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100 lbs. of flour
100 lbs. sugar
Tomatoes, Blue H. C., per can
Corn, good, per can
Corn, per can
XXXX Coffee, per pound
Grape Nut
Quaker Oats
Frank Ell was up from Hague, Sat
urday. between trains.
Dick Coonen, the Haselton land
dealer, visited Linton friends Friday.
Bishop Cameron Mann held services
in the Episcopal church Tuesday even
tyW'e are selling uieal tickets at
50 for twenty-one meals. Hotel il
fi. E. Mlddleton and John Middle
comb, of Glanavon. were in town last
Pitcher Morrell, of the Pollock liase
li.ill team, was a visitor in Linton
Wheat is away up. but with a down
ward tendency which may lose the re
cent advance.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Bailey Page, of Hague, died last Sat
urday morning.
Harrie Spaulding and W. J. Fra
leigh were down from Gayton a day
or two last week.
Attorney Armstrong made a profes
sional visit to the Capital City the
fore part of the week.
Ed. Larvick, N. C. Burlingame and
W. A. Foell were down from the
Btory country Tuesday.
Sheriff Jones returned Thursday
from Bismarck, where he went to es
cort young Pearce to the pen.
Dan Howard, the Fort Yates musi
cian, came up Tuesday and took part
in the concert at the opera-house last
Several inches of snow fell early in
the week, but yesterday there was a
change for the better the day being
quite springlike.
Donald, the baby son of Prof, and
Mrs. Williams, was quite sick a few
days ago with an attack of pneumonia,
but is recovering.
living Parkhurst took the train at
Linton Saturday for Eureka, where
he has taken employment in the Rea
son & Hooper bank.
Clarence Smith came from Bis
marck last Friday, returning Monday.
Ho is working at his trade (carpen
tw-i in the Capital City.
Messrs. Ben and Dick Zelgler re
turned Friday from Bismarck, where
'he went to appear at the land office
as witnesses in a land case.
The Hotel Kilmer is centrally
business section of Lin-
i» toronierclal travelers will find
1 il
"andy place at which to stop.
In the second annual meet of the
nigh-school athletes at Aberdeen, Sat
urday, Harry Lynn won the shot-put
contest, against several competitors.
lhere will be an auction sale of cat
'I*, farm implements and household
Roods. Wednesday, May 29th, at the
'Rnatz Hosch farm, five miles east of
There will be roller-skating at the
opera-house next Wednesday evening,
ay -2d. This will probably be the
open night of the season.
r-verybody invited.
/he Peter Schardt, of Hague,
as unable to conduct services in Lin
°n on Tuesday last, the date which
^en announced. However, lie
**1,ere next Tuesday, May 21st,
.ti» a. ir,
',0hj ^aBg goes about the streets
a Rerene
reel .^,n
and happy
'hereof is a new fifty-
,a.' ^'"nograph recently purchased
Smith Irvine. It
un *on(ler' "hen compared with the
vnalier machines.
Campbell came down from
Tuesday. He had
from the elevator
f°r wl,iclihe
had been buying
"cKenzie asking him to go
vl a!
Miner county, S.
mea, u."!"'1know dispatch
'leant, but
an elevator
supposed they were short
agent there, and wanted
2.05 $ 2.V. lo e:
5.5" .•."* ,1s
.13ic .15 ,0Uc
.Ofiic for .25 ,05ic
.05 3 for.20 .04
.13*c .15 .olie
.13 .15 .02 a
.12 .15 .o:t t:
.22ic .25 02ic
.13 15 .02
.07 3 for .25 .04
him to take charge temporarily or per
jyThe rooms at the Hotel Kilmer
have recently beeu newly calciminorl.
generally renovated, and placed in
tlrst-class condition.
John Peterson. Ilazelton's compe
tent blacksmith and all-around uno.l
fellow, was a visitor in Linton Satur
day. John came down just to sec how
the boys
at Linton were
trotting along.
Perhaps so. Perhaps not.
Iialdy's Blooming Hellicns lioauty,
Hill of the Hatcave, is gelling rial
cross of late. The fact is that Bill has
bern down in the dark and gloomy re
cesses of the Cave so long that hois
getting moldy. That's what ails Mill.
