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Ike Repnbiican Printing
end Publishing Co,
: *
rim ismf.d daily, except Sunday
Entered at' the Pont office at Wllm1n?t»a
Del . as necond-chisR mall matter.
It is now once more up to Con
tractor Patrick Fahey iifiout what
he knows oi ibe Seventh afreet
bridge. The original contract was
lor a 40 loot bridge with approach
es. The new and reduced plans
were lor a 24 foot bridge and did
sot call for aov approaches.
Mr. Fahey said be did not have
anything to do with altering the
plana but was under the orders of
^^Klhe committee and the engineer.
The records showed that Mr.
Fahey on June 30, 1899, bid $32,000
for a 42 foot bridge. $25,000 for a 30
foot bridge and $17,000 lor a 21 foot
bridge, ar.d Alvin R. Morrison bid
>24.000 far a 30 foot bridge.
Mr. Fahey has already received
125,000 on account ol bis contract
but wants some fifteen thousand
r-* dollar a more not counting in
it will cost the county to build the
approaches to the bridge without
which there is
bridge by team.
It is to be hoped that the bridge
will uot cost tbs county twice as
much aa it should and then only
last but a few years. Such a bridge
pver that stream at that point
ihould never have been built, ll
will never be needed and is a waste
»f the public money and one reason
lor the present high county assess
Wav to UHQ llie
Ip Directors Johnson and Melvin
of the Street and Sewer Depart
ment are uot above suspicion, then
there cannot be touud two meu iu
Ibis city who are. They have al
ways borne the best reputation for
honesty and integrity, and their
word is as good as their bond. They
could not afford to stultify them
selves. Money will not be needed
when appearing before the Hoard
to ask for permission to do anything
that is right and proper. And they
will guard the interests ot the city
as welt as they would their own
affairs. The people can trust them
eveiy time.
personally and have had business
dealings with them and therefore
kuow whereof we speak about
Two better men could not have
been selected for the .Street and
Sewer Department if the c:Lv had
been searched all over. \\ c believe
in speaking ot men as vo.i find
them. We have
no favors to ask at their hands.
the servants ot the public
kuow both men
axe to grind or
and not its masters.
The city should provide the wat
er free when the Wihning:ou City
Railway Company has offered to
sprinkle the streets. The offer is
a generous one and the city author
Hies should not be long about ac*
ceptiog it. The Water Department
last year refused to provide the
water needed, wanting the Hallway
Company to pay for it and sprinkle
the streets besides free of cost.
What would benefit the citizens.
would benefit the city aud there
should not be a dcsiic
of the Water c ommissioners to de
* prive the citizens ol this great boon
in the hot summer days. By all
means the department should fur
uish all the water needed.
the pari
Wilmington and vicinity were
on Tuesday visited bv a severe wind
as more
like a March rain than a gentle
April shower. 'J'lie rain started
alter midnight ami never let up
until alter 5 o'clock
The wind traveled at the
and ram storm, which
tho a It e r
rale ot 4 <) miles an hour and did
considerable damage
coast. Urcure'l
slue out and pedestrians had as
much as they could do to travel
around the city. 1 :
Philadelphia the storm was fiercer
than in Wiimmgioti and several
buildings were unrooted.
:re blown in
the viciuitv of
of the largest morocco man
ufactories. Blumenthal and Ameri
can Leather Uonjpaoies, will en
large their plants. The morocco
business is not at present rushing,
but these firms are going to get
ready to increase their output
boom strikes them.
e\cry year :s l<>rging ahe
of the greatest morocco ceu
Hn the world. The total out
our morocco lactones runs
^■to the millions every month.
I^^Luire* over twohundrrd thous
^^Hollars to pay off every month.
llepublican Congress has
the bii! repea'ing the
§|i^Aiud it will become a iaw as
1'resident Roosevelt signs
^^^^Ahough the Spaunh-Ameri
(HNr cost several hundred mil
liok dollars, the resources of this
country are such that it 'id uot
take long to pile up a big 9 urplu 9 ,
and now the war duties are uot
needed. There is considerable dif
ference betweeu now and when
Grover Cleveland was President,
during the pauic with an empty
,1 as. Roberts is modest in bis
suit against the Pennsylvania k'.
R. Co., (or false arrest. He ooly
Wants 110 ,ObO. lie was arrested
cearged with trespassing on the
property of tbe Railroad Co. at the
French street station. At bis trial
to tbe Municipal Court he was dis
charged and now be seelcs damages
for tbe indignities to r hich lie
Father Spotaxski, of Hudson,
Va., was held up by masked bur
glars while they cracked a safe iu
the post office at that place. Alter
the thieves got away
•tamps and $05 in money, they re
leased Hie man oi God
. ftfMLh they last 10,000 envelopes
Mil h* purchased at luia office ior
■7^0 a thou «aud.
with $197 i
Thus far no evidence
produced to .now that tji
the citv tax collector', office bar.
ha. btea
book, in
been burned at the city crematory.
