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1 I A N I
o, r.
"The Daylight Store"
'V .^VP.P' ui 'l the ?'it innro of nur
Mi.my cxtAmn i.i Liaton and vicinity in thopat \\e
lf.il -U* OUT tiKlllk nil*] lit till* Sltlllt* till]!
unce thu 1 pfi'Inuf of o„ ring and summer line of
Clever Clothes cor Men a
Hart, Shiiifncf Maix and Himi Wickwiiv i'luthinsr.
ililsJon 1 Icaltii mvI ytt-t.--' shoes, and Schoblo am!
»"tet.s .-.tl4U* ])re«io.mi!) i.U .-itt our stortV- •-.- )ur trade-''
mark on your apparel ab.vavs sh: ii:ies the b. Wiiat
cr wo soil is exclu-h rt'-Ti )-X AY in -ty!e.
*.»v: refund l^iiryad.4:'aiis.sart-t'Uirchai!0* of $S or over"-'
tllnthi.iir san-p.Vi s.'in mi rt-que Mail (inter-, tilled
-ill fa turli, ''luu'lt 1
i-i.nni cti'iii.
/•.'• 'V
ry ('!.• mini and 1,• Works in
-lh St: oct. Bismnrck. N. D.
»T i!^j
*4wt A
& /fld'V€
,i iS'.S th* yuu: triciuls womM Ik
V"i. ai..l. \vh( i\,u !,. f,,...,,) tl.a! in.i»t |, i, j,s
/*. I. it tlu-y .•...•( a, in.!- A.Bank Ao.\u it sl.,rt. lo-dav will
auvc-yuii in
any -.blUtT c! :*»-r
)u.iKc (m i\ I 'a^jk (M k* iljnk.
(i. ii.iKK'l'A
'wvwwwr^ww-A W^'A'r/V^'^WWVV^VVW
Dealer In General iVIerchandise,
1' r'
"!X )^y. '-?vOi 'l II DA Kt.iTA.
A N '\v and vVci- S! n*k of (Inu'oirios, I try (I'»"l.-,
srivi!.-Iiith.in^,ami! .n ivvi.-rj't.hHiw i-o.uid in a ieniTai Sttire. iv
Otfr ,T/ioti.o is "Frosil Goods and Rialit Prices.
esh From the BaHers
,u :u'r(/ ?rr.ui. av aii'i.
arc It's a trrat
to get
Brand. Cakes and Pies
tii fjar. 1»111 it Ch:\
•i •[::.\r :Ti' .tk-r 'cni. 'It you havr
it. \.-"31^• "t in:st ikhN
a of u*jr ar^l yn«
UriTOH AKt AUoUo' OBtBMEIER, Proprietor.
I* '•ill «i^—
7^.V" -ijf- ,r •,. J-'
)caiuig SKot^^i •. I
fS|N©ORSED by the''if. S. Crd
-nance Bor'-d. Tho choii:': cf
'~"vover 430,000 Spo/'.iiivjn. l'3-.-d
by Cnarlcs G. Spencer, who ltd
ali.Dth er trap shooters :n 193^ with
the vuVterccedcr.tcd rt :".ord of g5."7
for 1: .1/5 targets and by nve out •_
of thO'firHt eight nten f".~ the )\vr.
Winchester Shotguns a.o-ca: ., ruio, {j
FifO R® a i. pi
E I"- I *. i" fAT ^JTSHCOT A5.
lor the
Emmons County Record.
The t'ditnrs in the western part of
the stiitt.' are ad\ocaUn«.. winter
Any 1 i!d railroad that wants to ex
tend it- lines into MeKcnzio ooimty
will he warmly wek'oined.
In addition to blaming the auto.-
f"i' a lot of things iln\ are now
charged with licinij re.|ionsili!e for
the seari'U of leather.
The return of many North Dako
tan- from t'anada is made the text
of Imosts tor the state by a eonsider
able number of editors.
ll: I
I he Noi th Dakota skit** should not
oe lighted this fall with burning
.straw staeks. Kvorv particle of
straw .should be sa\ 1 -ii l'oruni.
Su|iermteiidi.'!it Danford. of the
Methodist ehureh 111 the western
pal of the state, is down 111 Ohio
condiu't iim a re\ ival and scorinj: a
bie. In!. Forum.
I-ifteen thrashing machines were
started cut from llellield oiov a
fou ears as in the center of the
eattle district and regarded as un
lit for .urain-raisino.
dozen jiris took possession of
tile opes a-houso a! Diekey while tile
manaKer was away and had a urea'
time till sonic mean man locked
them in and they had to slide down
a si led roof.
