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A. ' ' I
Ti m m
rMte Santa GlM-Urn 1 £Sltt!» gtr?
Urm a* Ku Twwtr* wum* auraat ami
want a recking chair. looking glaiaj
Om feaby. .ad a me or dhkoa 1 gnonsa
that la all. teiUalUmss.
. k Wllmlxglon. DM.,
. — r 'Dear Kris.—I sm u aloe .lulls boy
. awd I wsald Hks to fesve a pair of glove.,
t fair slants* shoes, a ChflMmss Ires, a
Dills bou.., a book, a etoekiog (all of
aaadr and BUIS. Frooi your diet Wal
ter Phillip..
WilmliHWi Bt)r
. Hoar Santa Clnu>-X wank jaw 10 b rlmg
ms • tasks* tall. ws4» of csrs, * caw
ShafeksUsws wksw yoalatn 1*. hssd se«
eameaandr dad nuts, sud .doa'l forget my,
Hula braifess Horton. Your losing
*-•— 1 Be a t uni Taster, Den Hssstst Ba
' hr
_ ' Wtllalamoa, 9 * 1 1 •
I Dnsr Santa Claur—PIman btlug me a
gold ring, »dull uuil n Iron sud my slaipr
wan Mu lull, a ublo, story took, dub®*
Front June friwtd, lmt*
and Andeta Slohards, SIS East 11th St*
>. Wlltulugtoo. Del.
Dear ltrlae—T am* little girl 11 year.
Did and I weald Uku to have a .owing
machine, a rlug and u ninglo lantern. I
tolnfclbi*trail, dosalglc. buam.
Wilmington, DM..
| Baar Saato Ctaua— Plaaso bring ..
•bating cap, adrass, a Christinas tree and;
scan aaady aod uut* From your lit lie
Sr land, Bertna Hayes, tun East Rift Mt.
Wtlmlncton, Del.,
Dear Krtae—I am Afirl 1 10 vunra old
Md I want» cbrieiiius ties, aStockia*
ilakf feeads omFsrms tfta noils, ami Know
Data oraanet and aaady. 1 mu o years
[old- Grace UntaatfiUu, llto East 13th
jMeset, ___ \
f*- a \VHmta>gt'm,il)-i,
y Dear Old Kris.—Will you ptmifbrlng
m* a saw pals gloves, oua, shnaa, poakat
teak, ring, bracelet, faooy handkerchief
and a pretty tees. Good bye. Mamie
Cowan, a atouslBF Raw.
Wlimlngtoa, Del.,
, dmc Kris*— j want a doll, coaoh, tablo, ■
rooklua chair, and don't forget my mam.
rna. nans, graml nm am t eraiidnii. Ethel
Cowan. - '
a. . Wilmington, Do].,
I Bear Krisa—Ploaso bring me a dram, «
sslisc; & Y inr?w:!ifi
David Uowau. j
Wlimlngtoa, BHfe,
Dear Krisa—I am a little boy fl years
old aod I waut a watch, gun, train of
sam, aied ( a now pair of stockings full of
■ata and candy• From, Jarnoj Wilson.
I •
Wilmington, Del,,
• a little girl 5 roar4 of
nge I want a newdYess, a gold ring, (U»d^
•ome oandy, nuts amf oranges don't for |
■•Vi my little ooueln, and 1*would like
to havea little waick- From your littlo)
friend, Bulla .Smith, '
I'Dear Krlss—l
' Wilmington Del.,
Dear Krlsi—I am littlo girl 4 years old
end I want a* ahul, a largo doll, a tin
a tore, mO of dlsbea, wash board and to mo
eandy and nuts, and don't forget a troo.
Mnmtnle Mo Du wall.
W Wilmington Del,,
Dear Kris a— Please bring mo a piano, a
doll, story book, a new dres*. and some
aprons,; and some candy, nuts and or
anae* Dea'b forget mother and father.
From. Aiverda Sboperdsou, 140(1 Liu.
. coin rtroot.
Philadelphia, Pa.,
r TunfrTvrisn—1 am a little girl 8
yearn old and I would like you to
bring hie a mackintosh, a large
floll, two small dolls, a desk, books
and handkerchiefs and some caiidy
and nuts aodoranges and a tree
Don't forget my little sister Em
ma and my cousins. Your friend,
Oda Reada Baxter, 1902 Wood
stock street.
