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\V* -Wl?^be.-pk^™to
Of Turner's Ice-cream.
jrWaistsami skirtsatMissSmith's.
JrSpecial. sale of chin* at Miss
week at the
0-Board by the day or
tr Lunoh served at all times at
fleLinttm l'.al ery.
Bert Irvine made a short visit to
IlisBiarck this week.
The Linton House has again been
loaned to the public.
Mr.and Mrs. RiyCoonen are visit
finLintcti tliis week.
Surveyor John Harold, of Bismarck,
jtn Liuton this week on business.
George Nels
a visitor in. Lin-
from Fort Yates last Monday.
George Buseh is building a residence
|it Linton next t- tlie Wolfer place.
Editor Streeter and L. A. Weather-
at l'ort Yates last evening.
George Puts was over from Fort
Yates Tliursilay and Friday of last
If yuu liki- good coffee, try our
llNimond Brand. Sold at the Linton
Attorney l'hilbriek, of Bismarck, is
odintf the week in Linton on busl
and pleasure.
«t3all at the Leader store and see
'be line of children's wash suits.
Wees: *1, *1.25, $1.50.
Meiimi de liuer, of Pollock, was in
Linton last Tuesday. He made the
rip in his automobile.
Tlie Misses Marguerite Baker and
noie Ford, of Wahpeton, are visit
[friends in Linton.
The c'liinty commissioners met in
da I session this week. They lin
|bhe(t up yesterday afternoon.
For Sale—Several good teams of
ItorkinK and driving horses. Call at
|Wm. Carmieheal's livery barn.
HTThe flies are here— likewise, the
Idoor and window screens—the screens
|forsale by Dacntali Lumber Company.
Mr. C. E. Wolverton, father of Dr.
IW.l'. Wolverton, of Linton, arrived
Ifroui Iowa yesterday for a visit with
Ibis sun.
HT Spring Creek i'-e for sale in large
Ismail quantities. Tlie ice-house is
•open during Sunday forenoons. Paget
|t firuman.
Mr. E. C. Witzleben was in Linton
iMunday on his way to Bismarck to
[Met his wife who lias Iteen visiting
it Fort Totten.
The Misses Abbie and Irene Surring,
1(1 White Rock, S. D., arrived last Fri
li»y for a few weeks' visit witli their
|jister, Mrs. George Dexter.
Mrs. Sam Bowles, Mrs. Henry Doe
ludthe latter's two daughters, Mabel
land Hazel, visited in Linton from the
|finona country last week-
John Morton, of Fort Scott, Kansas,
|*!i» lias been visiting at the home of
jMr.and Mrs. George Dexter, in the
iLtaton neighborhood, returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Willis L. Morgan, of
•toe Braddock country, were in Linton
last Friday. Mr. Morgan is foreman
Mthe Ryan ranch, one of the largest
Jin the county.
|. Joseph 11 use, of Fort Yates, is in
1 Linton awaiting the arrival of his sk
lto, the Yen. Sister Walburga, O. S.
I 'w'10 has been spending her vacation
I«t Pierre, S. I).
Freddie Wrapp, infant son of Mr.
I *'rs-
Wrapp, of tliellazelton
lleigUborhood, died Monday afternoon
I' a sickness of eight days. The
I 1 disease was cholera infantum.
Mrs 11
Goodrich and Mrs. To-
iy° Slierry passed through Linton
I -unday on heir way from their
tomes at Fort Yates to Bismarck,
•here tluy win visit with Mrs. Clias.
[1 fai"ter and decorator
S ft" P^ting. Your patroii
l*« respeettully solicited.
1 iitoir
Fred pfaff have taken
hotel and
I ling but praise is heard on all sides
Pfaff is an excl-
s,le is
herself taking
tie of tli.it,
has been visit-
'nna Maichant for some
wT \1
turned to her
el,on la,it
Saturday. Mrs.
awtmpanied her for
,n the ,atur
su.re 7':, Bakery and Wolfer's
doi i-• ,*? between two and
^et booki!" rlVer
•wilts bear* h' the pocket
"Kaven." Find-
I tase leave at Record office.
