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_Jk«rty Record
Pew Unee for the
Iwy Miiv
'I*1' kouae
are beginning to
Wr Individual chance* of
committee assign-
cspwtcd to be made
th* piMUt special
FOrdney of Mlchl
Of NlMtMlppl, nearly
tlM floor of the
WIUMIt OTCT the tar.ff
IB the bo'jj*
Of th* countemil-
ell was l*ft la the Payne
J|® to th* lat*raat of the sua'!*
_®*pafcMeaa Insurgents in tfc*
to flght
»iil«BU to iit
at eoagreaa la to S*
ttt tk* allurt aiatreav
aoaa* lanhaii aubjecti Sa
Baimaniiiw 8k*ppa.-.: of
has tetraducad a Joint
bo praaMcat of tie
to mnr
feegaa Ha kae*bar tmea!
Vender*?, tm a asecia
tk* ipiN fgeor! fnm
Tark to Chicago, tat Uii*i
to mck tk* home it la
ike M.
a* St.
Cham a
fccoae. taiii
sad 3A
|lk IB* pvaaaae* of r»9n!9«E3ilv«»
aatlia imfhwit, Oraso? Me
et Martk Oakaa «w
lato tk* ate
ef caammt anc laiwr.
D. J&nrasa at OiTr-iyi
is -M -mar open
Satitat mBmi at zh*
bnz mm milt "irar ?sb-
TaA waa "twt jt' 3h* so*
CTT 3t» Hiw» ute 2oeerT«4L
of L*k» Ttwary
•rf sum sa
«f Qkotteata. aOitU
Smsifce off "2»«r CrwMt la-
whaw* aw tufcwr esaaM :h*
at antral jw.-imm a tke last
to leap trem fl&» tr*is on
Aa waa takes fnaaa PKtiwirs
aar, Pa_, for
Mary Fame?
griaoa at Aatan, S. 7 i2» -i*
of Mra. Mary Breoaaa.
|A sal* war aowag the traaaessctiaess
•Oreads probably •Si te
ka aaaeative eten of tk« t.-nn*
operating from ih^ port* erf
Naw York, Philadelphia tc2 Haiti-
rumors b»ve it iha? the
la aarloaalr in. mt tb* ouotia^
of aiMUencm at tb« V»j lcaa
to coakriD tka report.
rfdlac a aplrtted tor** in A1
CaL. Mlaa Edith 0«den Har
of former Mayor Car
Hafriaoa of Cklcaso, thrown
to tka groond and »«ri?rriy
Vlea-Prealdent and Mrs
are at Paaadena, C*l where
arllt raaaaln aereral veeka.
Taft told Chief Engineer
•for* his departure for
to naka every effort to com
before the close of
Mra. Aaaoa MUler drowsed herself
two ekIMfaa at Sams bury, Conn.,
aiartally aran«ed.
WkUa kaatfrada of persons looked
powerleaa to render aid. Christ An
Haarjr Bothnian and Frank
vara awapt over tke fallx at
tiurtao, la., and
[Twenty paraoaa loat their liven wh .-n
sloop Kearaarge was wrecked and
Blnatelda, Nicaragua.
Uacline of Undenwoid.
atajr eoateat the will of James
t, tke Daeatnr banker who left
•1.M0.000 aatate.
Dickie of Albion
111**- noraaca Nlcbola of
William Vanderhorf, an elevator boy
!i N"W York, saved the Uvea of many
jcriijiuntn of a New York apartment
wliIrh wan destroyed by Are.
I mtiH KMea, |tubllaher, who has Just
.'iiiincd from Africa, says the big
tame that Theodore Koone-
laam aa^eee^ veii'g hunt will be like "shooting cows
••T UnilQ in a back yard."
•HI It IH reported from Vancouver that
IlkVIU th«- .laiianme, under the guise of «?n
roiclni! the rountry's pure food law,
have Hiarted a boycott on American
ThoiiHaiidH of women and children
marched through the streets of
Hpringn'-iii. u.. in a demonstration
aiiaitiHt the salootiB of the city.
William (irant Kyester of McKeea
Korku, a I'ittHburg suburb, says he be
llevi'H he is Charlie Ross, who was kid
naped from Oermantown, Pa., In 1874,
and never found.
nines Vango, a young negro, who
after IIIH arrest In Chicago, confessed
that he had murdered Isadora de Val
iant, night clerk In the Kastern hotel.
New York city, fur the purpose of rol
t*-ry. Ktraimled himself to death In the
Tombs prison.
James lioyle and the woman he calla
his wife. kidnaperB of Willie Whitla,
were placed in Jail at I'ittsburg for
safe keeping, the authorities fearing
for their safety at Sharon.
The woman who planned the Whitla
kidnaping and Is known as Mrs.
James Hoyle, was Anna Overton,
daughter of a former fireman of Chi*
Mrs. Jessie Overton Culbertson of
ViDcences. lad., conmiitted suicide
and was not slain, according to lateBt
:eveloprnenU in the Strang" case.
President and Mrs. Taft entertained
at -iinrjer at the White House warring
Tactors in the house of represents
I The IS railroads of Missouri have
le-Ci.fed to put into efTect April 1. a
:hr«»-cent passenger fare.
