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v The iSrary livening doe. not eu
logize the new postmaster general
vreej highly who succeed* Charles
Kmorv Smith early in January
1902, It aaya
.' "The quiet talk-at UVaahinglon
le that the desire ot President
Kaoeevelt for renomiwatiOB ie 1904
it. back of bin selection of Henry C
Faroe, of Wlecouem aa the auccea
»or' of Postmaster General Smith
who leaves the Cabinet toon after
Tears. * * * * * Mr
Fa?ne it more prominent politically
than iu any other respect He i'e
considered one ot the beat poiiti
cianain the Republican National
Committeef of which be has been a
member for years, and he also bag
n record for makimr nolitical nower
a recora lor maxing pout cal power
aaadjunct to paraona interest
Wbenever the opportunity is pre
reated. He ie described a» a poll
tieran of the Quay etrlpe-a lobby
let and a corruptionist-end it ie a
■aet that his arbitrary and imprnp
er use of the political power ic
q in red by torn has caused a serious
rupture in the Republican ranks In
VV ' a """ n - . t
. [It ia hoped the new Postmaster
Peoeral won't^ draw the Civil Ser
bice rules too tight and get rid of
numerous overbearing clerks- in the
yoat office service, who think they
liave life time jobs, no matter how
lb*y treat the public]
„- —
I One more fire company may be
needed in our city, but hardly three
at the present time. The preseut
dumber appear to handle the fires
with promptness and dispatch and
have thus far been able to cope
successfully with every tire that lias
.aken place in Wilmington lor
years. City Council has done the
wisest thing in refusing to recog
hue any ot the new fire companies,
It it had recognized one company,
it would have had to treat all alike
or the companies left out in the cold i
would have given a howl of protest. I
k htatiDg
Catered at Ms PostONIcsat wnmlnetsa
'_DsL. as Kcond-clsss malt mitten
. >■ SATURDAY. DECEMBER ai, i 0 ai.
The New Castle and Delaware
City railroads are now working un
der a temporary reorganization.
Harry A. Ricnardson, ot Dover, is
President of the company, Se;re.
tary and Treasurer, WillarJaauls
bury. Instead of the otike ot the
company Being in Phiiade'phij as
heretofore, it lias been moved to j
Mr. Willard Salisbury's office, 909
Market street. Mr. Salisbury is
credited with having made quite a
■Beat sum wheu the Wilmington
City Railway road was sold out
Irom his extensive holdings.
As a result of a boiler explosion
yesterday morning at the bar mill
of the Black Diamond Steel works
of Park Brothers, at Pittsburg, l*a.,
one ol the three larger boilers blew
up, bringing death and injury to
the workineo and completely wreck
ing the building with aM of its ma
chinery. Fire caught and spread
to the structure in the rear occu
pied by the McNeil Boiler Works,
which was soon reduced to re 5 "
Eleven persons were injured and
two persons killed.
B k oy
f s
Ha id
On Tap During the Holidays Throughout the City and State.
. H. Terraoova, 519 Tatnall St.
John Sofia, Fourth and Scott Sts.
Charles E. Salfner, 210 E. Fourth Si.
Merkel & Spahn, 1020 Pleasant St.
D. Snstillo, 505 Tatnall Sts.
D. W. Lynch & Co., Fourth and Madison.
Peter Ebner. Fourth and Union Sts.
Wm. H. Robinson, 201 W. Sixth St.
M. Foord, 213 W. Sixth St.
S. M. WOOD; Agent for Chester, Pa.
P. J. LEONARD, New Castle.
wwwn. (anMiiy mb «ttn ai
b«ta arrested at.SjrtacaaR, R.
Bafias adantteff that ha baa a aMi'I**
and child li.ing in Buffalo, that ha
committad bigam? b? tnarryiag hla
Wilwogtoa wife. The man haa
bad a checkered career and be will
find it herd to eecape from the
clutchee ol the law. His Wi lining,
too wile will be uaed ae a witaeee
against Him. It ia thought ahe
known more about the killing ot
Krauee than she haa yet told,
Kraueeje euppoeed to have been
killed lor hie money.
■ - , — M
To thorn bow tew idle capable
" en there '* "•'''"ff wank in our
eit J. >* would not, can.e amiss to
"V that the Adams hxpreas Com
P an ' r ha,c h,rd w0,k *® find men
10 takea hllod and h,1 P thom ollt
during the ruab io delivering holi
da ' 8°° ds - The conl P an f was
never aa busy aa during the pres
ea t season and it ia taking all of
'heir men all day and the greater
part of the night to get tha conaign
menU del| vere» to its patrons.
