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Regarding the Hustling
Busine« Men of Em
mons and North
ern Campbell.
Two of the Best Coun
ties to Be Found in
the "Land of the
People Will Give
a Square Deal If
You Do Business
With Them.
In calling
attention in this Issue to
the liberal and progressive business
professional men of Emmons and
northern Campbell counties, we desire
emphasize the desirability of
patronising local people
Taking everything into considera
tion, they can do as well as the cata
logue house, and it should not be for
gotten that for every dollar spent at
home practically three-fourths of it
remains in the community.
Taxes, rent, clerk hire, building im
provements, lighting, etc., must in
la rue
part be paid by the home mer
chant. Our schools and churches look
mainly to them, and their prosperity
means the growth of the town.
Shoddy and trash form a large part
of the mail-order house stocks, and
quality is in many cases sacrificed to
price, as they are well aware that the
ordinary individual is not Judge of
the value of goods. Official analysis
of their paints, food products and
other lines show that they are very
often not what they are represented
to be, and therefore the farmers and
others are being bilked outrageously
every way.
When you buy from your local mer
chant you see the goods before you
purchase. He cannot afford to deal
unfairly with you, and nowadays com
petition is so keen that prices are ex
tremely reasonable. The fanner should
remember that in crowding out the
local man he will in the long run re
duce the value of his farm lands and
deprive his growing sons and daugh
ters of business opportunities as well.
Kven supposing that in a few things
a slight saving is effected, is it worth
while to destroy hundreds and hun
dreds of small towns throughout the
country in order to economize a few
The home merchant stands for a do
nation to help every legitimate enter
prise projected by the city and coun
try but the mall-order house contrib
utes in no way to our interests.
Credit is never given by them, and the
draining of our rural districts of ready
money in order to enrich a few in
dividuals who foist Inferior goods on
is nothing less than a calamity.
Should this continue, millions and
millions of dollars' worth of town and
adjacent farm property will be de
preciated, and the fanner will suffer
along with all others interested in the
growth and prosperity of the small
•'ay your cash to the local dealer
and order in as large quantities from
liitn as you do from the catalogue
house in Chicago and he will make
y°u figures that will satisfy you and
here note that moreover It is
hardly fair to ask for accommodation
from the town merchant when times
are dull, and when times are good
send the ready cash to the outsider.
Think it well over and you will come
to the conclusion that all are bene
fited by the growth and advancement
°f the home town, and, everything
considered, the home merchant is en
titled to the patronage of home people.
Capital $10,000.
A. Crain, President w. E. Petrie.
Vice President W. O. Irwin,
This institution is so thoroughly
identified with our section
agement of this bank could hardly be
improved on, and it is always ready
do what it properly can to advance
best interests. It is conservative,
every way but all undertakings
that safe, honorable banking may
foster will be" sure of due considera
tion from this institution. It is in
creasing its business rapidly, and it
a matter tor congratulation that our
county possesses such a strong, well
directed financial concern. Affable
service to all 1s a feature of the bank
well worth dwelling on. Messrs. Craln
and Petrie are gentlemen of large
means and excellent business judg
ment, and Mr. W. O. Irwin, the cash
ier, knows the^aaldng business thor
oughly and is a courteous, capable
gentleman who commands the full
confidence of our people.
Capital $10,000
C. Verlandtr, Prtsidsnt E. E- Martin. Viet
PmMtnfe A. W. Sims, Cashier.'
If we did inot refer in high praise
to this bank in our description of the
city and surrounding country, we
would be remlas Indeed, as it is a
well-patronized, solid, progressive in
stitution. It amply and satisfactor
ily meets the needs of our community
In the way of a first-class, ^'ell
managed bank, and these gentlemen
will attend promptly and thoroughly
to any business you may have in the
banking line. They are well equipped
with strong safes and vaults and the
funds are fully protected against Are,
burglary, defalcation or other contin
gencies. A good bank does a great
deal for a town, as it aids consider
ably in the development of the town's
resources, and this Institution does its
full share in this way.. AH accounts,
whether large or small, are received
with due appreciation, and there is
nothing lacking that an up-to-date,
successful bank should have. The rec
ord of this institution is gilt-edged in
every respect, and it is a great credit
to our town. Messrs. Vorlander and
Martin are well known as gentlemen
of financial responsibility and the
highest personal character, and Mr.
