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Saturday Morning, July 31, 1869.
Our thanks are due to Mr. George
basket of the nicest'
Whitlock, for
peaches we havo seen this soason.
Peaches.—E ight car loads of pcaelies
shipped from Clayton, on Friday
the 30th, by tho different shippers, to
New York, and two cars to Phi'adel-1
contained five hundrod |
pliia, each car
Camt Meeting.—T here will bo grand
excursion to the Camp Meeting at Golds
borough by way of Md. it: Del. II. R. on
Sunday from the several stations on tho
railroad. Round trip ticket
»old at reduced ratos from all tlio Sta
tions to Goldsborougli during the camp.
ill b e
Cuba.—T he Spanish military authori
ti«*s in Cuba, are becoming desperate,
and are adopting Jeff Davis' system of
tlio cradlo and ilio grave,''
tri .il .vrT-j^nti rotnppTnng
them to join tlio Spanish ranks. Noth
ing more is needed to show that Spanish
rule, liko that of Jeff Davis' ixnder simi
lar circumstances, is near its end.
srs u
Change of Hour.—T ho passenger
train on tho Md. & Dol. R. R., on and |
after Wednesday next will arrive at
Clayton at 8.10 A. M.. instead of 11,30
A. Iff., as heretofore, and will leave go
ing South at 12.10 P. M. A regular
freight train will leave Hillsboro at 10
A. M., daily and arrive at Clayton at
1.45 P. M., will leave Clayton at 3.00 P.
M.' and arrive at Hillsboro at 4.45 P. M.
Our latest advices from Wyoming are
that Prof. Eaton, being quite homesick
had taken advantage of the College
cation and left for his home in Ohio.—
Prof. Grumbling in the mean time has
become quite a traveller, visiting Phila
delphia, New York, Round Lake,
Brooklyn, kc. The attraction in Brook
lyn, wc believe, was Beecher. In all
his travels ho fai'od to reach tlio far
famed city of Clayton. We cannot ac
it for tiiis slight to so important a
place. If the Professor will s« ml an ac
count of his travels to tho IIeiiai.d, wo
will cxcusothim this time, but will not
promise to bo so lenient if it occurs
again. __
en lire
That Mr. A. E. Yyordcn, who ships peach
es from this place, would not receive
any at this point, but would turn his at
tention to various points on tlio Md. «t
Del. R. R. This rumor is without any
Mr. Worden has
" Roth
foundation, whatever,
chartered hi» ear» for this pl»co, and
■will ship from ono to threo daily,
peaches mature. lie »hips to Messrs.
Leigh it Blew, of No. 4 and 5, Vcscy
Pier, Now York, ono of tho best com
mission houses in that city. Mr. Worden
lias been intimately acquainted with
Mr. Leigh tor a number of years be
fore ho went into tho commission bue
incss and can vouch for his reliability*
and means, and bosi lo that can give tho
best of references
the firm ami tho promptness with which
they remit to those doing busi
them. Mr. Worden being a mi
strict integrity and well kiiow-ii to our
community uccds no vouchers, his word
is suflU-ient guanantee.
to tho stability of
» with
liis Issue of 1 j| or
and begged to bo excused,' all of which I
is a positive falsehood. Wo wore ailed j o.
not for anytldng that we wrote, or for j " "
charged any ono with,
rat tlo-brained Democrat j wo
pleased to term an exposition of tlie ras-1
entity of some of the leaders of his own w
nartv Ho was to prove hl» assertions, ' men.
but he took good care "to wilt"
tbo time came. Those who instituted j of
the suit, finding that* it would injure I >jo.
them and their party if it was brought i
before Ihe public, more Ilian it would
us, likewiro "willed." From facts we urSi
have learned since, the whole «flair
a deep 1 lid plot to break down tlio Her
AI.D, and obtain our material, with
which to start a Democratic paper 111 j
this locality. . rod
This wo do not chargo to tlio Demo- 1
cratic rartv, but to certain individnals
Professing' to bo Democrat»,) but with- ,
out any of the principles of true Dt-moc
known to 11 », and | H
Tho editor of this paper i
Friday in trying to make a point against I years)
the editors of the Commercial publishes ' as
. what hi* knows to lie a positive falsehood
itguimt 11 ». Ho says " She was very lav
ish of her charg« » and quite as determin
ed in maintaining them until she began
to look for proof to sustain them ! Ami
then she look the wisest course ;
up to talking without 'facts' to sustain
her words; and she willed, o! course,
any acts that
but for what
racy.) Tho men oro
wo regard them in the same light that 1
"■« <10 ihe editor or tho Gazelle ■» a seal
la wag of tho meanest kind, that at t nones |
himself to tlie Democratic party, merely |
hy their mi (franco, to do (heir dirty
work. Wero tlie members of Hie Legis
i.ide up of tho same material ns
this editor, wo could believe them capa- j
Me of being bribed or of being guilty of
any kind of underhand work that would ,
place money in lln-ir porkets. '> <-> aro |
acquainted wllli a number of them, anil
know them to bo honest men, and do
not believe they woo'd do anything .hat j
tlieir consciences dictated to them was j
not strictly rigid. It ia true they did ;
IV tl ing» at Dover different from
y ' h ,., , i , W41 , !
hut we would havo done, bad we Loon 4
in their situation, but wo bavo charity
enough to believe they thought they
were doing what was best.
They could not see things from our
standpoint or with our eyes, hence the
Unless the Editor of the
Gazette can display mere common sense,
principle and truthfulness than ho has
boon doing Tor some months past wo
think it would be better for the' Demo
cratic party and for the community in
which ho resides if lie would " wilt' 1
from sight forever.
PEACHKS.—There has he
of «rar loads of peaches shipped from this
station this present week on the Dela
ware Railroad.
Drowned.—A young man,
nnmo wc nro unablo to ascertain, was
drowned at the* head of Sassafras* yester
day, It is supposed, while in bathing.