The original "affinity" wife, Mrs.
-trdlflaad Pinney Earle. has sued for
inn u."nr.ent of ber marriage, de*
clzrizf ber husband is a lunatic.
Tie tt* military post to lie con*
s*ra«^4 at Waiano, l"ka, Island of
Oaia. Hawaii, has been designated
SraeSeW barracks, in honor of tbe
th* two-day h*m of
•p Clark. miaortty
^a** U-PXI-, &en John M. Schofleld.
Mn. Pierre Lorillard. Jr., wife of
:i« tobacco magnate, committed sul*
Wiihiagton. Illness Is be
:o ban caused her act.
o£iea«j note*, buried with Mrs.
Pl-*rr= l/riliard. Jr the Washington
leader, carried to the grave
•i-? ret of ber suicide.
Tie F-n5 National bank of Gibson,
OJtU.. ias cjoie-2 its doors. It Is capl*
»i til.'•). All the deposits
na-r-? 5»«a transfefTed to the Citizens'
Ssai* ba=i Depositors will be paid in
Ffshiertek D. Prentice and Miss
Hos» T«4ger were returned to Toledo,
O- tram Oklahoma to answer to
:aar?«s growing out of the investiga
tion of German Fire Insurance
Cotrjaaj. of which Prentice was sec
twjlr-f tad treasurer, and Miss Yea*
i»r a i^jatrtitent manager.
&-»t r*s«iiatlTe Coi of Ohio called
3Q ?T««irtent Taft to discuss plans for
's*f i»!iT»rr of the gold medals
by tk* Aero Clob of America
'a "he Wright Brothers of Dayton, O.
JCrj. iJnyl C. Griscom, wife of the
.Lsertcaa ambassador to Italy, who
xan ill. tin.rw»nt a slight opera
euhi although successful, will
-*r lea ring Rome until May.
Xart than 24.044 persons demanded
seau in th« Milwaukee hljipodrome
where the liquor debate between
Mayor Rose and Samuel Dickie waa
keut The building holds 4,000.
Oen. Ctprtaso Castro, former preal
4*at of Venetuela, has sailed from
Havre for home and, it is believed, In*
"•Tida to attempt to rule the country
The French chamber of deputies
maatmoosly adopted M. Delcasse's
aiotlon to appoint a parliamentary
commiaaion to inquire into the state
H. KoySe. w*o jiaaoerf of the navy before fresh credits were
of *!25e *"5£Sa, at-' roterf.
King Edward has appointed the
ear! of
from blood polaoning
bite on tha arm from Mias
IHy.iri.il who baa been ar
fwkaa aeeaaad of murdering hu
raat, Oaorge, Mown prince of Ser
laaininrrrt lla right to tbe throne.
j_lll by Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman
|^,M of evangelists sailed from Van
to spread the Gospel In the
.. and Paclflc lalands.
1"^ inn! «lth flaake Iadlana and
at Hearyatu, Okla.. deputy
k1"~* tkrae, wounded Ave and
Htiinf^ at $300,000 was
_j ky aaowatorm In Denver and
waa cut of from communica
R2. wkltla poaltively Identified
'wlT|,Mlff (a Cleveland, o., who
!C*e5vee Mr. aad Mra. James
^Tfcia abdactora.
Mary WV*r. when told
a knight of the Order
of St. Patrick in place of the earl of
How'h, deceased. The earl of Oranard
married Misa Beatrice Mills of New
York in January of this year.
Aiijt. I.'. T. W !.: head of the 8a1*
Tation Arrny of Young.town, O., com
mitted suicide by swail iwlng mor
phine lie knelt In earnest prayer
with hi* wife after taking the drug.
Frederick Richardson, wanted on
charges of fraud amounting to $300,*
000, committed suicide in llarrisbiirg.
Pa., Just as tbe police were about to
arrest him.
The miners' convention at Scranton,
Pa., decided that there will be no
strike on April 1, when the present
agreement with the operators expires.
Gov. Hughes has dismissed the
charges filed with him against District
Attorney W illlatn T. Jerome of New
York city by William T. King, repre
senting a committee of stockholders of
the Metropolitan Street Railway Com
pany of New York.
The lower branch or the Connecti
cut general assembly adopted a reso
lution instructing the Connecticut
delegation In congress to favor chang
ing the date of the presidential in
auguration from March 4 to the last
week in April.
Attorney General Wickershara has
asked Wade H. Kills of Ohio to con
tinue in his present position of assist
ant attorney general, and it was offi
cially announced that Mr. Ellis had
agreed to do so.
Two children of Hcsea Webster, a
merchant of Deals Island. Md. died
as a result, it is thought, of ptomaine
poisoning, caused by eating canned
of Milwaukee and
college en-
la a debate
on the prohibition
members of the family
are in a critical condition.
Hie K-veland (O.) police arrested
the kidnapers of Willie Whitla, a man
and a woman, the woman coufessing
that she planned the crliue.
At the annual meeting of the Penn
sylvania railroad a resolution empow
erin^ the board of directors, in its dis
cretion, to increase the bonded Indebt
edness of the company to the extent of
I80.000.00u was ratified.
