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Continue onr advertisements. You are send
ing us business in both life and a^cideut msiintnco.
V amlevcr & Follun*bc*o, 404 Equitable building.
Pastor Snape Preaches Christ
mas Sermon in Delaware
Avenue Church.
Peace Along All Lines is Sure
to Come on Earth Since
Christ the Saviour
Has Come.
was tho
The "Prince of Pence
subject of the Rev. John Snape's
mrouing sermon iu Delaware Ave
nue Church. He said:
Foregleams of the Messiah's com
1 ing had shot across the Jewish sky
: and lit up the nation with a glad
; expectancy, From Genesis to Mic
I . ah the sky of Scripture is here and
there iliumiuatod by a sliiuiug star
^ of prophecy which sustaini lg
hope amid human misery and
in the hearts of devout men and
women, exciting* faith iu tho pro
A. gfoseive promises of uComing Prince
rat last pauses over tho limestone
*stulile where the Prince of Peace
was born. The prophetic stillness
. of four hundred years isnow broken
P by the song of the angels; the city
of David cradles the Son of David;
the little one among tho thousand#
of Judah has brought forth him
who is to l»e ruler in Israel; the star
of the Fust now pales before tho
Morning star while the Heavenly
choir sings ''Peace on earth" hecau so
he who is ••Our Peace" has come to
earth The angel's anthem was a
1. (>f spiritual Pease. The priuca;
of the kings of the earth (Rev. 1:5)
the Prince of life (Acts 3: 15); is
also Piineo of Peace and ho will
- establish peace in human souls and
iu the world. Human hearts as
restless as the sen are to bo quieted
at His word.Over the troubled Gul
ileojof every human life the ''Peace
bo still" is to be spoken, and there
will come calm and rest. Sweet
Peace the gift of God's love comes
through God's son. The chastise
ment of our peace was upon the
Prince of Peace and with his stripes
we are healed. Perfect, permanent,
ineffable, eternal peace is the pos
session of the Christian,
no peace unto the wicked, but only
enmity with God. Sin is strife, dis
turbance, discontent, tumult; salva
tion is calm, quiet, tranquility,
peace. Have you this peace.' You
may have it through our Lord Jesus
2. The angel's song was also the
prophecy ol ecclesiastical peace. In
these latter da vs it is nearer fulfill
"h li
'J Lore i
mem than in Lhe days of the Prince
of Peace, for at tbe very olose of Ilia
« life in which He huiiis up lfia life
work and makes report,to God 11 s
prays for this vory thing "That
they ail may be one.'' Not one in
the* dataila of polity, hut one In the
„ essentials of peace: not church uaion
but spiritual unity;ootpn:serviui»tlie
bounds of denominational courtesy
..by a guttling fraternization, but
preserving the unity of tbe Spirit
- in Lhe bonds of pea«•<»; not denomina
tio.ial ''disarmament.'' but ecclesias-
tical pence is that for winch our
Savior prayed and into the enjoy
ment of which tbe church lias al-
- ready e*.i eretl Pnacc means security
safely, felicity, prospeilty, and
these all are iu the church f
Christ is there. In the world ve
•hall have tribulation, but lu Christ
wa now have peace Peace with
Christ must precede and accompany
'Teaceuue with another " Harmony
ind concord foilovv if (Jurist walks
on hv fore. Cursed are (be church
disturbers, for th-;v are the eons of
contention; but blessed are tbe
Peacemakers fur they are t.lio sons of
3. Peace on earth menu* temporal
peace. Christ is a conqueror but lie
conquer* by love. Ills followers must
fl gIi! but it, is the «!ood iiL*bl of laitii
If w*
Oillu H'lOW "III- |(iVo f
c null v,
ct us net
.1 marcn t
Piety and patri
whilst be
the city In which be lives moat effi
ciently vvii ) seeks "tlm one to co.iie''
mo^l earnestly. Peace, spm lual,
*■ social, domestic, ecmcsiasticai, lem
pural, universal, is sure lo come on
l.u earl li
V.-.O ! imer will cu ii ; w ie.i nations
wi.l "beat 11100 ' sword-* into plow
shares and their spears into prim
lag books. " but iaw a 1 2 violence
*• will never be removed from tbe land
of iiouie
no' bur c tilnt i v.
meet and kiss
Ho is tbe best Cili/.en
est elitist mu. lie servos
earl b,since ('m i* l has c
merely by tbe
aientft ot war into implements of
agriculture hut by the enthrone
luent of the Prince of Peace in war
like hearts. The kingdom of
a kingdom of peace, and
when tbe kingdom of Ibis world
shall have liecrne the kingdom ol
our Lord undcf ilis Christ, peace
will reign for lie wiil reign forever
* aud ever. Tbe sword of the Spirit
is fallowing the sword of steel and
is gaining daily triumph*. Grander
victories shill be won in Africa and
China and in the Philippines than
* have ever been achieved by force of
arms. Already iu tbe Eastern sky
there is a rosy glirn me ring of that
coming day wherein we shall have
l place. What no armed force has
ever been able to accomplish, the
grand Pacificator of the world is
surely achieving.