The impression which has been
given out that the tax collectors
have made away with Ihelr book*
entirely uncalled tor and wroog.
The collectors have never done
anything that would make the peo
ple look up#ii them as being dis
honest and it in not right that the*/
should rest under the imputation
that has been went broadcast that
the city's property had been de
stroyed by their orders. Until
such facta are proven it i 9 wrong
that the peoole should be given
the idea that they are guilty of the
charges winch have been made
agatust them but not proven.
Trip: House on Monday passed
thi Cdinese exclusion bill alter in
incuts which increased the drastic
character of the measure,
principal amendment excludes alt
Chinese of mixed blood. It pro
hibits Chinese laborers in our co
lonial possessions coming into this
countrv. This is a good thing and
it is a pity that other laws were
uot passed restricting the emi
gration of Huns and Foies. The
Chinese do rot make very desirable
citizens and as a general thing go
•back to their own country as soon
it several amend
as they have saved enough to keep
tb.'in the bill
s of their days.
in Delaware
The first builiiioir to be struck
by lightning this y
occurred yesterday near Lewes.
During a thunder storm about 4
o'clock in the inonog the barn on
the larm of George Robinson was
struck. The lightning is getting
in its work earlv this year.
Tin: journeymen painters are
still ou a strike. Several ot the
painters have left the city and se
cured work elsewhere.
The merchants experienced a
blue Tuesday but hope to more
than make it up today.
*• inniri).
Aciiniriiii orm*
GENESKO. N. V.. April 9. -Tin* case
isus Charles Flaherty,
tlie former priest who was charged
the Livingston county
• to a
of the people
has been
•w.irt for m arly l wo wed
speedy termination last evening by the
judge directing Hie jury to render «
verdict of acquittal.
•lusioa of the prosecution's testi
This was at tin*
any i c> peels the ease
the most rr
irkahle ev»r tried in this
in tin* first place, tin* defend
Me lias
- n aitorncy.
a ut ii
twice been c
each time he has s:
icled of assault, and
•<.r trrrpicii.
AVASll 1 Nii'l'i in. April P.-The mivnl
bureau of ordimie ' lias tested an elev
•!i lie!lileliem plate representing
fur the battle
Head prov
i'1-eedrd ii
f jmlein.'i
n i-ev.
iiiellt lici
of appeals, llu* inili
of an
the Iasi gn
ship Maine at I he lmli
iug grounds. The ti ial was pronounced
satisfactory, ami the group of armor
nted was formally accepted. It
is expected to complete the deliveries
of armor for the Maine before the end
of ihis mouth.
Tuffs net
T N< 'INN ATI. April 9. All hough
r Williu
(lie hospital and has been
walking out ami attending
spondeiice ut the house of his brother,
••■I entirely
loused fn
'hnrles P. Tart, he i>
ecovered, and his surgeon has advised
it ul least until April 15 he
him t
line beginning the duties that precede
his return to the Philippines.
urklsti Iteditiilion *»|iren»lI(ift.
LONDON, April 9. Wiring from Cet
•npilul of Montenegro, the
f The Daily Mail re
tigne. the
ports heavy lighting
s in 1 he province of Novi
hazat*. in European Turkey, and that
the revolution is spreading.
bet wool
I Christo
ck (InotnliodN.
I«,mI(( 1( SU
•all s
t< Hiitih* paptT, 'I 1
Mon* \
il. with uciii.il
at St.STVfM.VT 7 *
(•ling * '
I .alike
for GO
i<J M.hM*.
:1a I hills.
Inactive. Rail
hoinhs sh
. l...io:i% otiii
... •!»)•% i
102 1 j.
•Ittc Mail ..
f :«•;
People's Gus....
Del. & Hudson..
'g. •'
ItfM'k island . . IT
St. I'm id.JtHffg
Sugar Hflintry..l3l ' 2
• g Texas Pacific ... 41 1 2
■\ l'nIon Pacific ...lOI'/i
•I I'uc_101 Wabash prvf. .. 44
West. Union .. DO
N. Y. outral. •
N«mv lock Markets.
K -Dim atid enHler with wheat;
win tor exirat*. ?3. lofu;
stf'ttlghlH $!'.'<
•< :m winter patents
lugs, but
light offer
• i. f . New
We., f. o. b.,
id f;
-Hie ; July. T
It YE Easy; .slate, t><
Y.irk. eur lots, No. If w
< '(>KN Opened higher
unloading ami pool' support;
-Wl/GSV. July. «
selling anj
77 3-1*713 77 .
crop i
''4.^77 ii
also yielded
rank, white,'
17, family,
I'OftK Lasv; m'-ss $16.25'
$1S'(|1S 50.