A secret service fund of $25,000
asked for by Police Commissioner
hain to combat, among other
Haild„ eviIi wm
fused by the board or aldermen of New
1 ork city.
The explosion of a locomotive boiler
kil ed the fireman and engineer of a
l.ehlg|| Valley freight train at Corfu.
Thomas Fitzgerald,
and one of the receivers of the Norfolk
& Southern railroad, died In Baltimore
of carcinoma of the stomach.
in his
Vun+m at Naw Tork had refused
4l barf!** daatk la tha alactric
^UJftatad todMNrwoo.
T7l T7-—^ waa mad* to aaaaaalnate
A* wealthy Chicago
a bomb
Gov. Samuel G. Cosgrove of Waah
ingum died In Paso Robles, Cal.,
where he
bad gone for his health.
John Hasaett, a well-known carriage
manufacturer and tbe prealdent of tho
Carriage Buildara' National aaaocla*
tion, died at hla home la Ameabury,
Maaa.. agad 44 ireara.
May Bond Ward County for Grain.
Mlnot—A large number of applica
tions for seed grain art being received
by the county commissioners, and they
are at present working on the problem
of raising funds with which to buy the
Under the law, the county may fur
nish both seed grain and feed, and
it Is expected that the applications
will reach a large sum. There are
two ways by which the county may
raise the money. It may issue bonds,
which must run at least two years
and cannot bear more than 7 per cent
Interest, or It may issue warrants on
the general fund. The commissioners
have not decided what method they
will follow.
Shipped Cash in Barrel.. oV
Mlnot—A clever attempt to defraud
a railroad company was uncovered in
the case against Charles Reed, the
Soo agent at Drake, who asserted he
was robbed of $1,400 while asleep in
a hotel. Reed was checked up by the
auditor of the road and found to be
about $1,100 short. The money could
not be found around
hotel and
the authorities were baffled. One of
detectives, however, discovered
that a barrel had been shipped out of
Drake by freight the day of the al
leged robbery and was consigned to
the locality of Reed's claim in Canada.
Following thla clue bo overtook the
barrel, opened It and found, neatly
packed with stolen railroad property,
$1,200 in bills.
Man Believad Murdarad Alive.
Crand Forks—Mourned as dead by
his relatives, residing near Thompson,
N. D., Jake L. Russell,
a wealthy farm
er of Munichi
N. I).,
who disappeared
in Grand Forks early in November and
became a tramp returned to Thomp
aoti and told a remarkable story. Rus
sell remembers nothing of what hap
pened from the time he registered at
a Grand Forks hotel, Nov. 10, until
he found himself standing on a street
comer in La
Crosse, Wis., Tuesday,
with a grip belonging to another in
his hand. He had $8 in his pocket
book, and with this amount he made
his way back to Thompson, where
there was a joyful reunion.
Naw Deal at Biamarck.
19 was fixed as
date for the election to
candidates and Dr.
Fargo Citiiana Talk Bonda.
Fargo—A mass meeting of citizens
was held here to discuss the question
bond issue for a water filtration
plant. Sentiment is undoubtedly fa
vorable to that project, which, how
ever, is somewhat complicated as the
result of an effort to inject the mu
nicipal light proposition into the fight.
More general mid ward meetings will
be held between now and the elty
election on April
Horse Thief Gats Eight Veara.
Devils Lake—After a jury had been
selected to try
Devila Lake—The 10-year-old son of
Jacob Bisbee was
brought to the gen
eral hospital In a precarious condition.
The little fallow was kicked la the
head by a mule and his akull was bad
ly crushed.
Mlnot—Tha Gravea-Kemper street
railway ordinance which waa preaent
ed to the city council, will be referred
to the people of Mlnot at the city elec
tion April 6. While none of tba mem
bers of th* council expressed any ob
jection to a street railway in Minot
most of them thought that a matter
of yuch Importance should be referred
to the people.
Hismarck—The pure food law
passed by the
last session of
the leg
islature is perhaps the most stringent
lav/ ever passed in the country regu
lating the manufacture and sale of
food products, and
keepers of confectioneries, butcher
creameries and other places
wiiere food is prepared are wondering
whether they
will be able to
Jamestown—The board of education
all the bids for the new
school building and will ask for new
ones. The bids ranged around $51,
000. The figures
were rather high and
for this and another reason, it was de
cided to call for new bids. There
were five bids on the building and
seven on the plumbing. Tbe sevaa
bids on plumbing were returned un
Dickinson—Sofia Pavilcek was ar
rested at her home
choose com­
missioners under the commission sya
tem. and after a protracted discussion
1he issues the old-time politicians
present volunteered to step out of the
way and allow new men to be named
for the members of the commission.
committee was named to aelect
F. P. Qualn was
nominated as president of the commis
sion and
C. M. Dahl, P. C. Remington,
A. P. Lienhart and G. F. Dullam
named as members. Other candidatea
will probably be named in a few days.
Salf Slayar Lived at Raynolda.
