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Her Health Restored by Lydia
E Pinkham's Vegetable
Indianapolis, Indiana. — “ My health
was so poor and my constitution so run
■ down that I could
[not work. I was
thin, pale and weak,
weighed but 109
If pounds and waa in
hod moat of the
time. * I began tak
ing Lydia E. Pink
ham’s Vegetable
Compound and five
months later I
weighed 133 pounds.
I do all the house
work and washing for eleven and I can
truthfully say Lydia E. Pinkham’s Veg
etable Compound baa been a godsend
te me for I would have been in my grave
Seday bat for it I would tell all wo
men suffering aa I waa to try your valu
able remedy.’’—Mrs. Wm. Green, 832
S. Addison Street Indianapoliajndiana.
| There is hardly a neighborhood in this
1 country, wherein some woman has not
found health by using this good old
fashioned root and herb remedy.
If there is anything about which you
| would like special advice, write to the
I Lydia El Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
| Maas._
l ove Finds a Way.
y “But your fiance has such a small
\ salary; how are you going to live?”
“Oh, we're going to economize.
We’re going to do without such a lot
of things that Jack needs."
by keeping Mississippi Diarrhoea Cor
dial handy for all stomach complaints.
I Price 26c and 60c.—Adv.
! They Are Attractive.
"Money won’t do everything.”
"How now?”
“My wife has always wanted to hire
a smart parlor maid out of a musical
comedy, but It can’t bo done."—Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
Quinin drives out malaria, the Iron
builds k. ‘he system. 50 cents.
Cause of Sickness.
Bacon—I understand a lot of cigars
are exported from the Philippines to
this country every year.
Egbert—That’s none of my affair. I
should say that it was up to the board
of health.
Take —
the Gentle, Safe, Effective Liver pills
that are honestly made from the best
known Ingredients without regard to
cost or trouble. One pill at bed time
la the dose. 26c all dealers. Adv.
Every time anything disagreeable
happens to the average married man
hla wife gets busy and reminds him
that the warned him in advanoe.
Spartan Women Suffered Untold Tortures
but who wants to be a Spartan? Take
"Femenlna" for all female disorders.
Price 60c and 91.00.—Adv.
Some people never have a chance
because they are unable to recognize
one when they see it.
Nigeria has been added to the lands
In which valuable deposits of coal have
'been discovered In recent years.
.Always sura to pleaae. Red Croaa Sail
•Blue. All grocers sell it. Adv.
Matrimony has destroyed many a
«weet delusion.
I i
Makes Hard W ork Harder
Jl bad back makes a day's work
twice as bard. Backache usually
esmea from weak kidneys, and l(
headaches, dizziness or urinary dis
orders are added, don't wait—cot
help before the kidney disease
takes a grip—before dropsy, gravel
or Bright's disease sets in. Doan's
Kidney fills have brought new lift
and mew strength to thousands of
working men and women. Used
and iwoemmended the world over.
An Arkniung Cbm
W«n. Roy, 121 N.
Thing 81, Port
Smith, Ark:, says:
"I had attacks of
backaafee for two
years. The least !
cold sr exertion
made t b a p a I a
worse and I could
hardly move. My
kidneys sated too
freely. Doss's Kid
ney Pills west right
_ to the root ad the
trouble, ridding ms of all the pains and
BaS Doss'S si AagStsse, Mss Ban
1 1 ..
Supreme Court Upholds Validity of
Legislative Act Removing Disabil
ities of Married Women, Giving
Them Power to Sue.
Little Rock.—■
The Supreme Court reversed and re
manded the $75,000 damage suit In
stituted in the Helena Circuit Court
against F. M. Owens, who. It Is charg
ed, killed his wife in Helena some
months ago and is now in jail await
ing trial. After the killing, C. S.
Fitzpatrick, who was appointed ad
ministrator for Mrs. Owens' estate,
filed suit in behalf of the state and
the six children. The suit on behalf
of the estate asked $50,000 from
Owens, and the children asked a judg
ment of $25,000 from their father. The
Supreme Court’s decision upheld the
validity of the law enacted by tne
last Legislature removing the disabil
ities of married women, giving them
the power to sue and be sued.