Lord i
ill I'll! I# ll 1 Ml
llitl lfk»
boll vtid
1 IUM!
¥ *>
hiijd* orgun ^IihLt-1 1 In* -»i
I Ik- (iu niorla!-.,
'ill- lit.
'|. lli*-> t.l' l.l\ t* Ml St
1" • iliNM.l Fi ovo I m I n I.
('aniline Polpmhi dio.l in tho.
Dal a ware HoqJtal, from injurios 1*0
Cdivo I l/y being struck by u traiu
on ill * B dtimor * & Ohio Ra'lroad
Lc.Jjo. M l.
r BiAihei 1 Buy Hi«|»py
by l*i-e»enllltinii of f'lolliiiig.
Mtikes Heart of I'c
Judge Gray returnad home from
Scranton on Saturday, the coal
Btrike commission, of which he is
president, having adjourned to
meet in Philadelphia on January
Before leaving Scranton Judge
Gray sent a boxful of Christmas
presents to Andrew Chippie, tlie
boy who picks slate i
Mat Lie Company's breakers,
boy testified before the Commission
that he is 13 years old, b it lie does
uot seem lo be more than 10 or 11
In May, i'J')2,
an hour, he made 42.20, and in No
vember, 1902, at the same rate be
made 32 cents.
Both these sums, with lhe erup
tion of 50 cents lor a' brass check,
which the boy says h$ never re
ceived, were applied lo a 'debt for
rent that had bee ; ;> owed to the Mar
klc Company by his father, who bad
been killed in the mine a year pre
The box which Judge Gray for
warded to the young slate picker
was two feet long, one and a half
wide and a foot deep. Its princi
pal (contents were warm clothing.
The box was sent iu care of James
A. Gorman, a Hazleton attorney,
who lias been engaged bofo re the
3 ol the
Tm a
•king at 4 cents
LAl'RA lill,CAR
Freehold, N. J.. Dec. 22. —One of
the State's most important witnesses
against Laura Biggar has been spirit
im out of town. Xno impression is
that she kas been hidden by the State
to keep her from falling Into the
bauds of the defence.
The witness is Mol lie Desk In, who
was a maid iu the household or Ben
nett when he lived at Fartningdale,
It was tbe purpose of tbe .State to
put her, with two others on the stand
to-d.iy to rebut some of the evidence
for the defence. When Miss lhggar
was on tlie siaad she was asked If
she had not said to Miss Deskiii:"Oh
Mollle, 1 wish 'Pop' would raa'iy me;
if he dies now 1 would not get. any
thing. "
said tbi*.
Miss Bigg»r deuieJ having
Lawyer Noonan, of the dafenoe,
has admitted that tho letter alleged
to have been written hv Dr. Hen
dricks to Miss Biggar ou tile day of
the tiling of the will for probate in
June 19th had been a
hard blow to his side. He said.
"When it was produced in the
morniug nvo objected to its being
read. But during the recess we de
cided that with holding it would
make a worse impression on the
jury than if we Jet them know the
contents. Accordingly they heard
Dr. Hendricks' alleged addressing
Miss Biggavas 'mamma' and speak
ing of 'little kitten,' although he
had insisted that his position to
ward her was that of physician
Memorial Services Held by
the G. A. R. PosU of
the City.
Memorial service* were held n Du
Fout Host room fur twenty veterans
who Ik
answered Ihu final roll cull
during Hid year. Smyth. Dupont and
Sheridan Po.it
the j
of tHe G. A, it. held
C.i j-.in Liy.
Tlie nrincipai address was deliver
ed by tbe Rev. J. \V. Easley. Short
addresses by Samiif.l Lewis. Captain
Peter ii. Avars and William A. Roil
U followed
Street choir
Turai^bcd tba music umi Benjauii
Rawns 'ey
T.ie twenty vacant chair* draped
In black tool of tlm voter
indcd lHe lam
during ilm year 1902 nissul bovoud
tills i;I'e
heir reward l'ur
g fought the goud tight.
\\ illiui
• •M lli k lllVH>
While r<
his home at
Squirrel IB
■ night, form
♦■r con t c ms a # William Gamble
o masked men,
revolver at
NW.s h! oppi-d by
oir* of wbom pointed \
bile Him other demanded
l»le his motley. He had
the highwaymen
Mr. Gamble says lie can idon
. notwithstanding that
lu> head
if Mr. Ga
none, however,
tify th«
the night was dark.
Mr. Gamble is the second man to
he Mopped iu that vicinity hr high
waymen iu the past law NVuoki.
•ji I*i**,hh! Wiitim*.
At a meeting of'Sinr of Bethlehem
Lodge No. 125. Loyal Orange Logic-*)
held Saturday evening, the Widows
aud< Orphan* committee of the lodge
ntk 8 instructed to purchase turkeys,
aud present one to each widow 011
tlie care of the lodge. The com
mittee will furnish coal to any
needy widow of their brethren.
1 .
The question of whether tlie Levy
Court can l»c sued for money alleg
ed to be due for work will bo docid
ed iu the co
Duncan 011 a claim for work
vur Run road.