^Idin 'n "V-
the Ein
80,100,9 win
take a
pie mat,,
^"Underwear at a discount at Miss
JHT If you want a square meal go
the Arlington.
_— Oil Stoves for sale at #4.50.
Haak & Son, Hull, N. D.
Canaries for sale. Apply to the
Kaven,Sisters, Linton, N. D.
W-To lease—hay land. N. of 35
!34-j76. L. A. Weatlierby, Linton,
—"Ju»t arrived—a consignment of
door and window screens. Dacotah
Lumber Company.
The Arlington Hotel has been
re-opened under new management and
first-class meals are guaranteed.
How much better natured one
feels after a good, square meal. That
is the style of meals served at tlie Ar
Ed Campbell came up from Mina,
D., where he has had charge of an
elevator. He is visiting with home
folks near Hazelton.
Mr. and Mrs. Sweet came over from
the Livona country Tuesday. While
on their way one of their driving
horses took sick and died.
Master Clayton Carmicheal was
kicked in the stomach by a horse in
his father's livery bam last Sunday.
Although not dangerous the kick
caused a painful wound.
Robert Petrie was up from his Wi
nona district ranch yesterday. This
Rob's llrst appearance in Linton
since his marriage and was suitably
greeted by Linton friends.
CSfF. W. Soule, the eyesight spe
cialist, will be at Linton notel Tues
day, Aug. 13, one day only, prepared
to examine defective eyes and fit
glasses when needed. Don't miss this
Ex-Senator Wesley Baker, Ueorge
C'oibin, David Sites, L'has. Clark,
Christ. Mills, Michael Hefner, O. F.
Letncr and Martin llinsvark were
down from the Livona country the
fore part of the week.
Marion Morrord was over from the
Hartford country this week, lie
brought along some turnips which he
planted on the second day of June.
They are now in about as fine con
dition as any we ever saw.
To every one there is a season, a
time for every purpose, a time to be
born and a time to die, a time to weep
and a time to laugh.
Man shall be brought to the grave
his hours are numbered the clods of
the valley shall be sweet unto him
and every man shall draw after him,
as there are innumerable before him.
The grave excuses no one, nor does
its messenger aunounce his coming.
Such was our sad experience on July
31,1907, when, in submission to our
Great Commander, God, the death
angel called from our circle Vice
Chancellor Clint O. Smith.
Therefore, be it resolved by Linton
Lodge No. 71, Knights of Pythias, in
convention assembled:
First. That in Knight -Ciint O.
Smith's departure we have lost a
brother of sterling character, of up
right and noble qualities one who ex
emplified the friendship of Damon
and Pythias, and of whom may be
justly said, "He lived to bless man
Second. That we extend our heart
felt sympathy to his bereaved son and
Third. That our Castle Hall be
draped for thirty days.
Fourth. That these resolutions be
spread upon our castle minutes, a copy
thereof be sent to the family of the
son of our departed knight, and pub
lished in the local press.
Dated at Linton, N. !., August I,
JstOT. (I. A. IIEUOL/..
E. T. A
"labuiifiJvl"pera-house and at
mt], t|, ,s.
1 iM
Hazelton on Aug-
the lir'!
respi-ctlvely. This
merit in Pu,JNc-scliuol coinnience
m"ns c"unty.
P^nt of the most
'n* Business has
ac seat
*hile Linton peo-
®e«t 'or the tourna-.
they 1*1!
artiVea ,a8t n,Kht
The other
have y0U make this store
Lunch served at all times at
the Linton Bakery.
IVSpecial bargains in hats and
dresses at Miss Smith's.
Streeter. rf
Koll, 3b
Haas, ss
St. Johns, 3b
Stember, cf
Clayton, lb
Lynn. If
Petrie, If
II. X. Tuknkk.
Committee on Resolutions.
Making a Qood Record.
In speaking of Alfred Blaisdell, the
present secretary of state, the Grand
Forks Times says:
"In these days of grand stand spec
tacular officials, it is gratifying to
note that tlie quiet, systematic man
ner in which Mr. Blaisdell Is conduct
ing his office is being appreciated by
the conservative business element of
the state.