Is pronounced by the public the best BEER brewed. Nothing
better for an appetite before meals than a glass of Bavarian Beer.
Bottled by Merkel & Spabn, D. W, Lynch & Co., W. M. Foord, D. Susftillo, John Solia, Chas. E. Salfner, Peter Ebner.
In Chester—Jno. McMunigal, Jno. Heinrichs.
'' . Aj .
, io umbrtfla, a ftruok,
aswIagwoffW am
many other thing* so r
bring. Plraeo Aon'* forgot mg
ndp, nuts nod fault and a tree,
ring ulator EdMb a not of dithna
a set of hloslto, a rubber cat,: dog.
tbren dolls, dresses, candji and
nutn. Your friend, Nellie' Dor
man. 1213 West 3sd. street
o» want' ho
Wilmington, Dell
Dew Erie*—I am a little boy 7
old and I have big slater Id yetre
aid. Pleats bring me an air ride,
a car that winde up and' ran* ever
the floor, a beret, gaum, a tittle
patrol and two policemen sad tome
nut sand seedy. Your tittln frleud,
Jeerph Hutson.
1 Wilmington, Del:
Dear Krisa—lam a littlejglrf 6
years old aqd I would tike to bare
a doll baby, Sat irons to iron my
doll's clothes, cradle for my doll,
some candy, auto end oranges.
Don't forget mamma and papa.
Yours truly, Mabfe Congo, Cor.
A and Buttonwood street.
Wilmington, Del,
Dear Santa Claus—Please bring
me a pair skates, rifle, foot-ball, a
base-ball, mouth o*g*u, pen knife,
gomnoandy, pair gloves, soma nutn,
pair gum boots, bicycle,, some, lead
pencils and a tablet, t remain
your friend, Daniel Hickman, 707
East lOlh atffeet.
n o in, Wn '? io « ton ' DeI -,
Dear Santa ClauA—I want you to.
: bring- me a go-cart, set of dishes, &
ro . c .? iu 'v £hair ' P* ir peir of.
mitts, three aprona. school compao
lon„ some candv, toye, nutn and
oranges. Doo t forget Mother.
From Your friend, Natalie Wllaon,
1101 Chippey street,
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Claua—Please bring
me a black board and writing book,
school companion, a medium size
doll, go-cart, pair mitts, table, set,
, ofdinaesaad doB t forget papa,
Your friend,Estella Wilsou,llJl^
Chippey ttreet.
Wilmington, Del.,
Dear Krisa—Please briug mo
two f haEdiit « h ' ef ;' r boMa
perfume, pair kid gloves, pair of
garter*, a doll, act of diahea, ring,
,a bracelet, and oranges aud baoa
Good-bye. Alinar Lyers,
{11U0 Orange street ,
Wilmington, Del.
Dear .Santa: Glaus*—Please bring me
a table; dishes, gum boots, horse and
Harley Golbourn, 121 But
tonwood St.
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Old Krlss:—Please bring me
a picture book, game, tree, bracelet,
go tart, and don't forget to dress my
big doll over, and plenty of unto and
eandy. Lizzie Moran, 11th and Spruce
street. —
Wilmington^ Dal.
Dear Santo Claus:—* am It little
boy 8 years old, I want a magic lan
tern, foot ball, sweater, automobile,
and some oranges, nuts, and candy.
Charlie SWlopferer, 204- West 2(ltli
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Old Krlss:—Please bring nie
a doll, go cart, cradle; dishes, rocking
chair, and some candy and nuts. Etta
215 E. 2nd St.
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Claus:—I want a train
of cars, rooking horse, milk wagon,Ice
wagon and candy and nuts. William
Thornes, 913 Pine street.
'f tub aJ7
Bont target Mamma and Papa. Em
ma^nmner, 1322 K UUi St.
S SfiBjlSSSi'S.**.
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Clam:—I am a little
girl 6 yean old,'and I want a hat,
drqss, raglun/laggins, umbrella,mack
intosh, and come candy and note.
Lillian Elbert, 912 French St.
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Old Kriw:—I am a littlo boy
*a pinaat bring me a rag baby, a kitty
tbai won't scratch, dog that won't
bite, big horse cake and. a stick of
candy. Edgar Gaynor, '5~N. Clay moot
. _ Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Claus:—I am a little
bey 9 years old and L want a bom,
rubbers, legglns, and some nuts and
candy. Harvey Buchanan.
