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&!! ii1
This Farmer is Rich
He Buys His Lumber from the
And Has Profited Thereby
F. J. tifWS, f\GENT
Linton, North Dakota
99' Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call and Give Us a Clianee to Hid
on Your Work.
H. E. KILMER, Manager
..Newly Furnished Throughout...
Careful attention will be paid to the
comfort of guests
L. Du HEAUME. Linton R. D. COONEN, Hazelton
in Lint mi ami Hazelton
Large List of Jm proved ami I'nim proved Lands. Ilso. tie
sir able Hunches. Prices from
,S',S' t, ,y
dire i# a call before yon, purchase. Land shown free of
charge, irhethcr ar not j/oa ha if
Apply to L. lu llE.U'ME. Linton, or to H. J). ('OO.YEX.
Ila :eltoa
rB,h f»Qoilftfa ('11
ry a complete line of i/oar
il SllAAfi rimi/ilil, Hiiro]' F,,,,/ Srltul-.r $
3/? Shoes. {K,
i: .v.:-• JUT
jri\ ftg Me always carry an ample supply,
AOS fresh and up to dale.
Highest Prices Paid for Farm Produce $£
C. WOLFER, Lintou, N. D.
List of Emmons County Property
Transferred During the Week
Beginning Dec. 17th and Ending
Dec- aad, 1906.
In the following table of real-estate
transfers, copied from the records of
the register of deeds, we have used
reference marks as follows: a Patent,
Receiver's Final Receipt, Quit
claim Deed. Special Warranty Deed.
Tile descriptions without a reference
mark are by Warranty Deed.
United States to Michael
Lipp. lots 1, 2, 3 and 4.
19-131-76,124 acres
a United States to Andrew
M. Welker, se qr 34-130
78,100 acres
a United States to John
Jacob Haveman. hf of
qr 18 and hf of or
19-130-75,160 acre.
a United States to Michael
Gabriel, lots 1, 2,3 and 4,
6-130-74, 164.90
a United States to Ferdinand
Wildemann, shfofneqr
and lots 1 a»d 2,1- 129-75,
160.04 acres
a United States to Martin
Reidlinger, qr 10-132
78,l60acres ........
a United States to Maria
Baumgartner, hf of
qr, qr of qr and
qr of qr 13-130-75,160
a United States to Barbara
Volk, hf of nw qr and
hfof lie qr 8-130-78., ICO
X. P. Railwayed, to Joseph
Schneider, qr 9-131-75,
160 acres 9
N. P. Railway Co. toStephan
Kraft, hf of qr 13
131-76. 80 acres...
N. P. Railway Co. to Wil
Ham G. floerr, qr 17
133-74, qr 23-135-74, lots
3 and 4,and hf of qr
5-131-76. hf 29-131-77,
qr 25-132-77, lots 3 and 4
and hf of qr 7-131-78
and qr 29-133-78,1,466.23
United States to Willem
Groen swqr 9-129-74, 160
Milwaukee Land Co. to R.
M. Volk. lot 1?, block 6.
Hague, N.
Carlos N. Boyntonto Martin
67 50
Ohiiiauser, qr 35-133-78,
160 acres.,
Charles N. Herried and wife
to Christian Marquart,
qr 9-129-75, lots 2,3 and 4
of section 7 and lotl, 18
129 74, 1,400 00
Milwaukee Land Co. to A. K.
720 00
Fischer, lot 6, block 11,
Hague, N.
Milwaukee Land Co. to A. K.
Fischer, lot 5, block 11,
Hague, N.
L. M. Payne to Sarah A.
McCollum, swqr 14-130-75,
160 acres
Sarah A. McCollum to Jo
hannes Volk, swqr 14-130
L. L. Payne to Johannes
Gatcsetal ,seqr 27-135-74,
160 acres
Leslie S. Ilackney to George
Gates et al..
