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K:it at Turner's.—
W. Sims returned Monday
from a trip to Washington state.
Miss Edith Seeley left for Minne
apolis last Thursday to visit her rel
Save your carpet-rags and have
Ct'iirge Hrooks weave a carpet for
l'.isliop Cameron Mann
in the
Episcopal church in
.]. Trautmann, of Zeeland, was in
town Tuesday on his way home from
business trip to Brofy.
teachers' institute will
herein September,comnienc-
il1K ,m the 27th, Monday.
.1 tiiitoi" for schoolhouse wanted.
Apply to Thos. Jones, Clerk of W'in
ohc-ier School District. (an 12»
Mr. and Mrs. VV. J. Marchant re
nn-ned Saturday from a visit to the
Seattle exposition and other coast
(i. !•. Waller, of Aberdeen,division
agent of the Milwaukee rail
way. was in Linton Tuesday and
at the M. E. church next
Sunday at S:15 p. m. A choir will
I,,MID hand to furnish the music.
All are invited.
A. K. Klabunde, of Hazclton, was
in Linton yesterday, and took the
Milwaukee train for a business trip
tu irolon, S. D.
Kowerdink, the Westtield mer
chant, was in Linton yesterday af
ternoon. He brought some travel
ing men in his auto.
Streeterwas up from
several days this week and last,
as an agent of the
Lift'-lnsumce Company.
Mr. and Mrs. L). Gillespie and
their s'in, Charles Gillespie, return
ed hume this week from their trip
to the Seattle exposition.
A license was issued by Judge Car
Wednesday of last week for the
splicing of Mr. Peter Januscaiter
ami Miss Erania Volk, of Strasburg.
H:iHey and oats in Emmons coun
ty are practically all cut, and the
wheat is being harvested as fast as
a multitude of machines can do the
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Paskie are the
parents of a little daughter, who
began boarding at the Paskie resi
lience on
upper Hroadwav last Sat
urday morning.
Harold Turner recently purchased
probably the biggest kitchen-range
ever brought into the county. There
is room enough on it and in it to
for a multitude,
Mrs. Williams, wife of Dan Will
iams, formerly warden of the North
Dakota penitentiary and one of the
founders of old Williamsport, died
recently while in the east on 3 visit.
A Sure Cure for Barb-Wire Cuts,
Bruises, Swellings and Sores of All
Kinds on Horses and Cattle is Car
bonicrol. Only 25 cents the bottle.
At the Linton Drug Company. Carl
Vorlander. ljly-15)
Master Herbert Gilies, a bright,
well-brought-up Fargo lad who
makes an annual pilgrimage to Da
kem to visit his grand-parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Maxwell, was in town over
night, Friday, and went out to Da
kem yesterday.
Herri Hrummel, of Westtield. re
turned by N. P. train Satunlay
a trip to western points, in
cluding the Seattle fair. Mr. Brum
mel saw some good country in the
fur west, and a whole lot that was
tint so good but he saw nothing
general health and opportunities
...considered that suits him as wtli
List Thursday, Aug. 5th, County
Judge Carle.v uttered the tnonien
ins words that united in matrimo
ny Mr. Ernest A. Nunnweiler, of
Linton, late of Kulm, and Miss Isa
bel Margaret Dunlevy, late of Hills
'"iro. Mr. and Mrs. Nunnweiler will
make their permanent residence in
Linton, Mr. N. being employed in
the i'ritts barber-shop.
J-l'. tiiese.of Herreid.was in town
this week, visiting his
"W-time friend, the Kev. A. A.
"'schee. He had been to Bismarck
vi''"'"'ured for stomach trouble.
speaks in high terms of
treatment at the Bismarck(Evan
Kelieal) hospital. He says: "I tell
''U Dr. Quain is a good doctor and
charges at the hospital are not
I thought they would be."
1 rank Letner. son of Mr. and Mrs.
'-etner. of the Gayton country,
in-town Monday on his way to
\ifcit his parents. The young man
|s a tailway telegrapher, and resides
veil Mtistiul with the worm us sitef Dr. Muench
ttnds it,so
put out because of the fact! i- *,*
night did not reach Emmons cuimv'*
About the time they were climbing
stand over. '1 he ine end of the forii
was resting 011 the lioor, the points
elevated, forming a leverage The
horse stepped on the raised end of
the tines. This threw up the han
dle, which struck .Mr. Frankhauser
oil the nose, hurting him i-.ci'y
A man was in town the oil.er day
with lots for sale at International.