I, A HD -Easier; prime western stea
HUTTED Steady; stats dairy. 25M30c.;
. 2 Wj:nc
('1IKK8L Firm; BtJiie. full rream. small,
.cy. colored. IWlS^c.:
, small, curly mJifi*-. ft
13'U J3 l < c.; full rre am. large, full
made, fancy, colored. 12MISV*-: full ore.'
large, fall made, f.
ICtiCLS Strong;
Ib'ti 16'io ; western, at tn
SUflAR -Hhw weak;
centrifugal, M
crushed, 5 ilib powdered, 4.!'
■ Trilf'LNTINL Nominal i
MOLASSES---Steady; New
ady, domestic. 4 : '„
early made, fan
full <•
a; an; soon to . holer, iT.oasr'.io; nun. to
{Sir tO.iMiT. ciu-|.. 1 1 .ol.-.' handy wethers,
Itfe&xt; common to extra mixed, lSMffls.70.
V, white, 1201214c
and Fenmsj'lvanla,
iirk 16'(lki' 4 c.
fair refining. 3c.;
eflucd quiet;
. 340
'sc., Ja
pan. 4 : S 4 . .
'I'ALLONV—Dull; city, 6**0.; country, 6< s
HAY Quiet, shipping. COif/boc , good to
choice, 90?;',»J 1 -t'.
Ilu.Tnld I.Ivp Stock Market.
f'ATTLK-HccPlpts hxhf. fairly active
for good, but dull for light common stock*
.'eals In light demand; tops, $t>..VHfr7.
offerinf;.-. l.W
lighi grades, »»• avy hogs strong York- is,
pi a'/uO a.»; light do. 96.7501 tl.Sf.; mixed j.-n k
7 Iff. pig; $0.60?iG.Go; roughs, W.30
SH LED AND LAMBS Offerings. J.40'J
head; lambs open* <1 .slow, hut closed
stronger, shi
, choice lambs. 17.15
iJimnnnnunnHininfflTimniHiw i
{At The Bepyblioan Office
At Less Than Wholesale Price
not counting freight.
They will not lust a week at the price offered being
^ first quality and of a large size.'
They Can be Had at $l.ld a Thousand.
change. Mr. Martm served two years
anil it was considered best to make a
change there loo. City Treasurer
I 'errls is a very busy man and since
be u accepted a posit o, will he
National lube Company a Cl sLer,.
Iheiehas been much grumbling beard
**» u » -nr-rr f ,hj
'Jbcre was a lot ol talk recently
Nsw Castle, April 9.—The Citi
zens Independent ticket won out at
i lie city election held tie re yesterday
s a general surprise and many
are still wondering how il happened.
The heavy downpour of rain helped
the antagonistic movement along.
City Councilman VViiliaui White had
served three terms in Council and it
lt is itie opinion of many in the city
that by a little financiering things
could be better and an effort made to
abcut an oppo.vlion ticket but not
until yesterday morning did it mate
rialize. Then the tickets were print
ed and a house to house canvass be
gan Down came the rain in torrents
and Into llic ballot box went the op
i: isilion ballots. Not until nearly 5
1 . „
v clock when l lie rain ceased did the
fact became known that the opposi
tion was in the field. Then it was
too lute to hustle to win. City Tax
Collector Peter G. Madden anuounc
, , ..
ed that, he would not, permit, anyone;
to vote who nad not paid the 'city
taxes. Ue staled limb he proposed to
do evoryttiiiio in las power to collect!
the taxes, inspector Xhouias h raxer
Jr aud .ludge Harry M. llousuian
aiuiounced llial they would not per
(nil anyone to vote until tile dial -1
leered party produced a lax receipt.
This had its effect. There was no
rust) of people who pay no taxes. Tax
(Jollector Madden was complimented
many times during the day for the
eland be had taken.
lint about the election. There
were 128 votes cast and here is the
City Council—John E. Duffy, 79;
John F. .Shearer, 85.
City Assessor—Jellersoa Downturn
City Treasurer—CharlesS. King, 72
City Council—William Martin, 45;
William White. 44.
City Assessor—Denny Smith, 43.
City Treasurer—William J. Ferris,
For Council, Lawrence Walls re
ceived 2 votes and an equal number
was cast for Edward Wise for Asses*
sor. One vote was cast for Denny
Smith for City Treasurer.
John F. Shearer is a well known
tinsmith and roofer ana is at present
County Assessor for New Castle bun -
di'cd. He is an ardent admirer of
William Jennings Bryan.
Hugh 10. Duffy is the popular man
ager of the local office ot the Mari
time Exchange. Iu politics he is &
Both men will be sure to make
Mr. Duwnham is a barber employ.
ed In Bacon's Unisonal pailorat the
town hall. He is a Democrat, aud
will make a first class officer.
Charles Sidney King is Hie young*
est sou of Joseph JI. King and at!
their mark in City Council,
ure level headed business men.
present conducts a first class grocery
stove at Second anti Harmony streets.
