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" H A M M O N IA."
Nhw York, April 2.
The steamship Uamraonia arrived last
night from Southampton. She sailed on
Saturday evening, the 2(Jth ult., and brings
a London paper of the same date.
Consols at London, at 2 o'clock, p. m. were
quoted at 96}a97 for account.
The French funds slightly improved
ibay Mail arrived at London on
Saturday. The only additional news is that
tho attack on Lucknow was to commence
about the 20th.
It is reported that u relative of the old
King of Oudc has proclaimed himself King
of India, and has ordered the Insurgents not
to fight the English troops, but to disperse
thcmselves in small troops and kill the .Eng-,
lish. b
Maun Singh has asked leave to pass into
Nepaul, and be permitted to end his days in
retirement. He saved from the massacre at
Lucknow forty or fifty English or Anglo
Indian men, women and children.
Thc Barieilli rebels lost five hundred in
tho affair of the 10th of February.
The Mulwa contingent, the greater part of
wliich had
The Rajah of Anykesa has been hanged.
Fort Garrakota, abandoned by the rebels,
lias been demolished by an English column
sent from Jurubbulporc. Several villages on
the great Deccan road have also been do
Fort Bijrajorghur has been captured, and
ninety of the rebels shot.
A rebel attack on the village of Slecmanbar
has been repulsed.
The Calpec rebels have been twice beaten
with a loss of two hundred.
A small government post at Tullowan, had
sustained a rebel attack for several hours,
though defended by only ten men. The
assailants carried oil the women and children
of the defenders, who were in the village.
Thu Bombay exjiort market was unchang
Tho China Mail
London on Monday.
Several small vessels-of-war were fitting
ont to reinforce tho China fleet.
Gen. Canrobert has taken possession of his
command at Mancy.
XXXVth CONGRESS—First Session.
- Washington, April 2.
After some unimportant business the Kan
sas bill,
taken up.
The amendments wore read, when M
Green, (Mo.) without further explanatioi
said he would submit In n motio n to t~
to fti,r thelSor. ^
expected to reach
amended by the House,
.The House resumed the consideration
the Deficiency Appropriation Bill.
Mr. Jones (Tenn.) while opposing _
various items of appropriation, particularly
for tlie army, said incidentally that there
no evidence of a rebellion in Utah. „„
would prefer to send the civil officers thither,
and if the Mormons would not co-operate in
the administration of the Territory he would
repeal the organic law and give Brigham
Young and company fair notice to quit
soil. ^
C ^ N A A P ril 2d > 1858—The New Jer
sey M. E. Conference met here to-day, Bishop
Baker in the Chair. The opening services
conducted by Rev. Thomas Neal. I_
„ . . authorized to draw on the
Charter Fund for the sum of 825.
Resolved, That a copy of our minutes he
mailed to each member of tho Newark Con
A valuable
tho Secretary, *
for his services.
The candidates for Deacons Orders were
©ailed forward and addressed by the Bishop.
The Committee on Education reported, and
their report was accepted, and tho Confer
cuce resolved to raise #5000, to relievo Pen
mngton Seminary.
Tile Bishop was requested to appoint Eev
J. Hickman agent for the Seminary.
A case of appeal was brought before :
Conference, and referred to a committee
tlurreen to decide tho case.
gold watch was presented
Rov. J. Lewis, as a testimonial
Friday. April 2.
,n rather botter uoinand. and
4UU bushels fair and prime quality sold at
84a4 ; 25 per 64 pounds. There has been
nothing doing in Timothy or Flaxseed, and
prices continue unchanged.
The reccints of Flour continue liberal, the
inspections for the week amounting to 22,437
barrels. There bus been rather more activity
in tho market, and at thc close prices were
J™« TJesafosj comprise 500 barrels, at
*7>25&4 j 37 4 per barrel for superfine, 84.374
a4,64 J for extra, and #4 624 for extra family,
niehuling 100 barrels Middlings at 83,25.