Thanks.— 1 Tiro Printers of this ofllco
extend to Benjamin Hurlock, E»q.,
their thanks for tlio splendid peaches ho
rith one
generously regalWd them
dav this week. May bo bo like a good
Physician, who cares— well —for bis pa
tients, and repeat tlio dose when Aethinks
it nally necessary—not before.
Steam Boat Burned.—T he steamer
| Chicopee, plying between Philadelphia
and Bombay Ilook, was destroyed by
tire, on Thursday nightlost, while laying
at the wharf in waiting for a cargo ot
peaches. She was burncal down to I ho
water. Was owned, with the exception
«ff a sm11 portion, by a young man
whose name we In.vo not been able, as
yet, to learn. No insurance.
Feabfui, Accident.— Lnst week a son
of the lato John Wesley Clark,'aged 12
years, living with Ids mother near
alary del I,.lumped on a sylliojust whet
ted hy the crndlers and so severely in
jured his lbol thiithalfof it had to be
amputated. The Linde passed through
all the joints fastening the toes to tho
foot— thé tiig toe w as Jij hl ii v Ojiin
pnnimry ?nvrîf* inn g 7! ppG'-ultlCO.
(icrstuiid he is doing \vo'Mm>w.
Repairing.—YV orkmen arc now busi
ly repairing Delaware College. Tlio
roofs have been renewed. Hie lloors re
laid, the windows adjusted and every
thing is being tnado as goo., ns new.—
'eepinterest in
| The citizens all take
the work, and look forward to the
opening of this institution with feelings
of pleasure. By this time next year we
presume it will be in successful opera
tion, and Newark be more lively and
prosperous than over.
R. R. Acc ident.—L ast evening as tlie
passenger freight was on her way up
she met with an accidental Wyoming.
They were making a running switch
when tlie engim or of the train on the
track ahead of tin in reversed liis onginc
and ran into them, demolishing lour
_ arul very seriously injuring a
brakesman by the name of Mnclary.
He was jammed between two cars of
lumber, and although no bones we
broken ho was badly bruised. Tho cars
had to be uncoupled before bo could be
extricated. The fame man was jamm
ed between two coal ears at this place a
year ago.
r :
' j
Neaiu.y a Fuie. —A few nights since
ono of the large lamps over the dry
good» counter of MT l vaine «t Dunn, 6
Mary dell, pulled from its fastening in
the joist ami fell on the floor, breaking
the lamp, and of course scattering tho
Kerosine in every direction, which in
stantly took lii/c, and hut for the tro
ttyiudmyyijamyons of Mr. Dunn, and a
in a l«*w
-, rr-r—nv I i. <
brooms and flames wore
soon smothered. The counter had tak
en lire however, nml somo article» sus
onded over it were badly burn*.
small, and tlie escape i
narrow one.
Smyrna Creek.— There is quite n
good «led of biminesH done on this little
stream. A steamer, the " Jersey Rlue,"
makes daily trip« to Philadelphia troin
" Roth well*» Landing," two miles from
Smyrna Landing, carrying both pas
sengers and pea. lies, as an opposition to
the railroad monopoly. She carries pas
sengers to Philadelphia f-i* Ç1. Besides
this there are several grain packets that
run from Smyrna Landing, making two
trips per week, and also a lino steamer,
tlio "Perry," in.-king tri-weekly trips
tin* old stoamboat Landing,
mud mae.hino lia» boen engaged in .
ing out the various shoal place» ii
creek, and widening tho saino at somo
points. It i» hoped, now that there is a
"«jigger" in operation, that it will be
employed in deepening and straighten
ing th«* creek its entire distance, making
it navigable for a ste»»inbout to run fr
•Smyrna Lauding, the head of tlio creek.
cion ii
"Sth.i. gl .
fimm.V tt |l 0 Kr"«t Aineim'a>i contfi.pitt.
j| or name stands (as It has for many
hoWbl° city nnnUotM, t i
many poreoni from alf dlrM- to
»flock to her soil «luring tho fruit
season»? It is not, when wc consider
the vast sums of money inwio by mtoU
venturesome speeulatoi». lueji come
into our midst, not as "Thirty-Day«"
individuals« but as "Cash on Delivery."
They come with unimpeachable: social
tliey liberally pay. Tlicy arc rapidly re
I pieubdiiiig our money market—so re
j o. mly {'"y'y w ,,ronn§ j
j " " O 'k-b'*vi'ro*cou amply supply tluir
„ants. Tliey are doubly welcome, and I
j wo hail them as our trno delivers. Wo j v
m.quSntanJe'lb"? demeanor
w lilêli constitutes and governs gentle
' men.
j of Philadelphia, (i'ier K'o. 1«, Division
I >jo. 5 .) who are young, ful^ of business
i energy, and well "stamped." D affords
^JJ^gn'Ænsthenrto'our "Peach (Jrow
urSi '> or of any other kinds of fruit.
.g omo timo since while a gentleman
living near the Trappe, Montgomery
j " oi'/o'rt 'üSia' Ô" "he'ilgh!'.'.".«
rod of »'building. A cloud was visible
1 n(m| . t j l0 |,oriz«m upon which the light
nlng was pluying, but there was none
, jmsr nt ban,..^ *o — ,had the gen
knockei j t | own senseless by an electric
| H ^ 0 ck, and remained in un unconscious
for two day». It very often
ben persons a.e «.»versing j
bovo accident
years) in
as i.xcclsioi.
that s'
1 conditioi
| ke lightning rod ; tlio
| shows' tho danger of Mich it proceeding
ns . A bf)V of j„ m nc kliawk county,
j ow:li w |j„se father died three yeura ago,
of [caving liis widow mid BO, < •*'' '''Bh'y
, jjr. -arm burdened wit&
aro | tiVeiarun, hiring Help only in need-time,
anil luuvent, mid threshing, paid off tho
do mortgage, purohaced a harvester, a Htil
.hat j
was j nn d i 8 now' out «ff debt. He
did ; ^aiiionibir «ff the Cedar Valh y Agiicul-1
t ural Society, «nd ntt» nds «chool three
! months ca h winter.
