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The Committee of the
American Republican Party of your County"
hive after mature deliberation made out a ticket
which is acknowledged to be composed of some
ofthebest and firmest men of our party. The
committee were selected after the greatest
strvsrstc and eiciteinent that has beenwitnesstd j
for many years—and in the selection of them,
several candidates offered you, foi you: s ippnrt,
had solely in view the interest and welfare of
their party; and the qualification and fitness of
the Candidates for office. Most if not all the
members of the ticket are gentlemen, well
known to most of the voters of this County.
and they have every reason to believe that
they will receive probably the largest vote,
whicli Sussex has ever poled. The coming
election is one of the greatest importance and
calls for active exertions of every true friend
of his party. Your long tried and worthy Re
présentative to Congress JOHN J.MlLLtGAN
ts again nominated, and election of a Senator
to Congress for the term of six years, depends
on the election of your Legislature. Tnese
officers are of the greatest responsibility, and
no state can more boast of her members in Con
gress than Delaware.
The election'of the whole slate, as also your
County ticket is rendered a certainty, provid
ed you will unite and firmly support the prin
ciples of the party, for which we have so long
and successfully contended. But unfortunately
all seems to be lost in the trifling and unconsid
crable part af the ticket, which is filled by the
sheriffs nomination—a number of condidates
were offered for your support and each indus
alriously engaged to get his committee, after
tha farreat poll between them, the committee
have nominated, and now recommend to your
support WILLIAM O. REDDEN, Esq'n.,
gentleman of the first rate qualifications and in
every way fitted for the oflice of Sheriff. He
then being the regular candidate of your party,
and placed upon the ticket, upon the larrest
grounds, has a light to call on you individually
for your support; he lias ever been a true party
man, and unhesitatingly signed the pledge to
the committee, to abide by and support the
nomination. He will probably be opposed by
•Nathgiiiel P. Hsrris, who as he says "has here
The thrrr members of Congress, Slade, Hill
and Everett, are re-elected. It is also thought
that Fletcher (V. B,) is rc-.elected. Iti the
other district the returns are not completed.
For the Sussex Gazette.
Fai.tow Cltizkns:—
tofore been a decided and a firm supporter of
the principles of the American Republican par
13 it how will his profession of friend*
ship and consistency to his party rules, bear
investigation, whan he has already announced,
to the public that he will run even though ha
should obtain but ten votes. Then fellow-citi
zens you are '-ailed upon to decide between tho
* wo candidates for the office of Sheriff, one
who has according to the rules and regulation
ll,s P? r ^ be , e . n nominated and the other who
after offering himself to the same committee,
tlie " turns against hts party, and though he
requested those of the committee who were
j elected has nis friends, in case he could nefc^v
succced lll ™ Selt vo . te for , M , r - ^ edden - tl,en
\° «PP 080 !> IS nomination and become the cans
dilate against him, Is this fair? Is it honest,
" r J u8t ? nd Wl11 an Y member of our party sacn
Bee their duty to their party, to depart from
'heir r , e S u!al ' nomination? I trust not We
have al "' a .Y. s a8 a P ai t f suppo-ted the fair no.
^nation ot the committee, and for one I feel
d,8 P 08ed to , use ever y fa \ r and honorable ex
e,d,#n for the present ticket. _
A Irc'e 1 arty Mam.
county^ «ay*—"Las' Sunday evening we had
a severe frost—it destroys ike balauee of t%e
Lnurel, Sept. 12th 1838.
The following is a list of the defaulting tub
treasurers connected with the land office in
Mississippi and at one point in Arkansas. Al
these immense defalcations, it will be seen, are
in recent date. Establish the sub-treasury
system, and our custom houses, ke. will soon
be on a par with the land office.
Due from \V. P. Harrison the
16th of March 1836.
Due from G. D. Rodv, August
31. 1837;
Due from L. Hawkins, Novem
ber 9, 1835.
Due fro i J. \V. Stephenson on
the 28th of January 1838.
Due from S. \V. Beall March
Due from R, II. Sterling, Jan
uary, 1838.
Due from A.Mitchell,28th Feb
ruary, 183' T .
Due from A.Hutchins, Novem*
her, 1837.
> —
8109,178 08
60,167 13
115,374 74
65,869 60
36,097 39
11,762 52
24,625 55
15,234 00
8577,410 00 '
Frost. —The MiUanian (Northumberland

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