S.itne months a a dinner of
ci.U'hl courses was niven at War
wii'n l:\ a prn-p.'cl i\e bride^rouin.
It seems In- didn't liipiidate, and the
landlord is retiorted to have made
the quests dn up.
John Nelson, aj ed seventy years.
a- found doad in bed at Ins home
west of Knox, death having taken
tiiaiee about thirty minutes brfoic
the discovery was made. Heart
lailure was tile cause of his demise.
'I'lie cream stat i..n operated at \'en
ttiria by I. M. iluchhol/. has been
.closed by Assistant Dairy ('ommi--
.-ioiiit l'iorce, because of itsunsai
itar\ condition. No ib-fcnse was
oli'ered and the oil endinv' partv was
dismissed with a line.
(IradiiiKon th" CannonbaH-Mott
extension of the Northern 1'acitic
railway is complete and the track
lay.-rs are busy at work. 'J'he lino is
1 I'lMs'tically ready for service as far
as Cannoiiballl, but is waiting the
completion of a bridge at that point
before continuing to Mutt,
Hanker l.\ons of Mandan will lose
the pearl necklaces which were taken
by the New York custom house
officials, and they will be sold at
auction in accordance with the law
in such cases made and provided.
I A line of £.",111111 is also imposed.
The necklaces were valued at over
1 ,000.
That winter heat can Ijo Vrown
in North Dakota with a profit i.s the
declaration of Thomas Council of
Hamilton, N. D. Mr. Connell se
ieurui his seed from northern Al
bcrta, sowed it on August 11th. har-
1 vested it. 011 .luly I'.lth and had it
thra-hed August 'J'he yield was
thirty-six hu.-heis per acre and the
urain was of splcndiil |uality "'i..
Mike ialvin. the well-known real
ty man, of Karj o, is reported to
have been found dead in a river al
Slseboya^n I'alls, Wis., last Friday.
11.arc no details of the traKtdy,
but it. is 'supposed that he was in
-wimmiti^ and ot beyond his depth.
Mr. ilaivin had been a resident of
I ai'joi for a lonj^ time, and was well
known nol 1 niy in that city, but all
I over the slate.
One hunrded people of Drayton
were [Mii.-oiied with ptomaine poison
ai a part\ ni'.en last Saturday by
Mr. ami Mr-. \Y. Moses. It is
iho.ieht that the poison was received
I either through .-her! et or chicken
sandwiclies. While many are very
sick, it is not h'.!ic\ed that there
wi!!.heany fataiitii«# -:'/Mosl of those
v, ho were atl'ected Were taken ter-
ril.ily sick between the hours of mid
night and mornii )-!'. ••'.
Mr. .lames W. Foley of lli.-niarck
a leading Wednesday, Auk.
17th. in the auditorium of the state
normal school at Yalley (Jity. 1 he
house was crowded with the ."»n as
semuled teaclu r- and uuo citizens,
all ofwliom ere interested in tlicse
ed verse-- presented in the author.
I and wi re cnthusia-tic in their appre-
cialion. He was: assisted 111 the
program by Mi-s FiinnieC. Aimdon,
instructor of sin«inv, and 1'rof.
Knute Fro. saa,. instructor of violin.
'i'hra-'hiiiK of wheat ha-' lietrun
ill (.arnest in Stark county and the
yield run- from lifteen to thirty
bushels-bo- the- acre, and all rrain
brought into tht- elevators at Dick
inson up to date has been of line
none jrradinw below No. 1
Y,\\ I 7| liMO.
Northern. Flax will yieiil from ten
to tiftoen bushels to the acre and is
of vcry line quality.
A fearful stench emanating from
the building of F. .1, Blystad of
('ooperstown led to an investigation.
Tailor Johnson first noticed the ter
rible odor as I10 went past the huild
in.i occupied by lllystad. SheritV
Knapp was called into action and he
took sometliins and smashed in the
door, lloinir upstairs into the room
used as a bedroom, they found 11
stad dead in bed in a fearful condi­
tion. The last seen of the deceased
was on Auk. l-"th. and it is figured
that lie must have died on that
night, probably some time after lie
had gone to bed. /o
Frank Flynn, of Dickinson, air
teen years of age, was seriously in
jured last Saturday by a ll-caliher
rillc. He and several other boys
had started for the bad lands, where
tlicy intended camping for a couple
of weeks, and while breaking' camp
at Manson Whiteman's.wcst of Man
ning. one of the boys handed 1-lynn
tlic gun, which accidentally went
oil. the bullet penetrating his
arm about three inches above the
wrist. Dr. Smith was called. !ind
nig that, both bones were broken
and badly splintered, lie was taken
to the Dickinson hospital, where the
pieces of bone were removed hut it
is very doubtful if the .arm can be
saved.',',, oooav
In the storm of last week John
W rear-on lost considerable proper­
ty from hail and wind. His ranch
is some eleven miles smith of Medi
na. I lie wind blew dow a large
sheep barn big enough to hold a
hundred head of cattle, and the
storm took what little crop there
was left. Tin* hail broke in win
dows id' the chicken-house and killed
most of the chickens and a few tur­
keys. I- orty-live head ot horses had
just left tile barn or they would 110
doubt have been hurt or killed. Mr.
