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‘ a, Franklin County, Ark
* I
1 Tuesday and Friday.,
L. H. Bv«-row, Editor.
T r ■• >v. PuhHshing Co., Publisher*.
ihe post office at Ozark,
m- « Jiil class nrnil matter, ac
■ e f it» act ot Congress Mach, 1879
” erms of Subscription:
• year in County_$1.00
out of County $1.‘23
Train Sclu'dtile.
«*. ■ ough, arrive- 1:50 a. rn.
e.r, through, arrive 1:38 p. rn.
0% press, through, arrive 8:56 a. in.
“i through, arrive 1:50 a. n .
i through, arrive 1:38 p. rn.
nrough. arrive 6:37 p. in.
arrive 0*.ark 10:10 a. m.
, arrive Ozark 3:05 p. in.
i est. Arrives from Russellville
• 'J:: a. rr;.
•* i Arrives from Ft. Smith
i , 'J!> p. rn.
K. .Vi. W1LDMAN, Agent.
. -Itl I- ■ riff •' '1 -
• -xm: © wm <w»*mmm
f'homas Harried attended
■ •■I ast Sunday.
> Hu desiring Raletgh’s #ro
titid same at Hranden
•. warding house,
ss Irficey Felker is home to
, Mr week and attend tin*
"I. iutauqua.
•A. Graves of Center Cross
- t /.ark this morning and
sited us.
on T. A. Pettigrew was in
' nl;:y, attending Prabate
. r... court is in session in
.tiii to hear a case
t t>e heard last week
■a uinr term.
Burcham and son.
• ■ «•' . of .Middle tp., passed
%■ rk Moaday on their
.;st fur a short trip.
i ini left for Honey
.us Monday morning.
r bsent about four
. :. ng relatives.
Ouita and Zuma
* •» n i Shawnee. Okla.,
■n : -other. Frank, came
v - it relatives.
•t*» returned Saturday
r ) White county. He
■ it Franklin county has
-ups he has seen.
' Turner was called here
( la. to be at the bedside
.•lighter. Miss Nora
Mrs. L. L. Ford and three
t ehildn n reached home
».■ i da cht ifter a visit of
a 2 weeks with her
Honey Grove, Texas.
Robinson and
r t "f Alma are here to at
)■ hautnuqua and visit herl
lv and Mrs. E. M.
I Gabbard and baby
Okla., came Saturday
• her aster, Miss Nora
or v io is critically iil at
i io Tompkin’s home.
v Mackie of Dardanelle,
up last week and took
* o* the sale of Raleigh’s
in this county. His
a t!v will come up later.
W. McKinney and Mrs.
'a u of Middle township.
• i s James Davenport of
Sou McAllister, Okla..sister of
; McKinney, were over Sat
' wf. II. A. Nickell went to
t. Smith Saturday to take tais
iiK ■ grand children home to
their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Warwick Nicked. The children
have been here about ten weeks
utid will be greatly missed.
Do you need me?
If you have a house for rent
>c vt , it to rent a house. 1 can
help you.
vl. Gvthrik, Hand Agent..
X ^ —-—> •
Mr. Benton Davis, an old
citizen of Middle tp., now of
Oklahoma, is down on visit t<
old friends, accompanied by his
daughter, Mrs. James Daven
Our old friend, Mark Mar
cussen of Barham tp., was in
Ozark Monday. He reports a
fine crop, but says the army
worm has appeared in his cotton.
Mrs. Mary Amy, Fred Arny
and Arthur Tolbert took the
afternoon train for a short visit
to points in Oklahoma Monday.
Mr. U. G. Romans of Sallisaw.
Okla., formerly of this County,
is here, visiting his daughter
near Webb City and old friends
in various sections of the county,
He will attend the holiness
meeting if nothing prevents.
He came arounnd to see the
editor and renew old acquain
Still dry, but threatening.
Crops are badly damaged. Corr
not more than half crop, cotton
can’t tell yet.
Light rain Saturday laid the
The boys and girls still gathei
at the school house Sunday even
ings and sometime sing.
The people over near Mr.
