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Mo. 404 BIARXOT ,, ,,
i»*4th and 6th Btraata,
Wilmtrikt ötaV D siewara.
Is prepared to execute putlog of *v#ry des
cription In a neat and expeditions manner,and
on as reasonable terms as anyeetobU^fiaent in
the country— euch as
His friends and the public' generally hr« re
spectfully invited tosBnd.iu their.orders. i*.
The joVs will be promptly filled, aud sent hy
O'b er wise 'to Àny pwcé 1n the Btate.
Beti n
[Fer tn* T)*j*WarA ^AirW.J
l walked r short ^iBtanne, once, ipto the wood,
Aud 1 saw, what I'd',iiie ÿou to see, if you
A Huntsman rode from
Passing along to the bauks of the 8ea.
Many a sUg sprang timidly by, 1 ' /*
of them caught the huntsman's eye ;
He blew n lönd blflF', in the 'o^est Ejreeo,
Ne4r,-teU me, good peuple, what could that
I walked farther into the^wood,
I saw what I'd like you.tfi se> jf yp^l could ^
A girl in ft little bout p^ied her o^r, « ' •
Hastening inwards, towards the shore.
Fishes swam recklessly, fearlessly by,
of them i aught the mniden's eye ;
bbe sang a loud song in the forest green,
, good people, what -could that
Now, tell
back again through the wood,
, that I'd like ,ypu
And, as I
, if you
A lonely horse stood still and neighed ;
emyty bout, the fishes played,.
the willow trees, .
I-veiling bi « ere ; w
impressively, yet .otto voice.
" Not Mr». Duval, certa nly? 1*«
, .It, r " der ' ' C -
. p *.•• tAtui
" Mf. Snelker reph.d
Author of " Our Bnttio " J 'uoioUen," -
chapter xxi'i
rooB BAur swxLXx«.
The slK.bt of Mr. Hilton und Mr. Mahoney
apparently interesting and cer
'ersaiion, did not serve
Hllay iu) nneaainess at^Jirn Blake's iudi»
powerless to act in the
the force o^circamstances
compelled to await the consequences which
might grow out of it, providing that conversa
tion had for its objeut myself, Ahd injury tp
engaged i
tainly an amicable
cretiou, but I
*s. and
was contomplateil.
very late wheu 1 vît at our place
: business, aud having made my excuse to
my allotted
Mr. Treble, I proceeded
work, when tb* wrinkled face of Hamp Snel
ker, together with a portion of bi* body was;
protruded through the door, he reinarfcqtHo
" Young Toggs, a feminin* has
îe you."
" Who w
m she, Mr. Snelker be
uch surprised
ply Mr. Soelktfÿ$gf«!ïkled face is
ing very
For re
ed a very RrotegflU* expression, and beck
oning with his w®1 to m.', 1 immediAteiy
left my dosk aj^followod iiiiii to another part
ot the fs tob fialiiiient, where the communica
tion tf SiT. Suelker was not liitely to be ôVer
he^d. Then after peering ijiig!, every nook
possible for a listen
be hid, und into many nooks aud cor
ners, where, by no human possibility, a listen
er could be hid, he approached roe ou tiptoe,
aud thrusting his wrinkled face into miné; he
mysteriously questioned :
" Can't you guess, young Toggs ?"
" 1 cannot," I replied, uroused at my com
,j.nd corner, where it
panion's proceeding, yet impatient
"The boarding house mistress," bp said
while at the same'ti
tually felt myaelf
" The
tioual 1 m8 tn th« nam.
" What did site ml wite ■«, In tty »»«
^ .„ Her'unless_"
lh LLLL ar LTr.LifLer7» i'».k-.d-w*
Un '
b'" Col.»« J.» marre b.r. Aod ltd. my ,pri.
,at. opinion that the obj.ct ot -HrtT Dorel'.
visit here to-day, was to demand that justice
»t lour".nd«,'' Mr. Snrlk.r rejoin.d. »'«■•><*
"Then she will hav. her troubl. for h.r
,'ain. For of ,-our.o yo'u are .war. that th"»
thing ia,impossible," 1 r.pli.d, »J V
" Than you do not know what will foltetr 1*
\T::zrzzt^. **
' law for a breach of proml..,
young Toggi, and the JÜht»g.. ? ùud.r th.' p» '
^ ii • retoium pa nf this case will be enor
" But 1 never mad. Mi» Duval . .promi»;'"
I remonatratod, now actually frlght.u.d at th.
flr.i lor. »dreh -
" A suit
probable termination of my
•p oi
i to o|q<w
D )
: rj
■ a>.q
1 X 1 LIU

jn-n rtjn*/! jùi
ft aidT /
TJUsFITY, t=hqtt a t ,T TT r FBATHBWITY.

/. 1 ;> • ^ 1 " ■ '-s' .< . iv .t ty »A*
prHLiBHBD wrmmr baturday, *y aambb montoohmy, no .
to old
( 2,00 FEB ANNUM.
V4itu IV.—No. 4 %
;i -,
tifre. |.pQtWhg acquainted with fhb legal in
fact that th* promises of a minor unless for they
necessaslos ars not binding in law, and* no ac- young
tlon Saa b* màlnUlned upon them. * yodr
! piso* are expressed, anil some . "
are implied, young Toggs," Mr. Snelker re- are
marked, "byo'n.'s actions, and although you
tiiif not kive actually promised the oharmiug
Sally ty* marry her, consider how assiduous
your,attentions to her were. What must she
have actually implied from itbem,young ToggsV"
ip a moment the lltüe sitting room and the
i«ofo,*wUb the charming Sal^y ftnd my
humble'»elf seated thereon, on 90 rnauy oo
r'ol> up before my imagination,
eye worship which I used th accord ber,
that eventful Sunday when I diuNüveped that
«be had fata* halr aBd- teet^ 4, Aa^mbercd
distinctly, hnd l groaued in spirit,Mor truly,"
I argued to myself ''from 9uch actions Sally
inlgbt deduce a promise.''
..•■What would you advise under the-clrcuiu
etances, Mr. Snelker ?" I at length ihquired,
after the above hasty review of my poaitiou.
' h.

. " Weft, young Toggs," my uompa
piled, "there
persue." :
G» What
three courses which you may
they, pray?' 1 I questioned ea
" First you
I groaned by way ofi rejoinder. For the
marry her," he replied.
Vision of Miss Sally's imperfections
' my mind. ,
,, ' •• That do«| not suit, eh ? Then in the next
plate you can stand a,suit at law. DuVal v*.
I Tdffgs, Will look well in' the causes for trial
Vm argument. How do you like thAt, young
pgga ?" my tormentor questioned cynically.
Agfrlml groaned by way of reply, j
"Yoa *«ff fastidious, young Tog^«,''
nOlker continued, "thed your dernier resort
Liuicide." , ;
«I Suicide l»' I ejaculated with horror.