75,160 acres
Gustaf .Johnson and wife
to C. G. Kngquist, lit of
qr and lots and 7,
J. B. Keeltr and wife to
58 50
1 00
1,600 00
Volk, hf of qr 23 and
hr of qr 24-130-75... 1.600 00
C. A. Patterson and wite
to 11. It. and R. R. Sie
tuonsnia, hf 31-135-77.. 1 00
Andrew E. Lee and wife etal.
to II. it. and II. R. Siemons
tna, hf 31-135-76.320 acres 5.840 00
Leslie S. Ilackney to George
1,180 70
qr 25-135-
1,030 on
--MOO 00
George A. Duemeland,
qr 27-132-77,160 acres 1.800 00
Ole Scar to George W. Eger
inayer, seqr 7-134-75, 190
Anna B. Parr and husband
to 1. Mendelowitz and wife
lot 1, block 18, Hunter's
addition to Linton, X. D.
Michac Senger and wife to
1 00
125 00
Josep Senger, qr of
qr 35-131-74,40 acres..
Anton Volk and wife to
1 00
Jakob Bauer, hf of ne qr
8 and hf of qr 9-129
74,160 acres: iif of qr
and hf of qr 9-129-74,
160 acres hfof seqr 4
129-74, 80 acres
7,400 00
Fresh oysters for sale at Ober-
meier's bakery.
Call at he Record office and get our
prices, and let us show you our sam
ples of Job Printing.
W take this occasion to thank you heartily tor your patronage
1 during the year just ending and hope we may merit a con
tinuance of your appreciated favor. With good wishes for a
liapppy New Year, I am sincerely yours, I. MEN DELOWITZ.
LFrom the News, Doc. 19.1
Mrs. Hendershott is making
rangeinents to move to Bismarck.
Win. Beard has been quite sick for
the past two weeks, but is getting
along nicely at present.
Adolph Staak will leave this week
for Cochrane, Wis, where he will
spent* the holidays with his parents.
He expects to bring back with him a
carload of heavy work-horses.
County Superintendent of Schools
Olias. Coventry, accompanied by Su
perintendent-elect Miss Jessie San
didge, was in Braddock yesterday.
They are visiting the schools and
members of the school boards of the
Born on Sunday morning, Dec. 16,
1906, to Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Doer
schlag, a bouncing bo—, girl, we
should say. When setting up the ci
gars Lew says, "Girls are the best
what is, any way." The mother and
little miss are getting along nicely.
It is a shame that our farmers are
obliged to put up with the annoyance
of having the cattle that roam the
streets of Braddock eat up all the hay
that the farmers have in their sleds
with which to keep warm. The own
ers of the stock get cheap feed, but
the farmers have to suffer for it.
The coal-shortage situation here lias
reached the point where our farmers
must either have coal or freeze but
there are some of them who do not be
lieve in experiencing the latter, as long
as the Soo hauls coal through here.
On Saturday, while the crew of an
east-bound freight were at dinner
here, several of the farmers from the
north country unloaded a quantity of
lignite from the several cars that were
attached to the train for points east,
and, arter weighing it, tendered the
money in payment for it to representa
tives of the company, which, of course,
was refused. If conditions do not
change here soon in regard to the coal
shortage, it is a cinch that the com
pany will lose considerably more of the
necessary article if its trains carrying
lignite stop here long enough for the
bovs to get in their work.
(.From the Republican, Dec. 90.]
Miss Lena Appert returned Monday
evening from Bismarck, where she
had been caring for her sister.
A new phonograph and some choice
records are shortening the evenings
at the home of Nick Graham since
Win. Marquardt left Saturday for
i.is old home in Wisconsin, where he
will spend the holidays with relatives
and boyhood friends.
Leonard Driver, who some months
ago was sent to the ibsane asylum at
Jamestown, by the Bismarck authori
ties, is again at home and is in the
best of health.