Loon 4 v
trr>,C,nod Health. A Journal of Physical
Montai Ualture. It is the only Magazine ol
Its class In the country. The August num
ber Is «V« u more interesting than its prede
cessor. Published by Alexander Moore, 21
Franklin street, Boston, Mass.
49 -T.lt-tle Corporal. The contents of tho Au
STüliSWÄÄmoir&u: !
Freddie, a California Pic-Nie, Minnie's the
and lh<$Gokhisli^The* SriW Pie* Nh-, Oval for
Hometiling about Coal. The Breakfast hnawl,
f'nrclrKK Peonle. PmdV s Pocket, dec,, 1 un
llshed by Alfred L. Sewell & Co„ Chicago,
jtTlic Children's Hour.— 1 The August nnm
1 H- r contains : The Will tor the Doou. Icj"
■ linage. The I.l(tic Girl Who W anted to
\ Heroine, Mattel's Story. The King's
Mistake, Tom-Tit, M.v Sister, Mury J. Jones,
Swnll- wing Filteen Cows, I.lttle Missiona
ries, Something About Eves. Anecdote of a
King. Sowing Little Seeds, Carrie und her
Cousins, My Dollies. T. H. Arthur & Sous.
«ja, Once A Month—The original articles in
the August numberere: l ttriosllles of An
imal Idle, The Mills of Tuxbury, Around the
Switchback, and By and By. The, selected
matter is good and taken all together, Once
one of tho most, entertaining
-e receive. Published by T. H.
A Month is
monthlies v
Arthur & Sons.
^ I
tfÿ-Schoolday Visitor. Pluck is continued In
the August number,then comes rwolianus.
Cruel Jim, In Search or n School. 11m Bid
Man's Stratagem, Chuffy. Ikunin»« among
the Insects, M.v Fancy, Low Life in New
York, Lightning Hods and Superstition,
Postage stamps. My Kitten Cat, Johnny,
Little Goosey, The Good Samaritan, V rank s
J. et ter, Our Stairway, IIo*v Can I Keep from
Singing, Editorials, &c. Published by
Ihuighaday & Becker, 424 Y\ alnut Street,
Phil«., Pu.
t^-Tho Land wo I.ovo, and The New Eclec
tfc Magazine for August, is a very interest
ing monthly. It opens with an Interesting
story from The Overland Monthly, ine > °
Little* Barefoot, Home, Some thoughts ;
Christ iun Unity, Unreason, Cats, Glen I ruin,
Benjamin G. ifimiphreys, Coming Together,
PoeYi " Eureka." nml rec«*nt HeientitlcSpe«,
ulations. Creed, The Naval Fight in Mobile
Bay, A Southern Home, Love's Regret, fho
of Emigration to America, Uur
Southerir Colleges, Mosaic The Haversack,
The Green Table, Ac. Published by i n
bull & Murdock, öl Lexington street, Balti
more, Md.
« -
jG 2P*Arthur* s Home Magazine—The contents
of the August number are: Beenes m xm*
Lives of a Nine Days Queen. 1 he I^rd H
LiLumui Tft.< Graham's ami tho Arm
Dollar. Havrtlf UiL.
Words out of Henson. Retrospection. Our
Early Dead. Ove r tin* way. Tin* De«*rlngs of
Mednury. Utile Fingers, A Lobster Tak
ing his Dinner. Natural Curiosities. Moth
er's De
u ry. The Horn e Ci relé. F i ft y
paring Fruit. Toilet and Work Tabfe, Ac.
Published by T. H. Artliur & Sohh, HOD Uliest
nni street, HliiladelpUla, Pa.
Tin* Last
*nt. Boys' and Girls* Treas
y s of pro
«^„Wood's Household Magazine. Two years
ago Newburgh gave birth to lier sixth pub
lication by 8. s. Wood. It was first it-siied
tus of a general book agency bn
siness. and lia« since b«*«*ii twice re-elirlHtoii
e«l—first to Wood's Household Advocate,
then to Wood's Household Magazine its pre
sent title, Tilt* first number was in a small
eight page form, at ton cents a year. It has
since been enlarged lour times, with
scrlpllon prices twenty-tlv«» cents, fifty ets.,
seventy-live cents and one dollar. We learn
that tlio back numbers are all
published In the i
The successes of !
to l»e rfe
*nt Mngazino form.—
Wood's enterprise is
one of tin* marvels of periodical literature in
these Unit«! Status. Froni comparatively
notliing It has grown to be one* of the most
extensive and important concerns of tlie
kind in tin* country. Tlie circulation of the
Houst'lioM Magazine is we believe exceeded
but by one mont lily in tlio eounlry—Harp
er's. It Is largely taken in every «me of tin*
thirty-six states, in all the Territories, in
Mexico, Uannda, Europe,
We attribute M r . Wood
his attractive
Ws largely to
... .. .... f getting lie
fore tlie people. The following card from tin*
July number of his Magazine will illustrate:
"A PARTNER WANTED, either with or
without capital. ' The butdiiess includes pub*
Hulling and printing ortiecs. and Wood's
r : Household Magazine (formerly Advocate,)
j which lias an «»dition of over one hundred
thousand copies, and is the largest and best
dollar monthly in ti»o world 1 No individ
ual of the mule persuasion need apply, as I
am nNiaehelor, For fail particulars add rest«
S. 8. Wood, p. < >. Building, Newburgh, tNcw
Y'ork.Rost masters niiiLnewsdealers ilinvagli
out t/iR United Htateti arc lurnist^^tfllh
To thcUjtaylon Herald.
Oh ! don't, Mr.Todd; don't. The more
you write, the more you proclaim yonr
self an ass. Therefore, Todd, keep thee
del-signed is
still. The
to tho Delawarean , and wishes it
but its patrons up this way say ti ey
don't like to pay $2 per year into its cof
1er« to advertise " 11. Todd «V: Co."
