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Ilie Republican Printing
Entered at: the Post Oflics at Wllminztoa
t- Dei, os second-class mail matter.
College boys play such mad
pranks that they often get into the
Hutches of the police. A few days
ago several Princeton boys painted
teveral buildings in Trenton a bril
; iant carmine. They were arrested
and have been expelled from college
^ot a very bright future for the
»ys or anything for their parents
o be proud of. Two students of
Washington and Jefferson College
it Washington, Pa., induldged in
!be same kind of an escapade.
Duffield Duncan, of Duluth, and
|£arl C. McEIrov ot Washington, on
Saturday night last procured a pot
»f red paint and 111 flaming letters
decorated the front of all the public
buildings, churches, banks and
numerous private residence. They
were arrested and released on bail.
This the boys call fun. It may be.
but there is a difference between
un and malicious mischief.
During Barnum's palmy days he
exhibited all over the world the
Siamese twins, as one ot the great
tst curiosities, and they drew big
rrowds to see them walking about
joined together by au appendix
ilong the cartilege zipochide.
Their successors, the Hindu twius,
il&dica and Doodira, have had a
wonderful operation performed,
whereby thev have been cut apart.
Tbe operation was pcrlormed by
Dr. Doyen at the Hospital Trosseau
'o Paris. It became necessary be
muse Doodicadeveloped tubercu.o
lit and fell into a rapid decline.
Phis so affected the health and
ipirits ot the twiu sister that she
• >eeame subject to fainting fits.
Three eminent physicians assisted
Dr. Doyen and the operation was
^successfully performed in 10 min
^^^tes. The use of fillets and anaes
^^Betics made the operation pracli
^^^■ly painless.
H^HThe Levy Court does not appear
V!o be in favor of paying the Arrow
W imith Electric Company their bill
»f $5000 for wiring and supplying
-.lcctsic fixtures for the County
Jourt House. The bill struck
bsiog rather steep, in fact, the
work should notbave been given out
at such a price. Tbe county baa
\ no such amount of money to throw
v v*way upon such extravagances, at
ft:« preseuttime. Still, it the work
was ordered and the b ; ll is all
right, we can't see how the Levy
Court is going to get out of paving
It. At this rate electricity conies
high, entirely too high to supercede
gas as au illumiuator in the county
buildings, The members of the
Levy Court will exaraiue the bill
before paying it.
Tle Street and Sewer Directors
should set about having numerous
pavements in the city repaired and
all properties underdrained, This
would obviate the many bad places
from freezing up and make walk
ing positively dangerous during
the present cold snap. There is no
excuse now for the refuse ot the
kitchen lunuing over tho sidewalks.
All such nuisances should be
abated at once, For the thousands
of dollars spent in Wilmington on
our streets, there is no reason why
the sidewalks should not be iu good
condition. They are repaired at
the expense of the owner whose
properly they abut. Then again
the streets could be considerably
cleaner by putting a tew meu to
work and spending a lew dollars
which would be well spent,
Oh gracious!
Indeed he did!
Muck-a-muck! lie
tdid himseli! Yes he did!
As for inti
the Republican had no more that
the patent flap doodle at Fourtl
and Shipiev streets, we
r heads aud sing low.
it has been started, it has had a
checkered career, changing from
a Republican to a Democratic sheet
and irom that to a Republican
what ever vou might choose to call
. that is. one thing
that paper never could boast of, nor
never will, while it ls published by
the gang now r
■. ir
'ould hide
Ever since
ing It.
The Republican always consid
ered Thomas Melvi
headed man and a first-class busi
a very level
which he has forged ahead since
commencing as a builder in our
cily, speaks louder lha
we could say iu his behalf, The
people can trust him to do what he
siders right and honest, There

will be
:andal attached to Ins
e. Whatever he does,
ill. in
nit, be for the best inter
his judg
est of the people,
The po'ice
vessel Hobenzoller
ho have been doing
where the Herman
the pier
justly complain that no pi
have beed made lor their accomi
dation. Th
ire compelled to do
dutv 12 hours
a stretch
being able t<
while leasts
ything to eat.
ng held c" the
boat they
are protect
en treated to eve
d a beer. Now th
have not b
lot good tre»
:sl and thev
hat ca
tmeut to gu
ild right to r
it it.
es the 'ml
There is it bill before the Senate
at Trenton. N. .1., to place the mat*
ter of he
ol City C< until.