Mauy lawyers ha vo held that no
suit would lie against the county.
C hili! '
brougiit by Georgo NY.
Harry Ash. the 3 months old child,
of Mr. and Mrs. George Ash 1107
bycamore street, was fmnd dead In
bed yesterday mini ing.
rrmk pave a certilicate of death
row sufine J *
''I iii
Wants to Control Philadelphia
Corporation Under the
Incoming Mayor.
J. Kdwnrd Addiuks, representing
a syndicate of gas magnates. is try
ing to wrest the management of the
i'nited Gas improvement Company
of Philadelphia from Thomas Iioian
and John M. Mack, by outbidding
them before 1W7 when Philadelphia
again will leuso tiio big gas plant or
operate it itself.
When tho Wilted Gas Improve
ment Compiiuy assumed the | man
agement "or the gas works oj Phila
delphia, lliey were Aelhg operated
at u loss exceeding i 100 , 01)0 yearly.
■Siin'9 tlientlio city has received
UiOP,000 a year from the corpora
tion, mid it is esiinialol Unit the
city's net. receipts for the thirty
years of the lease will exceed t-5,
iloo.ooO. One of the conditions upon
which the I'nited Gns Improvement
Company's contract could he revok
ed is the payment ill cash and with
interest of all money spent on »lie
gas works in improvements,
five years Hence, would lie upwards
of $18,000,000,
As it appears, the scheme would
have an important influence upon
political aud financial affairs. The
plan is this:
m:" l'»07.
Mr st ni; donf.
In the lease of the gas works to the
I'nited Gas Improvement Company,
in 1 H'>8. there was a provision that
if. on "or before" July 1st. 1 ( J07,
written notice 4 'signed by the Mayor"
1 declaring lhe city's purpose to
terminate tlie contract on January
1st- FJOS, should .be served on the
corporation, the iiiuniu ipality could
in assume control. It would he
necessary for the Philadelphia
Councils to pass an ordinance, aud
the* city would be required to reim
burse the United Gas Improvement
Company for all money, with inter
est, spent iu tho improvement and
extension of the gas works since
they were leased to the present
operating corp.>rat ion.
Unless advantage shall be taken
of the option on "or before" that
time, the company will retain pos
session of tho gas works for twenty
years more.
The limit of time for serving notice
upon the United Gas Improvement
Company and revoking its contract
will fall in the first month of a "new"
Mu v
in 190/, ami
' •i tori
ed, a most inopportune
such a project mi proposed, for it is
doubtful i!' tho proposition, as a
political measure coni i be
plished then, if there was any friction
in the Republican organism.
Therefore, it is said, ir is proposed
of tho option
1907; that is,
towards the closo of lhe next
Mayor's term.
it is a run
time for
to take
*ro|»iii.*|or of II<> 1 !'h Kll.-li
W 11-.1 Answer
liy < on
Thomas Watkins, proprietor of
utii west corner
the sal ion at tl
of Front and King streets, \v;
rested this morning charged with
keeping a disorderly house.
Thesaloou has been named "Hell's
Kitchen" by tho coast habitues.
been frequent in tho
place and on Saturday night a atab
biug iill'air took place there
Fights ha
While manv of tlm men
xioii.s* for promotion
I' them have asked
lowed tostay wlu-ro they are until
after Curcumas. Thesj men are
those who do work for ltyan aud
Kelly. It has always been a cus
tom with the*v* uontractors to give
•sent l » the raiirouj
aud tli ( ,
men now in their eujplov dun'
want to inis - it.
r.i (
railroad a:v
be al
.'finsTm i
crews i 'i;
Snsan Hopper, colored, while re
turning tub. r home, 1110 Walnut
Sauirduy night fell
pavement at Ninth i
l King streets
'i'lie Pnoei
v amlmianca was sum
moned and the Nvoiiiau romov'od to
tin* Delaware Hospital where it was
found site was dead. Thu body was
taken to tho morgue.
liclil 1 1
The Huun-itiinual inspection of
the Go >rg
Company's teams
Joseph Sampson,
Charles Davis,
W. B.1.-th
was made this
and prizes
awarded to
Isaac Shields.
Henry Robinson,
Dover Tiluian. and Thomas Ban
t urn for the best kept teams.
I*i«• nuttit 1-0 Blast injur*-* ISo>.
Jtimes McMahon, aged lfi years,
was seriously injured by flying
pieces of rock from a premature
blast at tbe Bellevue quarries on
Saturday afternoon. His leg was
broken aud his face and head cut.
Roy Hutton, clerk in the office of
('. H. Cantwell, vardmaster on the
P., B. <& \V, railroad, leaves to-day
for Plioeuixville, New York, Nvhore
ho will speutl ouo week's vacation.
While Mr. Hutton is away William
Talley, a clerk in the West Yard,
will perform his duties.
i;i i; ilm v*.**^oi .Nliiskrutft.