Wethers, built an arbnr and heh
a protracted meeting for over i
week. They had quite a revival,
got several joiners. Ye scrib*
v\<i> iii me napuzing near tni
Glispie old mill stand last Sun
day. There was fourteen baptiz
ed. six women and eight met
and boys. There was nome when
near three hundred people there
The people are talking of or
ganizing a Sunday school at tin
Arbor and have a Sunday schoo
until it gets too cold to hold on
doors which 1 think would be ;
good tiling.
Sorrow there that some of tin
boys are being fined for drink
ing and misbehavior. Yes boys
would it not be much better t(
let the vile stuff alone and conn
to preaching and Sunday school,
and be nice young gentlemen
and save your money to buy
something useful. How mud
more pleasant it would be t<
write up as model young men
than to say you were fined for
misbehavior, and not only are you
in trouble and loosing your money
you are injuring your health a.
well. Statistics say that on<
boy in a hundred that smoke ami
drink liquors, can pass the
seventh grade, think about these
ooys. lour Health is injured,
your education is limited and
your manhood is cast with tin
lowest grade of society for the
man that sells whisky, is of ;i
low grade of society. Not only
t hat hoys, you are spending your
money with men that will never
accomodate you in any way.
They would not go on your bond
to keep out of jail, they would
not sign a petition to relieve yoi;
of a line. They would not di
any thing, but take all your
money and then kick you because
you did not have more, bui
September is close at hand ant
you have morality and immorality
before you so pay your money
and take your choice.
W. A. B.
Gigantic Formosan Tree.
In Formosa there Ik * tree hot went
2,500 and .1,006 years old, with n cir
cumferenee of 65 fef I and the lowee
^branch 45 feet from the ground. Tin
m is a species of cypress, thi
| jJiipaneae "benikl.”
Some Bootless Remarks.
The wholM^od fellow Is not hal'
so likely tlSron his uppers as th<
hall k tiled ones. Thi' former Is usu
ally tv Iter heeled and doesn’t peg ou'
ami leave a fellow in the lurch whet
he finds It necessary to revamp hh
fortunes ufter business affairs havi
run counter to his desires.
Bcai^Your Own Trouble*, ^
Things cannot always go yodfwaj'
Learn to accept In silence the inlno
aggravations, cultivate #ie gift o
taciturnity, and consume y<*ur owi
smoko with an extra draft of ban
work so that those about you ma:
not be annoyed with the dust am
soot of your complaints. — Willian
0. B. Donaldson.
i When writing the obituary of
! one whose intimate friendship
has existed for a period of nearly
I forty years, the one writing it
ought not to be at a loss what to
say concerning the life
and character of the deceased,
especially so if they nave lived
in the same community, under
gone similar experiences, studied
the character of each of those
with whom they have mixed and
Our acquaintance with Mr.
Donaldson began in the summer
of 1875, when he came to Altus.
One could not be with him long
without being impressed with
bis deeply religious nature. In
prosperity and adversity he lived
the life of a consistant Christian
He was born in Fort Smith,
June 4, 1812, and died at his
home in Altus on the 12th day
of July, 1914. His parents dying,
he drifted to Market City, where
he met a nobleman by the name
of Mr. Bender. However, be
fore the meeting of Mr. Bender,
his experiences as an orphan boy
was not unlike that of other or
phan children. Under the* hos
pitable roof of Mr Bender he
received shelter and protection,
and it was through generosity
of Mr. Bender that the boy re
ceived a common school education
Leaving Hacket City, we next
find him near Clarksville teach
ing school. At about this time
the Civil war occured, and he en
listed in a company of one hun
dred and ten, organized by ( apt
Sw agger ty of Clarksville, and he
went to the front to fight for the
right as he saw it. Right lien*
let me give an instance id' the
right as he saw it. Hi-was lieut
enant of his company and in
* command of the company on one
occasion, when the whole com
1 pany being thirsty, stopped at
a farm house for water. In rid
1 ing from the farm, he discovered
that one of his men had laggt d
behind and suspecting evil of
> this mTtn, he rode back to the
• farm and there this soldier, with
revolver pointed at the aged man
of the home was telling him to
“dig up” else he would kill him.