Over It
1 st the mi
ig with
stiii W!
the bill,
ing their
members ot the Legislature,
want the bill.
e to bear on the
The weather in:
predicted a
due. Jt arrived on
noon and was a
wind and rain, espe
ing the evening. February has
been a blustery month so far and
bids fair to earn a reputation be
fore it ends on Friday of this week.
Nearly all the
now in service which show th.
work done in getting everytlj
working order so soon. L
• there have been but two slight^rea
I^AUcsihe service was crippl Apn
HNMftrr-'Ta * t.
The milk dealers missed the gen
i ial milk inspector lor the last few
M clays. He has been on the sick list
m but is once more lmnself.
>t her
y a ft er
pained bv
11/ wind dur- i
fire , boxes are
President Roosevelt bids fair
to have a new C.ibioet around bin
of bis owo choosing before the year
ia up. Hit cabinet ia- going
piece* a* f*st a* that of Cheater A.
Arthur, who succeeded Garfield.
The resignation of two of McKin
ley '* appointee* have been accept
ed, the Postmaster General and
Secretary of the Treasury, and
their successors have been appoint
ed. The report is that the .Secre
tary ot the Navy is to give up office
very shortly, and this will sec three
of the old cabinet go within six
mouths oi President Rouse veil's
The next change will be that of
Mr. Hitchcock, Secretary ot the
Interior, who will go in t l, e near
future, and report says others will
hand in their resignations, until
there is a new cabiuet of President
Roosevelt's seleclion.
In view of the tact that the Pres
ident said be expected, and, in fact
wanted the hearty co-operation ot
the members of M cKiuley 'seabinet,
it may have some deeper signifi
cance than what appears on the
surface. The two
shrewd and known as good politi
cians the country over. The Pres
ident is evidently layiug his plans
to succeed himself as the Republi
can nominee in 1904, and he is look
ing out ior the States that
throw him the most strength when
the Republican Convention meets to
nominate his successor. Coming
events will have much to do with
the nomination of President Roose
velt to succeed himself,
shown himself a strong man and!
has thus far made a good Chief Ex-!
ecutivc. In (act it looks at this
writing, at if he had bowled every
other candidate out of the race.
Even Senator Uauna, Allison
and Spooner had the Presidential
bee buzzing in their bounds but
the action or the President in get
ting them out of tue Cabinet has
put all such ideas out ot their
heads. It looks like the rough
rider would have a clear course
and capture the nomination with
out a struggle. He should have uo
trouble in being re-eiected os he was
a strong ~.andidale on the ticket
with McKiuley.
He has thus lar been a lucky man
or in the hands of Providence.
uew men are
He hue I
s Vice-President.
The Republican istbeonly daily
paper in the city that is run by ;
men} who depend on its earnings 1
lor their livelihood. Every other
paper is controlled by men who do
not depend on the receipts of their
paper to enable them to fill their
baskets on market days. The peo
ple apparently do not these facts
but they are true nevertheless, ;
Three ot the dailies are owned j
bv millionaires who have them as!
playthings or to further their po-i
litical ambitions. By the use of j
tbe paper they hope to educate the
people who take them to their po
litical belief. Strange that there
is not a Democratic paper in the
city without the Every Evening
owns up to this impeachment. But
what's the odds so you arc happy.
The mau that lighted a candle
and placed it under a bushel is
likened to some merchants doing
business in the city of Wilmingtou.
They purchase their stock ot goods
and make a possible show in their
store windows and expect the peo
ple to know what they are offering
lor sale at bargains. Advertising
in the newspapers is the
in which to reach the people. Tbe
Republican tills that want in Wil
mington and will bring better re
sults than any other paper. Wc
p with
ult no pay for your ad
The paper has al
ways had the name ol being the
best advertising medium in the
city. Its circulation has increased
several hundred since the first of
the year wbith makes it better
thau ever for advert ising purposes.
s a
peach crop thi
ver count o
have then
i, way
are willing to back this
"if no
vertiseme'nt. "
Already predictio
made about the
year. Yon cat
peaches until y
ke ted.
i ins sesslo
Levy Court the foil*
Washington street Da
■er the Brandvwi
ard Trust v.
tilth street Michael Polcase.
W. (I. Wright fur Urn
: M.
Yules fur t. In
Market street
over the Christiana
for t he day
i ver
iIsay Wilsn
hard M. Simp
ik Mi Her.
