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88 00 I
Sn« Haar« eflO Uu*« er Ism,
K»uh wbMgnsBt lusertluD,
t(g—* «i L — AdvsrlUstoeBt*
T *»-Ou Taarly Red Half-Tsarly AdvertUcmsmU attbsrsl
•t metisu will bs toad*.
WSDNEBDAY. OOT. 1. 1803.
80 M
charged la exact
NOTH*.—Mr. Philip 8tuokey, Jr., la
Reporter, and business agent as well for the
City or Wilmingten as the surrounding Coun
try. Anv Business arrangements made by
ldm In behalf of this papnr will be endorsed
Hu is the only Agent
/ m
WHKRSA8. stccethatrannofaiy proeUtuatlun of
twen y-clkbtday of AngUkt butt, il lia- beevim. manlfeat
that thl* Slate cannot b* ready f»r tlm draft by li.
djjjkday »f.S-i
. Thehkpokb I. William
Used for
ber Inulaut, Ibe day
State of Delaware, by virtue of the p.»»ver ceil -rrod
me by the Secretary of War. do ptmtponr the draft In this
State natll the jriFTKEMTU day of Ocu.b.1. ». Ir
in Tosltmour Whereof 1
Greet the nuta of Dot ^
then -ami t\gki li u «d.-etl eud '»Ixty-two. aud of the lude
peudenee of »»Id »tato the eighty «nvcotli.
Uy th« Governor:
Edward Bldgoly, Secretary of Slat»;
for the City of Wilmington, will be heard at
mencing with the First
Thursday, Ootobor 2d. Booond
Friday, October 3d. Third Ward
Monday, October 7th. Fourth Ward
Tuesday, October 9th. Fifth Ward on Thnrt
day, October 9th, commencing
A. M., each day.
CHARLES B. LORE, Commissioner.
the City Hall,
L„„*„ NoT.ci-J.-W. hov.. received the
Ootober namh.r o( Atthur'e M^ocluo. Thie
number is fnlly np to the others, containing
the usual exoellent plates, fashion outs,
l.lei .ad receipt,.
We have also received Frank Leslie's
Monthly for October. It contains the con
tinuation of the exoellent novellettee it has
heretofore been published, fashion plates
aud cats. Price 25
10 o'clock,
Opr Rroimnbts.—A great portion of onr
paper of this week Is taken up with
Official List
'Q- 7-Tbere will be found
|ÉHH*d end wounded in the 1st Delaware.
Killed and VTovi
official list of
r 'enteipri8^^^ ivj
M. W. Jk, E.' 1 r -- - -
'"■"'.'•i mtr
%/■ ■■'LÜM/'tt. '
11 !
6th Maryland.— 1 The 1
Fiatement that the
Tun Panic
tj'oil Whig say* that
fiih Msrylaud lo»»k a panic, and left the 1st
the bottle of A.
i »
They also say
Fohotz's ami his company and Capt. Ford
and his company, fought gallantly, and that
the 4tb PenneyIvunia
malicious lie.
In the aotiun.
bandy words with the
Coll Will.—tot »« .gain r.ltorotn that th.
, ...
lith Mofvlatid took a pam« and ran at «»
first fire, learlng the 1st Delaware and 4tb
New York, (not Pennsylvania) to hoar tho
truut of the action, with the exception of Cap.
_ . _ ...
r miete a Comp a: Y I, and nnett»er company
which wh were informed was company F, bnt
may have been Csptain Ford's. We excep
tod Cpt. rub.ta's oouipauy at th. tin.., and
•latod they (ought gallantly. W. did not
however, state another thing, whioh wo will
now do, end that is, that one half of Captfclu
P.h.lr'B company ««. ll.lat.ar.an», ro
,. ,
oroit.d In thl. oity. Wo al.o ro.t.r.l. tha t
tho 5th Maryland were not seen by tlio 1st
Delaware until three days after the fight.—
W. al.o r.lter.1. that the 14'h Couneotlontt
trhlch w.s to enpport th. l.t D»la»»r.,when
the 1st retired to the corn field, fired into»
aud killed several of them, and then rapidly i
I*treated. |
„ , , , ....... r .
Onr account I, correct, and If tho .ditor of,
the Cecil Whig will take the trouble to on- i
quire, he can soon bo convinced. Dont ask j
the runaways? Capt. Fahels fought, ask him. j
We intend no insult to the citizens of a .
gallant state whose name, and gallantry, and 1
it weie synomlnons terms. Bu* ,
simply to rdate a fact. Like the best troops :
in the world will do at times —theif ran. Bnt ,
like regnkir game cocks of the old brood, the
1st Delaware stood. They did honor to their I
ancestry. The blood even told in the com
pauy oi Capt. Paheti.
We do not wish
courage, are
. Mr. Yucmrr :
I wish you would call the atteut ion of the
Railroad Company to the necessity of having
a separate apartment for negro women at t'je
that they might
dies. On 6atarday
aleven nef ro women, filling up
, while there
in the apartment used by th a la
ning last there were
t>f the
toy v/hitela
Pbu /bikty.
dies standing.
Fur the Blue Ilen'H Chicked,
Wilmington, Bepx. 25, 18C2."
Mr. Editor:—
An artiole appe
be-aware epulhc
i>ntc, tlmo sin»»« in the
tL® subject of Chari
ty Hospitale, in the conclusion of which
writer protniaed to ofor additional remarks
hsequent number. IFe trust Benevo
leno# will redeem the Rvotnise ma«le, for the
»abject is an all important one, nnd worthy
the attention f>t thu entire commnnity. The j
poor h&ve (Jaime upon ns. Providence haa
constituted the wealthy, the stewards of his !
patrimony, and lias informed us that "he!"''
that pivetb to the poor lendeth to tho Lord." '
gleet them, ami in tbe nelfiahnew of
hearts pass them by, wo offer un indigni- j
ty to Him, bnt if we regard thorn, supply i
their necessities, acd contribute to their ;
comfort, we virtually do it unto Him. /f»ar
whnt Christ says : " Inasntneli »» vo hare |
done it unto one of the least of these ruy
brethroM, ye have doue it unto rue." The l
plan proposed by Benevolence i* a Christian
plan, and ho who fails so to comprehend it '
is ignorant of his duty to hta fellow man. •
and oonseqaently guilty of a breach of trust i
tojiigh Heaven.
WiU not our oitixens move in this matter,
seize tbe suggestion of lievevolence, and
erect in this eotnmunity an institution that j
shall oompare most favorably with Bt. Luke's
Hospital of New-York t Let ns but have a!
zniud to ihe work, and pat in requisition the
me mu we have, and soon will be kindled a '
fire of true h«*rtsvolenoe, whose light shall 11-jy**
lame the daik p'.soee of ouman want, and
eause the heart of the hex.eless and affiloted
to rejoice with great Joy. Let every wealthy
I executor, and so dis.
peu»« his legacies as will bring mo«t comfort
o the deserving poor, and peaoe of mind to
^opiug Beuevolenoe will furnish us with
Mngrfty //ospltais, I re
You«, very zruU, 1
man bsooirs his
other artiste
Personal Iktiiiujkmck — Mr.
enlisted lu
Joseph Maybin, of Newark,
one of the Pennsylvania Regiments,
ken prisoner by the rebels
cent battle". Ho is yet held by them.
Sutntuurfiol I MoNiohols.
MoNiehols, of Philadelphia, who formerly
sided In this city,
I battle of Antietam. lie
of Dr. James
tlm recent
a member of
Company I, 8Sth Pennsylvania Regiment.