Reynolds—Martin Elefson, who com
mitted suicide at Clear Lake, la., by
ahootlng himself through the head
after a quarrel with his wife, was well
known in Reynolds, where he came
about sis years ago and made that
place his residence until about a year
ago, when he went to Clear Lake. He
was engaged In the restaurant busi
ness there. He was married about
two years ago to Miss Etta Rife of
Sheldon, and during her stay In Rey
nolds she made many friends, who
sympathize with her.
jority of
inilea north of
town on the charge of perjury. A war
rant for her arrest was sworn out at
State's Attorney McBrlde's office and
served on the woman by Deputy Sher
iff George Brown. She was arraigned
before Judge Folsom and upon plead
ing not guilty her bail waa fixed at
$200. The
date for the hearing haa
not yet been set.
N. D.. March 18.—Arthur Ol­
son and Howard Nichols, two young
boys, were taken before Judge Murray
on a charge of stealing a diamond ring
from Isador Miller, the
If any
more complaints
are made against them, they will be
treated more seriously.
Grand Forks—Judge
C. F.
on a charge of
horse stealing, Hartley A. M. Schaefer
entered a plea of guilty.
He had been
charged with the
theft of four horses
from William KrauHs. Schaefer was
found guilty a few weeks ago on an
stealing charge. He was
sentenced to serve four years for cach
of these, and sentences to run con
Aged Man Geta Year In Pan.
Mi not—James McVey, aged 64 yeara,
was sentenced to one year in the
state penitentiary by Judge Goss on
a charge of grand larceny. McVcy's
son. Harry, aged 17 years, was given
a reformatory sentence until he Is 21.
Walter Gress, also convicted of grand
larceny, was given a year In the pen.
Bottineau—Vernon Morgan, a young
farmer residing about
II. H.
miles eaat
of Omemee, was accidentally shot at
about 3:30 o'clock Wednesday after
noon and so badly wounded that It is
feared that he cannot recover.
Mitiot—Considerable of a stir was
caused at the court house on Satur
day afternoon when Judge Goss waa
compelled to flue Mrs. D. C. Robbtns
$10 and costs for contempt of
for Ignoring a Bununons to appear as
a witness.
Orand Forks—R. J. Foiven, ugeut of
the Farmers' Elevator company
Meklnock, Is under arr«»T
charge of embezzling tiu* fuinia of
the company. According to tin- Ixiok*
of the company Kolven is tliuri H.IJOII,
but It Is considered probable tlm
amount Is not as large as
that II-
has been agent since Augunt, 1!»07. HIh
was fixed at $i,'»00, which h*
unable to furnish.
Grand Forks—Dr. Kngstad
hla practice and will move to Minne
apolis to become chief surgeon of a
Ojata—William Doty, a former po
of Grand Forks, proprietor of
a etore here, is believed to hold the
record for holding many
la mayor, poatmaater. poundmaster,
and a large quantity
ton directed a verdict In favor of the
plaintiff in the case of George Schloa*
vs. the
Great Northern railway.
The verdict ia for $588.50.
billed some horses from the Minnesota
to his home near Hatton. The
animals were killed in a wreck and
he demanded $550 for the three of
them. The.railway company offered
each for the horaes.
Rugby—A special election waa held
here to elect a mayor to fill the va
cancy caused by the abaence of Andy
Jones, the absconding banker, who
fled the country about the tlm* hla
questionable banking methoda made
things too hot ror him, and who Is
supposed to be In Central America. H.
Lander was elected mayor by a
L. M.
being Lander
Grant, the vote
St. John—The body of Thomas
Rude, who was killed accidentally on
a road near St. John,
N. D„ waa
to Manvel. Mr. Rude was killed whlla
engaged in hauling planks to
man, a Canadian town a few miles
from his farm. When going along a
place the sleigh was tipped over
and Rude waa crushed to death under
the logs. It is believed that he died
Instantly. About an hour after th*
accident he was found and the body
was taken to St. John.
Mandan—A man waa killed by
a passenger train In the yards at Man
dan. He waa hit by the front of the
engine and rolled beneath the train
and was taken out at the depot plat
form a mangled corpse. After much
search as to evidence to Identify him
a timebook, such as laborers carry,
waa found by the coroner. It gave the
victim's name as Jamea E. Elliott of
White Earth. N. D. A coroner'a jury
was called, which consisted of Dr. R.
Hathaway and Michael
Connolly. After heurlng the evidence
verdict was careleasness or acci
Fargo—The railway commission
met here
today and heard protests of
shlppera from all over the state
again Bt the rates charged by railroad
companies on hundred pound freight
shipments. It was contended that
charges were exorbitant and tended to
boost the express bualneaa In this
state. It was shown that North Da
kota pays from 63 to 32 centa, accord
ing to class, on small freight
ments, as compared to a
flat rate of
25 cents In
Minnesota for all claaaea.
Shippers also sought relief from de
lay in transit, shipped In error and
returned for repalra goods.
Tolna—The Forum: The village
election held here yesterday resulted
as follows: Truateea, Gao. C. Mago
T. 9.
Dlum. John McDonald
M. D.
Brundage treasurer,
After fierce Encounter, the Victim
la Silenced by Two Shots
Slay a Held on Tech
nical Charge.
