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May be Connected by a System
Ills Entirely P«nilbl«
and Develop Clmnin
Vessel* to Sail Iron, the Lakes to the
i Construct Canals
That Will Kimble
Washington, Jan. 19 -The president
yesterday sent to tho house the report of
the deop witter ways
Ing of President Angel, of the University
of Michigan , John E. Russell aud|Lyman
E.-Cooley, which
under a resolution introduced by Senator
Vilas, of Wisconsin, for a preliminary In
ways between the ocean and the great
lakes. The conclusions of the ooinmls
mission, consist
appointed lu 1896
to the practicability of water
sion follow:
It Is entirely feasible to construct such
canals and develop such channels
be adequate of any scale of navigation
that may be desired between the great
lakes and the seaboard, and to oouduct
through tho
commerce, and that It will be wise to pro
vide for securing a canal of a navigable
depth of not less than twenty-eight feet.
Starting from the heads of Lakes Mich
igan and Superior, the
Is through the several great lakes and
their Intermediate ohaarnls and ttie pro
sed Niagara ship canal (Tonewanda
j»ke Ontario. The Canadian
neaboard may be reached from Luke On
tario by way of the St. Lawrence river
and the A
domestic and foreign
eligible route
soabmird may be
reached from Lake Ontario by wny of tho
gt. Lawrence and Lake Champlain and
the Hudson river,
go-Oneida-Mohawk valley
non river.
The alternative routes from Iiake On
tario to the Hudson river require complete
surveys and a full devolopmout of
omie considerations to determine their
relative availability.
A moderate control of the level of
Lake Erie and of the Niagara river above
Tonawanda may be justified in connection
With the Niagara'ship canal, the determi
nation in this matter
•mlnatlon of thmphyslcal conditions.
The policy shduld contemplate the ulti
mate attainment of the largest successful
* capacity, and all works should be planned
this basis, and the actual exeouth
should conform .thereto, in so far as the
works may without prejudice he progres
sively developed with the actual demands
of commerce.
It is practicable to dovolop the work in
separate sections and the f
Id part by degrees.
by way of Iho Oswe
the Hud
M'H 1
:h step having its
omie Justification, so that the benefits
should follow closely
without awaiting the c
gjutom as a whole. The eompletio
•utlre system
jects cuu be matured and economically ex
ecuted is fully Justified^
The Niagara ship canal should be first,
undertaken, and Incidentally tho broad
ening and further deepening of the inter
mediate channels of the lakes, the si
botug in the logical order of devulopmo
and also requiring tho least time for
The commission estimates that tho com
plete surveys and investigations, with
measurements of the outflow of the sev
eral lakes and full lnvestlgati
lateral questions, will c
§600,000 aud require
pletion of tho
of tho
quickly as proper pro
Of flOl
not less t han
years of time.
HU Dentil.
Garrett, Ind , Jau. 19.—Herman Oof
ftnberry, presldeutof the Bank
and lute treasurer of DeKulb county, par
ticulars of whose embezzlements and de
falcations have heretofore been published,
arrested yesterday. It
that Mr. Coffluberry
home, and his attending physician had
protested against his ar
the effect that his heurt
that his arrest a nd Imprison
time would result disastrously Two other
doctors, however, made affidavits that
Ceftinberry's conditi
Intimated that he
aherlff yesterday went
home and placed him
the accused banker suddenly foil into the
itouriff's arm.# and Instantly expired.
ms Arrest C«
very ill
by affidavit to
it at this
was all right,
» shamming. Tho
under arrest, when
New Yobx. Jau. 19. —A bug containing
In front
§6,800 was stolen yesterday fr
of the Pacific .State bank. It w
•Tty of the Metropolitan Traotli
•mj had been fi»nt to the bank in the
Several bags of coin
the wagon into the
. according to
tho prop*
charge of two
bail been carried fro
bank wheu o
the story told
of the
the police, set this
of all, upo
. valuable
to be ready for the
he should emerge from the bank.
. lift, i
the wagon turned
hen he looked for the
•Author hag. and
tthe police are investigating.
lk It had disappeared.
the side
Little 1'lrtv
Killed by Hi#
Shenandoah, Pa., Jun. 19.-Whileplay
Lost Creek Michael
Ipg m his ho
fialey, aged 7 years, found n
In a bur
1ml oftho
Patrick M
iley, a
at the
•mb with hi
time. After playing with the weapon
for »om» time. Mnley turned up tho
trigger, and, pointing it at Munley,
nnlled The weapon was discharged, tho
bnllet striking Munley In the abdi
and passing through hi* body
Tho Mnley boy is
ith grief and fright, ftnil 1ms to
Ho died
;d hours later.
be vonetMUtly w
-Judge Whltehouse,
t., yester
ft A 00, Me.. Jan 19
•f th# York county
:«nc«d Frank J. Pal
deter of Mra Betsy It. Hobbs,
of Went Pni jonsfleld, to a life
■Ut« prison. Charles B. Savage, .Tr., of
Effingham. N H . who pleaded guilty
after the fact, received a six
ce In the
1') tho
e and Savnae is 20.
dow of 7t».
Oct. t),
Calmer is 16 y t
Mrs Betsy Hobbs, a v
aud killed at her home
r Par
w Id tha State Di#p»*u#ary Law.
KQTON, Jan 19 —In
prepared by Justice Shiran and rend by
Chief Justlco Fuller the supreme court of
the United Plates yesterday decided that
thus# provisions of ihe nt
law of South Carolina, which
forbid citizens of the state from Importing
liquuTB Into the slate for their
In contravention of the Interstate
oomihvrc# clause of the national
tablet), and therefor# Invalid. Justice
•town dissented.
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Governor Griggs Sends a Batch of N*m*
Inatlous to the Sent
Trenton, Jau. 19.— Both houses of tho
New Jersey legislature met last night.
Governor Griggs sent to the senate a batch
of nominations, among them the follow*
Ing: Supervisor of the state prlsoo, K. J.
A nderson of Somerset (reappointed) ;r :
bors of stuto board of assessors, Bird W.
Spencer of Pussaic (reappointed) and
Amos Gibbs of Burlington; law Judge ol
Essex county, J. Frank Fort (reappoint
ed); law judge of Sussex county, Henry
Huston; prosecutor of the pleas of Mon
_ith county, Wilbur A. Helsleyof Long
Branch; judge of the district oourtfor the
Second district of Jersey City, James S.
