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It Is To Bo Hold at Dover
Some Would Like to, But
Cannot Make It.
Borne Aspirants Against Wlioi
Urged --Senator Higgins
Well In Hand, and
There Will Be No Rebellion--Tlie Rov.
J. H. Willis Stated for Congress.
< > I. j. • >
the Conventio
Today the Republican State
▼ention will be held at Dover. It will ho a
Higgins gathering, from first to last, for
the senator's faithful workers have elected
a body of delegates who are almost unani
mously of thoir persuasion. They took
chances, as they did two v
thoy generously elected ?
tioiml opponents us delegates, and the
latter repaid this generosity by trying to
things with a high hand' wlien the
convention assembled
Of tho 160 delegates who will compose
the convention, ut least two-thirds will
prove obedient and servile followers of the
Senator s orders. F
there will not be
dined to do
by n
Senator Iliggi
head nnd his slightest wish will be obeyed.
He will attend the convention and per
sonally direct operations. He will also, it
is conhdently expected, make a speech.
New Castle county
ï than a dozen anti
, and these will
V lighting. The Kent delo
is for Higgins by a vote of
and Sussex is of the i
o to
larger majority. .So all that
need do is to nod his
First w
contest is expected—from the
d of this city. Two sets of dele
gates will attend. The Higgins delegation,
who were chosen irregularly, will present
their credentials, while the anti-Higgins
delegates, who were elected 1
with ttie party rules, und
held by officers appointed by the county
committeemen of the ward, will bo incon
tinently kicked out of tlie conv
withstanding the legality
claims. The machine doe
, nonsense or indulge in any Sun
day-school politics during this campaign.
The work of the convention will
prise only the selection of national con
vention delegates, the appointment of a
State central committee and the adoption
of resolutiona.endorsiug tho Harrison ad
ministration and Senator Higgins.
»«rally conceded that thu
of the national dele
it i
senator will
gates from this county. Ho did
to go, but the boys insisted, und last week
he consented. Blit there
want to go, and
James H. Wilson of New Castle hundred.
It is a question weather his ambition will
be gratified. He is a stanch enough
Higgins man, but there is a lurking fear
that he is not entirely loyal to the Harri
administration. Hu wanted to be
Secretary of War, but President Harrison
would not have it that way und the g
pleased. It would
fho do
of them is General
fur fr
do for Senator 'Higgins to go to Minne
apolis with a Harrison kicker in his dele
gation, and so General Wilson may bo
shelved. Instead, it is proposed to send
Colonel Henry A. du Pont. Tho Republi
cans aro disposed to place up
rout's shoulders the political mantle of
his honored father, General Henry du
Pont, and will do so if lie lmsnoobjcc
tions. He has no desire to be a national
delegate, bat will doubtless accept, and the
probabilities are that the convention will
name him.
Colonel du
Everything is quiescent, and nobody
knows who will be selected for national
delegates. The Rev. Jonathan S. Willis is
s for the honor, so it is said, but tlie
Higgins machine lias him sluted for the
congressional nomination, and will, there
fore, hold him back until tho second ci
out thut State
Senator A. B. Richardson and .lûmes iVn
. to the M
sey faction, for, ulthougii good Massey
men, they aro sound on Harrison. Mr.
Massey will not be a delegate, and will not
attend the convention to morrow, as he
has gone on a trip to Colorado.
on is held. It is gi
rill will be cht
in Sussex county. Henry l*. Cannon of
Bridgeville, who was the Republican can
didate for Congress in 1800, w t
national dclogutc, but the machine lias
settled upon his brother, 1'hilip L.
Cannon, who is credited with greater poli
tical intiueuce.
Daniel Fooks is also mentioned, hut tho
other delegate will undoubtedly be that
tin wavering friend of Senator Higgins, Dr.
Hiram R. Burton of Lewes. lie is not
anxious to go, hut the senator wants him
d he will
It is likely, therefore, that, the Minne
apolis delegation will be as follows :
*' Castle county—Senator Higgins,
Colonel Henry A. du l'ont.
Kent—A. B.
Sussex—Dr. Hiram R. Burton, Thilip L.
The personnel ©f the State central com
mittee bus not yet been discussed much
and will not he considered until the dele
gates assemble in caucus. There is talk of
continuing John Billing as a member und
chairman of the committee.
■ .■ ■ .
, James Bcnne
te«l by tlio «eu
he DeiUoatmt
o Gray Club and tu
unlay Night.
The active, enthusiastic Democrats who
compose tlie George Gray Démocratie Club
of the Seventh ward, have finished a liand
mign wigwam
avenuo and ftcott street. Tho building i
of frame, 23x50 feot, ono stt>ry high,
will be furnished with chairs and 0
meeting room accessories. A Hag-pole
mounts the alructur»', from which a liund
llug, 10x20 feet, will ily during the
The tiag raising and formal dedication
of the wigwam will take place next .Satur
day night, when addresses will bo delivered
by Senator Gray an»l others, invitations
have been sent to prominent Democrats
throughout the city, and the affair will be
enthusiastic opening of thu campaign
by the Democrats of the West End, under
of the George Gray Demo
tne auspict
crutic Club.
sd l>y Chief Marshal
w. J.
The chief marshal of tlie Memorial Day
parade has issued the following orders :
. J. Woodn
»1er No. 1 :
liornby appointed chlet of
utnff tor U10 Mnmorial Day puradu.
General Ordor, No. 2 :
Thu fi
win*: named comrad»
appointed Ald«)-do-»:nmpH
obeyed and

No. 1—Ja:ob
)»t , No. S |
R. Ayar*, B. D. Borgia; Po
nd, Isaac li. Fi*her: l'oat No. 13—
No. 2J
No. 2—Po
Evru G. .'hortlidgc, L. W. Palmor; P
John P. Do
By urder of
u«, W. B. Norton.
V. J. Hi.ackhukn.
A. J. Woodman, Chief of Staff.
Long Island So
steamships Maine and New
Hampshire, built by the Harbin A Hol
lingsworth Company for the Providence A
nington Steamship Company, and tho
Puritan, tlie llag-sliip of the company's
fleet, made a speed contest on Long island
sound last night. The Puritan is a bi
Bide wheel steamship, built by John Roue
A: Son, at Chester. She is 403 feel 6 inches
long, 52 feet 5 inches beam moulded, IK
1 inch depth of hold. She is the
argest ship on Long Island sound and has
the Hag-ship because of having beaten
11 the otiier Bound steamers. The result
f the
li 1«
8 to
:e bus not yet been sent to this
B 1
.ti ms t rets*
The minstrel entertainment gi
at the
House last Tuesday night by the
Delaware Field Club
Throughout. The attendauce was very
largo. Tho singing and instrumentation,
especially that of the B. M. G. club, was of
* high order»
A Committee to liiHpect the Three Site»
>a niny 17th.
Levy Court met in regular monthly
sion Tuesday morning.
County employes puy-roll for $2,408.31
was passed.
