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Two of the Men Had Killed Fivo
of One Family.
Their Self Appointed Uxecutloi
milled the Tl
Bucli Other
nnd Middled Their Bodies with Bullet*.
to Pummel
hen 8truog Them (Jp
Amite City, La , Jan. 21.—Three negro
dead. They
and John Johnson, who at tho last
mont oonfeused their guilt of the killing
of five of tho Cotton family, and Gus Will
iams, alias Morrissey, who shot and killed
his young wife. The bodies of tho two
■tout oak In the woods about half a mile
from tho house iu which they butchored
their victims.
Arch Joi
•e found hanging to a limb of
Johnson's story of tho slaughter of tho
Colton family was peculiarly brutal. Ho
laid that he had always liked the family,
and would not have harmed them had It
not been for tho fact that ho was bullied
Into what he had done. He said he armed
himself with an ax, not to hurt any of tho
people in the house, but to prevent their
escaping, as he had been told to watch a
door. The murder, Johnson said,
planned by Bud McKnlght, a white
who was a suitor of tho girl, Maude Miller,
whose mother, Mrs. Cotton, whipped her
for allowing McKnlght's attentions. This
Is the only motive he knew for the crime.
He said at first that Arch Joiner shot Cot
ton, tho head of tho household,withagun,
theu struck Merveu Stevens, the son of
Mrs. Agues Stevens, with i
forehead, knocking him back on the bed
and killing him. Joiner finished tho
and then wont Into the room which
occupied by Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Cotton and
Lizzie Miller, with Maude and several
children, and killed the throe woman.
Three hundred men approached the
:t house, the greater part on horseback,
and immediately bogun searching the
deputies, so that they could get the keys.
After a delay of about ten minutes the
found Deputy Wainwright iu one of
Wio rooms of the hotel and forced hi
deliver up the keys before he lmd Lime to
attempt to hide them. The work
s simple,
d slipped
that when they opened his
of getting into tho prist
his shirt,
•ell door he would be ready.
loo, and Immediately sob up
could be heard from outside. Ho
$hat he was Innocent, but the
were to take charge of all three throw him
flown nnd tied his hands behind his back.
Johnson askod one of tho
tying his hands If they meant to burn him
or uot. He was told that the crowd meant
$o do so. Williams claimed that ho shot
his wife accidentally while endeavoring,
•b 1 o'clock in the morning, to kill a rat
with a Winchester. Ho was Jeered at and
told that rat killing was a bad practice,
end ho should bo hung for It. Knowing
that his fate was scaled, Williams said
, going with his captors
told that ho would bo taken,
The three negroes
led out. Into the
here the horsemen
ratted a little while
court greeu,
Founded them and
until tho captain of the squad
bis readiness to depart. Before going the
captain thanked the people, and said that
there for business only, and if
runted to join in nnd take a hand
Id the execution they were weloo
$hreo captives, with long ropes attached
$o their necks, were led by horse
the Little Zion church,
this place, and thore it
hang Williams to a tree that did duty be
fore as a gallows. One of tho men climhod
'Up the oak and fastened the ropes, while
smother slipped tho
$uunte's head.
While this was going on Johnson said
to the men about him that if they bung
Arch Joluer, wh
previous statements, they
log "an lnnoceftt 1taan, as the
* .i fcalpod him. were not in the country. F
his pains he was given a rap over tho head
with a heavy piece of rope, which quieted
him for the time.
Williams was told to pray and ho did so,
after which ho was ordered to get upon a
horse. He became c
necessary for some of the mo
upon the back of tho
thon quickly strung up and tho party pro
ceeded with the other two prisoner#
Joiuer and Johnson walked about a
tulle, when Johnson said he could g<
further, as he
Was procured nnd both negroes hustled
Into it. Tho rain came down In torrents
end the night was dismal, and this,
Lined with tho grotesque appearance of
they rode slowly along muf
s enough to fill
- The
Oak street. In
decided to
the unfor
he had implicated In
raid be kill
trnrv and it was
lift hi
imal. He w
s exhausted. A wag
fled In big overcoats
the hearts of tho negroes with deepest awe.
probably 2,000 iu lino, all ex
ceedingly orderly and quiet.
When they arrived at the Cotton plane
oilier set up a pitoous moan, and begged
to shoot him, as ho preferred
death by being shut to any other mode.
He thou requested to be permitted to fight
Johnson, saying that Johusou had gut
him into all the trouble Johnson signi
fied his desire to fight and they
an opportunity to gratify their passion
for a fisticuff. Johnson, though much
■mallur than Joiner, put up a good fight,
and dealt Joiner some telling blows. Tho
■pectade of the
brink of the great hereafter, fighting h
probably uever been witnessed before.
first decided to shoot Joi
Is capti
•o give:
■mi burn Johnson nt tho stake, but tho
ards changei^to
kiaugiug for both of them. At this tlmo
tho negroes were brought faco to face with
each other, and Joi
that he had killed Mr. John Cott
mode of death was afto
confessed, saying
,and Joh
when ho
first caught, to the effect that he
killed Mrs. John Cotton. Miss Agnes
Miller and Miss Lizzie Millor.
After this statement by the negroes the
■non conveyed them several hundred yards
from tho Cotton rosidonceaud hung them
*lde by side, uud fired a volloy of shots
lute their bodioi. Joiner's head was al
most shot off and Johns
bullet hules.
Mr. Me mu Stcv
■ted his first confession,
filled with
ident Dies in Cuba.