Ervin; commissioner of fisheries, George
L. Smith of Essex. Speaker M&opherson
announced the uppolntineut of Frank J.
Eppole as his private secretary and Claude
E. Fell as assistant secretary. Both
Trenton men. The speaker also announced,
the house committees.
The introduction of bills was the main
order of business In both houses last
night. Among the bills introduced in
the senate were: Providing for a two cent
ferry rate between the hours of 6 and 9 a.
and 4.80 and 7 p. m., with bicycles be
longing to passengers carried free; to pro
hibit railroad companies from interfering
with passengers carrying packages, pro
vided the puckages do not take up ~
required by passengers; constitutional
amendments for the division of counties
Into assembly districts, and to make tha
court of errors and appeals separate and
distinct from the supreme court In the
membership of it# judges.
In the house Mr. Kllnk introduced_
equal taxntlifh hill, providing that all real
estate of railroad companies shall boas
sensed at local rates. Among other bills
Introduced were: To provido for the
closing of the polls at sunset; elections in
first clnss cities shall be held In tho fall
instead of spring; making It a misde
the part of any person who
■hall send libelous communications to
sailor hold
; that
lug any city, county
shall he removed without cause after a
stato posith
fair hearing.
Pennsylvania I.egislnt urn Reopens.
Harrisburg. Jan. 19.—'The work of the
house has been delayed Another week by
the inability of the Republican state
a list of officors and
J^ordi nates. The
mittee had hoped
able to report last night, but certain
have arisen within the past
twelve hours to make it necessary
buck the list until next Monday night.
The standing committees will he
plica t-i
iu tho house
and senate. A short session of both
s hold last night. A Cuban
introduced and
sympathy resolution
referred In tho house
eudment regarding elec
s submitted, and Senator Grady,
of Philadelphia, presented a bill t.o punish
A Llm
Awful Ornth.
A, Jan. 19.—Charles Hein
ployed by
zeroth, aged 38, a lineman
the electrical bureau, died h dreadful
death at 11:1& o'clock in the
:t with
morning by
o light oleo
of Jll
coming iu c
trie curreut at the southwef
ill per and Filbert
after the deadly curreut had shocked
his life away Holuzoroth's body remained
suspended across the netv
the top of tho telegraph pole forty feel
above the pavement.
k of wires at
secretary Franc
Washington, Jan. 19.--Secretary Fran
Ination was confirmed by the sen
euttve session yesterday. No
opposition to the confirmation wits made,
stated that he could add uotb'ug to what
he had already said, and that he had
object In further delaying action upon tha
ii nation.
taken. Senator Vest
BaSXaKemasler Dickerson
SLD, N. J., Jan 19. -M ah I
Dickerson, the baggagemas
arirlphtaand Reading railroad looal that
Saturday night
of the Phll
; Skill
iuto by tho Royal B1
40 years of
by being
line express, is dead. He
ageand lived in Philadelphia. It Is feared
that Engineer Clapp unil Firemau liehl
will die.
A Louisville
Louisville, Jan. 19.—National Bank
Examinor Escott yesterday closod the
National bank, J.
M. McKnight president. The capital
>ck of the Institution is $261,600, with a
rplus of $>31,000. The bank is an old <
but for some tim# past has been regarded
as unsafe.
doors of the Uer
Tie Weather.
York, eastern 1
d New Jersey: Fair aud colder;
For eastern N
high northerly winds, decreasing in fores.
the Now York uud
Nkw York, Jan. 18. -Th
s considerably lnrgnr thun i
lurket to
!" "
Lehigh Vail
New Jersey
New Yo
Cheua. k (
Del. A iluiLou.. .Ill
D..L.&W ... V.A
. I
94 R
. *27
■ 7694
St. Paul
W. N. Y * Pa . %
aiko Erie & W
♦All ass'in paid.
rat I\Ii
do extra, $3.«|§8.60;
. $4.2 .Vk 4.40; do. do.,
er, clear, $4.25
; January,
Hay firm;
large bales. Beef
dull; fum
s team,$4.25.
-, 18rrf.20i.jK.; do.
z»ry,7(§7'ic ; ElgluH,20ijo.; imltatio
, U($l6c.; New York dairy, IGdClfi' jc.; do.
A. <liiu. 18.-FI
up*r. $2.80frt8.10;
at raigiit, $4.50(94.35;
(i/,4.40 Wheat firn
quiet; January, 28'
choice timothy. $14 5U®15
dy ; beef hams, tl8(g,18.50.
Ily,$10 50(8)11. Laril st eady ; wes
Butter firm; w»
, lSOOlDc.; b
: pH
s jobfiiug at 28,»2tJo.
steady; Now York large, T^ftll^o.; fancy, 11®
ll'ie. Part skim#, 4®8L.c.; full skims, 2J.J(<D3c.
vuniu, ia«)
d Pi
Eggs steady; Now York
10>ic.; wcateru fresh, 12>i®l5fie.
1,1 v# Stock Market#.
rally steady;
New York,J an. 18.—B#eTe#t;e
steers, t4.UVIp5.10; slag
, W.76«*U.40;dry cows, $1.06(4)8. Calv
ower; veula, $6®7.fl0; barnyard oalvi
v#.st,iirns, $2.87H®3.12^. Shu
luinhtt quiet; lambs closed trifle weak; sheep,
5»3.75®4.20; lambs, $1.50(0.5.00. Hob# eawer a*
East IrfBHRTT, Pa., Jan.
@l(k!. lower; pri
4; bulla, stags and cows, $2idi8.0O Ho## fairly
light and best uiedium, $0.06®
nd oxen, $1.UK4
nd 1
attic slow: 10
, $8.00'®
to fair, $8.0Ol(W.ti5; heavy, ib.Mfrp
8.70; u
n, $2.40®8; choice Iambs, $LWK®
> good, $8.7504.76; veal calvou,
856; roughs, $2.25®8.10. She
6 10; ooi
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tail milk dealers, S. K. Corner Seventh
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and plcHsimt to
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The Caucus Nominees For Uni
ted States Senator.
And Kiyht Votes Could Only be
Mustered by the Man Who Has
Been Through the Mill and
Against Whom an Inspec
tor Made a Threat.
DOVER, Jan. 18—The Democrats to
night In oauoiiH nominated General R. R.
