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_ .,„,a. $
by Charles W. Hooke. ^
7 "fTnv
CcpyrJgbt. 1901 .
't you seen tho newspapers?"'
• p Su'd Neale.
"Only s*
ue little pi
nt the pictures," she replied,
ilall didn't
*3— Just to look
"Dr. Kcn
!«• to rend the stories."
"Did y<
terious \
see the pictures of the 'inys
awu from descrip
"Miss Machine didn't show them to
"I selected tho tiling
Miller," said Kendall;
ell! How singular!"
In* show'll to
most of
"An.l J-OU rnt out nil ntiout (ho
"' ou,a "' '■ ucrtol K ™ lu -
„,, l,vr . . . ,, ,
It was not intentional," replied tho
doctor, reddening. "I merely happened
to do it."
"1 guess Miss Maclanc helped you,"
raid Neale.
"What has Miss Maelano to ilo with
It?" asked Elsie.
"A good many people think she was
tho woman," replied tho captain,
beginning to lie said nil
won't i
ver, but
lio thinks so and
ay so—yet.
Who's that?
said Elsie.
"Dr. Blair," responded Neale,
know who he Is?"
"I vc 'met him," she replied. "Mrs.
Fiminons got him to come to st
once when I was sick. I think lie was
staying at the house then. What has
he to do with this affair?"
k The captain explained.
f "It seems to me," snlcl Elsie, ''Hint
anybody who over saw Miss Maelano
would know her next time. If Do.
lIHair says that lie doosn t recognize
lier then she Isn't the woman he saw."
Ho you deny that she called upon
you/ Persisted the eaplain. ^
1 certainly do deny It, replied Elsie,
d 1 w,| " lo, 1 '' I
lerhaps It was some other woman
'.who looked like her, suggested Neale.
I don t know any woman who looks
•like her," said Elsie. "1
.who did."
The captain glanced at Kendall and
Raid slowly;
"She doesn't know anybody who looks
like Miss Machine."
ever sa
j "Well," said Kendall, "what of it?
"Why, neither does
the house,'' replied the captain.
■Miss Maelane is the
that kind, s
ybndy else in
nlv woman of
far as weki
v. wiio could
• nmlivc for going there. And
Elsie was beginning to lie excited to
the danger point, and Kendall cut off
the interview. Neale yielding without a
Vot'd of protest.
"Don't you worry; not a bit," said lie
There ain't going to be no
trouble for anybody, except the guilty
fo Elsie.
tiie captain had gone, Elsie
pleaded with Kendall to let her sco Dr.
"All these stories about Brenda must
rest upon what lie says," site insisted,
•'and If 1 tell him positively, face to
not Brenda he will
statement that will put an end
to all the trouble. And it is worrying
sure of it. She tries to
*. but there is something
her mind. Of course I have
not understood what it was, but now I
can see. \Vo must remember how hard
tt Is for a girl brought up ns she has
been, all surrounded by dignity and re
finement, lo have her name In every
body's mouth in conuectiou with such
s this."
Kendall was inclined to take a favor
able view of this suggestion. Ilis own
opinion, formed from tho newspaper
reports, was that Dr. Blair was a con
who was trying to tell
ihe exact truth in a very serious mat
jtor; that he believed it was Miss Mac
ilotic whom he had seen, but was wise
and just enough not to say so upon any
other ground titan positive certainty;
[Upon the other hand, he would not de
clare openly that tlio woman was not
.Brenda until ills n)Jnd was clear of
•doubt. It might easily happen that a
talk with Elsie would result in thor
oughly convincing him, and for Elsie
there was nothing to be feared, since
Blair ns a physician would know how
lo avoid exciting her.
• Accordingly Kendall said that bo
jU'ould send word to Blair during tlio
afternoon. As it happened, ho had
leisure to go himself upon this errand,
face, tin
bide it fr
<ui affair
V -
*• * V
Lisle looked at it, fascinated.
and as outdoor air would have the
charm of novelty for him be took ad
vantage of the opportunity.
I lie was surprised at the meager
furnishing of his profeseloaal brother'*
email and dark waiting room. It was
jueat and not altogether destitute of
jromfort, but it was destitute of pa
(Rents and bad not the look of a place
that had ever been overrun with
them. A servant's rap upon the door
communicating with tho office brought
forth Blair, to xvhotn Kendall made
himself known.
The office was a large and dreary
room, with a view of back yards.