Pearson writes that it was the big
gest hail lie ever saw. and in some
places it was two feel deep and
looked like snow oil the level. Some
of the hail stone were lis large as
hen's eggs.
1 la* violent death of a three-year
old child resulted in Wahpcton re
cently from peculiar causes. The
child, Patrick, a son of Mr. and Mr.-.
.1. I'. Stephens, had been having
severe headaches for the past few
days, and the evening in question
had been suiToring more than usual.
The mother kept a quantity of
bronio seltzer in the house, and, in
case of members of the household
having an ailment of that character,
administered small doses of the
medicine, not knowing it to be rank
poison unless carefully given. She
mixed up a liberal dose for the child
and had him drink it. lie was taken
suddenly worse, and died in a short
time, despite ell'ort to save his life.
Doctors were called, who attrib
uted his death to an overdose of the
New Leipsig Sentinel: To have
both arms broken at once is the un­
common misfortune of Nick Hau.-t
ard, a farmer living northeast of
Leipsig. He was engaged in haul­
ing sheaf grain for stacking, and
had nearly reached home with a high
load when one of the horses tore the
bridle oil' in chasing (lies, and the
team ran away. Mr. Haustard leaped
to the ground, evidently landing on
his arms. One wrist, had two bones
broken, while he other arm suffered
the fracture of the large bone of the
forearm. Dr. Murphy set the in
jured member.- and expects to put
them in a cast on Monday. Mr
Hau-'tard seems tu have struck 1 is
head also, for he was unconscious
for some time after tlie fall, arid was.
not aware that his arms were broken
until lie tried to raise himself up on
Pieces?!': of wienerwurst sausage
were found recently on Third avenue
and Fifth avenue in Jamestown.
The pieces were similar in size and
appearance to those by which it is
known several dogs have been poi
soned. Ills supposed the sausage
contains strychnine. Some child
might ea.-ily be a victim to this
-jat tering of poisoned meat on
streets and in yards. A great deal
of indignation expressed at the
recent wholesale deitruction of
val liable dogs in he manner in which
it ha- been done, and it is hard to de
cide what motive would compel any
one to engage in such work. Two
more dogs fell victims to the dog
poisoner last Monday. One was
owned by kov. Simon the other wa»
a large black and white dog without
an owner, a.- far as known. Kiev en
dogs in all are known to have been
killed in the last two or three
days, mostly degs highly valued by
owners. 1 lie dogs arc scarce on the
streets and are being kept tied 111
yards and -beds. Jamestown Alert..-
1 l'r..in \. mi,) io 1..
ashler II. W. Allen ar.d daughter
l.ucile leave to-day for Milan. Mich,
lor a two-weeks' vacation.
Mrs. Jos. Iloaly, Mrs. A. h\ 'lye
and party autoed lo Linton Tues
k. J, llat/.er, who has been visting
his son.- in Ilaxelton, has returned to
his home at Koyalton, Minn
Mr. and Mrs. Hert, Miles and little
son arrived Thursday evening from
Detroit, Mich., for a two-week
visit with the former's .sister, Mrs.
A. L. Ceil, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. O F. fetner re
turned .yesterday from an extended
visit in Iowa and other points. Mrs.
Let tier has been in Iowa for some
time past, at the bedside of her sick
lien Matthews went to Linton last
evening, and to-day will present, a
pet it ion to the county commissioners
asking for the road work to be giv
en to farmers instead of being let bv
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Yoater autoed
to kughy last week to visit. Mrs.
Ycat.er's brother. Samuel kolircr.
and family. Mr. and Mrs. kolircr
are the parents of Mrs. |. peaie,
of llazelton
I'M Kaston, of the river bottoms,
was in town Wedne-day and report,
that he has just thrashed some win
ter wheal which Went lifteen hllshel
and three pecks to the acre, which
is the best report we have received
thus far. Mr. Kaston will sow con
sideratilc winter wheat this fail.