American Corrcsp
l General
Loo telographod tho state department yes
terday that tho American. H-jnry Delgado,
Correspondent of the New York Mull and
boon a prls
, died In the hospital there Tuesday
of Delgado's
abscoss of the stomach which
Washington, Jan. 21.—Cc
Express, who h
In Ha
Light The 1
floath was an
refused to yield to treatment Consul Qeu
odiute c
siral Lom'i reports show that tho
tbo best of attention ev
was brought to his attention.
since his
Shiloh's Coi
other&fall. It
tsko an j goos r :«j
li. Dnnfoith, an:
Jlnu Cough
. Pie
(1 Market
by N.
o CdtHiitlon Box'd.
Ai the Board of Education had not
paid to tho Board of Health yesterday
afternoon the bill for plumbing work
done at Nos 3 atul 4 schools, the latter
has decided to bring suit. The
in value |ts $1,086.80, with Interest from
February 1, 1890 Tho Board of Health
will be represents! by City Solloltor Har
man. Tbs trouble Is well known.
(* Dr. J. J. Pylo explained the action thus;
"Tho Board of Health became tired of tho
dilly dallying method of the Board of Edu
cation. If that body sues fit to
the suit and th
taxpayers of Wilmlngt
to blame but Itself,
over from the old Board of Health, and
tho preaout board has takou this moans
■ecure tho amount due It. The members
Of the Board of Education themselves,
Acknowledge that the bill Is owed by the
Board, aud there Is no reasou why thoy
should uot pay their legitimate debts."
^ The Christiana rlvsr Is full of floating
:ou rage
burden the trials of tlu
. it has
The bill v
s left
Singular Manner In Which the llrlg
Electric Light Halted Away.
New York, Jan. 91.—The Nova Scotia
bn,? Kibotrio Li^ht, which put in ham a
week ago with four feet of water In the I
bald, galled yesterday on her way to Rio
Grandodu Sol with acrew of four muti
neers and five'longshoremen, commanded
ptaln and mato. The mutt- j
threatened the captain with
he perslstoiTln leaving the port
by a
pi d
violence if
under tho circumstances.
Tho trouble arose from the alleged condi
tion of the ship, whleh 1 b deeply laden with
a general cargo. The men who brought
her here, four negro sailors from tho West
Indies, say she is not seaworthy, and they
demanded a hearing before the British
consul. Her captain, Cronin, and mate
abandoned hor when she cast anchor off
Stapleton, and were succeeded Tuesday by
Edwards as captain, and a new mate.
Tho crew meantime, according to their
statements to local boatman who went
out to the vessel, were kept prisoners.
Yesterday the tug Guiding Star wont
alongside the brig with the 'longshore
, and Edwards ordered tho negroes to
holBt anchor and make roady to sail. They
refused to move, reiterating their demand
that they be put ashore with their dun
nage. The captain doclluod to do so, and
ordered the 'longshoremen toproceod with
tho work. They raised the anchor, the
tug took the brig in tow and proceeded
out to soa, the mutineers meanwhile sit
ting on their bags near the forecastle.
In the North
Carolina Co
Raleigh, N. C., Jan. 21.—Senator Jeter
C. Pritchard
cent! himself in the United States sonata
yesterday elected to sue
by the legislature assembled In joint ses
sion Mr. Pritchard received 88 votes;
Thompson (Pop.), 43; Dougbton(Dsin.),83.
There was six members not voting. Eight
Populists voted for Pritchard, aud
Democrat voted for Thompson.
After tho result had been doclared Mr.
Pritchard entered the chamber, accom
panied by Governor Russell and Congress
Skinner. All throe made speochos,
Pritchard saying that lie Blood on tho sll
question where he stood twoyearsago.
Mr Skinner said his course fcid beon
taken for tho good of tho Populist party,
aud he did not see how any harm could
it In electing
pledgod to fr
Senator Butler was in the Populist
cuslast night, which mot for the purpose
of mapping out legislation. It is thought
that the bitter feeliugs
by s
during the contest will result in the c
sat I
of further co-operation, both dur
ing tho session of the legislature and uf*
ward, betw
and the supporters of Pritchard. It looks
may be drawn
of the results of Butler's defeat.
the regular Populists
s if
Is .Schlatter a Suicide?
Ogden, Utah, Jan. 21.—Francis Schlat
ter, "the divine healer," or his double, i9
In this city Iu h precarious condition. He
attempted suicide Tuesday night, and
probably succeeded. About 7:45 o'clock
into tho lunch
of the Uuion
Paclflo hotel, drank a cup of coffee and
went out on the platform. Soon after ho
openod a pockoi knife and cut his throat,
rorlng the windpipe and most of the
arteries, but missing the jugular vein.
He was removed to (he city jail, and a
physician called. The man urged the doc
tor to let him alone, as ho wanted to die.
Ho talked
asked for
his suffering Physicians say he will die.
a rambling man nor, nnd once
, that he might end
Senator Better Defeated.
. 21.—William A.
ivas nominated for
Topeka. Kan., J
Harris, of Liu wood,
United States senator in the Populist
last night
the thirty-fifth ballot.
Senator Peffer had dropped out a few bal
lots before
Both hous
will meet In
hen Harris
will be elected United States senator. Mr.
Harris Is 54 years old, and a native of Vir
ginia. Ho came to Kansas In and
Democrat until 1890. Iu 1892 he
elected by tho Populists ns congress
iil-large, and hold the pi;
til 1891.
nnan English Critically III.