A. W. Sims, the cashier, is well up in
banking matters and one of the in
fluential men of the community.
J- A- Lang, Local Manager.
In perusing this series of write-ups the
reader will notice that the above-named
company has yards at several points in
the county. And these yards are all do
inga good business. It is the policy of
the Phoenix Company to treat customers
in such a way that they will be retained.
Agents are instructed to see that no mis
takes are made as to statements regard
ing the quality or grade of the stock
sold, and when you buy from a Phoenix
yard you know you are getting what you
pay for. One of the busiest of the com
pany's yards is the Linton yard,
of which
Mr. J. A. Lang is manager. At this yard
you will always find a large and well
selected stock of lumber and. other pro
ducts in that line, and buyers may rest
assured that they will be met in a liberal
spirit and dealt with in a prompt and
courteous manner. Mr. Lang has had
several years' experience in the lumber
business, and the firm that has employed
him has never had cause to complain
that it has not received at least its share
of the trade. Mr. Lang will be pleased
to have calls from those who contem
plate the erection of buildings, and is al
ways ready and willing to make esti
mates as to the wood-work required in
•structures of any kind.
mention of it
special edition. Its career
,J*ry successful, and a bank
"ind reflects credit upon us. A
progressive concern, its standing
silt-edged in every respect. As
!he important part played by
of this
a rule,
appreciated by all
•'any persons regard them simply
a ,)lace
«f safe keeping for
have no adequate conception
Part they play in the
legitimate enterprises
General Merchandise.
A general merchandise store that is
up to the mark in every respect, sells
at reasonable prices and in which all
have confidence is hard to find but
this establishment gives thorough sat
isfaction, and it is a pleasure to note
that it is favored with a flourishing
trade. A reputation has been built up
for fair and square dealing, and when
you step in here you may be positive
you will receive all that is coming to
you. Customers are kept by giving
the very best service, meeting the
strongest competition, and carrying a
line of goods that suits our people
exactly. Integrity, push and enter
prise are the foundation stones of this
house, and the store has a neat, lively
appearance which impresses the
stranger very favorably. It is one of
our prosperous enterprises, and price,
goods, and business policy are right
therefore, trade is expanding rapidly.
Mr. Wolfer is a merchant of the
right kind, always looking after busi
ness, giving all comers everything
that is coming to them, and being ab o
lutely reliable.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Repairing.
Desiring to include the responsi
ble and honorable stores in these
pages as we touch on our business
interests, we feel that this establish
ment deserves favorable mention at
our lands. Our people are well
served here, and Mr. Rowerdlnk en
joys the best of reputations. He has
won the confidence of the conimunity
by fair treatment of patrons, and you
need have no fear but that you have
received a good return for your money
when you trade with him. An up-to
date, reliable, artistic stock of jewelry,
diamonds, watches, silver and plated
ware is kept, and prices are very
reasonable. The exact truth is told
regarding every article, and the busi
ness has been built up on honor. A
large repairing trade is done, and all
departments of the business are in
good shape. Mr. Rowerdink is fully
trusted by our people, and when you
do business with him you are in safe
hands, as he is always on the square
and an expert in his line of business.
Millinery Parlors, Dressmaking.
This is a millinery establishment
which is doing well, and our ladies
are well served here. The latest hats
and bonnets are here displayed, and
great pains are taken to please pa
trons. The trimming is well done and
the stock is bought from the leading
bouses in the trade, so that customers
may be sure they are getting stylish
and fashionable headgear. Parlors like
this attract trade that want the best
for a moderate price, and we wish to
make special mention of the fact that,
no matter how fastidious you are. yon
can be suited here. We are safe in
saying that those who patronize these
parlors recommend them to their
friends, and it is a pleasure to note
the well deserved success of this lady.
She is assisted by Miss Alice Dorn
sife, who has had long experience in
this line. She also does dressmaking,
and has a large trade in this line, too.
Miss Dornsife is a refined, business
like lady who is well thought of here
by all.
Paul R. Muench.
Also, Flour, Feed and Grain.
Here is a market that we should
not forget to say a good word for, as
it is well worthy of recommendation.
