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. I
\\ ilkinson
lie have been spend
s ;l t Stone Harbor, I
m,. s . (iuy Waite of New
visiting the
Mr. ii
mily *'>' '
Mr. in"
.ddairl.ter «
•d home.
Harold N.
Charles, and!
and Mrs.
returned from a
,t stone Harbor, !
. , (inner
. - | lt - summer with ,
i id Mrs G
... . , , ■ 1
,| 1 l.ih.delphia I
• Ils. a i
Russell ot Brook-j
idling Mrs. Allan j
I Vi
ijniimpii 1 '''
- niday for lus home
l!iiltini" ,v -
i- sisters.
N. V. i
,|,.| .,j' New York City!
.. j v A J! |; ill-- first of the week,
of Head of'
I '
li,s Maty K. *tc'
K ^pending a
i Mountains.
,, r Merrill Vim G. Smith
ndiiiir a vacation
■ e
■ist mill' !
I Now Orleans re
■tl the fir
,f the week.
Pearson has returned
.. s tay at Atlantic City.
I m,.s. .|. i\ Wright have
aii extended trip
'aiiiidian Rockies.
George of Phila
week end with
Mr. and Mrs. Harry
r a ten
(ll'jll til 1
11. Allan
1 lie
Elizabeth Wright has re
vacation spent at
cd alter a
nt ii' 1 i'. v -
s Ingham spent last
the Imme of lier parents,
1 Mrs. Fred Ritz.
is. Tlioina
;i : i
.„1 Mrs. Egmont Horn, of
1). ('., and Mrs. Horn's
ptam ;
Mi and Mrs. Christian Fred
, of Wilmington, spent last Sun
ivith the family of L. K. Bowen.
and two sons,
. James t'halme;
William Chalmers, all of
lt-V'iii-t visited itheir brother,
\V. Chalmers, at his farm near
\V. Wilson returned to
versitv this week.
: Row; i returned today from
T- . where he has been j
•le. j. Fred John
. K. .Liu s of McClellands
.< visiting Newark relatives and
f hi- uni
s- Mary i - r ahan, who has been
her a n extended visit with New
k- friends has returned to the
tof her uncle, Rev. P. A. Bren
i, Charles Seelman, of New York
aiding a week with Miss Mary
nuis A. M all in is attending the
[) F. convention at Baltimore.
hard Coo; ii, son of Air. and-Mrs.
Is A Coocli, will leave on Mon
b entw Princeton University.
. T. II. Chambers and daugh
Ei/.p.lieth, have returned to their
in \V<
dford, Ya., after an ex
ii relatives in this viein
visit ti
and M H. E. Tiffany and
returned on Monday after a
|i' s'-vera! weeks with relatives
p Suddard, who :s with the en
■ (l>-|'artnient of the Lehigh
Lion Elo.-irie Co., at Allentown,
Lti',1 his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
|S .Pria i at P ri-ader Hundred
a y. of the Cedars,
tigs, is visiting her
Mi--. G" ; a. W. Russell, at the
tr.'s Home.
I.eaw i v i ; î h Haupt, of Wash
i- visiting his parents,
M -Mi's. Walter G. Haupt.
Mary E Rich, who has been
L a miii ih at her home in
In. N. \ , arrived here on Sat
■ May Wenzel], of Philadelphia,
end guest of Miss Mildred
L'ia Wate 's. of Philadelphia,
(tuest of Mi's. E. C. Jones and
fi- Smith, last week.)
( 'l 1 ■ Lancaster, of Portland,
'vhii is .. i.-ting State High
(mmissioner Charles M. Up
prepare a plan for beautifying
Nays ,,r the State, visited
•ist I- 1-ulay.
Chii'les P. Blest and]
•'ey spent the weV< end visit
pniore friends.
, Handsome dining
d. large office table, bed
osei-, settee, several office
roo,n ('hairs, all solid ma
'd>o. fine double brass
hreliaseti recently at Wana.
aud in
good condition.