Kenney to bo United States Senator. The
the twenty-fourth ballot was Kon
\y 13, Saulsbury 8, Gray 3.
The nominee is a member of tho Demo
cratic Natlonul Committee from this state
Bryan's stay In Dover last fall he
guest of General Kenney.
Richard Rulluud Kenney
Little Creek hundred,
county, Hoptember 9, I860,
In tho county schools, Laurel Academy,
and graduatrd at Hobnrt College, Geneva,
N. Y., Juno 1, 1877. II
Samuel and Hettio Kenney, descendants
of tho earliest settlers of Sussex county.
Immediately after his graduation ho we
, but shortly after returned and
Acuumao county, Va.,
hen ho went
terod upon a course of legal
study with tho lute CbuL'.oollor Saula
1881. Tho Legislature
1881 llbrurlan
While librarian ho complied tho first c
loguo ever prepared of the nineteen thou
sand volumes In tho library.
appointed adjutant-gonoral of
tho Delaware National Guard January 29,
1887, by Governor Biggs, and by ills
jceeilod In increasing the
ber of companies from six
efforts is duo the first annual
Rehoboth in August, 1887.
s unanimously
•oud House and Senate,
votes. Senators
vout into caucus
lumbers of tho House.
H. Atkins was chosen Stale
.... and Beulah Watson, auditor.
The Saulsbury men are still angry, anil,
stated in tho REPUBLICAN last
regret, that they seated the
With tho Ke
the Saulsbury cron
majority of the
in the slush with John T. Dickey.
ul caucus the caucus
for state auditor and state tr
ardent free silver
! Il'.'
bom in
*ar Laurel, Sussox
is till)
t.o T
taught school i
until January, 1878,
Dover anil
clectoil stato 11
iry, 1879, ho
to succeed George (). Shakespeare,
i admitted to the bur, October 34,
-elected him in
jive-until April 1883.
ten. To Ills
. held
John Edward Addicks
by tho
and received
Han by, Alloo and Curry
with tho fourtc
Republicans Boated
rd could control the
Willard is
itO, but Ul
After the Seimt
I)r. Beulah L. Lewis of Harring
chosen as amllb
from Henry C. Colllsou. F(
William M. Ross
jr William L. Sir
und John
In iho final ballot Ross ,re
ill 9, while
uoived HI votes, and Car
i as dropped.
Crowds of politicians from all parts of
day when the House
The Committee
its labors about 10 n'eloc
that h
iiild he submitted
si at ing Cheat rs.
Sheriff Gillis, of Now Castlo County,
who was subpamaed on Saturday night
by Sergcant-ftt-Arms W. B. Hazel,-arrived
this morning with the returns and tally
shoots' and delivered the sheets to tho
Speaker of the House, who handed them
tu Chairman Huzel, of the Elections Com
but long beft
sting Dickey and
Elections e
Hazel thou submitted there
port of tho committee, which showed
that Mr. McCoy received 10.357 votes, Mr. #
Mr. Doimftl8oii,T).fitS:M
Mr. McCullough. 9,.M>
d Mr. Dickey, 9,45
Tnylor. 10,
Mr. Dcmp
Tho report
Dickey be ousted
recommended that Mr.
i and that Mr. Chealrs be
miburof the II
lay this report
Mr. Dempsy
tho table until 3 o'clock this afterm
to give him
>rt. HU
vote of 9 to 8. Mr. Dickey did
inorlty n
lost by
ot VOt
Mr. Dickey requested that his co
be heard, anil Mr. Dempsey np
that lie
ready i
Mr. Hazel challenged Mr. Dempsey's
competency to mako a report, because ho
1th tho com mittee only a fo
•oulil have the minority report
few minutes.
The Clerk of tho Sonato was the
nouncedand presented
for adjourn mo
tending the Inauguration or
elect Tttuuell.
After the Senate Clerk had retired, Mr.
Dempsey again arose anil said that in tho
Second district of the Eleventh ward, Wll
. a joint resolution
for the purpose of at
ington, tiie ballot, lx
eknowlodged this; but. ho said
lint tho sworn certificate had bee
.i i
ulzed by the e<
tlic fact, that Messrs. Chcairs and Dickey
rod that the House ad
ill 3 o'clock, but the motion was
At, ihe vote being 10 to 8.
Mr. Dempsey then pro eutod a minority
1V , ....ioh closod with a re
that the committee be Instructed
list of
Tilch bail
speaker and Cliairni:
labial tho t
Hazel, for the purpi
had beeu tump
been fu
if proving that the
oil with. A mo
lopt this rep

A null
M*jil dilatory
to Ii
ilso se
i jority
S to 7.
peal from tlio decision of tho
of tho com.nlli.ee
table was d
iidopted l>y
Mr Tin
he rep
to of 11 to 6.
in Mr.
i, Speaker Riggi
s. An unsuccessful effort to ml
before anil while the oath
le. After Mr.
ing atlminis
Chealrs hail been s
Mr. Dickey
nd keys.
udered his sc
Mr. Ponder, counsel for Mr. Dickey con
touiloil that t)m
at: nr
had been no formal d
saying the
before Mr.
tion of a vacant sc
Tho speaker claimed that the report of
the committee settled the matter ami Mr.
Pickevstated subsequently tin
there would bo no pri
he k
Tho following
ice. signed by Mr.
in Hazel
andSpertkor Biggin.
"Hou. Utuijamin A. I-Inzol, chairmnn of
the Eleetl
Representatives of the General Assembly
of the State of Delaware. Dear Sir; On
behalf of tho contest
Chealrs vs. Dickey, 1 i
that the following witn
s Committee of the House of
it! the case
pcctfully request
ses l)o subpuena
dor the previous onl
1,0 House, it shall bo proper f<

such wi
Paul Gillis, ex-Shortff
oountv; Willlinn R FUn
.y; George Rood,
cs Rat lodge, Will lam C
Kimmcy, How
ii Foaster, Amos Hahn. Ainos Hahn,Jr..
J. Curtis Wigglesworth, Thomas Brown,
"Doc" Clowney, James L.Hawkins, Hugh
C. Bro
In tho Ho
Castle Introduced
its.td'joct tbo
for the Ho
further consideration.
TIuuso bill No. 8 regulates tlio time for
tbo completion of the Chester & Wilming
ton Electric Railway Company. Tho time
was extended until June 17, and tho
bill passed first reading.