' .t; So„ s
commission agents. Jn politics like
the remainder ot Ids family he is a
Republican, lie is Ihe tirslRopublt*
can to hold tliut office as Mr. Ferris
has held that position since the death
of City Treasurer Lane nearly twen
tv years ago.
'J he e.eiTiou yesterday shows what
can be accomplished by having lion
est and capable election officers and a
determined tax collector. It shows!
lie also is chief clerk fur King
being a member of the firm of Fish
thiii the City Council has not been
doing what the people wanted them
lo (lo. It means Him Tair notice to
Ihe maimilv members of Council!
Unit tin-)' may expect to vacale tlieir
chairs nex' year. Ii, Is a warniui; to
llie new men to be open In tlicirrlea!
lues aud to work for the best inter
U means a batter
csts ol the cltv.
assessment and a city treasurer who
can attend to his own business. Il
also means that the money owed to
the Klcctrle Railway Company for
lights should be paid. It takes motl
ey to operate the power plant. City
Council gets the money and it should
oav it over lo tbe Company. The
ii nance committee should lignre out
bow much is needed to run ihe city.
Then tbe tux rale could be llxed ac
cordingly when the laxesarepaidand
turned over by tbe tax collector then
llie Council should acl In a careful
manner and spend the money judic-!
i 0UN l yi
There Is no reason for owing the
clectrlu light bill. The *1,70:) that
I ought to have gone and that will go
! to (lie lioad Commissioners Lo uav
Wlir u rt ,t „„ ,i,„ r „\,u
un 111111 woo woraeu on tuc roans
| could have been paid to clear off
bills. A bright day is dawning for
New Castle. Let onward be the
watchword. Encourage the t wo new
industries to come here. During the
coining year let the Council begin at
the beginning and put in a lire alarm
system. Then have trom Second to
Third on Delaware street with lire
brick. Let us all forget old sores and
begin anew.
A. V. Leslie George has received
a letter from A. L). McCabe of Ocean
Mew, Sussex County, that they will
remove to this city on Monday. He
will occupy the Martin property now
tenanted by B. F. Blackburne, re
cently elected Superintendent of the
New Castle County Hospital. He
d alory fc of tbe Ked Men s ball,
W elcorao Mr. McCabe and tbe new
| nc j U8lrv
Woi ,/ lias Ueen rccelved of lha
a of Frank Mllloney . sull ot Mr .
umJ Mrs . Kiollard Malo ' e , Den .
, c<(1 TU(j Uodr , g ex ^ cled here
I A son of Martin E. Smith, who Is
| TUa TuMtaf c , ub hoUJ a re .
Friday evening, April 25.
| An overall factory is the next in
jduslry expected to locate here.
itristoi Def.a.s wiimington.
Those present nt Pyles Cycle
\ , 1 4 „ lt . i, , • i , 4 , i '
Acailenn last iiigitt witnessed one
,. , J •? , ...
D u) fastest basket ball games
that was ever p ayed in this city,
j The pallia was between Bristol
,cliuinpioiis ot the National League
- .1 . . .. 7 .
H 11 " 1 U ll,,11 i u ^° 1 c ) K,m P lo,ls ot tho
J Ameru-im League for the eliampiou
ship of tho I'nite.l States. Tito
( visitors won out by tho suiaii
| ..•„ - .... , ,
j* n,ll o m ul •' to •* * l °
-1 however was no disgrace to tho
] home to ,111 as it put lip all un
, nsually stl'oii'f game.
' r
I lit tile lirst iialt* Wilmington
played iti istol clear off its feet,
and win'll the whistle sounded
lead by a score of 14 to <S. The
long training of Bristol told in
the second half. They played
with continued vim while Wil
mington got slower as compared
with their work in the first half.
In addition to this when Bristol
forged ahead of the locals it too
seemed to take some heart out of
\\ iluiington, until the last few
minutes of play when the locals
pulled together and run the score
from 21 up to 27 and came near
giving Bristol heart disease in the
, last two minutes, for fear the score
|would he tie if Wilmington did
not actually win out.
Pet I in.- hi SlurgeoT I-' shiig,
I Dover,
shii'Keon-rtsliing industry is do
- 1
April 8. -The
, dining, ami this ODc-famous imlus
itrv ot the* Delaware will soon pass
The month of Ma
Iliver seven miles east of
was for years the centre of
into history',
j lion's
j 1 )<>vcr
j opoi'ation^ and hundreds.of men
al >d boats were employed in catch
ing tho giant fish.
t ] lore woro f ow sturgeons found in
Li,. i\ i, , .. ,,
tk l,, ' !a ' 110 """V tlia
i owners of the-big nets "dipped
them at a financial loss,
Aii effort was made iu the Leg
|i s ] atui . 0 f()r .„. ote( . tivc l 0 K i a l atio u
I, , ,, . h ...
s I but this tailed of passage. Shad
•ontriimtod to the de
struction of the tisli bv killilp' all
J 0 f t | w vomig sturgeon caught in
Li • *. . ?. ,
1,1 l(: , s * ^ V>oat« will
^tart oufc Jor sturgeon fishing wlien
llie season opens one week from
'next Sunday, and all tlicso boat
. n . A .. w . n „.i i'

! fishermen
ono man.
lax Collector.* Cho.so;i.