Jer l L. Teele's residence.
Rev. Harry Kurt?* of Honeybrook,
I a., is spending a few .days with the
family of Rev. Walter Clyde. ,
Burton Pearson
moved his office from the résidence
<>f Albert L. Teele to the building
adjoining Dr. G. W. Rhodes drug
^tore on Main Street.
Farewell Reception to Sp
sors of Colonial Club
A farewell reception was tendered
Mr - and Mrs- Charles C. Liggett at
their home on Main street on Friday
ev ? n , i "? 1 ^ ^ m T embers of the Col
on ^' , Club f ' "r. Liggett who is con
nec t oc l W1 !h the American Telegraph
and Telephone Co., lias been trans
ferred to Harrisburg, Pa., and will
move his family there some time this
month Mr and Mrs Liggett and
their two sons, Walter and Wallace,
were instrumental in organizing the
Colonial Club, which was composed of
a dozen or so of the young of the
town. They gave the use of their home
to this club for their various social
activities and in appreciation of this
and other acts of kindness the young
men gave the reception as a mark of
Give Variety Shower
For Bride
Mr. and Mrs. Pusey Morrison gave
a variety shower last Saturday even
ing in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt
\ earsley, of Delaware City, who were
recently married Mrs. Yearsley was
before her marriage, Miss Virgil
Stant, of Townsend. She is vtell
known in Newark, where she attended
Summer School for several sessions.
A large number of friends of the
young couple attended the shower on
o . , . , ,
Saturday evening and spent a de
. , . , ,
lightful evening dancing and playing
, T, , f ■ ,
çards. The newly-weds received a
great many handsome presents . of
silver, linen and cut glass.
Dean of Engineering Depart
ment Welcomed Back
Dean Allan R. t'nllimore who
the w irk f
has been directing ' _
engineering in the eauip conducted!
in Maine l.v Boston Institute of
Technology returned to Newark on
Monda v and will resume his form
er position as Dean of the Depart
ment of Engineering at Delaware
C'olle° , e
Dean Cnllimore was given aj
hearty reception by tbe familtv
land the students \yho had not seen
I him since his return after nearly
two years of service in the West
where he directed " réhabilitât ion"
Fventful Vnvaw
tventrul V oyage
T « -. .. , -,, . ,
F. I>. Brown returned on Frida}'
aftar an eventful yatching cruise
along the New Jersey coast with
fj VP other members of the Avalonte
work in various hospitals on the
Pacific Coast.
Local Yachtsman Has
Farmers' Trust Company
of Newark
at Newark, in the State of Dela
ware, at the close of business,
Sept. 12th, 1919.
. 99,657.00
Mortgages . . • • • • • /'">6.s.00
U Agents aPpr ° Ve . ' e 79,605.76
Due from National, State and
private Banksand Bankers, ^
aml Trust Companies . 1
Checks and other cas i i eins ,, .
Loans and Discounts .
Overdrafts, secured and un
secured . .
U. S. Bonds . .
Stocks, securities, etc., includ
ing premium on same .
Banking house, furniture, and
fixtures .
Other real estate . . . .
. 51.5,12-1.10
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
15th day of Septemt.er, 1919.
LEONARD ^ a ° r ^ T Jj i£ ,J
Fractional paper currency,
nickels and cents . . - .
Lawful money in Bank . .
. . $999,577.10
20.791 75
Total . .
, $50,000.00
. 50,000.001
Capital Stock paid in .
Surplus Fund ....
Undivided Profits, less current
expenses and taxes paid .
Due to National, State and
private Banksand Bankers,
and Trust Companies . •
Dividends Unpaid . . . .
Individual Deposits subject
\o check ..« • •
Demand Certificates of de
posit ..
Certified Checks . . . .
Cashier's or Treasurer's
c hecks outstanding . . .
state of Delaware,
County of New Castle, i
R John C. Truitt, Treasurer of the
above-named corporation, do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief._
. . 8.5U.466.49
. 41,080 84
. . $999,577.10
Total . .