"He is the youngest state official
ever elected in North Dakota, but
during his incumbency he lias made
an excellent public servant, retiring
from tlie active management of his
large business interests at Minot in
order to devote his time to the duties
of his office.
"When asked if he could afford to
neglect his personal affairs, and as to
whether the salaries paid the state
orticers were large enough, lie charac
teristically replied that while lie
thought the acceptance of a public
office certainly did generally involve a
personal sacrifice, vet no one was com
pelled to make this sacrilice and that
he was satisfied.
"Mr. Blaisdell is more widely known
in the western hilf ef the state—pop
ularly kuown ias the "Slope"—but if
lie keeps up rf?present record in office
he will not lack for friends in any sec
tion of the state.
Urton Loses One.
The Eureka ball-tossers arrived in
Linton last Friday for a return game
with the locals. The visitors were
not very hopeful of winning and Lin
ton people looked for an easy victory.
As a result there was little interest
manifested, while the Reds played as
though in a dream. As a result the
game dragged along until third in
ning when a pass, three hits and a
wild throw by Stember scored three
runs for Eureka. In Linton's half
Streeter was passed and scored on
Koll's drive to center. In the fifth
jjtnd seventh innings Eureka scored on
errors and passed bails by the Linton
catcher. In the sixth inning Flanagan
hit for two bases and scored on a
single by Haas. Streeter reached first
on a single in the ninth, stole second
and crossed the pan on a single by
Flanagan. Besides being off on field
ing the locals were dopey when run
ning bases. Taken altogether the
Reds showed that they had not re
xovered from the effects of the Pollock
tournament., even Flanagan being
quite wild. Following is the score:
a *J I I I
a I a
1 4 0 1 0
4 0 1 0 1 1
4 0 0 1 4 0
a la
4 0 0 0 0 1
4 0 3 9 10
3 0 0 0 0 1
3 0 0 0 0 0
Total :(4 a it 37 3
Hoffman, 3b 5 1 3 0 4 0
Williamson, a 3 I 13 3 1
Bronatad, sis 5 3 3 0 1 1
Otlle, S 0 1 3 3 0
Davis, If 4 0 0 3 0 0
J.Uulitn, Ub 4 0 0 0 1 0
Hchenkenbcrger, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0
Hoop, cf a 0 0 0 0 0
W. Uuhin, lb 3 0 0 II 0 0
Total it! 5 0 *33 10 2
•Streeter hit by foul lull on tlilrd strike.
•Clayton hit. Iy batted ball.
Score by Innings:
Eureka a 1 I o- 5
Linton 0 0 I 0 0 I 0 0 1-11
Struck out: By Flanagan, la by Otlle, 0.
Base on balls: Odle. Streeter. Williamson. W.
tiubiii (3. lilt by pltcliur: Williamson, (Mile,
ttoop. Koll (3). Haas. Two-bu.se lilt: Flan
agan. Three-base lilt: Koll. Iuft on bases:
Linton. II Eureka, tt. Earned runs: l.lnion.
3. Eureka, 3. Sacrilice lilts: Streeter. Uliodes.
Stolen bases: h'lanaitau. Streeter. J. Uuhlii,
Williamson (.1). Hronstad. Double pliy:
Streeter to Clayton. Umpire. Lang.
Better Mail Service.
The following letters explain them
Detroit, Minn., July 2!*, 1007. Hon.
D. R. Streeter, Linton, N. D.: My
Dear Streeter, I am enclosing here
with letter from the department rel
ative to mail service in which you are
interested, stating that railway mail
service will probably be established
between Linton and Bismarck, which
the department thinks will answer
the purpose desired. I would be glad
to hear from you farther in the mat
ter, and if you think this will not give
adequate service, or if you have any
other suggestions, I shall be very glaa
to endeavor to carry them out. It
strikes me, however, that the estab
lishment of railway mail service would
be of great benefit, and if you think
advisable I shall be very glad to urge
upon the department that this action
be taken. Very truly yours,
Tnos. F. MARSHA1.1..
