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Eat tt Turner's.—
Meals and lunches at all times at
the Linton Bakerv. (janl I
Call on Charles H. Carlev. county
judge, for final proofs ami tilings.
Mrs. Fred l'ietz left yesterday for
visit with friends at Aberdeen and
For Sale—Some good seed barley.
Apply at the Schilling elevator. J.
R. Davis.
Wanted About thirty head of
cattle to pasture. Ray Little, Lar
vik. N. D.
Merchant M. A. Klein and family
of Strasburg were visitors in Linton
James Holt and P. N. Nelson
came down from the Tell country
last Friday.
Mrs. John Pietz of Eureka spent
Sunday with her son and daughter
in-law in Linton.
G. A. Broman is again having
trouble with his old complaint,
stomach trouble.
A son was born one day last week
to Mr. and Mrs. Will Fetterlev of
Wirrfna. All well.
A. L. Geil came down from Hazel
ton yesteday evening, returning
home this morning.
Fred Pietz, of the First National,
made a business trip by auto to
Braddock yesterday.
The German-American State Bank
makes farm loans for five years'
time at lowest rates.
The farmers report that the freez
ing weather a week or ten days ago
did no damage to grain.
For Sale—Millet seed. It is sound
and will all grow. Apply to G. VV.
Whalen, Strasburg. N. I).
Attorneys Register and Stevens
came down from Bismarck Monday,
in the latter's auto, to attend to
some professional work here.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCrory came
up from the Winona ranch yester
day. Mrs. McCrory will again make
her permanent residence here.
The base-ball authorities have
heard from Wallie Ellert. He ac
cepts the proposition to pilch for
the Linton club the coming season.
Don Tracy, the photographer, will
be in Pollock on Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday, May 2d,.'Id and 4th.
prepared to do all kinds of work in
his line.
Clif. Putnam, the south-country
old-timer who shows by his expan
sive physique that feed is plentiful
in Emmons county, was a business
visitor in Linton yesterday.
Ludwig Meier and wife,who about
week ago went to the hospital at
Rochester, Minn.,for treatment, are
getting along nicely, according to a
letter received by Register Witt
mayer from Mr. Meier.
The Gahon Creamery Company of
Aberdeen has established a cream
buying agency in Linton, on Broad
way, second door south of Record
office. Patrons are assured of top
prices at the new agency.
Ernest Nonnweiler, the popular
barber at the Britts shop, accompa
nied by his wife, returned home day
before yesterday, after a month's
visit with his wife's parents at Hills
boro, this state, and with Mr. N.'s
parents at Britt, Iowa.
The Rev. N. Wood, formerly the
Methodist pastor at Linton, arrived
here last Friday for a visit of a few
days. He departed Monday on his
return to Milnor, where he is now
located. Mr. Wood is looking well
»nd likes his new home at Milnor.
Dr. Smith made his usual trip to
Hazelton last Tuesday. The doctor's
business in the dentistry line is
constantly growing, as a result of
competency. People come here
from thirty or forty miles to have
work done by Dr. Smith.
Comrade House, of Richland
County, seems to be the popular
candidate for secretary of state. He
is an old settler of this state he is
"nan who has made a success of his
Private business, and hence is good
Material for Jn officer whose duties
we along purely business lines.
The other day a Linton merchant
somewhat flabbergasted when
lady entered the store and bought
•money-purse on tick. This is a
wgn of good crops, showing, as it
that, although a little short in
Present, the lady expects to
of the purse when the
3 crops are harvested.
The Royal Neighbors will give a
*y dance in the opera-house on the
^ening of Friday, May 6th. There
a May-pole
a trip through this country (San D.
ego. Cai and old M«r.cot Our
future residence ar Pa-a
I Fur Sale—Cheap. '•Ftninons Coun
ty Duke." an Aberdeen-Angus bull,
live years old. Registered. Reason
for selling, out of the business. In
quire ui G. N. Fiddler,Pollock. S.D,
Ihewrecii on the Milwaukee be
tween Hague and Strasburg, Thurs
day of last week, gave the railroad
people considerable trouble. The
train did not reach Linton until next
day -about twenty-four hours late.