\s .lull
.1. E.
illiccis wi
Levy: day k
n Kongo is;
1 Andrews:
Clark, vice
hi watchman, S
•r Elliott, presented a
y constables t,<
if ol the
s and forfeitures they have collect
t Deeds, Delaware Clark.
asked Lha
'arc Is
compelling Seen
if the
Board of Health I
furnish hii
He had rece
d after
t Ik
list of births and marriages Imt
y province
lot. a
creature of the'Lc'
of Mr. Cha
alter t.
'*> attorney for an opinio
ourt hud any
Mr. Mrggii
reported that re
> Newport brid
i P :i
•I ver it
t" get a pile
Upon his mo
'us adopted direct
R. Morrison to
bridge as soon as the river was open
sufficiently to permit ol' the work.
I in pi MSilile
driver to that place
repair the
fiOliDFiN WM
in 1 to 8 rulinit
2bC, 80c,$1.
This February Sale gives you back 25 per cent of your money-and you get it at once
at the time of purchase. The reductions throughout the whole of this big, new stock of
goods range from 10 to 50 per cent, making the average saving of one-quarter.
The sale closes Friday, February, 28th. Even the extremely severe weather of the past!
week could not keep the people away, but a steady incoming of expectant lookers camef
and found exactly what our advertisements started, and the lookers became buyers. Thd
closing days of the sale are to he made doubly interesting by the arrival of several new cars;
of goods, which have been placed on sale at 25 per cent discount.
* All Carpets and Floor Coverings Made, Laid and Lined Free S
of Charge.
£ All Goods Bear the February Sale Tag.
i* All Goods Delivered at Any Time You Desire.
£ Green and Red Stamps on All Reduced Goods.
£ Furniture Re-covered Free of Charge.
£ Goods Delivered Free Anywhere.
Drapery Department.
Price WAS
f ^
Hall Racks.
The leading line of Hall Rucks is on sale here exclusively
thesli'goods ilre the criterion of hall ruck manufacturers and all
strive to come as near them as possible in quality, design and
prices. The February Sale gives them to you at a discount of
25 per cent or better ■
A few dozen Portieres of which we have but half a pair of
a pattern are half price.
fl.13 from $2.25
1.38 from 2.75
1 .(53 from 3.25
3.00 from <5.00
3.75 from 7.30
The regular portieres of which we have but one and two pair
of a pattern are:
Quarter Price.
Golden Oak
Weathered Oak
A earload ot the higher grade Chiffoniers and Dresser
have just been received and put on sale at a discount of 25
per cent the goods are of the highest order, finely polished
and attention paid to all the little details of construction that
lovers of high grade furniture will appreciate,
and chiffoniers match in designs and
Bird's-eye Maple,
Quartered Oak.
$75.00 to #50.00
<50.00 to 45.00
50.00 to 37.50
40.00 to 28.00
38.00 to 28.50
■ 35.00 to 25.00
$33.00 to $24.75
28.00 to 21.00
18.00 to 13.50
15.00 to 11.25
12.00 to 9.00
6.00 to 4.50
$2.1 > from $3.00
$6.25 from $ 8.50
6.00 from 10.00
9.00 from 12.00
3.00 from 4.25
The dressers
3.50 from 5.75
5.50 from 7.50
are m
Lace Curtains.
Extension Tables.
Nottingham Lace Curtains of which we have but one pair
of a pattern are half price.
Round or square, some of massive designs and some of the
neat Chippindale designs. All finely polished at reductions
like these in (5, 8 and 10 feet lengths.
$ 3.45 from $ 5.00
4.75 from 8.00
7.50 from 9.00
11.50 from 15.00
12.75 from 16.00
$ .75 from $1.50
1-00 from 2.00
1.25 from 2.50
1.63 from 3.25
1.75 from 3.50
One and two pair lots of the same are:
(iOc from 85c $1.50 from $2.00
90c from $1.25 2.25 from 3.00
$1.00 from 1.50 2.50 from 4.00
Prices are:
$18.00 from $22.00
19.00 from 25.00
22.00 from 28.00
25.00 from 35.00
32.00 from 40.00
$14.25 from $19.00
15.75 from 21.00
18.75 from 25.00
20.25 from 27.00
22,00 from 28.0!)
26.25 from 35.00
Blankets and Comforts.
In all about eighty patterns to select from at n price range
of $10.25 to $100.00, and at these reductions.