I'alls, Minnesota. I lie Sa! unlay
Evening Post's financial writer says
that, when there is much value t.o
mining stocks, town lots, etc., their
owners do not. have to ^o around the
country drumming up sales, for ihe
reason that, there are millions upon
millions, of idle capital in the world
looking for safe investment. No
one should purchase anything "sight
unseen." especially from si rangers.
hour and a half and hail fur about
twenty minutes, breaking I'taic. win­
dows of residences and stores. Ail
of the window-panes in :he N. P. de
pot were smashed. The ,-torm wa:-
one id the severest ever experienced
in Dawson, It did not reach Steele
and was felt only lightly at Tap-
pen, seeming to pa^-'s ft'oin nun to
south, with Dawson as the center.
Considerable damage to crops within
a radius of live miles was dune.
Pollock Progress: C. (). Sherman,
of the anderbilt country, is back
from an Aberdeen hospital, where
he has been taking treatment during
the past wo weeks fur blood-poison,
Ilis right hand was badly affected,
but the doctors succeeded In sa. ing
it. (.Mr. Sherman formerly lived in
the neighborhood of Linton. 1...
•John Rosa, of the Clanavon dis­
trict.took a new binder out last Sal
unlay with which to harvest his big
crop. Mr. Uosa has spent a large
share of his life as a railroad man
but two years ago he turned Ins at­
tention to farming.and he is making
a big success of it.
Two workmen, at points several
mile.-apart, were' killed Wednesday
of last week across the river, while
at. work on the N. l'.'s Fort Yates
branch. One me.t bis death at Mad-
don's camp, a few miles from Ent
monsburir. A hole had been drilled
and a thaige of blasting-powder
inserted. It was low in igniting,
audit was thought that the fuse
had been -extmgui.-hed. So another
hole was begun near by. The fuse,
however, was still alight, and the ex-
I I siou took place, killing a Hunga
rian workman named Alexander
Evajuk and seriously injuring three
other workmen. The second accident
happened a few.-miles from (iaytoit,
and the name of the man killed was
i.uates Junkie, also a Hungarian.
The wind upsei. a dump-car, which
fell on him, crushing him to death.
"Grandpa" Tracy writes fre-m
Dale to the editor of the Record as
follows, under date of July i.st. In
considering the date, readers should
not forget that, the postotliee depart
ment has. apparentK completely lost
Kansas City. He is out on his va
All the way from Pasadena, Cal.,
frw days ago to Linton
nemls of the parents neat little
i-cards, the smaller one bearing
name of Ailene Phyllis Flahertv
Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
and first grand-daughter
Mrs- E. E. Martin, form
Linton. It is reported
young miss is pretty
far,except that she is en- 011 his v. ay. to ten
that her parents did not iv-dd- inV, southwestern
Linton a few months lunger, so that I'
she might in after years point with
there was a ten-minute rain here, up from Pollock. Mr.».
•Smith & Irvine received Mondav a 'T' il"
ear of a new styie.so far as this part
of the country is concerned. It a
Wescott and has solid tires and two
seats, and is of twenty horse-pirn, r. I"
in town
1 a
pride to the fact that: she was bom I these parts .within the
in North Dakota. week or ton day
The Bismarck deluge last .Monday
been some hutterenell
1 a a
telephone poles in the Capital Citv '^at-enbergc-r and her daugii-
I'^adena, ("a!., where
Ul! mal Uu,ir nh
John Cro'vell, tin- llaKeiton res-
ti, 111 1 -vPti I UOwUV. :r
Ilk' car had been used a week or ?o
at Aberdeen as. a domon.-iration c.tr Coriander, the Lint-m drug-
Comrade Fred Frankhauser. of the ,1
Pollock neighborh.,od ,,f I'ltiiiiions ti r: bonn- i',. day'
c.unty, met with a painful aeeid. nt, vi., ,.
recently. He went with a pitchfork
"'iw is that for .1 good
,p '.
in his band int., the stall of a hor.us fl' .""f
11 1 1 1 M«arck hn.-p ta Ivo irfitt'd
He slapped the horse to make it for some-indispo'uion!