Tho Eastern Shore lias begun
harvesting its crop of muskrats, and
during tho recent storm it is esti
mated that 2300 were killed with
sticks and guns or by dogs. The
value of the skins of the rats killed
011 olio day aggregated $500.
(iHv u Turkvy
'J'he Democratic League gave a
tin key dinner !ii its hcadqiinrter.s at
Fourth and King streets yesterday.
Besides tho members lucre were
many railroad men present, and all
anent an enjoyable tun*.
l'utrous of llnsket Hull Will lie Ciivt u the
Heal Thing
The National Basket Ball League
circuit was reduced to seven clubs at
a meeting of the organization held in
Philadelphia yesterday afternoon}
Ph luielphia being dropped from the
circuit. Manager Murgenweck will
uol remain idle, as he was granted
permission to purchase the franchise
of the Wilmington team aud will
transfer Ills players 10 tins city.
The Phillies will hereafter be
known as the Wilmington v'eair, and
will play out the schedule of dates
awarded to Manager Krause at Hie
beginning of the season; but the Phil
lies will hold their standing in Hie
League race with the percentage they
now have. It was expected lhat one
or more additional changes would be
made in the League circuit, hut
nothing was done regarding the pro
posed change of other teams, and to*
the present the League will pin' out
the schedule with seven club,,
The only drawback } a this city
is the small h ill, bab if tits attend
ance at the game's improves after
the Phillies got here Morgen week
proposes to either enlarge the pres
ent quarters or soeure new ones.
Alter the selling of the Wilming
le n team's franchise. Manager Wil
liam Movgeuwock, of Camden, put
in a bid for Walker, the Wilming
ton centre; CousUohockon hid for
Mflrflmns and Heyu. 1 Is. The othe"'
players of the Wilmington team
were claimed by the league and
will probably (hid berth3 on some of
the teams.
riilltiJulplilH I'ahlor Delight* Wilmliigto
. Will Kepeut II.
Audium-e With AiMr
Tba Rev. E. W. Burke hq 1 wife
of Philadelphia, who have been
aiiemlintf a few days in this vicinity
returned to their home ou Satur
While on this visit Mr. Burke
preached at Marshalltou iu the
church where his father, the Rev.
George W. Burke, is pastor.
Ou Thursday oveiling, Mr. Burke
Jr., delivered his lecture "Ail Even
ing in Old Virginny," in Kiugswood
M. E. Church, this city, to a large
and appreciative audience* The
entertainment was instructive as it
dealt with the great men of Vir
ginia. tbe cavaliers, the cracker and
the negro. From the time Mr.
Burke began tho evening enter
tainment with song, until the close,
when tho audience was filled with
laughter, there was not a dry min
A number who heard Mr, Burke
have invited him to come back in
tho near future and give liis enter
tainment iu a larger and more cen
tral hall and he has consented to
do so
li:ilthm»i't' I'in
. m.i
I*. L\ tuif! NY. Kit!
Ill* Uni minus l'
Messrs. J. J. Walsh & Son. of
Baltimore, are preparing estimates
upon two large buildings to be erect-
ed at Mhellpot, for tho Philadelphia.
Baltimore and Washington Railroad
Company. A paint shop 180x240
feet aud a car-erecting shop 120x2(50
feet are to be built. Each structure
will be one story high and built of
brick, with iron roof and slanting
glass skylights. The paint ehop
building will contain, besides a lar^e
paint room, a pipe and tin shop H9x
n varnish shop 89x80
feet. Iu the eur-erpctmg shop will
be situated a cabinet shop IJ 9x80
foot and an upholstery room 00x80
feet. Bids upon tho building arc to
Hu feet ami
on I>o.•ember *
\X Ilia ril
lull School Fiilcrltfiiimodl.
The Christmas entertainment) of
the Willard Hull School will
held to-morrow afternoon programme
will be: Processional, Ring Out. O
Bolls, school: reading, The First
Christmas. Joan Easley; song. Beau
tiful Star, school: recitation, 'lhe
Morning of Christ's Nativity, Eliza
beth Byrne: song. Hail. Happy
Birthday, school; quotations. How
as Began. Margaret Bell.
Louisa Maior, Rctsie Stewart: rcti
tation. (liristfiui.s Carol in C'roin
well's Time. Etlnd N'aiulevcr. song.
Tim Midnight S mg school; reading.
Three Kings. Emma Huston; song,
()! Little Town of Bethlehem, sclmo 1 ,
quotations. The story of tlm
Christinas 'Free, six bovs: recita
tion. Twelve
Maud E. Knight; song. t). Radiant
school; recitation, Wnilo
Khephurd.s Watched, Pliebe Ward:
song. Gift Divine, school,piano nolo,
"Rita". E lit li Braunstein; Danco of
the Snow Flakes, Mildred Davis.