[Written for tlie Clayton Ilcrald.J
The M. E. Sabbath school Pic Nie,
which was to have come off at Blackis
ton*s chapel, on tho 22d, according to
announcement, was setback and held on
tlio 21*t lust., perhaps for the sinister mo
tive of disappointing many whoso inten
friendly vis t
tion it was to have paid
to this long-to-be remembered place of
resort, not for the exclusive purpose of
indulging in the luxuries, which may the
hnvo been prepared for tho Sabbath ut
gl . hooIi bl|t willl Umvlmvof uioetingand ,,f
n.inglin« In friendahlp wllli tbc young j|
and rising generation, as v
t i 109eQ f r | per »gp, wllli wlioiu they used
to assrmble in tho capacity of church
worship and Sabbath school exercise, in io
the days of yore; when it was conducted
ncrilb , B ]eai1ov( , like
lord ami
gone to rest from tlieir labors, and their
wol .k s t p, follow them. These brethren
threw not from them with disdain, all
tiro wholesome precepts set before them
py tlieir ancient superiors, but scorned
j theactofecifisl.inhumanily which would
exclude Iheir fellow-associates from the
I enjoyment of tlieir own bountiful pro
j v j^i onH) us i s sometimes tlio case in tlieso
our days. It has been justly said that
this change was made for tlie purpose of
excluding out side visitors, as tlie means
^ " d '
joining counlios in Maryland, which no
one wished or expected. We hope, and,
lhi , lk tlle p., r |y passed off just in tho
stylo a part of the leaders desired it, Ihe
visits of stranger
school repaired to tho tables, under
L, je j 0 m , k trees, which wero spread
j withdellc i ou9 1>lxu ,. icS) c!lko „ tld ico
| cream, lemonade and confectionaries,
which wero literally distributed and
sumptuously enjoyed hy those present,
who were personally i
. . ,
.'«•11 as with j
Jones, who havo long since
ing "like angels,
few and far between.
The meeting opened in tlie church with
singing and prayer, by tlio Rev. D. I.
Price, after wh'ch the Rov. Mr. Hough
made quite a lengthy speech, followed
by J. Frank Hazel, Esq., in a short, but
ittle a hire««. A collection wa«
then taken for tho support of the Libra
,*hteli amounted to about $10, when
He Cheater county. He evidently did not
.sympathize* with the nreiudiees of some
three blpcts of hH own color, as he was in
company with u colored »«r»x.
July' 23d, 1SG0.
......Governor Wells,'of Virginia, requests
a denial of the statement that ho is exert
ing himself to procure tlio rejection of
Hie fifteenth amendment in that State.
A white fox—a very rare animal—
West Bradford,
Our Washington Letter.
Washington D. C'., July 20, '00,
A prominent igi*mbor tho Radical
wing of tho Republican party, in Vir
ginia, which ran the Wells ticket, told
me, in tho course of a lengthy conversa
! .ion, on Saturday, that he lolt confident
the cause of Republicanism had gained,
for both tho present and tho future, by
Hie eloction of tho Walker ticket. This
tallies with expressions made to me by
other gentlemen Id the same bout ; and I
am led to
opinion among o)L.»lio had, and have
no personal pass
corned in tho rfl.
ly charged with thrusting himself on to
tho ticket in an intensity of selfishness
that preferred to |eoperdiàe the cause
rather than relDtqiiih tho place of chief
beneficiary, in euso of success, to anyone
else of all Ihe State j and so caused tho
division and tlio second ticket.
expected that tlio na
■gard it ns tlio prevailing
a anil in to rests con
pJSTéïis îs extcnsivo
At that
*, too, it was
would take courage at tlio split,
and put candidates of their own into tho
field, and, in view of our divided forces,
no foretolling with what result.
Secrétai y Boutwoll has written a let
ter, it is said, to Stokes, the Radical can
didate for Governor of Tennessee, ex
pressing the earnest wish for his election,
on patriotic grounds. My impression is
that this contest is pretty much a second
odition of the Virginia affair, in this, that
^ I tho existence there of two Republican
tickets, is, at bottom, more a personal
than a patriotic matter.
Wni. F. Purcell, for many years Judge
of the Orphans* Court, in this eitv, has
brought criminal
Arthur Shephard, reporter of tlio Repub
lican, for producing a lengthy and laugha
ble account, for that Journal, of the way
a person, not named, in his nice white
duck suit, w
water , a t BUidfusfoiirg, and directly af
ter, roll «-<* :., x l y û.«.U*v il Ui —
the neighboring vilhifo, on the railroad
—by way of abating the nuisance His
Honor (?) laid mad«* of himself by get
ting drunk, sv/aggiring Fnlstalllunly,
and insulting sonic iv.ndcnsbm g young
it for lible against
first tl.rown into 20 loot
Shephard wa*examined bofore Justice
Walter, on Friday, and Judgo Purcell
was on tho stand almost the whole of the
session, giving a modified version of the
affair in question, as far as the wrang
ling between himself and counsel, oii one
side, and defendant and counsel on the
other, to the amusement of tlio au
other, to the great amusement of tlio au
dience, permitted. Ills testimony loft
the facts of tho ducking and mudding as
reported, hut, of course, they were mi
desei veil. The proprietor and managing
editor were then put upon the stand to
prove Mr. Shephard the author of said
report; Tjut neither of them knew, end
tho copy, hy wlfcli the hand-writing
might have b» en ident ilied, had Leon de
stroyed, as all copy was after use. At
Judge Purcell'« suggestion, the exam
ination, at ihitA point, was continued to
next Friday; and he intimated, in reply
to a coaxing iijMieal to Hits good un! lire—
of which he buela fund—by the defend
ant, that ho migW decide to abandon the
pros« eut on.
