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We would
BY D. R. STREHTE8, aijnirat?.-© tc "Trit
f* «-»-»*.••• 7»f" f'-i 5f
iVKTE-t. K.' .V*,.-.
I rz.
.'.? I'sH* £i+tr»«ae»Sk'•
i'4-srk£» ••.•
.» N \M'£r^ N
Senatorial• District Can4idau«.
H0ll5*vl U*t,rr»M.: kU«o- *11
-inn r*ii»i»r.».' i'•*
I., l: TKEnr«t
County Candidate*.
ITTF-i: -is IS r.
•»h» riff
A u-Jir-r
Or-ri. Off
Si' r«
'j"" riTT
y. ikvjsr
ilENKV H'.W'.V
J.Y ~S
•J ^ll-VsC.
,f !.'• V-JM?*?
A HiilTT-.
ifl I$
I I®a
A wis^jri'
}'.r»t t,
f). I». BH'Wf.LL.
J: f'AMPhF.LI.
ftu ru^tn
The Valley City Times-Record
prints an elitorial that is so full of
logic and common sense that the
Record reprints it in full, rrcrn
a stalwart standpoint the editor be
lieves he can safe ." say that he does
not know of a singie member of that An
Wisconsin. We may remark in pass
ing that each of these Democratic
organs is earnestly commending
what the other has to say in deroga
tion of every man who has been
prominently identified with the Re
publican revolt in North Dakota.
The News' editorial is inconsequen-
like to call xxr
Phone 25 2
.V.-.rrA Inkai» :*»?.••««... J*S*
A?lk .«»•'
I. A
«t "^e, CTtT.i
fo'.:-w r^. iafcirce®:
sit"1* two
Ga4i4ate» for C««ire*i.
State Candidates.
**t„ t'Z
rt-t*. ri --:r.: *~.t. rf tie
is-r crArtr.fr-raf iier*
~v"-^ 'S .ft t-
JtC'ZTTii i". ifcif r^. list" rifcTcT re
:'rrs *. Mr. r^hz
*i:- rir. i.r.c rir A-i2 rtr
A--: j•. LiF:- .r'ti ria: ire rtr trc
v-r.r^je.: t-e u^ts. »-f rt-rx.. :i
s.od r-.s., wm. V« 2)f sS^
p»:v refc. j-ciaek ss .t
dc-T-i: s.- N:-r ssi r»f, be^a^se :f
:*-rr riry •ye fnz, b: .5 Pi-T-.' is
wi: :i
n^isjcip. j"c-" —i
fi.-_r:-. tr« casse
o: ".":u. r-rf .'rssi S^srros:: lit."
hi? Ht. rescs— *^»:c2 ".'*=• .*: -r
a N a
:r .:g=o *r
*,34 iirCU:r VCiZ, "cTf vl ----i
beartPe&iisg'siifEe that
&?{-•:>" t&ij-ss :ts r^uc tJJSt tae
k: ti "have see-n ibetr cause go to
jrj aad t« swalk^ed up in ob5o
cj Laod sakes! We thought
toe .* i-gressive csasie was making
ipretty fair headway in North Da
I kota. LaFoilette had waged many
1 a :.i".
for reform in Wisconsin
or. 2 ief:re toe
re was any organized
rr.f.ernert aiong similar iines in this
state. It was only two years ago
tr.st factional issues were nrst sub
!r.:tte-i to the Republicans in North
Dakota. In the two factional con
tests that have been fought out in
the primaries—the only proper place
for the settlement of factional differ
ences -the progressives have made
a pretty fair showing, albeit they
had no LaFcSlette to lead them.
we would ask the Devil's Lake
n-i to explain just what it
faction in this county who wji cuts Jo
at the polls any candidate of the in- thinks the insurgent candidates who
surgent faction. Outside of two or were nominated in the primaries
three leaders of that factor, who arf- ought to do. Does it think that Mr.