Niaiie Morris, Helen Green, Mabel
Heine, Edith Springer. Helen Ru
dolph. Helen Darlington, LidieCoxe
Anna Robinson. L iura Schick, Julia
White, Ma belle. Pierce, song. Joy to
tho World, school.
clock, and All is Well.
l.-.l NYU:* silver S**r\!«••«.
the ret mug
Firs Coin
Prank L. Brand,
president of the Ft
pauy, was presented with a silver
servic * last night at his home 13*23
West Third street by a committee
representing tin* members of the
Fume Company. Mr. Brand was
much surprised liy the gift. He has
been a member of the company for
*Jb years. Aft *r tbe presentation
all were invited to the dining room
where an enjoyable repast had l»on
'iiiginpfV Iiii|>rovltiK,j]
tier, tbe engineer
fio P . I', W # i» ii!road who wa* i
ju red
tbe collapsing of a round bouse, lias
been brought to bis home in this city,
lie !s recovering rapidly.
Albert I"
J'lii'adelohia last, week
M (•'-!
Through Hie vigorous agitation of
the subject by Ly 11 Thomas, the bust
ling Junior Sagamore
M. has installed the paleface piano
into their C'otiucil lodge.
tho degree
Hiawatha Tribe, Imp'd O. R.
White {'ioss League IJohD Mat* Meeting at
the Opera lloiiie.
In the Opera Huusa yesterday
afternoon, Mrs. .Mabel L. Conklin,
of New York, delivered an address
on the work of the White Cross
League. The meeting was under
the umpires of the Y. M C. A.
Mrs. Conklin gave a brief history
of the White Cross League, which
lias the following obligations tor
its members:
I promise by the help of .Goth
To treat all woir. tf n with re
spect, and endeavor to protect them
from wrong and 'degradation.
II. To euder.vor to put down all
indecent language and coarse jest*
III. To maintain the i a w of
purity as equally VniJing upon
yov,ng men and rromen.
IV. To ondeavor to spread these
Jiripn'jiies among my companions,
und to try and help my yotpigei 1
V. To use every possible means
to fulfil the eoihmaud, "Keep Thy
self Pure."
Mrs. Conklin quoted the saying
of Dr. Drummond, that the world
needs not more men, hut a better
brand of men. All other things
perish hut men survive, hence the
importance of purity. The matter
of sex should be discussed with |the
deepest reverence- In the creative
power men draw close to (rod.
Dr L. W. Munhall, ,'iie evangel
ist, will address the \ r . M. C. |A.
men's meeting in the ,Opera House
next Sunday afternoon.
Oeol'go E. (farrettson, of N»w
York and Joliniiillis, of Greencas^o
Indiana, will furnish special music,
Mr, Uarrettson will entertain the
members anil their friends in the
association gymnasium on Saturday
h b
Mayor and Associates in Con
ference To-day With Read
ing Company Officials.
Mayor Fisher. Charles H. Blaine,
president of City Council, and
James H. Kane, chairman of the
finance committee, eomprUiug the
committee appointed by Council to
bring about relief for the city from
the present coal famine are in e<__
sultation in Philadelphia to-day with
representatives of the Re iding Uoal
and Iron Company relative to get
ting a supply of coal here.
There was no change in the local
situation to-day. that is that the
promised consignment of coal did
not arrive, nor could it be said when
it would arrive. The stateiueut in a
Philadelphia paper yesterday that
Philadelphia is being discriminated
against in the matter of coal re-
ceipts iu favor <>f Wilmington,
Baltimore and Washington,
was nows to Wilmington mer-
chants who say that this city is
nut. receiving tho proportion of coal
which Philadelphia is. The Quaker
('itv htw been getting l.'t.uuo tons
day and in proportion the mer
chants hold thut this city should get
1.000 t us a day.
fact Wilmington is not getting 1,000
tons a week.
According to dealers, some of tho
Speculators or middlemen have sent
emissaries to the coal field
As a matter
1 are
buying the output of the individual
operators. The.-e individual opera
tors it was pointed out. are not tho
"independents", but the email con
corns which have heretofore sold
their coal to tho railroads.
With thetein
the rain, there
lii.ind this morning for coal.
raised bv
as not much de
\\ ilniiiiut
Bible I ni<
Mr. IVttlngill wIi 1
evening's meeting of the Wi!
The lessons for J;
conduct this
i g i on
Bible l ni
arv 1th and 11th will be considered.
.1 an ii -
Tlie subjectsar
ary 1 , "Paul and Silt
as follows:
at. Phlllippi".
( Acts xvi. 10 34) January 11, "Uhria
lian Living. '' (Phil, iv: i.
Wagon Sr pur
A wagon of the Sunday Breakfast
Association parteJ in the mid I lo 0:1
Tar Rodnev
\Vesfc Seventh street,
street, ibis morning.
V NYU Ii l*«
IC«'ill jilt;.
rented pews
ill be
Anne's Episcopal
If sufficient
The syMi*
ftfiaiidoncd In St
< 'b crdi. Middletown,
the church.
be* secured Pi support
tin- A
The first car load of steel for the*
mrtfhine shops of Hie Pennsylvania
railroad arrived at Tood's Gut tc. rl * |
The work of ecus!ruction
Slatted on February 20th.
ill be
Mrs. Conklin in St Paul's Church
last evening spoke *>n Why Young
Men Go Apt ray.She said iu pari
that the reasons wby young men
go astray are: First. the
churches tire not as earnest to save
them as they ought to be and they
are entirely too cold while the
young men are iu Their services.