S. F. Wright, who, witli his sister,
went to Pennsylvania six weeks ago
to sec his aged mother and to visit old
home scenes, reached home last
Thursday evening. The old pi,tees
much the same to "Sam" as
they did when he left there nearly
twenty years ago, except that the
hlulTs looked more steep and the farms
seemed to have grown smaller. He
left his mother iu good health. In
the spring lie expects a brother and
some other friends out from that sec
Estray Notice.
One dark-bay pinto mare brand
ed 575 on right hip large white
spot on right side white face, reach
ing over right eye and right cheek:
white stockings.
One bay mare branded 666 on
I right hip dark stockings to knees
small strip in face, and a small patch
of pink skin on nose, near left nos
Cream-colored mare dark mane
and tail branded 679 on right hip
dark stockings to knees.
A reward will be given for taking
I up and notifying
A Slope Institution.
The Bismarck Tribune, (Daily and
Weekly) will cover the proceedings
and gossip of the tenth legislative
assembly fully and impartially. Those
who have read the Bismarck Tribune
reports in the past are assured that
the coming session of the legislature
will receive still greater attention to
the details, the lobby and committee
work. It will give a complete
synopsis of all measures proposed or
passed. Readers of the Tribune will
get all the news. No other paper can
or will cover the event so fully. The
Tribune, dally, three months, will be
sent to any address for $1 weekly, 25
cents. Members can make up their
lists, send in the addresses and settle
with the business department later
on. Advance synopsis of reports
from the various state officers and
institutions are now being made, and
those subscribing now will receive
the paper gratis till Jan. 1st.
Address, The Tkihine
Bismarck, N. D.
tr if you want to borrow money
on your farm, the Linton State Bank
will lend it to you
WFor proofs, tilings, etc., apply to
L. A- Weatherby, United States Com
missioner, Linton.
Proposals for Deposit of County Funds.
The Board of County Commissioners of
Emmons county. North Dakota, invite
sealed proposals from the hanks of Emmons
county, up to2 o'clock p. m. January 7. 1007.
for toe deposit of he county funds of said
county, to be held subject to check on de
mand: proposal to stale what rale of inter
est will be paid on the average dally bal
ances during the-month. Interest to be
paid monthly. Also.
Proposals for rate of Interest that will lie
paid on
17.000of the county sinking fund, on
a time deposit for one year.
Bids must be marked. "Bid fot Deposit of
County Funds.
A fidelity 1
cessfol bidder.
bond will be required of the sue-
ight to reject any
The board reserves the
or all bids.
Dated at Linton, N. D., Decenilier 32. lfKMi.
.1. U. PITTS.
County Auditor.
Notice to Dog Owners.
Each and every person residing in the cor-
ate limits of the village of Linton. N. I)
notified that it will be necessary
to procure from the village clerk a license
for each dog owned by lilm, bv paying to
Thomas Jones, village treasurer. 50 cents
for each dog and $1.00 for each bitch owned
by him, taking his receipt for same and pre
senting said receipt to the village clerk and
procuring from him a license, said license
being for the present unexpired vcar and
gooa until April 1st. it)07.
Any dog not having a collar ami license
tag before January 1st, 1J07, will be dealt
with as set forth in the village ordinances
By order of the village trustees.
A. .v. .Jungk.
Sale of Land.
ity of an order
C. Bowerdlnk. judge of the county couri of
the county of Emmons, in the state of North
Dakota, dated the 17th day of November.
Notice Is hereby given that under autlior
ror sale grauted by the Hon.
1000, the undersigned, the administrator of
the estate of Jacob Poulsen. late of he town
of Slayton, In the county of Murray and
state of Minnesota, deceased, will soil at
private sale to the highest bidder, for cash,
or not less thau one-third cash md the bal
ance In one and two years, with interest at
seven per cent per annum, and the deferred
payments secured by first mortgage on the
roperty sold, subject to continuation by the
of said county court, the following
described land, to-wit: The noi tlnvcst one
quarter (M) of section ten (10). township one
hundred thirty-six (ISO), range seventy-six
(76), In Emmons county. North Dakota.
The sale will lie made on ot after the 5th
day of January. 11107.