21. - William E.
nd millionaire,
II English,Is lying
In this city. F
ho has been suffering fr
stomach trouble, and within tho past few
days malarial fever 1ms doveloped This
has resulted In a
kos his condition precarious.
of t ho late Willi
critically ill at his v
lplication which
tils Dnugliti-r.
no ton, Jan. 21.—Tho differences
Representative David F. Wilber,
ired iu
■pus proceedings wore
Instituted, bo restored to her father.
Wash i
bet w
d his
of N
court yesterday, ami Judge Cox
that the 14-yoar-uld daughter,
whom the haboni
Gall Hamilton's Fo
Beverly, Mass., .1
. 21.-An l
.' of the late Abigail Dodge
of the os
(Gail II
the Sale
as filed yostorday in
•t. Tho estate is
$31,029, of which f.
0 is 1
1 this city.
*i ties.
d 81,000
There is $27,
Youthful Skater
SB. Pa , Jan. 21. — Three
Johnson, Edward uud
skating on the George
Ight when the lee
thrown Into the
o Griffith boys wor
s drew nod.
John Griffith, w
water. The
cuud, but Johns
ced for Forgery.

New Y<
, Jan. 21.—Walter B. P
• Nov. 0 last f.
gory, In connection with W II. Con
T. V. Th
t,erday pleaded guilty and
to stato prls
and "Kid" S
lith, yos
is sentenced
uid six
for six y
Senator Harris Hercft.
s, To
. J
. 21.—Mrs Martha
Marla Harris, wife of United States Sen
ator Isham (4. Harris, died yesterday at
her reside
at Paris, Tenn.
Mine. Carnot,mother of tho assassinated
, died in Paris yester
president of Fr
of the Republican party, In Pittsburg last
A socloty for thepurpo.se of setting forth
nnd perpetuating the history of the Irish
gauized lust
ion nnd rnlly of the founders
kublv enthusiastic.
In thin
night in Boston.
The Washington legislature took three
effort to elect a
ballots yesterday In
xessor to United Stuten Senator Sguira,
who had two votes.
Oyster? by the plate
quart at Frank
."of Seventh
s cy*
1 Shipley street*.
& Ohio Railroad grade c
bo a thing of the past. At
of the officials of tho
Sower directors.
legs will
a reoent con for
pany and St
tho matter
general way discussed.
The Street and Sower Departinsol
maxing every effort to de irti
d the o&olals
filing to do All in their
to get away with tho grade cross
Another conforonoo wifi bo
lear future wh
grado crossing, n
the ll & O. railroad
them. Thoy
gs, particularly
Soott st
held i
«<i pi a
acted upon.
It Is expect
111 bo presented aud probably
Bond Ordinance Hluaed.
Mayor Jeffcris has signed tho ordinance
providing for the Issue of $173,000 worth'
of sinking fund bonds uml at the mooting
of Council to-night tho document will lie
ordinance of the olty. Bids
for the bonds will be received by City
Treasurer Adams until uoou next Tues
Britons Have No Case Against
the Alleged Dynamiter,
Though Acting
cased Men He Urged Him to Uonfei
That III* Conviction
Counsel for
* !
Assuring III*
London, Jan. 21 —There was a great
surprise at the Old Bailey central crimi
nal court yesterday when the crown pros
ecutor withdrew the charge of conspiring
to commit a dynamite explosion brought
against Edward J. Ivory, alius Bell, of
Now York, who was arrested In Septem
ber last at about the same time that P. J.
Tynan was taken Into custody at Boulogne
-Mer, France, and John F. Kearney
and Thomas Haines, alias J. Wallace,
captured by tho police at Antwerp,
Belgium, on the same charge. Thore
very few people In court. Among them
Thomas Meric Jones, the informer.
John F. McIntyre, formerly an assis
tant district attorney of New York, who
advisory counsel during the trial,
said to the Associated Press representa- j
"While the result
surprise to mo,
I have all along contended that Ivory
used as a stool pigeon in ordor to enable
the police to make capital out of the
I am glnd the prosecution lmd tho fairness
to drop tho matter."
Ivory said last night In the course of
interview: "They wanted me to Implicate
William Lyman, president of the Irish
National alliance, but that
senso. 1 refused to have unything to do
with it" Ivory said that ho had no Idea
of 6uiug the government for false Impris
onment, but ho suggested that tho United
States government might do so. He is
going from hero to Dublin In a few days,
and will depart for the United States in a
Tho withdrawal of the charge against
Edward J. Ivory is regarded in Dublii
being due to the crown's dread of tho
posure of Jones, the informer. Two wit
hand trom that city in
order to testify for the defense in regard
consatlonal overtures made to them by
Jones a week before he appeared at the
Bow street police court to testify against
An editorial in Tho Chronicle
Ivory case says: "If it
not a put up
do not
job it is a hideous muddle, and
why tho Irish mombers should not
demand a parliamentary inquiry." All
tho papers donouuce tho trial
Handicapped by One of His
English Lawyers.
How He Wn
, Jan. 21.—The news of
Ivory's release, owing to the abandonment
of the prosecution by the English govern
Lyman, president of tho Irish National
alliauco, who sent John F. McIntyre to
aid In Ivory's defense, and who also
ployed the resident
lowing statement
•ecoived with rejoicing by
mis in this city. William
nsel, made the fol
the Associated P
jry beginning I believed
a scheme of
that this wholo matter
tho British home office audits agent, Scot
land Yard. The collapse of tho Ivory case
that Gallagher,
Indicates plainly
Daly and other prlHonors would
have boon convicted had their friends
stepped out of the c
to make a proper dofense. The English
permitted to have their way.
veutional aud dared
Tho Irish National alliance determined to
act differently, and defend Ivory to the
last ditch. |The presence of Mr. McIntyre,
American lawyer, had nil to do with
the abandonment of tho prosecution.