The hulk of the sales were of good Western
extra and extra family at #4,50 for the for
mer and $4,624 for the latter. There has
been a fair inquiry for home consumption
with the range of the above quotations—
home of a choice brand sold at 85,50. Rve
Flour is held at 83,25 per barrel. There
been a fair demand for Com Meal at 83
Grain—Wheat is dull, anil to ofloct sales to
any extent some concession in prices would
have to bo made. Soles of lloo bushels
«•"Art- R «L»' *1,07al 10 per bushel,
and 100 bushels White at #1,10*1,30 Rvo
continues to command 70 cents, and it is
wanted at this figure. Com is in active de
mand at an advance of one cent per bushel
over the price noted yesterday. 10,000
bushels yellow sold at 66c per blithe], and
500 bushels at 65c. all afloat. A small lot
of yellow sold at 67 conta, data are in less
activo request, and prices are barely main
Cotton is dull under the discouraging news
from abroad. Small sales of Upland at 121c
al2ic per pound, cash.
Bark him declined. A small sale No. 1
Queroetron at #35 per ton.
Whiskey is held firmly. Small .sales of
barrels, 1 ennsylvania and Ohio, at 21ca22c
hogsheads at 204 c, and drudges at 194c.
New York, April 2.
f F i?' ,r ,lnn i ^ (W0 I'l.l».. sold at #4 25a4 30
for State, an advaueo of 5c. Wheat steady,
sales unimportant. Com buoyant. 40.000bu.
sold at 70a71c for for white and 09aG(H for
yellow.. Mena Pork advanced 10c, quoting
at 10 85al6 90: Prime quiet. Beef Hteady.
Lard linn at lOalOJ. Whiskey firm at 22
NhwOblkans, Apjil 1.
Cotton—Sales of 4000 hales at irregular
prices; the market at the close showed a de
cline of |a|.
Sugar is firm at 6a6£.
Flour $4 40.
Molasses 27c ;
Balttmork, April 2.
Flour steady; Wheat Ann at 103al06
1.15*1,31. Com firm at 58a60c. for white,
63aC5 c. for yellow. Whiskey dull and heavy
at 21 i*22 c. Provisions firm and unchanged.
Beef quotes at $18 00 for Baltimore
Pork—mess 817 00, prime 813a813 50.
CriABUcsTON. April 2.
Cotton declined iajc, sales ef 3000 bales
to-day at 11 fallt for good middling; sales of
the week 8500.
. Sam op tub Collins Stbamkbs.—T he sher
SA ^ e of the right, title, and interest of
the New York and Liverpool Company line
°f steamers, in the steamship» Atlantic,
Baltic and Adriatic, took place yesterday af
temoon, at the Collins's wharf, foot of Canal
street, New York. Before the commence
^©nt of the bidding, says the New York
Commercial , notice was given of a claim
»gainst the steamships Atlantic and Baltic
on behalf of the United States, for 8115,000
an< ^ interest from the 6th of February, 1849;
on behalf of the supervisors of the county of
New York for taxes to the amount of 839,
000, an( i the interest thereon ; by Stewart
in 000, an( i the interest thereon ; by Stewart
Brown and others, trustees, of 8500,000 of
of mortgage bonds, and interest from Novern
Ber 1, 1857, said bonds maturing in 1860,
and by Capt Briggs, of a claim of 83.000 up
°n the Atlantic, for wages due. On behalf of
the Company it was stated that the amount
demanded by the Government was claimed
to he already paid by the Company, and that
*t was denied that either that of the claims
for taxes is a lien on the ships, and that there
** au equitable claim for the remission of the
latter. The claims of the bondholders and
I° r wages was not denied. Tho sale, how
ever, was to be of the interest of the Com
P an y alone in the ships. With this explana
tion, the ships were then put up togethej, no
demand being made for their separate sale,
" Now, gentlemen," said tho auctioneer,
"how do you like them put up ; separately
or all together ? No choice? Then I will
put the three up together, and I will thank
jou for a bid. What do you say?
bid will I get? Give me something. (Au
imposing silence.) Well, I'll give you time
to make up your calculations. (A lapso of
five minutes.) What am I going to have?
Gentlemen, bid something; let us start them.
What shall I say for you, sir ? (an ominous
shake ef the head from an individual in the
crowd.) Gentlemen, give
p.eâse ; anything at all.
Mr. Potter, leaning over to some myth in
the crowd, "Shall I bid 850,000 for you, sir?
Ah. very well, 850,000 for this gentleman."
Auctioneer—Fifty thousand going. F<#rf
Tntake „1 ntI P' °"
about the five hundrM thô™nd' y anythmg
*5Ä i0D Sl rS B) - N0 "U™"" °" r "
=5s$aas* &•«— ää
A Vo« e ln A. Oraml-Wlw ,1. Ihoj „W m.,
a bid, if you
Auctioneer—Who bid the #50,000?