The Clerk of tho Senate stated that tho
bill No 1, entitled "An net to protect the
health of tlio citizens of the city of Wil
mington," had been amended by tbo
ftcunto mid asked the concurrence of tho
Houso iu tho amendment.
Tho amendment provided that no cost
charge shall bo levied ou tho owners of
abutting property for tlio construction of
a certain sewer, and that the firm of
Jessup & Moore, aud tho Ford Morocco
Company should each pay $4090 towards
the construction of the said sewer nml that
the above uiuouut should be paid within
, Sheriff o? Now
Castle n
Whnur, .
Frank Pnrtulee, Willi;
j and Thomas Reardon."
Mr. Donnldso
n of New
having for
n ey
. The bill
as laid
thirty dav8 after the construction thereof
begun. The total cost not to exceed
$32,003. The amendment was concurred
in and the bill thon passed the House.
After the above bill had passed the
Speaker discovered that It required two
thirds vote. The ayes and noos wore then
called for and a unanimous vote
A lecture delivered lust Friday by Rabbi
M. Rappuport of the Cong. Oheb Sholem,
this city. Among the ancient Hebrews in
the desert there was a man, who,on account
spirucy that ho raised against
nml Aaron, was a real demagogue in
the strictest sense of the word. We call a
demagogue a man who by intriguing and
plotting, schemes to prejudice the people
against their friends, and moreover seeks
to inako them, by false accusation, diso
bedient to and dissatisfied with the ruling
.corporations and congregations. Huoh a
demagogue was that famous Korach, who
lx) tho first to direct rebellion
against the system of religion laid down
for Israel; he was to bo amongst tho first
of tho thousands of victims whom nmlu
tion, selfishness or passion
_tho desert plains over which Israel
to wander during Its period of purgation.
As might be expected, especially amoug
people so prove to rebel, his example found
ready imitators. Dafchau and A biram,
and two hundred and fifty of the congre
gation rose against Moses and Aaron, ac
cusing thorn of taking to themselves all
tho honors and priestly functions. A
kind of jealousy was also at tho bottom pi
this fierce attack and hostility. it is
unnecessary to doscrlbo to you the fatal
issue of this rebellious and uproarious
to their obm
demonstration. "T..... -- .
tlon," said tho faithful servant to w
Eternal; that Is, disgrace them lu W
moment of tlielr arrogance, so that nm
but themselves may be the dupes of their
scheme. And the offended majesty of
Heaven, speaking thus through the mouth
of its appointed one, launched its bolt
against those who lnid violated tlielr own
trust, and had sought to Implicate others
in their treason. , ,
Tho earth opened her mouth atm
swallowed them up, and tlielr houses an _
all tho men of Korach aud their substance ;
thoy aud all that appertained to them
went down to the grave and the eartu
covered them, and they perished from
among tlid Coug. "A miserable end to a
miserable attempt to sot up human for
heavenly spiritualism, Tho impostors
•xnosed in the very heat of their
weakness; even as they
to exhibit proofs of their mission, they
vanished in destruction before tho persons
in whose eyes they wished to bo aggran
dizod. This awful catastrophe proves
again the well known saying of our
sages: That all Important disputes and
undertakings which arc carried out in
the name of God have every cbauco to
■ccod, whilst transactions and enter
prises, which are devoid of divine sanc
tion and approval never, prosper aud
must fall to pieces."
This demagogue Korach was the ment
tnl and bodily Incarnation of selfishnes s
and vanity. In attacking tho priesthood,
It was not his intention to improve or
raise it, or to place it upon a highor level,
but to injure and destroy it at the expense
of his own self—aggrandizement.He wanu
od to put Moses in the background, in
order to gain by his downfall those great
dignities and honors which ho coveted.
There is a beautiful word Bi our chapter^
which Moses applied to Korach. In refer
ring to his audacious anil rebellious coiif
duet we hear the great Law-glvor exclaim.
"Tho Lord knoweth his people,
perfectly aware whether thoy mean
well and act from pure and unselfish
principles, or whether they interest them
selves merely in 0 matter for the sake of
impure motives, that is for tho solo object
of winning applause aud increasing their
own popularity.
No matter how much wo dress
solve* in all the garments of holiness and
jtit.y, if there is any good in that pur
pose we advocate aud promote that good
will come our. at tho proper time; liow
,-er if thoro is any wrong iu our actions
and wo do not moan what we profess
tln-n occasions and opportunities will
arise when the mantle of sanctity will bo
stripped from u*. and wo will bo soon m
our natural garb—hypocrisy. The Lord
His children bettor than they
know themselves." That is a sentence full
of meaning. What are all our professions
in the sight of man and Goil, when we
act contrary to u our better nature,
and when before tho eyes of the world
appear saintly and angelic; while be
conscience and soul
Ho is
guilty o^manyiliortqamlu^, failings end
S *My friends,* noth ing is more dangerous
jlfaro than ~ ' *******
to the common
leagued together for tho purpose ot
dying by a combined attack the chance# of
either tlielr imaginary or real evils. It
li has condescended to bring his
....uluiuts in u calm umt dignified
Of before Moses nml Aaron. 1 am certain
both of them would hnvn listened to hi
and would have explained to bun the
reasonable nature of Ills pretended
,js. But instead of doing so, ho
a fierce combat
,'hom he
md pup
passionately rushes into
and makes hundreds of
ul shapes ffko figures ai
in his hand wild partis
his angry
By the by, in the middle ago3, It
Charles Y, who, by means of arms, tried
Bring the Christians—tho Catholics
anil Protestants—under one religious
mode of thinking. He failed in his
tempt, and in retiring later to a monas
tery he spent his whole time daily In
bringing a dozen clocks to order. I his
or, was also a failure. Then ho
./fully exclaimed: "What a fool I
-an trying to bring whole Christ!
' mo head, when I am not able
en a dozen clocks agree with each
> that they strike at t he pronor
il hour. The school of life with
lessons, quite often humbles
those persons who believe that
equal to thorn, and that everybody has to
/ledge their greatness and exool
These people forget that "pride
all." Let this bo a less
make e
other, i
mi mitt
its sto
goothi before
to you, my friends. Nc
union for the sake of bettering
Remain always the
join people i
body «
ied wrong.
arbiters anil dofouile
of y
tlnios and concerns.
