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Eat at Turner's.-
Hub Buchanan is down from the
galley tA-day.
p. Sites was down from tin* l.i-
country last Friday.
Win. Baxter was a Logan district
tnr in Linton last Friday.
Asa Britts attended the circus at
Aberdeen the for part of the week,
I/all on Charles B. Cariev, county
judge. for final proofs and filings.
••}at" Wakefield, of the river
Country, is a visitor in Linton to-day.
Marion Morford and his son Mai
n|m were visitors in Linton Friday.
Save your carpet-rags and have
George Brooks weave a carpet for
The assessors are in town this
week settling with the/ vcuunty
(i. A. Broman went to Aberdeen
Saturday on a business trip, ivniain
inji two or three days.
Mrs. Jakob Rieker, of Linton, is
again confined to her bed Liy a severe
attack of rheumatism.
Sale. Lot !•", block 1
June -Sth there was bom to Mi
anil Mrs. I. T. Chancy, of the Omio
neighborhood, a son. All well.
Miss Maine and Mr. G. C. Chamlev
are visitors from the upper river
neighborhood in the county seat to
The eight-months-old son of Mr.
ami Mrs. Jacob Helfenstein. of the
Hazelton neighborhood,died of chol
era morbus July ."th.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Cray are down
from Hazelton to-day to meet a sis
ter of Mr. Cray, who is coming from
South Dakota to visit them.
The county commissioners of La
Muure county this year paid bounty
on over -11.1 gother tails, repn
..senting over $l,2fio in money.
session this week. The
vote will be canvassed, and the same
will he published in tabular ,,fenn
next week.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Wagher, of Linton, Sunday morning
at !'::$(. a daughter. Ail, including
the grandpa with the military whis
kers, are doing nicely.
John Schumacher and Deter and
Wendelin Schweitzer were in Linton
Friday last on thierway from Hague
to the country west of the Missouri
to look over the land.
Jacob Keim of Eureka was in Lin
ton Saturday on his way home from
Bismarck and points north of there.
He reports the crops in verv poor
condition where he has been
Steve Silk, Matt Mergens and De
ter Leonard, three tenderfeet Irom
southwestern Emmons, were in I.in
ton Friday, and, piloted by the first
named, the latter two rode the
Mouse goat.
Herbert Brooks was taken very
sick on the Fourth at, McCully's,
where a neighborhood celebration
was being held. His condition v.as
serious for several hours but, he is
now able to be up and about.
A young daughter of
-Mrs. (..hrist. Ceier, living southwes
'jf Hazelton, was brought to lJr.
Wolverton, in Linton, last Thursday,
'count of the blood-poisoning of
of her hands. She is. recover
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kelsch returned
rriday from Hunter's Hot Springs,
Montana, where they went several
weeks ago on account of Mrs.
Buread, both of Lime
[•Meier ox Lemmon an
Burkharr of Linton.
1 2
health. She is much improved.
nd I-red says he himself greatly yi:
jovptl the trip.
Miss Katie Meier of Linton left
''""day or Rochester, Minn., to un
'ergo an operation. Mr. and Mrs.
Johannes Mattern of Strasburg ac
companied her, the latter having
'e-*n an invalid several years. She
will also receive medical attention
Hie catching ori fire of a pile of
wxes 'he rear of Woifer's store
to-day brought out
hre department with the chemi-
engines. The fire was qiucklv
*Wued. It probably -aught from
'Karet, cigar or pipe in the mouth
Allowing are the recent marriage
.f by .Judge Cariev:
•'f. Clarence Myers of Dale and Miss
Madeline Biddlecoml, of Winona
'Married by
and Miss Magdaleni.
our studio is theirs while they are
with us. Bv making them feel at
home we secure pictures of th»m
that are natural true to life. Bring
thai lilt!, o'.oof yours to us NOW.
^e guarantee t.
I'hoto Studio.
northeastern part of Linton. Apply
to K. Prayton, Linton.
Horn dune 2-lth, to Mr. and Mrs.
\Vm. A. Foell, living a half-mile
smithi-ast of Brnfy, a (laughter.
of the Hartford coun­
try. had the misfortune to sustain
a bad fracture of the arm one day
last week. The tip ,,f the elbow
was broken otV. Dr. Wolverton
dressed the arm and the giri is doing
.well at present.
Jesse Morford is over from Tim
ber Lake, the new South Dakota
railway town west, of the Missouri.
He is in the pool-room business
there. He says Andy Wolfcr is do
ing more of the general merchandise
business there than the three other
stores in the same line.
