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(Local items pertaining to condi*
tions and people living in Emmons
county twenty-five years ago. The
follow inn are taken from the June
17. 1887, issue of the Emmons
County Record hence, many of the
names mentioned therein will no
doubt be strange to the greater
share of the Record's present read
ers. To the many old-timers, how
ever, they will recall the early days.
Wild roses in bloom.
Last evening was the time set for
turning on the Bismarck electric
Wednesday the mercury was
hanging on the ragged edge of 100
Tom Kelly and John Middlestedter
have returned from the railroad
Country editors on the Missouri
Slope are living high just now. The
"greens" crop is magnificent.
Wadena county, Minn, had a go
pher-killing match, and 2,240 go
phers "bit the dust" in one day.
Assessor Haak has been at work
in Williamsport 'and neighboring
townships during the past week.
Wesley I'aker "escaped" from the
twins long enough one day last week
to visit the county seat. Hereports
that the young gentlemen are both
A party was given Tuesday even
ing at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
11. VV. Allen, in Cherry Grove town
ship, in celebration of the birthday
of M. C. Lockton.
Miss E. F. Connor intended to re
turn home from Bismarck Sunday
but, her pony being of dignified and
deliberate movement, she did not
reach her destination until Monday
Mrs. Pitts informs the Record
that, two weeks ago last Friday, her
house on Beaver creek was burned.
All her household goods, except a
few things she brought with her to
Williamsport, were destroyed. She
believes the fire was the work of an
Messrs. Beal, Fortune & Skelton
have been awarded the contract for
grading the A., B. & N. W. rail
road between Bismarck and Napo
leon. The wages to be paid will, it
is said, be just about enough to
furnish grub for man and beasts—
from $2.50 to $3.0 for man and team.
The following are the grades of
some of the pupils in School District
No. 2, for the past month: Exami
nation in Geography—Sadie Keim,
!)2 Ollie Keim, 99. Physiology and
Hygiene- Lizzie Kalberer, 89 Annie
Klapprich, 85 Mary Klapprich, 84
Rosa Klapprich, 84 Sadie Keim, 90
Ollie Keim, 89. Average daily
grades in grammar -Sadie Keim,
85 Ollie Keim, 90. In history-
For Representative- a6th Senatorial
lo the Republican Voters of Kidder
and Emmons Counties:
1 hereby respectfully submit my
candidacy at the primary election to
the Republican voters of this (the
2(5th) Senatorial District for the po
sition of Representative in the Leg
islative Assembly. I was born in
Morrison county, Minnesota.in 1888
receiving my primary and high
school education in that state, and
afterward graduating from the law
school of the University of Minne
sota. I.oing engaged in business
since coining to Emmons county, I
have not applied for admission to
the North Dakota bar. If nominated
and elected, I promise to exert
whatever of energy and ability I
may possess in the interest of my
Ilazelton, N. I)., May 14. 1912
l-or County Treasurer.
111.-a I Ail v«-ri KeimMiV.)
the Voters of Emmons County:
1 herey announce myself as a can
didate on the Republican ticket
the ollice of County Treasurer,
jet I to the will of the voters, as
prjtfsi-d at the primary election
tie held Jure 2(i. 1IU2 I have been
aiesilent of North Dakota fur the
pa.-I I wenu-I In ee years, and
eltced, will givt
Ollie Keim, 93 Sadie Keim, 90. The
greatest improvement in numbers
waa made by Lizzie Kalberer in
spelling, by Katie Kalberer in read
ing, by Anna Klapprich.
Mrs. Jennie Hawkep.the Williams
port-Livona mail-carrier, met with
a runaway accident during her Mon
day trip. The colt which she was
driving became unmanageable, and.
ever they wi I recall the early days, before the animal could be quieted,
The later settler may catch a glimpse jt broke one of the shafts. On
of early life here by perusing them.)