Mildred Krick, the eldest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krick.
died yesterday. The little girl had
been sick about a week. When the
Record went to press arrangements
had not yet been made for the
For Sale -Hart- Parr engine and
John Deere gang with eight stubble
plow bottoms and six breaker bot
toms one 4i"j-gallon kerosene tank.
Also, the wagon on which the tank
has been hauled. For price and
terms apply to C. J. Bieber. I.arvik.
In a letter from Mrs. (i. W.
Broughton, formerly Nettie Hap
tonstall, who as a young girl resided
at Linton, but who now lives at
Mountain Home. Idaho, she says
"This sunny southern Idaho is not
what it is puffed up to be. At one
time this winter the sun appeared
for only a few minutes in three
George Whalen was over from
•Shiloh irove, Monday. The good
natured old-timer had a severe at
tack of sickness recently, and is
still feeling, as Comrade Corbin
would have put it, "puny." Rut
every one is glad that George pulled
through, and may he live many years
to see the Cottonwood trees grow
into big saw-logs.
The esteemed editor of an ex
change up north writes of Henry
Watterson as the author of the
phrase referring to the slaughter
house and the open grave. Wasn't it
KourkeCockran of New York who, at
the head of the Tammany delegation
in the democratic national conven
tion, declared that the nomination
of Cleveland would lead the demo
crats "through a slaughter-house to
an open grave."
The new base-ball grounds are
being put in condition. Joe Hurdick
went out the other day and plowed
the sod from the diamond. As a
sample of the excessive fertility of
the soil in the state of North Da
kota, what happened to Burdick
should be related: While plowing,
Joe got some of the loose soil in his
shoe. In less than an hour the corn
on his major toe had grown to twice
its former size. Who says corn
won't grow in North Dakota?
A. A. Luwdigs, of the First Na
tional, has already begun to beauti
fy his new home, recently purchased
from J. B. Brock. He has had
several hundred trees planted on
the place. Just a little systematic
attention each year and the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwigs can be made
a very pretty suburban place, al
though the day will come when a
home half a mile distant from Linton
postoffice will be right in town, in
stead of "in the suburbs."
Pollock Progress: Matt Mergens
has been appointed census enumera
tor for the Glanavon district in Em
mons county. Matt is a good man
for the place and may be depended
on to count all heads Pollock will
have a base-ball club this season. A
paper was circulated in town and
enough money subscribed to start
the boys out in line shape, and at a
meeting of the enthusiasts Monday
evening the club was organized for
the season, uniforms ordered and
we may now look forward to some
hot games in the near future.
Mauritz Van Soest was in Linton
yesterday. He drove up from his
farm to interview Dentist Smith.
Mr. Van Soest is feeling very badly
over the death of Nicholas, one of
his twin grand-sons, who was recent
ly drowned, as reported in the Rec
ord. It appears that there were but
a couple of inches of water in the
tub into which the eleven-months
old child fell. There were some
clothes in the tub which the baby's
mother was going to wash but the
little one, falling on his face, pressed
down the clothes, and there was
enough water to strangle him.
Everv possible effort was made to
revive the child, but the vital -park
had fled.
y°ung ladies, and this
ial feature will take place at 9
Jj* sharp. A small admission
"barged spectators, and the
^kets will be sold at the
Price, Everybody come.
Present address of E. A. Keeb
w, formerly of Emmons county,
ation "A," Pasadena, Cal. Under
writ °*.. Mr. Keebler
ss ver
and I were mar-
Pril 14th at the residence of
P»»^3ter '^rs- E. E. Martin) in
*na. Cal. We are now taking
The home-talent minstrel show
last Friday night at Turner' Opera
House brought out one of the lar
gest if not the very largest-
crowds that have so far squeezed
inside the opera-house to see an
entertainment of any kind,
thing like eighty dollars was cleared
by the band, and this will he.p con
siderably in procuring the 'etal
amount necessary lor purchasing
suits for the band boys. Everybody
who attended says the show was a
good one, and proved that the vol
unteers who took part in it had
given much time and attention ,o
their pafts. The elephant was a.i
larfce as. life and twice as narjral.''
