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What Shall be Newark's
Percentage ?
( (
Red Cross Christmas
lished this week with the Newark
a paid advertisement, but
y y
cover, pub
Post is not
an honest effort
the part of the newspaper to stir
this community to a
the people of
consciousness of their
part in the great nation-wide Christmas
paign for ten million members in this organi
And only a suggestion is needed,
lieve, to make the hands
clock move forward in
we be
the membership
every little community,
until America shall register the total
gain in
Christian America cannot but
gratefully this Christmas season to the Red
Cross, to the one organization that stands
true, in the midst of a war-mad world, to the
ideals of Him whose birthday we celebrate.
F or I was an hungered, and ye gave me
meat: I was thirsty and ye gave me drink: I
was a stranger and ye took
i i
me in : naked
and ye clothed me: I was sick and ye visited
me: I was in prison and ye
These are truly the ideals of the great or
ganization, brought home, in practical service,
to hundreds of thousands, with every passing
day, in Europe.
y y
came unto me.
Eike a "Star in the East" the Red Cross
shines, radiating in deeds of mercy, a message
of faith in God and good will to all the world.
It is not enough to be a member,
another member. Pay a dollar for someone
who cannot afford it. Swell the membership
by one, two, or three, a dozen, or a score,
according to your ability.
One Delaware town has 100 per cent.
What shall be Newark's per
centage ?
Red Cross Christmas Cheer
The people of the United States are approach
ing the Christmas holidays under conditions this
country never has seen before; and, moreover, it
is probable that this year we shall not experience
most sorrowful Christmas while this world
war rages.
With the thought of the nation dwelling
largely on the infinite suffering abroad, on the cer
tainty that our own flesh and blood will soon be
enduring its full share of that suffering, and on
the absence from home of hundreds of thousands
of dear ones, Christmas, 1917, will be a war
this somber outlook the Red Cross is
In a cam
seeking to bring something of cheer
paign lasting from December 16 till Christmas Eve
it will ask for 10,000,000 new members. It will
urge these 10,000,000 to become Red Cross Chnst
recruits, that they may enable the Red Cross
to lighten the burden our Army and Navy and
those of our allies are called upon to bear.
This co-operation with the Red Cross is rea
service of which we may all be proud. And tha
this service, when rendered by one, may be known
to his neighbor, the Red Cross wiU urge each old
member to display at his home a
which each red cross
5 »
and each new
Red Cross service flag on
stands for a member.
The hundreds of thousands of these flags
T h . • chown bv old members will swell
already being shown y each
millions before Christmas, each flag and eacn
bearing testimony that some one s
has been made happier for himself or
boys and happier for
little cross
herself, happier for our own
the soldiers of our allies.
all help to make this a
-which is another way of saying:
Christmas possible with
Red Cross
Let us
make it the happiest
clouds hanging low.
the war
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