Kew ldle desirable could be found
th ^ , wa , , ! ted wor ! t ' a hls *P eak9
well for the unemployed in our city
nreseot time
"''he present time.
You have co need to go to Phila
delpbia to do rour .Hopping, for
you can had whet is worth pur
cbasiog in Wilmiogton Irom our
storekeepers. Our merchants have
tried this year to meet the needs
and wants of the peoplo and it will
not be their fault if they don t reap
'h* harvest they deterve in doing
the laigest Christmas business id
their bisloty. _
, p b ji. n O Churchman dis
judge Philip y. enurenmao ais
charged Mrs. Charles Elliott, nee
Virginia lloilis, from custody on
Enday. The Judge in discharging
the 14 year old married woman,
who i, aa HjrureU several times in
f hs police court, said lie honed she
i lnd seen the error oi her ways and
would llever be brouf: ht before the
court a „ ain
The Republican will, after the
first of the year, send a monthly
magazine to every weekly and daily
subscriber in tbe county, whose
subscription is net in arrears. The
!magazine iscal ed "My Lady" and
contains 16 pages, printed in colors
and turned out in the highest art of
the printer. The magazine will
soon be here and can be had by
calling at this office.
The first of the year will soon be
, , , ,_ •
here and you, no clou ot, will oe S lv
eu a gentle hint that the time has
arrived lor making new resolutions,
Some you will wish you could keep
and others that would be better for
you if you could swear olf for good.
A Merry Xmas and a Happy New
The upset price ot $2,090,000 was
thought too high for the old U. S.
Mint, which was offered at auction
yesterday to the highest bidder.
We understand Dr. Munyon offered
$1,500,000 for it.
As a result of the flurry in the
arket nhich has been re
Heeled iu Amalgated copper slu
in this country, William Sargent,
head of the oldest and best firms
in the metal market, failure was an
ced yesterday in the Metal
Exchange London, England.
iitu. Burdock
. nevur fall
A lazy liver makes a in
lilt.ud Butors is the* n;
ln« reiueiy lor a laz/ »B
Y.,- , _
**° * WW<bl|Wi a* **?
'»'*» ««?• dial** aad Uaa»
qat *• qutto up to
^ r * eH » •* Kuglara, but tha food
«" d aerwd up equal with
»».* oaa of thaoa firat-alaaa reatau
raate. There are aarcrat atoriea
aet afloat that Wilmington will eoon
b»« another up-to-date dining
house where the beat of meals will
be served at very reaaouable price.,
Then there is Ainecow who intends
t0 remodel his restaurant, No. 802
Market atreet, id the spring and
build a suite of roome to be rested
out to aiogle meu aud old bachelors
forplcemug quarters only. They
can dine where they pleeee. Tbie
we« fa 'be Hotel Wilmiogton opened
out a cals "here tbe huDgry can be
fed at abort notice. Thenthe quick
>"och bouses number a dozen or
more, all of whom appear to be
making a goodgenteel living. Wjl
mington m getting that size when
it should be able to support aereral
first-class chop houses like those so
much sought alter in New York.
Thfhe ia no doubt but theeiti
- ihe^l isno douhtbut theeiti
zene of Wilmington ace ritall? m
tcrest.d in the new small pox hos
piul „bicb has been erected bv the
Trustee, of the l-'oor of Hue couotv.
Thi . new pest house was badiv
nceded and cost the county some
,i x thousaud dollars. The True?
would now llke ciu Cooncil to
ive lhelB at lea9t , 80 o( OW ard pay
f for the buildju „ and furnishing
th * aanl0 . Thls ,^ uch not more
wa , promised bvtheformerCoun
c ii. The money could not be given
to a more commendable object than
it „in h. m ,, i,. n,.,.
' h « ••»."*. * d »\\ P at , b
t building was badly
*'**• 1 T" ^was
ue *ded. 1 he old peat house was
a disgrace to the county. Thepree
eut building is designed especially
for small pox patients and has been
' villT aa c > e 10 the comfort of those
who Qiav have to be sent there.
- ~ v
Drugs and Oif*s.
Celluloid toilet cases from $1 to $0.
Newest designs, surprising bargains
in shaving sots and smoker's sets,
$L tip. N. It. Dan forth, Market and
.Second streets,
A Barr, has purchased the
L. Coopor. Jr.,
dwoiling of die into P
on Juckdoa a hove Kluvi'nt h Street, whore
he Will remove ill January.