Lieutenant Donaldson ordered
the soldier to be gone else he
would be the victim, instead of
the harmless and defenseless old
Of those who enlisted with
him at Clarksville, there are but
three who are still living: 11. ('.
Armstrong, Altus, John Blair.
Cabin Creek, and Ah Smeadlev,
After the war he returned to
his home near Clarksville, and
to begin anew the peaceful pur
suits. of happiness, he married a
Miss Sallie Bateman with whom
Iwill.-I.t f II l It fill . I 1\ . ,
*• W • -.1'
died. No oll’spring blessed this
union, but. instead, it was bless
ed with two orphan children,
Willie Reid, who died shortly
after the wife, and the other
one, Mr. Jno. T. Hodge is today,
living with his third wife, Mrs.
Grief at the loss of the first
wife and little Willie, caused him
to think of higher things; so he
joined the Presbyterian Church
and was a member tdl 190(5 when
he connected himself with the
M. E. Church South and was im
mediately appointed superinten
dent of the Sunday school, re
organizing only two or three
weeks before he died.
’ His second wife was Miss
i Partherina Hampton, and she,
too, only lived for three or four
years, in 1.X83 he was again
, married to Miss Jennie Phillips.
, with whom he was living at the
time of his death.
During t he time of this marriage
1 they adopted a little girl, the
only child of a widowed woman,
whom they reared and educated.
’ The little tot, arriving atwoman
! hood, married a Mr. Ernest
F Hembree and from this union
i was born a little daughter, Lera,
who is now living with Mrs.
Donaldson, her mother dying
when she was, but eiven month
old. Mr. Donaldson had beer
complaining of a dizziness oi
the heat) for several months be
fore his death. Thursday even
ing before he died, he took i
bucket and went to a neighbor’s
for a fresh bucket of water and,
drawing the water from the well,
he fainted and fell upon thestont
concrete, some ladies poured wa
ter in his face, which revived him.
Sunday morning following this
and other fainting spells, 1 wenl
to see him, about (5:30 o’clock, ht
whs resting well, seemed cheer
ful, and made request that then
be less noise in the room than up
on the previous day. At 7:10 he
complained of faintness ant
several friends rubbed dilferenl
parts of his bod\ to increase cir
culation: when suddenly he re
marked “Here it is on me,” vvt
raised him to a sitting, posture
and continued rubbing, but lit
realized that the end was near
and made several attempts ti
speak, but the sounds were in
On the night of the 13th, Bro.
Lark, of the Methodist Church,
conduct^! the funeral service*
at tile church in Altus. paying
many beautiful tributes to thi
deceased. He concluded witl
giving what he thought to be thi
two most prominent traits of hi*
character, “his power in prayei
and his love for children.
After these services, severa
of his friends accompanied the
remains to the home of Mrs. (!.
0. Logan, a friend at Clarksville
and at 10 o’clock on the ,13th, In
was huried in Oakland Cemetery.
The funeral services was con
ducted by Bro. M. A. Hughes
Notable among the numbei
present, was a tall gentleman ii
shirt sleeves and gray pants
was a comrade. We afterwan
learned that it was Mr. Newi
Clark, whom the people of John
son county had honored many
times by electing him to office,
A friend.
Chili Poor Country for Stock.
Slick mi. inf in Chili does not sooni
to i" k-i Mn>: pan with the general
develop] lent of tho country, owing tn
the fact hat better use can be made
of tin land, since hi1 f cattle can be
brought from Argentina cheaply. Then
th• r.u ;cs of tuben uiosis, carbur
cles, fevt r, etc . and tiie large number
of iliaths dicing droughts in unirri
gale-, r, lions of the country tend tn
make the business unprofitable.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot roach the Boat of the disease. Ca
tarrh is a blood or constitutional disease
and in order to cure ll you must take tn
ternal remedies. Hall’s Catarrh Cure i:
taken Internally, and aets directly upoi
tho blood and mucous surfaces. IIa.II*:
Catarrh Cure Is not a quack medicine. I
was proscribed by one of the best phy
Slcians in this country for years and I:
a regular prescription. It Is composed o
the best tunies known, combined with th.
best blood purifiers, acting directly on th
mucous surfaces. The perfect combina
tlon of the two Ingredients Is what pro
duecs such wonderful results In curini
catarrh. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.. Toledo. 0
Sold by I irugglsts, price 75c.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
For N*uralgl», nothing io
bolter than
Dr. Miles’
Anti-Pain Pills
Used by thousand*
for a generation
Those who have suffered (rom
ncuralgit pains need not be told
how necessity it is to secure re
lief. The eisiest way out of I
tyeuiajau is to use lit. Miles'
Anti Fain 1’ilLs, They have re
iieved sufferers for so many
years tliat they have become a
household necessity.