Correct—Attest ;
Yacht Club.
They left Wildwood
on Wednesday and developed
igine trouble' which necessitated
has;their putting into port at Cape
May for repairs. Just beyond
Cape May Point they encountered
a northwest gale and
were com
pelled to seek harbor at Bivalve,
They reached Wilmington
late Friday night.
i N. J.
Entertains at Maryland Dinner
Miss Ruth Jones entertained a few
of he? friends at a real Maryland din
ner on Monday evening. Fried chicken,
sweet corn, lima beans, biscuits, to
matoes and all of the fixins that go to \
make up a first class dinner figured I
on the menu. The guests included
Miss Mary E. Rich, Misses Agnes
Snyder, Mary C. Hoey, Alva Lcfck- !
hart, Mary L. Powers and Mrs. Mar
garet D. Cann.
Former Coach Accepts Po
sition in Wilmington
William J. McAvoy, who for ten
years held the position of athletic di- j
rector at Delaware College, has
cepted a position with the sales force I
of the White Motor Co., at Wilming
ton. He is at present making his home
at the Lafferty summer home just
south of Newark and is commuting i
to Wilmington,
Coach McAvoy enlisted when this !
country entered the war and trained
j at Fort Meyer, where he won a lieu
! tenant's commission. He went over
j seas with the 78th Division and saw
active service. He is a graduate of
! Lafayette College,
! -,
, . , ., . ,
Another automobile accident was
.... t , ,
added to the already long list of those
. , T ; ? . . .. ,
occurring in Newark and vicinity dur
. „ , u J
nig the la^t -few weeks When on |
Thursday evening a collision occurred
, at the corner of Main street and ;
Couth College avenue between Miss
Another Automobile Acci
dent on Main Street
Edna Chalmers' car and one driven by !
a young man from Chester, Pa. Tin.
latter car was damaged considerably
^ ut Miss Chambers car escaped with
a scratch. None of the oc
scarce >'
cupants were hurt.
Miss Chambers was
westward on Main sti'eet when the
„ . ,
• Pennsylvania car coming at a good -
~ te of f peed l , he °PPo«te direc
tion, made a W1 ue de*our to make the j
turn down South College avenue, the
cars struck with a glancing side blow
which shattered the running board of ;
i the Pennsylvania car.
! _ ,, _
jGeneral Pershing Passes _
I - Through Newark
When it was learned definitely on
'lnursday that .fieri,eral Pershing's
train was to pass through Newark, the
'.'j" people ' pu' ticuiaily the school
children, began to wonder if some
. i j , i ii j l ovû
strings could not be pulled to have
the t-ain at least slow up in Newark
i the great man.
that they might get a glimpse of
Superintendent Morris appealed to
; State authorities, who made an effort
through communication with Mayor
I Smith, of Philadelphia, to bring this
No reply was received and
| to pass.
the proposed trip to the station was
A dozen or so of the
curious among the adults, however,
journeyed to the station and "hung
I around", hoping that by some turn of
fortune or misfortune the train might
stop or slow up. When the special
hove in sight at 1:25, just in time to
the dot. even the usually blase' rail
roîu i f 0 ik evidently had a glimmer of
hope, too. for they joined the crowd
at the rail. The special, however,
shot past so-fast that only the engi
neer an( j fi re man could be distinguish
ed c j early and as f ar as the watchers
knew neither of these was the famous
"Black Jack,
did the honors to the best of his en
'7'/.''thusiastic ability, waving his One-time
,. t ga ij or hat with an energy
The youthful fireman
Is Occasion For Holding oil
Patriotic Celebrations
Patriotic Celebrations
Everywheie ^
Todav the one hundred and
thirtv-second anniversary of'Ahe
signing of the Constitution of the
Fnited States, has been ■officially
proclaimed "Constitution Day. '
and designated the occasion for the
•'holding'(»f patriotic Americanism
( r j llos ], v file governors of!