Postotice Department, Office of Sec
ond Assistant Postmaster General,
Division of Contracts, Washington,
July 24, 1907.—IIo». Thomas F. Mar
shall, Oakes, N. D.: Sir—Your letter
of the 17th inst., inclosing an extract
from a communication received by
you from the Hon. D. R. Streeter, of
Linton, N. D., in which the recom
mendation is made that railway mail
service be established between Linton
and Bismarck, or, in case this be not
considered advisable, that the former
service between Hartford and Linton
be restored, lias been given careful at
tention. In reply I have the honor to
inform you that the question of estab
lishing railway mail service between
Linton and McKenzie, which would
provide the direct means of communi
cation between Linton and Bismarck
desired by your correspondent, is now
under consideration by the depart
ment. If such service should be auth
orized, the proposed star service be
tween Hartford and Linton would be
unnecessary, and it is thought advis
able to take no action with respect to
the star service until the question of
authorizing tlie railway mail service
between Linton and McKenzie, men
tioned above shall have been decided.
If it be decided not to establish such
railway mail service, further consider
ation will be given to the question of
providing improved mail facilities be
tween Linton and pcKtoftlces on the
Winona-Bismarck route by star-route
service, and your recommendations in
the matter will be given careful atten
tion, it being evident to the depart
ment that the existing arrangements
for lite exchange of mails between
Linton and Bismarck, also between
Linton and postotlices on the route
from Bismarck to Winona, are not
adequate. Very respectfully.
Acting Second Assistant Postmaster
Card of Thanks.
We wish to extend our heartrelt
thanks to our neighbors and friends
for their many acts of kindness during
tlie recent sickness and after the
death of our father, I'rof. Clint. O.
Smith. Dn.
Auction Sale.
Tuesday, August 20, 1M07, I will sell
at auction at the stock yards in Lin
ton, to the highest bidder for cash or
bankable paper, a car-load of horses.
Some of them are heavy draft horses
three are 1500-pound mares, some
drivers, and a pair of young mules.
These horses must alid will be sold to
he highest bidder. So. if you want a
bargain in horses, don't miss this sale.
or if you need batteries, inner
tubes, gasoline engine or auto supplies,
see F. 15. Irvine, Linton, N. D.
«r This if the time to Inure your
crops agalMt kail. E. E. MARTIN,
Linton Stat* Bank.
games played over. Watch the percentage column. We will have it all where it can be seen.
drain Prizes.
The agricultural department of the
state of North Dakota offers three
Cash prizes for tlie largest and best
collection of grains and grasses raised
in any one i-ountv during the year
1«J07, viz.:
First prize .$100.00
Second prize tio.oo
Third prize 40 00
All entries must be made and ex
hibit received on or before August Is.
The quantity of each sample of
grain sent should not be less than otic
half the size of the ordinary bundle of
grain and should be carefnilv tied so
as to prevent it getting damaged.
There should be a full bundle of llax.
alfalfa and clover.
These grains and grasses .should bj
carefully packed in large boxes with
sufficient openings to permit plenty of
air to circulate through so as to "pre
vent the grain from becoming heated
or mold while in transit.
The larger the variety, the more
value is attached to it. Kxtieme care
should be used in selecting, arranging
and packing each exhibit.
The department will simply take
the exhibit from the boxes and dis
play it, concealing from the judges
the name of the contestants and the
counties in which the exhibit was
While it is not absolutely necessary,
it may prove advantageous to the ex
hibitor to have the wheat, oats, bar
ley, rye, spelt and other grains
stripped. This will make the straw
brighter and more attractive.
All grains and grasses should be
shipped by express so as to prevent
the exhibit being kept in the boxes
too long and thus avoid it having a
moldy appearance. The department
will pay express charges. Consign all
shipments to W. C. GILUKKATII,
Commissioner of Agriculture.
Bismarck, N. 1.
Notice of Hearing Petition for Li
cense to Sell Real Estate.