already covertly sopoorting Burke Heigesen, an insurgent who was
for a third term, we do not know nominated for congress by a large
of a progressive down thi- way »h
will not loyally support the entire
.state ticket. One tfcr.g is certain:
If the members of the two factions
••of the party cannot puli together at
th" corrir.g election in supporting
the state ticket, they might as weli
'iislia'/.d their state organization and
turn the state government over to
the Democrats. The insurgents
have never advocated the abolition
of the tariff or demanded "a tariff
for revenue only," which is nothing
but free trade in disguise. There
fore, the editor of the Record and
Republicans generally, believing
that this country has always suffered
when Democratic policies have been
in the ascendant, will not hesitate
to support progressive Republicans
in preference to Democrats for po
sitions that have any influence what
ever on political policies. The pro
prietors of the Times-Record are
men who have been at the fore
front of the insurgent battles in this
state and such sentiments as are
expressed in the article below re
printed are certainly a powerful
factor in encouraging the resolve of
stalwarts to support the state ticket
from "stem to stern." Following
is the Times-Record editorial:
"The Devil's Lake Journal com
mends to Messrs. Gronna, Helgesen,
Anderson, Stuckwell, Taylor and
others who have been quite active
in forwarding the Progressive Re
publican movement in this state a
careful perusal of an editorial in the
l-'argo News commenting upon the
recent triumph of LaFollette in
plurality, ought to go out and right
Mr. Hanr.a, the stalwart candidate
for eongrc.-s, who was nominated by
a plurality much larger than that
given to Mr. Helgesen? Should
the insurgent nominee for lieutenant
governor, Mr. Burdick, take the
stump against the Stalwart Mr.
Johnson, who was nominated for
"The whole proposition is absurd.
You do not find progressive Repub
licans like LaFollette and Cummins
and Dolliver and Madison and Bev
eridge bolting their party and going
over to the Democrats in the face of
temporary defeat. Nor do you find
Roosevelt indorsing the scuttle poli
cy so sneakingly advocated by the
North Dakota organs of Democracy.
When Roosevelt received word of
the recent progressive victory in
the state of Washington he immedi
ately urged that all factions of the
party unite to support Miles Poin
dexter for the United States senate
and the three progressive nominees
for congress. This is what he said:
"'Just as in South Dakota, where
the regulars won, I urged the pro
gressives to support the regulars
heartily, so must I earnestly urge
that the progressives in Washing
ton where, 1 understand, Poindex
ter has been indorsed for the senate
and three progressive candidates
have been named for congress -must
be given loyal support by the regu
In other words, while Roosevelt
is an uncompromising progressive,
he believes that the cause of good
government and political reform
can be best subserved by making the
fight within the party, instead of
destroying it and placing the Demo
crats in power. The progressive
Republicans in North Dakota doubt
less entertain the same view of the
tial. It pays a glowing—not to say
fulsome—tribute to LaFollette butl Attorney Cooley, of (irand 1-orks, iable Velvet Chaff wheat shipped in
what man is there in the
insurgent! was
.»,. -5 ^VOessCi. ."•A'TV.-- est." IV.'f. J^X '5*
la wet:
.-CV- vfa.z
?.• !3MS eoc ewcyiwjj'
a trvt
r.' £r:j. asc «..".- .#
scf»# t3»f sas: j^issatare t«i tt*
as"-T^" sj^f.'.sss tSf scat*?
c: r-f Vj r.rv c.Tf a Tpsv'.va
&»'-•:•: ar?::$ party desirs*
tijc. I: a s:*5c^!t
iTsrw r.{«
cac-** :z cc ilw b^ ereetsc® halk.
arc *.*vf rf^as:- the alcrfsajd
a'- trtf« itt is pjea^i TO ave
kck ce«e vz bosa ae ass c\sx
use wb
Ae rar»5:-.ia:i'T •••. A
tree cf :rr? rxd sro
re.'jtbir jfarjerf cf ibe s:s —arv
-jyscz. vhh rr-rutaticss
..sw^^rr ".Ti.c 'iiic? Ccriiss have
rwesroesiiee Messrs. Fssic, Coeiey
ir-i S'i?«i.r:h the iavmeri
North Daicta. The «i:cr cf the
Seeord ssever iaet Mr. Cc&l^y untU
-jf^s supreme t«ch—the former by eiec
asd the latter by appointment!