!m-famonsJ^tjuo wotihT say, iiifadu
was burned down
it was bullt ft»
theatre, the tif
1820, ran fofl
< 11 , about
in NYnshii
cars as t!
burl y 20
liiitre," and then
w eompctiiionpJj
Was* *
ed, under'the 1
candidate, into
Rooms," for billts, Ae , d<
bollion, when it broke out with nog
•an, Ao. f t«» catch I lie
•e was changed to
vn to tho ro
Canterbury Hall.
minstrelsy, ct
soldiers, and tho m
I: is supposed to have
Ijooii set on liio.lo rid tlio noiRliboifiood
of Hint blond closs of perform ' neos. J.
M. Young, tlio owner rf t!:c buibiing
and of a stock of carriages in it, is re
ported loser of ?-10,ono U*s ?5,(>00 Insnr
ancp. Ko ntlior lun*cy loser.
Minnie Caines, tho colored woman,
noipiiltod here on tlio ground of insanity
of tlio nun-dor of tlio white man I agio,
Iras boon admitted into tlio United
Slates Lunatic Asylum, upon tlio order
of Secretary Cox of tlio Interior Dopart
Judge Fisher charge 1 in tlie ea- c, that
the prisoner should be g'vcn tlio benc
ut of any reasonable doubt the jury had
,,f fier " t'ifUjlt i
crimi.mt ftÆ Kvidoi.lly, « mmlillvU
loading intolligi'iii o
judicial meaning is approach
io the literal
unconsciousness cd mind,
si bio,
view is b« ing taxon ot insanity, by the
f the w
hieb 1» simply
vhclhcr for a
It seems to bo
tlio share
-, day, or
paying more regard, also, t
of responsibility properly resting upon
society for the condition of its individual
members. Hence there is apparent a
greater reluctance, in aP doubtful cases,
to decide that tho unsoundness, how
or transient, did not pass tho prisoner
beyond tlie paie of personal responsibil
ity ; and more disposition to save, if pos
as a sacred trust, hitherto badly
kept, than to inflict vindictive punish'
Geo. B. Vashon (colored), a graduate
of Oborlin, and subsequently a professor
in Alleghany College, Pa., w
ted to tlie Bar of this District, Saturday,
on motion of A. K. Brown.
TI 10 Commissioner of Internal Rove-1 ;
lias just returned to his ofllco and
labors after an absence of three weeks in
tl^e West.
In.a private quarter I hear it stated
that Commissioner Delano is undecided
to contin ue hi his commissioners hip.
No special mtxffîï Nivas* assigned Ollier
timn t foat the office sought him, not he
t |, 0 0 fli c e ; he did not need it, Ac. If the
opinion had not come from a person ac
qua In ted with tho Commissioner and
with ids family, I should not have tho't
enough of it to repeat it. And after all
duo respect to that acquaintanceship, I
do not think the opinion sound. It is
not Mr. Delano's disposition to look
hen once he has put his hand to
not sought for the
supposed to have
tho plow. Hew
place because he w
that disposition ; and he was not selected
by'gentlemen who did not know him.
My informant opined that ho was se
ganizer to re-start the
•looted as « good
Bureau and the service; nnd that tho
Commission feels that his special task is
done. Can't seo it. A hundred men
bo found ingenious enough to con
trive the machine, for every one capa
ble of uottiiiK sultafactory work out of
it. The lutter was the purpose for which
Mr. Delano was singled out to tako the
place. And ho will stick to the place
Olio while, to carry out thatpurposo, or
I miss my reading cf the character of
the man.
Floo«l» In Texas- «reHt DWfrui tlon of
hi Property.
a correspondent of the Galveston Ifcics
writing from LaUrango, Fayette coun
ty, under dato of July 11, gives tho fol
lowing account of the recent di8u.str.ous
lloods in that region :
" For u week past tho Colorado nvor
has been very high, rend «ring it «litll
cult and very dangerous to cross oven in
a wkiti', thus outling oil' nearly all com
munication with Bastrop and Austin,
tho stag« 1 » and mails being hemmed up
und unable to got out.
"Thursday night tho good people of
La Grange wont to their bods, leaving
tho river still somo ton or fifteen foot
within its bank», and at day it was
found to have risen seven feet, and at
nine o'clock it broko over its banks
ftbove and below, thus throwing two
immense tidos of water upon the town.
At eleven o'clock the waters had met in
ihe Hats, or valleys, betwoen town and
the south-west side, and
.as swolling vory rapidly. At twelve
'«dock it found its lcvol, and having
driven all the inhabitants out of tho
w«*storn portion of the town, it began
turning over the small houses and Hunt
ing them away toward the gulf. At one
«/« lock it was within a block of the pub
lic square, and rising so fast that it
drovo tho crowd back from its edge.
"Great crowds of women and cliil
dren Ktood at tho water's edge, and saw
their homes tilled by tho Hood, and
many of them sWepfc dwny or turned
o>or where they stood, while tho crash
of furniture amt smashing of doors
windows told of tho ruin that was going
on within. Mon rushed back and forth
ilics or asking for assistance to tie a
houso already swimming, or claiming
ihe idle lookers on t«> move
their furniture from tlioso not yet inun
"Wagons loaded with furniture rat-*
tied to und fro, somo to tho high ground
with their confused mass of household
wares, and others to take off the re
mniniug wares, Bvforô three o'clock
un» ptroi» square was r if irot of wntor.
Store doors were thrown open and mer
chants and clerks strove to save their
goods, or piling them in tlieir second
stories and on the counters ; while every
man and everything available Was put
into requisition to save tho women and
children from the torrent which was
now rushing over three fourths of the
town. A boat was made ol' til» boards
of houses and tilled with strong oarsmen,
who went through tho streets and yards
searching lor those who needed help.