"I have taken Dr Miles’ Antt-Pnln
I’Uls for Tlv« years mid they are the
only thing t imt due* trie any good
They have relieved neuralgia hi my
le ad in fifteen minutes 1 have also
tal.eii them tor rheumatism, bead
ache., pain* hi the breast, toothache,
enrnebe and pnlnn in the dowel* and
llmhs. 1 hove found nollilng to
equal them and they are alt that is
claimed for them.”
i W StsrviH Blue Springs. Mo
At alt druooists—25 doses 4b cants.
Never sold In bulk.
Sickened By Calomel.
If you ever saw' any one made
sick by calomel you won’t want
any more calomel yourself.
There’s no real reason why a per
son should take calomel anyway,
when fifty cents will buy a larg
i bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone —
| a good remedy that perfectly and
i safely takes the place of danger
ous calomel, which is only an
other form of deadly and poison
ous mercury.
Dodson’s Liver Tone is apleas
ant-tasting vegetable liquid which
will start the liver just as surely
as calomel, and which has abso
lutely no bad after-elfects.
Children and grown people can
take Dodson’s Liver Tone with
out any restriction of habit or
diet. All Druggists sell it and
guarantee it to take the place of
calomel, and wdll refund your
money at once if it fails in your
case. »
Give tlie children l»r. Milos’ laxative
Tablets, their bowels need a cleaning
Quite often. | Advertisement.J
Will cure your Rheumatism
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps,
Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cut9 and
Burns, Old Sores, Stings of Insects
Etc.‘ Antiseptic Anodyne, used in
ternally and externally. Price 25c.
No. 663
This is n prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will break any case, anii
if taken then its •! tonic the F'evcr will nol
return. It acts on the liver better than
Calomel and docs not gripe or sicke.n. 25c
Geo. W. Barham,
Attorney At Law,
Will Practice in all the Courts
C hancery and Probate Business a Specialty
Office South Side of Square.
Dr. B. Terral
Office over C. W. & Roy Bell’s
Confectionery. Phone 135
Dr. W. H. Kennon
Office over Arkansas Valley Bank.
J. V. Hiu ki.anh, Jno. I). Arbih'KLK
A. 1. Kkndall
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Rooms 2, 3, and 4, American Bank Bid,
Fort Smith, Ark.
Practice in all the Courts
Physician & Surgeon
('alls answered day and ni^ht.
Watalula - - Arkansas
Physician & Surgeon
Office over People’s Hank
Room No. 3
Telephone, Office, 146-2
Residence No. 146-3
Practice in all the courts of
Arkansas and Oklahoma
Office in Rear Room of
Peoples Bank
Work Solicited and Satisfaction
WILLIAM FORI), Ozark, Ark,
Miller Place, Gar Creek Bridge
Wanting Order In Attachment.
In Justice Court, White Oak Town
ship, Franklin Co., Arkansas. 1,. O.
Fisher, J. P. ,
S. Ik Littleton, Plaintiff,
C. II. Johnson, Defendant
The defendant, <’. II. Johnson,' is
warned to appear in my court within
•to days and answer the complaint of
the plaintiff, S. li. Littleton, in attach
ment and garnishment.
This ZXth day of July, 1914.
Carter & Ford. Attys. for Plaintiff.
J. D. Denson, A tty. for Non-resident

Waning Order.
In the Franklin Chancery Court, Ozark
Jacob Post, Plaintiff
P. E. Carter. J. A. Carter
and Joseph Stump, Defendants .
The defendants, J. A. Carter, P. E. (
Carter and Joseph Stump are hereby *
warned to appear in this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint*
of the plaintitf.