The poor youth (he
of alight build)
ing to a skeleton. //»•
killed in his company. They had heon about
live minutes
not 18 yean» old, and
by constant march
the first
the ground, when his
rades heard 1dm exclaim "Ohl" and lie fell
dead beside (hem. He
his company that carried his napsack, when
had thrown theirs away,
the ground with his coat
Bnt hia father
of the few of
old and strong
He was buried
and blanket around 1dm.
and brought the body
phin. He wag buried yesterday with milita
ry honors.
Mr. Bernard Ganse, (broth
Game Esq.,of this city) who
of Tavlor
taken prlg
by the rebels some time sinee. has been
exchanged. He arrived in this oitv last week.
Mr. James (formerly a hatter of this oity,
and brother-in-law of
citizens, Messrs. Joseph Brown and T. D
•he army fighting
the Indians in Minnesota. These wretches
have devastated the section
whicli lie lived. Hia wife has returned,
about returriug te this oity.
Capt. Benjamin Rieketr, of Company C,
2d Delaware, I i a series of letters
Cecil Whig shows that he
without leave, and considers we should Ji dge
from the tone of them that his dismissal
unjust. In a card published In the Delaware
Gazette, he says :
esteemed fellow
Webb) is now engaged
country in
I still hold
Company C, 21 Dels
holding it
Volunteers, and calculate
fit to do otherwise. I
a " leave of alienee'' direct from the War
Department, recommended by a Surg
the Regular army."
Lieut, ('hurles B. Tanner is
to this oity
Kate, Hamilton & Co
:il I
Ilirnie in Swoud si, on tho second square
from Market st, who keeps tlie Diamond
j Boot Store, has a flue assortment of Boots,
I ShooB. and Gaiteis ns Well as Cavalry Boots.
! There h» nothing in the Boot Bhoe and Gai
line that Birtde has not got, his goods are
fatnons for style, remarkahl»» for durability i
, aud for the two qualities
' wonder af
engaged in mak
ing and selling fashionable cloaks, aud
selling dry goods.
chine sewing,
Their clonks
highly spoken of both
to quality, stylo an i finish,
o learu that the gallant
Capt. Barr Is now rapidly recovering lie
has l»ee i at death's door. The lamp of life
flickered iu its socket, and looked at times
if it would
. But it gradually burned
with a bright and stronger flame, and he ia
beyond danger. There were several re
ports that he
pleated to
dead. Ills friends will be
him abont again.
Ax Instance
the battle of Antietam Crrek the First Dela
posted in a cornfield, and
Catloc W. Haven, a private in Company P.
afer fiiiug away all his cartridge» travelled
| ' h ?
! them, bat Bn.lly look the oevl*idg«,"îom 8 »
dead soldier, and recrossed the lot into the
' cornfip1 ' 1 •OM"- He was the only **■ *
wü'Suit'lt 1 " *" hl '
Individual Bravest.—A t
Reuiment r
a daring feat, and per
formed luokily, for lie came out of the battle
without a scratch. Carlos W. Haven, altho'
a private ever since the rohelllon began is a
ef groat intelligence, a practical printer,
and formerly the editor of a newspaper. Ho
joined the army ont of pure love for the
Union. His family reside iu this city.
of Crispin and with all
f-q/id qii'ilitiea gre Ik-.cheap
thing In 1» Is Hue. — ^
■ ä pply I
between Fron |
*, J
Those wishing to purchase drugs slionKl
i not forget the excellent Block of Getrga B.
! Thompson,No 802 Marker street, where the
; boat of evqxytblng In that line oan be had.—
Ilern' I
vnd Second.
List of the killed, Wocsded and Missino,
j 0 f tbe F ; rst Regiment Delaware Volunteers,
Sharpsbnrg, 3/srylaml,
In the battle
! ?"!'»■ *V<h, 18M.
I.l Co. llupklQ.nn, wound/.!,
, Cp, K. & W«., A., kill*»,
" Jas. Leouard, B., "
" Jas Rickards, C., "
Dan 1 Woodall, F., F.
D. B. Yardley, L>.
! Li»>nt. W. Y. Swiggett, E.
; D* W. Gemtnlll, K.
' g» T s ""'j r l, i
| o,d-Sor g t T. r'hambora, n'd .erlonsly.
——Martin, band Corpl Buyerly, A, k'd.
Calhoun, A Colorell, A
i 01 " c ï" r ' \ J«o..h Holton, .lightly
, Curtis Iivans, A. .1. Farrell, A,
Wn . A. OlMcoi.
John Horricks, Jaoob Hyatt,
i & Iughan, A. Kirk, A,
wS'uSf'/Vi j"' L* , '.ï d '
Jn^Hou'arr'lty' k'd 1 *"m. *"l*y,"k-.l
Jno. Linsev, A, k'd B. Lee. k'd
i Tho*. lskiav, k'd Eli Sheppred, A killed.
| J "° A, w'd Wm. MoNeal, A
. Choa Miller, A, Jas. Ma«nire, A
A . N ,, la0Cli Ai j 00 , 0 B ,i.n, A
i Jno. Sheppard, A
j Jno Swvoney, A
^WaJker 810 ^*
A ' Bogie,^|nitising.
Corpl N. Wmid, k'd
JF - Sparr
^ or g° r ^'j t
Thos M. Cullen,
Corp'l 8. Gregg, mis
H. Corner, C., k'd
Wm. Miles, C. w'd
Jno. August,
B. Caliin,
J >B. Hamilton,
V. Jarreles, C, ** w'd
,R. H. McCullough, C., w'd
Wm. Veach, A
Jos. Windsor,
Chas. Platt,
I Sergt A Taten, B, w'd
S. Longbri tge, B.
B. M. Wilson,
Thos. Holmes,
C. Lenhart,
Jos. Matiuuring,
N. MoCrnoken,
Corp'l Carrow, w'd
P. MuCIusky, C.
T. Bavton,
D. Doffery
Chas Ijams.
D Lawr&nce,
I MoCluuky, C.
j J' - •Jaaarity,
j T. Workman,
j Woods,
I Caleb Woodman,
M. Boyle, C., missiug.
Caleb Wilson,
Chas. W. Bowlen,
Corp'l G. R. Catoporson, D, w'd
L. B. Boone, D,
Jno. George, D. dead.
Private L. A. Bell, wound« 1,
M. Biases,
Jno. Cailen, dead.
Wm. II. Clark, wounded.
Hugh Conner, dead.
Caleb IF. Davis, wounded.
8. 8. Dill,
D. R. Greene,
r*." 0 * Griffith,
! dh'X. Harrington,
0, G** 8 ^
y 111, Lewis, dead.
;* a - MoCoy. D , wounded,
, v ";
Minn er,
or >
"• 'l 8 *"
Goo. Robinson, wounded,
P* rr 7 Wright,
Private J. H. Hmltb, R., killed,
N. R. Watson, killed
J- Melgoo, wounded, *
Stuart, E , wounded,
Chas F. Holland.
H. Smith, slightly,
Corp'l B*n. Simpler,
Private John Brown, wounded,
J°hn Carey, cl ghtly.
Win. J. Dean, wounded,
C. W. Derriokson.
R- Collis,
11-jy**- ®* H'ibbard.
"• 8 * Hinson,
>' no - R' Holt, slightly
A. Jsrnee, seriously,
M. Johnson,
L - M Kersey.
iUiui'i 51 urn tord, sortnuajy,
D »**d H. Marvei.