Gover&or Burke. But that is
go 1 nettser here nor there. The ques-1
85 t0
Sundries which we would be glad to show you at any time, at
iitr« rV wisa Jw-f.-c* xi«e jcitrnsrj npfnan^ Nenixiw :s
r$t uhk" asc 2*aw. B# thi- V(h« ftii •&«**. for br«d- Ttos Ttachcrs «i the State «ill Meet
i* tfev.-srV^t dw «*w *s *s»* wa* hak«£. «aa waspiwd *-.tb hard
'He N***' zr*k*rr~r-' .'•» .-* ~w $2k.-.i*S. Ix jvssixe jprayr «fe«k«. Aftf :h?
'_" -y.t."^jg-siywr-: .-£••••» «-fck9i tee E«cj «««.•« cist. be skew v. sy. as fei'-c-ws: "It
tiis 5*** suwi Isiiier *$» if «sf.-«r.s»£* «ws$* t* wiu t.\» W c6ser*vd da: '-a
t* pK
tia? b.
v? arwst.-t aa •."* v-A-srse the VeN-e: Cfca^ wbe»:
a a» becter :h*s the hard-#?-rir4:
wfteats. asc KWT w*5 sitcntiy
#^r«?r .".r to tiw rirr tb? hsrvi
rr.*p V^vet wheat
rr.-f-cr«er-- .r :.' h&ri-st-r:r^
wfeests if tbe- jtati ia
pj-i roe? «i»as. be k.rv-'srs or
sirseat tecdeacies. Ftsk and Dk- was s^me time before he could be-j
a-crth are present members of the B'n speaking.
whether any body of
men is better qualified than leading
jrresiive Eeput iicsss ic North Da- of a state to speak frcm
actual knowledge regarding the
men who are seeking supreme court
Dosmons—as to their intelligence,
beuer qualified than the lawyer:
North Dakota to do this. There
fore, as a citizen who desires the
best kind of a supreme court ob
tainable, the editor of the Record
intends to cast his vote for Fisk,
Dlsworth and Cooley.
The "thirty-per-eent clause" was
argued beore the supreme court at
Grand Forks last Thursday. A de
cision is expected to be given in a
day or two. The suit is brought
by the democrats to test the consti
tutionality of the primary-election
iaw provision requiring a candidate
lexcept where there are two or
more offices of the same kind) to
receive thirty per cent of the vote
cast for his party candidate for
secretary of state at the preceding
regular election, to enable such
candidate to h3ve his name printed
under his party heading. The dem
ocrats contend that the provision
is unfair to the minority party.
The republicans reply that the dem
ocrats could easily obtain the re
quired per cent did they not. as they
did in some counties at the recent
primary election, vote the republi
can ticket, in order either to help
out a republican friend or with the
hope of nominating a weak candi
date who could more easily be de
feated by his democratic opponent
at the regular election.
The incomparable and unap
proachable Roosevelt when it
comes to the possession of the "git
up-and-git" spirit—cleaned out the
"Old Guard" at the New York state
republican convention at Saratoga.
He was made chairman of the con
vention. Then he appointed Barnes,
the Old Guard leader, on the reso
lutions committee taking good
care, ofcour.se, as is customary, that
his own friends were not in the
minority of the committee. Then
Roosevelt led in a ringing indorse
ment of President Taft and the
whole bunch of Progressives and
Old Guards went home feeling good,
and all of them resolved to make the
Tammany tiger get up and hustle if
it hoped to have a look-in at the
coming election. And now this
"undowned" and "undownable"
Tireless Wonder is already on the
stump battling against the demo
crats to keep the Empire State in
the republican column. And it's
dollars to cakes with holes in 'ein
that he'll succeed.