County of Emmons,
in County Court. Before Hon. Charles
B. Carley, Judge.
In the mattter of the estate of Kli/abctb
Webster, deceased.
Chas. Coventry, petitioner, vs. i'hoelu
M. Clark, William Webster, I'hoelu-
Stanton, Heirs of Fanny Gillett, Heirs
of George Webster", Heirs of John
Webster, Heirs of Harry Webster, re
spondents. Notice of Hearing Petition
for License to Sell Real Estate.
The State of North Dakota to the above
named respondents and all persons in
terested in the estate of Elizabeth
Webster, deceased:
You are hereby notified that the peti
tion of Chas, Coventry, administrator
of the estate of Elizabeth Webster, late
of the village of Dale, in the county of
Emmons and state of North Dakota, de
ceased, has been filed in this court,
therein petitioning that he be authorized,
empowered and directed to sell real es
tate belonging to said decedent's estate,
described as follows, to-wit:
North one-half (N. i) of the northeast
quarter (N. E. i) and the southwest quar
ter (S. W.
of the northeast quarter (N.
E. i), in Section eighteen (18), Township
one hundred twenty-nine (129) north of
Range seventy-seven (77) west of the
Fifth P. M.
That said petition will be heard by
this court on Friday, the 23d day of
August, A. D. 1907, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon of that day, at the court-rooms
of this court, in the court-house, in the
village of Ltnton, county of Emmons
and state of North Dakota.
And you, and each of you, are hereby
cited and required then and there to be
and appear before this court and show
cause, if any you have, why this peti
tion should not be granted.
Dated the 20thday of July, A. IX 1907.
By the Court: CHAS. B. CARLEY,
[SEAL] Judge of the County Court.
Notice of Chattel-Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, G. li. Pritchard, of Lin
ton, county of Emmons and stale or
North Dakota, mortgagor, did on the
Oth day of December, 1905, make his
certain chattel mortgage to the Cher
okee Manufacturing Co., of Cheokee,
county of Cherokee and state of Iowa,
mortgagee, dated the 'ibh day of De
cember, 1905, to secure the following
Indebtedness, to-wit: One promissory
note dated December u, 1905, for one
hundred and forty-two dollars, and
due January 1,1900, with interest at
the rate of 7 per ccnt per annum from
date until maturity and 10 per cent
per annum after maturity until paid,
and which mortgage
duly tiled in
the office of the register of deeds of
Emmons county, stale of Nort.li Da
kota, on the Otli day of December,
1905, at 12:10 o'clock in and
Whereas, default, has been made in
the conditions contained in said mort
gage, as follows, to-wii: Failure to i\
said note, or any part thereof, at ma
turity or at any Uiii'j pi ior hereto.
Whereas, there is claimed to be due
on said mortgage at the ue of this
notice the sum of one hundred and
sixty-live and 5o-looths dollais for
principal and interest, besides costs
and statutory attorney's fees.
Xow, therefoie, i.otiee is hereby
given that, by virtu" of said moitg.i^e
and by order of the Cherokee Manu
facturing Company, tlie present own
er thereof, 1 will oiler for sale at pub
lic auction, agreeably to the statutes
in such case made and provided, at
the front door of the court-house, in
the village of Linton, in the eouoty
of Emmons, state of North I .ikot i,
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. on Sat
urday, lite 17th day of August, lliOT,
the following describe chattels.
One sorrel horse, 5 years old. weight
about 95o pounds.
One black horse, I years old. The
same being the description given iu
said mortgage.
Dated Aug. ti, 190".
Sheriff of Emmons County, N. I.
11. A. Armstrong,
Attorney for Mor tgagee,
Linton, North Dakota.
•TThe First Bank of Linton, Lin
ton, N. D., has real-estate money to
loan on good farmlands, three to live
CjfMendelowitz and Wittmayer are
agents for the Minneapolis and liull'alo
PittsThrashing Machines. A full line
of repairs alwayaon hand.
headquarters during base-ball tournament this week. Come in and hear the
Noah Under Suapiclen.