"I believe that the conduct of at least
of the resident lawyers retained f<
jritlcism. F
's defense Is open
ample, Edward Carson, Q C.,
deavored to Induce Ivory to plead guilty.
His advice to Ivory
found guilty and sentenced to twenty
s if he attempted to defend himself,
and that it would be bettor for him to
Fenian and having lie
that he would be
plead guilty, ov
plea of being a
entrapped by dynamiters, llo was assured
that If ho did so plead ho might expect
not more than a five years' sentence, and
possibly the prison door would be opened
to him provided he loft the country la
twenty-four hours Ivory would not so
plead, upon tho advice of friends, and
thereupon Carson threw up his brief.
other of the resi
dent counsel, has done admirably, and
• opinion of Mr. McIntyre will besh(
in tho future. Tho scheme to have Ivory
plead guilty went so far as to take the
form of a letter to his friends in this c(
try urging them to advise tho prisoner by
eable to so plead."
"Mr. J. F. Taylor.
loch Elect
Auburn, N. Y., Jan. 21.—John IToeh
as executed by electricity in tho st:
July 10,
rderod Minnie Iugovsoll, 10 yoars
of ago, at Chapel Hill,
girl lived with hor brother Kugono and
ul Nicholas Strife, at Chupel
here yesterday.
Lowville. The
Hill. Hoeh
had repulsed him, and for this ho deter
s iu lovo with her, but she
kill hor. He w
o hor house
tho evening Indicated, secreted himself
ar tho barn, and whon the girl
Strife appeared he fired. She was Instantly
killed aud Strife badly wounded.
for Cuban Recognition.
Senator Man
Springfield, Ills., Jan. 21.—Aftc
formal vote electing
William E. M
Uuitod Statos
mi hors
snorted Mr.
yesterday, a committee of
the house and
a to the hall, and ho made a short
•so of his remarks ho
declared himself emphatically iu favor of
tho recognition of the belllgorency of the
Cuban Insurgents. This was grouted with
tremendous applause.
address. In the
to Visit China.
London, Jan 21—Tho correspondent of
Tho Daily News at Vienna says: '
Informed thnt Li Hung Chang took homo
with hi
ably tho czarina will visit China upon the
opening of. tho Siberian railway, and will
then visit Pekin, Tokio and Seoul. lie
will thou invito the monarchs of China,
Japan and Corea to be his guests
tho news that the czar and prob
rith a Triple Murder.
Columbia, Pa . Jan. 21.—Detective Wit
tick has arrested a
John J. Jones, who
doued three
of tho
Jgro believed to be
Jan. 17. 1890.
at Springfield, O.
porfootly tho description
, who was minus his loft
bunted off.
, which
American Laundry. 602 West Frc
M, F Davis, Jevrelar, 'J K. 2nd R
it St
Go to Dr. 8imm3 diug store. 600 King
street, for eye cure. You d
suffer with sore oy
bottle of his eye cure. W
't ha
when you have a
tried it
J it has proved a sure
Ail tlrod feelings are quickly relieved by
Dr. .Si
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Standard Liver Pills of tl
King street.
Pills. The
rorlJ, Odd
•s employed nt tho t^blo
cloth iuiiis of tho Chester
company went on strike yesterday. They
claim that they wero notified yesterday
morning of a reduction of eight cents per
cut iu tno goods they wore making. The
ipany claims thnt they wero paying
the hands as much iu proportion as for
other goods, and that they w
tho sculc already set.
Fifty-four we.
n g
The wc
ers hold a meeting late yost-er
d decided to wait
day afternoon
Dennis Howarth, president of tho com
muklug a settle
tli* Deni
A Republican Contestant Sco
ocratio Flee
'•fill IT*.
Washington, Jan. 21.—The house spent
the day debating the Yost-Tucker con
tested election
glnla district. Much interest
fasted In the
the Republicans in the committee who re
ported the c
with Mr. Tucker, the Domocrnt and sit
ting member, and but two with the Re
publican contestant, Mr. Yost. The latter
ber-elect of the next house, and
of tho most prominent
the floor. Me.
tho face of
from the Tenth Vlr*
, owing to t#le fact that
dividod, four siding
* ! !■*
Mr. Tucker is
! and popnlor Democrats
4 Tucker had 892 plurality
returns, but several thousand imper
rejoctod under tho then ex
isting Walton law of Virginia, which the
contestants claimed if counted would
have reversed the result. Mr. Yost him
accordod the privilege of address
ing the honso in his
very sarcastic In his reference to the Dem
ocratic election of olfioiuls of the Old Do
Iiehulf. He
minion, characterizing them
Virginians who assaulted the
tally woukand unarmed and robbed them
of their rights.'' The dobate will bo
closed at 5:80 o'clock this afternoon, and
Mr. Tucker will probably address the
Tho senate yesterday proceeded with tho
consideration of tho Nicaragua canal bill,
j Mr. Turple continuing his speech In op*
house in his
position. Ho did not conclude, and today
is tho third day of his speech. His remarks
bitterly antagonistic to the Nicaragua
Canal company, the senator characteriz
ing its methods as those of Peter Funk.