Hect Irvine returned M'-nday from
Aberdeen where he. bad been for
several slays. Pert had bis I'.uick
auto repaired while in the South
Dakota city. -s'yiy.
incent Shier i-. now empluved as
as.-islam to Me. Cole at the depot
A incent i. a gentlemanly, obliging
boy, and lie will undoubt.'dly till the
bill in every way.
.Miss Elizabeth Fiddler, uf the
Pollock neighborhood, made linal
proof before Judge ('arlev Tuesday.
Matt. Mergens and Miss Jennie Fid
dler ere her wit nessiv.
Sam right is down by auto from
Hazel ton to-day. AVitii him are
Dave Phillips, inventor ,,f ihe j|. I).
separator X. p. Freight Agent
'urdick, am I a I'. S. land-inspector.
Herbert Roberts, a well kne,\n
A destructive hail-storm struck ele\ator man ,t Steele, was in I.in
central Kidder county last Thursday
evening. Considerable damage is
reported. At Dawson rain Ie!i for an
ton over night. l'ueMlay. He was on
ni.s way to I-ort iti.-s to visit his
brother lieorgo, who is stock inspec
tor on the reservation.
Leonard du lieaume in I!is
inarck. at the hospital, lie had an
attack ut cholera morbus which did
Slot get belter: so he thought be
would go to the hospital and be i|iii
ct. a few days while receiving treat
Slock shipments in North Dakota
will soon begin in earnest. So far
ibis season only two shipments of
attle have been made from Linton:
leimann Packhaus, two car-loads
lot hicagu, and L. D. Socman, one
car-load to St. Paul.
.•Male Attorney 'Coventry and
r-iierili Jones were down in tile
Uestlield country yesterday. They
say that, the shocks in the harvested
fields of thai prosperous region are
much closer to each other than usu
al. and thai the yield of the various
grains will undoubtedly be large.
The young- man, Tom Powers, re
ported in till.? Record last week as
having been shot and killed by one
ot. his companions. Mob (iilland, on
the Standing Rork reservation.was a
son oi .Mr. and Mrs. John Powers,
who were early settlers in Clanavon
district, this county, anil who lived
there several years -before they
crossed the Missouri river to the
reservation. There are a good many
ld-timors in Emmons county who
knew these pioneers and win. sympa
thize with them deeply in the loss of
their son.
Patrick Morun, an early settler in
Emmons county, died July 2Sth in
the insane asylum at Jamestown,
lie died from cancer, from which he
had stillered for several years. He
was a man well along in life, but of
strong physique. He was a idower,
lie was a good neighbor and honest
in his dealings. There was some
mystery connected with bis life. Al
though without education obtained
from books, he had a comprehensive
knowledge of Ireland's political and
sight of the mail ser\ ice between
Dale and Winona and the rest-of lite I J- I I I I 1 1 1 -J I N I I I
state. As heretofore stated in the Deuoi^jBtity.S.D.. and She
1.. .1! -i .. 1- !•'. f, -, V: 'c 1 1 ..... 1«
Record.it. takes six or seven day
mail to pass between Linton and
Dale, and about the same period of
time between Linton and Winona,
according to the day of the week on
which it reaches Pollock, the mail
service being tri-weekly. .Mr. I racy
says: "Mr.Stephen Pulling and wife
celebrated to-day at their borne in
this neighborhood the forty-sixth
anniversary of their marriage, to
gether with their son, Sumner, and
wife, who celebrated their lY-.eiiih
wedding anniversary. My brother
(Seidell Tracy and my sister Mrs.
uf the last, fifty
years, and would sometimes refer
to tic Fenian excitement of the six
ties and to the Phuenix Park (Dub
lin! killings, .for which Allen, Larkin
and I'lirien, were executed. Wheth
er any of Mr. Mo ran's relatives re
side, in til'- I'niteil Slate.- the writer
has never
peared in I.: 1!* 1 11 Sherilf John Law-
M. !.Egg-en,of (..'lark county, S.D.
They had tym" into this slate a few
days earlier P, f-earch of one Ed Ar
tus, v.ho is accused of stealing wheat
in Deuel.cnuuty and a Inuse in Clark
si When they reached Pol
lock Fid saw them first. He had been
vvorking for Meiino lie Pour, and he
hurriedly drew his money and
11 1 •••.• 1 1 ." 11 111 1-1 k'I
(Jerauld 1 my wife and mvself were- yh to Linton and gel Sherilf Jones
invited guests Farmers are just, to -help them in the hunt, as Jones
1 v, -iiufi Drovvil t.'i tu.- \}\\:\iv xwtti modi
starting their harvest mg. horse-thieves,
fields of oats and bariey a.ready cut -j-j,
large' eiiou"!i for-r..astinK-ears. in
Bismarck Has Never Been a "Wetter" City
Within the Memory of the Oldest Inhab
itant Than It Was Monday Night.