County Receiver JohnT. Diokev's roport
for the month of April included the fol
lowing items: Receipts, $3,311.05);
pemiiturcB, $19,100.41; balance in
Mr. Grubb offered the following
lution, which wus sccondod by Mr. Hick
Whereas, Urgont de
number of tax-payer*
uddltionol bridge fa«:
Brandywine at boiuj point bo
oetandtho B. & O. i abroad bridge in »bo
city, therefore bo It
Heiolntd, T
bers of Ihle c
which point Ih
by n, very largo
New Caatln co
s tho
a Markot
a commit!»-»» o
d the i
ilia bio
be appointed by
to bo u mumbor thoroof, and bo lt
ont of um
, That
employ a skillful »•nginonr
o conunlttoo shall hRvo
May 17th n
Mr. Grubb—"If wo do anything wu
should do it now. The county rates must
be made directly and this matter has to bo
included. This committee is merely
what the bridge can be built for
report to the ci
Washington, V
Mr. Buckingham—"What is your i
Mr. Grubb—that this committee shall
determine the site?"
Mr. Grubb—"No, this court does that. If
it does not cost too much I would liken
port on all three bridges lor the court
take action."
Mr. Hutchison referred to the fact of the
.'cent date visiting thu
Bure CfC
e three sites,
id Broome."
wliolo c
"In view of the low tide of county
finances,' 1 ho conti nued, "and in
the fact that the Legislature has j
udditoiml burdens mi thu
t y nfid that
thu hundred a
creased, 1 liar
inpropriations huvo
dly think we are in a condi*
iso tho county rates. Wo ought
have some idea on those matters before
we take action. I think each hundred
Mr. Grtibb—"\Vo
make an appropriai
say $16,000, ami the
be in
ight, for iustanco,
lor a limited
get the Legislature,
thu remainder. Wo might arrange
to pay off by instalments, say $5 ,(kxi an
nually. However, now is the time to take
j matter drop."
—'•The Legislature may
shut down on tho Levy Court's proposi
we would have a bridge
Mr. Hutch if
ion. And the
only partly built."
Mr. Buukingbam—
•T think I fully
derstand Mr. Grubb. I don't suppose the
engineer's cost in regard to report on each
would bo over $7*0, or $15U lor the
three. J was of opinion thut the estimates
cost already sent i
Mr. G:
is needed
rubb—"My belief is that the bridge
d I also believe that the Legis
lature will allow the county to bo
Mr. Hutchison—"I think the court is
the site question. 1 know
r tho
'The resolution was then accepted on a
vote to which there was no opposition,
The following committee wus then ap
pointed by the chair : Messrs. Jolis. Elia
, Clark, Hickman, Hiitchison, Grubb
und Buckingham.
' m of Mr. Jolis,
•erd raw
muting to $25,000
passed. The
account of these amounts have
already been passed and the resoluti
was introduced in order to allow of the
controller squaring his April account.
Among the items were the following:
Public roads, $1^18; salaries, $6,000; jut
ost and discount oil* bills payable, $2.100;
officers of court, $1,600; printing and s
tionery, 81,900; miscellaneous, $1,
courts, $2.148; convict labor, $2,865; at
torneys, $2,000.
A communicatio
Amos A. Eostburn, bridge-tender
street, complaining of the eloctrie lighting
*'-*- i --e. There has been no regular
:e September; eight of the 10
•ivod fr<
1 hird
of the bridge,
current sine
lamps were out last night
is very bad. Citizens are continually
plaining of the darkness and tho danger
e bridge. The electric light comp
v and then to patch
had as ever again
d these
sends a boy around
up mutters, but it ia
a few days.
Mr. Hickman moved that the chairman
be instructed
:c the company und
make other arrangements than thnâe
existing. Mr. liiekman added his testi
mony to the fact that there is trouble
Third street bridge on tlii
Mr. Sutton—"Tho trouble seems to be
that the same company furnishes both the
light and tho power for turning the
Mr. Hick
right but not the light."
It wus arranged that the Electric ci
all the
—"The motor power is all
pany officials be
Sheriff Simmons' priBon'labor report for
the month of April was as follows: 5,180
hours work; 130 cart loads of macadamized
shipped; 100 curt loads received by
r . & N. railroad.
umber of miscellaneous
the \\
After passing i
When Levy Court
bills co
1.30 p. m.
... . - _ ened Tuesday
afternoon representatives of the Wilming
Citv Electric Light Company, inclim
Electrician c. Reginald Trump and
F. L. Buckmaster were present.
,er tlie charges made by Bridge
tender Amos A. Eastbnrn in regard to ex
treme carelessness in lighting the bridge.
Mr. East burn's letter was reread ai
then Mr. T
ex planati 01
it is a positive neglect
There is no necessity whatever for
complaint. Mr. Trump did not k
whether the trouble is duo to the »
lect or to the bridge-tender's,
all reports and complaints to
are attended to. Mr. Eastb
uuip was invited to make an
. lie sui«l if the service is bad
Ile clàimcÜ
the »dike
was in thu office the other day with a
ilaint. Two lights had been broken
.. ..ic tremor of tho bridge in turning it.
The company has supplied additional
lamps for refitting when tlie glasses are
broken. In regard to the wiring trouble it
has always been attended.to. Two recent
plaints were attended to by tho for«:
an. Mr. Trump denied that boys
sent to fix matters. Tho job is not even
Mr. Hickman—"1 don't doubt hut that
Mr. Trump attends
the lights don't
will bear
at. night they go
all know that the city would
such treatment. It has been going
this way for the past three
Farmers complain
I •
to complaints. But
fixed. Mr. Trump 1
out that whun lixo.fl
in the
of it. We have a great
many lights on the bri»Ige »mite sufficient
make it brilliant at night."
Mr. Trump—"Wo have un inspect»
ight. I will put 1;
specially on tho work and will hohl him
responsible instead of your bridge-tender."
Mr. Jolis— "I would suggest perhaps
there is some local c:»"«*» "
Mr. Buckingham—"Our instructions
simply in regard to the light for which we
Mr. Trump said ho would tako personal
charge of the mutter. Tho discussion then
dropped and Mr. Trump and Mr. Buck
iuaster left.
there every oilier
Incidentally in talking over thenuestinn
of insufficient electric light Mr. Jolis
i to the fact of the ti
of Middle
being suddenly left in total darkness
Monday night through the electric lights
going out. On that occasion ex-Governor
B. T. Biggs related an inci»'
al career. Hu upp
incident of hisc
1 befo
House committee of which General ( iarlieid
was chairman, making a plea lor a light
house SO
"Well," suit! General (iarficld, genially
to tiio ex-governor, "Dclaw
"Yes, Delaware wants
tho ex-governor's quick reply
"Indeed l think she does,"
light" w
Evas the
president's equally quick nnd very
phatic response.
(,'lerk of the Peace Biggs made
plaint that the county safe is overcrowded
with county and .State pupers.
On the
tho State treasurer, Mr. Burnito informed
Mr. Biggs,
there is not room i
both State
would furnish u safe for the Siato papers.
A huge quautity of the lutter including
'cent visit here of
the latter complaining thut
the county safe for
«i county .pupers, that ho
Riggs is of the opinion that tho State
should look after Us t
mitt,co cot
Kliuson w
scattered about. County Clerk
.•ords. A c
prising Messrs. Jolis, Clark
appointed to see after the mat
By resolution tlie
ordered borrowed to
needs of the trustees of t he p
An additional amount of $5,000 w
ordered bn
of $10,000 .
the current
Court neuds.