—In Town and Out.—
Wednesday, also, the pony again ran
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Yeater made
quite a long trip Monday out in the
new railroad country, visiting the
camp of the railroad people at Long
Lake spring. Mrs. Yeater, on her
return, was the possessor of a large
and pretty bouquet of the beautiful
flowers found growing in such pro'
fusion on the prairies over that
Messrs. Mahaney, the Dean Broth
ers, Bumstead and Pagel, of Win
chester, passed through town Tues
day on their returnfrom the Capi
tal City. By the way, which of the
gentlemen was it who snored so
loudly, Monday night, at Tommy
Sanders' half-way house, that some
of the chinking between the logs of
the walls was jarred nut?
—Winchester Correspondence.
Rufus Dean has made final proof
on his claim.
John Henderson has gone to work
on the railroad grade.
James Parker has gone to Minne*
apolis, where he intends to spend
the summer.
—Armstrong Correspondence
C. J. Allen is putting down a well
on his claim.
W. Jagd has a well finished
his homestead
An A., B. & N. W. engine pulled
its picket-pin the other day, and,
but for the timely bark of Uncle
Dudley's purp, two cats and a hen
turkey would have been killed.
Items from the Record of Oct. 22,
1884: Commissioner Whitney is
visiting the Capital of all Dakota
....Mrs. Donald Stevenson is the
first white woman who made Em
mons county her permanent home
... .Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lock, of
Winona, were the first couple mar
ried in Emmons since its organiza
tion, and are entitled to the Record
for three years, according to an
offer made in No. 2 issue of the pa
per. The gentleman named is
already a paid-up subscriber but
we have credited the other three
years on the books and so, Charles,
we will not get after you in a finan
cial way for three years and some
months .. (The Record devotes a
column to the double wedding of
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Stevenson and
Mr. and Mrs. John Goughnour, more
than a hundred persons from all
parts of the county being present at
the wedding.)
For Representative Twenty-Sixth
Senatorial District.
(1'itld Advertisement.)
To the Voters of Emmons and Kid
der Counties:
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for Representative from
the 26th Legislative District of the
state, subject to the decision of the
Republican Electors of said district
at the primary election to be held
June 26. 1912.
Dawson, N. D. T. S. Pryse.
For Representative Twenty-Sixth
Senatorial District.
iral Advertisement.)
I hereby announce myself a can
didate for the office of Representa
tive from the 2«5th Senatorial District
on the Repubican ticket, subject to
the will of the voters at the primary
election to be held June 26,1912.
—G. II. Naramore,
the ollice my be^t
E. H. Hardt.
For Sheriff.
U'.ilil AiivcrllM'iiM'nl.)
lo the Voters of Emmons County:
1 hereby announce mv candidacy
for the office of Sheriff for a second
term, subject to the will of the Re
publican voters at the primary elec
tion June 26th next. I will appre
ciate the support of all who feel
that my services up to date have
been satisfactory to the public, and
who believe that^they merit the in
dorsement of the four-year limit al
lowed by law.
April 11. 1912.
Linton, N. D.
For Representative- Twenty-Sixth
Senatorial District.
(I'lllll ICllI A
11 tsi'
To the Voters of Emmons and Kid
der Count ieis:
The undersigned respectfully an
nounces himself as a candidate on the
Republican ticket for Representa
tive of the 2fith Senatorial District
in the Legislative Assembly at the
primary election to be held June
26, 1912. If nominated and elect
ed, I promise to give my support
ana vote to such laws as will give a
"square deal" to all the people of
the district and state. Your votes
and influence are cordially solicited.
—C. Rowerdirk,
Westfield, N. D.
For Register of Deeds.
(I'silil Advertisement.)
I wish to announce myself as a
candidate for the office of Register
of Deeds, subject to the will of the
Republican voters at the primary
election June 26,1912. If elected.
I will give my undivided time to the
—Albert D. Tough
—Peter Shier.
For Sheriff.
(I'.tid Advf'rtUl IljOllt.)
To the Voters of Emmons County:
The undersigned hereby announces
himself as a candidate for the nomi
nation for the office of Sheriff on the
Republican ticket and repsectfully
solicits your assistance at the pri
mary election to be held on June
26th. I have been a resident of Em
mons county for more than twenty
five years, practically growing to
manhood here. As to my honesty
to discharge the duties of the ollice
which 1 seek, 1 refer to any of those
who have known me during the past
twenty-five years. -E. W. Chase.