<Thcre was a broad coucb In a corner
with • pu« of c-D.ap flofft |)ll!cwit
Mg.lD.t wlileli the doctor lied probutilf
tweu leclluli'R. At tlio foot of tlio
COUCH nnd oddly proppad igimst tbo
biu-li of n diali* was a ■Ingle ellken
pillow .beautifully embroidered, From,'
i « professional standpoint the room
i lucked many things tlmt money can
buy, and to Kendall, who was so far
removed from the need of fees that he
had almost forgotten the possibility of
any doctor having to subsist upon
them, the place spoke loudly of pov
erty. As for Blair himself, he match
ed his surroundings, for Ids mood was
f * u '.. fro,n clK,,,rrul -
"What can 1 do for you, doctor?" ho
asked in the tone of
ceased to expect good from any Inter
who has
Miss Miller, who Is my patient at
o you," said
and I called to ask you to
the hospital, wishes to
I ho j
a consultation Isn't neces
sary." said Blair, with a faint smile.
"I understood that her recovery was
'it is
in regard to Miss Machine,"
responded Kendall, with considerable
m,,!,. f„|, llly e roan«l.
W l«n I hail kept my mouth shut,''
bo said. "Of course if I c
thing to please Miss Miller,
do any
he added
hastily, "I shall he delighted. 1 know
he^sliglitly, and she is a very charm
ing girl. But really this matter of
Miss Maelano is wearing my life out.
reporters, unidentilied
i bonds"—
"And, last of ail, a doctor,
—"have worried the flesh off my
bones," continued Biair without no
ticing the interruption. "They insist
that I shall identify Miss Maelano as
the woman I saw. They present
threats pnd bribes. They offer all
sorts of ridiculous plans for bringing
Miss Maclanc and me together so that
1 may l»c sure of. her. But I have seen
Miss Machine already, and I have said
all that I have to say upon the sub
"You lmvo not Bald that she was not
the woman." snsgcste.l Kendall,
... Vo . nml , rt , 81 , 0 ndod Blair
p,„ u „iilv. "Why should IT
"Unless you are sure," said Kendall,
"you may feel like delaying a final
.(Moment, but. I can't help thinking
t Milt your course lakes little account of
Miss Machine's welfare; I might al
„ lost Slly „ r | lor Hghls. However, X
must not get excited about It."
Jeet." *
to tak<
considerable in
forest," said Blair.
You have known
forest," said Blair.
You have known
Miss Maclanc for some years,
told. But. that is none of my business.
What does Miss Miller wish me to do?"
"She believes that she can convince
that Miss Maclanc is not the worn
saw." replied Kendall,
was silent for some moments.
... . •>' Bl»'l
to ubliye her, or you, If I could. There
8 " as " 1C "■ U,U '
• , ,,' , , , „
Kendall was beginning to feel pain
fully anxious. 'J here seemed (o he a
strong probability that Blair was per
[er'nf Mlu,' 111^1,'Y"' iS ""' t '
tti of Identity and that.lie was reserv
ng his statement until tlio nature of
the case should disclose itself. If Elsie
should die, there was little chance that
a man of Blair's type would withhold
his evidence, for in that event some
body would Ue directly accused, and a
just person would feel that ail the evi
deuce should be brought forward.
Blairs present position was such that
Kendall did not know how to attack It,
and so he fell back upon the matter of
his real .errand. As to that there was
no difficulty. Blair promised to call at
tho hospital within an hour.
Having received this promise, Ken
dull returned nt once and notified Elsie
of the approaching visit. Her manner
was very significant. She was evi
dently braciug herself for a consider
able ordeal. There could be no doubt
that she had determined to save Bren
da from the annoyance to which she
l,uing nncl from tho
mooli more serious trouble that might
lcdlotv. As she had expressed a wish
to speak with IJr. lilalr a few minutes
alone there could ho hut ono Inference
elm intended to toll him something
which she hnd withheld up to tHat
time. As Blair was I he lirst physician
who had been '.ailed to attend her she
could claim the right of a patient and
"I don't s
how that is possible,
said at last, "but 1 would be v
claim the right of a patient and
put him upon his professional honor
not lo disclose what slit* might say.
Indeed, certain questions which she
asked made Kendall sure that she hnd
considered this phase of the situation.
It was possible that she might intend
to go to the length of confiding to Blair
the actual facts of the case, for by
naming the author of the crime she
could most surely relieve Brenda from
any further suspicion. Even upon tho
supposition that Brenda had rcaUy
gone to that house and had been
by Blair lie would probably consent to
shield her from offensive publicity if
he knew her to be entirely innocent.