:et Muy 17th.
red for
Court adjourned to
An Expert's Repo
Ile Hullt
Levy Court's ronnnittco
Brandywine bridge, including Chairman
That u Bridge C
in Hites fur
Any Ono uf
! ha
d Mew
, Clark and Hutchison, met in the
•y Court chumbcr yesterday.
Charles W. Bryan, civil engineer of the
Edge Moor Iron Company, Georg« A.
Elliott and other citizens were present.
Chairman Jolis had invited Mr. Dry
to be present at the meeting. He inqt
of him this morning whet her approximate
ideas of tiu» cost of the work could be had
by tlie committee without plans.
Mr. Bryan—"We were supplied with
prniilcsuf three sites (Washington, Bn
and Van Buren.) 1 {consider none of tli
three need cost over filo.OOU."
Mr. Buckingham—" Y
company could construct at uny o
three points at that cost?"
Mr. Bryan—•'Yes, a complete and suit
able bridge from abutment to abutment."
Here Mr. Elliott stuted that the Edge
Moore engineers had made their calcula
tions from proliles
Mr. Hickman thought that pi
all the in
the city engineer's
is should
non thut
be invited fro
could be
Mr. Buckingham thought the committee
is now ready to go before the court with
the report that the bridge can bo built at
any one of the locations at a cost within
Mr. Hickman reminded the committee
: New York submitted
ago for $50,
said that if this
iw whether I
that Mr. Luclut
>Ians so
tctually k
build the bridge tlie;
grace ask the different bridge comp
for plans and proposais.
•Mr. Buckingham— 1 "Well,
starting point. We have ret
. Mr.
nild with better
' y v
o'ye got
•duced the esti
ates tor building tho Brandy wi
oin $200,000 to *<K»,U00."
Mr. Hickman—"! heard that a firm tw
s ago agreed to put up r
points for $80,000, o
• 10 years. Tho levy
of these
taxes for 10 ye
half-mill circle. The
ed property.
bo collected
x, of course,
to he on improved property.
Mr. Jolis— "That would lie something
tho Levy Court could not do."
Mr. Hickman— "Uli, I know that, but 1
just stating thut fuel in order to show
how values w»
Mr. Jolla—"The financial point is the
free to say, how
ever, thut I think a bridge should be built
over the Brandy wi 110 at one of these
rould be affected."
too. Wilming
hundred demands it. Brandywine
I Christiana demand it, und those three
dreds pay two-thirds of thu taxes. We
-• the servants of the people
.. ..... " following their wishes. The
Water Department will give us $lu,i)00. 1
think by adding a slight tax increase with
$15,000 in hand we might commence.
Then borrow for the remainder by legisla
tive enactment. Tho Legislature has given
us the authority to build the bridge, and
surely it ought to give us the right to pay
for it. This could be done by instalments
payable over a series of years."
Mr. Clark asked how
railway company will pay, but
could reply,
e addressed
Mr. Grubb—"I think
eh tho street
similar inquiry to Mr.
Elliott in regard to private land-owners,
who replied that they expected pay within
10 years the increased price
in unswer to Mr. Grubb, Mr. Bryan said
rould m
difference of
a few hundred dollars in the cost of
o of tlie three sites.
Mr. Eliason—"If we can see our way to
build a bridge, I say let it be done. But l
don't feel like leaving u leguuy of debt to
those who follow us."
Mr. Buckingham then introduced
the effect tliut thu three si
in advantages. F
reliable source the committee is ready to
report that a suitable bridge can bu built
any of the sites ut a cost not more than
I utii
$ 00 ,
The resolution was seconded by Mr.
Mr. Hickman thought he could guarantee
a less cost than that. He considered that
the committee should uscertuiu In
delft on the p
the county would be in delft on
posed bridge outlay after it liud bee
obtainable fr»
otlior sources.
jr Depu
Following further disc usai <
termine»] to adopt the resolution conditi
ally, leaving it open to any amendment
May 17th.
The committee then adjourned
1 call of
r Progress II»»»
de Nor Choice of Site Ac
Sumo R«ii
011» Why C
The whole secret of the delay in the
Levy Court of tak'
choice «>f site for
bridge, between Market street and the B.
»t O. railroad, is due to tho fear »if
the members of raising tho tux rate.
's levy of T
f 45 cents. With n probable $30,000
$35.000 inc
? Brandwi
i of
3,000 culled for
.Ircrt iimirnpria
bridge, with
other expenses, the rute woulil be close
s and $100,
1 !.'■
85 cents.
It is not feared that Wilmington will
.eh. Tho great trouble is
with the farmers.
"Tho way of it is this," remarked Mr.
Kliason. "In the rural hundreds
î tho si
rar times.
si me
property i
, at almost double its present
k»;t. value. It's difloreiit with y
niington. You have the ml vantage of a
cash assessment. The county assessment
in the city has had the advantage of being
sessinent ami y
in Wil
checked bv the city a
arc down on a solid
25 y
double rates. As 1 say, the
not been changed sine
tlie farmers would kick
and for
re have paid almost
ï assessment 1ms
'65. That is why
any increase of
rate. Rural Now Castle could not
it hin 30 per cent
x levy appraisement."
Mr. Jolla was of the same opinion..
Upon being asked he did not see any
liute remedy for tho trouble.
Under any ciré
just meut of the uppraisuls made the
would b»* a much heavier share of tho
burthen fall on the city, and to that extent
the farmers would be relieved.
rule, the whole of rural
New Castle county is taxed l'rom 20 to 100
over the cash basis. On the
bo sold out by sheriff
■ -ï 1
The fuel is.
books farms which w
or «20.U0U i
Id no
sell for $12,(
. Here is the difficulty that tho rural hun
dred levy courtinon have l
with their constituents wh
assessed for

talking over
-islng of the tax r;
Levy i'ourtmeu are anxious 10 know also
what pecuniary concessions to aid in tho
bridge that the Water Department, tho city
railway and lundowners will make.
bund 51«
At tlie monthly meeting of tiio Delaware
Sængerbund Tuesday night, Henry White,
Anton Glocker, Charles
Maielile, Gustav Roller and William A.
Kinney were admitted to membership and
six candidates for admission proposed,
roport. of tho excursion committee 011
gngoment of tlie steamboat
bold, for Sunday, June 26th, w
.•Ration '
Major Rey
o be given
next Sunday by the Arbeiter Stengcrbund
accepted. Tho financial secretary
ported receipts of$38; expenditures, $29.59;
cash in treasury, $727.32.
A Workman Overcome l*y Ileat.
Patrick Reilly, of No. «10 Church
street, while at work
street extension of the Wilmington Uty
Railway Company Tuesday, w
by the heat and had to bo taken to
. Dr. II. M. Frist attended tho
r Eighth
.John Brown bus been appointed organ
ist uud choir muster ut Old Swedes Church.
his In
The Commission
Given to James L. Wolcott.
Hr Ha» Not Formally Accepted, Hut lie
I» Receiving tho Congrat
Many Friends.
Npoclal Correspondence of Unxotto and Journal
Dover, May 3.—Governor Reynolds this
•ning made out a commission for
James L. Wolcott to be chancellor of tho
State of Delaw
Sunlsbury, deceased.
The commission was mado out at 10
ms of Ills
place of Willard
. A v -
o'clock, and Secretary of State Marvol
delivered it at
:e to Mr. Wolcott.