'•«'Oertoinlj," Mr. Snelker remarked
iécqntïji' v< U is a méans^ resorted to by a great
uimtofr .ja a far less'forlorn position than
ours! B««We ip suicide yon have A
if WaysW .choose'from by which to make
'«iir finaf egit from off thé stage of aqtion
Pkyii w hief» by the way is generally practised,
h-ere i# the rasor. One qnick and firm cut ;
kcrosi : y6«V wind pipe, taking care to mak* j.
he cut deep éffodgh ttf.tAke in the artery or
ugler, and in a very short time you Vill be ed
toyond the reach of human aid." ï ' fi
" Mr Snelker 1" I exclaimed reproachfully,
"wbv du «ou Ulk tbu.?"
.«'Nothins moi. .«r, .ooog Toioé," UJ
Ar.ooe companion ooütlouell,—itb o vory equft
.i. ton. .f Vol«-;, bot with « »uangb bright
L M , of ,y, ' "but if jou do not lilt, that, wbot
aordraww'ut* putol- 4 t.«t »«itlemooiy
loodobT tha W»r,and inoob »aertad-to by ik'i
Flolld. You oo.».-.- -V" '' ° f » lo * d,d
Place its mux
the I
berripger with a hait trigger
Wg^L-lnrth.rre.re cmi ;
oma amok, end a atroûg cm.ll of burnt pow- ;
ST hut I Win guaraitte. that you wfll neither ;
L, ace, hor fm.il any nf th... thihge." ;
' , a _ k ,„ .
u.-r4t^ W* ' k P , D * er ,., t i on the '
tion«4, uow really beg on ng oq
man's sanity. !
"By ho maane," h. ooutlun.d_ lo the .erne
lin.pn.rj-'h^tlpere.lvethatynod.U npt.gree -
bie. Wh», aay yon to a dole ot poiaon? Laud ^
tanin, for ini tance ; a proper dole of which
•will dlnaoea eleep thht kooWe no'wakeing. j
Örto haaglng.ameanl, by the way, reported ]
byAhtïilUwlf »•>«'■»». *"<* tb ; modn " f '
•uob an Illustrious example 1« resorted to b>
•uob an Illustrious example 1« resorted to b>
thoueanda. Aud be.lde, It !> .»id to be b, no |
men. euch « diangreeable mod. or death ; a j our
.ingle choking aeneatlon.and then, na th. Wohd ['«»*'
from the heart ru.he. with lightuiig like ra- ;
•idltv to tbe brain, bright viiione ajipear he- j to
Le the minda eye gradually f.dihg, fading, ; and
until the dark night af death ha. drawn, its', (|;r.at
gloomy pall over them, and all ia a blank." | »»
gloomy P j a
"Snelker I Snelker I" 0
ly eonviaced of the ma» . M " I "V' j
euch . atrevagance,and let n. leave .hi. p aee.^
But h. heeded no, my reqn.e«, and continued,,
ia the same raanoer as be or *' . v a*en
" Ah I then yon prefer tholaet mode, drown^
•^ fc ^"T%h* , Wi« , Lo«od*,rte the -you
^ tnriL^d bL
poor girfwhose puritj as eeu . . very
,h. hand of.luet, n.dwbo, fallen and for.ak.o,
nui'« toward Heaven, with an implonng I * a
f Vf fren. her wild hve. aa though, ev.n in her ,
IrtreLLTaVklng protection frL th. Ore«.'
w^'S her childhood, ah. wa. taught '
call'Path" and humbly aak forgiven.., of,
her iikta .a eh. forgave her debtor., end the
tlieo willt a wiid ' deipatriug cry, plnng.t he
neath tb. twefherooa water, and the r\i,[ilh'
whieh follow! her lmuaeralou «Ion. annouucae |
her advent into Bternity. Well, p.rhep. you ;
right Drowning, i, i. ««id, like hanging, I
8fl8r L. brat ." r
^Wb.'twe.UodoT The man wa. evidently
inaene Aye .lark mad, ea hie «»thing eyoa ;
and wild Md unnatural lookplalaly indicatvd. !
bi Md to ru> (o r help to eecnra
J 1 h d Y «t, j
C^aaeendld L gem.il Lmn in th. third |
>535 ofWfhftfliig, ueMlfof^toring waste I
Zi the oth.; «U, which alway. ,0- -to
"otfmrfla^. l »b 1 Sfft , ili 1 il'tabli» b m.nt like Wa»g
. > teL i<3..,-wh.re,».'h.r«.r.m.rk.d W com
vei^ur«» MÂyét something must be don*. , To
>***<*& ***«*« ** •« ro , on, l ;wl ; h
the ma'dtöah waa impossible. Already I whe
;Bn.l M-.,thl.dnom.pt ,« happy thought .truok
,; ip«î>\ b J v - . 1 '
1 Bnelk.r-1" I rere».k.d .kiodlj^ and couB
dlngly, "Ido not «boo., to commit .mold, lot
kW Dural. - O. coulldoratlou 1 hav. oca to
V iHdr'Ti" 5^..**?^ UW "
1* >br)kb <j| VroUtli. ,ru»&iagk.
,tjlé liWv.rtl out of th. care. Ayr,
' )*f.^«l4lktl«tadlWVU * *l£
erWd and profession. But it did not use to fre
JMfte[«tyf«''*' d "F*«' J h "
paired by tkom „»» rrek.n.d a ,u,dd*m
- kHtot^ u*t te» 'oTMtlUn «T ».tuluct« ; »ud
s, professedly, for privaéy t
me and tbe door. .If lat
Aud —
in the great cape of Duval vt. Toggs,
they pick you ? Hoho I hoi But so
young Toggs. l will stand by you. I will be
yodr adviser add friend.»
. " tffaauk' you Jlr. Suelker,»
are truly kind; and
be U,

replied, 4 ' you
to- the counting h>om. Perhaps Mrs. Duval it
already theto, wattfhg for «la."
» Aye I; aye I so she may he," he replied,
''i*nd we will descend to see her.
descended the steep,
▲nd then together
jet dangerous itiirWfry; mi ind the madmaut
whom the least thing would, no doubt excite
into a paroxism of ungovernable »age.
we descended Into, thank God, aud when I
once safe ïn ttye haunting-room, I at once rela
ted to Mr, Treble, who was ' hj-fryily p -esent, {
the soence which had been 'ctod above
He raved and »wore ths'lS^.U horrid
oaths. He shrlttlfèd and tore his hair, and it
required thé strength of two of
rerent him from doing violence either to
irnself or to others. .After a short Interval
conveyed to
porters to
Mr. Treble h^d the wretched
the hospilalj for poor Hamp Hnelker Was «yj*
deutly stark l tobd f ' iB A ^ttird a maniac.