Tlio last copy of the Ararat Journal,
pnMtshod tluvo days hofore the flood,
has recently been excavated from the
top drawer of
oriental magnate's
It says editorially:
"The radical utterances of old man
Nonli are to be strongly deprecated by
all conservative citizens. Especially
do \vi deplore his unwarranted attacks
on the sin trust and Its worthy Itoard
cf directors.
"Aside from the fact that these gen
tlemen stand very high In the commu
nity, such wild denunciation and pre
dictions of our people listened to last
evening are likely to produce an unset
tled conditions of affairs and damage
"It is generally believed that his mo
tives are not above suspicion. Iu fact,
those who are well Informed hint that
the old man has some watered and un
digested stock of his own which he
expects to float as soon ns the sin trust
is swamped."— Puck.
Gentle Persuasion
Many stories are told of the eccentric
doings and sayings of an old clergyman
who IIveil in Maine some years ago.
At one time there had been a. tight
among some men, one of whom was
seriously hurt. A trial took place, aud
the old minister, who had seen the af
fray, was summoned ns a witness.
"What was Salson doing?" was the
first question.
"Ob, ho was slashing around."
"Well, sir. Just what do you tneau by
"Why, he was knocking about hiui
here and there."
"Now, sir, kindly tell us plainly what
Salson did to this man."
"Why, he—ho enticed him," said tho
old minister slowly.
"Enticed him! IIow?"
"He enticed tilm with a crowbar. He
used the crowbar to persuado tho man
—to entice him—and by a series of
pokes and blows be succeeded In doing
it," said the minister mildly.—Youth's
Mother Had the Failing Too.
The visitor had dropped In "Just for
a minute," but she remained about
three hours after the minute was up.
Little Freddie had formed several
plans, the execution of which must be
postponed till the departure of his
mother's guest. So he sat quietly
thinking things.
"Dear little man!" gushed tho visitor.
"And what Is he thinking about so
"I wus wondering If It wasn't time
for you to l*e going," said Freddie.
"llush!" said his mother. Then, turn
ing to her guest: "You mustn't be of
fended, Mrs. Smith. Children will go
blurting out the truth without think
ing. But they don't mean anything by
Strangely enough. It was just then
that Mrs. Smith recollected that she
had only three minutes In which to
catch the last ear home.—London Tele
Try to Do Thla.
Take a light chair and place It with
Its back to tlie wall. Stand in front of
It, facing the wall, with the toes about
a foot from the front feet of the chair,
and, placing one hand on each side of
the chair, lean forward until the top of
your head touches the wall. The prolfc
lem Is to lift the chair from the floor
nnd, without moving the feet, to take
the head away from the wall and
stand upright. Simple as this appears,
It Is impossible. Very few people, as
you will find, would anticipate any dif
ficulty iu doing this. Get them to try.
This trick is, of course, very llko the
old one of standing against a wall
sidewise, with the shoulder and one
foot touching the wall. It Is then Im
possible to ralso the outside foot with*
out losing one's balance and falling
away from the wall.
Russian Ritual.
The christening of a Russian prince
Is a ceremony of a most ritualistic na
ture. The Infant Is first of all undress
ed and immersed three times In the
font. The hair Is then cut In the form
of a cross, and the shorn locks, having
been rolled In wax, are next dropped
into the water. According as the ball
sinks or floats In tho font, so, says
Russian superstition, does good or evil
attend the child through life. The
next Incident in this elaborate ritual Is
the robing of the child in gorgeous
garments, after which It Is carried
three times round the church, the god
fathers of the imperial infant walking
bv lis. side iu stately procession.
Coal Combustion.
There is enough explosive energy In
a grateful of coal. If it could lie liber
ated and controlled, to hurl a 1,000
pound projectile through a foot of solid
steel. Hut there i.in Ix no explosion
without oxy^i'si. the coal In the
grate will not I": ter than the sup
ply of air wiii 'i 11 -iei.:.s it will permit.
If the coal iil I furnished nil at
once with em ^!i air to effect its com
plete combustion, it would explode
with as great violence as If It were so
much dynamite.
Her Perversity.