A - J - R*" d i slightly.
A. B. Swiggstt, auriotaslr,
D. U. atupter y
Wm. J Smith.
11. C. Twill-y. seriously.
Private J. W Holloway, B., missing, f
anpp sed to be a piisnnor
M. Wilkinson, B., missing, f
Corp'l Jus Lucas, F, killed.
Private John H. Johnston, F.
C Scott, F
It. Auflehnok, wounded.
II. II. Bishop.
Jnhumhon Culiee.
Jos. Cover-late.
M. Delasnoe.
Jas. P. Dickson.
Jno. F. Fairgrave, F.
.1. Fitzsimmons. F.
Jas Hillinr I, F.
Timothy Lyons, F.
B McClcohon, F.
Henry Morns,
Titos A. Rush,
las. Boss,
Isaao Scot!,
Thos A. Sinipaou,
. P. Taylor.
Morgan Williams,
M. B. Wooten,
J. Simpson, F, missing.
Jno. Porter, F.
Berg't P. Spioor, w'd mortally.
Private Thos Anderson, miss.
. W. Jones, G, w'd mtrtrlly
E. Burohiml, O,
H: M. Chalfant, G
Wesley Freeman, G,
Feo. Flach, G,
J. Q Johnson, G,
Chas Palruatory, G,
Chas Roblin, G,
Il J Savage, G,
Thos Sfin, G.
Thos Sweeney.
Geo Ii Taylor.
Owen Tamony, G.
Wm Wahl. G.
J- Crti mner, G.
I Bci.j Ii. Evans, G.
Sergt J Yearaley, H. w'd.
Goo. Semple,
Corp'l L. Cornell,
Jas E Booth,
M Dooley,
F. S Wilson,
Private A Baxter, k'd.
Anthony Cljfcver, w'tl
Pat. Carrigan,
Jno Currey,
Dennis Dougherty.
Law ence Glatt 8.
Phillip Gregory.
Matthew Gilpin.
J A Hague.
Ii Kesuinger.
R King, missing.
W Mealey, k'd
II Pickering, w'tl.
VV Pori er,
Jno Porter,
David Hoed,
David Samuel;
C B Wilson, miss.
Thos. Welsh, w'd.
JJ JFalkcr,
Wm y/ickman,
^ m P". 1 ?• ^ A*
t J EekelS, W (1.
Sergt Patter80n, slightly.
f» nrn 1 TI Vtninrr
CO r pl U Yming,
* TlVftte P crgtuon,
i W Ciimhell.
' Thus. Thornton.
A Oattidl
(ft Buwtni
Geo. JiifiTti, K.jlc'd.
CJorpl S McEliVee, W
T Bouldon,
, L Gl 11 K. SCriOUS.y.
J Glark. slightly.
Q Cloud.
Thos llollowel),
J llurd, w'd
Geo. Dutton, missing.
* Have since died,
j Suppos'd to be prisoners.
T Likens,
the Dead .—The bodies of Cap!» Wat
•I Kosi'rdi who wireHdftl in tho battle of
brought to this oity, last Saturday,
they rcmalnad
Uo I
d placed it» in*» Cuy liall,
yinttrUay ail< ration.
I'..; Cuy Counoil htld a
J:iy »veiling, h ».d rdupted tbe following resolution»:
WaanKAS, The City Counoil of Wibuiogton have
remains of the gallant and Upl
and Rickards of tbe
be tran*portod
tel meeting
entud Cnpiuins Wat
D olaaare Kvgtroont,
to rhis Cit;, to receive at the bands of their sorrow
last sad rites
Counoil, nt ropro
ciiizons at large, deem it but just to
uibry (■fine dneeksud, who boro thus
Uoarust ittcrcsj
ing friends Mil ullow-oltitens,
of -opullure ; and whereat
:■ c
r live» in defenco of
rouutry,— W ce refer®,
U, l bm tho City Council do appoint a
, one from each ward, tu adopt
»bull bo appropriate in tho
li >: d
Jt n. ^
■»<- .»sure*
. E J. Horner
Jo-f'pb W. Dny, Gregg Chandler, Eli Todd.
if«*..,. cd tuitufr. ibzt lb® commiitcu be in
struuted to r<><|!K'!>l tho cu-oporattou of tho Milita
it Temperauco, and toy othor Astoolation» —and
th» cirlztîDS geilt rally, t> attend th« Funeral Obs®
qiius ;— und that tho oilisona ba requritod to olos®
•ht'ir places uf busiuuu at tue limo of th® pamgt
of tho funeral coriego.
Wilmington, Delaware, l
September 27th, 1861 J
Tbo unde'siguid having boon desired by tho
Couimit'xu ot iho City Ouunoil to superintend the
obt®-|iiii-B of tho lsto CnptainM Watson und Rick
aids vrhu fell woiie bravely doteft-ting the »oil of®
iirhb liuu Slate, directs ibu-foliowng arraugi
: I
—the Odd Fellows—tbe Son*
I. The escort will b* detailed from tbo 4th Dola
Voluntcors aod will oousUtof twe companies
m»i< r tbe command of Major L«m»tt.
II. Wbile tbe rinnein* are lyiug in the prluclpal
ru* m of ibe Oity Halt, a Guard ot Hoaor will ba in
constant attendance commanded by a oonirniwlcn
day appointed (Monday tbe 29th
ln*t. ) tor tbo Funeral, tbe troops in tbe viainity ot
I*. M., i i the fi.lluwing
of matkt»c r'roit between 4th and Vth facing to
wards tbo Last :
1, Tbo l»t Delaware Cavalry;
2, The 1st Ddlawnre Artillery ;
3, £ ho 4th Delaware Ia'aotry ;
4, Tbe 3d lt*gi
5, Tbe tv lluiiugton Local Volunteers.
6, City Council ;
T, Civic Society
attend with their tide
oeitioo a' two o'vlotk
will (eke
Rossrva Brigade;
n the order of their aenfority of
The eseort will be drawn up iu line facing
the entrance to the City Hall, and sufficiently for
frmn tho pavement to wheel into Platuoo*.
Alter tbe inual services within the Ball, the re
mains of the gall int dead will
r blmg places in the cemetery with tbe appropriate
Funeral honors — the esoort with arms reversed and
drums luuffljd,
mediately by the tuneral earring*»
tainiog the Clergymen and Immediate frinds ot the
and follow in that order friends
carriages not Attached
inkjnjMheir places In tbe rtar.^ ^
d of Col. Arthur U. Gritnshaw, *4th Delaware
VI. At tho doss of the ceremonies tho Military
C9uiu..»nds aod Civic SocD.tieswUl.be inarched |u
respective Camps and places of meeting by
their appropriate officers.
VII. A ! I of citizens are curnsntfy re
no« »ted to ab- tuln from preaalnf upon or g-ttlng in
ing. the advance—followad Im
be lacod t.i th« It ft,
foot aod io
any organiz'd Society,
Jer the o »m
out of tl
VI11 The flars at the Camps io the vicinity of
(ho oity, will bo bofred at hui' mut, butweeo the
hours cf 2 acd A p, in , on the 29tb inst.
HENRY B. JUDD, Maj*r O. 8. Army.