The Windows of Heaven Were Opened and the
Dampness, in Allopathic Doses, Dropped
On "the Just and the Unjust."
And The Cellars ot the Slope Metropolis Were
for One® Filled With Something Besides
Corn Juice and the Hop-Malt Blend.
iHismarck Tribune, Tuesday.I
What is saiil by old-tuners to have
been one of the worst r.torms in the
history of this part of the state
broke over this city Monday evening
about o'clock, and in a few
minutes the streets were running
rivers and many basements 111 the
business part of the city were llood
The storm was really a cloud-burst
of the worst sort, and following the
first heavy fall of rain there was a
continuous down-pour for more than
an hour.
The rain-storm was accompanied
by a brilliant electrical display, and
lightning struck in several places 111
the city, fortunately not doing anv
date .ge aside from putting some of
the telephones out of commission
and cutting out the
electric lights in
some of the buildings.
Shortly after the heaviest part of
the rain started the sewers were un
able to carry ofT the load, ami the
water commenced to back up into
the buildings all over town. This
was soon followed by a greater men
ace in tile business district, as the
water commenced to How into the
basements from the windows front
ing on the sidewalks. One of the
first places reported to be tilling up
with water was the Western Union
telegraph ollice, under the Eirst Na
tional Hank. The operator there
bad a narrow escape from death by
drowning, lie was sealed at his desk
taking the Associated Press report
for the Tribune when the water
burst through the windows with a
mighty roar, and almost instantly
covered the floor to a depth of more
than four feet. The operator made
a dash for the door but,as the door
opened toward the inside, the force
of the water kept it closed and be
was forced to make for the window
facing Eourth street, and he was
able to get to the stairway only to
be nearly hurled down-stairs by the
torrent of water that, was coming
down from the street.
Probably Ihe greatest damage was
done in the big basement of the
Webb department store, as at I
o'clock this morning I he entire base
ment was flooded with about eight,
feet of water, and everything that
would float was swimming around
the room like a mermaid.
Cowan's drug-store basement was
also Hooded, as was the barber shop
under the (lem theater.
Other places that were flooded
as reported this morning up to
press time- were: The Armory, re
ported as being full St. Alexius
hospital basement, with much water
in it every business place on Main
street from Second to Fifth streets.
The Tribune job and newspaper
room was fortunate in not having
more than about four inches of wa
ter in it.
The (Jrand Pacific basement was
Hooded. The barber-shop,store-room
and tailor-shop therein were greatly
Heardsley & Finney's drug-store
was damaged about $:inn.
Two riear-drowmngs are reported
from the basement of the Soo ho
tel. A negro was sleeping
Sherilf .lories and ConsTable Molii'V,
of I ijiiijti. iiad a couple of busy days
tnis v.fek -Sunday and Monday,
lie nr-Mia "t the week there ap­
yut foiythe tali l.iick hriish of Em
mons county before Menno knew
ihat he was wanted for an infraction
'of the law "as she is writ," at Pierre
on-ihe-pig Muddy. After hunting
vera! day fur the aileged thief, as
aSiove stated, and meeting with no
•the sheriffs were advised
|,,, ,jj -After considerable
exceed our most sanguine expSita- hunting and beating of the bushes
tion- The Dale country will be [in the neighborhood wberi' Artus
,, ti f., ,voi-.- ®ini-C was thought to be in hiding, Sunday
heard lrom ubeli the tal m, -ocgi. .,, .. .. ,, ,.
to haul their .-*ra:ti n.arKe ,... ,,f the latter-named day
iind in our curn-tield eaia oi loiji oi., y,,, hunt was successfully ended
the Northwestern Dent variety hen the man wanted was dragged
.in ,_ yy on the.Peter liuschker place, 111 Em
believe'hat is the coming coiaKi
this country. In ihe last, two year?, j^, Dakoia sheritls, who a^t
eighty-five days from planting
these parts, it has matured ut 1 once -larted with him for the sou"
•'.nt r...
a hay-stack
He was turned'.v.-r
from the
outside but their efforts were
to swim to lu barn and lei bis
horses out, and it is said that be got
there jusl 111 time, as ihe water war.
nearly covering I lie animals when
be arn\ed.