York. March 30.—Frederick
Johnson, an elevator man
had a
an apart-
BMbt h*use. No. 615 Fifth avenue,
ahot and killed laat night by
John Pariae, a Pinkerton detective. In
a hand to hand atruggle
an eleva­
tor in the building. The detective had
arrested Johnson for entering a flat
which Parise had been watching. Par
Praiae and the elevator man cloaed
in a hand to band straggle for the
weapon. In some manner tbe eleva
tor came to a atandatill near tbe third
floor. Here the men atruggled for
some minutes antil the detectiv*
finally gained possession of the re
volver and fired two ahota. One went
through Johnson's eye and the other
through bla heart.
Parise Is a prisoner on the technical
of homicide.
of B. Miller. The boys were given a
talking to by State's Attorney Nash.
They will probably be placed under
probation, and
Holdmpa in Pennaylvania Reault In a
Pitched Battl*.
Pittaburg, March
Diatinguiahad Educator Waa Strickan
with Apoplexy.
New York, March
Anderson assesaor. Mat Kohler
justice of the peace,
A. A.
LaBar: mar­
shal, Jacob Smith. John McDonald,
trustee, is the only new officer.
Edinburgh—An Infant child of Fred
Halidorson is dead as the result of
a kettle full of scalding water being
overturned on him by older children
while he was playing on the floor. He
lived only two houra.
Hismarck—The state library board
will bold a
meeting In the near fu
ture and choose a prealdent for the
ensuing term. Tbe new members of
th* board are A. Sheets of Lakota
and Mrs.
Darrow of Fargo, with
W. L.
Btuckwoll. Btate superintendent of pub
lic instruction, as a member ex-ofllcio.
Mohall—Mike Parsley, a
has sold
of beer
of whisky were
found In the Vanderhoef hotel in a
night raid.
W. H. Vanderhoef, the
proprietor, was placed under arrest.
Tbe baaement bad been fitted up with
booiha Ib^SH^mIwi)
lives nine miles from Mohall,
taken into custody by the citi
zens of Mohall to whom it
had been
that he threatened to kill
his wife.
Grand Forks—With a portion of a
and lila body torn away, Vernon
Morgan, residing six miles nortneaat
of Otnemee,
may die as the reault of
the accidental diacharge of a shotgun
pot agent, express agent and this
He was
he was chosen constable and road
overseer at the election.
Devila Lake—Seven barreia
was carrying on a load of atraw.
!f he lives be will be
crippled for
Johnaon. a young
man of the vicinity of Kensal, passed
forged check on the Kenaal State
bank, and llfteeif minutes later waa
for the
crime by Constable
Davl*s of
that plac*.
'eard 'im
finger shot off in tbe fight.
According to Pariae, owing to nu
meroua robberies in the fashionabl*
apartment bouae, be was engaged to
catch the thief. Yesterday, he saya,
he caught Johnson in the act of en
tering an apartment on the 11th floor,
the tenants of which were away.
Johnson readily aubmitted when de
tected and the men atarted for th*
lower floor, Johnaon managing the
When the ninth floor waa reached,
Johnaon auddenly attacked the detec
tive, throwing him violently to th*
floor. He was endeavoring to beat
and kick Parise unconscious, accord
ing to the Pinkerton man, when the
latter managed to draw hla revolver.
Johnaon immediately kicked it from
bis grasp, grabbed it and fired at th*
detective, shooting off hla linger.
30.—An unknown
man was ahot and mortally wounded
by Juatice of the Peace William Pat
teraon at Wilson, near here, late laat
night, while a posse is pursuing two
other men believed to have been
members of a gang of highwaymen
who held up several persons at Wil
aon last night. The man waa shot
In a pitched battle with officera after
tbey had caught three men In the act
of robbing a victim. It is believed
that at least one other highwayman
was wounded.
Justice of the Peace Patterson and
Special Officer John
White heard
of the hold-ups and started to round
up the gang. They came across three
men robbing another in the Pittsburg,
Charleston railroad yarda.
The men
the officers atarted In
purault, and the fleeing men opened
poaae atarted In purauit of thoaa
who escaped. They were aided by a
posse of citiiena and a battle will be
foaght as aoon
as the men are caught
unlesa they surrender. Justice Pat
terson waa clubbed over tbe head
with a revolver and badly hurt.
30.—Dr. James H.
Canfleld, librarian of Columbia uni
versity and distinguished as an edu
cator, died laat night in St. Luke's
hospital after a abort illness from
Dr. Canfleld was born In Delaware,
O., In 1847,
and had been librarian of
Columbia for ten years. Before being
elected to this position he was presi
dent of Ohio State university for four
yeara. He was a graduate of Wil
chair of history was created
for him in the University of Kansas,
and he afterward became president of
(Jnlveralty of
Nebraska. Before
entering upon educational work h*
waa admitted to the bar and practiced
for aix years in Michigan. He waa
also Interested In railroad construc
tion and devoted four years to work
of thla character In Iowa and Mlnne
Rear Admiral Convarae Dead.
Waahlngton, March
30.—Rear Ad
miral George
Convene died at hla
home here last night of uraemlc pol
aoning. Although placed on the re
tired llat several years ago. he waa in
active service at the time of hla
death, being president of the board of
construction of the navy.
Minneapolis, March 99.