What caused him te be so? Mr. Waggatafl;
Treble, and' the employees of the establish
ment ; lù fact, every one connected therewith
attributed the, cause
excepting only Mr. HUfo», th«., junior partner,
and myaelf. He turded vqry white and ghast
ly when hé was informed of the fact, but gave
no opinion. I did not give an opinion either.
But toy mibd r'eterteù to a certain Sunday not
long past a jgt^«j<^ pf Hamp Snelk-'
er, and when I partloularly noticed the man's
warm lovwfoe his little woman, as he fondly
called her, his dkUghler. And I alro recollec
ted another incident that happened ther*.-—
And»«-- ... iw) tui.t I"; /
Subsequently I iaado the most striot inqui
ries As to whether or pot Miss Duval had called
establiehment during my absence, in
i and learned that such was not
but a vision
bis preyious excesses,
; wholejsgçç ?, J^cannot say.
j. Ql.eBta^.protar^^j^L.^e.toaEVateang« and
or wonjjerfuLc^ijjqptions are at times engender
ed ' in their brain«, which are fraught with
fi Aboli and Apparent éfuth. Urider the influ
«nee of this'twrible disease, sometimes the
»I«d .i.M. lu paw.M «tt.'.l, lh«t
-Jb» •«* l»»«!»*«"«« "•
UHfly Wobtyitmi; «.»JVë ÏM ,ntty to dotUK
th. victim, io.ooit/. But ln » mom.ot tb.
doubt ia diap^Ud, (or tb. rh.paodl«. of a dia.
owd brolwjd; rtMqnl«ll W-tyMlbt «ommoni.
dhUd to tb.
I"-«"'""» ^ «•""<» 0.1,
from being convinced «hat the poor wretch ia
the I mad." il * ^ tivui.* « *! , '-' J Kr '
at (
order 1 to see
tile casé: 1 fite Whole thing
of Harap Snelker's iraaginattea. Why he should
have pitched upon, her ? Why he should have
imagined that Mrs. Duval wished me to marry
her dAughter ? Why ju f»ct be imagined the
Freaks of mad
; A. for Mrt. Dnva! and her daughter Sally,
; ,hU-I have to .ay ie that W« never met after
; the Sunday upon whieh I witne.aed the charm
; '»g Sally'* naiehap. Whether eh. ..cared a
husband and b^nté An honored matron and
the ' w ltoj tbaYWHhr jney possibly discover by pe
ruslng thé future pages qf thi« truthful narra»
! tire. For thé present, ail ! have to say Is, that
u iMf , not b , com(! m8 t0 anticipate the fnture
- on> „ WtWoM 0 r-fh. ch.ractcra whobave
• ,, _
u„ty wi«h.«a#*.-rk.TT.
P ■ "-' T ' ' „
How prone we are to earp at tb. tall ng. of
our fellow 'being», magnifying their vie«» to
['«»*' a 4* eveh' their tndlt trivial fault,
become mountnin. ia pqiul of »i.e. We hug
to our boeotne the. purity ot our own tree,
and »cowl upht. the pbor wretch whom the
(|;r.at God ha. h4l Wdow.a with a
»» atfong a. our own, a. a moral .
a white acruff.d leper, whom: it le Our duty to
0 rn.h y.t iow.r into the OUh of hi. moral
degradation: 'Osïd frfWa; ofm.dan., forbear
k „k. i. Oh, r.mèmb.r that to err i.
to foagiv. divine, ton have no,
a*en •«ebitid' tbe «eéûes, and know not what
wh , t ltu „ lh# poor wt „ c h whom
-you »O Arahly eondem ha. to undergo. Poor
«-»P Snelker .by hi. exeesses he bad fallen
very low, ftod w»Fr«gerd«d iu Ihe cwnmuuity
J J ^ h b „
* a a "'"U ui p*»i wuiua u
«ua. hi. .hiding place wa. among ue. Yet,
who know, hn. .ha, many of thoa. exe.....
we« thd«««! '»J And trouble,
Wh.th.r it wa. .0. or not I never ko.w ; for
the a.d calamity which cam. upon him pre
vented him from r«f.eml^ ht. prom«, to me,
hnd" I D.vHr heard the l.atlenc. ol hi. life«
| ^iatory. Bie; e*d fely, however, every one
; about our ..UbU.hm.nt qommieerated. And
I yet, etraege ..namely, notwltbiUndmg my
Mom«, aod Kreaia w.r. th. divinitie. of o„r
; worehlp, and Terptlheboro led youth nnd
! b.antv willing priaoa.r. through the f.ettvo
«eene botui'd ib fetter» or Bowen. It wae the
j night of Lilly Weggst.lT. party, and the fond
| father, to gratify bik darling, had expended a
I coneid.rable lots in prepar.lng4br it, in order
-to grace becomingly hi. daughter, entrance
into aooiety.
The large double parlor» in Mr. Wagghtaff'a
miVieiob;'itttdl'Wly , ble»«d wllh' light, nnd nt
reeplen.lent in ihe beauty of their adornment».
While the crowd who.thronged them
posed'of tliq youth and beauty and wealth of
•* city of Pen».'. Tlldre' were many very
lovely, women the^'and mniy of them I
gently ele»ped In a luff embrace, t
moved'TbWngb tba niaay wait., or
or th'e lancets ; nnd yeb the qovcn of the oti
casiim, sccoriiing to tny Ccinception, we» ,tbe
grace full nnï lovjsly; lij!y„.W»gg»uK . Ar
- rnyed in X robe, of 'pace white, wboee grace
ful fqiÜ! (irV^tP btlt' td betray the porfret »yrn
etry of,Iter, form,,, T g^ wa : hatotnl»««
aave< <bnt- a alngie .whUe'.yqae te her raven
i iblack Mir,And tty beauty,ql her 'puce conn
«nance made the beholdeninioltlntaHly ebn
tJs» tiiat uo'diait^bnd hr oihM 'Jewelry wa« '
rosa «loue, waa eeoUMftB' qmblatu of her
purity. ' Bnttog theceveniagt i. had danced
s.vfcaï titaehyirtftlMyi'hhtlf horror of hor
ron),'«t?:ihd the Jnnfdt ! ',ptönrt, Mr. Hilton.