Not many left but the few we have are:
$10.25 from $13.50
13.25 from 17.00
16.50 from
18.00 from
$02.00 from $40.00
36.00 from 45.00
39.00 from 48.00
50.00 from 60.00
60.00 from 70.00
72.00 from 90.00
$21.00 from $28.00
27.00 from 36.00
27.75 from 37.00
30.00 from 40.00
32:25 from 43.00
34.50 from 4(1.00
Tn the lower grades the reductions are equally as great at pri
ranges like this:
Chiffoneirs, $3.75 to $20.00
90c from $1.25
$1.00 from 1.50
1.25 from 1.75
$1.75 from $2.50
3.50 from 5.00
7.50 from 10.00
19.00 from 24.00
22.00 from 27.00
$1.25 from $1.75
1.50 from 2.00
1.75 from 2.25
$3.00 from $4.25
3.50 from 5.00
4-75 from 6.50
Hair Mattresses.
Floor Denims.
;:iin we'll call your attention to the six special hair mat
all are made in art tickings.
4.50 to 24.00
1,000 yards of Reversible Figured Denims that have been
25c are now 18c; plain colors, 15c. As in the other depart
ments all goods are reduced.
Furniture Covers.
Tapestries were .50 now
.75 now
Parlor Suits.
$ 6.75
14 40
worth $ 8.50
worth 13.00
worth 16.00
worth 18.00
worth *-17.50
worth 28.00
\\ e are showing an assortment of them now that eclipses
anything ever before attempted in
behind every
•ity—our guarntee is
one—our prices are always lower than you'll find
because we are not looking for fancy profits—The !
February Sale gives them to you at 25 per cent off—We'll
mention here but a few of the many, all are reduced.
now $1.00
2.25 now 1.50
2.50 now 1.75
2-65 now
2.75 now
Veronas wore 3.00 now 2.25
2.75 now 2.(10
Velours were .75 now .50
Rocking Chairs.
Wood and cobbler seats, some have
the price almost eut
$130.00 from $200.00
112.50 from 150.00
82.50 from 110.00
$52.50 from $70.00
48.75 from 65.00
45 00 from 60.00
37.50 from 50.00
ill half.
$1.35 from $2.50
$2.75 from $4.00
66.00 from
1.45 irom 2.75
3,50 from 6.00
This, too, is the last week to have Furniture Covered Free—the month has given usmuch work. It's surprising
to know where so much of this class of work comes from. We not only recover but we do any kind of upholstering
or furniture repairing. Have our man call to give you an estimate on any class of work; he hasn't a reputation for
high prices.
g~~ —
Milford, Feb. 126. — Four horses
attached to the large oil tank of the
Standard Oil Company, were fright
ened on the corner of Fr
Walnut streets, North, and dashed
down the latter at a terrible rate
ol speed. The clatter of the horses
feet, and heavy wagon on the Bel
gian block road, looked very grave,
ing to the people to
t and
and gave w<
clear the road.
In front of Hall's
ed and fell
of the toofiie horse.slip
the icy pavement,
and the other, dragging it/ about
jOO yards. The berse was/terribly
bruised and lacerated. /
■jtbe farmers of this vitlniif ex
^■iced many hardships *
--.r- ——. —
down the neck were unable to
reach town, and were compelled to
do without many needed articles,
most all the roads are open now,
but arc in such terrible condition
fit to venture out,
Harrington, Feb. 26.
shirt factory here has been trans
formed into a pentecostal hall,
lew days ago the holiness Associ
ation took hold of the abandoned
factory and began a scries ot vig
orous gospel meetings, cutting their
way through show drifts and never
missing a night s service no mat
ter how severe the storm.
The Rev. T. F. Tablcr, formerly
a Methodist minister, began his
work and then the work was taken
up by the Rev. C. F. Carpenter, a
Pennsylvania Holiness man of elo
quence and magnetism. The com
bined efforts of the two good men
brought back an army of listeners
and up to to-night there have been
100 conversions and twenty seek
ers presented themselves last night.
Dover, Del., Feb. 25.—Governor
Ilunn, .Secretary of State Layton,Con
The Knox;
s .
A ■
gressman tall.State Treasurer Burris,
and Iu fact all the state officials ex
pect to go to Lewes on Thursday
ertlsement to the town and In
the hope of bringing the need of
an Inland waterway and other harbor
improvements to the minds of those
in authority.
Delaware having no member of the
Enited States Senate, Senator Boise
Penrose, of Pennsylvania, Senator J.