There has usually been a discrimi
nation in price of six to ten cents
per bushel against Velvet Chaff
wheat. In Bulletin No. 25 of the
state agricultural college the state
ment is made: "There was consider-
a visitor in Linton last week, to Duluth and Superior, but none
to miu Muuituib* notice iv iwreuy
I cm tbe !U. E. of Section been filed with the clerk
'north. Bton 75 veil ot I tbe vacation of tue. ftlMjr
-I" T. v3
:b&: A
?v£ve in
sprly to:
p^pbe: bo«i v-thcut fee
CT«2 cc-untrr" d.xs r-
Senator MrCsrcber, ss s.h:
8 4 iiin a re .~".£~T
a Wahr»eto3 dWpateh gtvisg
:k« a the Waspe'tc-n Richland
"Seatcr P. J. McCumber was
giver, an ovation when he apy»eared
hjs address a: the
held here
to-day S*pt.
The Pennsylvania Society of North
Dakota has been organized, with
the following officers: Hon. L. B.
Hanna. Fargo, president: Col. A.
B. Keriin. Devil's Lake, vice-presi
dent: John Shaw, Williston. treas
urer: and Addison Leech, Fargo,
It is the purpose of the
societv to hold annual picnics at
some convenient point. Any one
snow-eage of the saw. and their im- .,
a a
a a
of Penns--vania
eligible, as wed as
members of their family. It is the
desire of the officers of the society
that all persons eligible will im
mediately send his or her name to
Addison Leech, Secretary, Fargo,
N. D., and details of the organiza
tion will be made known to them.
Next week the Record will appear
wifch eight pages, of seven columns
to the page. Incase it is possible
to work up an advertising patronage
in keeping with the size of the pa
per, we shall not reduce its size. It
would seem that, with as much in
vested in a country-newspaper plant
as the publisher of the Record has
invested in Linton, the town ought
to give as much patronage to it as
for instance —the people cf Hazel
ton give to Editor Thurston's bright
and newsy sheet. But we're going
to try the big size awhile, any how
win or lose.
The Farm-Husbandry course at
the state agricultural college wi
open Oct. 17th. It takes up such
subjects as soils, crops, stock, tree
and fruit growing. Every young
man who intends to farm would be
greatly benefited by this course. It
closes March 23d, and it requires
three years to complete it.
That "A touch of sorrow makes
the whole world kin" is strikingly
illustrated by the many paragraphs
printed in the opposition press ex
tending sympathy to C. A. Johnson
Republican candidate for governor
whose three-year-old son was burned
to death in Minot last Friday.
Owing to a shortage of the Brazi
coffee crop, coffee will for awhile
be about five cents a pound higher
in price. Brazil furnishes about
three-quarters of the world's supply
of this popular beverage. The price
applies chiefly to the cheaper brand
of coffee.
Colonel Brewer, of the Forum
has so far failed to inform his breth
ren whether sympathy for the
Appendix brought him the covetei
supply of prairie-hens.
Stealing Flowers From Graves
Several complaints have been
made to the effect that miscreant
who have been visiting the cemetery
at Fessenden have been stealing
flowers from the graves, and that on
several occasions vases have als
been taken. An effort is being made
to capture some of the parties, and
if they are caught it is said that an
example will be made of them that
will likely prove to be lasting. It
isn't just the thing to desecrate
graves, and especially where the
owners of the lots have taken the
trouble to beautify them.
a large lino of Books Magazines and Stationery: also a large line of
at the Capital City Th:.* *\oath.
The N.rrh Dakcta
Ass^viaticr. w:H ho.d its ~rst tau
r::eetir g. in Risr.iarc's. cr- Oct. !th.