When the suit was filed in tne lower
court a demurrer was filed on the
grounds that the right of action on the
part of either tlie administrator or the
next kin was not set forth. The de
murrer was sustained. The decision
of the Supreme Court was called upon
to determine whether a woman may
maintuin an action against her hus
band to recover damages for acts com
mitted by him. and the Supreme Court,
acting under the act of the last Leg
islature. held that she did. Tiie ver
dict of the lower court in sustaining
the demurrer was reversed with in
structions to overrule the demurrer
and for further proceedings.
The court refused to dismiss the
appeal in the case of Chas. Lapratrte
against the City of Hot Springs, a
suit instigated to test the power of
municipalities to levy oscupation tax
measures. The motion to dismiss the
appeal was made on the grounds of
; insufficient abstracting. The court's
I ruling on the merits of the case will
i be of more than minor importance,
| as Little Rock and several other cities
i have enacted ordinances similar to the
! Hot Springs instrument to produce
J revenues to supplant that lost through
enactment of the statewide prohibition
Wants Sanity Test.
Should efforts bo made to have Gov
ernor Hays commute to life Impris
onment the death sentence of Gilles
pie Glover. Pulaski county negro, con
victed of killing his wife about two
years ago, Troy Lewis, Glover's attor
ney, will fight the move, he said.
Glover Is at the penitentiary In an
Insane condition. Mr. Lewis obtained
an order from the Pulaski Circuit
Court ordering the execution post
poned pending an investigation of
Glover's sanity.
Yellow and Black Tags.
Yellow and black may be a popular
color scheme for Arkansas automobile
tags until the Kuropean war ends, ac
cording to W. B. Owen, chairman of
the State Highways Commission. This
combination is used in the 1916 tags,
a fid the saute colors will be ordered
for next year, except that the 1917
tags will be lettered in yellow on a
black background. Mr. Owens said.
Stock at $500.
W. T. Maxwell, deputy state bank
co nmlssioner in charge of the “blue
sky'* department authorized the Wild
Cat Oil and Gas Company of Fort
Smith to sell the remaining shares
of its stork at $500 per share, or five
times its par value. The company has
three gas wells and controls large tn
in the gas and oil Held in
western Arkansas.
Another Road Survey.
Hugh It Carter, state highway en
gineer. sent a surveying crew to Cross
county to begin a survey of a road
from Wynne. 23 miles east to the
Crittenden county line.
Incorporation Matters.
The Walso Telephone Company of
Lewisville, and the Crystal Ice Com
pany of Paragotrtd tiled notice of dis
The J. H. Phipps Lumber Co. of
Fayetteville filed notice that Its capi
tal stock has been increased from
$250,000 to $400,000.
The Arm of B. Abrams & Co. of Eu
dora, Chicot county, tiled notice of
The Farmers’ M-met*“ Gin Company
of Monette J the Heslep-Rogers
Company of Helena filed notices of
The Index Utn Company of Para
gould, capitalized at $10,000, filed ar
ticles of Incorporation. The officers
are: Eugene Nettles, president; C.
A. Weeks, vice president; J. W. Alex
ander, secretary and treasurer.
The Cross Grocer Company of
Blytheville filed articles of incorpora
tion. It is capitalized at $10,000. The
corporators are Herman'^ross, Mary
Leo Cron and uiover W nit worth.
Will Retain Dr. Bledsoe.
The state board of control and Dr.
E. ?. Bledsoe reached a compromise
after negotiations that lasted more
than 24 hours. The agreement pro
vides that Dr. Bledsoe continue as hos
pital superintendent.
That Dr. Pat Murphy, staff physi
cian, whose resignation was asked by
the board, remain on the hospital
That Dr. J. F. Darnali, assistant sur
geon; Mrs. Lucy Pilling, clinical
clerk, and Duke Gordon, dietician, re
Instructions Issued.
In an effort to bring the assessed
valuation of property in the state in
1916 to that of 1914 or more, the State
Tax Commission has sent to all assess
ors a letter of instructions regarding
assessing. The letters urge that all
property be assessed at 5J per cent of
its actual value, asked that special at
tention be given to listing classes of
property, which showed a decrease In
1915, and especially merchandise,
moneys and credits which, the letter
says, were apparently much uni}er-as
sessed in 1915.
Malaria Work Spreads.