For Representative Twenty-Sixth
Senatorial District.
I 1'aid A vert-isenient.)
To the Voters of Kidder and Em
mons Counties:
It having been suggested to me
that my appearance before the pub
lic as a candidate for the lower house
of the state legislature would meet
with approval of a number of my
friends, and would be approved by
many others, I have upon considera
tion, and with the indorsement of
a number in whose judgement I
place confidence, decided to an
nounce such candidacy before the
coming June primary. If my action
shall merit the approval of the vo
ters of Kidder and Emmons counties
and I receive the nomination on the
Repulican ticket 1 will make a thor
ough campaign, seeing all the
people 1 can, and, if elected in No
vember, will do the best in me to
serve the public welfare without re
gard to any personal interest, cither
of myself or others. 1 respectfully
solicit your support.
Steele, Feb. 21, l'J12.
-Sidney r. Smith
For County Superintendent of
(l'ald Advertisement.)
Lester Rriggle, candidate for the
oflice of County Superintendent of
Schools, asks and will appreciate
your support at the primaries. June
26th. I believe in and will work for
all progressive educational princi
ples, and stand ready to serve with
out fear or favor. Vote as your
conscience dictates and for the "best,
interests of uur schools.
For County Judge.
(I'aid A (J v» ri Isement.)
I hereby respectfully announce
myself as a candidate for re-election
to the office of County Judge of
Emmons County, K'orih Dakota, sub
ject to the will of the voters of the
Republican party ai the marv
election to by held in June.
Charles I'• arYy.
any kind cal
at the hmmons County Record office
and examine samples.
(i'.il'i vt.'i li-»i-r ri.i
I hereby announce myself as a Re
publican candidate for the ollice of
Superintendent of Schools.
I am a normal graduate have had
ten years'experience as a teacher
in city schools and seven years' ex
perience as a teacher in rural schools,
having taught both graded and high
If nominated and elected, I prom
ise to give to the schools of Emmons
county my undivided time and at
tention. —Mrs. Kate Savage.
Correspondence of the Iteeord. (June 10.)
Well,the surveyors are gone again.
The schools will close this week
Mr. and Mrs. WenzlafT's baby has
been sickHhe past week.
Quite a number of children in
town have the whooping-cough.
Miss Regina Farrell spent Satur
day and Sunday with her friend,
Miss Allie Linderman.
Miss Regina Farrell and the
Misses I.ydia and Martha Schatz
drove to Linton after school on
Thursday evening.
J. B. Davis and family left last
Thursday for Rewey. Wis., where
they expect to visit for six or eight'
weeks. That leaves our hotel with
out a keeper.
Franz Tempel and family moved
into their new house on Wednesday
of last week, and Jacob Graff and
family into the house just vacated
by Mr. Tempel, he having purchased
same some time ago.
Fred Snyder and wife made a
business and pleasure trip to Aber
deen last week, on Mondav. They
went with their auto, retuning Sun
day night. He says crops don't look
as good down that way as they do
Miss Georgia Mar. Chambers, the
field worker of the W. C. T. U. for
this state, gave a beautiful ^lecture
here at the school-house on June 5th.
There were only a few out, but it
was certainly a treat to those who
heard her. Her reading, "Patsy."
was excellent.
Rev. Dan ford, of Bismarck. Pre
siding Elder of this District,
preached in the school-house on Sat
urday evening. He gave us a very
interesting sermon. 11 seems a pity
there are so few that will come out
Livery and Feed
Temvik, Nor. Dak.
Dray Line In 4'onnectlon
(Paid Advertisement
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for the oflice of County Super
intendent of Schools. Educators
agree that permanency in school po
st lions makes good schools. I base
my claims lo the office on the record
I have made while County Superin
tendent. When I went into office
there were about one hundred
schools. There are now one hundred
forty. I have raised the standard of
teachers. I have co-operated with
school officers. 1 have done my best,
to enf. ree the school laws.
I was horn and educated in this
state. I have a wide acquaintance
with the school men of the state.