Kendall was conscious of a strange,
boyish feeling of discontent that Elsie
should not huve chosen him as the re
cipient of tills confidence. He could
understand that there might be rea
sons why she should tell Brenda ev
erything, and,
bad no positive knowledge that she hnd
not already done so. Moreover, to have
told him would have been merely to let
another person into the secret, what
ever It might be, since It was not ho,
but Blair, who had the power to check
the attacks upon Brenda. Still, he
could not help feeling isolated, the more
because of his reflection that Brenda
might already know all.
to that, indeed, he
| To bo ecu tin tied. I
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far WillCf Henr * Completes Hie
Nine Days' Tour.
The Cadet* Rake a Fine Showing
and Are Complimented For Tlielv
Proficiency—PrniMe For I*na
Nenger Agent Boyd.
NEW YORK, March 8.--Prince lien*
ry of Prussia has completed his tour
and is once more in New York, where
he xvfil remain until Monday, when he
goes to Philadelphia. lie was absent
from the city for nine days, during
which time his special train was with
in thp territory of thirteen states and
covered a total distance of 4,858 miles.
■ He was greatly pleased with his trip
and through his aid, Captain von Mul
ler. issued a statement expressing his
satisfaction at the opportunity which
came to him and his gratitieation at
the cordiality with which lie was re
ceived throughout the country.
His last day
which carried him to the south, west
and east rivaled in interest any of the
olliers spent by the prince
| for it began with
the special train
tin* tour,
visit to Albany, in
cluded a run in bright sunlight down
the west shore of the Uuds
and closed with a reception at the
United States Military academy at
West Point.
It was 2
/dock when the special
train reached West Point, and the
prince was received with the military
honor due his place in the naval service
of his country. Colonel Mills came to
the station with a number of tho ofli
eers at the academy and a troop of cav
alry and escorted him to the parade
the heights above. As the
cavalry escort showed at the brow of
the inclined road Knox battery fired
twenty-one guns. The cadets, formed
in six com pa u leg, were at once march
ed on the field, and tho prince, with
Colonel Mills and their
staffs, inspected them.
Dress parade followed, with the
dets ii
is reviewing officer. The ca
their handsome gray uniforms
kept their lines perfectly in snow that
was shoe deep, and their
•ching won
the praise of the prince and his officers.
On the second time around the cadets
moved at double quick time, and once
more their ii lignin
prince sainted and his officers uncover
ed when tlu* colors passod the review
ing stand. After the review tin* cadets
•as perfect. TUo
ere drawn up in dose* formation, and
I the prince, iilIvilllciUB to tile hunt of I
| the final eoin|jan.v, iifldresued llieni.
Tlio purude tuuundH were MUI'rounded j
1 by '! gl '™ 1 ... -"i''" -view
I m,,lIe 1,11 impressive picture. The day
| was bright and Hear, and the view of
I the river and surrounding country was
excellent. A. .he close of .he review
,Ue visllwl Memorial hull, where
the officers on duty at the academy
were introduced to him. He greeted
them all very warmly and compliment
ed them on their work.
Leaving Memorial hull, the prince
and his stalf went to the riding school,
where the cadets gave an exhibition of
their riding.
The parting <^11 of the prince was at
the house of CoKmel Mills, whom he
repeatedly congratulated and thanked,
Ue was so much interested in the post
that he prolonged his stay twenty min.
utes beyond the time set for his de
parture. As the carriage, with cavalry
escort, left the grounds another salute
«f twenty-one guns was fired,
When ' Weohawken was reached,
Prince Henry sent for George W.
Boyd, assistant general
agent of the IN*
who pers
arrangements of the lour, and thanked
him. Ho paid high oompliniont to
American railroads .. in cmHusion
asked Mr. Itovd to ho Ids guest at
luncheon on Tuesday next
ou his arrival at Veil v second street
the prince. i:i charge of Captain of lie
teotivos Titus, with a dozen detectives
two score patrolmen and a so mid of
mounted police, was conducted to the
Waldorf Astoria hotel,
sylvaiiia railroad,
ally directed the railroad
WnnhiiiHiloii'N lt**«in<*
ALBANY. N. Y„ March 8.
X ioluirii.
Tho ex
hibition of the sword- presented to
General Washington by Frederick the
Great at the executive chamber was
attended by a peculiar incident. When
the will of General Washington was
read after his death, it was found that
he had willed his live swords to his
five nephews with the proviso that
they "should not he drawn from their
scabbards unless in the defense of the
The sword presented by
mpliance with
Frederick Ike Great lias bee
kept in scabbard i
the provisions of the will. When it
bunded to Prince Henry, be drew tho
blade from the scabbard. Of course lie
did not know of the provisions of the
will, but he had nevertheless innocent
ly violated them. No mention of the
occurrence was made to the prince.
A XI edn | F«
(lie I'riiie»».