Henry Go aen, has pnrohusc-d tho three
story rcRiilmico at ihariuuth West eo
of Ninth and Jackson Mroet, from H. M,
*L,Xnjior for H.ooo. Klwari P. Moody
]U iuio tho :alo.
l goc.ls fro
oju.puiiy. c
l pi
sh plat*
l uhiffoui
Walnut cl
bh I
s. l;
t pm
Is. o'M
id-, tlui; .-sqtl tre auil
Aon mbit s
, high batik
• - suitable
li to 1U fool, HV
ehnir.i, entuut
fop office iim
upright bookt
uftetl c(
p|> fold
bedfi ■
Hi 1
tl it!
ok, Queen I?
I >1 II
10) piofit
kimln aud
.f fancy rnj*t:
foot tables imd sitl
bureaus, liiiih
b i
U1UJ1 and RW.dl
Haat hall ch tlr
toiiWH, ir^li b jya'
f .li
• i i
•v p
re at Mc3Iah(
Delifl. p
, No. Ml K!ug
D & A ; 10} A.
M 1
LI., GOO.)
nine li.)'U9
nl hallo
>a. Audit
Ml 11 an.
Clduajja. ill
(Ths Grangers ead Farmers of Del
aware are reapectfuUy invited to lend
the Bjefublioam aU ltema ot farm
news la their neighborhood which
will be published on Saturday of eaeb
week. G. & F.—Ed.)
Fred Gruudy known to all tarmers
"fi. most succeasful men with hir
ed bands are those quiet, decisive
fellows who know just what they
want done, and bow they want It
done, and use very tew words In tell
log Ik J
They don't expect a band to know
anything until they tell blm, then
expect It to be done os they have di
rected. I once saw a hired man har
ness, one hone, and just as he took
the harness offjbe peg for the other
the boss pas.-, t &the door and quietly
Instantly| the
said ■ 'Breakfast,
harness was returned to tbe peg and
the man started for the houso.
Said he, "When tbe boss of this
ranch speaks we know wbat to do.
Ills latest i*der la the matter on tap
until hr Issues another.!" Itr was a
good-natured fellow, talked and joked
and laughed with hla men when at
meals and "off duty, " but business
was business when at work.
A 'Good Roads' movement Is now
on foot. There is no reason why a
first class pike from Wilmington to
When we consider that tbe tramp. |
Greenback. **!
farmed re e in b t U 5eSed^r^ C od'roads' 1
farmers are interested Io good roads.
Taking tlie country in general, tbe}
field of dairy farming never hold
forth better promises than it does at
riug^he la»t year the price of
butter ancTeliee.se has been uniformly !
high, especially that ofchcc.se. And
there is no reason for believing that
the active condition of the market is ,
not to continue.
In fact, we have
rcason for anticipating better prices
for butter and cheese the coming year
than wo have had the last.
been made In catering to foreign
trade for blitter. i
1 he efforts ot the department have
been quite successful. With a larger
exportation of butter we are assured
of better prices at home. j
Mis. Lydia C. Biggs of New Castle
Jn tbe department of agriculture
at Washington vigorous efforts have
Hundred, is one of the most success-:
fui farmers of the State and has paid '
over $1000 in rent during the past
ninc months.
Since the advent of hog cholera it
is really astonishing to find the
great number I of farmers that do
not keep a single hog upon their farm
and at the same time they are throw
ing away enough milk aud refuse
from the table to keep a good sow or
two, and, besides raising their own
meat, have a nice little bunch to sell
each year. The idea seems to pre
vail among a great many t hat unless
you own or areoperating a large farm
there is no place for the hog. This
is a very mistaken idea,
be just as much made in proportion
with hogs upon a small farm as on a
large one.
Instead of timothy hay for cows,
?f. (J. Cofield, of New Castle says feed
fodder half and half of oat and
sorguin that were cut before heading.
There can
Mlnuctf to expect
ary condition*,
much oom tot
even in winter, flktm milk, oak and
peaa ground, middlings, barley— theae
good for growing pigs.
Figs get weak ln their hind qnar
eers in various cases, such as over
feeding, rheumatism, worms or acci
dent. Give such a warm, dry nest.
If there Is constipation, put some oil
meal io their swill or bolted
More mortgages have been paid off
In Delaware during the past year by
farmers than in te^revlous years.
Woodside, Dec. 21.—Farmers of ■
Delaware have been fairly prosperous
this year, . It is true, however, that
part of their prosperity is because of
short crops elsewhere In the United
States. The same conditions are not
likely to follow next year and.
wise to think of their work itr
light. Farmers recognize that in their
business competition is very Btrong
what they have not realized as they
ought Is the fact that they
study the situation, not onfj
adocal stand point but from a world
wide view. In the past It has been
considered that the farmers of our
land notonly fed all other classes but
because oftheir sturdy common sense
helped to mould the politics of state
and probably dictated as did no other
class, what the laws should be.
now they have lost that position no
one Is more to blame than themselves.