Mr. Potter—Mr. Dudley B. Fuller.
Some .uxiety in expressed to »now who
Mr. Fuller wig. Our reporter ventured to
ask a Milonsh lookmgmdividuel (who prov
cd to be one of tho hinds of tho Collins line
which was Mr. Fuller, and he answered—"]
wish to h—11 you would show him
for I want to see rav now boss."
tir^ r ^ï??i rpi ? >Ve I a to ^ be a »«ember qf the
firm of Fuller, Lord & Co., iron merchants,
corner of Cedar and Greenwich streets_
I here seemed to be some curiosiiy to find
out for whom he purchased tho steamships.
No ono thought that ho bought them for his
The genera 1 impression wss that
they were bought in for James Brown, one
of the present company. At all events, the
purchaser got a decided bargain. All the
only to
#657,000, which added to the #50,000 paid
for them—supposing all the liens to hoid good
—ma lte» the prices of tho three fine stasm
ships Balhc, Atlantic and Adriatic, #767,000,
lhe Adriatic, alone, cost over a million—so
thatthe value of tho threo cannot fall short
of two millions and a half. When the sale
was over the crowd speedily dispersed—
there was evidently no dispmrttion to make
a second bid, and the whole aflair did not oc
cupy more than twenty-five minutes.
A p-™™ Homed.-I f W o had gone in
search of all the murders, moving accidents
by fle d and flood, and wondcrflil things
generally wo heard of yesterday, wo should
have boon foot sore and weary before the
Bulletin went to press, and we should have
been moreover pretty extensively April fool
ed. Wo escaped any " sell" more provoking
than being directed to a piece of blank nn
per to find tho particulars of an interesting
case, and in this respect wo were more for
tunate than a reporter for a morning cotempo
rary. Our brother itemizer was met in the
morning bv a gentleman who gravely told
him that the ship Frolic, bound from Alex
andria, Egypt, to a Southern port, with
seventy-eight camels, had been caught in a
gale off the capes of the Delaware, and dis
masted. It was found necessary to throw
over all the camels but nine, and the wreck
"J. been fo^ed up to Pine Street Wharf
with the surviving quadrupeds on board.
Our friend immediately replenished the stock
ot paçer in his note book, and having sharpon
g. h « P? ncil > hastened to Pine Street
Wharf whore he excited the astonishment of
several colored grain carriers by inquiring
where 'that dismasted ship with nine camels
on board, was lying?" ft does not reqire
any very great provocation to excite the nsi
blés of the colored gentlemen who carry grain
into tho store-houses about those pnrts7aud
we are credibly informed that when they
tullv appreciated that our sober faced friend
with the note book and pencil,had been
duped into a tramp of half dozen squares in
search of a dismasted ship, and a lot of camels,
their emphatic smiles could be heàrd attho dis
tance of fully two squares ; while the display
of ivones was without» parallel.
Dr. Dewit's Presbyterian church at Harris
burg, together with four adjacent dwellings
were destroyed by fire on Thursday last.
('orrespondwnce of the Extraordinär from
Mexico, dated Guanajuato. March 1., {ms
the follow ing notice of the latest evuCw in
that vicinity :
# I have to inform you of the defeat jf the
liberals under Parrodi and Doblado. It ap
pears that instead of a severe battle.which
we all expeeted would take place bftveen
the contending armies^ there has been lotting
but a little skirmishing. Parrodi's troops
could not he brought there with grea diffi
culty, they could not be kept there, io ithat
just as the battle should nave conuieuced.
the liberal troops
said that the others
may be, the government troops reoyered
themselves shortly, and captured a qwifttity
of munitions of war left behiud by iheoiiers
in the hurry. Doblado, it is said, 1m j Sur
rendered with all his force, and given up his
cannons, &c., on condition that he should
not pe molested—which was granted Par
rodi is making the best of his way t< ? Gua
dalajara with the remnant of his anry
munitions, and is hotly pursued byOi
and the rest of tho government troops,
The Zuloaga government was in radpt of
intelligence twety-four hours later thni) this,
from wliieh we gather that their trooy% had
arrived at Jago, and tliat Parrodi wa.-ojpeci
pituting his retreat. This was the'aocond
notable encounter in which the reac
had triumphed. The previous one ^a|| at
Cerro Gordo, near Salamanca. A duwRtch
from Gen. Ossolo, according to tluTl
dinary reported of that us follows
The coalition, being in Salomanc
out to give battle ; the battlo lasted
that night, and on the following mon
completely disperse*
counts his loss at 27 killed and 51 wounded,
amongst the number Colonel Juan lolis.—
The coalition retired in confusion, ajid left
behiud them twelve pieces of c
Amongst tho killed on the side of t
tion is reported Colonel Calderon
said to have been a worthy and h
ran away, and it ii even
also. Howe\;r, this

ng the
ho I
spoctod person.