ana no sure-enough pachyderm eouiu
-a'-'e prov»»:ea mere ,n:we _n the
part of the little folK
Messrs. Ostrum and Lierbo have
purchased the concrete-manufactur
tig business of .inu Fogle
I 'f Sale -Five head vvbrk
iioi-M .. or wiil trade for .i'tie,
W m. Maenider. Emmonsburg. N. D.
and it is said that a bird will soon
occupy the cage.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Henley, of
Canton. S. D., arrived in l.inton ves
terday to visit their relatives. Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Stomber. Mrs. Ren
ley and Mrs. Stember are sisters.
M. K. wehon.the Aberdeen cream
ery man, is building an addition to
the Sherwood market, and will use
coming to town Mr. I'ullen had the
bad luck to Ki.se ijtiiu in bills a ten
and two fives. The money was acci­
dentally pulled from bis pocket.
Michael Mahanev and his son Will
are here from Rush City, Minn., and
will remain for a week or so. Mike
is an old-tinier in Emmons counts,
was an early-day sheriff of this
county, and everybody is jr|ad to see
him and to know that he is in good
Major Carignan of Fort Yates and
Captain Stilosof Winona are in town
to-day. Heretofore, on the Record's
roster, the latter has been a ser
geant but he is now the owner of
an automobile, which fact automat
ically raises him to the linnet rank
of captain.
W. S. t'asselman of lijsmarck
tra\ eling for ('onrad'sChicago coffee-
store, of course came down from
the Capital City yesterday, and will
go down the Milwaukee line to-day.
Fire the nioosemilk and drink Con
rad's coffee if you wish that your
days may be long in the land, gentle
Gus Broman and Frank Irvine re
turned Monday from I.idgerwood,
this state, with two spick-and-span
Overland autos one for each of
them. I.idgerwood is the state-
agency headquarters for these ma
chines, which are said to be among
the best. Mr. Irvine is, agent, for
Emmons county.
Norman Severance has purchased
the blacksmith business of Fogle &
Gau and is having the material
shipped to Mcintosh, S. I)., where
he will open a shop. Fred Gau will
build the shop at Mcintosh, and will
then go to reside at I'hermopolis, Wy
oming, recently visited by him.
where carpenters receive sixty
five cents an hour for their work.
'. W. Gillmari, huttermaker and
manager of the new creamery at
Hazelton, was a visitor in Linton
last. Friday ?TS:The gentleman has
had [much experience in the busi
ness. and, with creameries all
through the state doing well, the
Hazelton and Strasburg creameries,
which are both in competent hands,
certainly ought to lie successful!.
The three ash-ieafed maple trees
in front of the Vorlander drug-store
were dug up yesterday and trans
planted to the Frankhauser lots in the
old town. We sincerely hope they
will stand the change and will con
tinue to be healthy and thrifty. In
this country of broad and treeless
prairies transplanting a good-sized
tree seems like a surgical operation
thta is endangering a human life.
Still, the trees will all have to come
off of Broadway when the village
develops into a city.
At the opera house, Thursday
night, April L!.Sth. Wm. R. Leonard's
players will be seen in a play with
out a name. A good company of
clever people and special scenery.
Vaudeville specialties to keep you
interested between the acts. Don't
fail to see this show. You will be
pleased and will say that your money
was well invested. Price of admis
sion is small and within the roach of
ail. Come and bring your friends.
Admission '2.'. Mo and "o cent.-.
«fSj\nd they were married.A
license to wed was issued by
Judge Carles to following-named
young peoplf: Mr. Henry I Mange
and Miss Clara Kirkpatrick. of Dale,
The wedding took place I uesday
evening at the farm home of Mr.
ami Mrs. .J. W. James,, uncle and I
aunt of the bride, a few
"'miles east
of I inton. The Rev. Lovelace per
formed tin* ceremony, and Comrade
Lovelace in font '.he Record that it
is hardly ever the fate of man to sit
down to as perfect a wedding feast as I
c- K-
Merchant John Woifer is building
a residence south of and across the
street from the Lutheran church,
the room as a cream depot. Milton
Culhertson will act as local agent.