In fact, from hie first introduction to her, he
had eeemed completelydntetnaMd by her sur
j sir,
. ,

. g.ily
the polka,
unttv'to'"b."tyv OMoir thU ctyW
H.- 1 grouud », .«*-.« r
prlndg lorbrlHéal,' and .ought .»«y oppot
* . . -T . . . lKl t. td. «(.Id
watched this, as I believed, Insidious, yet ac
uompllshed sceqndrel, touch with hi« impur*
hand such purity. Ahd spaak tp her.with
Ups which, perhaps, but ihe night b*fore bad
toyed w itb those of à couneiau. Mr. Wagg
bt#ff seemed to ebare my uneas»u««l» * B< * t
much oi a gentleman to interfere
theto. At length, hnwevhr, when HUton'a nt
tentions l.ecame absolutfely marked, be ap B*
(Wl W 0.e pi»=. whM. »II..-.
nàd m 4 *.k*d
• .. Do ruu obt.r.c my ja n lor,«tn.r'. .u. n
tioa. to'», d*u£bt«r, Timothy
,, . ' ^ .in,. Î ll
.»i/ b.r. owwa-itfor .K.B.tta.,t
"Ism atraid of that man, Timothy," my.
employer continued uneasily, " and I am very
sjorry that he vf.as invited here, for my daugb
complished man; one
whose presence alone i* caloulaAed to entrap a
young and nhsaspectipg nature like Lilly's^
and whose gddfesa is cajcula^d to charm bei
still more, let it w*e impossible to avoid
asking him ; >W have not done so would have
been a marked iÄsflt. But «he must be sepa
rated from hirn ere the poitonfrom the viper'*
fangs penetrates her pure spirit."
tor's sake, far be,to
he spoke exhibited
the intensity of hi# emotion.' It was the emo
tion of fear—ndt that craven fear whloh the
coward betrays beforq, the indignation of a
—.but the fear .which a father fee's
he think* he sees danger, though afar
off, threatening his beloved child.
il have your apprehension, Mr. Waggstaff,"
1 replied respectfully, " and heartily wish that
ihey had never come together, or at least were
" And can you, a young
pf youth ; impressable at the sight of beauty
eager-to be-counted gallant; thua wish with
dut acting ?" m J «mpleyer inquired reproach
I looked at him for,,a moment dubiously,
for * this sanction toumy attention« to Lilly was
sb' palpable' that I could scarce realise it; It
(| so far beyond iuy expectation«, although
so ardently d««ir«d.
"Go immediately to her," Mr. Waggstaff
continued dfi ndticeing my look, ia a tone of
voioe which sounded
Mr. Waggstaff', even
bea I <
, in the hey day
like a command
than a request:{■^ '' Hugage h*r
conversatiou, so that yoU VeUftoVo her from his
I could removq, her rjfj my
r dance
-tnand, of otter«*, bUtrit would bo anseero'y
and wotAff* occaéibn reïa(Arh.*' j " x
. At the moment Lilly wat e^tedin a distAnt
part of the
*, for dAncing had ceased fcfr a
few miautesp and standing beeide ber. with
impAssioned pAse beauti»»'o
Hiltof What ' the »bjeci wa« upo^
which be was speaking I could not tell ; but
from the pleased expression upon Lilly's faee,
it was evidently c
with and interested in. How w
te upon this tote a Mol If I should go for.
ward boldly and Intrude myself upon them, it
wonld be exceedingly rude, add, beside, would
assuredly offend Lilly herself. Fort'bfrxWJh?
for the sucuess of my design, at that moment,
the musician« began to play, preparatory to
the formation of another set, and I hasteue'd
forward, and uerr.ouily asked Lilly's hand as
which she wae pleased
I to break
a partner.
" Miss Waggitoff is already engaged to me,
j sir, tor this set," Mr. Hilton remarked with a
sir, tor this set," Mr. Hilton remarked with a
scowl. 1.1 hlif
" Miss Waggstoff promised to danee with
this set sometime age," I replied vftjk
spirit," and I think tbe Udy will oortrôborattî
my statement." u
. , 44 1 believe I did, Mr. Hilton, Lilly r«raark«dV
<» bot î had enttoely tergottea it whe» I ea ga
ged to danée With you."
" Oh," the gentleman remarked with A sneejr,
" Toggs can afford to wait for
' 1
gr«at 0 ai|
honor,", and as. he «poke he glanced at m«
contemptousiy. •
In # moment I (hit the bot blood rush to my
brow, and my hands elencbéd involuntarily^
Often and often in
borne his insults in silence. But to be thus'
insulted in tb« presence of a* lady was too
much. In a moment the distinction between
; I no longor regarded
of tbo firm of Waggstoff k Co.,
bad I
was forgotten by
him afr.<
bat simply as a man who had given
grievions, a designed and an unraerited ioqult.
44 Sir,".I replied between my clenched toeté,
" Toggs «au wait for even more than this, but
if the lady's sense of justice will permit her
wait now, I will submit, bat it shall
be at your command."
Mr. Hilton turned very pale at my reply, and
i thought that he trembled. Lilly herself was
very much shocked at the whole thing,
looks evinced, and hence in a trembling
■b* remarked
44 1 promised to dance with Timothy this set,
Mr. Hilton, befbr« I did yon, and I most keep
my promise," and as she spoke she placed her
Immediately took
did so I eould not forbear
hand with}n mine, and
glancing back at Mr. Hilton,
where we had left him, and his white face
looked desperate with the scowl of rage and
disappointment which contracted his brow.
"Wb'at does all this mean, Timothy ?" mff
had token our,
He still stood
partner inquired, when W'
44 It means, Lilly," 1 replied, 44 that the man
whose company you hav* just left, is
tit to be youV associate than is a fiend. It was
by "the command of your father, who appre
ciates Mr Hilton's true character, that I
sought you when I did, tor he was grieved to
see you-ui his company."
Not)ling wore was said npoe the subject,
but, during the daace/and, in fact, during Ute
rest of the evening,I thought Icould perceive
a coolness in Lilly's manner toward me. Té*i
old confidence and friendliness whloh ah* had
heretofore accorded to me was goae. I m*y
have beau mistokeu, yet I did nbt thfo'k to
then. The reel of the evening pas«*d off
pleasantly and agreeably . Once or twice after
that Mr. Hilton sought Lilly's company fo t th*
dance, .but she always was engaged. 9é fer J
was satisfied,
couieqtreucvB, Which were likely to be, inflicted
by the jUblor pariûer'» wrath. Had
I forseen what they were to be, however, I
might hare cared.
did I oare for the future
The i
The party wae a decidad success ; every
"odj, -Mob «»»»» .11 th. MM g««*, t"
«*** fc* ** m* •i*?* w «*■*
ority as a lovply and lovepbla young.
were freely admitud. Many other g en* le »«a,, ,<$
beeid« Mr. Biltoh, sought her company and
appeared uhittÜn with her charms ; and I.poor
tool, felt my soul racked with the most grtevi-'
us pangs of jealousy at every new accession.
She appear«# to »0 *• my own property, and.
yet I had not tfte Roet distant claim upon her. -
, and did,| a
B* that as it may, I
»b« but *mil, upon .»lb«, It »«Id M*,®)»,,
«d m,kt m. up».
Ok.h.1 1. » -Ir«.«« «*pou n d
LU» . -W,p.d child b. tri» dft».
ll lb« .«(*•! trl*», Mi «•*!•«» t» cppropri.M
UI W cbAtty,b«t« m ll ( -l».{.
lated to htnefit him- Thj* i* buta paesiog
reflection, reader, And has no reference t?
matter About which t am writing.