There was no parly distinction ; friend
and foe were allied together to meet the
common enemy.
and found tin? Irttlê
the river
• nfoutseeking their fum
help fr
"Saturday, came, and found tin? Irttlê
town deluged, tor on tho square and In
every store stood four or live feet of wa
tor. It was wholly descried,
inhabitants had lied to tin* high ground
and hills in the northern and northeast
ern suburbs. Quantities of provis
were destroyed in the stores—such as
sugar. Hour and coffee—tho essentials
that were in barrels and too heavy to bo
lilted on counters or upper Honrs. At
Chalk Bluffs, four miles above, on the
river bank, far as the oye could reach
to the north, west and smith, the country
was one unbrok<*n sheet of wann*.
"Hue and there, i*> tho distance
among the clumps of oaks, might he
roofs or houses but y« s
occupied by prosperous plainer», now
lilleil by tin* waters.
" Last night tho water had not recoded
and the fugitives wen* not permitted to
go to their bonus. During tin*
night the town was guarded by. armed
in boats against tl<o mgr«*cs,
Mi rah toned l*o enter and seize the pr
ions and food for which they
«•groo.s had lived-in tlHtsj*^
r, »<.<! 1» tl.ojp.Sfc.ffr'y.'M».
•cd c:»o»i£^tf mi | ( | them house«
io and birv^lHr jmreels of ground, lr
LU'^'Vimy gained their support. Th
Twero now undor twenty feet of water,
destroyed, and their l'cncos
At twelve
«lcd from tho
id all the
id a y
seen tlu
, liule
in* ri
their crop
and bouses »wept away
niter had roe
town, but it has left its mark.
cy or »willig acro-s the streo*,
i »wept away, boxes, furniture
re deposited here and
the mkldh*
'clock tho
f •
ami »mail house»
there, in wild confusion, i
of'the »troot or in stranger»' yard». The
street» tilled with wagons loaded with
furniture and people returning to their
house«, to find their crops ruined and
floor smeared with tho slimy rod mud
deposited on them by the recoding wa
Y» yet the amount of «lamotfo to the
town and iuliabiiatits cannot bo esti
mated. Yet It 1» $100,000 surely ; while
tlio (bitnago don« crop« and country it
{Ilions to recover.
•ires an* down between here,
,n«l Austin, therefore no news
would lake
"The v
Bastrop ;
from either.
eq u alle«!
tory of T"xns. ha«
county ami it» prospects,
•ction along tho river bott<
I'rllow, which lias never been
tlie Colorado within the hi«
ruined Fayette
The greatest
r that all these, or
on both »ides,
nearly so destroyed, it will ho 11 a much
hm tho inhabitants can do to save food
and r liment for the ensuing year, wiili
out oxpecting to make money. What
j will b«* the story from tho lower river
svo do not know; wo may expect tho
*• Wo havo no news definitely from the
No one lias
wo have heard.
n to
othör side of tlio iiv« r Vet.
bo I been drow'ned
I Humors nro
float dow
float of men being
the current of tho riv
< h
house-top«, yesterday and day before,
supposed to have been from above."
A clam-buko was given at Long
•h in honor of General Grant on
Friadyjast, and a ball at white Sulphur
Springs in honor of Gem Leo on the
same evening.
.Tho editorship of the N
formally tendered to
lion. John Bigelow, "at n very liberal
B. lias excepted, and
'I'inies has be
salary." Job
will assume liis duties at once.
.The abstract of the condition of all
tho National Banks of the country on
June 12 shows resources and liabilities
aggregating $1,504,175,000. Tho specie
amounted to $18,455,000.
..An immigration agi' nt has started
un Memphis to China for tho purpose
of importing 1000 Chinese Immediatlely,
so that they can bo at work in tlie cotton
fields before tho close of* the coming
picking season.
.Tho New York world says that But
ler winters in Washington, summers in
Massachusetts, but whore ho will fall it
does not profess to know. An exchange
thinks it would ho well to pursue tho
subject further and ascertain if possible
whore he will spring.
.A young lady nt ono of tho summer
resorts is said to*have thirty breakfast,
afternoon and evening dresses, half a
dozen jockey hats, parasols innumera
ble, and two boxes of kids. And she is
not an agent for a New York dry goods
house, either.
.James W. Davis, nnd others, sub
contractors, havo brought suit in St
Louis, against Oliver Ames nnd'other
contractors, on the Union Pacific Rail
road, for 8(504.000. claimed to be due
them. The defendants allego that the
claimants w
overpaid ?57,000.
.Tlie Mechanics' National Bank nt
Trenton, New Jersey, had to suspend
business on Monday week, because the
safe could not boj opened. The maker of
the sale sent Ills best workman to open
i it. but he did not succeed. A continual
plying of crowbars and sledges finally
broke it open.
Woman Sufl'rago.
vomen of New
The strong-minded
York, in convention at Saratoga, adopt
ed the following platform :
Tho convention ot delegates from the
Stato of Now York, assembled, without
distinction of sect or party, in pursu
ance of a call upon all persons in luvor
of demanding suffrage for the women of
the nation and the passage of an amend
ment to the Constitution of tho United
States, by which the ballot can bo se
cured to them, resolve as follows :
Resolved , That tho question of woman
suffrage is tho great moral and political
question of tho day, and we demand the
ballot for women, because the laws of
justice precede tho laws of states, and
the rights of humanity underlie the
rights of government.
Resolved , That an governments are in
stituted for the maintenance of tho prin
ciples of justice, and as every human
being can do better for himself than
another for him, tho right of evory hu
man being to »bare in tho government
under which he byes should be recog
nized by that government.
Resolved, That we claim for woman
the inherent right to share in the gov
ernment of any country of which she is
a citizen, by virtue of her existence
human being and bur natural capacity
for self government ; that while resting
tho responsibility of woman's present
political disability upon man, wo deny
his right to define woman's sphere ; that
as we deny the right of one class of men
to define the rights and duties of anoth
er class of men, so do wo as emphatical
ly deny tho rigid of one sex to define the
rights and duties of another sex.