. which itelayail tbe uiuvemont
coitjge until about 4 o'
about n mile in teugth. The Mayor ami Oity
Couu -il, clergy, and a large number of citlsant,
occupied a position to the tine iu carriage«. The
nitia »ceirtiee made a very respectable display.—
The military display
au Interment in
oousamed in forming
The line extended
tbs tergait
ß&~ C II K A P JOHN has sntiraly rebuilt tbe
iat» lor of lus store In order to give a large
die pis office goods for the ladies. He *--•
.::z delightful spring »took
hand—aod the cheapeat in town.
Large arrivnl of unbleached Muslena
at CHEAP JONH'S as uear the old rates a*
Subeeriptigne in aid of tbf» Delaware 8late Amo
ci » 11 on for Iho relief of slab and wounded soldiers,
tie plomber 8. 1802.
J. M. Poolu à Oo., 823 00 J. C. Noblif,
10 00* Andrew Jack.
18 01). Rob»« T»vl«r,
10 00 Wotrrll * Clold,
5 00 .1
5 OlfDr. Teonrr,
Edward T. Bcllab, 10 00 The». I». Webb,
J. Well a,
P. llolland,
L. E Walen,
Charles* Mullen,
10 00
10 0(1
io on
10 Ou
io oo
io oo
II Garrett,
John Perris,
T. Johnson,
ft 00 John Wood,
6 00 Joel Frist,
5 "0 George Allmor,
5 00 J. P. Herdmau,
6 O'i,M rs. 3 T. Turner, 6 00
2 00, Dr. E. Jefferis,
1 0U Lewis Paxson,
10 00 J. D. Parsun,
10 Oo'.Iohn Browc,
10 00| W. II.
10 00 8. W. MoCsuiley,
5 OOjClias Tl'DonDbll,
5 OOjll. F. Finnegan,
6 CO Kiisn Hhd)oi'ioJ,
6 Of) H. U. J. Naff,
5 00 Wiu. Foord,
6 00 II. N. Wioker'bsm,
2 00 Joseph Chaml.cr,
8 00. James Woolley,
5 00
6 00
6 00
ft 00
5 00
J Mnortv,
Jr». C. R"w!ind,
Daniel II. Beat,
Morris Welds,
A. Flagler,
I,. C. Springer,
John Doan,
Philip Combi,
Jneob Shelter,
Joseph Hvdo,
K T. T.ijlnr,
William Holton,
John Otter
Caspar Kendall, 80 000 JaCub llosld,
20 00 Um. I'lel.ind,
20 Oil,John It Stlgter,
. Parait if o,
3 PU
ß UO
5 00
Kmid Heid er,
HnmiiU Holsler,
Morris MnDowell, 20 OOjWu).
Geo Neheker,
Jacob F. Sharp,
Samuel Biddle,
Jacob Showalter,
F. C Simp
13 00; S. S. flatlet,
13 0l)]J. ilicharUkuD, Jr., 3 0U
3 Utl Cash, 6 00
6 UU W. S. McCaulloy, 6 DO
3 00 H. F. Pickels, 3 CO
1 0(1 Thomas Griffith, 3 00
50 0U Th"
30 00 F. B. F
5» Oui P. N. Brennan,
60 Ulilj. Maris.
60 OOjSa>nl. MrClary, Jr,
. Allmond,
John A Dunoan,
Mahlor, Bata,
K l llilto»,
"•oi Bradford,
F. \ stigh&n,
A. W. Nrt.»tli, 15 UU1J. 11 Wood,
Tamm JtcCui Boy, 13 OOlJobn Carr,
Jacob 8. Wuldiu, 13 00'G. Dorsey,
C. P. J »boson,
L. P. Bush,
5» U0 »V.
3 00
8 Uü
6 UU P. l'helnr.,
3 UU Deborah Peters,
3 UU Philip Joues,
6 00 lloary 11 uuas,
• oo !■■■■
25 mi Cash,
40 00 Mrs Leonard,
3 00
> Jr.,
Samuel Floyd,
Slept»» Buusail,
Boett 8. School,
James Ilrndford, 23 00 Win. CoonrJ,
23 00 Goo. Craig, Jr,
25 00 Jobu Appleby,
25 00 E ther P. '
20 OOjU. M urgiurnyd,
C»pelle A Duncan, 10 OOjM. Caiaban,
Wm U Bullock, 10 00 W J J. Purer!!,
E. Q. Bewail, Jr., 10 OOjW U. Chadwick, 2 00
W H U'llauy A Co., 10 OlijJos. Uorsiler,
K B. MoChcs, 10 00 J. N Gawthrop,
J. A J A. Herman, 5 QUjE 8. K. Butler,
Joiikthaa Rumlcrd, 6 OoJW. Pierce,
Elisha Huxley, 5 OO IletJ F.
Armstrong A Cling, 2 0U|A Cruodish,
100 00 A. M. Cloud,
200 00 E F. Speak man,
60 011 James llemlrixsoD, 2 00
10 00 Thomas Shorwiu,
10 00 A. T. Loug,
2 00 Cash,
:* R- S.
2 00
2 U0
tieury E-skel,
James 0. Aiki
George Bush,
Anne Semple,
2 on
llaunum, 2
2 011
2 UO
- ""
2 Ü0
2 UO
J.'S. Shiftily,
2 (III
N W. »lil I in,
S S. Southard,
J. M. Pu*ey,
Jofoph Barr.
J P Comegja,Dover 26 #U Ileory Kyle,
SCO 001 W. W. U»»p.a,
50 00'Mra. McClary, I 00
|J»bu A. Springer, 100
Creek Hundred, 6 00.Henry Fothrrgill,
Patrick Shannon, 1 00
1 UU
j o 0
E I. Dupout,
A. Biti'lvrmiu,
Sarah W Psxuo,Mill
Ueury U. Pasnhall,
IJ'Hnij wine IId , 6 00 J. \V. Wineab«rg,
Sautuol Comly, Mill |Jhui*i» Mtllun,
Cr*»k Hundred, 5 00|Mrs. Bennett,
Ladies of Newaik John Burnett,
and vicinity, col«,_ Jaoob Datse,
looted by Sfr*. James Sawduu, Jr., 100
Dean, U Ou .VI». Mi.1er,
Gentlemen of New- Mrs. 8tuplor,
ark and vicinity, j ioeepb Uiokfa,
collected by Mis. I li»mu«l G. Kossiter, 1 U0
Dean, 33 00[Mri. Rico, l
Openitives of Dean VVin Riolunond, Jr., 1
A Mon's Mille near K. H Ur'Oitb,
Newark, 69 75 Fraukliii Wright,
Widiaic I'owDiend, 'John llil', ]
Pruderies, 100 OU 1 Joicpli Robinson, I
8. Dixon, Brandy- W. llicnardsou,
wineHd, 10 OujMr. Postil,
Jobu lticbordson, Miss Pyle,
Chilft'aua Hd., 50 0U J"bn S'iibcr,
W. P. ltiobardsoD, 'Miss Spencer,
Christiana Hd.,
K Bringnursl,Bran
dywine HJ,
John OubcH'rflfMtU
1 0U
1 10
1 00
1 0U
1 00
)J. V. Urw-binan,
.. -oiQ Hinder 1 00
druiiiel Cr cth«r» 1 UO
30 tit tir*, ' m
' 50 ot Jsspj Urmy, 1 «o
''mb, 1 00
100 ut tv. Muon. 1 UU
.25 Oo y. Morgan, 1 00
^Cash, 1 to
ti nt t b R iil"' f,.