General Yanez, of Sinaloa, is rete)rted to
have declared for Zuloaga, because!Juarez
wished to close tho port of Muzatlan. J Senor
Dazay Arguelles hud pronounced in
Santa Anna, at Tulapcingo, but learn
Zuloaga was sending troops against Ijtn he
started for the capital, surrenderingtirnself
and was released on parole. Can
partizan of tho liberals, had been ilslodged
from the hacienda of San Diego Saif itlahua,
with loss of anus, horses, mules, «5 o., to a
considerable amount. A number of Santan
istas had been arrested, among then Sonora
Trigueros, Mifcuel Mosso, General B ssadre,
General Panlilo Galindo and one Ag ihre, a
Spaniard lately arrived from Havana
The Vera Cruz Progreso, howevci , gives
a different idea of the state of affairs. A
correspondent writing from tho cani
10th says that Parrodi was not disloAgd or
routed, tliat Usollo lost more men thaï he did,
and the brigades of Mejia and Casai
been destroyed. j
had.^ over a hl , . - -
19th, between Ri ,e™Ä d Sty
W™« Seca, with the capture«f 3
reiïïta _Wh ° "T with Viduarri.it
r " Uf ^"vmmuuü-DegoiÄ
m., ,.;.!. A T
be ignored, is a warm puro partisan.
At V era Cruz, notwithstanding two men
have been tried by court martial for endea
javor of
■UK that
on the
ittt the
by court martial for endea
voring to produce a re-action amongst the
garrison, it is still believed by many of the
constitutionalists that money will overthrow
their strength and place that port at tho dis
position of the government.
In Puebla the clergy are working diligently
to supply the sinews of war lor the
their cause It is said that the agent who
lately went to that city from here has been
of vast service to the cause in the manner
ready money.
From the southern portion of the State w
1 uebla wc have serious news. The perfect
n°!' Montano ; went out to
attack the Gallo Pitagonco. He was defeat
ed and had to fall back upon Attixco.
Gen. Camano, with some 700 Pintos from
the south, came upon Matamores shortly
after the entrance of the Gallo Pitagorico,
and he and his Pintos are now in possession
of tho place. It is reported that they will
advance upon Attixco. Their appearance at
Alatamoras was quite unexpected, and a
port had been received at Puebla that they
wore expecting reinforcements, with which
to make further iuroads upon the Tillages in
the State of Puebla. °
Alatriste has his force at Tapeii and Acn
tian, who were interrupting all the trade of
that section with Puebla. They exact duties
r l 1 ,™! 1 ! 00 S° ods o f »H kinds intend
od for Puebla. This of course is a virtual
prohibition of trade, as but very few can pay
two duties. r 3
<i.n „ F , ra '. ,T WU,LB Gakelimi.—D ennis
O ConnoH died at tho New York Hospital
Wednesday morning from thc etfoct of in
Äe r JZt^S day Ä t t a V , ^ D< l?
nally fought with cacl, other. In the courae
of tho row Laughlm, it is alleged, drew a
slung shot from his person and felled his an
tagonist with a blow on thc head. O'Connell
was picked up in a senseless condition and
mittT^V* 1 *° i n ° Spital ' he lingcresl
uutÜ W cdncsday morning, when he died.
Laughlm was taken into custody on thc day
TnnT" 8 as6a ?! t ,', an ' 1 »"Led , 1 , he
Pombs. Coroner Hüls held an inuuesl „non
Jhs.hoily of the deceased y.istciXy wlicn
testimony suhstaiitiatiug thc account Of thc
afiray, as already published, was elicited.
The jury rendered a verdict of ''Death bv
compression of thc brain, thc result of rio
knee received at thc hauds of John Lmigh
lin„ on the 27th of March, 1358." Upon
the rendition of the above verdict, Uoroner
Hills conimitted thc prisoner to await the
action of the Grand Jiuy. O'Connell was a
native of Ireland, and was twenty-four years
Fifty license, for thc sale of spiritous
liquors, expired in thi. oily a fow day» since, and
of tliat number only five were renewed some days
afterward. Consequently there was a very gene,
rsl suspension of the business or violation of the
■■ I
Tli* Relation« between England nd France.
