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Bank Talks
Tlio steady growth of out bus
iness is simply a natural outcome
of (Hi policy. It Is the result of
coniiilence on the part of the
people who recognize the value
of Mir service.
I customer ofthis bank has
evidence of able organization.
Prompt attention, courteous
treatment, superior facilities,
safely fur funds and care even in
minor matters—all these give
the depositor the advantage of
high-class service.
Fifts li ton
Eachdepartment is so arranged
that anyone may receive service
to meet his requirements. Even
though your volume of business
is small, our servicc will be a
distinct advantage to you.
We invite your careful inves
tigation or our methods and the
manner in which we can render
you service.
A. CKAIN, PrnMiat W. o. IKWIN, Cashier
No Trouble to Show Goods.
The Linton Leader
We carry everything usually found
a strictly up-to-date general store.
We respectfully invite your patron
age, with the assurance it will be
fully appreciated. Our prices are
always right.
Bring us your cream.
HARDWARE STORE is now housed
in its large store-rootn in the new Linton State Hank
huilding, and iH better tlian ever prepared to serve its
''ustoruers in the lines of Hardware, Harness, Stoves,
i'aints, Groceries, Etc., Etc.
W We also have in our employ a tinner and a harness
ui saddle maker and repairer.
We take Butter and Eggs in Trade
Linton, North Dakota.
Take-Down Re|eatirg Sbotquw
The Winchester Repeating Shotgun has stood the trying
fj4®1'0*!tests of sportsmen and the rigid technical trials
or the U. 8. Ordnance Board. Its popularity with the for
mer and the official endorsement by the Utter are convinc
ing proof of its reliability, wearing and shooting qualities.
Catalaguto(Winckttl*r—llu Rti W Ammunition.
^'"CHESTtw Rcpkatino ArmsCo. N«w mavsn. conn.
The fall plowing in North Dakota
is being done early.
The I'ioneer says the Mandan fair
will be better than ever this year.
.1 immie Foley's recent poein in the
Youth's Companion has scored a bin
Labor day was observed in North
Dakota this year more generally than
Some people want jail sentences for
"sooner'" hunters and auto-speed ma
The towns in the Mouse river val
ley are making war on the loaling
There is excitement at Conway be
cause the marshal was accused of sell
ing booze.
The government Indian-school at
Wahpeton now has 73 pupils, :ts boys
and girls.
Minfct merchants have agreed to
keep their stores closed evenings until
No vein tier 1st.
Tame cherries have been successful
ly grown around Columbus, near the
international boundary.
The commission plan of city govern
ment seems to work with complete
satisfaction at Mandan.
Some rural carriers tind they can
make their routes on motor cycles
much easier than by team.
Howbells gets a 815,000 school build
ing this fall and Minot will have a
new Soo depot to cost $50,000.
There is a discouraging feature for
bachelors—when they see married men
with buttonless clothes.—Forum.
At Laritiiure a few people paid taxes
on their dogs. Others didn't. The
people who paid now want their money
Editor Irysh was on a hunt at
Wheatland when an ungentlemanly
cow chased him into the' next town
State Dairy Commissioner Flint
urges the people of the state to lie
careful about the schemes of profes
sional creamery promoters.
Jean Mott, a nine-year-old girl at
tended the teachers' institute In Mor
ton county. She vows she will be a
schoolmarm when grown up.
That military post at Bismarck fur
nishes some criminal items for the
Bismarck papers. Two of the soldiers
recently tried to hold up the sheriiT.
At Michigan City a blacksmith
reached a reservoir in time to save the
life of a young boy who had tumbled
into the water and had already gone
down twice.
A horse belonging to Frank Iien
ning, of Lakota, "suicided" by crush
ing its skull. There was a sharp stake
above its head and the animal struck
that in lighting flies.
The Wyndmere Pioneer objects to
police and police courts in different
cities chasing out "undesirable citi
zens." The Pioneer wants each town
to take care of its own.
The Tribune reports that some peo
ple near the lakes around Bowbells
were afraid to get out doors during
the open season for shooting, for IVar
a stray shot would bit 'em.
There are many people of the state
who are of the opinion that the game
laws are more of a benefit to the dis
trict game warden than to any one
else.—liismarck Palladium.