Mr. Morgan will ask to have a tlmo fixed
for a final vote as
closes. The legislative, executive and ju
dicial appropriation bill,carrying approxi
mately $23,000,000, was passed during tho
day. Mr. Pettigrew, of South Dakota,
severely criticized the executive author
ities for concluding tho Venezuela bound
ary agreement, which ho said
plate surrender of Venezuela to Greut
Britain. His resolution calling on tho
refcary of state for reference was referred
to the committee on foreign relations.
Unanimous agreement was socurod for the
taking up of tho bill for an annual mone
tary conference on Tuesduy next.
s Mr. Turple
a com
Alleged Perjuror Sur
New York, Jan. 21.—Henry G. Allen,
at one tlmo the head of the Henry G. Al
len company, publishers, surrendered
himself at the district attorney's office
yesterday, having learned that there was
indictmont against him charging per
jury. Tho Allen company
company, nnd failed in 1892. The capital
stock was $100,000, and, under the law,
at tho first of the year must fllo a state
ment of tho condition of affairs. In Jan
uary, 1892, the company's officers filed a
report that tho assets were $240,000, with
liabilities under $135,000. The company
failed In March of tho
after tho filing of tho report the c
have satisfied
$1,000 at 50 per cent., showing that they
were thon practically Insolvent.
judgment of
A Young Woman's Sad Death.
SllAMOKlN, Pa., Jan. 21.—Miss Helen
Musgrave, a pretty young woman of Cam?
__ township, Is dead as a result of blood
poisoning, brought about through an ef
fort on hor part to end a lovor's quarrel,
Several weeks ago she cut an artery In her
tongue while trying to soal a letter she
was sending to her sweetheart, Herman
Shultz, of Pittsburg, in tho hopo3 of
bringing about a reconciliation. She paid
but little attention to the cut, nnd It hud
apparently healed up. On last Friday,
however, It began to swoll and became
rapidly worse until her death. Meanwhile
the letter had reached Its destination, and
Shultz arrived at her bedside In time to
heal their differences before she died.
New York aud the Cnblnet.
New York, Jan. 21.—Edward Lauter
bach, who had a talk with President-elect
McKinley at Canton Tuesday returned
Now York yostorday afternoon. Speaking
of his trip ho said: "I went to Canton
speak to Major McKinley about the wishes
of tho regular Republican organization of
New York state, nnd had a talk with the
president-elect about New York's place in
tho cabinet. Matters
shaped that
New York will probably got the secre
taryship of tho navy. Tho names I sug
gested are J. Sloat Fassott, Sorono E.
Payno aud Stewart L. Woodford. No
with the interview."
ade, but I w
Mattie Oven
PiTT, sbuRO, Jan. 21.—Miss Mattie Over
, who figured so conspicuously about
hoeccesllustlral trial of Rev.
Dr. C. O.
charged with immorality, has been
rolled as a worker In the Hope Mission of
says that when
convortod slio could not expect
less she confessed anything that
might bo wrong with her relations with
Dr. Brown. Under this Influence she said:
"I testified falsely at tho doctor's first trial,
for I wished to shield him. After my con
version I believed that if I wished to have
peace with God 1 must tell tho truth, and
I did it."
Brown, of Hi
this city. Miss Ov
'onvicted of Employing Mrebiigs,
, Pa., Jan. 21.— A jury
In the Blair c
victed R. Bruce Hutchins
y court yesterday o
, a well kn<
•haul of Kip
althy dry goods
plo, this county, of employing f(
ceudiaries to burn the place of Pheasant
& Wagner, his rivals in business. When
accused of tho burning
stod they told the officers that Hutchln
do the
son had;
oed to give them $100
irk. Hutchlnar
ras the
The trial lasted three days. Hutchinson's
defense was that tho prosecution hail bo
trumped up to ruin him in busiuess
Columbus nigliwaymon Captured.
Columbus, O., Jan. 21.—The police have
effected tho capture of three men who had
held up Frank Wilson, proprietor of a sa
loon In tho east suburbs,
ltors in tho place last Saturday night,
looting tho place and robbing every per
it, afterwards holding up several
pooplo on the street In wild west stylo.
They are: Froil Fassett, colored,
vlct/ John Allen and Anton Papette,
while. They were fully identified by vic
tims, and tho musks they
their possession.
olvo vis
mly drought IIoi
San Francisco, Jan. 21.—The remains
i>f Albert Shelby Willis, Into Uuitod Statos
minister to Hawaii, wore brought here by
Iho steamer Australia yesterday
for Interinont. Mrs. Willis
Minister Willis'
oiling taken to Louisville, Ky.,
d hor son
accompanied tho remains.
Honolulu by the Ha
waiian government by tho special request
of Mrs Willis, who dosirod to make the
journey unattended.
d North Dakota, relating
Tn South
their own personal oxporlonoo In tin
states, have boon published In pamphlet
form by iho Chicago. Milwuuke
thoso letters
Paul Railway, nud
extremely Interesting,
is finely illustrated, •
>1 tho namphlot
•opy will bo sent
eipt of two-cunt
postage stamp. Apply to John R. Pott,
District Passenger A gout, 180 William
•eet, WJllllamsport, Pa.
to t
and oysters furnished to
nnrties and private families by Gardner,
Seventh aud Shipley streets.
Dr Simms' NV
Saul a gentlemen to us: "Now my lltfclo
(laughter was attended by two physicians,
without success. 1 was recommended to
Killer is surely the
nmficlue now offered.
d best wor
killer. 1 used it and my child
restored to health and gained hor
usual weight again. Thore Is no mistake
in this being iho best medicine of the
country. Depot 000 King.