At least 10 Arkansas cities are pre
paring to take up malaria control
since the establishment by the Unit
ed States Public Health Service of
two model malaria control districts at
Crossett and near Lake Village, ac
cording to Dr. C. W. Garrison, state
health officer. Among the towns are
Swifton. Bauxite, McGehee, Hope. Ho
ratio, Hamburg, Earle, Cotton Plant
and Lake Village.
Militia Oaths Sent.
General Nelson A. Miles, chief ot
the Division of Militia Affairs, tele
graphed Lloyd England, adjutant gen
eral of the Arkansas National Guard,
to send copies of the oaths the offi
cers and enlisted men In the Arkan
sas National Guard are required to
take when entering the service. Cop
ies were immediately telegraphed. Mi
litia officials do not know why the re
quest was sent.
Order Will Be Enforced.
Dr. C. W. Garrison, state health of
ficers. notified residents of Logan
county who petitioned him to rescind
an order requiring all school children
to bo vaccinated for smallpox, that
the order will not be rescinded, but
will remain in force until further no
tice. The petitions said that enforc
ing of the order would keep many chil
dren from attending summer schools.
_ *
To Survey U. of A. Move.
Whether Governor Hays will recom
mend to the next legislature that the
University of Arkansas be removed
from Fayetteville to some point mote
centrally located, will depend upon a
survey lie will have mace by throe
educators living outside Arkansas,
the governor announced. He said
nonresidents would be chosen to in
sure against prejudice.
Bank Taken Over.
The affairs of the Bank of Beebe,
which closed its doors, have been
j tnken over by the Farmers' State
i Bank of Beebe, and all depositors will
! be paid In full, Deputy State Bank
commissioner J. D. Covey announced
on his return from Beebe, the bank’s
deposits aggregated $49,000.
Burglar la Pardoned.
Governor Hays pardoned Irving
•Bradford of Conway county, convict
ed in October of burglafy and grand
larceny and sentenced to three years
in the penitentiary. Petitions were
• filed early this yar, it is said.
Walks 100 Miles to Plead For Son.
Three weeks' walking brought Mrs.
Mary Gabbert. 70 years old, to Gover
nor Hays' office to ask a pardon for
her son, J. T. Gabbert. serving a ihYee
year sentence for grand larceny. It
was granted.
To Address Normal.
George II. Cook, state superintend
ent of public Instruction, accepted an
invitation to address the summer nor
mal school at McAlestar, Okla., In
l he town of Womble is T17 feet
above sea level, according to the Unit
ed States Department of Geological
Survey. Fodder Stack mountain, four
miles from Womble. Is 1,620 feet
above sea level, and the slatingtun
range, 14 miles from Womble, is 2,200
feet above sea level.
In building a road near Ravenden
Springs the workmen cut through a
hill and disclosed a rich deposit of
Faulkner county has a six-club base
ball league. The cellar position is
now being filled by the town of Re
Forty-five carloads of strawberries
have been shipped by the Searcy Fruit
Growers' Association.
The Ozark Cider and Vinegar Com- ,
pany of Stloam Springs la shipping a
carload of vinegar each day and ex
pects to do a larger business soon.
Musaell shells now flud a ready
market lat $50 per ton. This Is said
to be the highest price ever known
in the White River country.
Paul Tate of Russellville, while
fro; hunting in Ui® Illinois bayou re
cently. was attacked by an owl which |
lacerated his eyelid.
Calomel Salivates! It Makes You Sick and You Lose a Day’s Work—Dodson’s
Liver Tone Acts Better Than Calomel and Is Harmless for
Men, Women, Children—Read Guarantee!
Every druggist here, yes! your druggist and
everybody’s druggist has noticed a great falling
off in the sale of calomel. They all give the
same reason. Dodson’s Liver Tone is taking its
“Calomel is dangerous and people know it while
Dodson’s Liver Tone is safe and gives better re
sults,” said a prominent local druggist. Dodson’s
Liver Tone is personally guaranteed by every
druggist. A large family-sized bottle costs only 50
cents and if you find it doesn’t take the place of
dangerous, salivating calomel you have only to ask
for your money back.
Dodson’s Liver Tone is a pleasant-tasting, pure
ly vegetable remedy, harmless to both children
and adults. Take a spoonful at night and wake up
feeling fine, no sick headache, biliousness, ague,
sour stomach or clogged bowels. Dodson’s Liver
Tone doesn’t gripe or cause inconvenience all next
day like calomel.
