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* !
John Jj. H)artS' d Co.
DKABn^ADEHs: We having been mis
represented to yon through the col- |
limns of the Republican, by a com- >
munication, and through the Adverti
.•»er, an advertising medium, as well as
througji the dodger called the Pro- j
gramme, We hereby present to you the
Holiday Journal and let you all judge
for yourself, wishing to act goner jus
to fchcs9 who try to injure ns.
5.000 copies.
To The Public.
We recommend the following article
to the consideration of our business
One method of advertising is the
handbill system, by which the hotels
are daily inundated. During the busi
ness season one boy after.another will
go the rounds, and in this way an at
tempt is made to obtain trade. Of
these, however, the gvea'eç part is
wasted, since the waiter generally
picks them up and throws them into
the street, and the next day a fresh
mundation takes placo,.. Experience
has clearly demonstrated that the
most efiloioent method of advertising
Special Notice
is found in fchp judicious use of news- to
paper columns. The ground upon
which newspaper advertising is based
is human confidence, since we cannot
avoid believing that which we con
vtantly read. This confidence is
sometimes abused, but still it is evi
Jeut that a gooâ advertisement will, if ;
ffloiently repeated, carry popular
opinion. Men who advertise with the
greatest persistency eventually reach
success. There is a military principle
involved in this method, sinon the at
tide advertised should be presented to
the public by repeated assaults. Tbe
correct view, which experience brings
to each man, that advertising should
bo included in the general estimate of
regularly as store rent,
clerk hire and insurance. It is often
said thut a good stand at a high rent
;s better than a poor one rent free.
Advertising brings a man before tho |
publio in a way that makes any stand i
good. The best stand you
to be in the Holiday Journal.
onion, or.rinse it thoroughly !
with a pint of water, in which a tea ,
spoonful of soda is dissolved, then
wash with clear cold water , crush the
point of the breast-bone with the roll
ng pin; this gives the fowl a fine j
round appearance. Truss it as yon ;
would a chicken : stuff it wifch bread
crûmes, eeaaoned with pepper, salt,
any sweet herb, and two or three i
onnees of butter : lay it in the drip
have i
Thanksgiving Dishes.
Glean fciia turkey, rub the inside
ping pan, spot it with lard or drippings i
put three gills of water in the pan, !
and base very often. When the breast ,
is brown, pioleot it with a piece of |
paper. Boil the giblets, chop them
•ine, and add them to the gravy, whioh
may be made in the dripping pan
when the turkey has been taken ont.
If there is too much fat, pour it off
before putting in the giblets, and if
too little gravy add water. Thicken
and season to taste. Pour some of it
Around the turkey and serve the rest
ia a boat. Fried sausage or thin shoes
of ham, fried crisp, may be oarled and
laid aroand tbe turkey. Stewed cran- j
berries or stewed apples should be i
B3U.BD Turkey.
Follow the above directions for
cleaning; eubatituteoyster., chopped j
celery, or celery seed f° ( the aweet
herb iu the dressing. Wrap the tur- I
key in a towel ; put it in a kettle of !
boiling water, and boil ateadily bat !
| slowly until it is cooked, which will bo
> from two to three hours, unless the
turkey is very large. Sarve with celery
or oystar-sanoe according to tue
j stuffiug, I
Th e Mioroscope in the Witness-Box./
- '
served with it.
As the New York Tribune says, the :
' scientifio aspects of the evidenoe !
| against the Rev. Mr. Hayden, of Ma- 1
dison, Conn., for the murder of Mary 1
Stannard, ore truly remarkable.; in. j
containing a full onnoe. It
that the arsenio found in Mary Stan
deed the microscopie exhibition of ar- I
< law rB hna° a n
nnwnrf-il nuxillnrv in nhomiRtrv Aftnr
powerful,auxiliary in chemistry. After
the arrest of Mr. Hayden, and the
disinterment of the remains of the
dead girl for examination, it was
claimed that all of the arsenio whioh
still in a box
Hayden had bought
in the barn. There a box was fouAd
taken from this box, At this point j
recourse by the prosecution was had
to Prof. Dana, who visited Euglaud,
studied the manufacture of arsenic,
and then, by the use of his microsoope
the crystals, demonstrated that tho
arsenio Irom tho girls stomach
tirely different lot from that hidden
in the barn, and that it was identical
e li
with tue arsenio sold by lyler, at the .