Ine contract for carrying the Bis
marck-Hartford mail was let to l'e
ter Baker, son of Wesley Baker, of
I ivona. and the line was turned
over to him July 1st. A petition for
tho re-establishment' of the Kmmons
burg postollire, with Mrs. King as
postmaster, has heen forwarded to
Washington. Should the petition be
granted which is likely Bis
marck line will he extended to Km
monsgburg, as it was fornteih.
l'eter O.-ter. who formerly resiiled
in Knimons counts', but who went to
Colorado four or live years ago, has
returned, lie was in Linton yester
day. He says lie is glad to get back
to Kmmons county, although it is a
dry year here, as in many otlie
state.-- Bui, Mr. ()ter savs
crop year wiil
and hen. I le
section about.
Brofv and will
primary was sick only one day
took place at It
I'. E. Stouder and wife of Fort
Wayne, Ind., stopped off here last
week on their way to tour the Yel
lowstone park. They are relatives
of Mrs. McLean and her son Clar
once, and Mr. Stouder is a brother
of .Jacob and Leon Stouder, who lived
in the Winchester country in the
I early days. The two last named are
now residents of Fort Wayne. Leon,
who was a rowboy kidlet when he
With the laying of the cement
sidewalk in front of the liidzuneit
building, the block in which it is sit- sided and dignified member of
uated has but fifty feet, of wooden fat men's club, and hauls down
sidewalk left -that in front of the
post office and the furniture store.
A. h. Becker was up from the
southwestern part of the county yes
teday. He brought with him his sis
ter, Mrs. H. Fink, who was return
ing home to Sterling after a visit
with her Hinmons county relatives.
was in these parts, is now a sober
I he
scale-beam to the :tr.tI figures. Mr.
I Stouder says his part of Indiana is
as dry as here. ,,b .,
Tuesday evening a strange phe
nomenon occurred in Linton and the
immediate vicinity. For some time
a mass of dark-looking objects had
been passing over the town. All of
and a sudden, presumably from such ob-
jecls, theie began to fall a liquid
Ido Mendelowitz left yesterday
for Los Angeles, California. For
seven years Mr. M. has been a
neighbor of the Record force, run
ning the Leader -tore next door,
and a better neighbor.a truer friend
and a more
straight forward business
man does not exist. For several
months Mrs. Mendelowitz and the
children,Leah and Daniel, haw been
in California, and Mr. Mendelowitz
goes there to join them. He has
done well in this country, and he
leaves only for the reason thai the
milder climate there agrees better
with the heaifli of Mrs. M. and
Daniel, who have not been as well
Mr. Christ, for some time a? could be wished
A a
pl east Smith
Carrie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
a poor
occur any where now
has purchased a half
five miles north of
aga make 111
Adam Llewe
Mr. and Mrs.
ing about twenty mile
Linton, died Sundav
lyn, the oldest son of
('has. (iont ka. resid
nort Invest of
Cayton School-house No. o, the serv
ices being conducted by the Rev.
W iegand, the Lutheran minister of
Linton. The deceased is-nirvived by
one brother and two sisters.
Ask your neighbor whether she
recently lost a hand sachel contain
ing between eight and nine dollars.
'I here is nothing in the sachel by
which its owner may be identified.
It contains a page of a letter but
not a part with the date or signa
ture in which the writer says that
"Mr. and.Mrs. Brock, formerly of
Linton,are residing near this town."
The Brocks live in Gridley, Califor
nia. The sum the sachel contains is
too much for any one to lose in these
dry times. Sachel and money at
Record oilice.
iThar this tamdy of highly esteemed
phatvio tt- ipeup.omay do well in the.r nev
HO TO. -We jike children, and home is th
hope of all those who
know thomfli^- -':'':.i 'H'-i':''?®?'.'
The wruer made a trip to Napo
leon, the forenoon of the Fourth.
He Went by train to lla.-elton and
'hen by auto ar Hind by Br.iddock.
Any one who has not been out in the
'country, and who thinks that all the
crops are burned out by drought,
should disabuse his mind of that
idea. We saw some fields of small
grain- -ami a good many of them
that would give half a crop or more
if rain would come soon. Flax looks
as good as usual, and corn could not
be better. The shortage in the
small -grain and hay crops is caus
ing those who have corn field.- to
carefully culivate them,and the corn
is showing the results of such un
usual care. On the way we saw two
fields of winter rye, already shock
and the shocks quite close together.