As tar as could be learned this
morning at pres.-,-i inie. there was
very little dam ige done io the resi
dence disl net.., aside from sumo few
instances where the sewer water
backed up iniii ihe basements.
Reports from Sterling tell uf high
wait there, and.while the man who
Sent in Ihe repui-t slated thai it was
up tu tlie secund story windows, ii is
thought that lie was somen hat ev
cited at Ihe tune he was talking.
Put there has imdoiibtedt\ been a
great amuuiil of damage done.
A heavy ram is reported from
Main Ian. but the telephone line was
working so badl\ that it was impos
sible to get any of ihe pariculars.
Tom llanlon, in Third street, is
repurted to have been unable to res
cue one of bis burse,, fiuio Ihe barn,
and the animal was drowned.
A west bound special which passed
through Pismarck al I l-» a. in. was
forced io return to obtain a crew uf
section men to repair the track.
The water washed a large portion
of the bank at the east approach of
the Missouri liver bridge on to the
track,making 11 impossible for 1 rams
to pass at that point
he basements uii the east side uf
Fourth street are reported to be
badly Hooded Human's cafe,Hreeu's
cluthiiig-sture. Kiiuw les llaney's
jewelry-store and kupitz' grocery
being the heaviest losers. he Hour
of Jorgeii'-on's candy-store is covered
to a depth of more llian two inches.
The basement, of ihe Northwest ho
tel is flooded, and it is reported that
hundreds of dollars of damage was
done al tbat place.
All telegraph and telephone con
nections out uf the city, with the ex
ception ol the Soo line, are out of
commission, and I here is little likeli
hood that they will lie in operation
at any tinn- to-day.
The water has gone down in the
Western Union ollice.but the instru
ments arc ruined and the batteries
are out of business. The water in
the streets has run olf, but the
sidewalks are covered with mud and
sand. In many places the street-car
track is covered with mud, and it is
doubt fill whet her (lien-will beany
service during the day.
Shoes and stockings were at a dis-
back room in the basement, and tin
water got so high in the room
he was awakened that he coud
open the (Joor. Three men endeav
ored to get the door
vain, and the colored man, much
frightened and very wei, was finally
taken from the window. A cl.-rl:
was sleeping in a room in another
part of the basement, and before lie
was awakened his
At the corner of Main and Fifth
the water washed out a lot of the
street,and a man is reported to have
fallen in and nearly drowned
was floating
around the room. Parties went
the rescue, and, swinging a lantern
over the transom, awakened the
man and when he saw the water
jumped from the bed, and they say
the yell be let out would have made
an Indian on the war-path go out
and commit suicide from mortifica
assistance could reach him.
The basement of the new bank
building on the northeast, corner
Main and Fourth was lilled to Un
love! of the street- and then
and there will probably be a great
(leal of damage to the cement, floor
I therein, which was finished Monday.
1 One man is reported to have bail I
count this morning during and
the storm. The city looked
•grass-cure resort for a few hotrr.
Koine (lame-Lav. »ro\Ision*'
shall bunt, pursue, catch, take or
kill deer or antelope with any dog ,,
or dogs. No person shall tram or
run any dog or dogs ow ned or c.n x,,
trolled by him, known its' bird
dogs, including pointer-., setters,
hibiied from training and running,
dogs 11 hill tins stale between thej
tirsi day of May and Ihe nfteonth
day of August." The statute also
provides that. "No person shall atf
any time enter into any growing,.'j:
standing, shocked gram or bunched
Has not his own, with intent, to take
or kill any bird or animal, nor per
nut any dog with which be had be
hum ing to do so for such pui |fi :iy
without permission from Ihe owner
thirty days. We have given in the
foregoing all there is of a material
nature the new law regarding
the use of dogs by hunters. The
limit of a single day's killing for
leach hunter is |en chickens, grouse,
jetc., with not more than twentv of
each kind of game this clas.-, or
a combination of tin .'lass of game.
to be 111 bis possession al any one
time. he same as to ducks, gee. e,
etc.. except that the figures
awav with Ihe assurance that iln-v
an- TREE COPIES of \.,iu- eif,.