At Minnewaukan two ladies met for
the first time. Each had been told
the other was deaf, and the screech
ing they did at each oilier furnished
plenty of amusement for the others.
The Audubon society of Fargo is
undertaking to discourage the use of
birds and feathers by the ladies of the
city, making an exception of ostrich
and coc«jue only but the job is a dis
couraging one.
Now that the North Dakota wheal
crop has run the gauntlet from grain
experts, hail, tornadoes, rust, smut—
and a few other things, the line ele
vator men are getting in their work
on the grades.—Forum.
The big Russell-Miller Hour mill at
Minot, which has been idle for the
last six weeks for want of wheal to
grind, has started up again with a
crew of 35 men and turned out 778
barrels of Hour the first day.
The number of North Dakotans at
tending the Minnesota state fair this
year was not as large as in former
years. North Dakota is developing
some fairs of her own that seem to
hold the crowds within the borders of
the state.
Lightning recently struck a farm
house near ilillsljoro. The lightning
entered the room where lie man and
wif were sleeping, broke a looking
glass, smashed a bureau and tore a
child's shoes to pieces: but none of the
occupants of he room was hurt.
A North Dakota farmer, writing to
a fuend back east, was trying to give
some idea of the productiveness of the
soil here. He said that they had to
mow the grass off the sod house every
day to find the baby. One family near
him had twin babies, with only one
cradle, and the kid that had to sleep
on the floor grew twice as fast as the
other. Where the soil is
richest a man
dare not stand on one foot any length
of time lest that leg become longer
and bother in walking.
Elcctrical storms caused several
prairie fires in the vicinity of Flasher
last week. One of these tires over on
the Standing Rock reservation is re
ported to have done considerable
damage by burning for several days
and is said to have consumed soveral
tons of hay.
Eugene Toussiant. formerly of
Neche, but who recently purchased a
farm near Grand Forks, has just re
turned from Belgium with twelve
head of Belgian horses, ten mares and
two stallions. They were brought
through frotn New York in a special
stock car by express at a cost of #50.
The village authorities at Thome
:c looking fur the fellow who caused
the fire and explosion that wrecked
the hotel at the town not long ago.
It is claimed the drain pipe leading to
the sink had been stuffed with rags
and soaked with gasoline and ignited,
which caused an explosion that blew
out the walls of the buildiug.
Il'rom tlio Nc.vs, Sept. UHli.l
Mrs. A. L. Abel came up from the
farm Saturday, and they have com
menced housekeeping in the section
S. E. Coover was very low Sunday
night, it being thought on several oc
casions that lie was dying. However,
lie rallied in the morning and is )uite
strong again at this time.
Mr. and Mrs. Tlios. Browning ar
rived Saturday last from Portland,
Oregon, and arc the guests of L. M.
Docrschlag and family, Mr. Browning
being Mrs. Dncrsohlag's uncle
The News is reliably informed that
flus Ilerolz is telling about the county
that Charlie Patterson had absolutely
nothing to do with Ills primary suc
cess. And on the other hand, D. IJ.
Strceter admits in a manly way that
there are worse men alive than Charlie
Patterson—and there you are.
H. I. Connor arrived from Fruita,
Colorado, yesterday and is the guest
of his brother-in-law, D. II. Veater.
Mr. Connor Is one of he old-timers of
Emmons county, years ago having
owned a cattle ranch north of Wil
liainsport. lie established the iirst
mercantile business in that town and
conducted it successfully for twelve
years. He Is out with Mr. Yeater to
day lookinc after a bunch of cattle
which lie owns south of town.
Rev. Brearly, pastor at large of the
Presbyterian church, witli headquar
ters at Bismarck, was here last week
in the interests of Ibe proposed new
church. In company with I). II. Yea
ter lie circulated the paper ainonj,' the
business men, and in a short time
raised *700. It is proposed to build a
structure costing when completed
$2,100, $1,-100 to be guaranteed by the
citizens and Ibe balance to lie made
up by the church-building society. It
is thought there will lie no particular
dillicultv in raising the money.
Mrs. Tom liiom, eleven miles South
of Braddock, died at the Bismarck
hospital on Sunday, August'ioth, after
a lingering illness. The remains were
taking to her late home Monday,
anil Tuesday were intered in the Nor
wegian cemetery at Tell. the funeral
services being held at the house by
the Rev. .lolin Laman, or this city.