'JOWs and 2i*:. This is the rrs:
time in the history of t.ie #:a?e tr.at
trie meeting has been held s-.- :sr
•srest. and "is an indication c-f tne
rapid devek?t»er,t
par: of the state di
I year
Bi-niarck is the capita! :-i tne
state. No city in North Pak.ta has
made such spiendi-.i progress a:/r.g
al: -ires as Bismarck. We wart you
to ectue to the meeting. We fee.
certain that you wii': he g'.ad you
came. Tnere will be an atu-
th». That he r.cpu'.ar a: ho^me 7"
stav both pseasant aro rent
is attested r-v tne tact tnat
people—the largest crowd that ever
gathered at the Richland county fair
grounds- were in attendance. They
Tie program promises
North Dakota are surSeiently pro
gressive and surScient'.y broad
minded to allow their teachers this
opportunity. Wherever the meet
ing of a State Educational Associa
tion has been changed from the hcl
day season to a fall date, it has r-.
ulted in the attendance being large
ly increased. Such, we believe, w:":
be the result in North Dakota. We
expect to enroll at least eight hun
dred teachers. Will you he.p on
this good work? The local commit
tee will be glad to an-'wer any in
quiries which may be sent to it.
turfTSeOI®*" £aIB O. K.'V***8.A''llPrato*..'""h.'V/
saaSffil «xBSsssns®wafflr
of the wt-jtern
rinc the Tive.
Bis'rsarci expect# entertain tr.r
iargis: coCT -ar,y of educatcrs r.jcn
has ever as^ertt'ieo in the :.:e. ar
bids a nos: hearty wekvrr.e t-.- a...
Kin«J ords lor Charles A. Johnson. Entry No. 32030, Seria ,'
YVit- den-.ocrats *he state, assist- for southeast quarter
ed bv a tew wishv-washy repubii- T?^J1Sr^A?'\n-ort^'
iv 'tu II \i of the Fifth Principal M.-.r
I cars, says tne Wa.ha.ia Mountain filed notice of intent in
jeer. are making strenuous efforts to final five-year proof,
land Governor John Burke in the claim to the land above
chair lor a third before Chrles B. Carlev
ex-officio clerk of the c#
wha. ^..euai quaiihca-
tions Mr
tertri uki be k-iven to him is hard Claimant names as v. it
for ar.y ore to say. Of course we h. L. Shaff. of Marie, N
shall be told that Mr. Hurke is an R. P. Towne, of Marie, N
honest and conscientious man: but Ben Christianson, of Mar
there are hundreds of men. repub- J°hn Towne, of Marie,
•icans ar.d democrats. whom the
san:e r.-.sy b- said, who are no more
vjua:iSed to be governor than "the
r.-.an in the n"on." 'Governor Burke,
•tur::".g his administration, has been
stri:* rarti-an. and this the repub
i:c»:: cf •••.:r. fa:-t:.--ns "Ught to keep
Burke ha? that a third ^ay
ihe- rcj uohocin jiuni^nce t*r gov
err. is a mar. of whom the repub
licans are proud and who would do
credit to the state. Mr. Johnson
years ago, and
of hotel aceommcHlatior.^. ^nun^rous .j^fea
ana convenient meetmg-r:3ces. ana
i: you are in need of
lease contracts, chattel mcrt
ehattei-m-.-rtgage releases, or notes
apply at Record office.
(Serial No.
Address I-. L. Conk.m, President U.S. Land Office at Bismarck. N. D.,
of Commercial Club. Bismarck. N. September 14, l'.'lu.
D. "til." Notice is hereby given that
Cordially yours.
W. L. Stoekweh.
Supt. of Public Instruction.
Orviile E. Pars
U: Marie. North Dakota, who.
Fuller & Johnson
at Lint0I)( North
November, HM'i.
--M. H. Jew,-:
^Serial No. (iTOtfJ.i Oct
Department of the Ir'.