I am the only candidate for this
office holding a Life Professional
For Representative Twenty-Sixth
Senatorial District.
(Paid Advertist'inrnlI
Tu the Republican Voters the
Twenty-Sixth Senatorial IHs
I hereby resin'Cttuliy annn.nci
myself a a candidate for re-elei-lion
to the position of Rcpresenla'iv
frnm theTwenty Sixth (Kidder and
Emmons) Senatorial District iri th
Legislative As emhlv. If elected, 1
shall in the future, as in the past,
my bt'st in favi of the «-i aet
meni laws I believe to lie in tin?
iiest interests of the people ihe
slate and district in which I h»ve
lived nearly thirty years, and in op
position to the many unwise ind
impractical propositions that come
before every session of the leigsla
ture. At the last session I was the
oldest House member in the matter
of continuous service. Certainly, in
a legislative body, the man who has
had the experience gained at several
sessions is at least as competent to
wisely represent his constituents as
he was when he served his first term.
I hereby respectfully request the
support of the Republican voters of
the district at the coining primary
Linton, N. D.. May 15,1912.
and enjoy the good things that come
to Temvik. —Tim Vick.
Animal Longevity.
Some curious statistics have been
published upon what an insurance
actuary would describe as the "ex
pectation of life" in animals.
Among the larger species of cattle
there is some approach to uniform
ity. Thus for the horse and tho
ass the extreme limit is about thir
ty-five years and for horned cattle
about thirty. For the dog it is
given as twenty-five, while sheep,
goats, pigs and cats arc grouped at
fifteen. But there are stranger dis
parities among birds. W^ilc a
goose may live thirty years, a spar
row twenty-five and a crow as many
as 100, ducks, poultry and turkeys
die of old age at twelve years. The
palm for longevity is dividad be
tween elephant and parrot Both
pass the century.
(Serial No. OSStl.) (May 21—June 27.)
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior,
r. S. Land Oflice at Bismarck, N. P.,
May 8, IMS.
Notice is hereby given that
Widow of Anton Burkhart,
Of Marie. North Dakota, who, on June $»,
iyi)6, made Homestead Entry No. for
the northwest quarter of southwest quarter
and ttouthwesi quarter of northwest quarter
of Section JJ4, Township tt north. Range 74
west of the Fifth Principal Meridian, has
tiled notice of Intention to make final live
year proof, to establish claim to the land
&t>ove described, tiefore Charles It. i)arli*y.
Judge and Ex-Ofticlo Clerk of the County
Court, at Linton, North Dakota, on th
day of June, 1912.
claimant names as witnesses:
St-hasti.'tn Sehloser, of Marie. N. D.
Paul hunger, of Marie, N. D.
Jakob Kunlz, of Marie, N. D.
Leopold Frlszt, of Marie, N. !.
It. N. STEVENS, Uek'ister.
(Serial No. 07677.) (May t»—June 20.)
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior.
I*. S. Land Office at Bismarck, N. D.,
April 27, Vm.
Notice Is hereby given that
Of Temvik, North Dakota, who, on January
iV liWfi, made Homestead Entry No. £WI4.
for the south half of the northwest
quarter and the south half of the north
east quarter of Section 2, Township 1:13
north, ItangG 75 west of the IMfth Prin
cipal Meridian, has filed notice of Inten
tion UMnake tinal five-year proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described, be
fore Diaries H.Carley, Jiid^e and Ex-OMlcio
Clerk of the County Court, at Linton, North
Dakota, on the 2ltth day of June, I'.ilU.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Chaili'S E. (ireen, of Temvik, N. D.
George Dexter, of Temvik, N. I).
tfeorige Crogan, of Omio, N. D.
William Schwab, of Linton, N. D.
It. N STEVENS, Kenister.
Dealer Iu
Town Property Large List of Lands
Notary Public
For County Superintendent of Schools.
NOlt. I1AK.
Certificate. 1 have been on the pro
gram of the State Educational Asso
ciation twice, and am again on the
program for this year.