Wilmington, Del.
Dpar Santa Claus:—As Christmas
Is near 1 would like to have a Iwm;
overcoat, nuts and candy. Earl Buch
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring me
a dol 1,story book and nuts and 1 candy.
Maggie Buchanan.
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Old Krlss:—1 want a pair of
skates, doll, sled,handkerchiefs,drum,
horn, horse and a tree. George D»y
ton, Nowlins Court
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Claus:—Plc:tsc bring me
a doll, new hook and some rauidv, nuts
and fruit. May Kearney, 33 Rockford
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa CUuuc^rl want a horse,
wagon, milk wagon, born, drum, boy
doll, blocks, train of ears, tree, and
nuts, candy and fruit. William Keurn.
sey, 33 Rockford Road.
Marshalton, Del.
Deaf Santa Claus: —I want a baby
born, some nuts, candy and bananas,
and trim my tree. Don't forgot-my
little brother. Lydia Smith.
Newark, Del.
Dear Santa Claus:—I would like to
have a train of cars, ice wagon, live
engine, horse, and don't forgeff my
brother Warren, he wants a music
box and a rag doll. Warren Richards,
319 E. 11th St.
Wilmington, Del.
Deal' Santa Clans:—I want a dull
baby* table, dishes, table cloth with
fringe on it, piano, bureau, stove, and
candy, nuts and oranges. Ruth Gay
nor, 52u Ctaymont St.
Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santo Claus:—F want a doll,
coaoh, tablo, nuts, oandy and oranges.
-My friend Mary Sudlei 1 wants a pair
of rubbers and a coat. Amy Lee, 135
Dupont St.
Newark, Del.
Dear Santa Claus—I am a little
"boy 8 year* old and I want a pair off
boots, handkerchiefs, slate, gloves,
tablet, lead pencil and some candy,
nuts and oranges. Freddie Sander*.
Marshalton, Del.
Dear .Santa Claus:—I am a little
girl 4 years old and I want a big doll,
book, bank and some candy, nuts anil
oranges. My sister wants a doll, blue
chair, bank, candy, nuts, and fruit
Grace and Marie Collins.
aJ7 yearn e»audit'<unit A'new'ffiXT
am* ehoes-Anna.
Shephardson, ltoti Llneoln street-,
. ^
wants a dolt baby. Muudie Faulkner,
South Market street.
- Wilmington, Del.
Dear Santa Claus:—Please bring
me a doll, go cart, bureau, games and
blocks. Agnes Russell, lliOtt W. 10th
Wilmington, Dal.
Dear Old Eriss—I would like —
to-bring me}a hammock,a doH,ago
cart and tome orangey, nutn and
candies. Roth Davis, 421 Beatd
Wilmington,, Deb,
Dear Krisa—I am a good boy
aod I go toachool, I, want yon to
bring me a sword, an air rifle, Sab
bora, a new orercoafr-and many
other tbiuga. Yours truly, Paul
Davis, 421 S. Heald atreet
Wilmington, Del
Dear Kriea—I am a little boy 7
years cld and I would like to bave
a suit of clothe*, an overcoat, - pair
ahoes and some candy and nuts.
Don't forget mammn and; papa.
, Good-bye. From your friend,
Herman Armstrong, 912 Freuch
Wilmington, DeL
Dear Krias—I am a> little girl 2
year* old aod l would like to have
'a doll baby, rocking .'chair aud a
broom and some candy, uuta and
toy*, and don't forget grandma and
grandpa. Ffom Your friend;
Anna May Waahtuglon, 118 Town
seod atreet.
Wilmington, Del.,
Dear Santa Claua—1 would like
you to bring me a doll, book, eweep
er, two new dresses, new pair of
gloves, ring, bigh chair, lor my
doll, awiug nod come nuts and
candles and don't forget my little
brother Earl he wants a bicycle,
and brother Elmer wants an ex
press wagon. Good-bye, From
your little friend, Alice Stout, 1128
Pine atreet.
Wilmington, Del.,
Dear Krias—As Christmas is
drawing near I thought I would
write to you and tell you what I
would like to have a Dewey train of
cars, a magiu lantern, trolley car,
a sled, pair ol gum boots and an
automobile auct Miller wants a boat
that runs by alcohol and some nuts,
oranges and grapes. From your
little triend, Willie H. Gaynor, 526
G1 ay moot street.