To the lawyers of the State, particularly
those of the Now Castle county bar, who
xiously waiting for Governor
Reynolds to till the vacancy in the office
of chancellor, the news of the appoint
ment will he very gratifying.
The delay, the lawyers say. was causing
ly great inconvenience, but actual
well-known attorney said this
estate i
counsel was
loss. One
orning that :
and ho could not take
his clients until the
which ho is
being wasted,
y steps to protoet
r chancellor is in
Two I»c
cu Officer»
ilshcd for Neglect
«r Duty—Wor
At the
of the Patrol
iting of the Board of Police
Tuesday, the charges
that wero preferred against Officers
Mahoney and Cohen by Captain Francis
and Sergeant Ingram for neglect of duty,
in lounging nt the gas house,
business under consideration.
Commissioner Jester said he had a great
deal of sympathy with the office
put in such long hours, and made
have tho cases dismissed. To this
the mayor and Mr.
Mayor Willey—"Tho first question to be
considered is, are thoy guilty ?"
.son—"No doubt of that; it has
acknowledged, iie contended that in
of Mahoney, if lie was not able to
his duties properly
attending a funeral, he should have
ported, and the chief would have detailed
in his place."
As tho charges against the two officers,
for neglect of duty, in lounging at the gns
house were sustained they
ordered suspended from duty for three
days without pay.
The additional charge against Officer
Cohen of peddling spectacles while on
duty was held up, to give the officer u
« banco to correct himself i
« '
the fim
jiwson would not
Mr. Law
the c
account of
■ere hot h
regard to his
emont, that ho had nevor sold
the gas house
, U is not clearly understood that he
positively denies such actions and upon his
further statement, which will be made to
Mr. Lawson, depends whether the charge
will be pushed or withdrawn.
The feed bill for the month of April, in
favor of William Lake,amounted to $55.50,
and tho pay-roll tor April, amounting to
$-1,175.33, were approved.
Mayor Willey said that in making the
estimate for the coining appropriation for
police services thoy had neglected to pro
vide for feed for the putrol teams,
thought it would require about $80 per
»nth to meet the demand for feed for
the animals. Tliis amount was ordered
added to the estimate
A compnritive rep»
reference to tho heavy work'd»
1».V tho police putrol horses was then
It shows that tlie horses made 07
iovered 158 more
d he
already given,
t from .Sergeant
ilcs from July
April 30th, 1892, than during
. mding period of the previous
. Thu total* of the report sh»
July 1st, 1890, to April 30th, 1891. the
made 1,562
distance of 282 miles, and for the
»ponding dates of the following years
made 2,238 runs and covered 435 miles,
above noted,
m of the iiurcha.se of
of horses for tlie patrol sor
get. the opinion of
egard to the proper
averti semen t of bid3
1st, 1891.
S that
The »jiu'sti
ditionul team
vico was laid
the city solicitor in
I the
for the propose\new
on from the Grand Army
participate in'I ho
parade and Decoration Day serv
May 30th, was accepted, and Chief
the commissio
date, asked the commissioners for a police
escort of 12 mounted men for tho parude.
To the question who would furnish the
,'ssary horses and pay for their hire for
day, Commissioner Jester quickly un
red by saying that ho would furnish
them, for the officers, free of charge. The
request for the mounted esc
IIo Will Not Withdraw.
Mitor Oaz
■ <iwl Journal: People who
»t friendly toward the c
didacy of Robert T. Cottinghum for sheriff
of New Castle county have put in circula
nt a report to the effect that he has with
ividontly aro
a catidi
for that otfice. Their desiro in thut
line has been partly gratified, for only yes
terday I wus asked by several of Mr. Cot
^ 's friends
upiMirtcrs if he had
I wish to »täte, and l
hereof 1 speak, thut Mr. Cotting
liam liaü no intention of withdrawing, but
the contrary will be in tlie field until
tho polls close -tt. the Democratic pri
ries; after which lie will turn in and sup
port the successful nominee, whoever that
Wilmington, Mav 4lli, 1K92.
Paul W.
a Itunuu-ay.
driving on T
S. Simmons, the painter
Eighth 1
He was driving a 3-ycar-oltl In
just left the stable
nail streets when the animal swerved to
the side of the street, the vehicle striking
a lamp-post. Mr. Simmons was throw
.striking his head and left knee. He
wus stunned by the fall. He wus taken t»i
his home
day, Winfield
No. 2U6 West
jet, mot with a serious accident.
and hud
»1 Tat
• Eighth
Ninth street,
where Dr. J. P. Pyle dressed his injuries.
The animal was subsequently captured.
Tlip Friemlnliip'N Trip to
All perso
tlie trip with the Frietr
Harrisburg will pie
•ard and let the company know. The
»price of the trip for the three days, 26th,
' 27 th, 23th of May, will be $13.
s contemplating going
office. Mr. IVoleott, will find plenty of
awaiting his official attention.
Mr. Wolcott is a leading lawyer of the
Kent county bar, and is well known
throughout the State.* Ho was born in
MispilHon hundred, Kent county, Febru
ary 4th, 1812, and attended tho public
schools or that neighborhood. He
rauined on his father's farm until ho w
21 years of a^e and then went to Do
where he studied law under Eli Sunlsbury
a admitted to tho bar April 23d.
s clerk of the State Senate in
of Kent
I860. He
1807. atto
>y for the lÆvy C
county from 1R71 to 1879. and Secretary of
Stale under Governor John W. Hall from
1879 to 1883.
Always active in politics, Mr. Wolcott
became a recognized leader of the
Kent county Democrats, and in 1888 he
entered the lists as a candidate for United
States Senator against Eli Saulsbury, then
just dosing his third term. He carried the
county primaries, and a legislative ticket
his interest was nominated, but the
Saulsbury bolt in Kent and thu unexpected
Republican victory in Sussex resulted in a
Republican majority on joint ballot in tho
Legislature, and Anthony Higgins cap
tured the senatorial p
Mr. Wolcott is an uble lawyer, of exten
sive legal experience, and it is conceded
that he will make an acceptable successor
to the able and distinguished
have in turn tilled the otli
of the State of Delaware.
of cliaiMfiior
Term of Charles II. McWhorter
Clerk or thu Orphans Court and Regis
ter in Chancery Kxpires Muy 27th—Ap
plicants for the 8uc<-e»»ion.
The term of Charles H. McWhorter
clerk of the orphans court and register in
chancery, expires May 27th. The uppli
for the succession are Speaker of the
Senate John P. Donnhoe, ex-Scnator Colin
Ferguson of Appoquinimink hundred,
George W. Spicer of Marshallton and
Register McWhorter.
As the latter w
appointed during the
administration of Governor Biggs, when
"appointments were the rare exception,
a certainly not the rule, some surpriso
naturally expressed when Register
McWhorter entered the lists for a second
term. He gives the following reasons for
his action :
When he took charge of tlie offleo in
May. 1887, its business records, through
the dissipation of one of his predecessors
and the financial shortage of another,
a wreck. All known of its financial
that the bank-book showed a
balance in bank, but there w
to show to whom
what estates this
money should be credited. No charge
made of money paid out by order of the
court, except the mere entry on tho court
records, und as long as there was a balanco
in bank.no defalcation could be discovered.