The Persia brings intelligence that the
Emperor of the French has issued oi-dors for
his navy to be put on a war footing, while,
on the other hand, the British government
have directed their coast defences to be ex
amined, and a large body of men to be con
contrcted at one of their newly-made camps.
This hardly looks as though either nation
felt perfectly satisfied that the mutual ex
planations of Lord Malmesbury and M. de
Walewski had entirely and altogether buried
the hatchet. Tho Engish, of course, need,
in times of piping peace, not to let
fortiiications fall into decay ; they
for India, and they inay as well
masses at home ; the
French Navy will shortly be required to un
dertake the promised expedition against
Cochin China, and will require a navy for
this, not to speak of other naval enterprises
nearer home. So that, on the whole, these
several movements of the two nations can
certainly he explained without necessarily
expecting a war between England and
France. But, considering everything, this
peaceful explanation of the phenomena is
hardly as plausible as another.
What passed at the interview of Stuttgart
no one has ever known. Recent events have
revived the old inquiry—What passed on
that occasion between the Emperor of the
French and the Emperor of Russia ? Was it
a second meeting of Tilsit, at which the Em
perors agreed upon a fresh partition of Eu
rope into Empires of tho West and East,
with Russia as the nucleus of tho one, and
France the heart of tho other ?
In how perilous a position the Emperor
stands, every mail tells numerous stories.
Think of that stifled groan — Vive la Répub
lique !—which rose from the lips of two
hundred thousand Frenchmen, as Orsini's
head fell into the basket ! There is need of
plenty of tried soldiers to keep down that
mob, or there will very quickly he an end of
the Empire. And how is the Einp
keep well with the anti-British sole
he insists on pretending that he plays the
part of the humble, dependent, and submis
sive ally of England ? On one side- -a gulf—
abandonment by the soldiery, and the fall of
dynasty ; on the other—another gulf,
with England. Apparently he must
choose between them.
In the event of a war with England the
chances are that at first success would rest
with France. Her army is much larger and
better disciplined than that of England : her
capacity for throwing one or two hundred
thousand men on the British shoro, in the
course of a few hours, by means of steam
vessels, and hurrying them to London is un
doubted ; and if the manœuvre was under
taken vigorously and swiftly at the outbreak
of a war, the immediate result would proba
bly he successful. Of course, in course of
timo, it would be as impossible for a hundred
thousand Frenclunen to maintain themselves
in London, as it would be for a like number
of Englishmen to occupy Paris, or French
to hold Now York ; in course of time,
the invaders would he ignominiously expelled.
But this would he hut the least part of the
reprisals which England would forthwith
roceed to
their coast
be trained to act i
diery, if
undertake. She would at
organize and subsidize the republicans of
France and Europe. Through the exiles who
would hasten home to take part in a revolu
Mm steH'nf aÂgiïôîiTPS, Æ'Û'„uelf 0 ,'ST f
tew" cmpirc wouid Œ
Such is the inevitable prospect in theerent
Of a war between France and England, and
the only question is whether the pressure
which the army and the agricultural classes
are exercising against the Emperor, in conse
quence of his adhorence to Great Britein and
to the English alliance, is sufficiently power
ful to make him perceive that the evils we
have described as certain to follow a rupture
with Engiand are after all less than those
winch ho would havo to eucounter by re
taining her friendship.
. Jr] fo , r !? a T? üvo m >llion dollars of
State bonds to the Railroad Companies, which
has passed the Legislature of Minnesota, has
been jM^edbythe acting Governor, and wifi
™ ^"f to Aprir t, * ation ° f thc
ü °. mp "" y havc c * ncci -
led #54,500 of their bonds siuce tho first of
January, in liquidation of tho sale of lands.
#60 3 #ß ° f *" ds t0 Mareh 25th > amount to
The assignees of the Illinois Central Rail
roa.1 have given notice that they arApropared
to pay the optional right scrip, with tho ac
entod interest, on presentation at the office
of 'h« company, No. 50 Wall street.
i he cornons on the unsecured bonds of
the New York and Harlem Railroad Com
pany, which are past due, will be paid
presentation at the Treasurer's office.