All bids must be in writing, and may be
left with Messrs. Newton & Uullam. at tneir
ofllces In the city of Bismarck. Noit Dako
ta, or filed with the judge of the comity
court, or delivered to the undersigned per
sonally. Hl UT I. WEI.D,
Administrator of the Estate of Jacob I'mtl
sen. Deceased.
Dated November 2t, I'.HVi.
Sheriff's Sale of Land.
State of Norlli Dakota. County of Hmleiuh.
In District Court: Sixth .luili.-ial Dis
State Bank of Morton County vs. \. J.
Shields atld C. E- Welch.
Notice Is hereby given -that bv vlrliu: of
au execution to me directed and delivered,
and now In my hands, issued out. of lie dis
trict court in and for the couniy of itui
lelgli. lu the state of Noith Dakota, upon a
Judgment tiled and docketed in said court
In favor of the State Bank of Morton County
and against N. J. Shields aud C. r. Welch. I
have levied upon the following described
real properly of the said defendant N. .1
Shields, situate in the county of Emmons
and state of North Dakott. to wit: The
south one-half (S. K) of t.liesouthwest quar
ter (S. W.
Braddock. N. D.
and lots numbered three (:i)
and four (4), of section fwiir (1). In townshin
one hundred and thirty-two (i:t!) north of
range seventy-seven west of the Elfin
Principal Meridian
And that I shall on Tuesday, the 1Mb iy
of January, A. I). 11107. nt the hour of
pany also, the Hackney lands to lease for hay.
Martin & Sims
E. E. MAKTIN. Vlce-Pre*.
Stage leaves Linton at
7 a. m. daily for Ha
zelton and Braddock
Carries passengers be
tween Linton, Hazelton
and Braddock. Beturn
ing, reaches Linton at
6:30 o'lock p. m.
o'clock In the forer.oou of said day. at the
front door oft he county court-house, in the
city of LinUm. in the county of Emmons and
of North Dakot:i. proceed to sell all
the rtclit. title aud interest of the above
named N. J. Shields iu and to the above
described property, to satisfy said judgment
and costs, amounting to seventy-one and
OS-lOOths dollars, with interest thereon at
the rate of 7 per cent per annum from the
2Mb day of November. I'.W. and four dollars
accrued coats, together with all he accruing
casts of suclt sale, at public auction, to the
highest bidder fur cash.
This IHh day of December. \. D. I'.Nfci.
Sheriff of Emmons County. North Dakota.
By Wii.mam Junes. Deputy
$HAw & Nroiot.f, Plaintiff's Attor-ievs.
Mandau. N It.'
Bilking IVi'lcclion
Is possible only with an I!
Hence, to get best am! ,, ....
suits. make use o*' the SNOW
WHITE brand of Flonn^lU
Liver Feed and Sale
Wm. Carniicheal,
Accommodations First Class. Rates Si.SO arid $2,00 !er Ds.
J. B. CROWELt. Proprietor
rity and excellence in errr-i re­
spect hare been proven x,i inn
times, in so many n-ays. th-i! /,.u
will advantage yourself by
ordering SNOW WHITE /'•'l.or
Including some of the best farms in Emmons county.:-1
you wish to buy a farm, for investment or a lumie. it iedl
to investigate.
We are sales solicitors for the Hackney
Lou,! :,i-
At I lie 1.
iUT Loans Money on approved securitv
Interest paid on Time Deposits.
I Time Loans made on Improved Farms.
Taxes paid for Residents and Non-Residents
Insurance effected in the best companies.
Will also lease your Lands and collect Rents.
state Hi:'tew
A. W. SI MS.
Linton State Bank
First-Class liigs, (!ool I C:
Horses, Reasonable Holes,
Prompt Service
Also Runs a Stage Line Between
Braddock, Through
Should Not Forget That
Carry a Big Stock of
If you are in a hurry for anything in our line
not wait until you can come to
but writ* us for we make the filling of
mailorders a leading part of our business.

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