Given under my hand and seal of office
of this Court this July 8, 1914.
M. V. Watereiei.d, Clerk. 4
Henson & Partain, Attys. for plaintiff, j
G. C. Carter. Atty. for non-resident
defendant. 7-9-14
Warning Order. V y
Before L. O. Fisher, J. P. for White ^ *
Oak Twp., Franklin Co., Ark. Jr
Sanitary Bakery »
and Confectionery, Plaintiff. (
V8 i Warning Order
) In Attachment
C. H. Johnson, Defendant
Defendant, C. H. Johnson, is wflar^ |
to appear in my Court within 30 da^S ,
and an»wer the complaint of the y
plaintiff, Sanitary Bakery & (€»nfec- i
tionery, in attachment. \|
L. O. Fisher, I. P. <
This 23 day of July, 1914. (\
Carter & Ford. Attys. for Plaintiff. \
W. G. Stockton, Atty. for Non-resident j
Defendant. (
Commissioner’s Sale.
Notice is hereby given, that in pur
suance of the auihority and dinf’tion^
contained in the decretal orde^ /thf*
Chancery Court of Franklin county, ■
made and entered on the 15th^)ay of }
July, A. 1)., 19U, in a certain cause,
(No.237) then pending therein between
K. (1. Barton, C. C. Barton, and And|
Swift, complainants, and Alexande.
Barton, defendant, the undersigned, it
commissioner of said court, will offf
for sale at public vendue to the highetf
bidder, at the North door or entranc
of the county court house, in whit
said court is held, in the County a)
Franklin within the hours preacribiv
by law for judicial sales, on FrijT ' * ^ ■
the 14th day of August., A. D. f >
the following described real estate
wit: The West half of the N. E. ik
the N. E. 1-4 of the N. W. 1-4 o£ ' .
N. E. 1-4, all of Section 88, in ‘fovw
ship 9, N. K. 2N West, and the N. E. t
of the N. W. 1-4 of Section 84, Tow
ship 9, N. K 2X West, and all that n
of the S. E. 1-4 of the N. W. l^S
Section 34 lying on the north side of
creek running almost East and „W{
through said S. E. 1-4 of N. Wr
i said Section 34, containing in i,
acres, more or less, in Franklin P
ty, Arkansas. 4
four months, the purchaser I
, quired to execute a bond as >
by Inw' und the order and decree^
court in said cause, with approve!
curity, bearing interest at the rdl
S |a*r cent per annum from date o#
until paid, and a lein being retail^ -
the premises sold to secure the J 'n.
1 ment of the purchase money. m —
(liven under my hand this 24*
of July, A. 1). 1914. »
M. V. Watkkkiki.d* v
Commissioner in Chancel
Comissnaer’s Sale.
Notice is hereby given, that ii
suance of the authority and dir
contained in the decretal order ?
Chancery Court of Franklir
made and entered on the 15(#^
July, A. 1). 1914, in u cv
(No. 24ti) then pending th/ ^
W. C. Conateer, cnmplaik* ‘
M. Ilrown and Mary Brown,defeni
the undersigned, as Commit}
of said Court, will offer for aJ
public vendue to the highest bjAr
the front door or entrancey J
County Courthouse, in whiatvffaitl
is held, in the County of Frank*
in the hours prescribed by la
judicial sales, on Saturday, th4
day of August, A. D. 1914, the/
ing described real estate,
North-west Quarter o(/' '
of the South-east quar^ ,
west quarter, and pa'/
east quarter of the So
described as beginni 1
chains east from the h
of the saidSEl-4 of t
South 5 chains, them „
thence North 5 chain:
chains to place of
, Sec. 16. Twp. 9.N. 1 f
Franklin Countt, Ar)
three months, the purer**
quired to execute a bom (
law and the order and A
Court in said cause, w\
security, bearing interest a]k *
It) per cent per aninyn from
until paid, and a lien being*
the premises sold to secure A f
of the purchase inotf'y. B 1'
(liven under my fiand ihB '
ol August, A. 1). 19)4. Wl
m. v. wm
Commissioner ifl

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