I have held the expenses of the
office down to as Iowa figure
as good
management of the office would al
low. In fact, 1 have the papers to
prove that the County Superintend
ent's office of this county is run
CHEAPER than the same oflice in
any other county in the state.
If re-elected I promise to conduct
the office as economically in the fu
ture as is possible, and 1 will stand
for, as I have in the past, all that is
best for the schools of the county.
—Henry 11. Hanson.
For Representative—Twenty Sixth
Senatorial District.
(I'olitirjil Advertisement.)
To the Republican Voters of Kidder
and Emmons counties.
Having been assured by a number
of my friends that it is their wish to
see me a candidate for representa
tive in the legislature from this
(Twenty-Sixth Senatorial) district,
I have decided to take this means of
announcing myself. I think that all
the voters of Kidder countv know
my past public record, but for the
benefit of those Emmons county peo
ple who perhaps know nothing of
me, 1 will state that for a number of
years past the voters of Kidder have
reposed enough trust in me to elect.
me to county office I have held the
I have decided to become a candi
date for the legislature, and take
this means of letting the voters of
Emmons and Kidder counties know
of that fact. I expect to make a
personal visit to Emmons county be
fore the date of ths primary elec
tion, but in the meantime will pre
sent my candidacy to the voters on
the ground that they will receive a
fair and upright representation in
the next legislature if I am elected,
and also refer to my public record,
having been chairman of the board
county commissioners of Kidder
county for a number of years.
position of auditor of Kidder county
for Severn I years. If the honor to I
which I aspire is accorded me 1
promise to represent the district in
the legislature at all times to the:
'•est nf my ability and will conscien-!
ti inly watch the interests of my
Respectfully, -Ceo. (J. Rope. I
Steile, N. l.. May 1: th. I
I For Sli riff.
I fl'Jihl AdwttNeinenl
'I ii tht' Voters nf Erriiions County:
I hi'it'by respect tully announce!
aiii.\*Hf candidate for the Republi
can nomination fur the ofliee of!
I Sher ill- al ihe primary election to be
Iield June 2(!ih 1 am putting my I
eantiidac^ befnie the people sin ply
on a business basis, mi the proposi
tion that I can well use the s»lnry of
I Ihe office, and will in turn give my
best efforts lo the proper discharge
!of my duties. That many of the I
people of the county have confidence
in my ability to fill the office capably I
is shown by the fact that at the pri-1
mary election two years ago I lacked I
but eleven votes of securing the I
nomination. Wallace Kyes.
For County Treasurer.
(1'aSd Adverti-emenl.)
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate on the Republican ticket
for the office of Co.inty Treasurer
snbject to the will of the voters at
the June primaries.
—W. O. Irwin.
Do you know a man or woman who is corn! •.•••
ing a successful business without tht assistance 01
hank account?
No matter what line of business you ire en^.i^ 'd
in —farming, merchandising, teaching, clerking or
of the professions, you should have an account w.tji
a bank-this bank.
We furnish a bank book and checks free.
Gottlieb Schatz
—Dealer In-
General Merchant!
We Carry a Complete Line of I »ry i.. .d
(i roceries, Hoots, Shoes, Kte.
I Always Carry a Full Line of
Groceries, Dry Goods, Light and Heavy
Hardware, Clothing, Boots
and Shoes
Bring 1'u Your
{tit ter ami Eggs
or Representative Twenty-Sixth
Senatorial District.
-'(Paid Advertisement.)
To the Voters of Emmons and Kidder
L. S. Langedahl.
For Register of Deeds.
O'uld Advertisement.)
I am a candidate fur re-election
(2nd term) as Register of Deeds and
solicit your support at the June pri
maries. I have endeavored to con
duct the oflice impartially and eco
nomically and trust I have merited
your support.
Respectfully, F. B. Irvine.
Highest. Prir.-s
Paid for 'iv:un
For Congress from Second
Judge John H. Kirlt, of Bottineau
Progressive Republican Candidate for CongressmanfromtteSecond in strict
(Paid Adverilsi'iin'r!
I am a candidate for the I
can nomination to Congress
June primaries, and my aim
"For the good of
'.•pu Mi
nt the
-hall be

the time."

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