Dr.Wolverton left for Fort Dodge,
Iowa, last Saturday, being called to
Mr. and Mrs. Brock returned
Monday from Hazelton, where they
went to spend a week visiting
friends before starting on their
journey west. They will begin their
western trip next Monday.
E. S. I'ulleii. lieltl man for the tle
hon creamery of Aberdeen, is here
in the interest of his company. Since
his tiki home by the illness of bis
grandmother. He returned yester
day, the sick lady being much im
make their home on the groom's
f.n near Dale.
to build churches, to worship in
private houses. That. Rrand struc
ture at Hague will have a vast in­
fluence on the character of the
church buildings to be erected in
this region far into the future, for
it has shwon the various congrega
tions what a determined pastor and
a loyal congregation can do when
they make up their minds. Stras
burg is good town in a good coun­
try, iind there are few places in
North llakota of its size that do as
much business. The new church
will be a credit to the town. With
rapid paces North Dakota is drop
ping the frontier aspect, and enter­
ing the list of "old states" with
churches and -"'bool-houses every
few miles.
Herbert Stedman. Member of a Re
spected Kmmons County Family,
Meets Death in a South
Dakota I xplosion.
Another fatal accident it is the
duty of the Record to chronicle.
The victim, although a resident of
South Dakota, is closely related to a
well-known and respected family
living west of Krofy, this county.
As to the cause of the accident, the
following from he Aberdeen Ameri­
can of Tuesday is taken:
Herbert Stedman, who has lived
in and about Redtield for a number
of years, met. with a fatal accident
while wm-king on Norheck & Nichol
son's artesian well outfit at Faulkton
last Kridav. A shell full of dyna
mite had been lowered in a casing,
hut would not explode, and so was
pulled to the surface again.
Stedman undertook to dry it"out,
but neglected to remove the percus­
sion cap, with the result that the
charge exploded with terrible re
sult s. The shanty was demolished,
while the body of .Stedman was dis
membered, being literally blown to
pieces. Another workman outside
the shanty wa injured by a flying
piece of iron, and windows in all
buildings in the vicinity were shat
tered. The body was returned to
Redtield Saturday night., to be
sent to Union, North Dakota, for
The body of the unfortunate young
man was brought here from South
an :vlw iys Vie fnumi at mir
S. A. Fischer came up from Stras-
luirj Monday evening in his auto,
and with him were the Kev. N.
I'ahlmanns of Aberdeen, the |{ev,
Kr. I'.W. Schardt of liaRtie, anil Mr.
I'rank J. Shile of Aberdeen. They
came to meet the Kt. Kev. Vincent
Wehrle, (. S. I!., of llismaick, who
was recently appointed Kisltop of
North Dakota, and who will be con
seerated to the high ollii-e next
month, lb'was accompanied by the
Kev. Kr. Clemens of Bismarck. The
object of the visit was the laying of
the corner-stone of the proposed
Catholic church sit Strashurg. The
new structure will be known as Sts.
I'eter and I'aul. Kver since the dedi
cation of the beautiful church at
Ila^ue, which is a Irihutto the will
power and perseverance of father
Schardl, the people of Strasburg
have been milking arrangements for
a splendid church building, and thov
have now progressed as far as the
laying of the corner-stone. Things
are different in Kmmons county now
from what, they were fifteen or
twenty years ago, when church peo
ple in many sections were com
pelled, for lack of means with which
Dakota Tuesday, and the funeral i.
took place soon after the arrival of I,
tin* Milwaukee train. His sister'
Kiizabeth accompanied the remains
to Linton. The services took place
in the Methodist church at this
riiety- rea-.Mi t'. »r it. "(vhialit\ wi'll
1**11 Kv ery ilrink made i.\ us ,.\
hilai'atino-. tvtivslung and ilelieoMis
Our Soda Fountain
the tii_'in and lmlddin^ pari c|" mir
CARL VORLANDER. Manager. Linton, N.
had been prepared ,! Mrs. .lames.