It is a tip-top establishment in every
respect for short weight is unknown
here, and it is run in just the right
way. All meats are first-class, and
customers who have traded here ever
since it first opened its doors are loud
in its praises. The market enjoys a
very good name, and pains are taken
to please patrons-and give thorough
satisfaction. Markets like this de
serve a brisk patronage, and this one
is numbered among our solid and
growing establishments. We have
never heard a complaint of any kind
regarding this place, and everybody
likes to see it do such a lively busi
ness, as it enjoys the confidence of the
community. Mr. Muench is always on
hand looking after business closely,
and is honest to the cent and a
first-class citizen. He is also, in the
feed, flour and grain business.
Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing, Repair
If we were asked to name a place
where good, honest bTaeksmithing.
horseshoeing and repairing are done
at fair prices, we would certainly point
out this establishment, and we think
our readers would agree with us.
Here the sound of the anvlt tias been
heard for some time, and the job done
here is first-class in every respect.
The facilities here are excellent and
the service offered patrons equals the
best to be found anywhere. An up
to-date, properly-conducted blacksmith
ing, horseshoeing and repairing estab
lishment is one of the most necessary
features in the mercantile interests
of any town, and we can congratulate
ourselves of having such a success
ful and thoroughly satisfactory shop
of the kind here. Long experience,
exceptional skill and honest methods
mark this establishment, and our peo
ple appreciate that fact, as is shown
by the heavy patronage given the
shop. Mr. Haugse is always busy,
and he deals fairly and squarely with
one and all. His reputation here is
The hotels and restaurants of Emmons
county should be given a prominent
place in these pages, and this establish
ment is a very creditable enterprise.
Business is in good shape, and all pa
trons are properly looked after. Fruits,
fish, oysters, and in fact anything sea
sonable in the market, can be had here,
and the place is kept clean and inviting.
The service is O. K., and a better meal
for the money would be hard to get. The
kitchen is kept very neat, and the trade
is steadily growing. We like to see a
restaurant like this win out. as people
receive proper attention and a square
deal there, and no one can ask more than
that. It is one of the prosperous estab
lishments of Linton, and all departments
of the business are properly looked after.
Though not open long, Mr. Turner has
shown that the people of l.inton and
vicinity appreciate a restaurant of the
right kind. Mr. Turner is
an industrious
gentleman and a good citizen, and in
conducting his restaurant he is ably as
sisted by Mrs. Turner.
August ©Sermeier. Prop.
Confectionery, Fruits, Cigars, Etc.
A home industry such as this gentle
man operates is a considerable benefit
to a town. Here Mr. Obermcycr turns
out bread, cakes, pastry, etc., which are
a credit to him. and which we may say
are just as "mother used to make." The
flour used is the best, the ingredients
pure and unadulterated, and the bakc
room is kept in a very clean condition.
Mr. Obermeier also wholesales, supply
ing the nearby towns, and he has built
up a large trade by square dealing and
progressive ways. He also handles
fruits, cigars, confectionery, etc., and his
stock is fresh and well-selected. Mr.
Obermeier is a man you can hank on al
ways, and he runs his store in a way
that gives complete satisfaction to his
patrons. This getleman is always busy,
and he is a fixture here Vho "makes
good" always.
Mrs. Carley should not be passed by
as we note our business establishments,
for her restaurant is well patronized and
she conducts her enterprise in a very
creditable manner. Here you get home
cooking that is home cooking, and her
place is neat and inviting, The service
is all right, too. and Mrs. Carley looks
after business very closely. Her restau
rant is conveniently located, being near
the union depot, and she gets consider
able patronage from the trainmen also,
from the traveling public generally. You
cannot get ajjetter meal in the county
for the money, and Mrs. Carley therefore
holds her trade right along. This lady
owns several lots in Linton, and also
has a good claim. She is industrious
and accommodating, and enjoys the re
spect of the entire community.
John P. Ffeifle, Prop.
The hotels of the county should not he
passed by as we note the various fea
tures of this section, and the Dakota is
doing very well indeed. It has been
newly furnished when you stop here
you will be looked after inevery respect,
It is but a short walk from the depot, and
transients as well as local trade are
given obliging attention. Mr. Pfeifle
sets a verv good meal, and nothing is
put on the table that is not the very best.