At length, after the small hours of (hfl
morning had began to increase considerably in
t that ahe
«umher, Lilly's party broke up.
guest departed and then another, until not
more than five or six were left, among whom
was Mr. Hilton. A«.l passed him, after having
accompanied two ladies to their carriage, he
remarked in a low ton* of voice:—
you presently, sir ,}. have got
, .*,* I wish to
a word to «ay to you."
^ You
, Mr. Hilton," whs my
Any communication thatyoq have to
say it
i . .. . .
make lo we, if. you deem this the Utting time,
and place; it might m well b* now as any,
other time." . ; s '■' u ' ' ' : U|J
"So be it then," 1:« remarked, " on a for
mer occasion I warned you, but it seetas that
my warning, hat done yen no good. 'You, A
subordinate have dared tbir 1 evening, to press
your c(alms upon Miss W*gg#taff^Infrqftfr
ence . to me, ypur superior Yon sucf^^d,
•ir ; but, mark «se, «ir, t ho time is not Jar [ d ; to*
tont when yap «h*U rue , that success, as well
as your interforenea wdthimy conce»ns. rt '"Th*
voice öf th« jttnior partner, though auppreisod
not to yyfat ottettUon, wo#, hovorthe
les# hoarse with passion. ; a. J*Ul
u Mr. Hilton," I rtpltod re»poctfully T J9y
firmly, " as you say, on a former occaaiou you
warned me, aye, more thaa that, sir, on a for
mer occasion yopepdeavored to,, des troy that,
which, oace destroyed, ia gone, forever'} 1 '
mean my character ter honesty ; but, sir, pro
yide'nce 'im^/rrom 'that,, akd! J atniPOl
afraid aq to ih* fAtqro*"
so as
"What* do yon mean, sir, whea youaa^.I
attempted to deAtroy your character ior W
•êtj'V* Mr- Hifjtoa Afkeff *tor»ly, ah», I thôÜgHt,'
nervously. - • •
" I mean, sir," was my reply,"
l yr al assistant hookf-ke«pêr ter thnfiraà^ yodi
r k alx^«'i#d I j^p^».tii#, package of money, which
* iv Sf *a- #barge ,«f .Mr. frpblp,,a t^i^
be dleeov.red, End. I.M un»hle th neeonnt for
it, * inipieip» «f djebonesty would f»ei»n
upon ma, »ad I ha ruined." ■ n i u ; M
« A pretty etoryj truly, whieh any idiot
could concoct. Ho'wqamj you^'.by the
ledge whieh yon thus ...m to "v
W " ^ ■*
e^toÄteha», mefi4kt,(Vt(k*(4 A* 1 B
lip. to]f »I. »•« woedp that
'■ ,
"Ÿdùr peuvetsMib« with a corapaalou in
F««k*r,'e. äalooa relativ» to th« matter was
overheard sir,'' Was tay reply.
• « »i»V* Go junior partner »eked
akgarly abd qulekly.
'ABy. a^self and a eompauion, who provt
l replied.
»** •: -on odi
daotiaHy i happened tq,ba present," l replied. wide
llfjqiWWfcj*#® **»•: V 0 **'' ' r ' I
.Htltqd,ffii»tn«d omipopsly, " hud that plan not
have .miscarried. X«u overheard what I said
in Parlrew It appear«, and hentt yon enft for
eetimntO'of >.]>• feelinge toward you. 10
thosk feelings prompted me to undhrtak. the ^
thing nnd'ertake. pou .night hpearthat ^
mitcarriege .t,jH.not prevr'.i m» from try
ing-»g*io. In a word, Timothy Toggs I hate
yoa. aad éewat# »hf the coaseqaeaces of it.**
Having thus spoke«, Mr- Hfltor. ,tur««d
heel Abruptly, *nd hAflug advauced to where
his host; hostr**§ and Lilly
wished thera a resp^ctfoll good night, he left
^thh house. ^ . ! ,
During th«. whoto of ..th«, Above recorded
coovemtio» between Mr. Hilton A»ff my«elf,
the most'«cute observer eould not tût hAv«
supposed that the, subject w« wer« conversteSf
upon wa.s iui qmic^hl« .•»• i for neifhar by our
our voie*» did we betray ptfrérwto#.
standing, nnd
looks, i
How true the «Id axiom, which should ^>0 ever
honored for th* wisdom eontninod In it : " Ap
pearances ate deceitful."
a vauiru«« huso.
44 Has Hamp Snelker's daughter hieen inform
ed of hU unfortunate AitupUc^i T" fcuch
the question which Mr. Waggstoff asksd mo,
on tho day after hi« daughter's party.
" I do not know, Sir," I replied, "but I pre
sume uot."
44 This is very wrong !" ha continued r,ogrjt
to have given
b#r intelligence immediately. Bjut it mùit
be done at once, ter aö doubt the pohV
thiug is sadly distressed at his >eib«onoe r "im
agining, no doubt, that he is on another .one
bj his'^ Unfortpnefo sprees. 7 You know where
Snelker's hops» is, Tpgg« V suppose you go
there at ones and tot her know,?! Break the
newe to her gently, poOr thing, |tnd conv«y
her,TUsb« is,'prepared to accoi^PAny yon, at
once to the hpspital ; vybere.her father J«. Poor
thlnffl Poor thing 1 .it willu be a heart sorrow
ter her and I pray God to strengthen and upr
hold her under it. Tako a cqb, Toggs, as
as possible," and as Mr, Wagg.toff spoké he
placed in my haadimioa«y> to-pay tjhe exp«A«««
of the cab. ,. !
1 was vçry wron^ that Bachftl, Snelker had
not beau jnfer«Md*and yat it ^as^ afte^ the
manner of the old anying,"what isiever.vbodjr's
duty is noboddy's d^ty." aud h«b'*.'*lf rew '
fcjy iö : |ir.,)V^gstnr> iuitrt»etIoas, 1 proceed
ediAt once,to employ a cAh,»nd tejtjto miùûtés
after receiving them, I wae ora my "ény to Hamp
Saélkeris dwelling. Awivad -AF the . place I
found the house shat up aW* apparently d«-.
serted., Af^*r knocking for jion^ei «toe nt the
unter door, without.nv*H, I frMjipftfe «ppü«d
to the person* living in th& house next door.
14 Cad you Inform me," 1. asked, of th# lady
folly ; "our duty plainly,
tpA^èr- [
who atfswered my sàibkhb'n«i'Lrh«fre
a "* " 1
sons who live ueit door any be found 7"
i f l oannol sir, Vu the lady xepjled. '•'jYhttef-/,
In i
4m •«•«»»p K l w ftnÿlw «.-Tv
mpany with a gentlemup. Previouaj to go
lng, however, siie 'left ^he ltey with me, *nd j
•ttt5iricWd v -Ü«'Ü gfvi it to'k'w'fttthdf ^hdh'be
'éaniV'teiké, 1 together with ei litfoi* which she j
'"éhe ilald ehe waS i going t# dfr- Uilt 1 « who
«• UlJ' ; the lady replied, "aad would hot re*'
turn for some d^ym" i ., s -.».d j tuv .. ..!<i.
wllljBXcuto taff. madapi,'' I cOntlnu*^
"fpr.beir^ao inquisitive. ^Tet it T« Important f
ihat 1 should Qna.jtyfas 'äne/iter, iV poiiible.— j
il8f hW U«i ifé'riàtfà misfortune, !