The hnde is a well-known and pop
ular school teacher of this county.
The rootn is an enter-prising and
progressive youtiK man of the hale
countr. The younr. couple will
place, the sermon being preached b\
the pastor, tile Kev. Sachtjen. The
interment was made in I.mton cem
etery, where repose the leiilaitisef
Other and more ext sive dis- j,
patches say that never before the ,,|ov,.(J |„.
history of c.tton-raising in this
his mother, uho died several years this article give
1 lie father and a
brothers and sister?
ceased. All of them but Sidnev, of! .|
St. iul, and t'harli's. of liisniarck
reside here. I'harlos. who is con
nected with in automobile establish­
ment in the Capital City, was out
of town and could not lie reached
in time for the funeral. Those who
survive are The father. S.
Stedman. Mrs. Kdward I.arvik of
I'rnfv hlixaheth, a school-teacher
at Ivoscoe, S. D., Sidney, Charles.
Ilollis, Roger, Ruth, \'erna, Kaith,
I'arroll and Miirgerie
The sympiithy of the enlire com­
munity is extendi to the bereaved
father and brother and sisters.,":
Oispatclivs Iriini I lie South Say I Ills
ireat Amerkiiii Staple tins I'.oi'ii
I rcmciuliiiisly HnniaKt'il ty
I rve/iii|c Weallivr,
Nevv Orleans, April T'ceezing
weather and snow in manv piirts of
the south are reported to-day. The
cotton crop in many places is report­
ed killed.
been such over-
country has then
whelming damage to the cotton
I'lic Jury for the May lerin.
Following are the names of the
jurors drawn for service at the term
of court beginning at lo a in. Tues
day, May od. Those wanting sec­
ond papers should lie present at the
opening of court the first day
unitf'ii ucr. 1 1M
Hi'ti/ Ani/
liter I A
l^licllllftlill If
lJ.it «r. 11. A
-liif :i It -y ..:
i.i'i'I '.K!
*1 rl I-rank
111 In-wn It.'r*
i' i. I
'.N irhi ii?i(ij, I ihn
I. W
11 lN/ iMn'jf I
J! Ilti III. I'.tl VV t' I
I- Isclitu- II
u'hjr 'A'
«»iirn» :j. I
Irw'u. W,
I rickfi'Mi 1 I'-'l
.1'ihnson, V"i'• I'
«'i, y, Thi.rn.il
i.'In, M. A
I'.'ti-r •». »n I'.? i'i
l'-f l. ,l...hli
.1*11. I 11 fit HIT.'
"'•t-vsm.' ic. I*.
W.Tm'I -l'.iin l*:
•W.'sl At.!'.
wi• 11«•, .lotto
V..1 It. It V
.Hi V' rs! ,1.
ir: -«••,!. irl ii
Mil: SAI.i: LAND.
I have for Side a half-section of
land, situated four miles southwest,
of Fort Yates. About bin acres of
it can be broken, and the remainder
is good past lire land. The price j.s
$11 the acre, witii Slooo to .'lliOO
down and the balance on twelve
years' time at 'i per cent.
•, .rK.VV. (!ha»\ Iariton-N. D.
A new lot of pretty dr
street hats arrive evi«ry day or two.
We also kindly call your attention
to our new iine of vails and -carfs.
Dressmaking of ail kind- done at
reasonable prices. I'lease call and let
us prove our statements.
Kaven Sisters, Milliners.
I offer for sale my farm, in Sec.
I, Twp. l-'il, Kge. T'l. It. consists
of l'ij! acres, and is situated seven
and a half miles north of Winona
and four and a half miles south of
Kmmonsburg. 1 have ten acres
plowed, but the entire farm can be:
broken and cultivated I he farm is
on the hanks of the Missouri river.
A creek runs by 'ft" hou-e. I In
dwelling is bixbi feet and is built, of
The barri is l'.x io feet, built I
al-o a chicken
There is a tim*
e. There is no
•immons county.
of lumber. Iherear
house, hog-pen. etc.
grove tear 'he hous
prettier place in
I wish to sell because of old »#•*,
which makes ine iinable to farm the
land for particular- call on me at
the farm or address me at Winona.