time when Hayden is known to have
bought Ins onnoe, The oonolusion
sought to be established ia that a part |
of the arsenio bought by Hayden was .
nsed to poisen the girl, and that the
rest was flung away, and that tbe barn
arsenic was bought elsewhere after
ward merely as a blind. The crystals
of thp stomach arsenic are three or
four times, as large as those of the
barn arsenic, but none of them are
large enough to be visible without the
microscope. Hereafter criminals will
do wed to jreoognize in soienoe ono of
| the agents of possible detection.
i -♦

The route ohosen for the proposed
ship canal between Chesapeake and :
Delaware bays begins at Queenstown.
Maryland, and runs across the peuiu
suln to Lewes, Delaware, discharging
! into Delaware ( Bay, five miles above
, the Delaware breakwater ; dis taupe, 51
miles. Ifc ia proposed that the canal
shall be 2J0 feet wide and 25 feet deep
with tide looks only., The entire line
j will haye to be dug ; estimated cost,
; #31,090,000. The saving in distance
between Baltimore and any Northern i
port will be 225 miles,
The Maryland Ship Canal.
Masked robbers entered the house
i 0 f the Cashier of the National Bank at !
! o ermant0WIli olli0i and compelled !
, him to g0 with tbom to the ban ' k B0(J ;
| give them tho key of the vault. They
opened thB vftu i ti but t i, 0 ' m oney
drawor wa8 olosed by a time look,
whioh they were unable to opeu or
foroe. They escaped with two watohes,
some jewelry and a little money be
longing to the cashier.
Officii seekors will get a boom in
1880. There are twenty thousand
census takers to appoint.
Mr. Doff made his first appearance j
I in America, February 15th, 1812.
Alfred Tennyson, England's poet
laureate, has written a one-aot play,
j John McCnUongh and Lester Wal- |
laok play oll the Naw England oircnit I
I . .
! It i« «aid that Mbs Linda Dietz lms
a h.t in "Dÿty" at the Prince of ;
* * ' j
Tsohalkowsky, the Russian com- j
poser, has just finished an opaia oal
I led "jQan of Ark."
putting the finishing touches tc
veral new plays from her pen.
Miqs Anna Diokinson is engaged in j
. i
: There is a likelyhood that Gerald j
! Eyre will appear shortly at Wallaok's
1 Theatre New York,
Mile. Marmion Mapleson's new sop- j
rano, in .A^merioa, sailed from Europe
I on the lSfeh instant.
It is reported that F. B. Paine, son
°* Judge Paine, of Cleveland, Ohio* i
ig to marry Mias j 08ephilie Lacv
actress. '
The veteran Joseph Tosso was to !
have given a violin solo at the last
Sunday Sooial Session of the Ginoin
nati ElkB.
leave San Franoisoo on the 19th j
°* Oofcober -
William Warren
United States at Baltimore. 1796, at
Philadelphia, November 5th, 1799,
Mr. John E. Owens is about to oom- 1
menoe a tour around the world. He !
born May 10th,
1767, and came to this country in '96. j
He made his first appearance in the ,
ft, J. Dale, formerly assistant to
tho Jate Robert Heller, has been
gaged to give m agical entertainments. I
. M r. Dale's wife ia so ill it.. New York
that her recovery is considered nnoer- :
| j
. The costumes for the new play, ■
J° se Pb Balsamo, are said to be a mar.
vc B ran " uer - Boston has heard
. a ® ws °* ß l ' eafc drama and will
^/^ompany wM ""Ike Mrip
" , ; company wiu mane a trip
through th e Southern States.
