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S* ]
The farmers are getting along
very slowly nicely with farming
on account of the recent bad
1 weather.
Rev. Hobbs filled his appoint
^ ment here Saturday night and
Sunday. Attendance good and
sermons fine. The text Satur
day night was, "Who is your
neighbor?” It was explained so
plainly that every one who
was present listened very
closely and I am sure that each
one could tell you who his neigh
bor is.
^ Messrs. Leta Townsend and
Jean Jacobs attended Sunday
^ school and church Sunday morn
Mrs. Nicewarner who has
been ill for some time is getting
along very nicely.
Our Sunday school is pro
gressing nicely with a good at
tendance. We are having a
contest and are going to take a
trip on the train. Hall Parks
and Roy English are the engi
neers. This morning had thirty
three passengkrs each and sev
eral were present who didn’t
wish to take the trip. Every
body come and help us in our
Sunday school. We ll appre
ciate it.
Misses Pearl and Geneva
Hobbs took dinner with Miss
Vera English and supper with
Miss Crystal Young Sunday.
Had services at Tom Grimes’
Sunday led by Bro. Hobbs. Mr.
Grimes has been in bad health
for some time.
The Center Cross school is
preparing for an entertainment
on the 28th which will be at this
place. Everybody invited to
Miss Ethel Graves took supper
with Miss Esther Weatherman
Sunday night.
Remember the decoration ser
vices to be held at this place the
second Sunday in May. They
. are going to meet next Saturday,
April 15th, to clean off the ceme
There will be church next Sun
day evening conducted by Bro.
Roberson of Altus.
j Remember prayer meeting
every Sunday night.
Brown Eyes.
There was plenty of hard
water here this morning that
. could be easily spelled with three
" letters.
Do not know what damage
was done to the fruit, but some
potatoes were bitten by Jack
Quite a number of the people
v of this neighborhood visited
the oil well site this after
r noon. All material is on
the ground and the crew to
erect it is expected to In? here
soon. Considerable gas has al
1 ready cropped out here on top of
the ground and should more lie
| found beneath the surface fresh
air will have to be imported.
Bert Davis, of Ozark, is a
frequent visitor at Cecil and
some say he is "dear” hunting
Rev. Gray filled his regular
appointment at this place today.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Sharp on Sunday, 9th, a son.
^ Jim Wood and family spent
Sunday at Phil Amblers. ’
Mr. Williams, the new demon
$1M Reward, *1M
Th* readers of this paper will be
piss—d to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In ull Its stages, and
that Is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly
Influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
and acts thru the Blood on the Mucous
. 4.. Surfaces of the System thereby de
stroying th* foundation of the disease.
giving the pntlent strength by building
k up the constitution and a—Istlng na
ture In doing Its work. The proprte
i ton have no much faith In the curative
powers of Rail's Catarrh Cur* that
they offer One Hundred Dollar* for any
cam that It falls to cure Sand for list
of t—tlmonlala.
Address r J CHRNRT * CO. Idled*
Old* flald by au Druggist* 14*
fef! T 4
The Coming Baby!
Hooray! Hooray!
Nothing else can so completely endea
os to the present and the future as th,
expected arrival of i
baby. But In tbe mean
time the comfort o
the mother Is of vas
Importance. There is i
splendid external reui
edy known as “Mott
er's Friend" which ex
erts a wonderful Influ
enre upon the expand
lug muscles. They b«
come more pliant
stretch without undu
puin. make the peril*
oue of pleasant anth
Ipatlon Instead of ai
prehension. In a series of splendid letter
from all over the country mothers tell of th
great help “Mother's Friend” was to then
Even grandmothers tell the wonderful itor
to their own daughters about to enter th
state of motherhood. Get a bottle of “Motl
er*a Friend” today of your nearest druggist
Use this splendid help with your own han
guided by your own mind. For a free boo
of Interest and importance to all mother
write to Bradlleld Regulator Co., 409 l.ama
Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. It relates the persons
experiences of many happy mothers. It tell
many things that all women should be fa
miliar with; it is at once a ruido ftud ft.
inspiration. Write for this book.
strator did some terracing th<
past week here and will returi
Tuesday to do more.