An f.\plti4ion ot Omolmt
Ihe Death ol a ounif armt-r
Near Ma?elton
Purine tfit? last ft ni- nth.- enr
«*:ui hardly i'\ck up a I a
Herv in Kmmons county, avvs-lrnts
resulting in Inssof life have f.ii!«.\ve|
"ne another with list re^Uu fi
Ui*'n.'y. Therein in hi :fe^.vn :in
undertaking tirm wh» tin
a a
to_a certain extent, with cent
territory, and .during the past, few
weeks, «»f six orders for rackets
tllken hy them. !i\e havy. heert for
the victims of accident,, t''*ne casket
\as fur Mr. fN/haar. ho ki hi
falling ft in ip iitn111.
Atiother was that of yonny u!i /if
Mi and Mis. Duck, h" \\a killed
an aocident in whi.-h he was hit
en the head hv a harrow
huge family o| .1 111 lloeck, living on the W.
I Matthews place, ill the edge of Hit
thing for his wife, who was the
mother of a child about fortv eight
hours old. Nothing is known as to
what happened, except that lie used
kerosene or by mistake gasoline
to start the tire. There was an ex
plosion and a conilag rat ion which
burned the man's hodv to a crisp
irid destroyed the house md its con
Mary liutlor, who was working for
the family, rushed from her room
and with a blanket tried to -ave Mr.
lloeck but in vain. Mis- Holler re
ceived severe burns on her hand-.
The wife was in a bed room next
Mrs. lloeck is doing well and will
probably recover
The deceased, John Ibii-ck, was a
young man scarcely more than a
I boy his age being reported a about
that dots nut an avinm! a
fat ai atvhirnt. sonii'W hrrc jtt ho
•. V*
iv a Marrow Another:
,, 1
H,.aver creek, and vva- highly
regarded bv everv one who kmnv
The funeral took place veslerday
in llii/eltoii. the interment being
made in Hazelton cemetery.
OM- i.ocai.i'I
Following is an extraci from a
letter received from Stady. U'illiams
county, by I'rof. II. II. Aaker. can
didate for governor. "You stand
well out here, and I believe you will
get. a solid Hlpport fnnn tin part of
the state. Ole llalvor ••on. Slndy, N.
D." William'' is the counly in
which I'rof. Aker is least. aei|iiaint
ed, and the letter came from a
stranger and uncohcited. Quota
tions from letters of similar import
could be run indefinitely. Adv.
Ouenctiinq Thirst at Sea.
M.mv year- a^o, In lliiig-su^
dv that
by diJi-
gc-ted to Captiiin Ixenm
tlor-t might In: 1111en* lied
])ing llie clothing in sail, vvap-r and
jiiil I
nig it on w11 lio111, wringing- it
out. The eiipliiin on beiti casf.
awnv siiceeeded in persuading some
of the men to follow
became deiiriou- ind ib'd. ':ip!.iiu
Kennedv goes on to sir.', '"'After
these operation^
found 11 il the Violent
lur-l went,
lollglH! w.i
v. hen
ir. elothe
ii)d ^receive I
off iiiiI In- parch
I Clil'eil I) It few in
III ii
j, ,,) hud bathed and wa-died
while we found our,-.!:l'
rcfre-lied iis if
-omi" f:j! fi'iiirirhini^i!,
I don S'andard.
John O'Klynn.
11 It A If 'M
rrv liAiniKH siioi'
A. M. HHITT-, i'f i,r!-'0r
fW r/ein{i''y iile'l (in M/.u'l iyi
-11 -j iied,sh,!.bnf suppo
ed he IIi-'ed :t- S'-w-i
rot vv/i-. grifiniiig bisejiriftly
ih ar f' ,.ovv, i!' iir,: only l-.te-.v |i»,',v I
hate t).e -iph' of it
A d'de, i'lad'-if
do'k and po-,noes ., /iVn'i^it'J
irtjOrl— ',irc no' fTiI ,1.' I"
tvifhe?..' I' i- ii- tnu'h
is worth. N'ot f^ir.-worh!- :,v-:,
awe of Adele n'bree:"n'it.'.
oeive her as rcL'iirds-:th.e,:-vsi!!,e
ta'-h to this one pauimihir iir'e
And for the rake of Adele
-litt.ie ^roiip of i/reat pailif-r^
'for tldrt-. years ii^en ea.uri
theVKCiju'd none of them bear
rut r,r
:Si I I kv\\:\ sr vj V.:.