Bo ,vare of demagogues, of big
well as little one
ake them
tho laboring classes ugi
friends, their employers, ihe little de
gogucs are to be fouud everywhere. They
arc in institutions, societies, anil last, but
e in
The big
lives tho
their Ii
ngregations ; they
lies, c
to all
tills, the
aud iuclto
lations But
B1111 ) W ~d o m itg og lies indue,
others, to neglect purposely their
and obligations and to show a ilisrespeot
spirit towards
•e destined fr
: il
ful an l h
i who
anil mini
licit* Hocks in the right oath of
Beware of doniugo
God aud hit
Dl# n-c* nml
I .Ike
Bronchial Troches.
i linita
Brow i
arc sold only
In those
)s, have boon published in pamphlet
form by the Chicago, Milwaukee
11 as these lotto
nil North Dak
In South
their i
/n personal experience
Paul Railway,
•einely interesting, and the pamphlet
Is finely illustrated, o
address, on i
ill be
Joha R. Pott,
t. 48') William
Apply to
fist riel Passenger Ageti
eet, Willliamsport, Pa.
stage st
i siiiioli s Cure. Tho
that. C
Onei^ *

lum bottles soli lie
Sold by N. H l)aiif
, VnJ nml M
kel #tie
Killer Is
Dr Simms' W
finest ft ml best worm
daughter was ut tended by
wit 111
my llttlo
two physlcl
'commended to
killer. I used it and my child
health and gained her
juni weight again. There is no mistako
i this being the best medicine of the
couutry. Depot 000 King.
s: "N«
sale I* S.
W. eotnerSecond and Shipley Btreeti. at
LC ceutb a pound. City Market Clgur Faa*
U. F. Uouuuon. prop.
COOO lbs Havana Shorts f'
to t v.
Foi r,
The Blood! Tho Blood is always
quired to be looked after, iso use Dr,
Simms' Blood Purifier, tho always
and never fuller in mild or strong tilst
of the blood. 606 King street.
The Prosecution Could Secure No
Evidence Against Hor.
The Men Condemned to Death for Killln#
>e Hie Wife
Which Orl
Being Tried ae an Accessoi y.Uluutlj
liefuied to Inortml

le Her.
C. Ir
Baltimore, Jan. 19.—Mrs. Km
s yesterday afternoon acquitted ol
accessory with
the charge of being
George Matthews, her paramour, In thi
murder of her husband, James J. Irwin.
The prosecution found itself powerless ta
place before the jury evidence that would
show collusion when Matthews, who li
under death sentence for the cri
fused point blank to testify in tho matter.
After this the state closed its case, which
given to tho jury without argument.
rendered, the
A verdict of not guilty
jury not leaviu
Matthews, t
the prosecution, and when tendered the
Bible that he might be sworn refused to
touch it. He
which he likewise refused to do. "Do you
't testify In the case?"
't have any
the box.
confessed murderer of
s the last witness summoned for
then asked to affirm,
mean you
asked Judge Wickes. "I
thing to do with it," answered Matthews.
"I thiuk I have done all that I had any
right to do. They would
tify down there, und I
That much in certain." Under the cir
cumstances, tho day of Matthews' execu
tion being
did not commit him for contempt.
James J. Irwl
't testify hero.
at hand, Judge Wlckei
s a farmer at Allen's
ty. From childhood Mrs. Irwin had shown
a liking for George Matthews,
dredger, and about her
isolated village of Charles c
age, who
her home. Her continued Inti
nmey with Matthews after her marriage
has been shown by letters which passed
between them. On Aug. 2 of lust yeat
s murdered in his bed, his bral
being blown out with a shotguu. Mat
s arrested, broke jail, and after
a mouth's freedom returned and
s oasily convicted,
dered himself. He
and after the announcement of the
diet withdrew his plea of not guilty and
confessed the murder Ho said that Mrs.
husband when his brains
aud aeoused the woman and her sister, a
Mrs. Bour
the deed. Tho acquitted woman is about
30 years old, good looking, but very illiter
bed with her
s lying in the
blown out,
with having incited him to
Murdered with a llutnliat.
Hoboken, N. J , Jan. 19 - Mrs. William
her son Richard, at her h
day. The woman, who
had been killed with three blows from a
hatchet, which implement wjss left lying
upon her breast. The police express
the opinion that the crime was committed
by some
isos, aud Richard Hoffman and John
Kugelbreoht, who boarded with the Hoff
mans, have been taken in to custody pend
ing further investigation. Mrs. Hoffmau
had been separated from her uushand fer
the past ten years and the latter is
resident of Norwalk, Conn. There i
evidenco that Hoffman and his mother
had over quarreled. Both prlsouors bear
good reputations.
found dead in her bed by
here ynster*
s 49 ye
iquuiuted with the prem
No Enthusiasm for Hill.
Albany, Jan. 19.—Three Democratic
senator# aud two assemblymen last night
bolted the caucus called to uominnte a
successor to David B. Hill for United
States senator. Of those who reiuaiued
thirty-six voted for David B. Hill, three
for Wilbur F. Porter, of Watertown, and
two for Robert C. Titus, of Buffalo. The
announcement was received in ailouce. Af
ter the vote was announced several of the
leaders looked around appealingly for
to make the nomination unnnl
mous, but as the inoti
coming the chair announced that the
choice of the
this announcement did not awaken tho
slightest ripple of nppl
t forth
for United States
David Bennett Hill. Ev
This Danker Was Kind to Himself.
Hartford, Jan. 19. -The depositors of
the suspended banking firm of G
Bissell & Co. met behind closed doors yes
terday afternoon and listened to a report
of the investigating committee. Tho re
port showed that Albert H. Olmsted,
senior member of tho firm, had
his personal account uoarly $30,000, or
thun euough to wipe out his share
•go P.
of the capital stock. His salary
a year, but ho was in the habit of drawing
considerably i
Olmstead's home is filled with art t.
being of most costly descrip
tion. Shortly before tho bank suspended
Mr. Olmstead's relatives withdrew their
joss of this amount.
Through the Mail*.