■ WhifeP 'aifè'Ihoulè be 'Imihédletely apprised ;
Uid stie say where that aunt resides*f*f I
" She did not," the lady replied, "npr do 1
knpwJ'y , u ,■ nvi L
« One more question, matfam," I continued,
observe &er companion, and notice
Whht'kind df'didtokiig itihn hefVas?^
• » I did- not, sir y ". 4h* lady. riplied. 41 In fact
I did .unfcsee.bfauV-.#41, aud'WUQhfy.acquaint
ed wlfb 1; t}to fftef of, h«r J}fty|pg ; op^ from Miss
Slepk.e^'^ JnfQf'pQation. When^^sha came to
the J key and letter she appeared much
agltuted fend 'lihd 1 evid«ntly'bt{4i 0| weeping.—
'*5rs'.' 'Bfâr ris/'Vhe' Shid to m^^ Will'you do
thé* kiudn««*4o> take charge of thta key aud
lethar until my *father returpa this avening,and
hand,them, to ^im.', I * ffiruia -
. She
Bis O' left with me."
rl T-'.piddU. cot >», *u.r. to?"
Lutc ^llotla odî j -no -
'did you
>ij f a.*$ as^h^wh^esh 0 wa^jgoing
replied with a sok that a much loved aui
vYrf lh, Anä"hl'a liiiPfoV her,'and that the
gkffil^raan' #ho hkd cbAfo after her could,
wixlt until'bar father's return, and that she was
cowpAUedHto/go Mionce,and, that ib* would
This to A u I know
a H q Rh^
I thonk*d Url. Bovri» for (1er kiodoui, ood j
'MBSKh to »k« oborg. of fbo koy ood l.ttor
wbieh tb. preferred bn me, nt I turo.d to i.ovo
I*. tMMdlW «»b nnd direewd tb. dr|T.r to
proceed w the boepitel where ppor llnmp |
Stiel ker WM; cOnBped, for there, lfit « vague ;
hope in my heart that posiibly Raobel Suel- i
keg bed heard of her father's misfortune, and
atfributing it to kia indulgence in alcoholic
'ithhhlants, ill« hA«l 'substitbted the naine of
àoèt instead of father, bopeing thereby to hide
b^jp^herssbam«. But why did she leave
tl^ ke/ qnd letter for,him? T^at was singu
w « my iormiip was ; trqe. J'Bqt,',' I conclu
ded,." I will go to th* hospital at all *vent6,
iW'thAi 1 ?.1cAe find oUt^to a èertainty.
^fti'a- sfidrt titane thé cab AYrtved'At the hos
^itàlyand bn my communicating to the super
t^i^ my, busiaess, he informed, me »1 uuw*
for bj „ er _ Tber8 t0 b , ». great trouble j
weij , bi ,j down hie mind, which trouble, in all
M human probability, has oaueed its aharation."
" Tfb,n ,yondp not Jhiak that hie insanity
know-,f rom his fqrmer eieesses?" I asked.
"v i, m „^iy," wa,.hle reply,; "that i. to
s.y they er. not the i.nmsdiet-cause, although
B they may have been the prfltiiepoeing one. A
ti , é Ite .. in the use of eplr
ituoue Hquore, In a great raeaeure destroy» hie
in ttWTOn ,, yrt , m : Aud trouble., whieh a strict.
was ly «niporato man ooald boat without flinching,
affects him greatly, m many casas to snob an
- " l0 »^1^. mind mat.ri.lly, and
very often, permanently. Mini« pot«, for in
b a' epaelea bf insanity, and yet It ia
wide | y hifrererit frhm tbet with which your
r ' I friand - la afflieted. The former Is produced
not uciuli „| y b y u inordinate and coutinncd
said Mquqre. This, oase, how.v
uciuli „| y b y u inordinate „
epirituon, Mquqre. This, oase, how.v- j r(pli
. ^ r88a ; t 0 f 80 mc other can»«. I mean I j Lnio
10 me other immediate enuse. Do you know! "
^ . „ty t troub l. which your friend hae ; „
^ vilU , d wit h1 1|
j I
! there
*• I : do noi, Actually," I replied, "although I j
have reason to suspect that a. fear lest his j a y
daughter com« to harm from b«v fcquaintance conT
*«|th a man ia whom be b«« no confidence,
whom,in fact, he fears means her no good,has
troubled him very much of late."
"Very likely that naay be the cause," the
«uperintendent continued ; aud then after de- at
invitation to see poor Hamp, I left
eUning i
the place, nnd having discharged th« «*b, I
proceeded homeward QO foot, tetonding to call
m.my friend Brooks, in order to arrange with
aim our visit' to Sleepy' Bill's, thto being the
night when I intended to pay that place a
Vi*h/ !
I found my friend nt hie place of business!
enjoying * lunch which an aecomodating re«
taurant keeper brought to kim daily, and ftl
together be seemed ^o be takeiug things very
easy and eoqifortebly.
'''Helïo, Toggs !" wai hls eiclamation, as he
caught light .of my face and person. 44 Why.
what m thunder caused you to be loafing dur- Jo
ing business hours? Has the firm swampçd,
old fellow?"
. no," I replied good naturedly, at the
same time takiug his extended band and the
chair which he simultaneously offered me. "I
was out on busiaess, and being In your neigh
borhood* I could not help calling. Beside 1
want to talk with you upon a small matter.'
44 AU.righiL Old fellow," Brooke rejoined," but
first and foremost lay to here, and help a iel
low disp atch this lunch."
"HotanytSTme, Brooks," I replied.
tench 1" was his disappointed
44 Oh
expfomatioa. " Oh gammon ! try a piece of
this breast," and my friend held before me» od
the point o< ht» forit, » timpting piece of tha
breast of. A fowl. K 4
" Not any, Brooks," I replied determinedly
44 l am not hungry,
but finish your lunci| without reference to my
44 Thank yon," he said with his mouth snar
ly full of the contents of th* dish' befor* frim
"so 1 taili if It is all- the «A|û« to you. For
th"° lil iwo th#
Do hot mind me, however
troto. seven
afternoon is too lonfp to wait without baaing a
taste between whiles. "itet,wb«t is this I bear
.bout Hump N.clker goitig m»d 1"
" Too ttqe, Brqukft" 1 tcitli.d, "1 h»vo ju»t
left the hospital, where ihe is»confined."
;. " He always w«#'a ; fuuu^ : old muff,' 1 Mr.