Tho best placo in tho city
al nt a 1 h u
Beveuth and rjhiplejt atretls.
mt a good
i tlu - a
The Trio Who Want to Repre
sent Delaware in the Uni
ted States Senate.
, Jan. 20:—Tho finishing touch
tho Kan
by the Democrats
•y certificate when in joint session the
•nals ofjbotb houses w
jator in the day Governor Tunnel! and
Secretary of State Boyce signed tho
tificate and to-morrow the thorn in the
side of Snulsbury will go to Washington
and nak to be seated us United Slates Sen
ator from Deleaware.
The Republicans refused to go Into joint
session with the Democrats, uml at Hotel
Richardson John Edward Addicks
the unanimous choice of both houses.
Governor Tunuoll and Secretary of State
Boyce refused to sign tho certificate. Mr.
Addicks will also bo In Washington
morrow uml claim that as the Senato was
illegally formed tho actions of that body
The second Senate and House adjourned
sine die to-day but before doing so adopted
resolutions of thanks to the hotel and
Issued a manifesto to tho people.
This Is 11 long but vigorous document.
It asserts that tho common rights of citi
denied to many, that qualified
disfranchised, that the State
Treasury is looted In tho interest of a
political party, that the legislators, elected
by tho people, are evicted from tho State
House; that tho legislative and Executive
uthortties ure overthro
defaced and destroyed and election
returns uro falsified by State officers,
lug ns agents of a corrupt political
oligarchy, that leaders of the people our
the laws and defy tho Courts. Tho other
Important parts of tho manifesto
"When through tho corrupting iuflu
of unscrupulous partisan leaders a
free pure ballot, a frlr count aud an hon
est return of elections cannot be had,
when the c
either right
tabulation all tho votes of all tho election
districts of a county in which tho majority
of votes have bee
majority of whoso adherents control tho
canvassing board; when tho Courts of it
bo Influenced by
prodjudices; when political
boast of their deflanco of law in the
mission of outrageous political wrong-do
ing, are brought before tho Cour
pel the performance of a public duty, not
ly avoid doing of duty but go unwhipped
in all tho de
ls of corrupt politics
completely overthrow
expressed at the
General As
bly, In both houses of which are mem
bers whoso seats uro held by fraudulent
titles,and when these revolutionary bodies
in possession of tho capitol of the State
tho exclusion of citize
rightfully chosen by tho people to repre
t thorn in those bodies, It becomes tho
duty of every citizen whose public spirit Is
in Its decadence, whoso energy nnd
courage httvo not been paralyzed by the
poison of political corruption and fraud to
protest against such destructive invasions
of the common aud snerod rights of free
"We, therefore, tho representatives of
tho people of Delaware,in General Ass
bly convened, appealing to tho Supremo
Judge of tho world for tho rectitude of
intentions, do, In tho name of tho people
of Delaware,appeal to tho Congress of the
United States for tho fulfillment to tho
State of Delaw
Constitution, tho guarantee of a republl
form of government to each of tho
States of tho Union.
"In doing this wo aver
general election in this State
lently determined by tho S
of canvass, and that
In both houses of Congress bear cro.
dontlals made invalid by fraud, nnd In
, tin
vassing boards, without
cause throw out of tht i •
of justice
structivo indue
have conspired
the will of the people
ballot box, have organized
,'heu, u!
•ho wor
of tho United States
that tho last
s fraudu
bohalf of tho people of the Stato
tlon for a recount under the direction and
supervision of a commission appointed by
tho Senate and House of Representatives
of tho United States of the
tho last genorul election in Delaware.
"Adopting and committing this doctor
int of fact to tho pooplo of
Delaware wo, their representatives In the
>ral Assembly of the Stato, recommit
thorn the legislative commissions given
by their votes on the 3d day of Novem
Lord, 1890. God
at at
ntion and aver
ber In tho year of c
save tho State."
uni ewe
Catarrh Ct
;d, A clear
iJMaritec *is
sold by X. U. Danl'ortu. 2nd
DOVER, Jan. 20—The funeral of Wil
lardsSenatoriftl Boom took place to-day
hold Iu The House
of Representatives in tho presence of tho
mombers of both houses by General It R
Kenney. In his remarks ho said that
young Boom had beon a constant fig
iu Delaware for years over since John
Snulsbury brought him into suclety; nt
the count of the returns in Wilmington
last November ho showed his faith to bo
of tho true Democratic kind although ho
had failed to attend tho mooting held by
class loader Bryan.
rk of Senatorial grip killed him
Monday night despite thoeffortsof l)rs.
Dickey & Co., who left the old
ra. Services
diool of
edlclnc thnt day in order
•d W. Chenlrs. Tho pall bearers were
Messrs. Donaldson, Dempsey, McCullough
.ind Taylc
a Ilazell coffin, mounted with free silver
Tho remains were o
dies, and wore Interred in tho Logisln
tivo cemetery. The floral offerings
sistod of a broken column fn
Castle e
the New
ty Democrats, a "vacantchalr"
r 1
John T. Dickey, nnd buds from Du
Punt and Addicks.
After tho funeral tho
into joint session and after
) road Speaker Hurring
al R. R, Kenney elect
s Senator
At Hotel Richardson
t and after tho journals
road Speaker Hanby declared John
E. Addicks elected United S
both j<
ton doclared Go
ed United State
I rx
Senator Higgins
both Houses
I r. Ui
lick's Talk.
s a good sized
Y. M. C. A. last evening to he
Bundlck, tho Virginia tempernuco orator,
who proved tho poor
lecturer who has spoilt
hiding pathetically to
cldcuts in his own
of any tompornuro
ra hero. After al
y touching in
experience us u drinker
ong otlior things:
y wo tire nil temperance
ho said
Abandoned drunkards. The
is a great -co-partnership
which tho active part
tho flesh nnd tho devil. Tho afionc pari
the sober met
Christian Church. Th
tho inactive sober pi
tho state
! ■
rente up
epoch in the history of Hie
prohibition of tho llq
com.' Thl? work wi
wo sleep in death."