Cuban Stum|
Washington, Jan. 19.—The recent claim
junta of New York that let
stamps have
ph the United States
of tho Lul
ters bearing tho
passed th r
has called forth a denial from Postmaster
Dayton, of New York. In a lotter to the
Washington postal officials he says that
/elopes bearing stamps with tho in
scrlption 'Republic of Cuba,
wise purporting
Insurgents have
York postoffice,
raised, but It is looked upo
innll bearing Cuban stamps
collected from the receiver.
d by the Cuban
gone through the Now
The iss
likely that
ulil be
unstamped, and the full postage
lu BookHeller'# Lucky Purchase.
St. Louis, Jau. 19.—A collection of the
books of the late Gi
was sold in St. Louis last week for $30. It
volumes of army
records, regimental histories, court
tlnl records and a general assortment of
• literature. The sale
Dooley, a ctffpentor who did
•«1 W. T. Shor
consisted of about
s made by T.
ork for
nl,Sherman while th# latter had his
•al Shor
the books just before ha
The dealer
s iu this city. Ge
gave bi
left St. Louis.
tho tiiuo that ho
On exuiuinutii
>t a war*
ho found it
bor of valuable pieces of literature.
A IK ged Wife
GitEKN Bay, Wia, Jan. 19.—Barney
Van Hoorebeke
a telegram from officials at Ander
son, who charge him with poisoning his
wife, who died recently. The Van H
bekos formerly resided here anil tho will
of Mrs. Van Hoorebeke is on file with the
clerk of the court. She gives all her prop
to her husband. Tho prisi
ist extruditlou. •
Dover, Jan. 18:—Tlio constitutional
Convention hail
little lmsines
off day to-day. Many
*ro absent and bee
so of this
cteil, then ad
util Wednesday
doing so It*stated that the
rat was made
•niug. Beft
ommitteo on Corporations would hold
joting immoilifttoly and requested tho
mibers of that e
Dr. KUegood announced that the Com
tho Manufacture and Solo of
intoxicating Liquors would like to have a
rly a date as possible.
Mr. Spruauce requested the members of
and other
to remain in the hall for a
for the purpose of conferring
?mlments that lmd
the gover
the eommitt
elective ollic
brer, offered to the report of that comi
ill ml dress to
Rev. J. R. Milligan
ow afternoon's uni
service at Dcla
Baptist Church, and llov. J.
D. C. Hanna Thursday's, Rev. G. L.
Wolfe Friday's uud Rev. T. J. Mason
The lleport That He Hoe Accepted tin 1
Navy Portfolio.
Washington, Jan. 19 — A statement
published her# yesterday that a promt
t New England seuator had received
information from Boston announcing
authoritatively that ex-Governor Long, ol
Massachusetts, had been tendered and
accepted the secretaryship of the navy
An Associated Press reporter saw n
ber of the senators from New England
during the evening, and while all
pressed the opinion that they believed the
a cal>
-governor might be appointed
inot position under the
tlon, yet thoy had
formation to the effect that he had
received any in
cepted the navy portfolio.
s stated that Mr. Aldrloh, of Rhode
In the
inaccessible. The
to the effect that advices
In a long distance telephone message from
Hon. Joe Manley, who Is
Boston. Several of the senate
to tho fact that the
In conference last week with the presl
dent-elect, presumably with tefnr
a place in the cabinet.
publication, but he
the senator referred
present lu
-governor had been
The Wealth of Gifts That Awaited A mm
Gould's Firstborn.
Paris, Jan. 19.—The Countess de Castel
lano,formerly Miss Anna Gould, presented
her husband with a son yesterday. Mothei
and child are doing well. Miss Gould
married to Conut de Castelluue on March
4, 1895.
Helen Gould seut a layette
1,026 pieces to her
tique, wonderfully eugra vod and crusted
with gems. Mrs. George Gould, gave a
string of diamonds and sapphires. H
ard Gould contributed a toilet set, silver
mounted and set with uncut supphi
and diamonds. A silver busin and
the gifts of Mr. and Mrs. Kdwi
Gould, while Mrs. Kingdon sent a sil
bathtub. Tho Murquis de Castellano, the
baby's paternal grandfather, gave a gold
pphiro inlaid drinking mug, which hud
been In the family for centuries. The
marquise gave a box of priceless old fain
ily luce.
si sting of
phew. George
solid gold porringer,
***■ Aground.
TtICREUTON, N. J., Jan. 19.—The British
steamer Baddsworth, Captain Fox, from
Pernambuco for New York with a cargo
of sugar aud hides, grounded at Poahaia,
Long Beach, about one and three-quarter
miles north of Long Beach life saving sta
tion, yesterday. Captain James Sprague,
with a crew from the station, first reached
the vessel, although the «
high and i
The steamer lle.slu about eight feet of
ter, but has settled firmly In the sand.
Part of the cargo
lu an attempt to float her yes
may be floated at high water this after
noon. The Bnddsworth carries
Princess CI»
Charleroi, Jan 19.—Tho action for di
vorce by Prince de Chimay against his
wife, formerly Miss Clara Ward, of De
•troifc, who eloped with a Hungarian gypsy
last summer, opened here today. Maltre
Allain.of the court of appeals of Paris, will
defend the princess. In un Interview Mai
a cause
celobre, and the divorce of the century,
principally because the mother of the prin
cess takes the princess' side, and
count of the prominence in it of a king's
name. The newspaper statements that
the princess has lost her fortu
true. She still has a good income.'' Mal
tre Allain declares that she does not love
her gypsy lover.
hazardous undertaking.
;re Allain said: "The c
ito » Bonfire.
Pushed a Utile Girl
Wakefield, Mass, Jau. 19 —Bridget
Blynn, the 0-year-old daughter of Hannah
Blynn, of Water street, died from the
effects of a burning accident^ The child
playing on the ice with several other
children, when she fell In the pond,
lg her clothes. The other children then
irteil a bonfire for the purpose of allow
ing tho little one to dry her clothes. Tho
little girl was standing
the fire,
hen, it is alleged, that a boy named Carl
up to her and pushed her over to the
blaze. Tiie child's clothes quickly caught
fire, and she
terribly burned before
The boy is but 7 years
old. There will probably be
British Parlla
London, Jau. 19.—The third Alston of
tho fourteenth parliament of the Victorian
era opeued today by royal commission,
with the usual formality. The propos
of the address in reply to the speech fri
tho throne in the house of commons was
Viscount Folkstoue. member of pnrlia
6 for the Wilton division of Wiltshire,
anil the secouder was tho Hou. Alfred
Lyttelton, member of parliament for W
wick and Loamingtou. In the house of
lords tho Murquis of Bath moved and
Lord Kenyon seconded tho address. A
sion is expected, in which the
fortunes of the government
iu spite of the 160 C<
rnt Keopr
•vativo majority.