Mrs. Crowell submitted to an oper
ation Sunday, the operation taking
place at Dr. Wolvertou's house. Mrs.
C.'s many friendsare glad to hear that
she is getting along nicely. During
her sickness the Arlington will be
closed to table boarders.
Major Belden, Livestock Inspector
Fallon and Ben White, of Yates, were
in Linton over night Friday. The
major visited Kidder
county, returning
to the agency yesterday. Hen went
borne Monday, and Mr. Fallon started
Saturday on a trip to the Pacific coast.
Joseph Schumacher, near Exeter,
has diphtheria in his family, and the
place has been quarantined by Dr.
Wolverton. His daughter Barbara,
aged thirteen years, died May 3d with
the disease. Four other children of
the family have the disease, but are
getting better.
As showing how real property in
these parts has appreciated during
the last few years, we call attention
to the fact that three quarter-sections
of sand-bank in this county—that
wouldn't have brought fifty cents an
acre six years ago—were sold a week
or so ago for five dollars an acre.
Virginia Pauline, the baby girl of
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hewitt, who reside
on the farm formerly owned by Capt.
J. A. Cotton, in the Williamsport
neighborhood, died last Sunday. The
fatal disease was bronchitis. Mr. and
Mrs. Hewitt recently came to this
county from Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Does any one know the address of
Lester M. P. Griswold. in the civil
war a member of Company "F."
Ninety-ninth Regiment, New York
Volunteer Infantry, whose pension
was raised to $30 per month at the
last session of congress, through the
efforts qf Senator Porter J. McCum
James Gillespie, a Milwaukee Hail
way trainman, had quite a serious
adventure Monday night about eight
o'clock. After the arrival of the
freight train at, Linton in the even
ing he started for his father's farm,
fife or six miles north of Linton. As
he neared his destination, in the dark
ness horse and rider tumbled into an
old well that had caved in and was
about ten feet deep. Mr. Gillespie
got out of the well and went over to
W. T. Brooks' place and got him to
go witii his team to extricate the ani
mal. A slope at one side of the well
was dug, but it took until after tw"
o'clock in the morning to do the work.
Neither Mr. Gillespie nor the horse
was injured.
A recent issue of the Hannaford
(N. D.) Enterprise has the following
item regarding "Billy" Margach, an
early settler in Logan district, this
county, and the immediate predeces
sor of William Baxter as a member of
the board of county commissioners.
Mr. Margach was well liked when he
lived here, and it seems that he is pop
ular with his neighbors in Grigtrs
county. It is to be regretted that n
information is contained in the item
as to whether Billy is still an 'id
bach." The Enterprise item sa:
"A surprise party was given William
Margach last Saturday evening. A
party composed of Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. (.'. P. Schmidt.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Scnlk, Mr. and Mrs.
Uran, per ton
Shorts, per ton
(iasoline, per gallon
Kerosene, per gallon
Ilope, per pound
Stark (A) Grain Bags
Pontiac Stoves
A barrel of salt
S. II. Berg and W. B. Galbraith drove
out from this village and spent a
most enjoyable evening.''
Attorney Lane returned Friday
from a trip to Hismarck, on land busi
ness. the same being a protest by Geo.
L. Beacon against H. Thoreson being
allowed a change of entry. Lane for
IVaeon, itraddock for Thoreson.
Jeweler ltowerdink last week pur
chased the Rambler auto from C. A.
Patterson. It is understood that, Mr.
Patterson will now purchase a steam
boat for the purpose of taking land
hunters up and down Iteaver creek.
The l.'ev. L. A. Lovelace will con
duct services at the Hartford school
house next Sunday at 1:30 o'clock.
This is Mr. L.'s first visit to that lo
cality, and the people of that neigh
borhood will undoubtedly give him a
good -si zed »ng
regat ion.
There was an interesting game of
base ball at lla/.elton Friday between
the nine of that place and the Brad
dock team. The score was nine to
eight. At the beginning of the ninth
inning the score was a tie. Braddock
made no runs in that inninir. In Ifa
/.elton's half, with two of that team
out, and two strikes called on him, the
batter swatted the ball for a home
run and won the game.