Mr. McWhorter, being confronted with
a bank balance insufficient to meet the
orders allowed by the court, made a thor
ough examination, by direction of ('han
ceiior fcjttiilsbury, of tho records for 40
years past. He took each individual case,
found the money puid into court and paid
out on account of each, nnd opened a
ledger account in each instance, mean
while straightening out the record books,
of which
that the
any of the leaves.
This work of ronovating the important
records of the court occupied from J
15th, 1887, to March 28th, following. A
conimitteo of lawyers appointed to
amine this work and report upon its et
■licieney, received $500 for their
Mr. McWhorter has received nothing for
his. In fuel, ho is out of pocket, having
$500 during this time for tho
of clerks to keep up his office work,
which he was compelled to almost c
pletcly abandon in order to straighten out
the records. But. ho put the office records
in such shape that now a glance will show
the balance in bank, and to wliut estate it
till belongs.
Mr. McWhorter says that for three and
-half years of his term the ofii
far from profitable ono, but he secured
legislation which threw more business into
tho orphans court, and thereby increased
tho fee compensation of the clerk. Ashe
done this work, and made such a
change for tho bettor, ho feels that he is
fairly entitled to another term, a feeling
that is heartily endorsed by his many
friends. On his recommendations are the
names of 63 members of the New Castle
county bar, besides the signatures of pn
incut citizens, in all branches of business.
Mr. McWhorter feels that under the cir
cumstances he is justified in asking for
another term.
)ld and dilapi
dangcr of losing
Colored Gnnoral Confer
Bethel Church, Sixth street below
Pine, Philadelphia, on Monday, was held
tlie opening occasion of the quadrennial
couference of the African Methodist
Episcopal Church. The
bishops and 235 tielcgi
conferences '
. representing 52
attendance. Bishop H. M.
ado tho aiirircss of welcome,
to bo chosen by the con
ng the names mentioned
M. B. Suitor, B. F. Lee, J. Handy, W. B.
Deraic, C. S. Smith, U. T. Bradwcll, A. M.
Green. B.W. Roberts, J. A. Johnson..!. R.
Frederic, W. H. Heard, J. T. Jenifer,
W. Henderson, E. Tyrell, F. C. limb „
and J. L. Coppln. The bounds of the
jurisdiction of tiio General Coufernce
prise tho whole of the United Htates,
Canada, Nova Scotia, Bermuda. San
Domingo, Hayti, Sierra Leo
At Tuesday's sessions r 1
Conference of tiio Afric
Episcopal Church, Bishop Gaines of
Atlanta preached the conference sermon.
Part of tho quadrennial address of the
bishops was read by Bishops Turner ami
Three bishops
fercncc. Aï
and Liberia.
of tiio General
Students Froi
Tho names of the following students
1 found enrolled <
from Delaware :
roster of the W
School : Bertha B. Brown. Richard Kid
well of Wilmington; Fred Brady, William
11. Brady, Reese W. Parker. Middletown;
Bessie Dilworth, Centreville; Lidi») »»ilch,
Charles K. Gibson, Odessa; Clemonti:
Husbands, Rockland; Harry Pratt., dav
it tn: Mary Osborne, Carpenter; Frank P.
Bye, Frederica.
fitutc Normal
A Carpenter'* Painful Aecident.
While at work Tuesday. W. A. Davis,
_ cerpanter residing at No. 1115 East Thir
teenth street, accidentally drovo a splinter
through his left hand, causing very pain
ful injuries. His iojurca were dressed by
Dr. II. M. Frist.
Ail mini Session of Urn Su
promo Conclave of Hepln«o|>he.
The Supremo Conclave of Heptasophs.
B. W. M., which began its 30th annual
session in Eden Hail Tuesday, arrived
in this city on Monday and is quartered
the Clayton House. ' Tin- supreme body
is escorted here by the Bullion»
form Rank, accompanied by Professor
Hoffman's band.
In tho »■»corting nnrf v were T. B. .lohn
ston, E. E. Ramlell, H. A. Peck, John
Kraus, A. H. Dassmu. W. V. Pick, W. A.
McKonnv, William Pick, A. Bims, Frutik
Hall, J. Hoppell. A. G. Roth. B. Dietz, J.
Lee and E. C. Garrett. W. B. Shipley w
The delegatus carried a silk banner
which haul been presented to them by the
lady members of the rank. During thu
evening the visitors were banqueted i
Dorman Hall by the Grand Conclave of
The annual
of the Supreme Con
clave begun at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning.
Supremo Archon, Augustus Bouldin
of Baltimore presiding. Other sup
officers present, were: Supreme Chan
cellor. D. X. Jackson of Boston; Supremo
. William Wintrup of this citv;
Supreme Secretary, George W. Wright
of Norfolk; Supremo Treasurer, James
M. Black of Norfolk; Supremo I*
late. C. E. Outten of Portsmouth; Supreme
Inspector-genera!, James B. Johnston of
Baltimore; Supreme Warder, H. J. Collins
of Boston; Supreme Sentinel, B. F. Sulli
van of this city.
The following are tho delegates in at
tendance :
Delaware— E. D. Richards
W. II. Toppin.
i—Ernest Dusse and II.
A. Perry.
Maryland— George Eisenberg, E.
E. Rondell and Franklin Hull.
Massachusetts—II. J. Collins and
D. N. Jackson.
Virginia— C. E. Outtfin and J. L.
A letter was received from Past Supremo
Archon Joseph Pyle, regretting Ins
ability to bo present and stating that his
occasioned by his attendance
the quadrennial session of the General
Conference of ilia Methodist Episcopal
Church, which is being hold in Omaha.
Greeting was received by telegraph fr
•reino Archon D. M. Morris of
Deput y ft up
The Grand Conclave of Dclaw
scnterl handsome badges to the
of the sup
by the
State o
follows were announced
ipremo urchon :
f tho Order—Messrs. Posey, Dusse
d Richardson.
Judiciary—Messrs. Young, Sullivan and
Appeals—Messrs. Wintrup, Outten,Iiall,
Toppin and Pick.
Finance—Messrs. Collins', Eisenberg and
Returns and reports—Messrs. Eisonberg,
Bunting and Johnston.
Laws—Messrs. Bunting, Bandell and
Churter—Messrs. Jackson, Perry and
Mileage and Per Diem—Messrs. Outten,
Pick and Richardson.
Ritual—Messrs. Young, Wright and Top
Endowment—Messrs. Toppin, Posey,
Dusse, Jackson and Wright.
Reports were submitted by the supreme
arc!ion, thesnprcmesecretary, the.supreme
treasurer and the board of governor.» of
the Endowment Rank, which,
having been read,- were reforred to
The supremo arclion stated that the
f enerul condition of the order is excellent.
he jurisdictions of Delaware, Muryland
and Virginia show the greatest increase in
•mbership during the year. No dissat
isfaction occurred.
The supremo secretary reported that tho
finances are in better condition than they
have been for many years. He recom
mended a permanent fund for the pay
ment of organizers and suggested that the
ritual of the introductory degree be re
vised. He also stated that grand conclav
will soon be instituted in Texas, North
Carolina and Ohio.
Tho report of the hoard of governors of
the Endowment Rank was decidedly en
couraging. Although recently established
it has made remarkable progress. Only
live deaths occurred during the year.