The service likewise is good, and the
hotel from top to bottom is kept as neat
as a pin. A hotel like the Dakota is a
credit to any town, and we are pleased
to see that it is'doing such a fine busi
ness. Mr. Pfeifle is a pleasant, go-ahead
gentleman who is well adapted to the
hotel business, and he has many friends
and a large business connection.
A first-class, well-managed meat mar
ket is an important feature of a city, and
this establishment does a large business.
Here you get the proper weight always,
and Mr. Kelsn keeps his place in just the
right condition. This gentleman is one
of the best butchers in this part of the
state, and you will have no criticism to
make should you do business here. He
holds his trade first-rate,
and he is honest
to the nickel in dealing with his patrons.
Mr. Kelsch is a man that you can always
have confidence in and his market is run
in the right way. It takes a bright, live
man to operate an establishment of this
kind and make it win but this gentle
man is one of our prosperous business
men and he is going ahead fast.
F. J. Haas, Local Manager.
Lumber and Coal.
Among Linton's important enterprises
sliould be pointed ont this lumber yard,
as it does a brisk trade, and the lumber
and coal sold here give complete satis
faction. The yard is run in a liberal,
enterprising manner, and every effort is
made to cater to people in a way that
will leave no cause for complaint. Mr.
Haas, the local manager, knows his line
well, and you can bank on him always,
as he looks sharply after trade and gets
his share of it "and then some."
L. H. Briggle, Manager.
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance.
Mr. Hriggle should not be passed by
as we refer to the prosperous and up
right business men of this section, as
he does a large business and his sales
are increasing rapidly. He is one of
our pushers, understande the land
business fully, and when you do busi
ness with him you can count every
time on a square deal. His list of
city and country property is very
attractive, and there is no better man
to see should you contemplate invest
ment of any kind. Real-estate men of
his stamp are what, 'his section needs.
as all our people are interested in the
growth and development of this part
of the state, and land men are firm be
lievers in keeping the addvantages of
a district before the public. In fact.
It is not too much to say that our state
would not advance as fast as it does
were it not for our realty men, who
are always foremost in pushing ahead
and bringing newcomers here. Mr.
Ilrlggle has a large list of lands for
sale, pays taxes for non-residents,
rents land, sells and exchanges real
estate of any kind, lie has excellent
bargains in farm property ranging
Ironi ten to twenty-live dollars an
acre Mr. Hriggle bears a very
good name in real estate circles,
and he is a pleasant, broad-gauge
gentleman who "makes good" in
every respect.
General Merchandise
The above-mentioned establishment
deserves on its merits a leading
place in our columns, as we dwell on
the commercial interests in this part
of the state, for it has built up a rep
utation for square dealing which is
recognized by all. and nowhere can
better goods or lower prices be had.
A stock of general merchandise is
carried which is clean, fresh, and up
to-date, and when you buy here you
will be well pleased. Prices attract
saving people, and the stock is well
adapted for the needs of this commun
ity. The store is commodious, fitted
up very conveniently, and all cus
tomers are given the very best atten
tion. Clerk service is likewise ). K.,
and. briefly, this is tin establishment
in which all customers can feel they
are receiving good goods, reasonable
prices and excellent treatment in
every way. A store of this kind re
flects credit on our business world,
and trade is in a very satisfactory
condition. Mr. Klabunde is one of
the best merchants in the country,
and a gentleman of push and sound
business judgment who is one of the
winners in mercantile life.
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance.
George H. Niles. President M. E.
Niles. Vice President H. O.
Batzer, Cashier.
In referring to this bank we wish to
draw particular attention to the fact,
that it makes a speciality of farm
loans and insurance, doing a large
business in these lines. There is no
firm or institution in the county that
can serve the public lietter in this
way, as terms and rates are always
eminently fair and the proprietors
can refer to all with whom they have
ever done business. They also do a
general real-estate business, and they
are authorities on this section of the
country. We personally vouch for
these gentlemen, though their record
is such they require no endorsement
from us. Their bank is well managed,
also, and they are open for any and
all legitimate banking that comes
their way. The policy of the bank
is conservative, the funds are secure
ly guarded and every reasonable
effort is made to please patrons.
Ilazelton is greatly benefited by a
bank of this kind. Mr. (ieorge II.
Niles, the president, is an agreeable,
go-ahead gentleman who is making
a decided success of. the institution,
and we would note that he is also a
lawyer in excellent standing. Mrs.