jil uu M Urubu A J ilcecun 1 00
2« 0U ii 8truud, L ' i uu
1 00
it 35
2 70
10 UU
Brtvndywlue I
Emj » yee» uf Js
& Moore,
J. O Urobb,.ftlwit
tian* HvtotlVwd,? 55 (•»
Bdward'L. Rlee,
.1 f. ttoald,
J J Milligab,
Go» P. Eddy,
s. N. Putty,
.1 T. Chuxborlaia,
j F. »: L (lirrett,
1 f. Vf. Bowers,
! lV. Richaid«,
ftw T.'jfe&ety
| j_
jëh'j A (iriffln,
Eli Garrett,
1». Smyth, 2U UU Cash,
V JU oq'j .hn
15 OOiCitsb,
io oo;\Vi-»«i .t f. x.
ii. 8. lain all,
W. u. Sharp,
Tue following person»
thly rubsoribtrs
name- each i
5 00) Downing à Trice,
10 UUlJ. L. Pusey,
paying tho
Tboums Garrett,
Jacob Fuaey,
5 V0
I'dloy of the jffUminyt
hearing wiil take pr*oj(i ihjs inornlp^ before United
States CoimniseiooM-IfoazlUt. * "
Diuued Churlea Oijttienti, alias Wost ir J, err
of having broken into and robbed tbe Wilmingt
Fuat Office on Thuraday nigbt last. Among
papers tiolen wafs ooriain notes and draft-«;
tbs latter, it was oxpected, would be presented st
the effioe «f A'tofas' Express, ia ibis oity, for puy
DriectiviS Levy aud Iisribolomcw
tinned thetncelvflié'. that plsec, nnd on 6a'urday
morniDg arr»(w3|pteuj'ul when ho tendered
draft, Clement 1» »-.id t■> bave already
custody at Moaot-jB- lly, New Jersey, on criminal
charge*, lie arrived in tais city about ten days
Th® follow tag Ijö a Hit of nota», check» and
drafts fi-und at his'boarding houo and in bia poa

Caoil B -nit. Furl CUp '«it.$9U0 00
Pint Offieo Dcpanm.-:.; at Wuohtogton.66 00
Fleur Cuy Ihmk.2U 0U
St »1® Uank. t/amJat..
Tr-idesm®»'» B«uk ft Philadelphia...
Star* Bank, Cnutdsc...
Htiia Vank. Oag»d|t..
Curu Exchange it .»It, i'l i adrlpbia . .
Union Bank l*qif»a»i|'h a.
Hank Qf Nt w Cdslln. i'clawaru.
Farm*«»' R rnkg. Dein wire.
Smyrna Bank .
Fnrnj* rM' lim k, Delawa-» .
Bank ofl>i law <ru U'linty..
Bank of EH®, P®nn»y I» inia.
Bank,of Erie. Pgntt*».-auiu
Newark, Detawaro.
Naio duo in PhRadalj-ihli...
.69 68
176 00
.13 24
262 78
.4 »00 00
183 31
Note due
Note du« at Dtlawnrc ( v
te duo otMi Jillu'
T B. Darruoh'» note
Henry MrCcrab *_
Lsipalo, Farmer»' Bank of Delaware
LoipxtO, Farmer»' B-rok of Deluwarc
of Newark.,
Bank oi Delaware 1
Citizens' Bank, Middletuu, Delaware
1288 89
. 95Ü 43
50 j
.400 U0
. 111 75
3389 40
.134 40
.134 00
.110 34
.S24 00
.146 00
.171 19
Farmers' Bank of Georgetown, Del
[Pht/o. inquirer.^
11,213 51
fb .Second Vêlât.' are .—We give the following
additional diums of tbe wounded
Untenan. Regiment. This regiment is said to have
diitiiiRuiibed itself by the moat heroic notion oo
tbe Scoood
te 0, Wm Lowsr«, Jvktoo, M3, Samuel 8lretck,
® li ù. Heavier Smith, E'.kt"», J*uio« Ioabau,
It, Phillip G Lie.-, Elk'oo, Isaac Fereacre, Elk
Co D, Color 8erft, Jamas Wier, Pa, Gen Shcr
Guo W ltodgi'.u Smvrou, H u ry II Coltmun.
Oempei.y E, Oorpo-al, IVin Sinitb, J- siph Mr.
Clu»ky, Jecob
Pepper, ltebart CteiS. E Dsn:t.1
Tfin* Wol len. Del, >} illy Genthord.Vinaeuc Wroth,
John Welsh, Pi. • 'uipn.y O, Jr.hu i)r ■
Henry Cake, llunh Krtf,,y. Curopaoj
Emuierx'in, Del, JkTTt. Hyiiiid, Dal, tlio HattpoIdJ
l*e, A Howard. D.»!, .laines K-r.iij, Del. bumps
I, 1 dward 8u.itL, Doi. C»u*pat»y.K, Corporal
John IXufiuan, Dal, (."usrlei Unuiu-r, .1 iho Kec
. E Rtiosell, Win Parks, and John Wa'.ravm.
Company A. E 1-^-d Q ilg!y, Del, killed. C uu
Pa, Stephen Connmly,
ipaoy C, privet® Hcn
Conip. ny D. let 3ar
. L. Og-Aa. Iki. Compauy E, Wn
Cummiugs, Del, '<4 rge Toppor, Pa, Adolph
3raukmao, Pa. Cjfr.r.y F, Jubn Albertos, Pa.
■ r. Company F. Corporal F
, P Iteolfo,
, Gu»
Pa. Company
J Lake, Pa. Corporal
Sloao, Pa, Joseph
, fa, uasi Dick
pan y B, S .low in
Pe, Wm P Pavon,
ry Bennett, ElktoiiJ Md
p4«y tt. G
Juliu Nobit, '^t
C.mpkny B. tar»-,
Charles Bust*, j'afl
Sparks, Pa, Goo B A
, Pa,Charles Iifp
e uh towers from 2
tu il sh***
.. his
ninifiH to
io 6( per oent.
Two Dkcawakk War
Company A,
Company C, First Drlawars
/APT, K. S. Watson,
First Dkl.vwahr Volunteers,
Volunteer«.—O n Monday afternoon the last
remains of these valiant yonng soldiers who
slain at the battle of Antietam
17tb of this mouth,
etary of this city with grat and appropriate
honors. L
buried in the Cera
proh bly the largest, and
impo'iug funeral prooession that
took place in this city It appeared as if
of the inhabitants followed In the
procession, and the otbor three quarters
turned ont to witness U. 1*
solemn, although a
and gre.it credit is due to Msjir Judd for ar
Regiment Delaware Volunteers, for carrying
arrangements in
a grand aud
lancholy. >peotacle,
1 to Col. Grimsbaw of the Fonrth
perfect a
Between three and fonr o'clock the coffins
plaond in the hearses, and the proce9
began to move ta the soleuiu music of a
dead march, performed by the Wilmington
Brass Band, who
formedy music Uns in
First and Second Delaware Regiments.
Procession. *
Four Members of the City P. lice.
Wilmington Brass Band.
Two Companies of Fourth Del. Reg't, with
i d]
Hearse containing the
Bearer». I Body of Capt. ii. S. WutB
I H'-urs'» containing the
Bearers. | Body of Capt. J. Riokirds.l Bearers.
I'.: I
Four Wounded Delaware Soldiers.
Ministers of the Gospel.
Nineteen Carriages Coutainiug Relations nnd
Friends of the Deceased.
The Mayor and Members of
in Carriages.
Bt. Peter's Beneficial Society.