A descriptive list of badges and jewels
submitted for adoption.
At 12.80 o'clock, recess until 2 o'clock
Tho Supremo Concluve of Heptasophs,
or 8. W. M., devoted most of Tuesday
afternoon to committee work.
Greeting was received by telegraph from
Past Supreme Archon Joseph I'ylo, who is
in Omaha. There also was received a letter
from Supreme Chancellor Joshua C. Sim
mons of Boston which expressed regret at
his inability to be present.
A communication from the Grand Con
clave of Louisiana, inviting the supreme
body to meet in New Orleans next year,
Several amendments to the constitutions
of subordinate conclaves were offered, and
they wero laid over, under rules, for
decided to transact all ordinary
business in the past urchon's degree, so
that members of the Grand Conclave of
Delaware can attend.
In Eden Hall, last evening, a pie:
entertainment was given by the grand c»
clave in honor of the supremo body. Tlie
exercises continued until near midnight,
follows: Vocal and ins
. ; address of wcl
, Grund Archon J. /,. Webb; banjo
solo, J. B. Carey; address, Supreme Archon
Augustus Bouldin; comic song. George W.
, Bast Supreme Archon
g; vocal solo, R. H. Fentiman;
1 solo, E. C. Stout; address, Su
premo .Secretary George W. Wright; vocal
and instrumental music. J. B. Oaruy;
tution, R. H. Wolf; address, Bast Grand
Archon A. B. CrotMgrovo; instrumental
trio, George W. Turner, E. C. Stout and J.
B. Carey; vocal solo, H. J. Collins; address,
Bast Grund Archon W. H. Toppin; vocal
solo, George W. Turner; closing address,
Grund Archon Webb.
At yesterday's session of the supreme
body the action of the supreme arclion in
granting a charter
Wilmington, N. 0.,
The committee 1
mental music, J. B. C
to Oriental Conclave of
returns and reports
reported all returns and reports to be
Tho report of tho special committee
uniform rank was referred back to it for
further consideration.
The constitution and by-laws of the
grand conclaves of Delaware and Louisi
, and of Alpha Conclave of ftouth C
lim», and Portsmouth Conclave of Ohio,
wero opproved.
An amendment, offered bv Repräsenta
tive Toppin of Delaware, providing that
deputy supremo archons be admitted
the sup
When recess occurred tne solccti
tho next meeting pi;
sidération. Baltin
roond, New Orleans
put in nomination.
•as under
Chicago, Rich
Nori'olk had been
United Sti
In the ir. S. circuit court yesterday
orning testimony was heard in the » use
of the Duquesne l'orge Company of Pitts
burg, Pa., va. the i'u»cy A Joues Company.
Thu suit is for breach of contract 111 the
construction of cotton press links, and
un amount of $4,Out). Hofleckcr A
Bradford for plaintiff and Colonel Ni elds
for defendant.
»•kale Epistle.
-ice Bigg
wing epistle yi
Clerk of the Pe;
Wilmington, Dm.., May;), '93
Dear sir : Y'ou have «t 1,
ived the
jrday ;
trrko/ /V
3 aud Markot SU city
. 1 wi»h you would look htm un
liceuso Yu
A pictu
P. «. please atend
this 1
Ninth Victim.
Joseph Silver. age»l 20 years, died at tho
Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia on
Tuesday afternoon. He received lutul burns
in tlie Central Theatre lire.
Tlie steamer Oceanic is at tlie shipyard
of the Jackson A Sharp Company.
The schoonor Howell Leeds is unloadin
the wharf of the Consumers Ice
Coal Company.
Brandywine Conclave, Heptasophs,
S. W. M., will visit Asbm v Church n_
Hunday moruiug. fcwier conclaves are
Another Story »1 the Crime a» Told by a
Negro Boy Who Haw It.
own, Mi>., May 2.—The jury <
the death of Dr. Hill will meet
orrow morning to
render a verdict. .Sheriff 1'lunnnor to-day
arrested Stephen Cooper, a colored
living in tho red house
committed, und in whose
house Williams and llrooks, according to
the statement of Joshua Day
a while after committing the dcod. Loui
little colored boy.
brought to jail. He w
who was in the crowd that is accused of
murdering the doctor. Henry Hurtt und
Charles Emory have both confessed being
with the crowd. Henry Hurtt is a sharp
negro boy, and notwithstanding the clo
questioning lie has had, he has not gotten
himself mixed in the least. He stated to
day that he was now ready to talk, and
Counselor II. W. Vickers was sont for, to
whom he told his story in the presence of
the sheriff.
lie says he has boon afraid of Brooks
and Williams hurting him if ho told. Dut
in Daltitnore he felt
fear of them. Ho stated that a dearbo
wagon came along with three white
it, who called to them to get out of the
road, at the same time calling them insult
ing names. This angered the crowd, and
they got stones to throw at them, but the
team was driven off rapidly. While they
e furious at the men in the dearborn
camo Dr. J. H. Hill, and when
to stop he would not, and so they
vented their passion on him. The horse
first shied and ran upon the bank, which
can be clearly seen, and after it was caught
by Brooks, Rradshaw, Comegys and
Emery held it while Brooks threw the
stones and Williams did the cutting.
,'here the
of the bovn
The i
Heighe Hill was finished
Md., (Tuesday and the jury rendered the
following verdict:
nest into the murder of Dr. J.
Thai, ori April 534. 1892.
Ford's goto,
rlsby CumagyR. Charles
igtou aad Massey's.
Brook» and l'erry
teloniuiisly stopped
of Dr. J. Heigh« Hill, while on his way to
id Unit Churle» Brook»
. Hill in vho head with u
» stabbed tho
a sick child,
tick the

with a knife, i
of which Dr. Hill died
lug day—Sunday, April 24ih—nil
Berry Brndshaw, Frmby <
William.» and Char I oh Brooks
feloniously Killed
111)1, against
uf Mary.and.
It was brought out during tho inqhest
that tho alleged confession of the colored
hoy, Louis Benson,hud been extorted from
him bv the correspondent of the Philadel
phia who told him that other» had
said ho was there and that it would
easier with him if he told all. By
tactics the
confession from
repudiate these confessions.
totuegys, Flute
niiirdored Dr. J. Hoiglio
co and digulty ut the
obtained a similar
. Both wit
Winchesters 17sec
uuil Ono Killod
Rach Side.
Associated Pre»» Dispa
öySp*clat Wir*\
Guthrie. O. T., May 4.—A battle
curred near Stillwater Monday evening,
between a band of nine horse thieves and
a posse of citizens from Orlander. The
thieves stole horses near Orlander and
started with them for the Creek county. A
posse was immediately formed and at once
started in pursuit.
The posse came up with the thieves yes
terday evening. The latter gave battle and
a fignt. with Winchesters took place.
v innlly n heavy storm camo up, under
cover of which the thieves escaped.
One member of the posse named Stornier
was shot and killed and the thieves left
wounded on tho field and
The posse is still on the trail of the bandits
and news of another battle is expected.
The posse are determined to avenge the
death of their comrade.
The State Convention
tlmore on June 8th.