The Linton kid nine went to Pol
lock Saturday to do base-ball battle
with a bunch of kidlets who have
their habitat in that burg. The Pol
itick lads beat our'n—R to t». The Lin
touite line-up was as follows: Fred
I'etrie, shortstop: Archie Mickel. third
base: Will as
in us, second base .las.
Patterson, first base: NickZleser, left
field: Milton Culbertson, center Held:
Klemens Kelscli, right Ueld Fay
Marehant, catcher: Vincent Shier,
pitcher. The following-named young
people also went to Pollock to see the
game and boost for our boys: The
Misses Anna Hoag, Levinna Marehant,
Beryl Clayton, Inez Cornelison, Alice
Henderson, Cora Gilbert, Hazel Pe
trie, lone Martin: Messrs. G. A. Iler
olz, Will McCullev, John Rowerdink.
Emerson Martin.
Batcave Bill intimates in Patter
son's Newspaper Number One, pub
lished at Linton, that "The old man's
taken to drinking again." Batcave
Bill's Boss undoubtedly wishes it were
so. isrepresentatiOKS on that score
were formerly his chief stock in trade.
The trouble, however, is witli Bat
cave's vision. I'ntil a few weeks ago
—when the doctor told him that he
must iuit having delirium tremens
and take to wearing underclothes or
he'd die Bill was so continuously
drunk that a drunken view of the
world became chronic with him Con
versely. now that he has been sober a
few weeks—not from principle, but as
a result, of the physician throwing the
scare at him —the changed condition
of lii.s vision leads him to believe that
every one he sees must of necessity be
drunk Thai's what ails Bill.
ii Mils page of the Record will be
found a very interest ing and instruc
tive ail uf the Linton B.izir. Every
I once in a while you hear of someone
going into a store and, after asking
I the price of various articles, complain
ing that they are ton high in price. In
coiivcrsation with Mr. Junge, when
he brought in the copy for the ad, he
referred to this fact. "But.'' said he,
"this is not true. There isn't a mer
chant in this town hut knows it is
not true. Most of the goods we ban
file are sold at a very small margin of
proiii a prolir that if lessened, won Id
put our store out of business. And
the me is not only true of us, but of
I every other store in town. If we
asked e\i"ssive profits we could not
do business none of us. For this
reason I have made a list of a lot of
staple goods that enter largely into
family use, giving cost thereof and
price asked, and for the convenience
loft he reader giving the profit. We
respectfully ask those who have mail
I order catalogues to compare our
a you don get elsewhere. Prices that have brought honest customers to our store Customers that know good treatment, and
wno are willing to pay a living profit, and who appreciate our guarantee that goes with every article. Turn to the pages of any
catalogue and see what you will find in regard to the following good:
Get Our Prices on Wagons, Buggies. Wire, Nails, Harness, Collars, Windmills, Pumps, Tanks Gang, Sulky and Breaking Plows.
pricas for these goods with those in
the catalogue."
«$" Sec Miss Smith's new line of
suitings, ribbons and hats.
C$"For Sale—1Three choice building
lots. Inquire of Dr. Wolverton.
(•rand ball at. Hague to-morrow
(Friday) night, by the Modern Wood
C$"A car-load of barb-wire and nails
just received at Wolfer's store. Call
aud get prices.
Master Boy Lucas, who was so dan
gerously sick, but was pulled through
by Dr. Wolverton, is again at school.
I have loo bushels of eailyuhio
potatoes for sale at my place, one mile
west of Brofy. Price (i.V per bushel
if taken next Saturday.
A. W. Fu mess, of Mandan, repre
senting the Missouri Valley Milling
Company, was in Lintou Tuesday, do
ing business with the people who han
dle their flour here.
Little Eula, daughter of Mr. aud
Mrs. Asa Britts, was iuite sick the
forepart of the week, and is not yet
entirely well. Her complaint is ton
silitis, one of tlie tonsils lieing con
siderably enlarged.
An interesting game of base ball
was played at the front end of the
week down at Pollock the contest
being between that town and Ashley.