Dover, I )el., April 8.
! serving tH ii collector of city
t;i Xtns for mail V veai'S IliR'tjfon
. <■ n ,, i, • 1
''' fljbroth, ot^ Dover, resigned
; lnst night, stilting tlmt lie WHS ]
' tired of hunting del influents,
! •■ -ii r n i r (
| ,,e wl11 »uceeeile«l by feuill
nel Maxwell Ilarington, elect
ed without opposition. Mr.
Harrington is a Union Repub
liaiK'O of ii free public library,
Eotertslnimmt At Mew Century
The primarv department of West
Sunday School, will give an enter
talnment oo l-'rlday evening, at, 8 o'
c'uck, at llie New Century Drawing
hoom. 1 tie reserved seats are now on
[sale at Humphrey Rrolheis No. Bid
I " ' '
tfco|M" r k*t btreet.
1'. Sherman Hurtl, of Dover,
1ms been elected collector of
dog taxes ami register,
collections are to be turned
into the fund (or the imiinte
Grievances of Miners Before
Executive Board of Union.
Action of (lie (.'(inference Kept a
ifcciel, lint It In finite Likely
That n Strike Will Be
INDIANAPOLIS, April 9.—The trou
ble in the block coalllolds of this state,
where 2.500 nieu are on strike, has been
called to the attention of the national
live board of the United Mine
Workers' association, and the afternoon
was spent in going over the situation
Negotiations have uot been entirely
broken off. it is understood, to effect a
reconciliation before the national hoard
takes any action.
It was decided to appoint a commit
tee of two of the hoard members to act
in concert with the district officers to
. arrange a settlement of the difficulty
with the operators.
In case the operators do not yield to
'the demands of the men it is likely the
strikers will be upheld and prepara
tions made to wage a vigorous fight.
The West Virginia situation was tak
up. although it had boon set as a
special order for loday. The district
president ami several local officers of
the field arrived yesterday and were
heard, idie utmost secrecy was main
tained in regard to what action was
taken, hut il would not be surprising
if a strike order is issued within a few
The miners, it is well known, have
for two years tried hard to organize Ihe
district and force the operators io rec
ognize the union. Their efforts have
been resisted by the officers of the min
ing companies, who have always re
fused to treat with the union.
Some time ago President Mitchell
and Secretary Wilson were authorized
to make a last oil'ort to arrange a con
ference with the operators. They made
a report in regard to the conditions in
tbe field anil of their negotiations with
the operators to the hoard. This report
was kept secret, but it is believed
tal failure
i bring the operators to an
as reported.
An order to strike would affect he
tween 20,000 aud 25.000 men, it is said.
The situation iu the anthracite field
bus not yet been taken up.
I! Ik Ii Tide
NEW YORK, April 1).—Continuous
rain and a strong wind developed an
extremely high tide for April along the
Coney Island shore yesterday, and a
portion <*' llic hoard concourse between
Brighton and West Brighton became
completely submerged. The tar ami
stone pavement was ripped up, and the
puik iands are strewn with stones and
pieces of asphalt,
far back as the veranda of the Man
hattan Beach hotel, and at Brighton
Beach it looked as if more of the bouch
would permanently disappear lieneatli
the constantly heating waves. The tide
along the Itrighton Beach eml was the
highest recorded in years for this sea
The tide rose
A Fifth I With Mnoiotii inrm.
LOUISVILLE, Ivy., April 9. New*
has he
received here of a tight be
tween three inooiiBhinerK and revenue
officers a mile and a half from the
Meeting Creek post office, in Hardin
county, about seventy-five miles from
this city, during which Asa Humble,
an alleged moonshiner, was killed, and
Deputy Revenue Collector K. A. Han
cock of Louisville, who was leading
the pursuing posse, narrowly escaped
death, u rifle hall grazing Ids head and
leaving its mark. The other two moon
shiners made their escape,
it is thought, being wounded.
of them,
BULAWAYO. Mutubelelund, April 0.
— The funeral train conveying the body
of Cecil Rhodes, which left Cape Town
April 3, lias arrived here. The town
was draped in mourning, and practi
cally the entire population assembled
at the railroad station ami accompa
nied tlu* coffin
it is now lying in state. Masses of
wreaths and other floral emblems ure
hanked about the bier.
It hod ok* It <'(nai (in
ihe drill hall, where
CIiIiiono Itevolt AKiiidNl Tnxntion.
TIENTSIN. April 9.—Three thousand
Chinese troops and a number of Krupp
guns have been dispatched to south
ern Mongolia, where the people are in
revolt against the severe indemnity tax
ation. Several villages have been strong
ly fortified, and their inhabitants are
determined to light. They say they are
assured of ihe assistance of 30,000 dis
affected persons.