St. Mary's Beneficial Bociely.
American Mechanics.
Friendship Fire Company.
First City Guard, under Command of Capt.
City Counoil
Brass Band.
Fourth Delaware Volunteers.
IVnosy 1 vani* Reserves.
Fourth Delaware Volunteers.
First Delaware Cava'ry
C rnrnand
foot, under the
Adjutant Massey.
First Delaware Artillery, better knowu
Nield's Battery, under the Command
of Capt. Nielda.
The process!
moved up Market street to
Ninth, along Ninth to King street, down King
to Third, along Third to Market, op
Market to Tenth, and out through Tenth st.
to the Cemetary.
On arriving at the Cemetary the hearses
with the escort entered the sacred gronnd,
0 and the Right Rev. Bishop Lee, of the Pro
testant Episcopal Church of Delaware, per
formed the Religions cert-inonles over the
graves of these dnpaited heroes,
ware Regiment then fired three volleys. The
first volley of which was tired liy battalion,
the second and third volleys by file, and as
the echoes of the different reports of rnnsket
ry died away tho mourners
5 j thiaing spectators departed, and
"left alone In their story''
to lemain until the last trump shall rouse
them from their dread repose.
the Fourth Del*
l tho sympa
Capt. Evan 8.
Capt. Evan 8. Watson, or Company A,
First Delaware Volunteers, v
' city of Wilmington
.1 »1 • ii" T 1 »,
. . 1C ., Q „ lUe **»*rd day of No
I comber, 1838. He was^ a pattern maker by
t. a le - On the breaku p out of this Rebel
. raised the Ôrs! c
»Itze.t iu lu^ uity for rHITnrFcemJuitha' cer-I
! vice. Cap*. Watson haB been in the service
lever since. The First Delaware Regiment,
I in whioh he was captain of the first oompa
I ,loBe 8 l "' ri?ou dnty in Norfolk, Va., when
it fell -nto Union hands. The regiment af
I terw*rda moved to Suffolk, in tho same
I Stale. While his regiment was at Suffolk
I the Captain came to this oity to reoroit, and
j while here his regiment was ordered
Washington. Tho raid of tho Rebel Gener
j a i„ *nt » Maryland made it nece-sary to send
! «11 of our available troops to oppose them,
and Capt. Watson, eager to be with his com
puny when they should get Into action,
I off to join them. He hired a private
1 oonveyanc«, nt a heavy oohI, to take him the
I last twenty miles. He arrived just in lime
I to leid his company iuto the bloody fight on
j Antietam creek, i.ud was one of the first who
j fell. His last words were *• 05», my Cotnpa
„»,>■ Capt. Watson was a single man, and
almost the sole snpport of his parents.
, who was universally
qniut ami unassuming in
d correct in bis habits ;
ley down his life
a young
beloved. He
his deportment,
and Ids last action
in defence of his beloved country.
Captain J.traes Rickards, of Company C,
First Delaware Volunteers, was horn in New
castle county, State of Delaware, February
26, 1838, and
At the commencement of this Rebellion he
under Capt. Smith, the same Capt. Smith,
Delaware Volunteers. Capt. Rickard's fath
dead, yraa formerly a ooroner
in this county Before the war broke out
Capt. Ilickarda was a Tory prominent mem
her of tbe Dramatic A»aociat.on or this oity,
and was a very promising yoangaotor. When,
the theatre was opened a» the Ssvillo Build
ing, and Mr. Charles Thome, Harry Lang
don J. .Parker Robson, Mrs. Thorne, Mi»»
Emily Meatayer, Mias Josephine Parker, Mr.
Jack nnd otiier celebrated artistes were there
Capt. Jambs
a ooach painter by trade.
24th Pennsylvania Volunteers,
Major of the First Regiment of
. . ,
• diulttrd Into lh. comp.il/ »«h.
th.io. II- « U' ooosld.r.d 111. b«»t .m.t.a
p.tfortu.r iu this ol.jr, .nd like Uioompatt
, «'.pi. Wat».», who went with hint to
the grave, he was a quiet, unassuming yonng
He was with h's regiment from the
lime it left this city nntil it
Moody fle d ot Antietam, where he met his
death iu an endeavor to rescue bis colors
the enemy Ho lays by the side of his
brave companion in arms, Capt. Watson, in
tbe Wilmington Cemetary.
" Two klftdred souls lie mouldering In the
By his death his widowed mother Is beroft
of her main support, and the solace of her
declining years.
have Robbed
On Saturday, the 27th Inst., a
the name of C. Allen,
delphia by Deteotlvt-s Somers and Levy
snspioion of being the burglar who robbed
the Wilmington Post-Office. After his arrest
the ffijer s proceeded to his boarding-h
in North lith sired" and found there a
ber of Utters, containing oheques and drafts,
supposed to have been stolen from the Wil
mington Post-Office. lie is knowu to the
police as Charles Clement and Charles Woos
tard, aud is said to have broken Jail on the
10th September at Mount Holley, New Jer
sey, where he
lug. The Sheriff of Burliugt
for to come to Philadelphia and identify the
who gave
arrested in Phila
Buppo no
Imprisoned lor horse steal
Since writing the above the prisoner has
examination iu Philadelphia before
United States Commissioner lleaslitt
has been sent down h«re f
U. 8. Court for the District of Delaware.
yard of Ilarlau aud ifolliosworth
day, tho 27th inat.,
strook the water she made ft prodigous dipo
hut nevertheless
wing. Site is
doubtl«6s give a good account of herself,
when occasion i «quires, and else reflect credit
the shipwrights of Wilmington.
Tin McClellan House
of Ninth and Market st re-t, kept by our Joc
ular friend Uo>>k is the resort of all lo.
rood salt oysters, nod other delioaciei- Good
A i e „ au4 Uq U «. r s. slid th# b«»t brand of cigars
j ara a ] wajr8 bahlud his bar, and liks an at
tentive landlord be is always there himself
to attend t • the orders of those who favor
him with a visit.
launched from the
3 o'clock, when she
dry as a dock's
a capital vessel, and will
the N. W. corner
1 • :
I The old lion«« on the bridge that crosses
! tb« Christin« foot ot Market street was sold
I *t anstIon \o Henry Flothlnj; tot (54

Released.—T homas and Moaes Morrison,
taken from their homes at Freder
iokabnrg, Va., and osat into prison, last May
bacause they refused to
ate army, h ive been released. Thomas mill
ed at
the Confeder
ofBoe last Thursday, aud famished
with Richmond papers, np to the 20th inst
but they contain little worthy of comment.
of them that
Oeneral Triiuhle, of brid ;e burning notoriety,
was slightly wounded in'he recent battle at
Mannssas. Mr. Morrison represents the con
duct of I he Confederates
barbarous than that of the Sepoys during
their rebellion against English authority. In
the prison where he
moud, tjiere
refused to hear
and about six hundred others who had deser
ted from the
It is stated however, in
being little less
confined at Rich
nearly a hundreil men who
against the Government
He stated tint be had
, aged 70 years, f 'reed along
il he had fallen
by (he point of the sword,
dowu from ghee, exhaustion. Imprisonment
in miserable dungeo:
of food, await every
ing the Government a( Washington, nud a
perfect system i f despotism j
1 short allowances
is pooled
•dis. Mr. M
the rebellion cannot he pro'tinged
many more months. The crops hnvu failed
to a forge extent* and in North Carolina seed
wheat was celling al 8f> per bnahel.—Tlieie is
a great scarcity of nearly every article of
prime necessity, nnd everything is telling
t mine prices. The nb'e hod ed
' rally in the army, and when it is defeated
(he strugg e will be at au end. Republican.