U.S. Land Office at Bisir&r
Edward Ho:':'
Of Winona, North Dakota
August 1, 19fJo, made Hon
Entry No. 31346, Serial N
for the northeast quarter
14, Township 131 north, Ka
west of Fifth Principal Mt
he took his has filed notice of intent
in such a way
as to
evervthine wm be cone to mase YwV.r .** claim to the land aiju\f
-v. oy:- I£K6 t_ T'i ut-f, iilT
at .e.
of unu-ua! interest, and no up-to
date teacher can afford to be absent.
Chapter V* of the Session Laws
five-year proof,
:ry. and wno is now ad-
before Charles B. Cariey,
man of r.-.r..r an-J tntegrity. In fact, ex-officio clerk of the couro
had Mr.fJchr.sor. been elected two at Linton, North Dakota,
vears aco he would have had the loth day of November, l,-»2
-f practically every repub- Claimant names as witr
:e,v.-5 tern Had Mr George Wolfer. of Winona.
progressive candidate }?hn
We are now able to show you right in our store the powerful,
sturdy labor saver which you have seen advertised in every
farm paper you pick up.
It costs so little that every farmer can afford one,
yet it is simply marvelous.
Besides pumping, it runs separator, c/'irn. grind
stone, and any machine ordinarily run hy hand. is
the finest thing you ever snv ilvo- v.:- Vr -,
"no one ever thought of it bofoic." You\o s-re to y/aat
one when you see it chugging a\. iy .a Things*'"
Come in and see it work. Yo to v.i^e
catalog free.
Below You Will Find
A Bunch of the Good Staff Sold
F.morson Hngino Plows. Sulky and C.uiirs,
Emerson Disk Marrows.
International Gas Kngmcs.
llarl-Parr Gasoline and
Fuller Al: Johnson Kami Pump llu^uic..,
Slickney Gas Engines,
Garr. Scott Co. Tif.or Tlirn
Iht l.m,.
Van Brunt Drills and SIVI IIT:..
Kelly Duplex l'ood Milll.-i.
Jewel I'Oi'd-Mlll::,
Duplex Wind-Mills.
beorge Nelson, cf W mora
.-flection of Mr. .John-1
Munsch. of Winona
son —been nominated, the Mountain
eer would have given him as hearty
support iis :t aec.T-:s„.u o. A. John
son, and every insurgent republican
who is a man principle will vote
for Johnson f.r governor, just as
every stalwart will vo:e Gronna
Uct. «5- Nov. 10.
Department »i the Interior.
-M. H. Jewell.
(Serial No. 0735o.i Oct.-. N .-OiV
Department of the Int^rilo-• I
U.S. Land Office at Bismaro'l-oNo l)
September 1lobo
Notice is hereby given tnat
.... Henry L. Sr.aff.
"'Hilo Of Marie, North Dak -ta, Jih*.. .r.
October 26, 1905, made H.An.e-va
blank farm- Entry No. 32040, Serial N
ages, f°r
southeast quarter .,f j,
1", wnship 133 ncrtn. R&r'ev s„.
w«.st the Fifth Prino,
has filed notice of intention
final five-year proof, to jtai :i#h'.
claim to the land above
before Chares B. Cariey, amT~
ex-oflicio clerk of the count .r:.
at Linton, North Dakota.
loth day of November, i:v.
Claimant names as witr.-'S'se?:''
Orviile E. Parsons, of Mark-. N Iv
R. P. Towne, of Marie. N..LI. fl
Ben.Christianson, of Marie N
on John'Towne.'of^Marie.JN.'l
H. Jewell.'K-,j
See tbe
Pulley for
fatcflt Applied for
Guaranteed by
.I'shkosh I'umps.
l'.oli|st Breakers.
dnieniational Manure-Spreaders.
urniu'k Machinery.
W.'Iht and Sunightoii Wagons.
J''' Ia\al i"roam-Separators.
S. ("roam Separators.
:1 ""'I'sun i',.rn Planters.

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