If rain would come at once, there
would be very far from a total crop
failure this season in these parts.
im'SpJ-Vii,louv hf tie
Steie is doing- oni" tali fenc-
are \i-oting
I" red I'rvig and ift
at Norden. S. I).
Anton Beckala was in Linton .yes
terday on business.
Henry Halverson is the owner of
a valuable stallion.
John Holsti has done...considerable
breaking this spring.
F. C. Dearson expects to move
into his new house this week.
Cora Winjum, of Bryant, S. I)., is
visiting al the C. E. Steie home.
We are all going to vote for tho
right men at the primaries to-day.
I wish those tret's would grow
faster, so that I could sit in the
Seid ion
Jake Molan goes over
22 ipiite often. What
tion. Jake?
July -".d, of
cholera morbus. The boy was aged
in. Tuesday, at
There will be a Howe
Leek's I' ridav evening.
is cordially invited.
days. He
The funeral
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and
baby went to Linton yesterday,
where the baby had a minor opera
tion performed.
1 he crops look discouraging. But,
cheer up. wheat will go live or six
bushels to the acre and .we. will have
a good crop of Hax
ictor Beckala is moving the
Straub buildings to his homestead.
When the change is made, Victor
will have the best farm buildings in
this part of the country.
Mr. and Mrs. Cordon Mavland, of
Austin, will arrive at Hazelton Sat
urday to visit relatives in the east
ern part of the county. Zip
Krom Mr. and Mrs. lirock.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Brock, former
ly of Linton, but now residing at
Cridley, ('al., write under date of
•June 2ith to the editor of the Rec
ord as follows, Mrs. Brock doing the
writing for both: "We thought that:
perhaps our Linton friends might
care to know how we are situated in
our new California home. We like
it very much and think it an ideal
place in which to live. We are both
feeling in much better health since
we came here. Especially is this
true of Mr. Brock, who seems to
have taken a new lease of life, and
is getting around here like some
young man. We are certainly for
innate in securing such a pretty
home as we have all eipiipped for
us to go to work and make our liv
ing. We have some milch cows,
chickens, pigs, etc., and a good driv
ing horse, and a garden just ready
for us to begin the use of its vegeta-
MihMance much resembling that
which i.-, taken from wells and cis- Dakota, because it seemed that our
terns. There was much dodging
into doorways and other protected
a a W
already doing better than we did
three years we were in North
had gone by there, although we
places, as it was thought that the
falling liquid might be poisonous.
There was a very heavy downpour of
the -tuff the total fall being at
least a gallon to the acte. The phe
nomenon lasted for fully two min
utes. Some very elderly people in
Linton claim that they can remem
ber the time when falls of the
strange substance were quite fre
quent. A jug of the liquid was ob
tained and it will be sent to the
state argicultural college for analy
,j nian.v good days there, and have
no unkind thoughts or unfriendly
feelings for North Dakota. It. cer
tainly did well for us but this cli
mate seems more suitable for us, as
we are growing older.
We have ten acres here with
peaches, figs, walnuts, grapes, ap
ples, several kinds of berries, and
some alfalfa. Wo have a nice five
room house, very neat and comfor
The weather has not been extreme
ly hot so far, and the nights are nice
and cool.
We are two and a half miles from
Cridley, l*o miles from San Francis
co and To miles from Sacramento.
We have the benefit of an electric
road, and the Southern Pacific runs
into Cridley.
Should you ever visit California
we would be pleased to see you at
our house, as well as all our old-time
North I )akota friends.
We receive the Record each week
and are alwajs eager to peruse its
contents, to learn what is going on,
and what the good word from back
there is.
Our address is R. F. D. N--. 1,
Cridlev, California. :,
Notw ilhstur.Jin,! w„ihvr rWr
yualtty. the People «ii hmmons
County Celebrate the Oav.
However, the fact that none of
the principal towns of the county
celebrated the day did not cause th
people of the county forget that
they were Americans, native-born
or naturalized, and not many staid
at home numerous neighborhood
affairs serving as a medium for ol
sen ing the day.
1 he principal celebration in the
county was at Shier's Crovo, Cay
ton. Ibis was attended by well up
to a thousand people. There was an
oration by Attorney Cameron
game of base ball and the usual races
and other sports.