I'liore are many homeless travelers
.d n church welcome mean* much.
Thou they lack tho proper home
In West Presbyterian Church last
evening the Rev, A N Keig win
preached a deeply interesting ser
mon on the subject "TheBethlehem
of the Heart. '*
Dr. Keigwiu said that tlie latest
edict of psychology is that there U
a sub-conscious pari of man that ik
below tho consciousness, and we
can be touched by unseen powers.
Christ comes into the Bethlehem of
the heatr ns a child. Wu cannot
jump into the full robust vigor of a
Seems Now as if Motormen
and Conductors Will Have
Big Chnstmas.
The suggestion of Tii'^i) Air , v Re
publican regarding the paying
an additional fi yo c . 0 iits to tho con
due-tor* tho {local trolley lib™
wlil'u they collect fares Christmas
flay, U approved by many people.
Tits conductors on the local line,
are. as a rule, the best natural of
ami when the many things
which they have to put up with is
considered, this is to be wondered
There is not a beiyfC6 of trol
ley men r nQ country than that
Which works oh tho local lines mi l
there is no reason why the men's
services should not be recognized
by tbe public. Trolley men have
to work every day in the year and
iu all kinds of weather, and the
sacrifico they make in working
holidays is great.
It is the public which is accommo
dated by the cars running Christmas
day.and five cents extra from every
one who rides will not break the
public, while it everybody contribu
ted an extra nickel tho aggregate
amount would make a liandsc
Christmas present for the motor
men and conductors.
There are a few people who ride
regularly on tho cars who never let
Christmas goby without givmgthe
conductor something. Some times
it is half a dollar, more often a
greenback. Home people would
like to give the conductor of the
car something on Christmas, but
cannot afford to give much and will
not give a small amount. This year
everyone will have a chance.
From the feeling manifest?'.! JJony
the scheme will oe blrjctSsiul, us
nearly every person approached
says that he will be willing to do his
share and be glad to do it in the
presentation of a Christmas gift to
the trolley men.
Clothes Caught Fire From a
Gas Log With Serious
MissM eta Richardson of Sixth and
Madison streets, who is employed
as a sales lady in Marras' candy
store at Fourth and Market streets,
d on Saturday
The back of her skirts
caught lire from a gas log which
heats tin.* store aud before she dis
covered it her clothes were in flames.
I lor body was badly burned. Bhe
is not suffering so much to-day.
was seriously bur
* T<*a« lu*r K\|»lr**tl
\ cuter
ThoJYery Rev. A. L. Magnieo,
president of St. Mary'a Seminary,
Baltimore, died vesterday morning.
Dr. Magoien wan lor twenty-live
years the president of Ilia seminary
and lna death is regarded
great loan to the Koruau Catholic
Church of this country.
Bishop Monaghan und many of
were mlu
•emlr.arv under
l)r, Maguien. His funeral services
will lake place in Baltimore on
Tuesday morning ami will likely be
attended 1 y a number of tbe clergy
of this dioccns and by many priest®,
bishops a
he was highly respected and loved,
Bishop Monaghan has sent the
following letter of condolence to the
•' I'bc death Of Hr. Maguien may
well be regarded as a calamity to
the church. The position which be
filled as president ol .Si Mary's Semi
nary for aquartcr^of aoeui ury brought
him into close relations with the
highest ecclesiastics ol the church,
ilis exceptional mental qualifications
and his wide experience gavo such
weight to bis words that his
was constantly sought after tv tbe [
most eminent theologians, as well as i
by the most distinguished members!
of Hm hierarchy. ;
'•To the hundred* of priests who 1
have passed through St Mary's Semi j
nary under his adtnluUlra!ion iiis
death comes asa personal loss which
will be lelt by thorn throughout
their live*. lie was to them ut all
times a loving and devoted father,
whose solicitude for their welfare
followed them wherever they were
placed by Divine Providence. To him
they could a!wavs have reco
and iu their doubts and difficulties
his wise counsel and cheering words j
always brought light and encourage
ment. Never will they forget bis
big-hearted and self-sacrificing bos-I
pi Lai i ty. which always bade them
welcome whenever they vlsite ' their
ul.ua m iter. "
the prie its mis dioc
cated iu St. Mary'•
chbinliops, bv whom
ad vice
a Maltese
Tlie 11:01.1 Nlnimolc
lii the Wiimiugton and Brandy
wine cemetery a liaudsoi
leiuu of Gothic style with
Cross lias been erected to the memory
cf tbe late (diaries Baird.
< hristmi
i'b elaborate ceremonies In all of
hurcln-s and lust it 11
Day \n i11 bu observed
t lie ('at hoiic
lions of the Dicce.se of Wi mington.
Lady Visitor 'What a handsome
man, and lew kind and gentle ho
Prison Warden Yus. ma'am. He
* of the loveliest murderers we
A fine lot of CatHkill Mountain had
-Xmas trees for sale hi 7th and by
Tat nail streets. Wholesale and re-|Dr.