■ F. Drydon of New Jersey, Congress
man Loudenslager, of New Jersey,
Senator McComas, of Baltimore, tor
i' Senators Anthony Higgins and
Richard R. Kenney of Delaware have
been invited and are expected to be
the railroad and steamboat
companies, President W. H. Bosley
of the Queen Anne's, J*. M, Gitting,
Major Brooks, Superintendent Holli
day and others are expected, and for
the various Delaware state industrl
Harry A, Ricbarpson. John
s and some prominent newspaper
men will be present.
President Charles H. Maul], of the
Lewes Board of Trade will preside
at the banquet. TH Invitation
committee consists of Mayor Thomp
son, Dr. Hiram R. Burton, Dr. WIN
Ham P. Orr, William Maull, and
State Auditor Purnal B. Norman.
The banquet committee constat*
William P. Thompwrt,
Wolf® Edwin Marshall *nd't%l
B. SchelHager. The menu will
prepared and served by Jefferson
Lolland of the Hotel Wilmington.
Taylor and FrtVIerton Bronchial Lozon
gors cures ooughs and coliD. VY. C. lay.
, lor. BO^ King ' -
Water Commission.
At the meeting of the Water Com
missioners yesterday i afternoon the
question of putting meters on all fish
stores and laundries was discussed.
Nearly all fish places and laundries
get water by meter measurement, and
it is likely that the board will put
t hem on the regular list of places that
have to have meters. Registrar flrolie
presented bids for printing seventeen
various kinds of blank and bill books
needed in the department. The bids
were: Star PublishingCompanv, $137:
the Mercantile Printing Company,
#129. The contract was awarded io
the litter. The balance in bank
reported as $109,524.19.
Horae Betrayed Two Burglars.
Laurel, Del. Feb 25.—After steal
ing a horse and wagon from J. West
Beauchamp, robbers went to thestor.
^^^"nwi^fan^^rttf * the
goods were found In thohouse of Levin
Handy. Handy and Thomas Tinker
were arrested, charged with burglary.
Ono of fashions leading favor
ites at JOe, 20c, ami 25c pet jml.
Sadie, wife of James Willard, of j
Philadelphia died in that city yester-'
dav of appendicitis, Her death was
a sad one indeed as she had been
stricken down on Thursday gaud was
sent to one of the hosoitals in Phila
delphia, where an operation was per
formed, but it was too late to save
her life. She was a Miss Lockwood,
and daughter of the late J. Lockwood
of this city, She was a sister of Mrs.
Charles L.' Simmons, the grocer at
Eighth aud Jackson Streets. She was
buried this afternoon at 2 o'clock in
Lombardy Cemetery.
Sad Death.
Returned Home. _ t
Howard E. son of William Phillips
returned home on Saturday last from
Mantanzas, Cuba, where he served in
the Second United States Cavalry.
Hs enlisted tUree years. a*o la our
6!tjr lathe regular army*, and «ag
good-bealth and saw a good t
country since he left home
William H. Phillips Is now residing
in Philadelphia hut expects to locate
in our city In the Spring.
AU who use Brazilian Balm never bays
th. grip, wet luqfe btdUe, ___
Pair of Horvcs Ran Away
j The horses attached to J. E. Ad
dick's milk wagon ran away this morn
ing on French street and struck
Charles Vetter's bakery wagon at
Thirteen 1 .!) and French Streets. Yet
ter's wagon was upset in the collision
'tod had an axle bent,
wagon sustained only a few scratches
the animals then stopped at/LTiirteentli
and French Streets.
What'a the secret ot happy, vigorous
health? Simply keeping the bowel?, the
stomach, the liver anti kidneys strong a ml
active. Burdock Blood Bitters does It.
The New chief of Police.
buy Pillsbury'u Vitos
15c. pack*
package Whoafc Food free-*
age and get
Colonial Maize Flakes 10c,package. Ralston'S
Health Oats 10c. package; Ralaton'a Brain
Bread Flosr SOo. package; Horning's Mineral
Sprint Water 20c. gallon, good for kidney. -
nwnMh Md U.u UtU W. m#
to Cars Qr Ip la Two Days i W
Laxatlvo Bromo-Qalntno removes the
cause. E. Wt Grove's signature ou every
box. Frloe 25 cents.
■•■•-0(30 Dubell tbe Hatter
Go to Charles- E, Dnbell (or y
uodvapa el Allliylea No. « East i'lmd
I At

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