Her ..• ..on* night.
mtAZll.. iml.. April -The longi'Kt j
flisht of carrier pigeons owned in ihis I
conntr.v has just ended. The lilrds he
lout; to Edward Somers of Staunton
nnil were taken .0 .Manatee, Flo..
wht»r«* Mr. Somers i« spending llu* win
tor. Tho birds worn roh-asod and nr
rived homo in good order, making a
lligld of t*W miles in thirty** hours.
llore Kleelrle
•I/' Trains.
NEW YORK, April 9.-The Manhat
tan railway liaa began operating ten
by electricity on the Third uve
wcll as all Hip regular
the Second avenue line. Sta
nue line
tions on the Second avenue line as far
up town as Nineteenlh street are now
lighted by electricity.
HUNTINGTON, W. Va., April 9.—
The coal opera torn here state that tho \
members of the United Mine Worker*
of America have been notified along i
Not I fled
tho Norfolk and Western railway to
strike. The operators believe but few
men will obey the order.
lj t It fell E It IFF
O' Of New Castte CotltWy ill 10JI
Joseph E Martin.
<f VViliuiuglon.
Subj ect to KepoUHcau par by rules._
>oir 8 H k:ii r f
t^f New Caatu Uouifij ill 11W2,
Emmit P. Stidham
Of Wilmington Hundred,
Subject to Rcoubhcitu party rules.
f28 If
you sheriff
Qiorge W. Gray.
the decision of the Democratic
Hubjooi t
party 1 W-*.
rr.T'T! 1
If you are, or If you are not, your reading, thereby becoming Informed*
may save you many an hour's suffering and anxiety.
I t W only within a recent period that a perfectly aafe, reliable and effectual " EnUtieitagOgUO
Pill " haa been offered for Bale in thia country—one that would be perfectly 6i-fe under all
condition - t certain and effective in any and every caae of prolonged auppreaaion. one accomplish
ing its purpose without interfering in any way with the daily routine of life.
Delicately formed and gently reared women will find, in the aeasons of their lives, as i#aids, wives,
or mothett, that the only simple, wholesome remedy that acts gently ,
pleasantly, naturally, and may be used uith truly beneficial effects, ia
r t
Dr. Kramer's Emmeno Pills
Their combination is new, entirely vegetable, and while
powerfully apecitic, they are gentle in action and contain nothing that
. can poaciblv injure the most delicate woman. ■
ft Their splendid service is shown in die removal of those obscure "
I and hidden causes whose influence is to produce a troublesome and deranged
I action of the menstrual function. They re-ectabheh normal organic action,
I induce resrfulness, hope and interest in the affairs of daily life,
f Dr. Kramer's Emmeno PHIS are made in oval shape, of medium _
f 9 ' ltCi w ith pure gelatine coating. Sealed in moisture-p.oof boxes, with full printed directions. '
The quantity packed in each boa ia sufficient for three months' treatment. Mailed in plain
postage prepaid. PRICE, TWO ($2.00) DOLLARS.
Thousands r/testimonials art on fit at our ojftct. tt't trta! mil corresponden t
•> confidential.
C* W\T*nw A I ACCCD To thote lending u» the name of their belt druggist, we will tend,
brCvIAL U* I* lKi postage prepaid, one box of Dl*. Kramer'# EQH3600 Pill# fOF
of the sender will be kept in strict confidence.
One ($ 1.00) Dollar. The
Dofor, April 9.—There 1 , now (36.000
Mays'S? ihfxtaM SiBnrlr'u"
guarantee that the lower Delaware eles* j
trie railway, connecting seven towns with j
Woodland Boaob. aud giving to Dover,}
Smyrna and Milford streot railway sys
toniB. will iio built. i
Tho old Delaware General Electric Com (
puuy deposited *l7.50u iu 1899. This was •
in accordance wiih tbe provisions of the |
gemirul iucurporatlou law of Dels
ware, which provides that before a char
ter can be granted to uny steam electric or
on bio railway company iu this state and
before It is thus privileged to tear up
streets and highways or own a valuable
franchise the sum ot toOO for each mile
the company proposes to build must be
deposited with the state truuSuror. to oe
paid brtok by him upon the completion
aud equipment of ihe now road. The old
Delaware General Electric Company
made numerous attempts and starts, but
utvcr« 0 t ,i,uiiu built, uud )■ 117 , 00 J i»
still here. The uew Addiclrs syudicate
found the old company's charter so defer
t.voaud unsatisfactory that itdscided to
dissolve the old compuny aud create an
entirely new one. Late yesterday after
noon, when the now company was incor*
porated under the name of ihe Delaware
Electric Traction Company, Attorney
ilcrb.mil. Ward deposited Mr. Addicks's
check for 417,500 as the new company's
guarantee for fuithful perform unco.