M. K. Niles, the vice president, is a
pleasant and popular lady of great
refinement, and Mr. II. O. Itatzer, the
cashier, is a weighty factor in the
prosperity of the bank.
L. Lewis, Local Manager.
As wo mention the various lumber
companies in this part of the state
we feel we should not pass the
Dacotah by, as it is one of the reliable
and up-to-date kind, and they have -i
reputation for dealing with their cus
tomers in the right manner. All
lumber and building material carried
by them is tip-top, and prices are
never unreasonable. Ilazelton always
gets the proper deal from this yard,
and Mr. Lewis, the local manager, is
we|l liked and a gentleman who fiiK
the bill in every respect. A lumber
yard like this would get business any
Pool Room, Lunch Counter, Confec
tionery. First-Class Equipment.
We must not forget to iy a good
word for this gentleman, as bis busi
ness is ill good shape, and when you
patronize bis establishment you will
be well treated. "All work and no
play makes Jack a dull boy,'' the
good old proverb says, and we con
sider that, a well-managed, up-to-date
pool and billiard room is an important
feature of a city. This is a well-run
resor:, and it is a very pleasant place
to spend an hour in and enjoy a
game. Kxci-llcnt order is alssass
maintained, and son will have no fault
to find when you step in lu re Mr
Otterson also operates a lunch counter
and you can get am thing 011 like
there for the right price This gentle
man keeps his place clean and tnvit
ing, and his business cross's from sear
to year. We must not fail
out. also, that he keeps a Hue stock
of confectionery Mr oit.rson is a
good man to have in a town, as lie
Is on the square. always a bus'lei
and he gets along well with
Here is an emporium which can
supply anything in the line of general
merchandise, hardware, etc. and
prices are figured awus down You
will have 110 reason to change once
you begin trading with them, as they
will deal with you in a perfectly
straight manner ami 011 can depend
on every bill ol goods sold you being
what you asked for Misrepreseuta
tion or overcharging does not go hen',
and complaints of any kind regarding
this establishment are not often
heard. Trashy or unreliable goods
find no room here and. no matter
where you go. you cannot net a lower
price for the same made of goods
Messrs. Matthews. Healy ami Mikal
son have a spotless record, and
every dollar lliey ha\e has been hon
estly earned. This is the best that
can be said of any firm Im! it Is
well deserved in this case
F. W. Boettcher, President C. Vr r
lander, Vice Presiddent R. M. Volk,
Cashier T. A. Kuehn, Assistant
Here is a bank which Is a good one
in every way, as the capital is ample,
management conservative, ami ser
vice all that it should be. Its business
is developing fast, and sour funds arc
absolutely sale when sou deposit
with these gentlemen. They have
built up a very creditable institution,
and it Is a pleasure to nolo its
prosperity. Mr. Itoettcher is one of
the leading men of the Dakotas. bis
headquarters being at Aberdeen, and
Mr. Vorlailder. of Kureka. is interested
iu several banks and has a high fi
nancial standing. Mr. It. .M. Volk, the
cashier, is one of the best merchants
ill the county, and Mr. F. A. Kuehn,
the assistant cashier, who is the ac
tive manager, is just the right man
for the position, as be is alert and
possessed of an excellent knowledge
of the banking business, ami is a
man of unquestioned integrity.
Fischer & Miller, Props.
1.50 I'KIt YKAII,
(Two Stores.)
W. M. Matthews, President S. A.
Mikalson, Secretary: Joseph
Healy, Treasurer and
General Merchandise.
We desire to make special mention
of the up-to-date and reliable general
merchandise establishments of 'bi
section, and here is a store wiii.ji
thoroughly satisfies the people When
you trade at this
you may In-
certain you are gelling the right
price and light quality, all btiMie
being done mi honorable, progressive
lines. The stock is clean, fresh, a
up to the mark, and no effort
spared to attract trade one and a,i
being given the square deal Tie
goods are bought from llrst.-c.lass
houses. A guarantee goes with eveiv
thing sold, and von may have full con
fidence that all purchases will prov
exactly as represented. The store is
one of the most trustworthy in 1
county, and there is no better genenl
merchandise sold anywhere. I'nu 1
eous and obliging service to all is the
policy pursued,
trade Is growiig
constantly, as our
realize that
all competition is met. whether from
outside or other local houses. Messrs.