Resolved , That wo gladly recognize
the advancement of our just principles,
îtion of the Irish lie
as shown by the
publican National Convention recently
held in Washington and Chicago, in
which they demanded that suffrage
should be extended to all not guilty of
crime, irrespective of color, race, or
Resolved, That we also rejoico at tho
course of tlio Metlioilist Episcopal
Church of the United States, recogniz
ing as a Kt«*p in tho true direction their
recent action in admitting women of
that church to veto on lay delegation.
Resolved t Tlmt, in recognitlofi «ml
furtherance of tho principles of justice,
tho Constitution of tlio United States
should be so aineuded as to secure the
right of surtrago to tho women of the
nation, on tlij* »aine terms that it is held
by tlio men ortho nation.
Resolved, That we invite tlio co-opera
tion of every urm and woman, no mat
ter liow differing as «o party politics,
creed, color or nationality, in Svcuring
such an amendment.
Democratic RcgislrorN.
A Nashvrllc cfeftprtten* to Saturday*»
Cincinnati (Juzettc »a va.
Tho Do
o showing their
hands all over the State, emotiraged by
the appointment of ivl»«*I and Démocratie
registre I », -who pny xioutteiition to tho
requimrents of the franchise law/ They
are repudiating both tlio Senter and
Stokes candidate» for the Legislature,
and nominating men of their
prospect now is that very tow Republi
cans of any kind will get into the Leg
islature/ There is a good «leal of excite
ment in tho city, and the Denfocrafie
element fool that everything is in their
hands. The next
n. Tho
ieipal ekvtion
will take place i.»x &f»|>t**rrrbcr, aifd they
»acting that they
will not have in «î (11 ce a Republican of
any kind. S »mo of the Conserv»itivo
newspaper» are endeavoring to restrain
their sanguine bretueni**, but it is like
attempting to rule a whirlwiief. Tlie
rebel D. iii ynwy s*
more to have ils day.
an* already loudly
» bound once
j llrtuicli. .
€Se:ios*i«l t.nud at 1.
rand bull given in honor
t tfrant <o «»j< p l «ay y àii.n siii.tA
Tr î im 2!ui-.
Jio «lining room«
At ten vlbck t!
bind, of
'»re'« band, of Bo»ion
' the Pr» 1 »
fe. Ex He.
I wife. Geimral W. T
on. Phil Slierl
»r.tl« Ing.ill». Ri*'*vc».
an.i Grafuhi*
r York; Oil
d the G« v**rnoi'» island I*
ed, pl »y«*d ''Hail to thet'hief,'
idont entering, with h !
c -et»*ry Borie
Sherman and dsught«
I lad v, fl
Ames, Porter, U mist
riit and Limiteuaiittl
Othordistingulshcd gue
k, Wald
lfor I.
fr* in all parts
The ball

ted with
American bunfcii
tho room
cl y dee*
At cloven o'clock
knd h# it« lit
a great »uccee».
t ca
ball w
. Eustea Dr:
B »ton Detnooracy is not recognized
pur«* arlie!o in that »ti-oiigh<»l'l of
tlio failli, Kentucky. "Judge Abott,
Democrat," of this cirv is soundly bo
rated by the Kentucky » Standard, for
suffrage nml
of tlio past,
having »aid that,
reconstruction ni
1 - 1
o till
. materially done up,
laro their work
I that io attempt t»«h
II and void, and begin
bring upon tlio country greater
limn it will sutler by accepting the situ
atioti.*' Ti e .simulant m»vh he speaks
lioroiically, und that Lie Democrat who
would dftro to tak
Stale would get h
to leave the parly
, would
in that way in this
orders imined'.utoly
—Boston Advertiser^
y J
.T!.e most expensive luxury in i nig
Cl! it. l.y city people, says lie; New York
Cummcrciul. is plnying "gciitlenie
* Never
rural homo« for
spring and summ
been tilled with
seats" for sale. It is a little remarkable
how short a stay some folk» make •'un
der tlio greenwood trees." Not 0110 in n
hundrod of the beaiitilul retreat» on the
Hudson remain in the hands of the
owners, and most of them have
been sold half a dozen times. Only a
family with an income of $10,000 or $50,
000 eau keep a house* in the countary.
I »Höre
•ei o so un
lain a« during this
The papers havo
. 1
I csi ruble 1
•respondent says
that In itial costume» are now remarka
«ble chiefly for their simplicity. "No
iamonds. no lace nt tho alter in tip-top
society. The thing is a white poult silk
robe, trimmed with rouleaux of wite sa
tin on the train, sleeves and bodice, and
nothing but a ruche of tulle called il hi
»ion round the throat. Plenty of orange
blossoms mako up for costly ornament.
.A Paris fashion
.The Forth District Court in S:
•isco lias granted a divor«*o to a
young and beautiful lady who was mar
ried to Joseph J. Smith of salt Lake Ci
ty. Tho lady testified that Smith is a
deacon in the Mormon Church, and that
he always treated her kindly, they hav
ing lived pleasantly together for several
years. Recently, however, Smith con
eluded to have a second wife, to which
Mrs. Smith objected, and so, when dea
con took homy his new bride, wile No 1
returned to her mother.
.Three men, named Iroland, Duke
and Turner, brought suits against the
Nortli-Carolina Railroad Company for
damages sustained by an explosion of
powder stowed in a car in which they
were riding, nhoutthe time the war clos
ere tried lust week, anil
od. The cases . . , , .
wliilo damags were awarded to Ireland
and Duke, the judge decided that inas
much as Turner was a confederate sol
dier, and on liis way to report for duty
at Gen. Johnston's head-quarters, thus
violating the law, ho was not entitled to
recover du muges from a common carrier.
.The palace constructing at Tsmailla
for the recepton of the Empress Eugenia
during her stay in Egypt will be one
hundred and eighty feet wide nnd one
hundred and twenty feet deep. In the
with Persian blinds, and on the ground
floor there will ho the ball, reception no
less than 17,400 eubio feet of masonry,
and it« estimated cost is 700,000 francs.
JSpcrtol jßoficfS.