J. J. Bumpers and J, P
Ambler did some hauling fron
Ozark to this place the pas
week. Their loads consisted o
lumber and hardware for th»
derrick. W. R. Bumpers has
contracted with the drill men t(
furnish them wood.
Ira Rice and family havt
spent Saturday night and Sun
day at R. M. Edwards. ’
The grist mill here has beei
shut down for several days oi
a . P i I
account ui some part ui uic ni
gine being broken. Mr. Ed
wards has ordered a new piece
but it has not yet arrived.
A daughter of Lewis Clarke, t
young lady about fourteen years
of age. died of swamp fever ant
was buried here at the Presbv
terian cemetery last week.
C. C. McClain was nominatec
at the election at this place foi
road overseer of Grover town
ship, Andy Horton receiving tht
nomination for constable.
One Eyed Riley.
Fair View
Cold and frosty this morning.
We don’t know whether peaches
are killed or not- time will tell.
Mrs. Ollie Forbus is moving
to her father, Riley Hadley’s.
Charley Hogan is moving ii
the house with Aunt Nancy For
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Crites vis
ited W. A. Hogan and famil.v
Sunday. Also Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Yarbrough visited homt
folks Sunday.
The fourth Sunday in this
month has been set apart tc
organize a Sundav school at Fail
View. So all who are interested
come and bring some one with
Rev. W. A. Barham is tc
preach at Fair View tlu* fourth
Sunday night in April at early
candle light.
Rider 1. •). Forbus is to preach
at this place Saturday night
before the fourth Sunday, and
Sunday at 11 o’clock.
Mrs. Della Gray, of Logar
county, has moved to this neigh
borhood. She with her mother
are living on the Willard Pender
grass farm near this place.
Mrs. Gray used to live at Fait
View. She married and moved
south of the river some thret
or four years ago. Mr. Leonard
Gray, her husband, died recently.
The Cargile Brothers are haul
ing fertilizer from town, prepar
ing to raise cotton.
Now. if Jack Frost has got oui
plums and peaches we will bt
“plum” without some to eat this
summer. Say! Ye lank editor,
you ought to be sorry for tht
starved farmer.
Per Old Reporter.
Mare for Sale.
I have a good mare, Kentucky
stock, a splendid traveler, oi
good saddle stock, and a gooc
brood mare. Thos. Douglass.
Stone Hill
i _
t It has rained so much that
the farmers have had to post
pone their farming. Some few
have planted corn. Wheat and
oats are looking fine.
! Miss Vera Martin visited at
| Altus Saturday night and Sun
| day.
There was no church at Nich
ols Chapel Sunday as it rained
nearly all day.
•j Misses Janie Crites and Mag
f Parker, of Fair View, visited
- Miss Rae Parker Saturday night
i and Sunday.
j Bill Plymale, of Fort Smith,
i came down Thursday and he and
’i his sister. Miss Mary, returned
»| Sunday.
, There is some talk of organzi
ing a literary at Nichols Chapel
which we hope will be done
There is no reason why we
should not have a good literary
We had quite a few visitors at
• our school Friday, it being the
closing day. We have had a
( good school this term.
, Well, as news is scarce I will
ring off, and if this escapes the
waste basket will come again.
School Girl.
- ——_ .—
Seed Potatoes.
! Northern Bliss and Triumph
seed potatoes at $1.75 per bush
. el. Northern Burbank, Peerless
and Early Rose at $1.60 per bu.
Edgin Bros,
• •
M. E. Prayer Meeting.
April 19th.
Subject, “The Ideal Christ
Scripture lesson, Luke 10:25-38
Sam Littleton: Col. 1 9:13,
“Fullness,” Col. 1:9, Will
“A Worthy Walk.” Col. 1:10,
Miss Ella Anderson.
“Fruitfulness”’ Col. 1:10,
Miss Jettie Moore.
“Growth,” Col. 1:10, F. E.
Vocal Duet, Mr. and Mrs. W,
C. Bill.
“Power.” Col. 1:11, Mrs. J.
F. Maxey.
“Gratitude,” Col. 1:12, Mrs.
Nannie Russell.
“Deliverance,’’ Col. 1:13, Mrs.
T. H. Moore.
“The Good Samaritan an Ideal
Christian.” W. G. Stockton.
Open meeting, “Your Ideal
Walter Maxey, Leader.