Wheat—No. 1 northern, ai.17 No.
3 northern. 91.16 May tl.15. Durum
No. 1. $1.02. Oat*—No. S whit*. 61c
Barley, No. 4. 62. Rve No. 2, 74c
Corn—No. 3. die. Flax—No. 1. S1.64
Duluth, Mar. '29.—No. Nor'n fl.lfl
May $1.18.
South St. Paul, Mar. 29.
Cattle—Steera. $4.50 and $5-00
eowa $2.60 and $3.00. Hoga |t.60
and ffl.85. Muttona, $4.50: lambe
'Industry Stationary, Saya Hill.
New York, March
30.—Upon hla
Queatlon Worth Conaidarlng.
It was said of the great Napoleon
that when going into battle he toon
little or no thought of what he would
do in case of aucceaa, but carefully
planned his action in case he should
b* defeated. You have
planned what you will do with your
money In case you live, enjoy
health and your income continues aa it
la. But have you made any provision
for the opposite atate of affairs?
voae your health fails?
Under llie Ban of the Lsw
By J.
der," said the cook, his suppressed
voice trembling with excitement.
allers gurgle when they're
dtownin'," replied the mate, in the
tone of an expert.
The skipper, a human paradox, in
asmuch as he sweated on the forehead
and shuddered as to his body gasped
anxiously, "what in the name of Gord
will become of me?"
"If you're
not took afore mornln'."
replied the mate,
Qulakly the 8kipper Waa Brought on
as If you were in a four-poster
with a wariegated quilt over you."
C. Wumwm
•Copyright, by Dally Story Pub. Co.i
With the mate pulling him along by
the right arm and with the cook alter
nately hunching and pushing his left
arm Capt. Buzbey kicked against
lumps of coal, stumped against rail
road ties and dodged lumber piles un
til Gover's wharf was reached. Then
the trio tumbled
into a boat tied there
to and with lusty strokes the mate
and cook pulled towarda the brig Iris
lying in midstream with her harbor
lamps gleaming in the murk.
"I 'eard him
when he fell and
"I thinks I
can work
it all right."
inquired the skipper, with
hide you aboard the brig and
when the orficers come we'll say you
not aboard and they can hunt all
they've a mind to. When we gets to
sea we may meet a weasel bound
around the Horn or we can slip you
off on one of the West Ingy Islands
and say you fell overboard."
galley locker," sereeched the
"What of It you
bloomin' ass?" in
quired the mate.
"'E can 'ide In It. Ooe'd ever think
of lookln' in a galley locker for a
cried the mate,
in that box?" ejaculated the
skipper, ruefully.
"Why, It's
better than the peniten
tiary," retorted the mate.
"Or 'angin'," added
the cook,
In's a hawful death."
The boarding of the brig was man
aged diplomatically by the mate. The
boat was pulled into the dark shadow
of the vessel and he and the cook
climbed on deck. There were only
two men on the brig,
the others of the
crew would be put aboard at day
break. One of the men aboard was
sleepily keeping anchor watch and
him the mate sent Into the forecastle
on some pretext. Quickly the skipper
was brought on board and as the cook
in the meantime had taken a variety
tins and dishes
out of
the locker
Buzbey stretched
himself out in
the confined quarters to the marked
divers cockroaches
and one rat which fled madly along
the deck and plunged into the forecas
tle. The cook then piled the tins, etc.,
cn top of the locker. "A blood'ound
couldn't flnd 'im in there," he ejacu
The remainder of the crew came on
board just as the east was gleaming
with a promise of the sun, but before
anchor was ordered up the mate whis
pered to the cook.
goin' ashore
to find
To the laitical mind the head of a
bears no proportionate value us
compared to its tail. The meeting of
Capts. Buzbey and Hawker in Bond's
tavern may
be likened to the head of
a comet—of small importance. Th*
fact that the two skippers quarreled
over their cups about some matter.
turn to New York yeaterday. after a
aix weeks' tour of the west, James J.
Hill expressed tbe opinion that so far
there has been no decided Improve
ment in the general industrial altua
tlon of the country.
"1 do
not think," said he,
there has been a material improve
ment aa yet. There is no going back*
wards, however, and there may evea
be a Uttle
betterment noticeable."
Praiseworthy Cuatom Waa Known to
the Ancient Greeks.
The old Greek word
made up of 170 lettera and 78 sylla
bles. It begins this way—lepadocbe
machoselachogaleo and so on to the
end of the 170 letters. Aristophanea
uaed the whole word in one of his
plays. It is supposed to take in all
the ingredients of this vagm and com
prehensive viand, which we,
fh this
hurry-skurry, time-saving age a-ill
But back of this philological wonder
there was a habit or creed that gave
rise to it, which,
one faithfully
searches out, he will find that the idea
of blending a
variety of articles for
the production of a new flavor or tast*
waa In vogue away back in the day8
of Grecian art, of which hash was one
of its fairest manifestations.