The score was four nothing in favor
of the capital of Mcintosh. A num
ber of Linton folks attended the game,
as follows: Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lang,
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Weatherby, Harry
Willard, A. M. Britts, Jos. Eudreu,
John Molin, Frank M. Giossi. W.
Shepanl, P. J. Wittmayer, A. i». Clay
ton, Karle Smith. C'lias. Paulson, An
drew Wolfer. II. E. Kilmer. F. Wlialen.
Pretty hats at. lowest prices, at
Miss Smith's.
A party of four that went to Pollock
Sunday to witness the base-ball game
met witli a strenuous experience, driv
ing home after night, owing to the
bull-headedness of Ratcave Hill, who.
whether or not he is competent lo do
so, always wants to boss the job. and
who insisted on chiving over the
prairie in every direct ion but the right
one. Finally the belated travelers
bumped up against a farm-house and
were directed to Slrasburg, live or six
miles away. There the paity split,
some coming home by team and some
by train, it is leported that when
the Milwaukee Railway authorities
heard that the great Bill was a long
ways from home and without a style or
transportation commensurate with his
prominence, they sent a special train
to bring him to town. As the time of
his arrival was not known toacertain
ty, the band was not at the depot to
welcome him with the strains of "Lo!
the Conquering Hero Comes.
typarties desiring flowers for Dec
oration Day or other occasion can get
them at city prices by leaving orders
with us.
I'tiST sol.11 A risonr
lli.rtt 1H.IKI 2.tN)
#17.00 *10.00 $ 2.00
23k' .25 0 .OUc
12ic .15 c. ,021c
•OOic .12 .02ic
.23 .25 l' .02
*23. .V) +2M.00. 4.."i«t
1.5.s 1.05 .07
Oscar Johnson, a registered pharma
cist, arrived last Saturday from Botti
neau county, this state, and has taken
a position with Messrs. Iloguc \r
NTAIfred Peats' Prize Wall Paper,
5 cents to $1 per double roll. Remem
ber, this price is for double roll, not
single roll. See A. E. Lucas, he Wall
Paper Man.
The baud concert' and dramatic en
tertainment, by home talent, in the
opera-house, last evening, was well
attended by an enthusiastic audience.
The parts were all well rendered.
Editor Frank Willson, of the Rath
gate Democrat, state oil inspector,
was in Linton Monday and went next
morning to Xeelaud, which is an in
spection point for oil coming into the
state by the Milwaukee's I.inton
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Logue left yes
terday by team for the northwest.
They will go first to Buford, and ex
pect to continue the journey to the
Pacific coast. We hope they will have
a safe journey and do well in their
new home.
Thursday afternoon Dr. Muench
started for Knimonsburg, saying, "To
morrow we shall have been married
twenty years, and Mrs. M. will ex
ited me home. I can't he away all
day Friday." A few of his friends
waited to give him a chance to reach
home, and then started in "pursuit."
The doctor and his good wife were
very much surprised to be called on
to entertain so very unexpectedly.
I'lie "pursuing party" consisted of Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. llagg. Mr. and Mrs.
Aug. Oherineier aud Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Muench. A very pleasant even
ing was enjoyed by all.
1 l«w very pathetic are Batcave Bill's
lines in Patterson's latest newspaper
venture—that "The publisher of this
paper LBillJ has been friendly with
Patterson since we two, as little boys,
attended the same school and sat in
the same seat, back in Traill county,
several years ago." We had thought
right along that these two worthies
had Iteen tarred with the same stick
somewhere—as one is about as crooked
aud unreliable a? the other. It Is now
easily seen why Bill has field the Pat
terson job more than a year, without
being—his usual fate—kicked out for
general cussedness and all -around
wortlilessnes. And the reason is also
made plain why Patterson—who usu
ally gets Into a row with his employes
when they ask for a settlement -has
beeu able to get along with Bill, not
withstanding the latler's strikes, re
peated cases of jiinjains, and general
mangincss and low-down meanness.
The two dear little cherubs sat on the
same seat once upon a time—did they'/
It is loo bad that a pair of angels such
as these should have lieen compelled
to go forth at such a youthful, tender
and spring-chickenish age to meet the
hutl'etiugs of a cold aud wicked world!
Estrayed Horaes.