Wilmington, Del.,
Dear Old Kris—I araVvan years of aga
and X want you to briug mo a pair of
rubbers aod an umbrella a double echool
beg, a drawing slate, aud my
Emily waats a doll, a cradle
go cart, set of dlsftafc a tree, aute and
oandy, bring Faal a drum, aud an ex
press. From Halim Nlokers.
little sister
, a obalr, a
Green bunk, Del.,
5 8 t T ®* n *® Clans—I am a littlo boy
TLl«e"."a midf « .5gfo, l .° h i
book, oandy, nuts and ura*igo 3 . Fcom
Harry McOiery.
Wilmington, Del,,
Dear Santa Clsue—I would like yen to
brtug mo aa iafaat (loll, took, drees, cup
and eauoer, brCwnie cap, a Christmas
treo, and dout forget Guorga he wauie a
drum, fire enginn book, and soma oaiuly
and oats amr 1 wont forget Aunt Sslllo.
From Carollua Wilton. 1034 Lombard
of a.
Wtr* win a*« all awn hndst npso having It, when It is so easy to get and to
bane. Sams men are eatu alive by tape-worms, others wander hopelessly lor
yuars dying alow deaths Irons bowel disease.
of lb« pile*, with which I
& 5 s 8 sSBiaai 8 £f,
....ws wsi; m
"C*Msret£ eared
-J.' L. WolUbon, Porry, Oklahoma.
"I naed Cancarata for Imomnia, with which I
£rTattasS/r-w. ,,r d , ».teMn!
run I have been aflUote* with ••Gu&unH are the only remedy
diabotee. 8lnee ualnr Caseareta I have found naed that cauaa a easy mov
treat relief end feel that l must bend yen my bowel a without impairing the functione
K^Lymaa? 81 J°#ssl Aye., Betalo, 1. T. ^"^-"Sb'aa. 8. Campbell. Sunbnry, Pennsylvania.
Business as well as social Hfe of today is one of strain and effort, and the
struggle for existence in competition makes life a fight day in day out, in which
care of body, nerves, blood is more or less neglected. Men wonder what's
wrong with them. No man can stand such unnatural conditions unless
he counteracts them by using Coscarets Candy Cathartic, causing
regularity of body in spite of irregularity of habits. A man who
"feels had" should take Cascarets, find out what's wrong and
be cured.
hud Ions
the paattw* wsaka. Thia hud iM #scs
* y **"'Chsa. B. Fanny, Ml TataarAr*., Brooklyn.
nt of Iba
. IJC, SM. Never
ted CCC. Gu.r*
NY. its
PR. Wm/m mi'ru Beat for tho Bowels. All irafgists, tec
aoW Jin bulk. The genuine tablet stamp
or your money bock
Sterling Remedy Co. - Chic aw -j
Wlimlngtoa. Del.,
Dear Santa Clans—I want a pair of
boots, and rubbers, n doll, a bureau, n
piano, n hammock, a doll and ooach, a
sat of dlsbea a stove pot. and pnaa a go
cart, table and a blgb obalr, a ooat and a
bat for my doll, candy and nuts. From
Moggie Brown, M7 Windsor street.
Wilmington, Del.,
Dear Saata Clans—
I wan', a morris obalr, coaoh and doll,
table aod sat of dlihst, a little plana, and
flUunr slocking, wlih sots and oandy.
From Bessie Byan 813 Wyt7th street.
Wllmln gtoar Del.
Dear Santa Clans—I want you to bring
mo a book, a game, an rntomobllo. that
runs whan you wind II np, a peo-knlfc,
oandy and nuts, devil in tbe band-box
Elroy Gragg.
Wilmington, Dal.
Daar Santa Claoa—I am a little boy 1
years old and bring ms a drum, train, a
Are engine, pelr of boete, aandr and nnts
mid done forget sister Gluddes From
Earla Bewa 317 Madison
Wilmington. Del
Dear Santa Clous-I want a piano, a
desk, a ring, Eriojrclv.a doll, gocart, bottle
of oologDn box of bsndkerobtefa. not.
and oaudy anddont forget papa he warns
a new salt and n bar. good bye From
Lias Wale. 3N Eaat 7th street.