It waa under tbe away of thla rem
Iniacence that a classical friend aug
gaated that th* lepadochemach, etc.,
went out on the wharf still bickering
and that Skipper Buzbey in a flt of
passion struck Skipper Hawker, who
fell overboard and waa drowned,
forms the long and luminous tail to
escape the baleful light of which Skip
per Buxbey had fled in the darknesa
and had hidden in a cockroach haunt
ed box. The mate curtly told the
crew that the aklpper waa sick and
they interpreting the statement to
mean that the aklpper was drunk,
were rather glad of It and got under
way with a will. The skipper kept in
his box until Cape Henry had been
sunken, and then crept at nightfall
into the cabin.
no danger now?"
gurgle when he goes un­
a sort
In a quavering tone.
"Not 'less they sends a tug arter
us," replied the pessimistic mate.
"Hi'll keep the
locker all ready in
case you sight a steamer," added the
obliging cook.
you see the skipper
you look like you wanted to laugh,"
said the cook Indignantly to the mate,
"hit's no laughin'
matter to a mat,
what's tryin' to save 'Is neck."
of a humoriat, cook," re
torted the mate,
"and you
The nervous system of the skipper
remained tense during the voyage,
which owing to baffling winds was an
unusually long one, and when the brig
entered the harbor of St. Johns the
master reposed in the galley locker
until the cook reported the harbor as
containing only an English barque.
The poor skipper, in a vacillating
way, debated with the mate as to
whether he should remain on the
island and try for a berth on an Eng
lish vessel or—and neither could get
beyond that "or," in fact there waa no
getting beyond it.
lay out in that captain and nobody
can flnd you, and you'll be aa comfort-
The cook came hurriedly from his
galley and called down the cabin
"There's a schooner comin' in,
skipper, with the Hatnerican flag a
fly in", and I
knows that schooner a
mile away. She's the John Gray and
'Awker was
The mate looked pityingly at the
pale-faced man and said:
The mate Induced him to go Into
the cabin and then imparted the good
news to Capt. Buzbey in the galley
locker. That gentleman hastened aft
by two or three cock
roaches, which clung to his
"Hello, bully boy," thundered
I might
out what's
He came back shortly with an odd
expression on his face and with reti
cence imparted the news that the
body had not been found and there
was no immediate danger. Anchor
was raised and. pulled by tbe tug, the
Iris started down bay on her voyage
to Antigua.
Hawker, on beholding his friend.
for you next morning, but
you had sailed. Did you think I was
drowned when I fell off the wharf or
were you too drunk to think?"
never have told him.
If you ever tell anybody about It, cook.
I'll be the
death of you."
And the cook never did.
Naw York Haa Graataat Bank.
No longer 1a the Bank of England
the greatest institution of its kind. In
volume of business transacted, at
least, it is surpassed by the National
City Rank of New Yo'k. Eighty mil
lions of dollars rush through this mill
race every day, and not one
penny Is
misplaced. The giant safe, which la
protected by a door with
24 bolts,
contains a fortune of
gold and a half
The Good Old Daya.
I Eng.)
man, who is be­
lieved to be 103 yeara of age, remem
bers taking service with a Spalding
farmer for 4d. a day and a little milk
in the
mornings, sometimes paying
out of his wages 8d. a week for his
lodgings elsewhere, and finding his
lood and clothes. He says the poor
of those days did not eat so much aa
they do now. He had bought tea in
London at
for hash was
idea be utilized in the construction of
a pot-pie. and instead of a chicken, or
pigeon, or rabbit pot-pie, that there
be a gentle union of chicken, veal,
mutton, pork, game of some kind, all
constituting a blend that provides a
composite of flavors which is a de
light to the soul.
This blend Idea reached ita greatest
influence in the Periclean age of hash,
when the Greek alphabet wai over
worked to get a name commensurate
with the glory of the viand attif now
in the revival of tbe Greek
art Jet
N* Kidney Trouble at All Sine* Ualna
Ooan'a Kidney pnig.
Mra. J.
I would
her master."
The skipper sprang to his feet, "the
dead man's schooner," he ejaculated.
"They have
tracked me. What can
I do?"
"Be easy
I'll flx it all right."
But the skipper, polking his head
of the
cabin door and seeing that
the crew were in the hold, scuttled
forward and slipped Into the galley
locker. The schooner came In, let go
her sheets and dropped anchor two
cables' lengths from the Iris. Imme
diately a boat was lowered and pulled
for the brig.
When a burly bewhiskered man trod
the deck of the Iris the cook let fall a
pan of hot water over his legs, but
didn't feel the sting of It, staring at
the man.
"Cap'n. 'Awker,
Wee St Co-
lambla.^Mo., saya:
"I was in mlaery
*lth kidney trouble,
and finally had to un-.
dergo an operation.
1 did
not rally well,
and began to suffer
•mothering spells and
dropay. My leftside
was badly swollen
and the action
of the
kidneys much disor
dered. My doctors
have to be tapped, but
began using Doan's Kidney Pills in
stead, and the swelling subsided and
the kidneys began to act properlv.
Now my health Is line."
made Aug. 1, 1906, and confirmed by
Mrs. Johnson Nov.
16, 1908.)
Sold by
all dealers.
50 cents
a bog.
Fbster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.
Goldfleld Youngster Had Early
Learned the Value of Quibble.