7' t "states This announce
' was made l.y the National
He was ac
corded a cheerful greeting from the
assem bled Newarkers.
worthy a better cause.
At intervals all day huge motor
trucks, mounted guns, touring cars
an( j motor cycles passed through town
on their way to Washington. They i
accorded cheers and smiles all
along the route. The main body of
the troops and the greater part of the
equipment passed through on the B.
& O. A great deal likewise, was con
veyed over the Pennsylvania line.
Ready for the Fall
and Winter Demands
Our advertisements are a means of
bringing this store's messages to the
eyes of the publie.
In each we have something to say—
merit to offer that is of particu
lar interest to many.
In these times of high living costs
ami a scarcity of desirable merchandise
the value of onr advertising as an
index of
every family.
Onr advertising is News.
A stock of goods lias been assembled here months
of preparation that we believe can scarcely be duplicated
winter buying.
This is tb
»nth to begin your fall and
eareful specialization which
worthy characteristic of this store is predominant in this
autumn exposition, now in the height of its couplet ness.
is the noto
1'ononiv is of moment in
Tricolette and Paulette Dresses
The Season's Most Favored Fabrics
Household Linens
Ireland and Scotland
The Dresses here introduced at the thres
hold of autumn conform in all strictness
with the new and "youthful silhouette"
g ça ce of contour and perfection of fit are
achieved with minute finesse in tailoring
and finish. Exclusive plain and embroid
ered models
Both Ireland and Scotland report a scarcity of
flax yarns which go into the making of all linens
for household uses. We are very fortunate in be
ing able to offer our customers fancy linens, towels
and crashes now below mill prices.
Thrifty housewives replenishing their stores:
September brides purchasing for their new homes,
will appreciate these splendid linens, Madeira
hand embroidered napkins, pure Irish linen sheets
and table damask. All linen by the yard.
$39.50 io $125.00
Blankets and
Finishing Touches to Your Costume
And It's Always the Little Things that Enhance One's Appearance
From all the ad
vices we have been
able to secure we
candidly advise your
early buying of blank
ets and comfortables.
No indication exists
for lower prices. In*
both lines we show
an endless variety.
it is a pleasure to To be quite a la mode bave never been so
nowadays everyone
must possess a bag ,
you are, sure to find and the lovely
individual size that here await your very popular and
selection are of tlie
type that madame will
consider it a distinc- cre P e
\ colors.
and enticing,
fhe peplum type is
come here for them as
in all the new fall
suit shades as well as
black and white.
pleasing; of georgette
in various
tion to carry.
AYe solicit charge accounts from those of estab
lished credit, and prepay delivery charges on all
purchases within a reasonable distance.
_ " " : "
621-623 Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware
Security League today in making,
public final plans for the célébra
tion of " Constitution Day, which
... , in
will ho the oilniax or too '»rout ( on
iMitutional educational campaign
.which the league lias been conduct
throughout the country fôr
S0Ine months in association with the'
!^ kt tl . i()ti( , so , i(?ti( , s .
. ,,
< onstitution Day will he ob
served by the loyal citizens of cities
mid towns, large and
small, in i
Celebration Honorary Committee,
which has been assisting in the pro
motion of this movement to combat
tion of the United States.
This movement for a
zation Committee.
I »arts of the country,
nors of twenty-two States are mein
hers of the National Constitutional
ini-Ameriean radicalism through
the popularization of the Constitu
fiat ion-wide
expression of Americanism as a pro-.
test against present day radicalism!
lias been promoted bv the National
, 1 4
Security League through a notable
Constitutional Celebration Organi
through an
elaborate organization consisting of
the various
many local
branches of the affiliated societies
have eo-operated in the organiza
tion of "Constitution Day" meet
Further assistance has been
given liv the National Constitution
!*1 Celebration Honorary Commit
? e ' WhlCh incl \ ldes ' " addition to
the governors of ewenty-ewo States
the mayors of over one hundred
,al 'T' 1,1 a !' Pf rt *. of tl . ,e
conntr - v «».d f 1 * 1 «" 1 ! n
both public and private life in,
practmally all the states.