"Come out iliis evening," said Sub
bubs, "and I'm sure you'll get a good
"I thought you had no cook now," re
plied Citlman.
"She doesn't leave until tomorrow.
She'll do her best tills evening Just to
make us realize how much we'll miss
her when she's gone."—Exchange.
To Mid* Them.
"Why Is Jones growing a beard?"
"Oh, I believe his wife made him a
present of some ties."—Punch.
Whetv ttiere Is no good within no goat
comes out.- Dutch Prftvertt.
1 fr mi Ai
$68.50 Garland Range for $59.00
60.00 Majestic Range for 52.00
47.00 Real Estate Range for 11.50
42.50 Crown Coral Range for 50
16.00 Queen Coral Range for 13.00
20.00 Cook Stove for 17.00
23.50 Cook Stove for 20.50
12.00 Cook'Stove for 10.50
Also, Heaters at Same Rate
20d Nails Per Keg
lOd Nails Per Keg
ttd Nails Per Keg
10 Per Cent Oft' on Balance of Hard
ware, Harness and Paints, Ex
cept White Lead $
A. S. BEEBE, Prop. Linton, N. D.
When Km inons county farmers "think il. over" anil make up their
mind that it. is time foi I iii'in to lunld that barn or hat house.
And, before they begin the aciua.l uoik. il would he a good idea tor
them to go to be
Yard ill Linton and tall, '.\er t.le- malt."r with Manager Haas. lb
will help you to seleel the stock you need tor building, and will glial
ailtcc to satisfy you as to qu ilit aud price. They have a large Dum
ber of yards on the Missouri Slope, aud. a* ihcy handle
stock in large
quantities, they get good rates and can thus treat their customers
right. They are also ilea!, in tlie various kinds of COAL.
Includir.g some of Ihr hrsl funnK in Honnons cini.nli/. If
you wish to Imy n, farm, for i// WAY men! or hoinr, il irilt
I pay yvtl to ili rrsl rfn fr.
We tire suit's so/iri/orn for (hit Hnrkhnj l.nixl O I I I
/tuny also, the //tirAnri/ hi mis to leiisr for h(nj.
Martin & Sims
BUV "WATERTITE" BCCMW— I. Cia kentM by my lusty
Z. lnimrulCMli tcwtliii
CITY HAItllKIt Slior
A. M. HklTTS l'HM\
Lttuodry B&bkc-i Leuvea on Moudjya.
At the Liuton
State Hank.
DON'T LET ANYBODY FOOL YOU v/lth the "personally written"
and "legally binding guarantees", or make you believe it possible to sell you
"direct" any fiOOD ROOFIMi at half what dealers charge you. Tho claim
Is Insult to your intelligence. Ask any lumber dealer for a "WA«
TERTITE" booklet, which v/ill tcil you what the "flint" on the "flint-coat
ed" Roofing really 13, Slid why the actual manufacturers of the Roofing
advise putting the "lire-proof" side down. Get a pood Roofing and pay a
reasonable price for il and HOLD YOUR DEALER RESPONSIBLE for
anything that is not right. HIS GUARANTEE IS WORTH SOMETHING,
ta ta't wvt pt NI ie« fMf tvtry ftw years. It I* (tl tte let "Watsrtils" is tbl 1M.
ablnrlci or tin. J. Never riuU aor
For Sale and Guaranteed by
4. Caelcai*IMIaMe.UiithtketlniiMlLCstaputoiiililiigln.
5. Caaaat atll aa raa la bot weather. 6. Ceaaal IreeitaM crack In wlatef.
7. WafcftHa I* Of lit an will alike yoor haute or kara warn la wtater aa taalnMl
la aaaMr. Bay Watertite aow tad alter aitny yean of bonot wear you will uk tor II ifila, It
eua4ithetettatllae. When You Buy Lumber Buy "WATERTITE."
Emmons County Abstract Company
A. »N kATHKitnv. Official Al/str&iUi
N rA itv rriti*h *. A^-M fur MFUICAN
ItKTt «•«.. f»f tfork
5 II

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