Brooks contldluè^- t4 bvit' * 1 t'dll you, old fellow,
when he was, oq.a.tare he went it sträng."
-? 4 I» was not hi# driukiag which haa caused
[ thil attack," F remarked/ "sö the snperioten
I dlentwf fbC-bospital Informs
, but is pro
approbeaded er present trou
duced fry
i hfo/u.i,;'
" So the land fies in that qaarter r eb ?" Brooks
j asked with some interest, uot sufficient, how
f'evek 1 '^*' cause him forego his employment of
j dextcriotisiy tri mining the leg of a chicken.
I '<Td»,»!'re#t»li«d. wo :.4u i m
see bet«, old fellow t" Brooks
.iiclaimed, turning full upon me, and holding
picked leg bone of a chieken ex
(ended lik# a sceptre, '< I have been looklug
tor a blow out at Hemp Snelker's house for
«oûto timdi fhàvé.^ 1 ;
1 " In what wdy, Brooks ?" I asked, although
..!<i. wall knew what he meant.
UjJ." Touy^Mior bps been going it there A little
f joo dtroug," was bje reply. » Why, do you
j know, old fellow, every pleasant afternoon he
! would, have her out carriage rideiug'"
; l'was'' noi aware of it," was my reply.
I » Fact, by Georgé F' Brooks continued ; "he
seemed to be regular spooney about her.—
Just, to fact, like a certain person, who shall
be uameless,
Sally Duvall."
"Brooks!" I cried reproachfully,
" Well
once spooney about Miss
love me."
'' Well, well, old fellow," my companion con
tinued with a laugh, won't say
you don't
Snelker she
too. As for Miss
in love with
no mistake,
lackadaisical as a pet monkey
him. Every afternoon
the front 'window,
watching for his coming, and after they would
return from their ride she would watch from
place until be would be out of sight."
your junior ; fftet, old fellow, and
«he became
with the distemper
she would take her seat
act i yt fellow,"
every pleasant week day afternoon, atld Sunday
fur variety, be frequently, why you
j d downI0 . But 1 su.peoud how thing, would
u . rminaw , rom ,b. am. I tell you, Toggs,
tb.t junior pnriD.r of yours is n rasyni end uo
to mjlU g B , y rom , k , rfIy a r st hs designed lo
| r||iD lhl| , poor gitJ , >nd it ho has
; d000 u he wiu 4o 80 . He is n regular eport,
" Did you say that this took place frequeut
ly ?" I asked.
,** I do not know your ideas of irequently, ix
Brook's repty, " but if
just set
old fellow. Every crib in the city he is
a family
" l, is very unfortunate, Brook,, ' 1 remark
ed,"and . Liy.gr«. with yon in your ea,I
mate of Mr- HiIton'B character. I have hilt
juat returned from Mr, Snelker'« house ; I went I
there to inform hi. daughter of hit condition, 1
quaiuted with, and if
which thank God I ain't, and bad daughters,
of ))e f ore he should darken my door or speak to
^ wb tfaere would be
,, D5<1 Bh ^ g0 wit u you r > Brooks asked.
j ># >D , be neJ , ä00r „eighbortOT Bik. 1 '
all "l do not belfeve it," Brook« ejelaimed
: pbat Heall*. " i'll bet teu to one ehe has gone
j wUh Hillon ,,
j « Do you know, Brooks." f remarked,"
to I h „ 6 i be SKtoe opinlou ."
" No» 1 tell you, old follow," my companion
A continued, " vou keep mum nud say nothing
eplr- j to-morrow, and I will find out to a cur
hie i la j„ ty . If Met villian baa tolled hor off he
; 0 „ght to be .hot, there."
j r s iiy »greed with my friend, aud, at time
an ; WR8 pawing away awiftly, l told him of the
out, that's
uad to take her to him."
j r s iiy »greed with my friend, aud,
; WR8 pawing away awiftly, l told him of the
ob j 80l mf ri8U .
"Sleepy Bille," he .»claimed, "I
ia ; neTer g0 th, r8| Toggs, if I wa. you, Thaonly
w*y_ to avoid being tempted, old fellow, is to
: k#ep outof Wm p,,tion.-'
j „ Bot j[r. WaggsUff desire« me to do so," I
j r(pli .d, " in order to see whether
I j Lnio r partner frequent» there."
" 0 h, that niter, tbe eaie," Brooke said,
; „
, end
<lye. Tbo dearest and most precious jewel
which a woman can possess is her virtue. Hob
her of that, nod the snn-iigh. of her existence
henceforth shines through a murky and dm
colored hase, and as it falls upbn her, even by
Us discoloration. It makes her a spoota.te
which ie beholden by the good with sorrow j
and regret, and by the vicious with Jeer« !
ribaldry. Better, Ob, a thoueand time« better,
had a woman he dead than thu. lo.t to virtue. |
A..,»««' TÔ »»xont.-A Frenchman, who ,
had ladrned English, wlshsd to be partleulnrly (
■polite, nnd never neglected an opportunity of I
saying aom.thing pretty. On. evening be oh- !
„La to» lady,whore dr... was fawn-co.orvd, j
j I and that ef her daughter pink :
" Madam," seid he, " yonr daughter le the
.ink of beauty."
" Ah, monalaur, you Frauehmen alway. flat
ter," Mid the lady.
" No, madam, I ooly apeak the truth," r»i>l
he, "and what all tb. world will ql|ow, t,n»'
yoqr daughter 1. .be ,m*, and yonr l.dy.Mp
is the verlest droh of Cashion ! ,
•.H :
it regards Mr. Hilton's going there,
o question abeut it."
! there is
I j ,i g aç k j 8 Mr. Waggstaffs opinion as well A«
his j a y ovyn," I rejoined, "but be wishes to b«
conT j ne ed to a certainty, and, beside, he
wishes to know definitely what he does there."
"Gambles, of course," Brooks paid know
iogly. " However, Toggs, meet
the oorner 0 f Sixth and Chestnut Streets to-nigh^
de- at about eight o'clock, and, after partaking of 1
left aome 0 y B 't„rs, we will*proceed at once to the
44 There will be
re«- c#eded
ftl- vYaggstaff of the result of my visit to Mr.
very Sne ik w . I also related to him the conVersa
tion held between
he ^^,0 thing looks very dark and suspicious,
Why. Timothyreplied, after bearing nay Yeport
dur- Jo ^^«.nd ; " and it must, if possible be lin
mVtlléîSv If Mr. Hilton has beeé gnilty of this
great wrong to a pure and virtuous girl, he
deserves the execration af »U good
should be branded as a villian of th* deepest
difficulty in befog admit
ted ?" I questioned.
" With you there would be," Brooks replied,
there will be
; I have the
44 but with
Having parted with my friend Brooks, I pro
to the store, and informed Mr.
•ad Brook*.
1 Mr.
When is a fowl's neck liko a bell ? When
It's rang ter dinner.