The A. M. LA. is aetivep
operating and ' l onstitution Day
meetings will be held in its mulct-|
ings.from coast to coast, the local
organizations of the Amenean
Legion in several States aie a so
The etlueatiOlial authorities ot 08
plates have directed the holding of
(appropriate exercises in the schools
The campaign and celebration
as been carried our
(States, assisted by county directors
j,, each of the counties of their
State directors in
All of the
on ''Constitution Day" and limi
, dreds of ministers of all denomina
' tions either preached special Ainer
■ ■ ,
iocUiism sonnons last Sunday or will
i _ OUIlUd - 01
do so next Sunday,
This day* was
declared a holiday recent!'- by the
j State Board of Education.
, Mr. /. T. Harris has returned
home after spending the past week
with Harry Frazer of AVilmington. j
Miss Florence Dayett spent the
• Miss Cynthia Cuiiingham lias re
turned home
Week with her sister Mrs.
past week with her sister Mrs. H.
A. Deibert of Elkton.
after spending
Mrs. Delaware Wright and child
'■ i
Tra Dul
! ing of New Castle,
I ren spent the week with her sister
jMrs. «Tames Roberts of St. Georges
A round piece of metal resemhl
By \ irtue of a Distraint
I pursuant to the provisions of Chap
ter 41!), Volume 22, of the Laws of
Delaware, under a warrant exeeut-i
cd by Samuel B. Herdinan, Collee
tor of Taxes of The Council of Now
a municipal corporation of the
State of Delaware, to me directed.
I Will Be Sold at public sale
Tuesday, September 2.3, 1919,
eleven o'clock A. M., at the plant
|of The Continental Fibre Company,
a corporation of the State of Dela
ware, in the town of Newark. New
Castle County, State of Delaware,
the following property, viz:
-, Foldil t desk; i Flat top
desk; , Table 4 Chairs; 57 New
Boiler Tul ' 6 , Screvv Machines:
.j Deep Water Puilip; I Hand Elc
vator ; 1 Iron Car; 1 Boiler; 1
|Steam Turbine; 1 Electric Motor.
and taken as the propertv
of the said The Continental Fibre
Company, a corporation of the
| State of Delaware, at the suit of
the saif1 Samue , B Herdman. Col
, eetor of Taxes of Tho Council of
Newark, a municipal corporation of
gp de 0 f Delaware, and to he
sold by
Soptember/10, 1919. Constable.
mg copper or gold with the inscrip
tion J. Handel, «Jr., Chesapeake and
Delaware Canal, 1825,
found in the garden of the home of
Mrs. H.
has been
Frazer, Glasgow, Del.
The house was built for a bank
"hen work was commenced on the
* • a ud D. Canal near Glasgow
nearly a hundred years ago and
afterward converted into dwellings,
J he writer has been told that gold
was buried on, the place at that
time, if that be true it lias never
been found as yet but the inscribed
com is a valued curiosity.
Mrs. Natalie Jones of Wilming
ton is spending some time with lier
sister, Mrs. J. 1*. Ford, of Cooch's
Mr. Paul Schultz of Newark was
a Glasgow visitor on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Dayett, Sr.
mitl llail k'bter, Mrs. H. r„ Dayett,
Jr. and daughters, and Air.
Mrs. Newton Mahan all motored to
Cherry Hill on Sunday,
Strickersville defeated Glasgow
cm Saturday at Strickersville by
score of 5 to 4.
Miss M. Pennington
Annual Opening of
Fall and Winter
Complete Slock of Untrimmed and
Ready-to-Wear Hats at
cT^Coderate 'Prices
Especially Fine Assortment of
Children's Hats
Misha Appelbaum
• For the
New York Evening Telegram

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