* 1
The, Galley Slays
T his delightful Drama, whioh has j
• earned so eneviable a reputation, will '
be presented in all its fullness and ;
completeness at our Opara House, on 1
Thanksgiving Evening with a matinee j
in the afternoou. Mr. Bartley Camp- |
: bell the author personally supervises j
the production of this greatest of
Dramas, and has chosen a company
whose dramatic ability is unrivaled.
Tho play throughout abound with the
moat vivid and exciting scenes, and
i* produoed with an exaction most
life like and real. The scenio effect
given the play is said to be of the
highest order, showing scenes of
Venice Rome, and other noted Euro
i pean cities,
Among this talented
I trou. >e we find Miss Maude Granger,
a lady accomplished and beautiful,
■ rili8 p,a ? oannofc and should not fail
! to draw a crowded houso aud as the
! oooasion iB a National Holiday persons
; to be secure, should proonre a re
served seat at the earliest opportunity
There is no fear but what the house
will bo crowded as Wilmington over
sbow8 ita "PPMoiation of genuine
'* ,enl By hearty patronage,
WOB » n, '* riM a11 who 00111,1 to P rotmte
reserved seats at Thomas &Oo's Book
store, aud thns be sure of witnessing
the greatest play of the* season.
Admission 35 and 50 oe«tp reserved
seats 75 oentSi
T , Jt
Johah is reported to have been, the
first man who strnck oil.
None. but the brave deserve the hair,
j^at is the way the Indians put it.
Thb dentist, like the farmer, mai
reckon his profits per acre.
The first thing a man takes to in .
thie lifô is milk ï the laB *' thiu 8 is his
i bier.
Methodist ministers are not allowed
to preaoh to the soldiers in the
French army.
It is an old adage that the tongue
I cannot bo- easily bridled. But it is
! easily bit.
An ounce of heart is worth a ton of
i culture ; the mightiest force in tho,
world is heurt force.
Six thousand carrier pigeons are
maintained in the various fortifications
| ia France at the public expense,
Importing something for one's
sweetheart, ani paying enstom-honse
tolls, is a question of love and duty.
i Some people aro so excessively mod
est that they will blush when they go
to Heaven ana see the bare feet of the
"It's coolto-iay." said a mother
to her little son. Yea it's school fire
days out of the week, replied the em
byronio paragraphist.
lT . a a . ainat tu „ to earrv con
: oealed a 5 ma vet ifc ia nothina n ,, oom
oealed arms, yet it is nothing ui oom
j mon moonlight evenings^to see yonug /
■ ladies with half concealed arms aroand
their waists,
other, but the Led had to
o _
""/TcheeT 'ogive you .
1 p
A young gentleman was accusing
another of having a big month. Yes,
! A young woman in Hamilton county
j Ohio, won a prize by preparing h
j good dinner in sixty-five minutes.
' One girl cooked a dinner in fifty-four
; minutes, but it was not good.
1 -
j A physician's little daughter, called
| upon for a toast, gave : "The health
j of papa aud mamma and all the world."
But she suddenly corrected the senti
meut "Not all the world, for then
papa would have no patients."
My son, would'st thon have no
toriety ? Publish thou an almanac.
Would'st have great knowledge ?
Learn what others forget. Would'st
have wealth ? Either become
nndertakor, a plumber, or an Indian
| " Pur out your tongue a little fur
j ther," said a physician to a fair invalid
i "A little further still if you please."
"Why, dootor, do you think a woman's
tongue lino no end ?" said tho gentle
sufferer. "An end, perhaps madam,"
replied the doator, "bnt.no cessation. "
An old colored preacher in Atlanta,
Ga., was leoturing a youth of his fold
about the sin of dancing, when the
latter protested that the Bible plainly
said : "There's a time to danoe."
"Yes ; dar am a time to danoe," said
the dark divine ; "and it's when a boj ,;r
gets a whippin/for gwine to a ball,?

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