,n E l l.
j Labors of llic K«v. \u>
TheR^v. Xavier S itto.i test n ight
dosed thi missious for colored pao
P'°. "inch he has been conducting
during the pas'. wce.c " 9 ossp.t s j
Cathoilc." .V to; conci'.i*
thanked the pjh'tc
Itetidio.'s and
Wby l am a
of|f° rtl ie:i
j lo tercet show
Bi.hup Maiuglian. nwols 1 ■_> I by
the Verr Itev. John A Lyon sand
Fathers Nailv and Glauoi
ed the services ol lhe benediction.
f*lro Follow* <
,, ft L0,
of l Lug!
'i'he borne of Thomas McGoaigal
1103 Railroad -avenue was gulte 1 by
llrcyesterdav the result of an explod
ing oil stove. Tbe loss on tbe l oose
was $.'»00 and on lbe furniture *400.
the Independence Fire Oinipany bad
tbe flames under control by tbe nine
oilier tiro cum (tallies arrived. When
tbe lire atarteJ MuGonigal
asleep in an upstairs room,
Albert Spindler was burned about
tbe lace in getting bun aroused Me
Gonigal had no lusi
IurnfLure. The lions
\Y. T. lir ad lev who was insured.
Ill*, lw>i> Coleman A«I<Ii»-m
Hishop Coleman spoke at the
Christmas exercises ol the dewing
.School of Old Swedes Church Satur
day afternoon, which were largely
attended. The Rev. Martin L.
Dunlap conducted lhe opening ex
ercises, and following Ibshop (Jo e
mail's greeting, Santa Claus ap
peared and made the many chil
dren present happy by distributing
beautiful gifts.
Ollicer Hai r seat in
mucu oil his
is owned by
■h ( hilili*
l.rukriiiHii Injuri'd.
JL }v Walton of 0-U West Fourth
orakeman ou the P. B, Ar
\V. railroad sprained his right ankle
yesterday while getting off a cur in
the West yard.
Yard* mocked With FrolKlif.
A block occured ou the local di
vision of the P. B & W. railroad
yesterday afternoon, and last night
there were 200 cars at Edge moor
waiting to bo moved. The block
was cleared to day however,
rush is extra heavy at this time of
the year.
Hail Liniite
On Saturday night at Pyles Cycle
Academy tbe West End basket ball
team was defeated by tbe five from
Lafayetlo College by tho score of 23
Lo 19. The game was the best played
iu the local cage this season. It was
close and exciting from start to
City Court Hears Unusually
Large Number of Lar-
ceny Cases.
John Reed who on Saturday
morning wa* given •_»portun;t/ by
City Judge Cochran t" leave the
city but remained lure. He got in
toxicate! agaiuj was arm* to 1 and iu
tbe City Court this morning was
fined $5 und costs.
Frank Houck charted Willi, m
Buchanua with acting iu a disor.fi r
ly manner on Saturday night lie
was fined $'2 and costs.
Charles Robinson, colored, plead
ed not guilty to acting in a disorder
ly manner and ps the charge could
nut bo proved lie was allowed to
11 1 us. colored, pleaded
guilty to tbe charge of r
unit and
.diaries Stewart, color*
o l,in Hell's Kitchen ' Saturday nigh
and was fined $30 aud costs.
George fl- (iretm pleaded guilty
to assault and battery mi 1
Broad bent *2ou Poplar street. He
came home on Saturday night
the iutiiumeo of liquor and did nit
lu the tus.il© tliaT
followed Given struck the
in the face and she kicked him in
return. He owed licnpJbb for hoard.
H > was lined $tc an I . -.sts,
Frank Wright pleaded uot guilty
to'assault and battery and the t a so
went over until Saturday luoru ing.
Alexander Carney pleaded not
guilty to assault aud battery on
William Arlis. a Delaware ave
nue car conductor
night refused to pay bis fare and
when the conductor proceeded to
eject him lit* paid the fare. Then
the prisoner and his partner k;
ed Artis through tbe nir window
d beat him over the head. The
court imposed a flue of iiu aud
costs on 1 lie prisoner.
Mrs Martini Wallack
William R. Imtin. a colored youth,
with the larceny offio, which was
taken from 21'* West Fourth street
one day last week Dunn admitted
that he took the money and had n
"good time on it
Tho voutli was comm it Led to the
pay his boar I.
F erris Industrial School.
Elmer Brown and William Jenkins,
colored hoys, were charged with the
larceny of a lot of clothing.t he prop
erty of James K. Sevier which was
taken from his home at Ions Tatuail
Brown acknowledged that ha had
entered the bouse,
held up until Saturday.
Annie G'Neill and Ida Abraham*,
co! 'red. were he! i i
their appearance at the upper court
lo answer the charge of being con
cerned iu lottery policy writing.
I'lic cav*"
•*.)00 l,;u: fr
( mrk Franklin, chief engineer at
the Brandywine, plant of the Wil
mington ( ity Railway Conipauy,
had throe lingers mashed yesterday
George R.