A message was received Monday
from Kirksville. Mo., by Dr. and
John Snyder, announcing that their
father wa dving, and John left
Linton Monday afternoon over tic®
Horn To Dr. and Mrs. Campbell,
Aug. 1Mb, a son.
Work lias started en M. Far
roll new store building at Kintvie.
Key Sparks wrote the examination
for rural mail carriers, held 111
I'.raddock last Saturday Win. Heard,
carrier 011 Koute No. 1, has resigned.
Li. •.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1. Wirtli return
ed Saturday from Minneapolis. Mrs.
W irtii and their daughter Annie
have been for some time visiting
relatives in Keokuk, Iowa. Mos
Annie mained in Ke,.|uk here
she will attend school.
iT firti
and Mrs. J. llelesch met a tragic
death I'riday last by drowning. The
mother left the baby in the house
while sin
went to the garden, and
the baby crawled to a pail of water
sitting on tlie tloor, raisi itself l,\
tlic pail, and, losing its balance, fell
111. When the mot her let 11 rncd the
baby was dead.
I he severe drought that has pre
vailed for the last two months wa
broken Sunday 111 uning. for sev
eral hours the rain came pouring
down and the streets were tlooded.
It wet the parched earth to the
depth of about a foot. It came ton
late for wheat and oats but some
lields of tlax vvill be hi •netited, a
well a.s potatoes and coin. It al
reduce lie danger of tires. Farm
ci':' have alieadv started plowing,
and a lug acreage will lie turned
over this fall.
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I
Dan Morford has gone to Timber
hake. S. D., to visit lis brother
Money Comma*
To Yon.
.- /•v' 1 et/.
I lie scv en-mootlis old baby of Mr.
1. ,\ 1 h.iWh
W I nvin-
.. II.
Milwaukee road to hurry to his"
tier's bedside. lien Klabunde
took Mr Snyder to Linton Monday
morning in his auto.
A. K. Klabunde ano David Phillips
left llazelton Sunday, Aug. 7th, al
/clock a. in an auto, bound
for Crotun and Webster, D.
J'he.v went by way of Aberdeen, and
made the run in ttie one day, uhi'
fact plainly .-igroliis that tliev were
going -ome" while en route. I he,
remained in South Dakota nearlv a
eek. Ml'. Phillips visiting his ly,,.
children in Web.-ter, and Mr. Kla
bunde looking af'cr business inter
ests arid visiting relative- and
friends in Croton. They returned
to Ha'/.elton Saturday aftcrnoon.-v.
Taken up by the undersigri. il, one
black yearling bull no brand or
marks. This animal has l.een aroui.it
rny place since I a
-1 spring. Owner
will please call, pay charges and
take the animal away.
VV. T. Mc'iuire. Oinio, N. D.
a I N A A
Put I"0 -,n this bank, and at the end of
oa year you AYjJj have that ,«|i'n.i and also
:'.'coming 1.0 y:viu as interest.
At Uiescndi,'!' he second year v,-u will
still hav-j'-Jflon (he bank *1 .11 have had
0 iiit.ci est saitd Jiav -si inorc Coming to
•v 011.
I here will bc. nionev coming to voiiaS
long as sa\ i'trig: arc in the bank.
First Bank of Linton
Linton. Noith Dakota.
The tnulei si Micti hereby announces
that lie has purchased "The Linton
.'Leader' store, lor many years con­
my aim to carry a ^ood-sized stock
of resh and
^.--Seasonable Goods,
which will be sold al the Lowest
•Living Prices Give me a call.
Respect I ull y,
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
-^Svtl AtAK.r: MAI.!):,!' V. '..rv
.- -s -j I .-
1 1 -1
"u First Class Rigs, Good Driving
•. Roles, Prompt Service.
w: t.
CAPITAL. $:!o.ioo.
SI I LI i,S -A N 11 I'NDIV IDFD Pl'ol'ITS,
LI I...1
*.« •«»•».
Mcrchnnt or
if «'i 11
\vl"i||ir ,tl mir
ai»K. aict Kclhcr Hi«- .Irpnsit
J.trtfr or Muall tin- s.nnr
111 ,»inl ac
i• to -ill.
V\ c- Invito our At count
•I'.i'isr U« «.ih 1111 11 ay
I I I a
it« !y Mijr p.»rt
Tt)e First Notional BunH of Lintot).
(lit 1 »rsi J.1 s11»1«- li.Uik
Horses, Reasonable*'^.'
Give Us a Call When Yon Want Anything in the
Livory Line.
I 1 1 I
1 1
I 1
Apply to Iju'lloaumc,
3 I S I
a a a 0/
Linton, N. D.

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