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year Two Dollar« tad Fifty «enta will invaria
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tty, *ad no pop«
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be inserted three times for one dollar. Twentg
five cento for every subsequent insertion. Lt
in the game proportion.
lees constitute a sqaece
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a*»r* Iaqelrer.
Affectionately addreseed to my much ea
deered friend H A. D., of Philadelphia, Fa,
who very kindly presented the author with a
beautiful memento, bearing the following
OMfllO J - '
Tor tb.
- Me, m* eobtiM
No, I never can forget thee,
Deep affection will not let me,
Thr name, ttyf InMJg«. in *kla heart
Unknown to treachery and art,,
U*O*— the watchword be,
The pledge of faithful constancy.
Thy noble virtues all combined,
■Tîfrotf thVfcâûvas of toy enhld, s __
Are indelibly enrolled,
In flaming characters of gold ;
The sacred incense that they spread,
As light upon my pathway «bed,
«hall be my safeguard and my chart,
And guard th* oouncils of my heart ;
My blessed beacon-light shall be,
And » Polar Star," o'er Life's dark
The precious boon tbou gaveet me,
A* a memorial of thee,
A sacred pledge I will retain
being will remain ;
As long
A deathless token it shall be
Of covenant 'twixt me and thee.
Again, its motto in th»« heart
Shall ever ctoito « P*? 1 '
There may it bs the sign and seal,
than language cs
I'll ever cherish it sweet flower,
Fair product of affrétions bower
And h«n«e, whatever be thy lot
Shall ever live, " Forget
Wilmington Fob. 12, 18Ö3.
For the D«Uw»r* fnqulrtr.
Rvnotmis of a Leoture on the Bel»
y Sons o° Material and Spiritual
in- Thing».
Me, BulTonr-B.ii, g in Philadelphia the
oliier Sunday, we strolled into Sanson, Street
Hall, where it is said the fanatical folk«
wont lo galhcrtogelhcr, and amongtliccrowds
who frequent the place may b» touad men »f
the first rank, aa Lawyer#, Merchants, BByai
ians, Philosopher» and Philaothropiits.
go to hear th* " Babbl^ri
of course all such
are ngt sound on the goose.
The apiaker of the day, Mr Wadsworth, wa.
a very plain specimen ol a Tinkee, and pro
feaacd to be led by tbe Spirit, ttke'the quaken
of olden ,im. ;
»I gold «jeiLher did he claim the
I Ml „ trough Via i as they,
1 dicta mno ^ boning to see that
I an which tÿÿlidtncd ti' WW com« direct from
mankind into speh,, •jt;,*'»»»! "*
mankind into speh,, •jt;,*'»»»! "*
accession. ,t,n> ,iiot-i» . ...
But the speaker wne like many other» of hie
spiritual school-' they permit Mitt peraona a
bring their powers of reason to bear upon what
is seid, and eetlle the mauer hetween their
own conscience end tbelr Qoiiti)
The speaker MidTheology teache. that spirit
ekistS'in some Vaut unknown, far beyond the
It also teaches us
that if we pray to God that t^e will move mat
ter our especial lenefit to accomplish a
realm» of time and »pace.
tain thing.
another idea Ie, that spirit Is all inlelli
matter haa no lhte!li*e«cW( inUHigenc.
matter, and that all splrit
existed previous
ual manifestations rnest lt» »Mown through a
body, and ». man's .pWt L to tty spirit of l,.
gnity ; so is man'», body to the body of the ma
terial world. Spirit caanot manifest Itself oaly
ihrougit a .n.tenai body, and it WlU maniftat
itself only hUeOriHng'te thacnndttione oi th»t
iat.ri.1 body, and -HI ,hqw >W « * c "° r £°!
to the ability of that body, end »» we ascend
In physical devniapnoent' sq will''our epuritoel
'hoff sxi.ting there ». this World is
«lief here.)Someteacbtlmttytwfen the death
ôf the earthly bodyand.the life in theiptrltnal
form*we are Tte'UeforfhW'lnt'Obe*htiful spirit»,
no matter wHat-our physical ^ efect h ! *"* in
this world-—nqmatter how much we have pros
tituted our bodies by gluttony and tobacco ;
why theelitislihb-woVId'ttfftettW.seid, *5,000,
.000 worth of tobacco every y.ar. andyet thay
expect to go right out of ftll that smoke and
filth ovér Jordan, and expect to be clothed in
whit« and appear as Angels, JU*t, because they
"5Ä cannot é.t.r the king
domof Heave" ; is it simply becaoae ha drinks
exposes his poor body to iro" 1 *" d
, dirt in tte gntlhr ; no ; hut it u ow
ing to the base condition of his spirit when tt
leaves the body. , The glutton cannot enter
for the same reason ; the tobacco chewer can
not enter for the same reason, forrehe body i»
prostrated hy rum, by gluttony, ffnd by tobac
co ot opium, and the spirit partakes of the
conditions bt the'body. ''I>oea<4t.Uurt a child
>nw th* less whether you. whip epverelj wjtb .a
Sm'fiv a bMb ».ii? No/'Veith# does it
matter m'Wxytey yon drtiMv J«»f bodi« ;
if they are diseased youx.#p»r4.1»Vri > ufler lho
Enter our schools, there you
end lectual facultle« educated ftt ■•*« expense of
moral and spiritual faculties, and
same rule ie strictly adhered to ib the Col
1#KM R8 » rule ; and whut i*Ihe consequence?
Hob Loo ic ftt 0 ur great men l ^hftt do they lack
why^morn.Uy ^nd^usHc.
dm- c#rne( j ^ thegoveruutont,i«cftm«d un
by QUt g rBt principles of justice and churity,
und B0 it will eveFbe ao w# pultivau
j on\j % J r fl ô years of his life
! >•>- .01. object Ot .»«r.Ä
, urplui f un de, nnd about the,time he baa got
| S£.\
! he •« obliged to leave behind
1 oo account of politic« arranjjemeots to that
who , î**"- for a
( „ r , llir , lu al food. Another ein», of
of I meQ exhibit their one-sided education by the
oh- ! display of more real «ha» with thay^»re' ««
j JMJ*-»to. T.reM
, treasure in UeavOff.
the t g^^Vire ?«ry muob ple*s«kA with preooclou*
, children, and apt "«"J"" "
flat- i schdoi hud Itt ^e te » ^ w Jtudj bar4
, ., w „ b U0 J be sure to have three page, of
r»i>l \ to recite'on 'SKh'dhy. Precociona
t,n»' children are dl.etued.and reUglon. childno
| C'r. of t
, j w<çkfcd world, they go over Jordan unpre
pared, uodev,loped, b«teM,iS? ir , J3ÏÏLS*ÎÎ
iieoordiag to th* laws ot Phj« 46 * 1 »*4 e»toUual
: growth- TiHlW.
material to
to us who
j '
ihe intui


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