Left my premises (the old Capt.
Ilonstain place), miles southwest of
Linton, April I, I!t07, one light-bay
two-year-old pony mare: while face
and white hind legs. One dark gray
yearling mare white stripe in face.
One black mare: white stripe in face:
one black yearling stallion: one front
and one hind leg white. One black
yearling stallion, with hind
VIN'/.KNS MAIKK,crippled
Linton, N. I.
Cattle Wanted to Pasture.
The undersigned hereby gives no
tice that lie will take a limited num
her of cattle to pasture during the
coming season. Good range, plenty of
water, and timber shelter. Pasture
on Iteaver creek. Services of regis
tered bull on liberal terms. Apply lo
(i. W.
on Lower Beaver Creek
Postotlice, Linton.
::|I! Alaal Vain Hope.
The Grand Forks Press is sure that
the Press has Senator llausbrough
and President Roosevelt imttled up.
We trust the Press may realize its
hopes, but it's a mighty big contract,
gentlemen.- Grafton News and Times
Taken Up Bull.
Taken up by the undersigned, on
Sec. Jo. Tw|. i:tJ, Rge. :n. a bull: red
in color, with while face containing
icd spots. Owner will pleacecall, pay
charges and take the animal away.
Postoltlce Linton, N. D.
Of the Board of Trustee* of the Vil
lage of Linton.
Linton, N. D., April ti, P«iT.
Men's shoes. No. TIM ,,
'Of Uu ulxive we liave wild over
Immediately following the adjourn
ment of the regular meeting, the
l)oard .-onvened in a special meeting,
pursuant to the call of the president.
Those present were A. N. Junge,
president: A. W. Sims and W. O. Ir
win, trustees: and E. II. Smith, clerk.
I.'pon motion of A. N. Junge, second
ed by W. O. Irwin, A. W. Sims was
nominated as trustee from the first
ward and lie was duly elected, he iiav
ing failed to qualify within the time
specified by law.
I.'pon motion of W. O. Irwin,
seconded by A. W. Sims, A- N. Junge
was elected president of the board for
Women's shoes, Kangaroo 1'nlish..
Children's shoes, No. 14(11
per yard
!M Sheeting,
Fruit of The
Merrmacks, per yard
Slater's Cambric
Amoskeag (•inghiun, per yard.:
Upon motion the clerk i, inst met
ed to draw warrants in the sum of
two dollars each in favor of lie follow
ing officers of election, held March I'.i.
A. N. Junge, inspector. II. A. Thore
son, judge Clint Smith, judge: R.
J. Grain, clerk: aud .1. A. Lang, clerk.
A. Broman was duly apiiointed
street commissioner for the ensuing
The clerk was instructi to have in
serted in the Ktntnotis County Advo
cate notices to the elfect that I'.•7
licenses must lie procured for all dogs
ill the village within ten days from
the date hereof, and to all lot owners
to clean up yards and alleys.
There being nofurthcr business, the
meeting was adjourned.
E. II. SMITH, lerk.
Lintou, N. D, May
All members not. Ix-mg piesent. the
meeting was adjourned untiM lie evcu
ing of May 8,
Iv II. SMITH. ('lerk.
Linton, N. I» May *, l'.»o7.
The board met on the
above date,
pursuant to adjournment.
Present: A. N. Junge, piesident:
A. W. Sims and W O. Irwin, tiustces.
and K. II. Smith, clerk.
Minutes of former meeting rcail and
Application was made by the Hrst.
Bank of Lintou lo construct a cement
curb five feet out from the sidewalk
line on the east cud of lots 17 and I*
and the south side of lot! «, in block I I.
I'pon motion madeand seconded the
request was granted.
The marshal was instructed to pro
ceed to collect all unpaid (log licenses
The following bills weie prcMmtcd:
Pagel & Broinan
Oct. I'l, li*0ti, two loads of diit
on crossings on
Oct. 11», I!t0.". burying dead
horse I no
Oct. -•!, IWMi, gradlngoii Schley
avenue ~u
Nov. 10, l!*«i, two loads of dirt
on crossings I on
Nov. ISO. l!«o». killing dog .tnd
hauling away I on
Feb. Hi, l'.«0T, half-da\"s laic I no
Feb. Hi, l'.»07. two lodds
gravel I
March ISO, 1W7, building cr••ss
iug on Hickory avenue I" oo
A. Lang, for one icceipl
book *1
All bills were allowed as read, and
the clerk was instructed to draw war
rants in pavmcnt of same.