Deceased was a patient Christian
woman, held in he highest esteem by
all who had the pleasure of her ac
quaintance. Besides a sorrowing bus
band, she leaves live children, the
oldest of which is but thirteen years.
Ills one of th saddest conditions a cruel
fate holds in store, and the Ijereaved
fattier and motherless children have
the sympathy of all.
•n illust:':: Ion of the manners of
critics in liygoi:o days is furnished by
wattling noii'f niirc printed concern
lug a volume of ISrowuing's poems. It
was tii f:uly volume, and ISrowning
was delighted to ivrelve a letter from
J. S. Mill pn |i'sin to write a notice
of thom in iln- UVstininster Review.
A few days I nn- his expectations were
dashed by Ix'urind from Mr. Mill that
be could not write the article, as he
fur,•suilled liy notice which
had :ippe:irci! in llie Westminster Re
view lis,-If. Willi a palpitating heart
Browning rushed to his club and
seanlied the pa .es of the Westmin
ster Review, in find, to ids dismay, the
arti"lc \x!il !i had robtied him of Mr.
Mill's uotiee. It was to this effect:
"A volume of ins by Browning—
Nsticnrl Conversations.
If you see three men standing to
gether on i! sidewalk In any given
country, yon an pjess the subject ol
their conversation. In Germany It ll
the army hi 11::-:-'i:i. the bureaucracy
In ranee, women In the United
Statot*"M»#!!#^ IH" Rfi'gfaiid, sport,
and In Turkey nothing at all. Brussels
Dernlere Ilenre.'
Her Way. .)l(t
""fVfttilflh't cry like that if I were
yon," said a lady to little Allpe.
••Well," snM Alice "between her solw,
"foo ean cry any way you like, but
this Is my way."—t*tilted Presbyterian.
not by years.—Latin IYoverh.
Il'rom till' Kepulilli'un, Sept lot Ii.
Mrs. J. F. Snyder was at l.inton last
week Wednesday and Thursday.
Ed. Campbell is again ai his old
stand at the Victoria elevator taking
in grain.
Harvey Smith is In town Monday
on business. Mr. Smith is looking
well, and shows few signsof the severe
illness he underwent early in the sea
E. C. Campbell has great ly improved
the appearance of his residence by a
new coat of paint. The barn also
wears a new red jacket and things just
shine in that, end of town.
W. II. Benson, of Waverly, Iowa,
has been installing a lighting plant in
the Yeater hotel this week. The
plant is a good one, and is a decided
improvement over the lamps formerly
in use.
(itiy Linderman was in town Mon
day, wearing a happy smile and set
ting up the cigars In honor of the
young lady who arrived at his home
the day before. Mother and little one
are doing well.
D. W. Casey was in from (Sayton,
Thursday, for coal. Mr. Casey and
several others have purchased an en
gine, on he other side of the river,
and expect to bring it into the (iayton
neighborhood and thrash this fall.
Misses Anna (eil and Mary Appert
enjoyed a hunting trip in the count ry
Thursday last. The young ladies are
somewhat reticent in regard to how
much game they secured, and as to
whether or not they shut heir eyes
when they shot.
The bids for building the school
house on section it-l.!l-77, in the
Northmeyer neighborhood, were
opened last Saturday night at the
meeting of lie school board, ami the
contract awarded to E. M. Jones, Ills
bid, #7S8, being the lowest.
An Early Settler Dead.
Braddock News: Mrs. O. I'eh son,
one of the pioneer settlers of the Tell
neighborhood, passed away of a linger
ing illness at an early hour Monday
morning, Sept. 7th, and while it had
been expected for some time the blow
was not lessened to family and friends.
The members of the family living at
Bismarck and Mandan were sum
moned, and the remains were laid to
rest Tuesday afternoon in the Swedish
cemetery near Armstrong, the funeral
being one of the most largely attended
of any in northern Emmons county.
Rev. John Laman, of Braddock, olli
lvarna Swenson was born in St. lier
restad, Ystad, Sweden, In the year
184.1 was married to Olaf Pehrson at
an early age, and remained at the
home town until 1HH2, when with Iter
husband and children she emigrated
to America and settled at Bismarck.