NEW YORK, March 8.--The Ameri
can Numismatic and Arclncologicnl
society lias prepared a
niemorate the visit of
•dal to com
I'rince Henry.
The original in gold will be presented
to the prince. The medal is designed
by Victor D. Brenner of tills city, who
Is an Instructor in die cutting and med
al designing at the school of the Nu
mismatic society. On tin* face of the
medal is cast a likeness of Prince Hen
ry, and around the edge is the inscrip
tion: "Issued by the American Numis
matic and Archaeological Society. New
York, Pel). 22. 1002."
A Million Pound*
LONDON, March 8.— James Dick,
who died in Glasgow yesterday, left
$ 1 , 000,000 to charities In that city.
F ght For Con rol of Church.
Bridgevillc, M arch 7 .—The exist*
mg muddle in Redden African Meth
odist Episcopal Church affairs re
main unsettled. A meeting' has
been called for to morrow to elect a
board of Trustees. The old board
seeks /c- election, but it is said
there will be sevsra! younger mem
bers of the church (who will seek
election to the board.
Kev. L. T. Kobbins, pastor, says
that the report tbatthe church bus
been locked to prevent service is
not true.
Sftbaldg Bill Poatyoued-ConferenM
on Cnbnn Reel prod ty,
WASHINGTON, March 8.-O11
fount of the Indisposition of Mr. Vest
(Mo.) and Mr. Mallory (Fla.I, who ex*
pected to speak on the pending ship
subsidy bill, thut measure xvty not con
sidered by the senate yesterday.
The diplomatic ami consular appro*
print ion bill was passed, and then the
senate took up the measure for the pro
tection of the president of tlio United
States. Mr. Huron (Cn.i continued his
speech beg
tion to the bill, making s
constitutional argument against it. The
senate agreed to make the bill tin*
linished business at the conclusion of
consideration of the shii
'Al l,. Mtin'll 8.—Senator Daly
rcHolutiut, in tho aruala,
which wns mitmituoiislr.tclofin-l, which
tlcmuiKls It tlocToiiw i„ pasacngci' rales I
from the l'iiilrotiUs op..rating it. the
stalp (
The resolution sets forth that the
on Thursday in oppo i*
The liHI to classify the rural free de
place flic carriers
livery service and
under the contra^ system held the
Hour in the house. By
rangement general debate will be con
cluded today, and the bill will be con
sidered under the live minute rule Mon
amicable ar
The WiinicMofn l.eicinlnturc I)<*nian«!a
I-owrr I > iinni'iik<*i' llul«*N.
earning* of all roads i
increased beyond reason and that
while freight rates have In
the state have
ly reduced there lias been no reduction
in passenger rates for twenty years.
It directs the railroad and warehouse
committee to investigate tho matter of
rates and make the proper orders to
have them reduced to not more than
2Mr cents ov less than 1! cents a mile for
first class fare. A lower second clast
fare is also to be made. The commis
sion is directed to report what has
been done in this direction at tin* next
session of the legislature.
\o Wining Strike Thin Year.
PITTSBURG, March 8. There will
he no strike of the
Mil miners in the
Pittsburg district this year. The opera
tors of the district and the miners have
concluded their conferences
the lo
cal scale by adopting the scale of last
year practically i
only changes made i
techrtical in nature and of
cited. The fin.OOO or more miners of
this district will by this agreement con
tinue at work without conflict.
its entirety. The
the scale were
I Cnujht Between Cur..
C. S. Dresli (if \'o "111 Market
j street, w,is painfully injured i-ester
day (retting cau.lH hltween two
errs on llic Hrandvwine Snrlmrs
Railway it Second anc Grecnidn
avenues He Is u moturman and he
Z muabt tal«en bf. own ar
and another that was opposite it on
a switch at the point Ills bodv was
badly bruised one arm waa crushed
and it. is feared that lie was hurt in'
Cared l.y
knife* A LiS'
proofs we si
doubt. Our
iiwktiou just is.
for 01. v. Sent Jive*
• Rcntlo method, without tho
ehuri'i), Too
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b 1
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Beware of usel
New Castle, March 8.—Special
Leuto;» devotions consisting of the
recitation of the stations of the Cross
followed by Sacred Heart devotions
and Benediction were held in St. Pe
ter's Church IcSt evening by Rev.
Edward L. Brady.
John M t Hance and son spent yes
terday fishing at. the Hamburg lake
and succeeded in catching four bas
kets of mulletts. bus*., catfish ana
perch. Several persons came from
Wilmington and spent the afternoon
fishing in the ditches here.