I'liesday night, about I ,,'-TC
arose to build a lire in a stove
for the purpose of preparing some­
uicrs N r!h C.WtHu
s-- ir ,4t
'-tn-h. f•M I «'•. '«Vf ,
fv "wni v. v\ II |jt.(
-n r,ior«a I
nist »i-
'cni.jii .v
14 in J4n
was that of the twin sun of IVier!
Van Soest. who was drowned. An
other was that of a member of the
Stedman family, who was killed by
an explosion of dynamite South
Dakota. Another, and tho la-t .i
that of ,lohn lloeck, who nut death
in an explosion at I larch..n uie.th
•'Oi,| ,|„
wvM.-n tin- -tipj
-1' 1' ol S
I'M It JH O If «,t 1,1
01. V.
J*1'* 1
:C. 11 MI I Kt.,
I I'v Hpc'ifuily uviituitt''' ii.tn! I uin
f,.r th* positlm? of Km
vm.i vU.M'nty n.,M, t.»i hs«- Wiw i«,«'
it i-, v,V ,H 'it
ill uitf .'
\M"N 11 »I S
N M'u« li '.1«. I"UJ
fore last. And it is ,,f |,i in
in account.
1: MII.KII 1 .-.V:
Iiiy-.rir KV'rYji^
of itV .»f ic'ijj tit' lis

wii: ir,..
\.i\, ts
•*.l I vutr 'f I h' 1-.- ri
I'l l: ••'Mil i:
1 .'tiVfeit N |»,
S ci
1 li: 111 try
nil ion f.ir lie
Vn» rl il In
f't tii inl
ortl.V t.f iJrlt'i*. i.,f I
OIn' |M I Mi it Irs
I .M t)«
I 11 ks I pi Jl |.|n
v-l in
:ntiiiiticf inyM-if a.- »tr
Mi.lv Ir. ,s
In- (li1. is|.,tt ,,( 11,,. r«-iti] I,'i
l'i iln-o !., |„. i„.i,|
can \. i|i-t
Hi 'our
I. II X\I:A\I"|:I- '•).
Ai.ili r:, i• i|Ii
to the room in which the plosion
occurred. She ran from I lie hmi -e
through the room full of ihinies and
was also burned, although not fatal
ly. Reports received from lla/el
ton last evening are to the eile.-t that
I il,,
I Im-ii I. o's -1 1111 -, ,,,y
111 |j|i?ll l.'S I.i I-.
I II,! Hit
I 'OMll,1:1,1- ..II I,,. |,',.j,t, l,!l.'„„ |,-| ,.| f,,, ,1,,.
lil ts ill
I hi |H
l«'i*lh»|| nf I Ik*
l»l In lout
prlf r,*. |i|M
\J I N
d" .-iriilly a niioti
I li.-t-i'i-V
iii-.' Ui.ii liiii
Im* juisll Inii sh. riif
sii11}i*r• i,. ti,,. win ..r iiit ..
•4 jm»«isi'i| I hi' III ln.nr
a .'llii! i' I :il
|»U I I 'ILL IT«'? S
I i) lir

I )Hi In- In-!
pi II !•», I'ljn .''v-,.:.:
lie I
OII'.TII,. ,' TI,Y HI-IF LIT ,(.,)!.] N:,.
1!|,l"Hiil.Mi, II. I... I f, i, ||„. i,Hi,.,. ,,f
I' ll,- 1»INrrI.• I I .M|,|. ,|M,
I»|l I I, .if l:.|l,||,||,'| [„|,.,s It,,. ,,,|,i|]|,
i- Id hi' Ih-M I ilr :„Mi. «|«i.
