: to J', i-y t..11 h.o uning
season for out-'if-dooi plants: so, il a.l
is favorable, a novel sight wi gict
State l-airgoeis.
Tiie premium list of tie- l-'aig .ta:e
,111 association is puoiislied, and
gives a list I aw aids I .1 almost eviy
thing that '-an done, ui id- -.i gio.v
in North |iikot.a I-/, .-i one nil e, ,st.
ed may send t.o 1 lv W i.vi. s.-.-i•
tarv. toi one, and eiiiei an e\.libit in
the events in 0111 line ot '.vo'k
speeidlfy. for it. is sii eiy uc-oli lii'-d
therein loi voiireno .urageiueiil. '.leal,
interest is l*'ing taken in ie I ii-'\
,iir ijy people ai. oei .the si.:t is
ell as I-ai go.::-Ii 1 lug is .goitu on
a lapid rate. lie- Far."- stict
railway is Ienonig !(ejgt.t, ens lined-:
ith lumber an otle.'i uia'ena loi
grounds '.in tli'- different ran
.ads, l!y this nieins. exhibits yvill
.11 ill-. 1 lei .lirectjy at the
groin.d-. sivin uui'-h labor, tune
and daugei 'o jeecious exhibits Irotu
The 1 a ii 1V ('. "tie' aiuuseinent laiifa is
:i 'nil -1' led. Send -V) cents to
esideic A S'-'dt. with your sug
s' 011". lb- w.ll s" ud ,11 a tieket of
admission t" the grounds for each .Vi
cents, and. if .ur siugeaion is lb.
one decided upon, will lec-ive tlic,
flo rewaid otTcled by the a.sso- ini .n.
A ull Line of lidison Phonograph
Records kept continually on hand.
Send for catalogue. C. 11. I'ttlilJ'i
Agent Bismarck.

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