Prominent attorneys hold that both
sums must be returned upou the com
pletion of the road, as it for the build
ing of tliD identical road ilmt ihe first
foie, probably
less the uew couijmny fails iu Its de.er
ml nation.
deposited, aud it will th»r«
revect 10 ihe state, mi
At the Water Commission meet
ing yesterday afternoon. Chief En
gineer Bond was instructed to ex
tend an 8 inch main along the west
eru side of the boulevard, as far as
was deemed necessary. He also
was instructed toadvertise for bids
for supplying coal.
Secretary Grohe reported that
the buildings ol the Hilles & Jones
Co. on East Ninth street, had been
demolished, and the board reduced
the water rent from one year to a
period of three months. Other
routine business was transacted
and the weekly pay roll of $989.79
was allowed. Bills to the amount
of $1,010.27 were approved and or
dered paid.
The Board did uot think it was!
mandatoiy to pay for damage done j
in the park by the water rising j
above the race. I
Another matter that was dis*,
cussed at considerable length wasi
the franchise of the Brandywine j
Railway Company, now pending
before the Street and Sewer Depart
ment. The members were of the
opinion that it would be well to ask
City Solicitor Reinhardt to have a
clause inserted providing tor a dou
ble trolley to prevent damage to
water mains by reason oi electrol
ye is.
Snow Fell.
J ittsbui^, l J a„ April 8.—Eight
j inches of snow amt one inch ol
I rain fell to-ilay during the greatest
April blizzard known here in 11
1 ii i it .
A 01 ' 1 '* , all ' tilfi telegraph
Mid tcleplione service Jins been
greatly impelled,
Trains atrivod on time this
an(1 le p 01 .ted that little
trouble was experienced,
result of the storm in liraddoek
many of the wires of tho M onon
gahela Hoat, Light and Power
System are down, as well as those
of the Pell Telephone Company.
As a
Cumberland, Md., April 8.—
Twenty-two inches of snow is re
ported along the Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad west of here, while
i ut Fl'Ostburg tllG SHOW IS nearly
thirty inches deep and the worst
storm of the winter is raging,
with no sign of abatement.
See The Jlagfc Ball
A pleasing entertainment to be
given by the primary departmeut of
West Sunday School, Friday evening
April 11' at 8 o'clock, at the New
Csntury Club Drawing Ro om.
To Curs drip iu Two Doys.
Lsxsttve ihomo-Quiulue roiuov.s tho
nu*e. 10. \V. Urovo's slgnutmo oa ov.ry
box. I'rico xA veutx. w s
Telephone Us
t»r call in person Tor any kind of Liqnor« or
Wine* you mav noea. We are
the Bock Beer, Wilmington Brewing. D. W.
Lyucli Ae ( o., grocers, mum store, N. W. (Jor.
OluUlaoutiu>. fourth streets
y brttnc | le9 ot ou , c j ty
!government are consider,ng tbe
j changes they think are needed aud
j ^ j a believed that unless there is a
fol . npw Cltv
general movement fol a new city
i charter, there will be all kinds of
( contests between the various city
• departments betore the next Gen*
| •
crft * Assembly,
Members of City Council will
probab'. v ask that a change be
; n *the law which makes the
made mine law wnu.il manes ue
appropriation each year lor the
Hoard of Public Education, Un
der this law the board is entitled
. r
lb an increase of ^ per cent each
year over the a.nouut given iu the
previous year, and at this rate, in
* f «r»n r «i tin* m #»«i»nr annrnnria.I.
p'ew jears, the pi esuit appropri ,i
tion to -the Hoard of Education ia
lt is c i aime d that the city cannot
.„ ,
increase, even though it
is for school purposes, and
hers of council believe the board
could readily get along with less
tnoney, now that the new high
school has been erected.
2111 -
Mnjor Waller Contradict* Evidence
of I onintandiiiK (tonem).
MANILA. April 9. Major Littleton
V!. T. Waller of Hie marine corps at the
session of Hie court
be is lieliiff tried un the ehiirge of exe -1
enting natives of Samar without trial
testified in rebutlnl of evidence given
by General Jacob H. Smith, who com
manded the American troops in the is
inrtiul by which
land of Samar.
. . ,. . . , ,, .. 4| _,
dieted him to kill and burn; said that
l * ie more * 1P kJb'd fl,, d burned the bet
ter pleased lie would lie; that it was
no time to take prisoners, and that he
was to make Samar a howling wilder-1
ness. Major Waller asked General
Smith to define the age limit for killing,
and he replied, "Everything over ten."
The major repeated this order lo Cap
tain Porter, saying:
"We do not make war in Hint way on
old men, women ami children." "
Captain David I). Porter. Captain Hi
ram 1. Bears and Lieutenant Frank
Halford, till of Hie marine corps, test!
n M i corroboralively.
The defense requested that a sub
poma he served on the adjutant goner* i
j a i demanding the production of the roc -1
j ords of the massacre ut Buhingigii of!