The number and the amount of
It is
y from
'JWjjgr to use the means already
?1 ' n « ^mers Institute and the
6rall({B tbey must )ay one side an
selfish motions and work fora common
The Institute as it has been con
ducted measures to the value of the
smaller colleges of the land, as the
brain, the experience, and the judge
ment of the successful men of a Hall's,
ls to be ha( j f vr the listening. Farther
men of science who make a life study
0 f the soil, insect depredations, l'un
gus troubles, etc., relatiug to econo
my. In fanning are ready and anxious
to tell what they know.
The National Government is aiding
as never a government did before to
solve questions that every practical
f arnier had to face and many
times have caused large losses. These
alds are free to all farmers. The
0range , t .ho greatest aid of all to the
f {U mer is not free in that sense. The
patrons of husbandry are however
ready to welcome every honest, up
right farmer to their ranks,
Secrete, enough to protect them
selves they must have, and they have
no more. The Grange is emphatical
ly by the farmer, of the farmer and
for the farmer. It is one of the
strongest organizations in the land,
officered and maned by noble men and
women who arc working to promote
the welfare of mankind. The Insti
tute officers In their Co., for the en
suing year have jtist been elected and
valuable winter work mapped out.
Hookessin, Dee. 21.—Farm work is
more backward than has been known
for years. There is yet some corn to
husk aud 75 per cent of the fanners
have fodder out.
The Jj. aSl A, T. & T. Company are
placing poles for telephone from Dr.
Thompson's, to reaches via Union,
and R. G. Buckingham's, also one
from the old Cooper shop on New
Garden road to Crossan's* Mill and
Don't allow sbeip to rgo la year
corn field until the cattle nave picked
up all stray tars of corn.
Don't feed your pigs
pteal. Pork Is too bl
ment with.
on eottou
Igb to experl
The farmer who feeds twenty aerea
dollar bran and other Mad proportion
ately high and sella 30 coot butter
will not add many acres to bis farm,
from the ptaceadsof Ms dairy.
Among tbs prioolpal subjects to
be discussed at tbo Peninsula Horti
cultural Society, which will be
at Berlin, Worcester Q>unty, Md.,
January 8, 0, 19, 1902, are Apples,
Fears, Plums, Tomatoes, Potatoes,
Grapes and other small fruits, also
Cow Peas and Crimson Closer. -
John Harris, of Bridgevjlla, has a
cow for which be refuses 1100. She
Is of the finest Gusrnsey stock.
Mr. Harris has made eighteen
pounds of butter in one week from
her, besides selling a large quantity
of milk. Tbe cow was regently ,own
ed by Erasmus Jones, a farmer.
The transfer ot a valuable pleee of
real estate In Milford Neck recatJa so
Interesting event,' the title of the
land having been traced to a grant
from William Pebn to John Betts.
Tbe land belongs to Mr. Sears,
Philadelphia, and was purchased by
John Wesley Kirby, of Milford Neck,
whose property adjoins the land. Tbe
property Includes 134 seres of upland
aud a large tract of marsh laird, and
was sold for 13,200.
Holiday Footwear.
216 W. 2nd St. *
The old reliable shoe dealer
has a complete lin.e of
Men's, Women's & Children's
Holiday Footwear
Which he is selling at the
lowest possible prices.
Rubber Goods of all Kinds.
Red and Green Stamps.
r St? 1
Headquarters For
We are doing the Largest
Holiday Business in the 36
yr& of our business career.
Dress Suit Cases,
Furs, ,
Fur Collars,
Children's Sete, Silk Mufflers,
Fancy Handkerchiefs. Chatelain Bffgs,
Silk Suspenders,
Silk Garters,
Fur Gloves,
Kjd Gloves,
Golf Gloves,
■""Knit Jackets,
Mackintoshes, Polo Caps,
Rain Coats,
Smoking Jackets.
Sterling Silver Novelties
Toilet Sets,
Plaques with Easels,
Fancy Goods.
Plush Caps,
Come Early and Make Your Holiday Selections From
Complete Assortments in Every Department.
A Souvenir Free to Every Purchaser.
2o6cgo8.2io/ y y/ v RR]^ : &T
Japanese Fern Balls
Can be had in full foliage for Christmas.
The Finest Decorated Plant to be had, largest size at 5Dc
Fourth and Shipley Streets.

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