George NV. Todd also made a fow
■Id. '1
traffic wifi
r '' ,i
It Mitkei Most Sweeping Charges of Cor*
ruption In Delaware.
Dover, Del., Jan. 21.—The "rump" leg.
Islaturo Adjourned alnedloyesterday after
. but before doing so Issued a mani
festo. The document declares that the
rights of tho people
in Delaware; that the laws discriminate
against non-proporty holders; that the
legislature and executive authorities have
been overthrown; that legally elected leg
islators have been evicted from the state
capitol; that ''a corrupt oligarchy" has
usurped the executivo powers of a free
state; that election returns have been falsi
fied by state officials, acting as agents of o
corrupt machine; thnt leaders of the peo
ple corse the laws and defy the courts;
that violent, profane and obscene lender*
of partisan mobs overthrow the will of the
people by falsifying election returns and
ce.-tillcates, and that the courts of the
state are Influenced by partisan prejudice.
The manifesto concludes thug: "Adopt
ing and committing this declaration and
averment of fact to tho people of Dela
, their representatives In the
general assembly of tho state, recommit to
them the legislative commissions given
by their votes on Nov. 8, 1895. God si
the state."
The instrument is signed by the clerks
and speakers o$ ixffh "rump" houses.
tinually denied
Torpedo Boat No. G a Snccess.
Newport, R. I., Jan. 21.—Torpedo boat
out of Narragausett bay
yesterday for her first official builder's
6peed trial. She
s tak
s taken
ured mile course under three boilers and
a full head of steam. The
a light southeast wind prevailing. The
in charge of Captain Nat Her
reshoff, and tho result of her first work
hour. The torpedo
boat Cushing attempted to follow tho
soon distanced,
break the crew
26 85 knots
vessel, but she
It will take several days
In, and the boat will be dockod and pre
pared for the official trial, which will be
the final test.
Lancaster, Pa., Jan. 21.—The trial of
Thomas Loomis and Frank Day, alias
"The Sailor Kid," Jointly indioted foi
uel Doebler in November last, ended yes
terday iu the criminal court by a confes
sion of guilt
the conviction of both. Judge Livings
ton sentenced Loomis to seven years in
the Eastern penitentiary and Day
yoars in the s
not yet been tried.
(I Day Sentenced.
i •
$900 from the
of Sara
the part of the former and
Institution. Swartz has
Liberal Pousloi
}eneral9' Widows.
Washington, Jan. 21—The house
pensions yesterday voted I
of $50 a month
port bills for peusl
the widows of Brigadier General August
B. Krautz and Roar Admiral Queen.
Another bill
reported to pension the
daughter of a revolutionary soldier, Mrs.
Lucinda Stone, whose father, Thomas
Thornhill, fought in Colonel Lee's Vir
ginia legion. Tho amount of tho pousion
Is $12 a
Will Not Arbitrate with Strikers.
Leadville, Colo., Jan. 21.—The mine
owners, It is understood, will pay
tentlon whatever to the strikers' request
for arbitration of the questions at Issue
between them. E. V. Debs considers that
the strikers made a mistake In rejecting
the terms offered by the ml
The strikers preferred to foil
vice of President Boyce, of the Western
Federation of Miners, rather than that of
the nd
Mr. Bryan at Houston.
Houston, Tex., Jan. 21.—W. J, Bryan
arrived here Tuesday night from New Or
leans, accompauied by his private
tary, R. F. Rose. He
pot by a crowd of
mediately to a hotel. He
yesterday by Governor Culberson aud
other state officials, and last night deliv
ered a lecture at the Auditorium.
mot at tho de*
200, and went lm
Sherman Inoompe
Denver, Jan. 21— In
terdny afternoon Mr. Teller
icized tho selection of Senator Sherman
for secretary of state, saying "Sherman
has absolutely
affairs, nud he Is the most Incompetent
the presideut-elect could have
interview yes
ely crlt
knowledge of foreign
Albany, Jan. 21.—The senate yesterday
adopted tho resolution presented by Sen
ator Lexow providing that a special
mittee i
to remedy the alleged
's War on True
stigate trusts aud report to tho
by March
th a bill Intended
Th* Weather.
For eastern New York, eastern Penn
sylvania and New Jersey: Probably clear
ing by thi#evening; southerly winds,
shifting to westerly ; high on the coast.
Closing Ouo
ons of th* New Y
Fhlladnlphla Exchanges.
Nkw York, Jan. 20.—The
decided shrinkage i
stocks today .and price
level. Closing bids:
Baltimore & Ohio Lehigh Valley . . 30
ten .100*6
-n .. 94G
ylvaula. . . 62}qJ
Reading. .
St. Paul ..
W. N. Y. & Pa ...
Ohio. 17% N
. ill
Del & Huds
D., L.& NV.
Erie _
Lake Erie &
Lehigh Nav.
... 4tf
'All asa'ts paid.
.Jan. 20.—FI >
•ady • win
Huporliuo, i2.8Q(c$3.lO; do. f
roller, clear, I4.S
igl.t, ffnO'cHM;
ly: Janv
ats s
. Ha;
, 24L<t26<
timothy, $10.60(^)14.