Associated Press Dlsnatch
Baltimore, May 4.—The Democratic
state committee met
In Ilal
hpo.-iftl Wires.
to-day in the
Carrollton Hotel. Last evening and this
morning brought uearly all of the
hors there. This forenoon the corridors of
the hotel were crowded with visiting
Marylanders. United States Senator
Gorman occupied room No. 135, nnd to
that room went all committeemen and
visitors. Owing to tho desire to see and to
greet tho senator, he was compelled to
hold a levee, which lasted from nis rising
until tho sitting of the committee.
Haltiraoro and Juno 8th urc the place
and time fixed by the committee for the
holding of the state convention.
Only n Miracle Cau Save an Illinois To
from Inundation.
Associated Prêt» Dispatch by Special Wires.
Marseilles, III., May 4.— From ap
pearances, a miracle only can save Mar
seilles from threatened inundation. The
almost unceasing ruin storms that have
raged up and down the Illinois, Fox
Kankakeo valleys since Sunday night have
precipitated upon this large area thousands
upon thousands of tons of w
ountered flood.
in excess
y heretofore
The rivers have been rupiilly rising
yesterday and the Illinois from far abo
Marseilles to the navigation waters below
Laftalle is nearly a mile wide and deep
enough in tlie channel to lloat the largest
lake vessels. The waters have already
IS feet above low water murk.
In this city the situation is desperate.
Cyciuiif» in
Associated Pros* Dispatch by Bpoclal W
St. Joscrii. Mo., May 4.—News has
roacheJ here from the track of the
that passed within two miles of McFall,
Gentry eountv. Mrs. Alph Daniels and
child named Baird were killed, and
by tho name of Sharp received
wounds which will probably prove fatal,
ami three childrcu of James Duniel.s were
seriously hurt.
These who escaped did so by resorting
. . .. holes. Many people waded i
water knee-deep. Houses and bar
blown down and live stock killed.
■ ■M
to evd
They are Dead Agali
Associated Press Dispatch by Special Wire».
r, O., May 4.—The Republicans
of the Tenth district yesterday elected
Samuel Llewellyn and L. Fenton delegates
to tlie Minncaplis convention. Both aro
endorse Harrison and recommend re
as killed by the adoption of a
to adjo
Twenty-five Cent* for 81
RsAMXfl. Pa., May 4.—In court here to
day the Rev. Dr. !.. D. Htambaugh, a well
ki.ow.'i clergyman of tl
L liui'ch. who s'.:e»i Nathaniel Stout, a lead
ing citizen of Bernville, for circulating
slunderous words a »out him, laying d;
pen ut #5.090, was given a verdict for 25
cents damages.
Two Wot
ken Kit
»y a Cycl»
to, Mo., May 4.—About
o'clock yesterday afternoon a »
passed through Dt kalis county in a north
westerly direction, sweeping everything
before it. it wrecked the home of Mr.
Sharp, seriously injuring him and killing
his wife and a Miss Boyd.
Now it i* an IîngHsh Duke.
Associated Pre*
Leeds, Enuland, May 4.—Tim Yorkxh
ro*t says to-day thut it is reported in Club
land that the mysterious opponent of
Harry Van Milbank in the
Belgium was one of tho best-known of the
English dukes.
d tel I
Doth Partie
Mndo Gains.
AHSOOlfttrd I'
.is, Ind., May 4.—Elections
occurred ye> . „ _
throughout the state. Tiio results sho
Democratic gains in 13 towns aud Repub
lican gains in 17.
day i
the varie»
Got the Prs
»», Dut Nut tho Vot
♦hi Prw;
;apous, Mey 4.— Tho Fifth district
on yeiHcraay endorsed lTesident
Harrison's administration but the dele
gates were not instructed.
>«*oib! Wir
Philadelphia Marke
Philadelphia. May 4.— FI«
ansjrlrania sup«i
i.i;i..V): d»». No. 2. «8.1
u.1 wir«*.
. steady, but
&Î.I15M: do.
3.1)1); do. roller,
rod, 94a84«c.;
Aww.tatpd 1*
.30; do.
No. 2 Pennsylvanl
<!, U7«C.
<1 higher; No. 2. 49a49«c. for
i; 50c. for local trade.
, quiet and uu»y; No.
ixed, Sr>c.
2 white, 37«c.<
, dull nnd weak; winter. flS.OOal8.80|
spring. Il_7ftl7.no.
d In good domand
Baled hay, firm
timothy, f! .alo; mixed, $12al4.60; baled rye
«w. J13.50.
; re
, wholesale, 25c; job*
quiet and
e.: do. print
. creamery «X
bin«, 26
in; Pennsylvania flrsts, 15c.
Btointy: part «klm«, 7o8kc.
m, dull; reduod in t> trroln, $6.03.
I, unchanged at 30a40c. por bushel for
$4ft8 u barrel fur
New York AlarKut
ted Prose Dis»
>1*1 wire*.
New York, Muy 4.—Flour, state and
, moderate demand; low extras. $2.<i5a3.3S;
city mill». S4.76tt4.8-T: city mill» pataut», $4.65»
4.5X): winter wheat*, low grade», f9.tiSo8.35: fair to
fancy, S3.40u-t.50; patent», $4.15a4.90: Minnesota
'•leur, |3.50«4. U): Htniiebts. f3.fOii4.60: patenté,
ures, »;). filial. 10: superflue,
, 8i.8.Ta2.65; tsi.iitheru, inactive, uu
I 4 .inan.oo;
*2.25a3; t
Wheat, No. 2, rod, firm, Me. up, Armor,
cables higher, fairly active; May. BOJ.'uOO««.;
aune, 9>«aik)*ic.: July, Uu' p al)j',c.: August,
IKitfnDOJtfc.; .September, 90, , j,'a9l)«c.; December,
. easy; western, 7
, No. 2, Arm
, «c. up., quiet; NO. 8,
*, mixed, 48a4W«C.
. quiet und Armer; state, 33o40c.;.
60«&52«c.; h
O ats, No. a
western, 34a40c.
Iioef, light demand; extra mess, ST.50a8.50;
family. SU.n0a10.50. l'ork,
muas, Sio.aiiftll; old mes», e
SI". Lard, quiet, easy; steam rendered, $6.47)4.
Kgg», steady; s
n, lOo.; Houthom, 15c.
Turpeutino, inaclivo, steady, 34a34)4c.
Baltimore Markets.
»uncial Wir*«.
Baltimore, April 28.—Flour, stoady.

Wheat, flrinorjNo. 2, red spot 03Va95)rfc., tho
onlh, 03^aH3)4C.; Juno, 9i*i»92)4C.: July, 90
askod; stohiner. No. 2, rod 88u88J4:c.; south*
itoady; Fultz,flOailtk-.; I/>tigberry,93a97c.
Btronx: mixed spot, 4U l ift49Uc.; May,
July, 4744c. bid;
d: southern
; yellow, 49ft50c.
4« 'va »

Oats, quiet 11
38ai8\c.: No. 2
1 1
« in u ra
lu.. 3444033c.
. quiet; No. 2,
Hay, steady; go
Provisions, uiuhnngad. steady,
•ad y
choice timothy, S15alG.
umory fancy. 22c.; do. fair
'-uiou, ISaiDc.: ladlo '<
, i6n.tic.. rolls, Ado,
good, 14ul5i*.; store packed, 12
KvR». Arm, 14K-C.
eiiaugod; copper, Armer,
o; relinod, llj^e.