If !«rl,-,|, VV I 1 full hf II IU.-h,iniP III,,
'I 111 I if I hi- tilJIl.tr, mul. ih III lie N«'l vi'
lu- jif-.p!,. ,,f |||,IM,ltlS lo lh«' lii-stof
'•iV ^"'"y j. i. iTi r.
iolon. N I 11
I* "i I' i'.u(h i',i iii *KKh*i
i« «»y iny.st If ,s ,i :i i,'l hi
a (i-
f«-l l'i' I |«»ii In tin- oHl.'.' ,-r if
hi-tik 111111
v' I tlx- (hi'lsiun Of tip' li |i h
'i i«i Vuler.s „t |{MlMiaty i-U'cMoii I-.
If I'll'.'It'll Will ci|i| 1,1' 11 ill 1. S of 1,1
''III'- fruitfully, 1 in pit 111 il I I.. I h
iii «»f III'* iu.\ pity ITS of Km iiMitji count
'••"Hp'-.t fully you rs I' .1 \SI|"IMa
t.iiif..n ,N I» A pill l'i lo
'oi Niv A I lU I«m
I 1.y nho'.iih.-.. utysclf mJ hi ,il
i- Tor
of on ii A inllioj, -iij t,, ih,.
IIsloii of tli Ki'|)UIIII'
of Kmrr.«in-»
I y, :t I |»r pr hi.it in, i,.. »,«'!! Ot.
'I In- J'.'l'i.
Kl'Spl'f't fuliy, |. A A I I I I
I lotou 'N II April l'»l
C'll-STV l.' sfi i.S'KI!, l''ll-lll lllsr.
I JHTil.y rrspi'i't fully :i no :i uci- fnyst-lf it
frirlln1 PI»I] lort of ''otjitiilfnMlofH'R
if th«- llfth I ijsi hi vilJ'i-r. lo
In- l'i tc-'i ii
mid fliey iill survived, while 1 he four
wlio refii-ed and drank s-ult w.if•
will uf
if he (|i3t I r.t. as r\
pr» i* h: pr fin ry I'lncMou I t«m
Wluoiiii ,N t» April l*». I'tpi.
I hi i.y ui.fioun.'M mysHf It«-pu siI'-un
»r i«rclion »s ouui.y up. rln
t»iiHl•• /i» -.if "i hools of fCiiirijons count.y I ri*
i|. tIn- pn"ipnl. policy of ihi* oMhf wtll
't''uj11nI .irifl u» .is .srniill cos! i•• will
it' Oimlsl l»«'f! with scrvl' i'
I- 'tfniiy. lit:\KV M. a
r- N 11 A j.r 11
Linton Opera Mouse
A Talc of a Hjt»:d Dish.
lie-re I- a cl-.i: :i- n. ..i told
the lir.'at. I'reiieli painter ''orot. I'e
ini ho-jiitolilc. he I'rcrj i'Uiiiy a
si-mhied I ')s'-friend- lo dinner, and
dish of hiiddock .uid jiotTi.toft:
tvbii.lt everybody hal'-.d,. iny.MriijbJ
foiiovvd lie SOUJI.: .HTlie .sfr.tftTlrii
who tiioiif lit Corot parti, t').:lh
d::-l:, al'.viiv-. ^'ave ii .w ueirv.lit'.: dwio
with t}i"ni.. At lii-iv-.or.u'wpl.y'hik) th
painter's qnerv, tiiev iidnittt.ed iut
II N 'I'l.'KNKi:, MAvoicn
i\ pi. :^ili,
A l'i a
V, Ji'/ .i
ff W I.O -v, .'^i
•t jr.
'liM'W'lay ari'J -Hnf jr»J N'S^ht
'A IM i:11A ,Mi»!|T,
1 I I N J- I A
ft Mil- IT1
,hs at New
id? 15 -all of
I'or "ify., tilings
1,. A. Weatherby.,
"Conimisfiioner. Lit
.-•ave your cr
it ,h-h I (ieorge I-irook^

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