The Senior class of the High
School gave an interesting debate
yesterday afternoon in the classroom
the subject "Should Cuba be An
nexed to the United States." The
decision was rendered in favor of the
negative side taken by Susie dorm-ley
James White, Frank Hewlett. The
allirmalive side was Ida Saunders,
Flora Jvnause, Harriet Reed. The
Judge advocate was Charles Lank,
the judges, Robert McFarlin, Van
• S " w '». r \ « ar . v Wllit0 > A 11,1:1
bm,tane , M " ,0, ! e >\ .
, ' V Ul llle , udve,lt u ! r ? ll,ns 1,11,1 Ul ?
^"^ en £'"»>■* J«*.Jone.
111,,rblcs ' 'D'-sr ki •"><> skipping
rope one is reminded that spring is
lt,e *
The attendants at the Delav/are
Slate Hospital for the Insane at
Farnhurst, tendered «i farewell ban
quet and dance last evening to Miss
Sallie Allabund who returned to her
quet evening
Sallie Allabund who returned to her
home, at Denton, Ivid., today
The basket ball team of Company
H will go to Wilmington this even
ing and tackle the strong team of
the First Battalion.
Benjamin Waltbers who lias not
been here for ten years, is visiting
friends previous to going to Atlantic
There was aslight fire at the
Knowles Woolen Mills iast night
shortly after b o'clock. The prompt
ness with .which the watchman blew
the alarm an J the prompt response
of the firemen prevented the spread
of the lire in the carbonlzer depart
ment so that the damage was small.
Many New Castle people attended
the Grace George entertainment in
Wilmington Opera House last night.
Conductor James E. Clough whose
house was robbed of $12(1 and a gold
watch and ring, presented the brave
captor of the desperate burglar Allen
with a $10 gold piece as a reward for
his good work as a man and an officer
Officer Tobin thanked Mr. Clough
and modestly informed him that lie
had only performed his duty. But
all who do their duty arc rewarded
either here
Walter Uedrick had the index fin
ger of his right bund badly torn
Thursday by being caught in the cog
gearings in a lathe at the machine
shops of the Standard Machine Com
pany, Wilmington.
Robert II. Harrington, B. T. Lank
and Joint A. Waifs caught 1500
pounds of fish yesterday near this
city. William Downey purchased
the fish and sold them at a reasona
ble price among people of this city.
Three special trolley cars will be
used at the funeral of William 11 .
interment will be made in the First
Presbyterian cemetery.
Parties who made good catches of
woed during Lite recent freshet on
the Delaware river are disposing of
their catches and the people are tak
ing advantage of the chance and se
curing lumber at a reasonable figure
Mrs. J. Parke Rustics and Mrs. E.
Itolhrall who have been in Virginia
for several weeks past, have returned
Dr. John T. Black is in New York
on a brief visit.
Mrs. Uann was very ill yesterday
and her life was dispaired of.
Mrs. Thomas Smith who has been
very ill, is improving.
rorni'11 XV*
ITHACA. N. Y.. March 8. The third
n 111111:11 debate bet w
lilinbia universities was held at
theater here last night :
v Cornell. The subject under dis
mission was. "Resolved. That the Unit
the Ly
•d States should resist, by force, il
be, the colonization of South America
y European power.'' The judges
the contest
•e <»f Syracuse university. Profess
•hester university
Wyckoff of
or W. C. Morey of U
and Professor Wattes
Costly lllfixe F<
SEDA Li A. Mo.. March 8.-Cai»non's
dry goods house has lieei
tin* building and stock
a burned, and
ere destroyed.
The stock* was valued at $<>0,000, with
$.•{<;, r.i
■c. Tin* adjoining huild
rc saved, with several thousand
dollars' damage. The dry goods of
•other xvas damaged by water
('. A. Gi
•other xvas damaged by water
The fire was originated by a
clerk in the basement
lost penny and igniting
colton rolls. The total loss is $ 100 , 000 .
('. A. Gi
$10.(H Kt.
marching for
FniiiotiM IlnNclmll Pitcher Dead.
PITTSBURG. March 8. .fames
vin, the
•<■ famous hnscluiil pitcher,
is dead at his home in Allegheny after
• n illness of four mouths of catarrh of
the stomach. Galvin, who xvas known
throughout the country as the "Little
forty-seven yenrs ago. He xvas in his
prime as a pitcher in the eighties and
hnd hosts of friends und admirers
throughout the country.
ns born in ?
I'nlnn I'rinlero Win I.oiik Strike.
NEW YORK, March 8. Typograph
ical Union No. l> has xvon its long
fight against The Sun. By the* terms
of a joint agreement just signed the
office will lie unionized.