The clerk was instructed to notify
the Dakota Central Telephone Com
pany to remove ashes aud rubbish from
the lot back of their otlice building.
There being no furthei
.1» N 1 I'K'il 1
is fgjw: IT
J- l!
1 .1 1 uj
O..U' 1
'•111- Mi INIJ0
07Jc .0^ tK^c
Sl l- I .INI PI i'
the ensuing year.
The foiling bonds of oillceis for the
following year were accepted:
A. C. Wagher, for justice of (lie
peace, In the sum of i|Coo, witli Win.
Pagel and
A. Rroinau as sureties.
L. A. Weatherby. as assessor, in the
sum of if.Vlo, with D. R. Stn etei n.il
C. Rowerdink as sureties.
Wm. Pagel, as marshal, in the sum
of t^iOO, with ti. A. Itromaii and W.
Irwin as sureties.
J. A. Lang, as treasurer, in the sum
of$*i0n, with E. T. At.ha and A.
Clayton as sureties.
K. II. Smil h, as clei I,, in he sum of
*'_'oo, witli G. A. Ilcrol/ iml Wall.ice
Ivyes as sureties.
Notice of INMolutlon and Certificate.
meeting was adjourned.
E. II. SMITH. ciK.
Peas Against Battleship
The endeavors of the Grand forks
Herald and the pee-wee l' ess dis
credit Senator Ilansbrough does not
hurt the senator and therefoie dots
little harm. Il is like throwing pens
against a battleship. McCumbrr Her
lnTi-lty iMvcsi (hut the trliH»r-
sltip lult'ly sntisNl littf lit'l ween tM-oricr
*itrUI««, IV1«T ltlll|tfmalT.
M,»te North I k»t|
HMiiiy of r.iuinoiiH
(hi thU duy of April. |tio7. before the
iiniiersluned. it notary puhlle In ami for vild
eouiity and *tute. personally appeared Ido
Mendeiowlt/. known t« me lo fteoneoflhe
person* who are de*rrllN«d In uud i»xwut«*d
he foretfolnn Inat rmneiil. and iM'ktiowltMljjed
111 tne ihut lie freely ami voluntarily exe
name for piiri»»M»» therein
forth I-KAI.I II. A. AUMSTItoNtJ.
Notary 1'iihlir, Mute of North Dakota
My 'oiutnl**loti Ktplre* Ortoh»*r IH, IWv
Notice ot Homestead Final Proof.
illslrlei eniiii.ur Ki.iriiinis eniiiily. N I), nl
iit• .1.. N. II., mi Mil* -I. Il«)7. vl/.:
li Alt KIT l' 1ST KM A.
II K. No. :iHUI."i. ilnlfti Muy :l*. It«i«. foril.f
W. .,i «.f f. W. tr fee. :i, Twp. i:«i.V,
KKf.Til W.nf r.lli 1*. M.
lit- names I lie follnwliiK WIIIII'SM'S iiruvi
his .-on! In linns rt'Sliii'ini' iipmi unit rulllva
inn of salil land. vl/.:
of Wtrnlllfltl.
N. I».
I»lil, IMa^nt.'infyer, of Wt*slllflil. N. M.
IVIIT I.'oniliiiiin.of WenllU,»l(i, N L».
W l.yU.'lna, ttf WfHl.lltrliJ. N.