Take a dose of calomel tonight and tomorrow
you will feel sick, weak and nauseated. Don’t lose
a day’s work!
Dodson’s Liver Tone is real liver medicine.
You’ll know it next morning because you will i
wake up with your head clear, your liver active,
bowels clean, breath sweet and stomach regulated.
You will feel cheerful and full of vigor and ready
for a hard day’s work.
You can eat anything afterwards without risk
of salivating yourself or your children.
Get a bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone and try itt
on my guarantee. You’ll never again put a dos®
of nasty, dangerous calomel into your stomach. Adv.
New Collar Bestowed on Terrier That
Found and Brought Home
Woman’s Purse.
Bill, a bull terrier four months old.
owned by Miss Loretta Cody, daughter
of Police Lieut. Frank Cody of New
Rochello, Is developing into a valuable
dog. Last week he began to bring
home old shoes and cans from rubbish
heaps. Saturday he brought a bag of
rolls and yesterday he came home
spattered with milk, having tried to
bring a bottle of milk, and spilled It
Since then Bill carried home a lady’s
handbag containing $12.60, some visit
ing cards and an automobile veil. The
cards wore those of Mrs. Stephen W.
Huntington, wife of the vice president
of the city council of New Rochelle.
When the property was returned to
her, Mrs. Huntington said she had
dropped it out of her automobile on
Drake avenue. She bought Bill a new
collar as a reward for bis honesty.—
New Rochelle (N. Y.) Dispatch to New
York Times.
■ --
For Failing Health of Tonng Daugh
ter. Pnt Faith in Cardoi and
Glad Now They Did.
Georgetown, Fla.—"When I was
about 16 years old." writes Mrs. J. C. !
Tucker, of this place, "my mother had
me take Cardul... I... suffered great
pain In stomach and back... I and my
mother both knew I must have some
thing for we knew 1 was getting
steadily in worse health all the time.
"Before taking tho Cardul, we had
Dr. - ... He treatod me for
about 6 months. I didn't get any per
manent relief, so we quit his medicine,
and I began taking Cardul. I had got
thin, and my face was thin with no
color, except that it was dark, espe
cially dark circles under the eyes.
Then I had begun to bloat, in both .
face and abdomen, the family feared I
was taking dropsy. At the appearance
of these ‘dropsy’ symptoms was when
we felt we must have some change, so
we got the Cardul, and 1 began tak
ing It
"After the use of one bottle I felt
much Improved, the bloating bad all
disappeared, the pains relieved... I
got well and healthy as could be,
weighed 146 pounds. Became a strong,
well girl... Also it's the finest tonic
for young girls 1 know of."
Your druggist has Cardul for sale, j
Try it. It may be JuBt what you need.
The per capita wealth of our coun
try, says one of the unquestionable
statisticians, was $308 In 1850, and Is
now $1,965.
"In times of peace prepare for war,"
said a young man who had Just squand
ered his hard-earned coin on an en
gagement ring.
that your heart’s all right. Make
sure. Take "Renovine"—a heart and
nerve tonic. Price 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
It Is said that a 8L Louis widow
noted for her garrulity hangs the late
lamented’s hat on the back of a chair
and talks at It for hours at a stretch.
And some men are even conceited
enough to think that they understand
a woman.
Slop fo a'u Distemper
And prevents others having the disease no matter hotr
exposed. Ml cents and $1 a bottle, (S and W# a dose*
bottles. All good druggists and turf goods houses.
Chrmlsts and Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind., V. S. A*
Heaven Wagon.
Paul, age live, of Muncie, was visit
ing here recently, says the Indianap
olis News. He saw a taxicab pass the
house. ‘ Mother, there is the heaven
wagon,” he said. The expression was
accounted for in the fact that the fam
ily recently lost n neighbor, Paul
was much interested in tho coffin and
hoarse. The mother told him they I
were taking his old friend to heaven, j
and since then every taxi and hearse !
are "heaven wagons” to him.
Magic Washing Stick
This ts something new to housewives—
something they have wanted all their lives,
but never could get before. It makes It pos
sible to do the heaviest, hardest washing In
less than one-half the time It took by old
methods, and It eliminates ill rubbing and mus
cular effort. No washing snaohlne Is needed.