Tho printers
at present employed in the office, it is
understood, xvill be retained if they
Join tin* union.
Striking Miner** Win Oat.
strike of 1.000 employees at the Natalie
colliery, operated by the Shamokin
Goal company, was ended yesterday in
the miners being paid off and the com
pany guaranteeing to hereafter dis
burse semimonthly xvages regularly.
Match 8.—The
Clifford Greenmail, xvall papers,
window shades, linoleuiiih, removed
212 W. Seventh street.
Good Old Grandma's Advice
. The children are sick—send for grandma! Who is there like her for.
Wisdom and gentleness, and sympathy, since the first baby came? What
would we have done without her?
ii«v«r ><• withii
, 131* Tretuunt Sti
didn't know
Bt'-mui'l; me]
}ia>l not takni
f t- f wrt!i!g' n i g * Kr * r ,« t * for a few night* b*.
" r ; our i>r«i*»*
auv'itto who 1 U* iris ' ?l .' r " " tfitliuoijiai to
f, Jutii/. mill,
Wood, K-nnrth, lad.
t III fit i<11! Of
t* ha*#
c. i
— Airs. John Stoue, Put in Hay Island. ('Ll
-Sir. Jon. Kreslli
1 MI Congres* St., St. Louis,
of year-; of experience with her own health, and
grandpa s and the children and children's children has taught
grandma what is good for her and the several generations of family
she has looked after. Grandma of today kn
.ie only perfei
•n'h diseases, dise;
iliousness and bad blood.
Bowels. All druggi;
sold in bulk. The genuine
Guaranteed to
booklet free. Address
Sterling Remedy Company, Cimago
nws and advises that
t family medicine for
;s <jI the stomach and
Cascarets Candy Cathartic are tli
all bowel troubles, cl
liver, sick headaches,
' V»
' /tyefiacavda
B< ,-t for
'• ,nc ' »5c. 506 .
l -tamped C C C.
your mout-y baik. Sample ang
New York.
Fifteen Passengers Killed
Southern Pacific.
Druken Kuil
Train it mining;
of S|M*rd .Win* Ma\on
Slut ion. Tex,
Canned DiNiiNfer
Hifsli It tile
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., March 8.-A
broken rail cai/f.ed a frightful wreck
the Southern Pacific railroad near Max
on station, twenty-live miles west of
Sanderson, yesterday. From the latest
accounts received here fifteen people
were killed outright, and twenty-eight
were more or less injured.
The hour was 3 a.
., fifteen hours
after the train ha-d loft San Antonio,
showing that it was still behind time.
All the passengers were asleep, and the
shock that followed was the first inti
mation they had of the danger.
The train was going at such
of speed that the tender and
landed seventy-live feet from
they left the rails. The cars behind
I>ik'd up against the engine, caught fire,
and all were consumed
A private ear owned by Thomas By
an of Buy City, Mich., with his family
aboard, was' attached
a rate
eepl the
the rear of tli
train, but i
the fire readied it. j
as pulled away befoii
All tin* injured in tho coaches just be
hind the express and baggngx
were eremated. The people i
the sleep
re of
*e saved with the assist j
tho uninjured passengers.
The wrecked trai
toti. Harrisburg and Sun Antonio west
bound passenger and consisted of an
vas the
ine, mail car, baggage car,
tourist sleep
elmir ear. tin
•s. one Pullman sleeper and
e pri
vate car.
The mail car. the baggage ear and
•lies were piled together against
the engine and were ablaze in a few
as impossible to move
•lies or the tourist cars,
as they were all off the rails and were
seconds. It
any of the e
soon consumed by tin* flames.
So soon as it was possible to get in
communication with the division head
quarters relief trains with surgeons
and physicians were started from El
Paso. Del Rio and Sanderson, picking
up along the line ull the surgeons that
could be found.
All the injured who
lie moved were s<
where they arc receiving careful alien
ere in
The ill fated train left Sa
at noon Thursday two and a half hours
late, and al tin* time of tin*
high rate of speed i
was running
ake up linn*. The road ;
•otigh country, the curves being sharp
and the grades in
V 114*1
rounding a
rve that
rain left Ihe
A !*(*■• iin>I vii n in (liuiitiini|iiii.
tin* library building of
the l'nivt
gani/.ation was effected ki
as the
d Summer
es, I'a. The charter
school of N:
for the now
by the court of Monroe county
Professor M. G. Brumbaugh
sylvania is
chancellor, Rev. Charles A. Dickey of
Philadelphia president of the board of
trustees and W. B. Easton of East
Stroudsburg s
of the University of Pc
! or si Riled deHlring
ritliout. rc 9 b»
Et Hut*
quit fanmiie
tiis farm ii iiiiIuh
• Mermaid,
.'-DAY . MAIICH lbtli, 19J2,
1 o'clock p. in.