Thai's th.- kind we make, and we.
guarantee to please you When
may we have the pleasure ol seeing
you, photographically'.' Smith She
f. Came to my place, eight mile,
'northeast of Winona, on July 'I,
I'.hi'.i, a bay mare about ihroe yoarf
(old a white spot on forehead about.
1 the size of a dollar. Owner can have
I same by proving property and pay
ing charges. JAKtll! Ml NS'TI.
I (atio) Winona, N,
Do you want, a home' If o, see
me. I can sell you a good house al
ready limit in Linton in a good loca
ion, vv 111 good well or I will builif
one for you of lumber or cement andj
give you terms to suit yourself, ly
D. l-'ogle, Linton. (,ily- 'i
Give Us a Call, Kxamine Our
Goods, the Quality and the Prices,
and Add Your Name Io Our Steadi
ly Increasing List of Customers.
I K^'J»KI\V ITX'. I'rojr. Kiiit/v/i, Nurl.lj I ak' .la.
ectlon cards, eticftore, MW"
.efits, etc? Oniy ^ut
iour |jv -.•,
?s». .. £&ti
LI N I't N MAI! KIT ULI't r.
Ibursdav Morning. .Aug. L.'t!r.
There i» no new wheat on the mar
t. following are he pr for
considerable.! o],| wheat
There seems to In
doubt as to the provisions of
game law governing the use of hunt- fx,, •_
ing-dogs. There are two sections I
that refer to the use of dogs. Sec-„-,j-,,\
tion .'io provides that "No person j-?
No. 1 Noi th
0 1 a 1 I
r: hrl'M
1 .no
1 *.
!'.• at
N1 "1
droppers or spaniels, or allow samel
to run loose in fields, or upon lands
which game birds may be found, I
or apt to lie frequented h\ gam.
birds, between the first da\ of April
and ihe fifteenth .lay of August o|„j
each \t-ar." Section on -ays that
"Professional dug-trainers are pro
.Feed Parley
1 aloe Stiiek
Packing Stock.
as I 'ream c-. :-.,.y
M'ial good teams of
driving hoi-.es. Call
•Ileal'* 1 i\ 1, barn
Working and
at Wm 1 ,1101
1 1
M\ wife having left, our home
Wltllollt cause, lleleby gi\e llolice
that I ill nut be responsible for an\
debts hat she may contract ,'.",*
I ei I I.int..n N.D., July I,' Plo'.i.
I'IIAS. .1 RA ITIlll'N
I allies for violation of ibe-.e provi-
ions of 1 lie law are a tine uf 1
liftv dollars and costs, or imprison
men I in ihe county jail twenty to
'Is N nil-: Nt IRT II P.M'II' u:
I PYi'illCAiit). MI1AVAH
S, 111: s'| I'\l|. RA 11 AS
1 y,,u
I'll* I'T't .RAI'IIS. .Ill between
you and me, i-n't it about 1 hue you
were having some new photograph
taken'.' (If course you waul IIIOIK I,
photographs the kind vou can give
cont eniplat ing a Irip to
1 lie I 'acitic Nortbw '..I or to 1 lie
Alaska ^i ukon Pacific Kxposition at.
Seattle'.' li io, .-all or s,-n.| for new
book, "Noi Pacific Coast Cmm
I ry." jssued this railway. It
will help you in planning y.uir trip
I'.REE if you call. .Mailed for four,
postage. y
1'.:' 1011 lid I rip from 'hie,ago Io
Seal Ile, I'acoma, Spokane, Portland.
ictoria, Vancouver, Putte and
oilier points daily until Sept"inber
-I'Mll. I Tloice of routes. Stop oVi'l-tig
Return limit ictoh.-r "1st (1. I-|SJ
WALLER. Division Passenger"
gelit A her.
twenty and fifty instead of ten and
Went live.
Ie 11, s. I I
Sign Paiiitinjj.
C.in ingc Work.
Paper Hanging
All ..ill
Mri. I
ur Work.
Linton, North Dakota.
Will In if, Ililt
1 M' S'l
N. I ».. Oh
i(m! 1 li'irs-
l.»v. 1711, Ml
.th'i r»iii.
Arc the Three Fe ilines
of Our Store..
Voul If if wli
i'.l« ...

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