Kn.t.KD. —We learn that Amos F. Dunbar,
who belonged to Capt. Fuehtz's Company, in
the Fifth Maryland Regiment,
the recent battles in Maryland. Mr. Dnubar,
is a Printer by profession, and
in this oity f
He was a fine young man, tnuoh respvcUd by
all who knew him, by whom his death will
be deeply regret.ed. He has fallen whilst
gallantry fighting the battles of Ids country
and his memory will aver he gratefully cl
If bed by a pat i lotie people.
sometime before he enlisted.
S!rk awl Wunndal .—Tho following sick
wounded Delaware si.Idlers are reported ns hnving
arrived at the volurteer bospitol at Broad and
Primo «treats, Phil idelpbia, on Saturday morning:
N. Gilpin, Company If, 1st Dulnwnre ; Authony
Chambrr, Company II. 1st Delaware; John II.
Hunt, Company D, 1st Delaware ; If. Chalfant, 1st
Dilanraro; Henry Morris. Company F, 1st Delà
; James Coverdalo, Company F,
; Corporel Semnel McWee, Comp:
1st Dolawere ; Albert Nelson, Company A, 1st
Delaware ; Isaac Scott, Company F, 1st Delawa re
OpBirisa.—Worell & Child, No. 228 Mnrket
st., have jus* opened, direct from New York,
ft beautiful assortment of Dress and other
goods suited to the nppreachiog seasons.
These goods have nil been purchased nt
heavy red uol Iona f.r o-ish, and will besold
oorrespon Hngly low. Purchasers had bet
ter look nt the goods
Robert W. Birnie, the salhnaker in the
Hnnsherger Building, corner of Market and
Water streets,
, and is prepared
comes along in a prompt and efficient
, and judge for
still doing a lively bnsl
order that
Inturbd.—T he body of Samuel R. Zebley,
mentioned iu
last issue as be
lug killed at the battle of Antietam, was
brought home by the father aud a few per
sonal friends of
Bnnday last. Mr. Zebley
of Capt Yarnall'a company Pennsylvania
deceased, and interred
a member
Kent and Sussex Affairs.
Kent County.
We copy the following from the Peninsula
(Milford) News.
Our town has thiB week been shocked with
of those soenes which
the occurrence of
a disgrace to humanity, and cali for
only upon the direct perpe
tutors, bnt upon those who oonntenanoe,
support, and Allow their property to be used
as houses of drunkenness and infamy. The
fft0tg present oss.», as far «
^" u êÛ, fl.HiDninnPPffWWBB*
u êÛ, fl.HiDninnPPffWWBB*
Jni,n lîXîaeU," resliling ebon' nine miles
from Mllf/,rd, in the vicinity of Beunett'a
p| Wfi came to our town on Monday last, and
during the day became somewhat intoxicated.
In the evening he and some of his friends
visited a bona*» of rathar bad repute tenanted
by Thomas Hoskins. While there and when
leaving before ten e'c'ook they all appeared
| to be in a friendly mood. Tbe party again
] knocked for admittance; they
I go awav, aud some threats of shooting
| made if they did not leave. Something was
thrown against the door by the outside psr
ty, when they ran away. Bennett, It eeems,
I went back again and knocked for admittance,
| when Hoskins opened the door and deliher
ately fired at him with a double-barrelled
gun, the entire load taking effect in the stoui
j geh. Some persons hearing the report
j to the place and found Bennett lying in the
| who had him removed to tbe Milford Hotel,
whare he died in less than an hour after the
uUlrrcuce. Hoskins was arrested by Con
sial:le Gorby and taken before Esquire Hazel,
returned to the house after 11 o'clock and
told to
in a mangled and suffering oondi
They immediately called Dr. Lolland,
confession ot having shot the
Jail al Dover. Mr.
Bennett was about forty-four years of age,
and loaves a wile aud several children. He
a peaceable, inoffensive man, tbosgh ad
dicted to drinking. Hoskins' house has long
been looked upon as a disgrace aud a nuis
, aud as such should have been dealt [
will» long since. Deputy Coroner Orem held
the remains of the deceased
. was cornu Died
stated in our lazt issue had been captured
j i|j a Rebels, has since been beard from,
a J 1( t r appears he is a prisoner at Riohmond.
Tbe f am j| y 0 f Mr. B. have reoeived informa
t|on to thU froin Mr. Kennedy, of the
Inter lor Department, at Washington, where
J h(J (Mr . B . ; was clerking previous to being
J oa pt uru d. The particulars of his «rapture and
! lm p r | fl(lll ment have not
Tuesday morning.
Mr. James U. Bell, of this town, who
yet been received.
Mr. Jaoob Y. Fonlk, of this
! ceived a CapUiu's commission _ —
K.» lm .nt of D.Uw.r. C...lr/, .nd is
for Comp.n/. Hi, Ll.o
1>0>nU Wm . j. of lb |, , nd
ßiuhud J. Camper, ofFiederioa.
Leiter from the 1st Delaware
Sept. 19th, 1862.
writing to
Mb. Editor j—
have had a good maroh of
before reohing the front, aud since then have
been in
ments of the war; and the "blue Hen's
Chickens" have freely spilt their blood In
their Country'll cause.
We left Washington
hing f
We left onr knapsacks,
, and took nothing with
coats and blankets. Very few, if any of us,
four days
bloodiest engage
ot ll "
Thursday evening,
miles encamped in a field.
, Ao.,Wa8hlng
bnt *
extra shirt. I suppose when these
get dirty we will have to go without till
wash them, or take one from the first dead
. During Thursday evening It
rained very hard, but I «»cased myself iu
India rnhber suit; and the
morning 1
perfectly dry. I would advise everyone
that h going a soldering, to get a sait
Ou Friday morning, at 5 o'clook, we
ted again. We passed through Rockville,
for the night. The next morning at 5 o'clock
we started again, and passed through Mid
dlehrook and Cterksbnrg, and encamped at
night at //yattsville. Ua Sunday we
far as Monocacy, there the Rebels had
the river. On
passed through Frederick, where
n.-.ny American flags Dying,
a mile out of tho
burnt the railroad bridge
the people appeared to rejoioe at
passed through Middlelirook,
a large number of Rebel prisoners,
taken prisoners
the battle of
last S-unday. The woods
bringing away the Biok aud wounded. That
the battle-field or
the held
tired that I could
not go. They describe tbs picture as being
awful ; and from what I
»■ T.'W.l.'.l,
Sunday. Some ot our boys went
to take a view, but I
hear, the battle
been a bloody affair. On Tuesday
morning we started at 4 a. u , and reached
Oar brigade,
ooneiating of the 4th New York, 5th Mary
land and 1st Delaware, i* under the command
assigued to
deatinatlon betöre
of Gen. Max Weber.