Some of the Emmons county folks
went to Bollock and a few to Eure
ka, where the day was being cele
I here was a large picnic gather
ing, also, in the Dakem neighbor
hood, at Horner's Crove, some four
or live hundred people being pros
A large number from the Hazelton
country and front the eastern part
of tlie county went to the celebra
tion at Napoleon, many of them at
traded by the game of base ball be
tween Hazelton and Napoleon. Al
though the day was about as uncom
fortable as could be imagined heat,
a high wind and a dust storm all
combining to make things disagree
able there was the biggest crowd
assembled that the Logan countv
capital has ever had within its
borders. There were games of all
sorts, an address by the editor of
the Record, and two base-ball con
tests. The first was Hazelton-Napo
leon, resulting IT to 1 in favor ol
the former, and a game between
Kintyreand Burnsted, which tin
Emmons county team won out. A
foot race between I'aul Kurt/
Hazelton and a Logan county man
was won by Kurtz. The people of
Napoleon did everything possible to
make the day an enjoyable one for
the visitors.
An accident at Shier's Crove and
one at Napoleon marred the pleasure
of the day. At Shier's a son of John
Ifhihauser was injured by a buggy
in which he was riding tipping over.
He was severely hurt, but at latest
reports wa.- ail right.
At Napoleon, in the evening just,
before dark, a young man named
r-ylvanus .Johnson, residing west of
Napoleon in Logan county near the
Emmons county line, started to give
a broncho-riding exhibition. The
horse reared and fell squarely back
on him, the front and rear of the
saddle striking the rider in the
chest and stomach. When the writer
left Napoleon 'Tuesday noon it was
not thought that
would recover.
the injured man
liase-ltall Notes.
1 he Linton team is still absent.
They played three games in Valley
City, winning one anil losing two.
Word from them cotnes in allopathic
doses, and hence the Record is not
able to slate whore they have played
in the last few days or when they
will return home.
There was a tournament at Bollock
this week Hazelton, Bollock and
Eureka being the contesting teams.
Bollock got first money and Hazel
ton second. There were some close
scores. Hazelton beat Eureka to
0 and and lost to Bollock 2 to 0 and
1 too. Next Saturday and Sunday
Fort Yates will play at Hazelton.
A hand-sachel containing several
dollars in money awaits the owner
at theollieeof the Emmons County
Record. The sachel was found by
Joe Eberle, who at once brought it
to the Record office and ordered it
Meals and lunch'
the l.inton liakerv.
at all times jt
Taken up by the undersigned, one
black yearling bull no brand or
marks. This animal has been around
my place-'ince last spring. Owner
will please call, pay charges and
take the animal away.
W. T. Met in ire. Omio, N.
Tho Pennypacker Army.
it li said liial ilie J-, ti i\packer fam
ily of I'etnjs_\ Ivaiiia sejit more soldiers
to (lie civil war than any other Amer
ican family, the descendants of
Henry reiihebecker,
Th» Story of a Per,tous Rescue Expe
ditlon In Alaska.
consecutive vear
eni a Fourth of
Linton. A coun
•c.iied, certainly
1'his is the second
that there has not I
July celebration
-eat, centrally I.
ought to have enough public spirit
to observe the anniversary of the
nation's birth. Furthermore, there
is a large farming population resid
ing in the country tributary to Lin
ton. Thev deal here, and their in
terests are largely our interests.
1 hey are loo far away from other
celebrations to go and take their
tamilies. I hey expect a celebration
at their market town, and they
ought to have it ever Fourth.
In the rush tor Alaskan gold men
did not for.sei to he ivadv to help
the un'orumato. The .mthor of
"Trailing and Camjuiii In Alaska."
Mr. A D' Ui H. Uiirrsites an inci
dent that occiirretl at Vaides' The
place uas ovi'i'croudcd with pros
pec tors and turners, food'wa.-- scarce,
and there Wits a good ileal of sit k
ness. Manx had come. over t|„.,
glacier, and others had lost their
lives in the attempt
A dog team galloped up unj I
stopped in front ..f the ontv pre
tense of a hotel at Yahies l'l
night, was dai'K, as ihe northern
winter nights always are when tiicj
moon is not shining. Tin* do
mediately lay down, almost r-\
hatisted from their long trip, and I
the two men were soon surrounded
by inquiring friends. One of the
two said
"What do you think .-fellows?j
Just this side of Sawmill camp wo I
passed a woman who was pulling'
a sled on which was her sick hus
band. We remonstrated against the
undertaking of crossing the glacier,
but she replied that thev might as I
well die up there as anvw'oere else.
us it meant certain death to stop I
Cur dogs could onlv pull our out lit,!,
and there wa.-nt grub enough fori
all, so we Were compelled to leave j
them. Thev will he nt the last tun ii
her tonight, and if somehodv does
not go to their rescue thev will be
dead by tins tune tomorrow
A man stepped out from the!
crowd and said:
"I II go for one N'ow, who else I
has a good dog team to splice in
"Dm jour huckh
nolineed allot her.