Nothing but this simple little preparation,
which Ts absolutely barmlrtt to Ilia fiaett fabrics—
white, colored or woolen. It makes the
hardest task of the week a pleasant pastime—
a delightful occupation. You will be de
lighted at the clean, spotless, snow-white
clothes that come out of the rinsing waier;
and all without any effort on your part. The
Uaglc Washing Slick Bovs It all—and rememt«er,
without tujury to the most delicate goods,
colored or white, woolens, blankets, lace cur
tains. etc. Contains no acids, no alkalies, no
poisonous ingredients to make its use dau
gerous. It sathinft 25 ctnli
Sold bv all Druggists and Grocers every
where. if yours doesn’t handle It, show him
this a<l—he'li get It for you. Or send R5c In
stamps to R. I. RICHARDS CO.. Shemtaa, Taut
Arkaaaai Distributers
AUlIKm-JUOEll MO. CO- Llttla Rock, Manat-Adv.
A Mean Remark.
"1 think you could make some money \
with your biscuit, dearie.”
“Do you really suppose our friends
would like to have me bake for them?” j
“No; but I think we could dispose of
them to a shrapnel factory at a fancy
price.”—Louisville Courier-Journal.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s Castoria
A girl’s Ideal young man Is a novel
hero who probably couldn’t earn
enough In real life to feed a canary j
You will look ten years younger if yon
darken your ugly, grizzly, gray hairs by
using "La Creole” Hair Dressing.—Adv.
As a matter of fact the sins of a
large city haven't anything on a coun
try village If the truth were known.
Millions of particular women now use
snd recommend Red Cross Ball Blue. All
grocers. Adv.
Portland, Ore., Is to have a new
shipbuilding plant.
The Point of View.
They eat over their coffee- at the faslb
lonable table d’hote.
Her eyes having swept the room she
turned to him. ‘‘Do you notice what
beautiful hands the young woman op
posite has?”
He confessed he did not.
Presently pursuing her survey ¥sha
asked ‘‘Do you observe the latent
spirituality in the dark dredmy eyea
of the young man with her?"
He confessed he did not.
She was a brilliant authoress—ha
a penny-a-liner.—Judge.
Schoharie, N. Y.. is to open a fre*
public library.
Chicago will this year open 43 new^
Tho Wellesley of the West
The net*torium am) ay mnast
um offer the relaxation ‘am!
recreation that are essential
accompaniments of the proper
mental development. Itoracs
tie Science and Art Depart
ment* offer the best for the
attainment of those accom
plishments. All special depart
ments—piano, vocal .violin, ex
pression. Modern dormltorlee
with hot and cold running
water In every room. Beauti
ful campus or 34a. Healthful
surrounding*. 50 minutes front
8t. Louis, i direct lines from
Kansasi'ltj. Homelike,Chris
tian atmosphere. 5300,600 Im
provement* In two years.
For catalog and book of view*, address l)R,
J.L. Koeniw.l'res.. I lor lOit.Bt.Charlos. MW
Dissolvedinwaterfor douche* idepe
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co, for tea years
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
•ore throat and sore eyes. EconomicaL
^■aFgggBBS^^a SIm. Nat, San, or
naejrntal, onoTMunt
a ffaticheap. Lasts all
wja»9a0eoN7BHRBI••••on. Madaol
^gWnflf B X f mT^ikdiil io»ul, cao’taplll or tiy
orer; will not loll vf
p- L- .UT4 I p)°r« anythin*.
Guaranteed effeotlra.
All dealersor»eant
^mSiaSKiW^r axpreea paid for Dfk
EAXOLD aOMEXt, MO Do Kolb At.., Brooblys, M, ^
haWsjkhu. |
W, N. U., LITTLE ROCK, NO. 23-191*
Thousands of Suffering Women
Have Found O . 11 1T»j
a* Stella V tae
This medicine la guaranteed to do for YOU what It haa dona for sthara. It cocroota th Inn
olarltloa peculiar to women; tones, strengthens and vitalises tha womanly functions; restores the ap»
petite dears the complexion, and builds up the wasted energise. Yoo> is easy hash If yonraraagQ
benefited. Get It today. 11 at your dealers'. Your dealer will explain tha guarantee
f! (hillTonic

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