- ■■■ — — ■■ —■
A real treat for you when you
1 hear “Mammy,” 22nd.
with good oil liniment. That's
the sureA way to stop them.
[The best rubbing liniment is,
Good for the Ailments of
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc.
Good for your ohm Aches,
Pains, Rh curoatism. Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
25c. 50c. $1. At *11 Dealers.
The fish doesn't
swim that can't be
landed with some of
the tackle shown In
our new Pishing
Tackle Catalog. Just
off the press. 1718
different lllastrations
of Interest to all
sportsmen. Mailed
FREE. Taokle for
every fish and every
stream Including a
fine line of
Send a card today.
Lowest Prices.
Wonderful Opportunities for
Farmers and Fruit Growers to
PLANT trees true to name; trees that will make
you money, and pay for them out of the money
they make you. Our expert Orchardist will examine
; your soil and assist you in planting your orchard.
Parker’s Easy Plan
is the only Safe Sure and Positive way to plant and
grow fruit-bearing trees that will make you Independent.
I -
'IVar olF her*-, sipn and return.
Parker Bros. Nursery Co.,
Fayetteville, Ark.
I have acres of fruit land which
I would like to plant to Orchard. Withoul
coat or obligation on my part, I would b<
pleased to cousult with your Commercial
Orchard man and learn of your “Withoul
Money” plan of furnishing Fruit Trees and
1 live miles of
my P. O,
| County . .
! State .
If you plant a Parker commercial §
orchard, when other crops fail, you
” are sure of the CASH. Two genera*
tions of Parkers have been studying
the needs of orchard planters and
our success and reliability are
evidenced by the fact that we sell
more orchards than any Nursery in
the Southwest.
Parker Bros.
Nursery Company
Fayetteville, Ark.
Sunday School Will
Take “Outing” Trip
A new departure in Sundaj
school work will feature nexi
Sunday at Watalula when th*
entire Sunday school delegatior
will go on an outing, sprendint
the entire day. Dinner will b<
served on the ground and j
royal good time is expected
This information was receive*
in a letter from the superinten
tendent, T. L. Dickerson, ad
dressed to The Spectator an*
which we produce herewith
The letter follows:
“The Watalula Sunday sehoti
will spend next Sunday in a gen
eral outing and will meet a
Watalula at 8 o'clock in th
morning, going from there t
the mouth of Rock Creek, nea
Bill Anderson’s place and ther
or near spend the day. Thi
class will take their song l»ook
and at 11 a. m. services will b
held. The remainder of the da:
will be spent in various amuse
ments. Every member of thi
school is urged to be will
us. Wagons and carriages wil
be prepared to take all who wist
to go who haven't means of con
veyance at hand. Everybod;
cordially invited to come an*
spend the day outing with us
Dinner on the ground.
T. L. Dickerson,
Weather Man Visits Ozark.
H. L. Cole, section director
U. S. Agricultural Department
climatological service, was hen
several hours Friday afternoor
of last week from Little Rock
assisting in the establishment o:
a local observatrory at this place
He also took up the matter oi
placing a river gauge at Ozarl
and it is thought he will recoin
mend to the department thai
such measure be taken? E. F
Cox has been named loca
Mammy, the funniest and
latest entertainment.
^ Transfer pictures and beauti
ful colors for Easter Eggs by:
using Chick-Chick Dyes—8 solid
colors, 6 sheets of transfers, all
, for 5c at W. J. Glenn’s. adv.
1 ! '
When you need automobile
supplies think of Maxey’s Hard
t ware. We keep Ford repairs
and also other auto supplies.
I adv. J. F. Maxey Hdw. Co. i
Kodak Finishing
Films Received today,
returned tomorrow.
Lamb Photo Co.
905 Garriion Ave.

' I
j .. ■
Today Begins Our
1 United States Tire Show
You have heard that at last the goal of tire makers
kas been reached in these superb pneumatic casings.
All this week we will have a special exhibition of
these * Balanced ’ Tires.
Let us explain to you what ‘ balance ’ is, and what
it does to give lower mileage cost.
Let us explain to you the purpose of each of the
five United Steles Tires—a tire to meet every need of
price end use.
Drop in. We can show you real tire economy, end
the way to hotter tire service.
Elsey Harris

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