Im»l9 Senatorahlp.
Springfield, Ills., Jan. 19.—The Re
publican joint caucus for the nomination
of a successor to Senator John M. Pal
s held last uight. The first ballot
■lilted: Ex-Congressman W. E. Mason of
Chicago, 40; Congressman Lorimer of
Chicago, 89; ex-Congressmun Hitt, 12:
Congressman Hopkins of All
Carrot Springfield. 10; S. W. Allertou
Chicago, 1; Congressman Joseph Cann
of Danvillo, 10. Necess
change, and adjournment was taken until
thin evening. The Democrats will cast a
tary vo.o for ex-Goveruor Alt
i, 0 C. F.
a choice, 64.
icond ballot showed but little
coni pli
Wanainaker Legislator# Orguulzf
HarriSHUKG, Jan 19 —The legislators
who votod for John Waunmakor iu the
joint Republican senatorial caucus met
yesterday afternoon in the quarters of the
Business Men's League, aud formed a
permanent organization. Senator C. C.
Kauffman, of Lane
anil Representative W. W. McEl
1 auey, of Pittsburg, seoretary.
cfiled not to limit t ho membership to those
who had
to endeav
nit possible. Tho orgunizuti
s "TheSeventy-Six."
s chosen chair
It W
Mr. Wanamaker, but
many leglslat
•ill be
Talk of Arbitral
Loxdon, Jun. 19. —The Standard
spoudont says: An iuspirodcor
'Pondant of Tho Polltlseho C
ilitatiug the
negotiation of a treaty of arbitration with
the United
ileus learns that Franc
States similar to tlio Anglo
oaty. Such a treaty would
:e, and tho pros
American tr
bo vory welci
poets for Its couclusU
others in a wa
for tir
ci:ra (ointment), the great skin cure,
A It em i:
of Cl
of torturing, dis
afford in
an d pc;
figuring, humiliating, Itching, bu
ing. crusted, scaly skin ai.d scalp humors,
with loss of hair, when all else falls.
Bold ttreo|hoitths worid. Ton
^■1» ' HowteSun6kln-tortnr(4
Correapondaucoof the RicerjBLiOAX.
Castle, Ji
). 19.
Last week two young ladles
Ing here
deeply ii
e of our young
with one. Upon her return
e of tho young ladies sent the
smitten youth a ring with the request to
hnvo the initials removed and to have
their initials placed therein, and that the
ring would do ft
uothlug Blow about the down country
Thu different organIzat
! making a move to make things inter
esting to their members.
lie city
No. 8, A. O.
•anglng for several ontort
incuts and tho annual picnic
July 4. The latter event will take
place'in all probability at the Cofield Park
at the end of the New Castle Electric
Railway. The members of Ha
Castle, No. 6, K. G. E., on Monday
will give a smoker.
James G. Bridgewater Is in Hacken
sack, N. J , attending the wedding of his
brother, Frank, to Miss Ausmun, a lead
ing belle of the pretty New Jersey
An extra number of
in the Delaware Iron works this morning
three welding, one bending,
l»ell welding furnace running
nncfl which replaced
to Russia lias not
hereof Divisl
*w fur
that wa
yet been started
The Union Republic!
placed Wolsbach lights in its head qiiar
One hundred members will attend
tho inauguration of McKinley at Wash
ington. They will wear light overcoats
and black bats ntul«
It Is understood
Woolen Mills will st;
.. n few days
rled up this
bn beaming
U up lain Rogers and Ills
uiudc a pleasing appe
died to tue dep
attend llie iuuuguialiu
cises of Governor Tiinnoll
Dr. Richards is in Philadelphia.
Mrs Pleroo Joyce is very ill.
(J. Jamison of Wushlngtt
is visiting relatives in this city.
spending a weok with relallves at Broad
William K. Thatcher is entertaining his
brother, John Thatcher, of Lancaster, Pa.
There will be an interesting progr
rendered this evening In the Ope
when Prof. Burleigh aud Miss Annie
.Magill of Wilmington and their pupils in
music and elocution will hold tlie boards.
Iiecu visiting Now Castle trio
The officers of Ailelphla Lodge, K. of I*,
will be installer
Grand Chancellor Hanson and staff.
Rev. fi, J. Crowley, the assist!
of St. Ann's church, WU
general fa
this morning to go
old it
to Dov
Mrs. Ja
son, who has been
kiln, Del., 1ms r
Miss .Sallle 1 lolli
ou, hi
mow night- by
learn lug
id ills deal!

w bridge
utiug that the parts of tli
r the trolley road
jross the railroad
track will be bore in « few <b
Charged with Mom
ter Forget
New York, Jan. 19.—Emil and Jacob
Blumer are confined in Ludlow street jail,
charged with being fugitive criminals
from Zurich, Switzerland, whore they
formerly heavy contractors and architects.
Thoy wero arrested yesterday
rival of tho steamship La Bourgogne.
•cused of forgeries and
$ 100 , 000 .
Blumer, who says he Is « naturalized
ct of
liich Is managed by bis
land ii
A Munlac'i
Nkw Y
Westchester county, li
during a fit of insanity shot his
brother, Leonard Palmer, kilting him al
instantly, aud fatally wounded his
mother and sister. The murderer had
been mildly insane for
terday afternoon a bad fit seized him,
which resulted some hours latter to his
securing a revolver and attacking the
family. Mrs Palmer and her daughter
will probably die. Tbo madman escaped
to the woods.
, Jan. 19.—At Mamaroneck,
Ight Arth
past, but yes
sr at Mount Carmel.
Brutal :
SnAMOKIN, Pa.. Jan. 19.—Stephen Gore,
Frank Buun, William Gurkis, William
Ryedskt and Martin Gorbla Are under
rest on the charge of having murdered
Theophilus Gurst, of Mount C
street fight on Saturday night. Their vic
tim asked them for a bottle of beer and
they fractured his skull with a beer bottle
ami thon brutally beat him Gurst recov
ered consciousness and gave tho
his assailants before death resulted from
his injuries.