4 head ul guud IiuI'mbs J. w i
No. 1 ''loru, brow a
mare, extra good und a Itdy 's
1 —Charlie, bay, Rood*
. U—Jo* 1 , black. Rood woiker.
. 4—Myrtle black, coining 9
bet furs, I bull, I
years old
4 Uur rli Seyt*,
piRN,4U pair bui'n.-d
rlymouth Kocli liens, it roosters, pure stock.
car .-y 4UU0 lbs., buy bed, bci
wiiRoc, trotlinu wagon, roiul c
binder. McUormiok mower Rood 1
ing mower, horse rake, buy tedder, Buckeye
dr*II. tt potato diggers, it No. SfTs Syracuse
plows, spring tooth barrow,
iiarrow, spraying niHcluu**, g
sb' ller, cult ivalori 1 , double am
wagon will
It, mar hot
t. Decriug
. Evuih' tnpi'lH
fan. corn
MUg l«*
•r, lot berry cnites, potato cutter.
Harness—4 set* work harness, r sets
mmiuted niHi'Ket burliest. s**t siugb* harm ss,
homings, bridles, collurs, sleigh
niui l«.*il lines, asiddlu, set cart burn
and pot al hi* » bv bushel, IT. r*. cream
large 2 baiidlc-d
ter worker, buckets, kettles uud other things
nmtitiou. Cherry bed?teud
wulnul fouliug crib, U yards matting
Terms—$20 uud under cash,
mouths credit, with upprovet endorser; 2 per
cent off for cash.
chill'll, butter tub, Heed but
that o
H. W. XV lilteinan, Auc.
Ellis Hick**, C
ml 810 *
The Hubs*fiber will at public unit* farm
known an Four Mile 'tavern
at 1 o'clock p. m.
fiY-^ a good horse* and 1
^fiffvcolt 9 months old, well
bred, 8 head row*, 2 I re*h. other
riche NprincerH, I aow with pigs
fit! Plymouth Lock chicken*.
Harness—Siugt** »nl double.
1 farm wugou. 1 deurborn,
plow, hariow*. cultivators,
_ 'her,
roller, Chaaiptcu mowing machine, horse
rake. 1 20 -gal ion hog scald***, grindstone,
sausage aiuff**r, 12 ucres wheat tu grouii'!.
Terms—$20 and uuder rash;
nioutliH credit on note with
that 6
mtiflbiO 18
Htulhom ft Son.
Ellin Hick*, Clerk.
.Ciiiii Warner's Coal.
Hi n n c
\\ Iumi you wniit coal, telephone
\\ e'il ^'el I lie eotll there ill#
Jhiitv if vuu ssiv tho unit!.
.No doulit iiliuut the weijfht, tor
wo are curt-iii 1 in tlmt, ami the
ipiality i* rijrlit, iijr we only have
imlard coal.
\!V have all sizes, Hard, Me
dium and Frtjp-lnmiing.
just what von want, and we'll
jdeasv you tverv time.
Tell us
Foot of Market St.
.Ninth nml-Shipley St8.
Tulpphones 104 and 150 , both systems.
Choice White and Yellow Onion Sets
All Garden Seeds Fresh and Reliable
J. J. Smith's, Fourth and Shipley Sts.
... DEALER IN...
Cxrtnrajk-L Ovrzcz
N. W. Cor. Seventh and Kins Street*
|9*Large Load of Wood for *1.80.
*ar Large Pea Cool for Fearily UflJ
- -Z-JLIIT) -
Maryland Avenue and Monroe Street.
07"Ai*o Dealer in Hay, Straw, Bros and
rtv. The suVaeiTu.'i' (To
wn 1 Hule at puhlicsulo at
Of personal prom;
El 1 ,,,quit fur,ni
si stat 1011 K. & O. Ii. 1
ill 1 o'clock sharp
jr\-_ (Too.i work ami driving horsei
No. I, Tupsy black horse, good
woiker anywhei
j head!
. LI
i e
era, 1 belter
covy duck s.
J-'aiiuiug I'l'U-i
liny flat.
Winter A. \Vo*.i bind, r, Mu. -
--r white
chickens, ii Muv
mice laiy
• d .cr,
di 1 I. c.
A ir*• n
spring tooth k
/ nml rod'h
-U p* li;t
and Jims -ct .biiiblc
curt, platform hcuIo**
dcurhoi-u jumpscut 1
HtripiH, no-top.
dur 1 *'
' Ul.
ml '
• b
1 c
tub, g<
I'd. ( 1 ,
vl I
ii 1 ic
». 1
lk*.|i miik
'■•r tli a I I
H monthi credit
approved * Tide! - j
W J!