Fischer Ar Miller are gentlemen who
enjoy an excellent reputation, ami
their record is first-class in every
respect, as they ileal fairly and hon.i:
ably with one and all. You can get. p.i
belter goods or lower prices anywher.-
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
A well-managed livery ih.o giv
good service and is low iu price -jot
always found, but this establishment
is one of the kind, and, it, deserves
cordial mention from u.».
purpose, and no barn iu tills part of
thi' couutrs tries harder to give per
fect satisfaction The rigs, too, are
all right, and the bustlers and drivers are
good, reliable tnen Liveries like (his
would do well an* where, and we are
glad this one is succeeding so nicely.
Mr S hon is the right kind of a man
for this business, as lie knows the
drives sscll. deals with the trade in
a polite manner and is reliable In
cscrs respect
Konrad Kraft Local Manager.
In mentionini: the lumber coinpan
ics in this section we wish to state
that there is none svlth a better rep
utation then the above-named firm
I lies have a Hue record, and when
sou trade wiili tliem you may feel tbut
your dollar will go as far as any other
concern in the state The lumber
and building material sold by them
stand the sescresi tests, and prices'
and terms are The yards of
this company are run 011 a fine system,
and you are perfectly safe In giving
these gentlemen sou patronage Mi.
Conrad Kraft, the manager, knows
this country well and is popular with
the farmers and business men lie
looks after trade very closely and Is
a good man for his position levers-.
bods knows lie Is on the square
Fred W. Hohmeyer. Local Manager.
There are lumber companies and
lumber companies but this one tills
the hill in every respect, and when
you deal with them you will be well
served. Their lumber and other build
ing materials prove exactly as repre
sented. and customers are treated in
the way 1 hey would like to be—that
is, frankly and honorably. The yard
keeps up with the times, and it is
run on a fine system. Mr. Hohmeyer
Is a very good man for his position,
and lie is always busy looking up cus
tomers and doing his utmost to push
the company's trade.
L. Weber, Local Manager.
A lumber company like this would
prove a winner anywhere, as price.*
and goods are right and patrons re
ceive proper service. Kindness in
creases right along, and customers a'
ceive their full due every time. The
business done here is done on the
square, ami Mr. Weber, the manager,
is an excellent man In Ills line—open
and ahoveboard and is well worthy
1 if trust Tiie lumber and building
material sold here are guaranteed
Loans. Collections. Insurance.
President. J. H. Wishek Vice Presi
dent. James Pollock Cashier,
J. J. Fenelon.
The above mentioned bank is one
of the sound and progressive institu
tions in the northern part of our sis
ter state, and depositors may feel con
fident that their interests could not
be belter looked after. All that a
properly- conducted, well equip|ed
bank can offer is found at this bank,
•mil Its business shows a gratifying
growth from year to year. Hanks
like this help a town verv much, and
Messrs. Wishek, I'ollock and Fene
lon are gentlemen of large acquaint
ance and good business acumen, who
have built up an institution which
holds a very creditable place among
the banks of South Dakota
W. C. Gilbert, Local Manager.
A lumber company such as the
above-mentioned establishment would
come to the front anywhere, as the
wants of patrons are catered to very
closely. The .Square Deal" prevails
every day iu the year, and the lumber
and building material sold he-re are
up to the best standards. A full sup
ply is kept, and fanners, contractors
and others having business with them
assured that they are receiv­
ing very good value always. Mr. W.
Cilhert, the local manager, has a
'borough grasp o.f this business, and
lie is a highly intelligent, agreeable
gentleman, who exerts himself to the
utmost for the interests of the com
pany, and at the same time always
sees lhat patrons get what is coming
to them
trons are taken can of in the rig'
way, and when vou do your own
driving from this establishment you
will surely call again, as you are given
fair and courteous treatment at all
times. The livery business is h-1
conducted iu an up-to-date manner.
The horses are well, .adapted for the
We do not think that we exagger
ate when we say that this is one of
the best liveries in South Dakota, as
rigs, horses, and service are right
every time, and the barn is equipped
with all the necessary facilities that
should be found in a high-class, suc
cessful. popular livery stable. Cus-
[Vontinued on I'nge 4.1

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