During isss they moved to what is
now known as the Tell neighborhood
and made a home on the prairie, where
she resided till the morning of her
Deceased was a dutiful wife, a
lender, loving mother and a neighbor
who by her cheerful, generous dispo
sition won the love and respect of the
entire community. In the old days,
when the battle for bread was the
hardest many a discouraged settler
had reason to he thankful to the help
ing hand of Mrs. Pehrson
Deceased leaves to mourn tier death
a heart-broken husband a brother, N.
II. Svenson, of Mandan, who was
present at the funeral eight children
—Andrew, of Alaska, John of Monta
na, Charles of Tell, Edward of Tell,
Oscar of Braddock. Caroline (wife of
Merchant, W. Hoover) of Bismarck.
Louise of Canada, and Miss Anna, who
makes her home in Bismarck.
The bereaved have the sympathy of
the entire community.
Auction Sale.
The undersigned will sell at public
auction, on his farm, two and a half
miles east of Strasburg. Section I'.i
l.'ii-7'i, on Thursday, Sept. 24, IWH,
several good horses,cattle, all farming
implements and household furniture
and I- good milch cows to the highest
Terms: All sums under must be
cash all sums of $•"» and over, one
year's time will be given at per cent
interest on good security: per ceni
discount on all sums over *•". In cash.
Auction begins at lo o'clock a. m.
Luncli at no n, free.
I'KTRlt Ki:akt, Owner.
For Sale Hogs.
The undersigned has for sale at his
farm, about eleven miles east of Lin
ton, on Sec. 20-K{:!-7l. sixty hogs ol
different ages, from a jear down to
two months old. Also, wo Poland
China boars and two Poland-* hitia
sows—all four registered, one boar
two years old sired by Champion: he
by Dakota Chief, wish to sell he.se
hogs for the reason that all my feed
was destroyed by hail.
G. i. PAI.MKK,
P. O. Linton, N. D.
99"The First Bank of Linton, Lin
ton, N. IK. has real-estate money to
loan on good farm lands, three to live
ment, the Best
Apply to
The Greatest Building
Material Miracle
Double-Staggered Air-Sjarc Concrete Building-Blocks
n.s 1 i:KK I'KOOI-
l-KOS 1 -I'KI.M ii- I KMI\ I KOi
Are You Going to Build?
If you arc to t\iit«l •.turr. Iminc, a or .*
ImiMintf of any kitul wh.ilrvrr, you will ii as ntlirrt «io,
vi/.: htnlrav«r in tiiul thr U*t huililin^ matcri.tl .md tin*
nicthotls ,.t rottMrut Hon within your means, or witliiu .»
licfiiiilr amount ot money. I liojn', therefore, to have thr
privilege of ti^\irin i!h you, ami that you will si»n-ify my
hlork. in tin' construction .if your huildin^.
I inton, North Pakota. 7.
K. K. MAItTIV I *. VolU.ANUKK.Vl.-.'-l'r,-, *.
A W. HIM*. CiiHlilcr.
Capital, $15,000.00
Surplus, $4,500.00
Solicits Your Account.
Facilities, :mi
Consistent wlili (iuMd.i .,liking.
We MTrr Cnui leous Treat
t.ii»- Must Libi-ral Accomodating
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
\fijj W.M. A KM ICIII1A L, I'ropr.
1 $
First-Class Ri£s, Good Driving Horses, Reasonable
Rates, Prompt Service.
Give Us a Call When You Want Anything in the
Livery Line.
J: jg $
Linton Bakery I Confectionery
alwvl icj. h"r oisr hand
Extensive Stock of Candies—The Best
/losfiibtc only with an I Flour.
Ilriirr, to grl Itrsl mill certain, rr
vu.if.s, malctt use o*' thr, SNOW
WHITE brand of Flour. Jtn ///.-
rift/ and excellence in ever re-
r./ircl, have, been proven no many
timrs, in
Ojji'-CN in, l.inton and HazeUon
Large, hist of lm/irurnl uml I'nim/iroiied Aanils. jUso, tie.
sirablr Jlunr/irs. J'rir/ from, to per acre
(J'ire I's a cull hefm [foic /ti rrhnsc. I.nnd shown free of
c.ha.rjSe, irlullicr or not you buy
L. Du Heaume,
many ways, that. y»U
trill advantage yotirxelf by a!trni/\
nrdrrin.1* HA'UW WH1TF FUU'li
Linton, N. D.

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