I the detachment of the Ninth infantry 1
in order to refute the statement of ■"
The major said General Smith in -
eral Smith to the effect that the attack
on the troops was made according lo
the laws of war. The request was
Itching piles? Never mind if phy
sicians have failed lo cure you. Try
Doan's Ointment. No failure there.
50 cents at any drug store.
Dubell the flatter
Go o Churl os K. Dubell for your hat
andicapB ot nil style* No. 2 East Thlril rit
D. & A. Phone 135*2
established I860
Thomas D. Wilkinson,
Succesaor to H. W, Eirnii
Sail Haker,
Wagon Covers and Canvas Work in Hen
oral. Old Cauvss Constantly
hand. Canvas muting.
Peal er in all widths aud weights of cotton.
Duck suitable for seamless wugou covers.
Choice White and Yellow ODion Sets .
All Garden Seeds Fresh and Reliable
J. J. Smith's, Fourth a nd Shipley Sis.
Carpet Cleaning
Prompt Service
■ Reed &. Lang.
1092 Oraiigi SL
Feathers Renovated.
D. & A. IJS 7 A
Delmarvis 9x2
. . .1 i .. 1 •
neftwl null l lie auest itncl iiiemoera
t.ion of Mr. \\ indie, il appears t
hoard after tukino- them into cousiil
er; , lion t | 1L . | a ets nresenled viz*
1 1 1 ,ULls " n - >,/ -
The Police Commission at a meet
ing held last evening found that more
attention isneede.l for prisoners ami
that anocenrance like that of Windle
must he avoided. The men in charge
when the prisoner was brought in and
the man who arrested Windle and the
Acting Turnkey seemed to come in
for the rebuke,
At the close of the meeting the fol
lowing conclusion wa* reached:
In ihe mutter of the death of How
ard Windle, which occurred at ihe
station house on March 2.">, ami
which was brought more particularly
to the attention of the board at it*
last regular meeting on April 1, by
an examination of all I lie officers con
That there was no outward marks
of serious injury, and that in uppeur
lance the case was like very many
ot i lers th;lt frequently occupy the at
ten tion of Ihe force, and which, with
(some troatmciiL arc, after some hours
iconvalescent:tlmt the very frequency
of apparently similar cosjs produced
a carelessness and laxity'of atlunlinn
that docs not speak well for the Im
munity of the officers concerned, and
is discreditable to them.
The conflicting character of l)i«
testimony given renders if dilfiie.dfc
p, properly Ideate I lie respunsibilily,
bin the hoard is oi' I lie opinion that
belter and more careful
should ho observed, and that sacli
eases should receive much more care
ful attention, and
to render impossible a repetition of
such an occurrence.
msures adopted
The board thinks that whenever
anv person is unconscious when
brought in, the officer making tho
arrest should state the facts p uinly
to the officer in charge, who should
at once inquire whether the prisoner
had received any injury from a blow
fall, or otherwise, and enter such in
formation on the docket, and then
make, or have made, a thorough ex
animation of the prisoner, and have
all tho necessary attention given
them atouce, ami that a rule he for
undated to cover theso points. Tho
board also thinks it won hi be well to
equest the police surgoo:i, in a c in
oise wav, to instruct the officers a*
to the best emergency methods to ho
employed in cases of injury or acute
Half the ills that man is licit' to
come from indigestion. Burdock
Blood Bitters strengthens and tones
the stomach: makes indigestion im
Trains Run Over tut Off.
Yesterday for tho first timo regular
trains w
the F. \V. & B. hatlronit whlehiloas awuy
with tho double rurvis aud shuiioas ihw
Train No. 20. which toft Wilmington nt
the llrso
over ho big cut oil on
6.30 o clock in tho morning
truln to pas-4 over tho
The cut off is
and running time is ie»sened about
minute by doing away with the curve*,
t untructors Kyau & Kelley had charge, of
its construction, uud
inquired iu which lo build It
mile in length
year was
storage furniture will !>u Hold sit fetid*
lmin Ac .'on 1 * ain't ion rooaiH, 111 Eliot 4tl»
.street on FKID \ Y, APKlL 111 It, at 1 o'clock,
imrlor aud bedromn suitei, enjracl beds eadc
chairs', wardrobe*, desk and organ.
♦reuses, couches. 1U00 yards
hand carpets; every tiling
mg; i tore will be open fo • Juapnoti
tvenlug Itefore sale; every thing us
t be sold to pay charges.
and a eond
about lioufekeep
of t'to
gontl s<
:W uud
Of Real Estala Will l»e sold on the promises
N. K. Cor. Baud Heald streets on MATCH*
DAY, AP'UL 12th, a'. ll.iW p. in., m li-siorjr
brick atore and dwelling containing 7 rooms
including store; is a good substantial build
ing nnd dry saudy collar. Lo*. k'UxUA) loeti
also lot adjoining k'OxlUd feet.
W. A. Bnkill. Auc.

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