It Was o'eloek in til
belore they had made their sclcc-j
tion of dog and Mere readv fo sl.irt
on (hat ha 'anions trip.
"There goes the dog teamj:
in Alaska and driven bv fhe best i"
two men on earth!" exclaimed a
man as thev turned a corner and
were gone
lieiTV, atl-
The frail was easily followed, and
soon the nine miles of level bench
were passed. 'I lie speed slackened
only when thev were ascending the
summit, which thev reached bv 1 I
that, morning.
Down, down thi
thev plunged, and by
off flie glacier mid
level ground. The
had (lulled the sled
exhausted and had
Sfeep descent
1 'clock were
skipping o\or
poor woman
until she «as
•lit. down beside
her husband. She was hidden to
seat, herself comfortably, while thev
fastened the (wo sleds together.
Soon they were bounding away al
such a rapid rate of npeeii flial. tho
woman wept for joy. When lliey
reerossed the summit the whole
range was "smoking'' and the wind
was sending the fine snow along the
'•Twenty miles to town, and if,
can never eateh us,"' said the driver.
Townsmen anxiously waited and
watched the trail. As the learn
rushed tip thev were .surrounded bv
eager, helping bands. They were
saved by men not of good inten
tions only, hut. bv men of inslanl
act ion.
A Bet and Its Odds.
A notorious gambler who died
some lune ago once wagered a
thous'iiid dollars lo one thai -jx
would not. he thrown with a pair of
dice ten times in succession. I lis
offer was taken up by a fellow club
man. Tin' dice were brought, and
his opponent actually (brew six
nine times in suceec«jon. The gam
bler then offered $)Tu to be free of
the bet. The other man declined,
had his tenth throw and failed to
get another six Just to show how
very little the average man knows
about the doctrine of chances, a
well known mat hemat u-ian has
pointed out the real odds about
this bet. The chances were no less
than GO,^()!', 1 "'o to 1 against siv be
ing thrown 'en times in succession.
Therefore the real bet should have
been about $i i)0,0oo to a cent
against such a thing happen
The Herring Line.
A Fenator apropos of fame said
•it a Washington luncheon:
"What is fame, after all?
lin^' when he in llraitieboro'
took a trip to Montpelier, and the
first evening he came down to the
hotel dining room he overheard thisV
dialogue between two waiters:
"First Waiter-- ito voii knoNv wb®
that is, George
"Second Waiter--^'/:' "Who is itiCi
"First Waiter That's the colri®!
"Second Waiter What's edone
"First Waiter -Hanged if 1 know.
Fish line, ::iji'r. it'-"-- Washington
S a
When .i.-iotle'i
Iiut'-li surveyor,
who came lo Pennsylvania before tile
year ITijo. JI were in the Union or
'onfeilernie armies, and twenty seven
ef llie tit were commissioned officers.
The Am
azin Crom wells,
Mother's Tesk.
a t'. .'sh
must rcn^n.ber that father likes hi
br'akfaPt food without cream,
.Johnny wants both ream and Siig?
jar, Susie doesn't like breakfast
food at. all and must have a Kubsti
tnte, Man- has to have gr.Tpefrni
I and the rest of the family want or
ungcs or ripjih-s.
I ..
two :ig:e:. ai.
anything, but sh': mii-t remetnber
what each one wants or the fainiljK
I doubt her devotion. What is it, d.j
yon suppose, that keeps the'inothe
of a large family from going crazy
-—Atchison Globe,
Ji& i!
i/'/Nl V\ i.
p)'s -A
'LjUV^' '*_AJf !,
jp- $
The Only Big Circus Coming to Lii)ton this Year.
ode in /VI oi circli of I lie A ren ic World
Unci|ualed in Si/.c, Quality and Character.
100 New and Sensational Features.
The 10 Flying Vallenlinos.
The Peerless Riding
The Famous Cairills---Mlle. Vivian.
Up-Side-Down Mines Aerial Marvel
20 Clowns and Jos. Sherry.
Paul Jacoby's Musical Klephanls.
Bru miner's I Educated Wild Beasts
educated Wild
Worlds Greatest Aerialists.
The Mizuno roupe ol Japanese Wonderful
May os.
and Leopards.
Mile Long Grand Free Street Parade
tl -Noon.
I rrr ,\!nl)il ion on Show
1 1 1 I A I a
2 Perloruiances: at 2
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