. htsky, Arui,$1.22ftl.25.
tho New York stock
oil over tho private wire
., stock brokers. No.
vor* na follows: Atchn.. Topeka.
Canada Southern. 60!„: Central
Ohio vetinitets., —;
. 120)*: Chic.. UurlingtitW
& Qalncy, 107#; Chic. Mil. & 8t l'aul.78*: Chlc.7;
MIL & St. Paul pref., 122?*'; Chic.. Bock Island
* Pacific. 8 t;|Chic.. 8 l P.. M. ,t Omaha, 474*;'
Cleveland. C. C. JS St. I*. 70: Bel. A Hudson
Canal, 1444tf; Del., Lack A Western, 159)4; Den
ver. A Bio Grande, 17k; Denver A Bio Grande,
prêt.. G04tf; K. '1
Tenu., Vu . A Go., 2d prot., —; Illinois Central,
103«: I.ftko Shore A Mich., So.. 138; Loulsvlll^
A Nashville, 73«; Manhattan Consol, 123:J
Michigan C entral. 109«: Mobile A Ohio, 85« £l
Missouri pftciflr. 59; Mexican Central. 10««;
National Lead Trust. 19V: N. Y.. <fe New Eng
land, 37V: N. Y. Central A Hudson, 114«; N.Y.,
Lake Erie A Western, 21*; Norfolk & Western,
pref., — ; North American Co., 14«; Korth
Paoiflo. 204»': Northern Paclflc uref.. 59;
8. 8. Co.. 35*$; Pipe Line Cortl
—; Pullman Palaco < nr Co., 193«^'
A W. P. Term. 9«; Bich'd A W. P.
pref., 53; Sugar Beflnerle» Co.. W1V;
Bullion Cert's. 87«; Texas A Paoiflc,
Wabash. St. 1- & P.,
3 o'clock sales
of I'lliott, Johnson A
Marko tstre
A S. Pe., 3
NewJersey. 138«: Ches.
Chic. A North-we
, Vo. A on... common, 4;
Paciflc Mall
10«; Union Paclflc, 44;
12; Wabash, St. L. A P., pref., 26«: Western,
Union Telegraph. 03; Pennuylvaula, 61«; P.
& Heading. 29 5 „; P. Zb Beading Gen. Mtg*4a.,
88; N. P. A Beading llrat pref. Inc. 5», —;
Lehigh Valley, 58«; Lehigh N»v..n3«; W..N. "
A Pa., 8«; Heading 2d pref., — ; Beading
pref., 00«; Laclede Gas. 19.
I.ivo stock PriOM,
Philadelphia, April 80.—B**t Cattle—Extra,
4«a5c.; good, 4«ft4«c.;
• 3«&3«c.; culls. 3«a8«c.; fat cows. 2«aSc.
Sheep were In lair demand. Wool sheep, 4«a
U«c.; clipped sheep, 3a6c.; wool lambs, 5«a7c.;
clipped lamb». 4«u6c. Hogs, wero Inactive ut
««ft*"«- tor Chicago. 6«a6 « a for other western
und 0«aG«c. for
. 4a4«c.;
(7al7; milch,
fairly active at $20a45; milch calvea
3«a6c.; dressed beeves
fairly activo. at 5a7«c.
Bupkalo, N. Y., May 2.—Cattle—Receipts
880 head: stoora. t4.25a4.49; choice, ,$4.1004.96;
. common to best, S2.50u3.75; cows ana'
heifers, good to
$3a3.90; Michigan
25; fat, $2.51
; fut
o Inac
extra. $3*3.50: coarao
stockors. $2.5008; bull«, stock,
2.75: culves, buttorinilk. $2
#4f£pf>r head; extra, $400.50.. ' m
heavy grade»,
best, |4.70u4 75;
Tfcpijrs. ^
fancy wool,
good, $5a5 50; lamb», good
good, do., $6.90»
bunt. $4ft5.
liogs—Receipts, 7.650
*4.70a4.75; Yorkers, good
Yorkers, pigs nnd mbt, $4.05
. f ta4 45. Sheep
Receipts, 5,400 hoad; Sheep.
fil.25a6.no; fair
, J7.25u7.40;
New York. May 2. — Boev*» — Receipt»,
» and
8,77«i bead;
. $-1.10*4.85;
.'alves—Rer.-dpt», 8,845 head;
d«; mixed eulv,...
Receipts. 10,883
oint y : unshorn sheep, $5.25*7 :
,7605.55; unahorn lambs, $
. $2a3.75.
veal». $4tt6 p
$3.5<ta4.?5. Shoe;
clipped do., $4
C Clipped do.. *6*6.87«.
72 head, nominally Hr
me ago, May
ady; be
• 1
$4 90i»5 30.
feeders. J3.25.i3.7ft; «tuok»!
$2a2.25. Hogs—Receipts. 84,000 head;
. 17,000
3.15: <:
packers, J4 ;
on. $4»
; ■
4.6U; light, J4.40a4.65. Shoop—
hoad; we
eights, Ï
rns, $5a6.50; Texan*,
f4.25ft5.05; ».'lipped Ufttlvu yearling" und lamb*,
East I
r. Pa.. May 2.—Cattle—Be
rt; raarkftt very dull, heavy aup
k's price«. Hugs
• u :
»>t. dull; «c.
e, on April 28th, by Rev.
cknittu, WUtfaiu C. Atwell aad
First Preaby
n April 2Hih, by
Famo» H. Buru
' h
». M. HiJk
d lieulali Clay
on April 28th, by Be
Jneksou amt 1 lorem
M. E.
co, b'tei
J. Fr 1
Ü. Ogden, buth of
omo of
West »
Henry, Caleb M.
rlde'H par
H. A st
. by tlioKev. E. L. Hubbard,George
F.'Thorp and Au&ie C'oylu.
April 2
tho 3d instant,
BRAMBLE.—111 this . ity,
Elizabeth M. Brainblo.
Oakland, n»
BOWER.—April :
lii'i of William
ark, Del., hanny
»»•Hy. un the 3d in*
April 20th,
9 months
d, DcL,
Mrs. Rov. Jati
U.EiZE.—On tt
Atlantic City,
"onry Glelze
•1 >>i
• :
his city, on tho 4th in»L, Mary K.,
in tiiu 541h of h»)
ml» n
ivo» ;
Friday a»ter
.• fan
, May
4k. intormeut
April 2Utb, Bornard P.
this city
.■ i v.
85 your*.
. Holen, wifo of
r of Martin ai
rim» Mci
2H, Cathariao,
wife of Kilw i
»•Ily, on
Kelly, t
April 30th, Mtc
erly of Choate
MALONEY.—On tho Sd ln»t., ('ntherino. wife
of Dauidl W. Maloney, aged SI years.
K1CP.—In thl
. on the üd inst., Mary C.
her f
1 fro
Friday afi*
id Brnndywi
tho 3d instaut, EUz-iboth. wife
the he
\ iii
o»i y.
of R. T. bt
M ft y 2*t in»L. Sarah J. boat, wife of
.ift'iic* N. beul, a'r»'»i 35 y
SMITH. -Surfit only, cm ?!ay 2d, Mary, wife of
the tatu John G. Smith, aged 57 yuart.
WlLiLER—Uu AjprU uOta» JolUi W. WUtter,

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