Frenoh'e Division, of Snmner's Corps. A
battle was then raging in front, in whioh, I
understand th« 24 Delaware
Lieut. Jamot Lewis, of our regiment, whilst
taking a view from the bill,
heel, and
putufod. Anjtker shell pitched in the ini.Lt
of a crowd of oar boys, and made them " sko
compelled to have hia foot
We were now In lieu
a reserve, but
But the most interesting and bloody affair
is yet to he told. Early In the morning the
a magniffioent
through valleys,
formed lute line, and ordered for
ward. Through woods, over fenoes, and Into
we got into
received a tremendous volley
whole line moved. It
suoh a body of
hill and winding llieir
. Just
opeu field,
from behind a stonewall, where the Rebels
posted in strong nuuihera We fell
faces and poared it into them, and
they returned fire with great effoot. We then
made a charge, bnt the Rnbtd reserve caino
up, and routed us. Duriug the engagement
Ills conntiy's cause. As 1 predicted, some
time since, this reglmeitdene well. Friends
nt home, many of yon have lost your idols,
but let it console »
performance of their dnty ;
performed worthy
roy of a kind Providouce,
have sworn to avenge to slaughter of our be
loved comrades. It may he that
fall, but His will 1 b the easier by strioking
of Delaware she 4 his blood in
that they died in the
. who, through the
too shall
whole might.
Col. Andrews, Lt-Col. Hopkinson, Major
Smith, and Lieut. Post les, (Aoting Adjutant)
all had their horses shot from under them.—
A ball
another through my haversack, aud a third
through my ooat tall, yet 1 escaped anhnrt.
only account for it by thinking that the
Great Rules of the nnirerse guided the halls,
and unto him Bliould I give all the praise. A
party of us
jor, and done good servies. A number of the
witli ns, aud they
through my bayonet soabhari,
taken up lanes by the Ma
commissioned officers
with tlm Major, took the guns of the
ded and dead,and by the side of the mon they
fought noldy. Whilst lealotuiy at weik, a
hall hit Capt. Rickards in the breast, and be
diBd in a few moments. Many noble
could be narrated of both officers and
bnt time will not admit. Lt-Col. Hopkinson
flightly wounded: Captains W
Leonard, and Riokards
Bwigget, Uemtnill, Bhaffer, Capt. Yardley,
Woodal, and Shortiidge,
full report of the killed and wounded will be
possible. I think abont forty
killed, and two hundred wonudvd.
laying quiet, reornlting
killed. LlbUta.
wounded. A
energies for another attack.
We hare had no letters from h
M. V». H. K.
left Suffolk.
the Delaware Republican.
The following letter
wriiten by Lieu
tenant Lynch of the Seconl Delaware Ragl.
ment to his parents, who hare kindly per
Nrar Suabpsburo. Md.,
Saturday, Sep. 20 1862.
My Dbar Pabrnts:—I take this opportuni
ty to inform you of my whereabouts and wel
fare. I
last four dayB have been eventful ones to me.
I have been into the fight and haveoome oat
of it. Our Division
well nnd sound, thank God The
the flower of the
Southern Army, and we whipped them badly.
The Irish Brigade and oar Brigade were fight
ing against Gen. Jaokson's best
give yon the particulars ns near as I can.
On 8atord«y afternoon last
to Frederick, Md., and
. I will
marched in
Sonday inoraing
started In pursuit of the enemy; we oame up
Monday af*ornoo% and engag
ed them with artillery. Tuesday was taken
up principally with planning and manoeuver
ing troops
with them
both aides. Ou I Wednesday we
supported a battery of 20 pound Parrott g
all day. un er a very heavy fire. We had
that day two men wounded, one of whom !ias
since died. On Wednesday night oiijr^ Jjßgl-,
iu front ou pioket d *
V'stou. whioh was drawn up iu 1» e In a
field. The engageraent was goli/g
this time p.etty briskly. The Irioh Brigade
was drawn up in line of battle in*»t in front
of our Brigade, and as a matter of coarse
Into the action first. They
ken by the nouoentrated fire of the enemy,
and their colors were left lying
Gen. 8umner's aid oame
with the following message.
Irish Brigade is broken aud their colors
telligenoe for
nnd charged
•md sixty prisoners, and driving the en. my
clear off I he field. From the
ment fired the first volley, they kept np nnd
incessant firing, which caiiEml
straight thronglr the ranks of the famenne
Irish Battallion" of tho South, which had
r-ot fifteen minutes before broken the Irish
Brigade. Our Regiment went in advance of
the rest of the Brigade, and k--pi the lead all
the time. Themen fought like tigers, and
»hot in the bad; we had no cow
aud taking everythi g into
loss was very trilling; 83 will
the whole lis- of killed, wounded and
missing. 15 will cover the list of killed, the
principal part being woundtd.
I oame through safe—thanks be to God—
, aud oame off with 17.
killed, however, that I know
; being all wounded and missing; five cf
wounded, and one missing I
will turn up
fought well, and I feel proad of
them. I thought that I would
to stand fire, but I soon found
ly; for I
in the
20 minâtes before they were bro
the field.
Gen. Richardson
General, tbe
the field '' This
Bricade, and
forward. We went cut
It, taking some
ominous in
the field
not one
bat not so with
the fight with 23
have hopes that the missing
be able
cool as could he through the
whole engagement, and uever thought
of being shot, or backing off the field. All
the officers that
ihemselves most gallantly and the n en think
there ia nobody like them. Oar Oeneral gave
great praise; and altogether,
lionized by those who
Regiment. At oue time
advance of the regular line that
the field conducted
tbe action of the
far in
being out-flanked by the enemy, and for
a short time we sustained quite a severe
fire; fortunately for us there
1 tuent in the
them and saved as oouslderably. After stay
the field nearly lj boors,
brought to a right face, and marched off in
good order.
another reg
of na, and they fired into
were marehed to the rear and
cartridge boxes filled with cartrigvs, and
the front again and kept
there all the rest of the day; there was
musketry flghtlug du ting that dny au l
tie put to support a battery, where "
laid the balance of the day under a galling
fire of artillery. On Wednesday nigki wo
pioket duty, and
seut to the frout again, and kept there
till the nuerny skedaddled 1» great disorder.
While the battle raged it
the dead and wounded strewed the ground
very thickly indeed. Oar Brigadier General
has just been to our camp te see tbe colors.
He says they went orazy on the day of the
fight, and he does rot want them to get
wild again, but adds, "I know where they
; they were in thethiokest ot the fight.
"Pop," they have "covered themselves with
glory." Delaware mty weil be proud uf her
Regiments. The 1st Delaware
tvlllti. -
badly out up. Three of their ('apUins—Wat
, Leonard, and Rickards—
We only had
officers wounded, and
slightly. All the fiel 1 officers hor
the first
fire. Tbe names of the wounded of my oom
pauy (K,) are as follows: corporal Lofman,
pretty severely in the leg; corporal Hammer
in the aucle; private Kendal, iu the foot
merely; privat« Parks, slightly in the
ach; private Russell, in the leg; First Ser
geant Fox is the only missing
company. He weut on the field with the reg
iment and coudnoted himeeff nobly; but he
did not not come off with uu; a great many
of the Regiment say they have seen him
Hince the fight, and perhaps he may y«t turn
np. We fouud all the bodies of the killed of
Regiment on the field hut his; and
cannot account for his abssnoe. He may be
a prisouer; at all events I hop« he may yet
tarn np.
Our Brigade took 11 rebel flags. I oannot
find wards to express my grettitude for my
deliverance, and must leave yon to imagine
my feelings. I do not wish to go into anoth
engagement, but if it should be my mis
fortune to meet the euemy again in pitched
battle, my conduol shftUMH
faultless. I did my duty, and am satisfled;
and you hare the assurance thui I
coward. I am tried of writing, and I will
t«U you particular* nh*u I get Lome.
t In»
' were shot from ander th m
in the
it ban been

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