[email protected] Pork steady; family, tl0 50'$ll. Lord
firm; choice
Hoof steady;
>of ha
(4.30. Rutter
steady ;
ery, ll®lflo. * New
ery, [email protected];
o. facto
York dairy, 10<$15V
t ZMXo. Cheo
e, 22c., p
quiet; Ne
. 8*911.Sc; p
w York large,
skims, 6(<teo.;
1.1,0, -
full skims,2} £@3c. Eggs steady: New York and
Pennsylvania, [email protected]}*c.; western fresh, 12$l5o.
Live Stuck
Nkw Y
, Jan 30.—Bee
fairly active
d o.'
; bulls weak; dry c
, $;i.90&»; stags find oxen
; bulls, $2.85(<js5.26; dry ,co'
steady for best
9, 11*00$
20 Calve,
dor grades, veals
onrnynrd calves;
riilvos, $2.75(<pU.2'>; w.
eady, but qui
$5'ii/7.V0; barnyard
5'*3.25. SI.
sheep, $3.7tWR30;
lambs, $4.
East Li
prime, «4.25®4.50;
$3.00® 4.
TV, Pi
eady i
ive; prime ligl
common to fair,
ghB, 12.25 $J 10.
$3 20,$3.50;
un, (2.40^3; choice lambs, 15^5 25, voal
calves, $8.60$7.
(1 best,
Hum, f3.(13363.70:
ivy, 13.40(1085
, 13.36
5; h<
; fa

: 1
Whether itcldug, burning, bleeding, scaly,
sted, pimply, or blotchy, wl
ofulous, or hereditary, from i
baths with Cr
speedily ci
! , the gre;
Mt of blood
.,i - -
rid. Pom
Wi,m ngton, Del., Jan. 2ist, 1897. ,
We Are
Selling Out
Our immense stuck iu Chester. Going to
quit hnsiness there. To close out the stock QUICKLYwe
have moved a part of it to our Wilmington store, 219
Market srteet.
We commence selling hero
Friday, January 22
This lot consists of Drilling, Linen?, Cambric, Selicia
Hair Cloth,Fine Table Linens and pretty Silkalines, goods
that, we don't usually carry and that we MUST get rid of.
And Laecs, Embroideries,Notions of all kinds,Kid Gloves
Underwear goods that wo do carry, but that we are over,
stocked with, because of the addition of the Chester goods
Also an extra big line of
Think of this—two stores filled with coats,more than
we can sell under ordinary circumstances. There is but
one way to rid ourseives of them—that is to cut the price
in halt and away below half. We intend having a greater
sacrifice Bale than has ever been held in Wilmington by
Can't quote prices now—too busy getting stock ready
and marking down prices.
Later news—later.
Don't forget the date,
A carload of fish,
consisting of pike
' lute fish and
Labrador herring
and haddock.on
Friday, Jan,22nd
at Front and
Madison, and al
so at 4J2 Spruce
street, from 6 a
i until sold.
£*-\Vc bolnti*
binatinn and respectfully desire tho patronage of tho
o fish
Ask for Savillo & Co's, fish car.
The Blood! The Blood is always
qulrcd to be looked after. S
Simms' Blood I*
of the blood, 00*3 King st
■ifie-, tho alwa.
lid or strung di
failer i
Killer i
: i
s' W
Testimony for Dr. Hi
the best children's tunic k
Algon, 823 Bennett street n
fter two doc
laughter up as 1
ns' W<
« of
1 i
Incurable, 1
and she was soundly cured, p;
quantities of
and 59c. GUd King
hulesulo nnd
J. If Por
tall mills deal
and Madison
1M. i >
is, Wilmington,
igh Syrup of |
and Wood Nnptlm |
s. Prepared by i
Taylor & Fullerton's t
Tar and Wild Chorr
quros colds and hoarse
W. C. Taylor, 392 King
Havana Slioits foi salat*, fl.
it Second and Shipray streets, at j
a pound. City Market Cigar F u- J
U. F. iiouanoN. prop, i
eooo i
20 cents
In favor of Dr
of homo referent*
' White Pul
uulc lials.
d dis
i tl
great cure for f
It always cures uml pu-v.
Jd King
iptlou. for coughs,
etc ,
Ol all kinds of
J o b Printing.
Come in a hurry
Wo like hurry
work and excel
in half lone or
plain printing.
Samples sub
mitted on appli
kith ad Orugt Streets.
roi .Nt) II El
55 White Mrs. TowtiRc
nn in Th!« City
1 roubles
: i
erday Mrs. Elizabeth Townsend, of
mod to hor homo from
this city where she had been for
weeks at tho bedside of
o N. Cl
lysis or
hing home she found the house
e. The water pipe iiiiM
in hud. jiuwsifr^nrt
of time the water flowed
the room and through tho
possible a mechanic w
t mend the break, but It
Circs to
s stricken
tho third of October.
« of Artec
1 i Mr.*. Al
Hill pa
On rc
■•as all right,
exception, and
i hat a
: boiler in the bathioo
i > lavl ) I1 S Fcuty
freely ab.
| ,ut
| s
i 11
before tho ho
j 111 g ;n cidont.
Mrs. Clay
hose health has iin
is constant
d Wilming
d but li
•con West Chest
d b
.—ind of Mrs. Townsend is kept
fully occupied,
Fut nholer*
1 n raut um.
'Teeth lug
! 1
first class
o the Delaw
lyclug and scouring go
Dyo Works, 210 King

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