Wilmington, DeK
Pear Old Krlss—I am a littlo boy 7
a horn, a pair of
igs, locomotive a
From TSeodore
yeakq old and bring
skates, eop. bird and or
train of oars, some oandy.
Rhodei, 1347 West 17ib street.
Wilmington, Del.,
Dear Bants Clans—I want a velocipede
nfslod, a magic lantern, high obalr, and
above all a pretty girl with brown eyes,
Carrol Lednum 014 Jackson street.
Great Capital-'■Good Health.
In ooauoGtioa with our puro groceries wliioh
are important heslth tuotora, we have the ax
elusive sale iu this atato of Uorniuge filiuern
Spring Water—tho water as it Hows from the
ground—rich in carbonate of irou, msguonia,
phosphorus, protoplasm and manv miueraJs
nod salts iu perf^ot solution, which benefit
the liver, kidneys, blood aud nerves. If you
kavoauy ailment, driuk five or seven tum
blers a day for one Week. 5 gallons $1.50.
Lynch's Stores. Madison and Fourth atruets;
King and Kighth streets.
sale Of , Stock.
Stidham & Son Auctioneers, sold
at public sale for the estate of
Clark Webster deceased at the farm
near Bancroft Station .Brandywine
Hd,on Thursday. Dec. 19th. Horses
- $197.50, $150, Cows sold $30 to
$61.50 per Head, Corn 65cts per
bushel, fodder 3cts a bundle, Hay
$11.50 a ton, straw $6.50 a ton,
Everything sold at satisfactory
prices, The farm was offered but
was withdrawn.
J? buildings % mile from Greenville, Del
James Coaly. Jr,, Greenville, Dei.
New Castle, Dec. 21.—The arrival
of a large box of spools and several
bales of cotton fqr tbe Triton Cotton
Mills started the round that the mills
may resume operation.
John Weldon of Dobblnsvllle, who
is but nine months old wanto whole
lots of things from old Krlss and
wants him to remember big brother
Georgia who goes tu school In Phila
delphia, Mabel add Pearl Clewell,
two exceptionally good youngsters,
want Krlss to remember them.
James Henry Mclvor wanto a pony
and a watch. As he Is two years old
psrhapq Krlss will And him a broncho
His sister who Is Ills senior by two
years will be happy if old Krlss wil
bring her a new doll and a workbox
with a thimble and needles.
Deputy Marshal James H. Clark
came here yesterday afternoon and
libelled the yacht Acme under a
claim for salvage.
A present, umbrella or tie. Biggs
Mrs.Iltnry Schilllngof Frontstreet
had a close call from being severely
injured on Thursday evening while
engaged in cooking supper her apron
caught on fire and began a blaze.
Her son Manlove unfastened the
apron strings and when tbe garment
fell off he stamped out the blaze.
Plush caps, wool turblns. B|ggs.
Albert Pedrlok, • Jr., was placed
aboard the yaebt Acme by Deputy
Marshal Clark, as watchman to pre
vent her being spirited away.
Silk mufflers, liucu handkerchiefs,
Mary Shilling while sweeping at
her home, was sRlnned for a time by
some of the ceiling plastering falling
on her bead.
The stores la New Castle are do
ing a rushing business, Delaware
City and St. Georges shoppers find
that they can save money by stop
ping here.
A very important meeting of St
Petor's T, A. B. Society will be held
tomorrow at noon when all the mem
bers of the Society aro respectfully
invited to be present
Christmas trees aro somewhat
scarce this year and by Monday night
there will be a premium on them.
Hello! where are you going? To j
Stoops for Christmas toys, books,
dolls, trie ornaments, sleds, razors,
knives, etc., because I can nave 30
cento on 11 by buying at wholesale
prices from him. He bought from
tha factory aa d manufacturers and I
will gain by the deal.
The following program ban been
preparedlor the observance ofChrist
mastide by tbe First Presbyterian
Sunday school on Monday evening
Song "Joy to tbe World" School
Prayer Rev.S. Beattie Wylie
Opening address Howard Wilbelme
Scrips:]re reading responsive
Mabel Stewart
Welcome Beautiful Day"
"Sing and be Glad"
Beta Stoops
"The Silent Skies"
Essie Kirby
Song "Ring, Ring the Bells" School
Recitation "Glaa Christmas Beil*"
Olga Wise
Song 'Tis tbe Merry Christmas time
Recitation "When Christmas Comes'
Flora Krause
Solo, duett and chorus "What saw
the Shepherds" Ella Brown, Sal
lie Truitt and school.
| g^g
7-30 o'clock Sermon
"The Air was still"
Hattie Davis
Duet aud ohorus "Lo He has Come"
Solo and chorus
"Pity tbe Poor"
Clara Grimes and school
Recitation "Merry Chrlstmae to all"
Sophia Taylor
Distribution of candies, oranges and
Duett and chorus "Christmas Fare
well" Sajljn Truitt, Ella Brown
and school.