A gentleman who suffered for year» from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
the «'fleets of youthful Indiscretion, will, for
the sake of suffering humanity, send free to
all who need it, tho receipt and directions
for making he simple remedy by which ho
tho cnre<l. Hutterers wishing to profit by
tho advertiser's experience, cun do so by ad
dressing, In perfect eontldence. ' ' v.'
•Ioli h II. Ogden.
No. 12 Cedar street, New York.
ThoiKlverttHcrlmvingbeon restored to health
In a few weeks, by a vory simple remedy, af
ter having sorter«*«! several years with a se
vere lung affection, of that dread «liseuse —
Consumption—Is anxious tonmkeknown to
the means ol
his fellow-suffe
To all whod«?sire it, he will send a copy ot
the prescription use«i—free of charge,—«villi
the directions for preparing and using tho
same, which they will find « HUHE CuKKKOk
tion, Asthma. Rkonciiitis, etc.—*
;t of the advertiser in sending tho
Proscription is to benefit the nfBtcte.1, and
spread Information which he conceives to foe
Invaluable; and he hop« 1 » every sufferer will
try bis remedy, ns it will cost them nothing,
and may prove a blcRSlng.
Parties wishing the prescription will please
address Rev. Edtvnwl A. TVIImoii.
Williamsburg, Kings County, N. Y.
The ob
treated with the ulmo>t success, by J.
Isaacs, M. D., and Professor of Diseases of
the Kye and JCar ; (his specialty) in the. Medical
College of Pennsylvania, twelve years expert*
enoc, (formerly of Leyden, Holland,) No. W)'»
Arch streift, Phllnd'n. Testimonials cith of»
rtf his ofllce. The medical faculty nro
invited to accompany their patients, ns h
has no secrets in Ids practice. Artllleinl eye
inserted without pain. No charge f«
rphe Mlsslsquol POWDER
JL actually cures Cancer and Scrofulous
disenacH of the Skin. See report to !.. 1.
Medical Society, ami statements of Physi
cians in cbcular, sent 1 'ro«* on application to
(HAS. A. DUBOIS, G en '1 Agent,
P. O. Box IttûO. 182 Pearl Ht., N, Y;
Flour and Feed Store
hand, Wholesale and Ite
raid forall kinds of GRAIN.
Commerce, opposite Market Street,
in Hmyrim. Del,
$20 REWARD !
% wa
Stolon fr«
tlu* subscriber, near MarydelT*
Delaware, ON FRIDAY evening, Jul\* ltjfli.
IS«!), a
4 years oM last Spring, rntlur lu»av.v bu llt »
black mane and tail, in gout
es, rather dish foe
»a, but li.Ts t»eeil s!>"rron*fror«t fe
lid driver, and carries up Wt-IL
paid for tlie appr
between tlu
» Sill
*li<*nsi<»n M
the tlilel*or
turn of tlie hors«*
^IRVAKfc A€A1>1*:TOY<
PROF. ED. D. PORTER, A. M., PrlnelpaL
A First-class Ma then
mtical, Cl:\s:«!«^l and
Sviei 1
.*■ .lien, will «M
l first Aemtemlt
* hundred
UiUld circular.
X-ir For full Info
JftY « 1 . IS 09 .
MnrphoyA: Parry's Family Flour V.bbl
Brumlywim* Flour Y bbl.
Y(t l>n...
] i;o
i r>
mV Ini
■lilt« bu.
Corn, yell*
Oats V bu.
Hvo r* I«|.
Clover Weed '0 bu
i in
Family Marketing-.
Doric. ? nvt.
I'otntooH, m
Kugs V doz
Butter V ll>
Shonhters y.
Sides ï' 1»<..
I. Va 20
20 2ft
Lnrd p r<
V bi
Herring, new,
Shad, -p hbl.. ..
Shad, -p hbl.. ..
Business a means of Grace.—I n
stead ot bindnoss becoming a feeder to
covetnuaiu'tts under tlio promptings of
nature, it must become a stimuli!# to
grace. Dr. jlawes, in bi» biography of
J Forman Smith,
gregation, »ays lie never grew in graerf
rapidly, or shone Brighter a» a
, than during tlio last six or
nier the prompting« of
merchant in his con
1 inoro
seven years of his life, when he hail tho
greatest amount of business on his hands.
tho timo when he devoted all to
God, and resolved to pursue his busin
a part ol his religion, ho found
tendency in his worldly engagements to
chill his piety cr enchain his affection«
to earth, liis businoss became lo hi
means of grace, and helped him forward
in tho divine life, just as truly os tho
roadiug of tho Scriptures and prayer.
.Postmaster General Creswoll lias 10 -
turned from Long Branch. Commis
sioner Delano is again at his post, llo
will give some close inquiry to the al
leged income fraud« in New York City.
Gen. Ames,'the military commander in
Mississippi, has gone to Long Branch
to confer with the President on Missis
sippi affairs.
.Mr. Parker, a Rwedcnborgian in
Toronto, pretend» that lie wa» taken up
to heaven, and saw heaven divided into
zones likes the earth, and when there he
saw tho Unitarian» living in tho frigid
zone. [Loud laughter.] They wore
lions' skins on their heads and tigers'
skins on their bodies and hear skins on
tlieir foot. They drove in chariots mado
of ico, drawn by horses without tails.
.Vicksburg still exhibits sever»
marks of the siege of 18Ö3. The mimer
re s in tho sides of tho hills where
the inhabitants took refuge are still open.
of these cuves wus opened
.Miss Mi teholl, teacher of stronomy in
no Vassnr College, is going to Burlington,
Iowa, with li« r class of young ladies, to
observe the solar eclipse.
and found to contain the bones of a
family, supposed to have been suffocated
by the closing of tlie entrance.
.There is a rock in tho Androscoggin
river, just above the toll bridge at Bruns
wick, which rises some fifteen feet abovo
the water and will weigh fifteen to twen
ty tons, but which was never visible
there befpro this spring. It is supposed
that it became frozen into the ice last
winter and was thus hoisted to its posi

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