1'iijpiu-iT I mJiii «•»!.
barrel nf oil fulling on them.
'armicluiol dressed
s j
Says They Are Not Compe
tent to Pass on Questions
or County Expenses.
To the Levy Court Ho Says
Globe Company's Bill is
Ah Right and Will
tie Paid.
In the Levy Court this moroitij',''*
C'erk of the Peace Quigley paid his
respects to certain newspapers of the
city in no uncertain terms. He said
that these newspapeialiad criticized
the ballot bills ol the Globe Printing
Company, either because of malic®
or ignorance of the iaw, or perhaps
both, and had assailed him in the
'ame connection. He had not been
however, as one editor had
as his desire to "get
even with the (Lobe Printing Com
pany. but had nothing- against the
C lerk of the Peace.
| ii red.
sa id that it
Mr. yuiglev asked the court to
ascvrtaiu tic 1 names of tbe men who
write 'slitoiials in the local papers,
that tie* court may understand if
e better qualified to
mould public opinion on manors of
county expenses than is the Levy
am- of i li.nu i
'So long as certai:
"ws papers
did tbe printing of the Clerk of the
s office." said M»\
"everything the CR-rk of tbe Peace
n« nil l'iyiit. 1 mt{ when a na
L'.i -rk of the Pca< o took up the duties
of life office, and the plums were
gone off' that tree for that paper,
then the paper, which kept very
quiet about excessive bills so long as
they did the printing, set up a vig
orous criticism."
quoted figures show
log that lhe e'eclion ballots which *
tbe subject of some
are just
discussion before the Levy Court,
had cost tbe county $17.50 iu 1900,
and lu 1902 the county was charged
only $15 a thousand. He also pre
sented figures showing in hat
amounts bad been paid to the croak*
mg .newspapers lor publishing the
He awarded tbe contract to tbe
Globe Printing Company In good
faith,and said tba!, i f t lie ecu rt would
not pay tho company'a bill, lie
would pay it.
He was sorry that Comptroller
Kelley was not present, as be desired
to ask him whether he revised to ap
prove: tho bill of lbe Globe Company
of his own conviction, or at tbe re
quest or a member of tbe Levy Court
He stated that he bad made an error
of 20.000 ballots in bis computation,
which he frankly acknowledged. Mr.
Quigley claimed that he bad tbe
legal right, to contract tho bill, aud
asked that the bill be paid.
Ju reply Mr. Ewart said ho was in
favor of printing the bills mention
ed iu tho discussion.'framing them,
ami hanging them on tho wall for
the purpose of permitting future
:rts to see how bills had
been paid in the past. He said that
many tax payers had pretested to
him against the puviuentj of tho
Mr. Quiglov then scored several
of the newspaper reporters one of
whom, ho remarked, must have
short of news, wheu he print
ed in letters large enough to be seen
across any struct, a story criticising
the bill, and making an incorrect
statement concerning it.
Mr. Quigley stated positively that
he would never contract another
bill for tho county without first
securingn statement of what tho
court would promise to pay for the
work to I
Low ('
Mr Quigley called tbe attention
of the court to tho fact that John M,
Rogers had been paid in P*0). $H'20
for printing tho alphabetical lists ot
voters for :t 1 district
or?2'ia district. Tho clork
added that it 1
the s
f»U copies
erv strange that
* Mr. Rogers should make
if for printing 140,Out),
after the ballots had been priuted
by some* one else, when he hml
subn itlod and boeu
i ■' •
a bid
a bill as that registered
bill of 1900.
Mr. W 1 lilts said that when the
bills came before tbe c< urt disap
proved by tbe Comptroller, it nvus
tbe duty of tbe court to investigate
them, lie denied that be had request*
ed Mr. Keiiejr to withhold bis ap
Then followed an exciting disci
sion between Mr. Quigley and Presi
dent \\ illlts. aud Mr. Ewart thought
It seemed as IT Mr. Quigley was uot
arguing so strongly In favor of
tbe payment of tbe bill, as lie was
scoring the newspapers and their re.
Tbe point of Liie whole matter Is
whether tbe Levy Court has author
ity to Imid up D1 1 1 1 iawfu'ly contract
ed by t 1 ;P Clerk of tbe Peace, when
such Ml s an* for work which Is r«
required by S *etlo.i 11. Chapter 37
Laws of I >e ; aware.
It reads The Clerk of the Peace
in each county shall cause to be
printed Nvithin tho stale of Dela
ware iu the form herein before pro
Nidod.four ballots for every voter in
cadi Hundred or Election District in
his < ouuty and the number of votes
sba; lie ascertained in each Hun
dred or Election District by refer
ence to the highest number of votss
polled therein at any preceding
election, with duo allowance for
any estimated iuurease thereof" etc.
The number ot votes polled was
over 2I.00U In Lino, and over 2tt,0l>0
registered in that year. The Clerk
of tlie Peace ordered 100,000 ballots
and allowed two hundred and fifty
new voters to each ot the twenty
new districts in computing tbe num
ber ot baiiots.
The court ahjourned to meet in
regular session to morrow ut 10.30

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