9 Of
Reduced Hours
Woonsocket, R J., Jan. 19 —The Wt
socket Machine and Press compauy,
ploying 350 hands, yesterday commenced
running thirty-two hours a week, with a
10 per cent, cut In wages,
has been running night and day for the
The cone
past sixtee
London, .Tan. 19.—A ferryboat laden
k while crossing the
board were drowned.
with work
TJsk at Newport yesterday,
of fifteen persons
, ox-champion pugilist,
he stage again,
if Illinois
Jolili L Sulli
is going or
relieve the distress In
A dispatch
th# L
> Halifax, N. 8.,
Molegu a
berg Belli
total wreck at Trinidad.
Thegovernmeut of Dutch Guiana has
granted 1,000,000 acres of ■elected gold
lauds to a British syndicate.
Now Castle, Pa., tin mill
last night did $50,000 damage, and thri
of oniployment.
William Hunter, wife murderer, w
yesterday sentenced, at Fonda, N. Y.,
electrocution during the week of March 8.
Bank failures yesterday: First National
of Newport, Ky.; German National of
Louisville; Minnesota Savings of St.
Paul, Minn.
The Ohio coal
l '
sn teil
increase of fri
jents for January and Febr
•. th#
for tv-five to fifty
of fr
to sixty cents In the Pittsburg district.
Miss Caroliue H. Pier, of Wisconsin,
and Miss Alice A. Mlnnlok, of Nebraska,
have beou admitted to practice before the
supreme court, increasing tho
ladies who possess this privilege to fifteen.
13 Ada
Ed w. C. Co
s Dr lltiM's
us remedy
, he lias yet found.
.st effl.
Scolds, ei
or coug!
tea nth and V
M I!;
i «t
tor. Mid
ii '
. No
d M. II.nice, Hoar S

ie. 11 1.
luctcd by K
gel 1st, Dr. E. T. Walker at Coven
ed Episcopal church, Third and West
Is ut 2.39 o'clock in the afternoon nml
tho plat
/list, ftdiUigreatly to
he meeting by tlieir spirited
i? bee
;;u iu
ed o
helpful. The choir
.'ith the Ev;
in teres
singing of Gospel Hv
The meeting* will continue
d c;
Saturday. E
aud made
ing tl.t» w
/'! I
« h gladly
fie! perfect I
fiillT N
Karl's Clover Hoot Ten. It
ctbPnort my
:■oi.bled wltu
inlet-d my nerv
N ervou# bf
•and 11
and Ms
offered a bottle of Salvation
defaced or mutt
if y
Oil, without wrapper,
luted, don't, buy It at any prico, foil may
be sura that there le something wrong! *®
may be a worthless or dangerous counted
felt Insist upon getting a perfect,
broken geuuiue package in a yellow wrap*
Whoever will, may come and
tally Invited to attend an oyster
given by the Ladles' Ald.So
,ton AI E. Church, «nd will 1 _
the evening of January *43, 1897, in
of Stan*
Those M. E ladies know how to
get oysters up in the best of style,
very palatuble and the ladles very acoora
odutiug. They will wait on you in the
beat of style.
Miss Lillie G- Kendall of Stanton, Del., .
is visiting friends in Philadelphia.
Mrs. Sophie A Keudull of Stanton,
Del ., Is on u week's visit to her daughter,
Mrs. Clam M. Bennett, of No. 2 Vaudever
avenue, Wilmington, I)el.
Lillie Bennett of Brandywine, hasljeen
quite sick but Is
and festival
the hall lu the busy little
d you will find them
felling slightly bet
An Aged Citizen Burled.
Funeral Services of the late George C.
held at his lain residence at
Rose Hill near City yesterday. Servid*
were conducted by Rev. G. F. Hopkins of
Made ley M. K Church, ho took for his
text, Prov. 10—31, these words, "The
hoary head is a crown of Glory If it be
found in the wav of Righteousness." He
logized the deceased for his usefulness
u good citizen to pattern after. A choir
mi tho Church wing when the body was
to St. Georges for interment. Tho
•Sheriff Lumbson,
Jos. Le Fever, Win.
Wliito, Cbus. Megginson and Robert
In C
! r
v j
puli bearers
last night re
ication from Mrs. A. IX
ier asking that she be furnished th»
of children between
Tho police Ci
ived a cu
d iaside
of 7 and 14 years who do not afc
the ug
tend school, which the will present to
Now Century Club committee iutoreaiied
in having a compulsory educational Ml
passed. The depurtmout will lurninh the
in torn
yesterday afternoon wont
1 sold the store of
Sheriff Fli
to Hockesslu
Joseph c. Was to Hugh C. Browne for
Bui mi* 1, br
Castle County Library As*
lias elected Willard Hall Por
ter president, Thus. Davis, vice-president;
Davie J. Rlieiuharilt, secretary and T
uror: und Willard Saulsbury, Johu Biggs
II. H. Ward, George A. Elliott aud Pot
~ The Nc
is C. Vuudegrlft
L. Cooper Jr.,
The Bar Association, L
president; Willard Saulsbury,
dent; aud 11. II. Ward, Secretary ami
Ot all kinds of
J o b Printing.
Como in a hurry
Wo like hurry
work and excel
in half tone or
plain printing.
Samples sub
mitted on appli
kiith ini Orange Street!
LOAN. WTliiiliigiun, Delaware- Propo
sals will bo received at the CityTreasurer'u
office until 12 o'clock at noon on Tuesday,
•y *2(1, 1897, for the purchase of all
V portion of the above loan to lw L
It Inles thereof,
ds are being ibsuod by authority
il pursuant
oil, tho pro
o be used for the redemption of
No. ;
led In bonds of $50
lid b
i .
ce of City Co
No 28, being
tho r»&»
m. payable sffinf*
ho first days of April Hod
redeemable a#
nil be.
I Ins 1
jf 4 per
October iu each year and
April I,
October I,
April L
October 1, 1911.
A ta il 1. 1912..
bor 1, 1912 .
* Oc
*' October 1. 1913
sful 111,file
bidders will bo
The succ
qHired to settle for the 1
.•Saturday, J a mi
ni l envelope
irer, marked
12 o'clock at UOi
y •
ill Mils Ir
Joseph K. Adams,
-ity Tie
"Proposals f.
Tho tight to reject any or all bids Is
ot ('ity Cuuaoil.
Sinking K
AI lest: JOSEPH 1
> -d

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