II. .IKWKI.I,. ICeirlslcr.
Notice of homeateatf Final Proof.
liisMAHf K, N. I.. Marfh'JH. I'J»7. I
Notice |s hereby iflven thai the following'
iiano selt ler tins tiled n»t|ce of
II. r. No. HI'.C.
'in'oti IInut. tut1
do Mcmlt'lowll/., under tin' llrm trim*' of
The l.lnloii W«N illhuolV«MI ly tnutuiil
ronsrnt oti ilir day of April, 1W7. All
ilt lH*
to tli«
jMiMmtriililh lire lo
it* ii-ct-lveii hy Mild l|o Mendelowlt *. und
nil (tchiamls on Hie Miitl parinerltl|i ire lo
ie |iliM-ti1 t-d lo li in for p:tyitM'll1
lid Ido Mi tidelnw |l/, wltov it sidi-iice
und I'ostotticf udiir«'ht It l.lnl.on, N. 1*
Iii-relty ulve* notice und ccitMien 1 liut lie.
tlie Hole owner thereof, will continue the
business of Imylnn and •eUlntf iiier'hiindi«o
produce, furmltiK Implement* atitl tnitcMn
cry, dry ^oo'L.s, Krocerlef*. INHIIM uud HIIOVH,
etc.. under llie loiih* and sty'"' the l,into
In testimony whereof we have hereunto
our hrinds thin :Md duy of April, !'*,.
|O|« oai'KMv
rr/mt itiij,t"MAii:i
I A' Ht
11M MI'MitLott I /,
ItiHMAtM'K, N. I, Marrli 3k !W7.
Notice W hereby tflven thai the foltowlntf
nauied settler Iiun
not ice of IiIm IiiUmi
tion to iiiuku live-year final proof In nui#
porl of hi* claim, and l.hat nald proof will l»*
made l»eforv IV «. ICookn, elerk of OhmUm*
til court of Ivmtnonscounty, S. I.,at Un
ion, N. I on May 21. IH07, VIb.:
JoSKI'H Vii|,K,
II. It No C2tK(. dftted Or|o»»er J7, |1M. for H.
W '4 of N. 1%. '4. W 'i of S. Iv and
r. of H. W. *4 of !»eiv li, Twp. Mil V, ICtf«'.
W of .th I'. M.
I, I'.MIT.
The regular meeting of the board of
trustees was duly convened ...on .the
above date.
li i? name* the following witnesses to prove
hi** ronUritlotiM residence upon ami eultlva
ion of Kitid land, vU.:
.1 oliu I'untle. of Winona. l.
ieoi tfe \old. of ^V'lnona, N. I
Klemeint lri.H,of Winona. N. I»
I'lus Moser. of WinoliA. N. 1^
M. II. JKWKI.L It.-KUter.
Notice ol Commutation Final Mroof.
I NITHI static I.*m.
Orril'K, I
ItntMAHCK. N. I. Mar
I'll L.'I. ItaiT. I
Nulli'i. LI.'ri'liy Klven LLIUL I TIE fnllowliiK
.1 ii.i'.J
s.'tlltT litis FL!-l millet'
'is ik
I.Ih ileli
In Inlikf riiiijliillf FIT
tinitl lil'tinf In
siiii|»irl of Ills cliilfii. I'IKI "i"
will In- iiiiuli'
*ulil proof
IV i. ItiiiiliK. elerli "f
(ton to make live-year llnal proof in supiHirl
of his claim, and lhat said proof will he
made before I'H. iCooks. clerk «»f the »li»»
trlct courl of Kmmorin county. N It. at 1.In
ton. N. I'., on May -I. IWJT. vl/..
KAH'KIT lil lKiAl*
ilatefl April l!«M. for the

N l4
Twp. Ml
W. *4 "F
N.. KIM* "H W.of
Me names Ihf following wilnesjw'* pro\e
hK con!Itnioii!* lesldence upon and cijMlya-..
jon of Maid land, vl/.-
le\amJer Walther. of Mnton. i».
John humacher. of Union. l».
.I jc«#li ."auter, «/f Union. N. h.
I'eler Masset t. of Union. N. I».
W'Aii. (. Patterson. Owner and Proprietor
American i'lan: il.'Ki to $1.50 per Day.
Si«cial Hates to Monthly Hoarders.
Alisolutfly fire-proof.
Hot and
cold water in every room.
Public arid private baths on every floor.
Klrctric lighted and steam heated
throughout. Positively the best second
'iass hotel in the state.
Mr. Patterson is also proprietor of the
Hotel Northwest, which has been recent
ly renovated and remodeled throughout,
Kates at the Northwest. $? a day and up.
I if.

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