Doctor Norrla of Goldfleld.
called his eight-year-old son into
library after breakfast the other morn
ing, and regarded him
"Harry," he
a aad
often late at school?"
never late, father," Harry
sponded promptly.
son," said the doctor.
to remember. Haven't you been late
at school In the last few daya?"
"Then why
haa your teacher writ
ten me this letter,
Baying you
late three times last
"Oh. I'll tell you. father.'
said Harry,,
"I don't
know what kind
of a clock they have at our school,
always on time. Of course,
they start school sometimes before I
get there, but that Isn't my fault—la
It?"—Harper's Weekly.
Ectema on Hand, Arma, Lega and
Face—It Waa Something Terrible.
Complete Cure by Cuticura.
"About fifteen
or eighteen yeara
ago eczema developed on top of my
hand. It burned and itched so much
I was
compelled to ahow it to
doctor. He pronounced it ringworm.
After trying his different remediea the
disease increased and went up my
arms and to my legs and finally on my
face. The burning was something
another doctor who
had the reputation of being the best
In town. He told me it was eczema.
His medicine checked the advance of
the disease, but no further.
'Awker," he
murmured tr himself.
The mate extended his hand. "Glad
to see you, Cap'n. Hawker," he said.
"Where's Bob Buzbey?"
cried Capt.
Hawker, in the same tone he would
have employed to hail a man at the
cross trees in a gale.
I finally
concluded to try the Cuticura Reme
dies and found relief in the first trial.
continued until
I waa
cured from the disease, and I hav*
not been troubled since.
C. Burkhart,
236 W.
19. 1908."
Potter Drug Cbem. Corp.. 8ol« Props.,
Taking No Chancaa.
always apeak kindly to your
wife?" said the prying friend.
"Always." answered
Mr. Meekton.
never think of giving Henrietta a
harsh word."
you believe In ruling by,
"No. Because aelf-preaervatlon
the first law of nature."
A Sure Proof.
old fellow hasn't tbe slightest
suspicion his young wife dislikes
"How do
you know that he hasn't?"
"Because 1 have
seeu him eat her
mince pies."
Capt. Buzbey muttered something
"Well, I plumped down In a boat
full of junk and it felt so good and
soft that I slept there ail night—"
To Capt. Hawker's amazement Capt.
Buzbey flung his arms about his neck.
"You see,"
said the mate to the
one can carry a joke too far.
When I went ashore that morning
after we
thought Hawker was
drowned I peeped In the saloon and
saw him drinkin' at the bar.
1 wauted
to have some fun with
the old man
and never told him, but when we got
to sea I was afraid to tell hiin and so
it went. If Hawker hadn't come
OlNrjIKNTItt^iinrantf**! to cur* un* ouw
V' M- Blind, HjMHllnn t,r Protrndlng Pile. a
bUtUdaya or money renaiiaetf. BUu,
Ambition makes a man feel that he
could do something, if be only knew
.. Arhe—t'H All.li', roat.Ku*
OTM-IKIWOU'xliUKINLAL«. Ki'fuauimitation*. Hcndfar
freelrlnl A. H. OlmUed. l*Ko»,M. V.
Love is not blind, but tboae whoa
it affects are.
LvdiaE.Piiikliam's Vegeta
ble Compound Cored Her.
Wlllimantic, Conn.—"For
dollars in flrat-
class aecurities.—Harper's Weekly.
I suffered untold agony from female
troubles, causing backache, irregularl*
tiea, dlznneaa and nervous prostra
tion. It waa impoaalbte for ms to
walk upatatra
without stopping
on the war/
tried three differ
ent doctora and
eaoh told me aome
thing different, I
received no benefit
from any of them.!
but seemed to suf
fer more. The last
doctor said notb
lng would restore
s£J my health. I began
taking Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to see what it would do.
and I am restored to my natural
health."—Mrs. ETTA DONOVAN, BOS
Willimantic. Conn.
The success of Lydia £. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
ana herbs, is unparalleled. It may be
uaed with perfect confidence by women
who suffer from displacements, inflam
mation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, ir
regularities, periodic pains, backache,
bearing-down feeling, flatulency, indi
gestion, dizziness, or nervous prostra-
For thlrtyyears Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound haa been tbe
atandaid remedy for female ills, and
women owe it to themselves
to at least give this medicine trial.
Proof ia abundant that it haa cured
thousands of others^ and why should it
not cure youf
be thankful that hash la to be restored
to its
classic vigor, and the principle
of its
excellence applied In the mak
ing of the noble
|iot-pie.—Ohio Stat*
Hop* Left.
Prospective Beat Man—Got the
marriage llcenae yet?
Proapectlve Bridegroom—No
If yon suitor from nu, railing Mcknmx.
•plana or bar. children or Mniili that Jo
ny \w UlM'umjr will
relieve them^nd all yuu
are Mked la dais send for FIEE Bottle of
De. H.t'i
It bMi-uredtboUMndii where ev*rytliliirel»*
failed, tient free with direction*. Eipreia
frtpill. Uuaranteed by May Medical L»i'
oratory, under th. National wood ami Drim*
Act, June Mb, IMM. Guaranty No. IBM.
Pieaa* giwt AOI and fall addre**.
not going to get that until tbe laat
thing. She may as back on

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