The final bills of tbe New Caetle
Atbietlo Club wore ordered drawn
last evening and tbe club adjourned
to meet at the call of President Peter
G. Madden.
At New Castle M. E. Churcb, Sun
day tbe following program bas been
Rev. S. B. Wylie
MOItMINO 10.30.
Anthem "There were Shepherds"
Hymn 183
Apostles Creed
Anthem 'Hall to tb* Lord's Anointed'
Scripture Lesson
Gloria] Paul
Hymn 186
x Star"
Hymn 187.
'The Bright and morning
Rev. W. G. Koous
"Christ Is'Born"
Epwortb League
"Glory to God
In the Highest" Rev. W; G. Koons
Glory to Go* la IMBlrtUM
Oho Midnight Bong '
Tbo Angels' Song, trio for Ifedito*
voices, Mrs. L. O. Wise, Mrs. a A.
Vallette, Reba E Saunders $8
"Hark my Soul," male quartette^ l
C. Ferris Jemison, a A. Stewar*
Harry Y. Jemison, J. B. Manlotft
Several of the members of St. John's
Lodge, Nix 2, A. F. A, M., bad an
enjoyable time In Wilmington, last. %■
evening at a meeting of the Chapters ,
Ely s Liquid Cream Balm la an |i
old frlcndjn a new form, It is pre
pared for the particular benefit of
sufferers from nasal catarrh who are
used to an atomizer in spraying tho
diseased membranes. All the-beat*
ing and soothing properties of Cream
Balm are retained in the new piepw 1
ration. It does not dry op the sscro*
tioos. Price, including spraying Mb*
75 cents. At yourMrngglsto or Sly
Brothers, 5a Warren ttreet, New
York, will mail It.
Sold HI. Hay. rs
A gentleman residing in the
Country who has hay for sale ad
vertised the fact in the Republican!
In les-i than two weeks he sold all
the hay he had to spare. He saiA
he was well paid for the money M
investerl in advertising his hay. 1
n.d A Close CsM.
Newark, Dec. 21.—Leslie Mmn
of the Deer Pa|k Hotel is alfll
walking around suffering from tla
effects of a fall a few days agos 1
He stepped over an old well ami
the planks broke in. He Fell «n
his side which prevented him. from
going down fifty feet.
ProvoKIng Blander*. M
Provoking mistakes occur in tha
best regulated printing afHoas,
Wednesday evening. The Every
Evening came out with its seventh
page dated Saturday December
14th. So you see there are others
besides the Republican who make

New Yeere Keceptloa.
The reception committee of tha
Y. M. C. A. will meet to-morrow
night to complete arrangements for
tho New Year's day reception:
program of the entertainment wfil.
consist of literary and gymnaniio
ADMmiU FKE1I at the m
and West Sts., <4
Wilmington, Delaware, W|
A first class preparatory school wMjk
cournns of study fitting for College, soieutillA
(School or Business. A full corps of 14 experi
enced teach wh. High School, Grammar
huhool aud 1'rimary fyepartments under Urn
charge of ekllleil speeialista, excellent equip
meut. Through instruction unexcelled aa 1
vantages for the study of Anoiaut and Mod
ern Lauauage^. Soienca, History, Drawing
etc. Students prepared for nil the leadiwg
ooliegee aud scienttfie school*. Graduate*
entered on certificate in nil the higher edaoa%{
ticnal institutions which admit puplivoa •
school record,
Fall Term Opens Sept. »6tb.
Opens After Sept. iff.
For illustrated catalogue addre : ,,
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School Office Sow apea from 9 to 13 a. nu *
and U to 4 p. nu "
Arrangemcuts have boon made to have W
carriage in charge of a respoiwible persoaj
take to and from their homes the youageq
Primary pupils, who li?e at a distance fro
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