II H1II KI 1... I •.
XV. 1. Taylor, Auc
B. A
.. Me.
LIS 10 i;
CuIm-T aU.
MALI'll f.», lOyi,
25 head ,f second baud
horses, »U head cows. '
lit. ti mouths credit.
J. If. Slaughter,
I'Jliu I*. Hickn, (
| ,
01: bUKl.'ll'I*'
Of New Custlo County i
1002 ,
lim mil F. Stidham
Of VYilmiugUm Huudred,
party rui**».
To reduce our 1:
** large quail litv of
int*dicALoJ toilet »i>ap«,J cuke*
igc a Box
At thlrf prico for ono weak coniiueucing
Mouduy, March Jd Among the mcdicut
arc Tar, Carbone, hulphur and
ong the porfmui**! ore Violet, Ileho
toope, Jo*:k> y Club aud liui-o.
4 took we will place
6th and Ka.ket Streets.
ON tiOODI Fills 1 MOKTtiAtiKs
$1000 To
712 MAKKKlSTIlE.tSt'
Public sale
•iiT'itfur*»t di'sii'intf to quit fariBioff
1 pulitn* salt* at Ii is farm ou tho road
Cooi'li's Minima on
C'iri .ti:
BOND AY, MALU'll III. 100:*,
at 10 o'
a head ef
Too-1 .
others and drivers, -M
head good .'attic co.i«isimir of
calves !>y
and olliers c
buiTirv m ar:
. LI
| j springe
ib'urboi iir,
a nearly
ay ruTiTiogt
drill, Peerloj#
. 1 - horse power wheel
arkot dor.rhor
roller. Hid;l
I Hoff 111 :
1 uitivut.ir, J lend ciihivnuus.:
•Is double hart
A.lva 'ice I Hitler, Ab ( or
in**, lira*
i J iw-t. i
•oru marker,
•win* ma,:h.
fails, grind
l'*"*. '■! scythes,
cart hunicsi,
liaruosi. J H its
■ II bb* 1,11 SJ
x . ii.
" and smifl*
>i »U'ilo ami single
hpu lcs. 2
1 gi'oiiu 1. S lour
bus hel ami half
tedious to
S. It
ml ' !'•'
1 bid I VI
plucc uu** Ctttm^Tua
JOHN p. Pu( 4 UR.
vl I
I !«
!h" sub-, i-1
'1 bis fu>m will
cm on tlio roftijt
■ mil)
'I Ul.SDAY. M A iU'li 11, 100J,
nt 12 o'clock .sharp,
a I I
- j
- «00(l W
k lim*!
Roo t milk 3 a
R, 1
■l vuai'H old, S
: :
. 1 with 10 I to pi*
b"K ami a* vorul shouts, 45
m .March. 1 ..
piiira * liK'keiH
l urmiuu IniplPiiiPnts - 21 m
an, !i market
-•(*. siciRii nail bell i.
■. forta, Imen, .'diovela
m. collars, bridl *s
'imld and k'.tuhen furniture e
sc ff'ii'.her beJ», bed Iuir uii dbeiatead*
I- stands tables, chair-., rockers,
pets, *4 parlor Mt*
ill ns*
Rs, bottles,
* y 1 - ixtu.on-^tiik^offfi. bucket*, butter
tub. cliui'H. butter worker, priut s aud ladle*
>t bees, lot empty hives mid numerous
-umulutlou of lt*uyinr*, 103 «
"I her Hl'tic 1 **s
*!i; on all sunn over $*5 dlHcouu)
•ob, Auc. ratt*4t
«.f II per eu
8 tidbuni & f
I Will sell
public sale at Booth's Corner^
•o„ P« , .
MONDAY. MAI.CH 17th, 10J2,
at 1.JO o'clock p, in,,
( me carload of carefully selected dairy mil
row*, fresh, forward and baekwnrd.lBH
smiuger* and 2 fat cows. Also G good relia
^V~_bte general horses, of gool age*, seme
which are tine drivers; also m lot
or young turkey hen*. Thin stock is direct
from Cumberland Co. Pa., aud willbeBobi
rain or shine, 'i menthn credit
J. H. Slaughter, Aue.
Dixl you ever give
our coal a trial? If
not, ask your neigh
bor who has, whether
or not it is satisfactory
We are willing to
trust to the verdict of
our customers.
Bush & Son's Co.;
French Street Wharf.
:»•—P. * A. MI4

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