The Reading Railroad Company have
made public its rates of freight and tolls on
coal for the present season until further notice.
1 hey are considerably below thc standard of
sa? ia y 10 60 * iosinE buainess
Died, in Wasliigton. March 29. Tuck-a-lix
4 r r.tP r Î- . man t " nt * 108 "any horses, son
of tha-hieks-steea-nasharo, or the whiteman
chief, who was noted as a brave of the
Pawnee tribe of Indians. The deceased was
with a number of his tribe, in Washington
uponbusmess with the government, in charge
of Major W. W. Dennison. His remains
were interred in tho Congressional Ccme
Arrest op an Aiaegbu Tweet Swindler.
7 -Jamos Schwer, keeper of nn alleged bogus
ficket office, No. 157 Cedar street! iS
York, was airested and brought before the
Mayor by officers Cholwell and Church,
1 nursday morming last.
A peasant, who had noticed that old people
used spectacles to read, went to an optician
i.i xi* fo L * P» ir , which were politely
handed him. Taking up a book, he examined
t very attenfively for a few moments, and
then laid the spectacles down, saying that
they were not good. Whereupon the specta
cle maker hunted out tlie best glasses the
shop could afford, and placed them, one after
another, upon his customer's nose. The
peasant, however, rejected them all, still
complaining that they were not good. A
bright idea seemed to spread over the honest
merchants countenance, "Ah, my friend,"
.perhaps you cannot read at all !"
It 1 could," tartly responded the peasant
■■ I would not want your spectacles."
AS taken the old bland No. 12 East Second
streot, lower side of the Market House,
he intends to carry on the second-hand
business in nil its various brandie», in connection
s „ and wi,, every article at
Ijriccs tliat will give general satisfaction to the
purchaser. Cush |>aid for all kinds of goods •
nulhei n. of »loves bonghl, rold nnd eschangci.
J ash Paul fijr Old Rope and Rags.
Piano Warerooms,
No. l'Jl Market Hi, above Seventh,
d«or above Dully It Miller's Music Store,
Wilmington, Del.
Makers—Nunns St Ciarko and Raven, Bacon
&. Co., Now York ; Hallett, Davis St Co., Boston,
and A. B. Rcichenbach, Philadelphia.
Also.Melodcons from tho manufactories of Car
hurl, Needham Sc Co., Now York, and A. P.
Hughes, Pliila.
All the above instrumenta warranted to give
en tire satisfaction.
tsr N.B.—-Tuning and Repairing promptly
attended to. jq l-2w
Duffy & Miller,
No. 189 Market St. above Sovonth, between St
Paul's M. E. Church, und Harper's Piano
Wareroom, Wilmington, Del.
The latest Music ulways
Instrument*, Strings, Stc.
hand. Also fine
26 Front st.,
No. 31 Water st.
the Hbore properly, has entirely refitted it,
and intends to conduct it on the EUROPEAN
1-1 w
Ill Market Street.
B ooks, stationary, and fancy
GOODS, Wholesale and Retail, CHEAP
A largo asRorlmenl of Theological Works by
the best authors.
Church Books, and the newest Church publica
tions always on hand.
Livingston's Africa, Berth's Africa, Bayard
Taylor's Northern Travel, and all the
nutions of tho day. Selling 20 por cent, below
Don't forget 111 MAR
Philadelphia prices.
Importer of Hardware and Cutlery,
Wilmington, Del.
Domestic Hardware, Glass, White antfc Red
Leads a nd other Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c . lm
"dr. J. SIMMS & SON,
Botanic Drugs and Eclectic Medio in«,
Cor. of Fourth und King Streets, Wilmington,
Delaware. _ 1-tf
citizens of Wilmington to his large and
varied assortment of
Blank Books, Stationary, School Books, His
tories, Scientific, Moral and Religious
Books. Bibles largo and small.
,'ST f
suitable for the different Churches. Môst of the
above* articles
Id for half the
bought at trade sale and will
usual priées.
157 Market at., above 6tli.
Corner of Third and Market Streets,
Dealers in Paints, Oils, Glaw & Pntty,
Brushes, Looking Glass Plates, Tar, White
Lead, Varnish, Ac. i.i m
-t A- kot st., give« his jkorsonal attention to Pro
«oriptMiM and general details of tlie business,
articles guaranteed to be of the most reliable
quality, and as cheap us can be had elsewhere—
Wight calls promptly attended to.
promptly attended to.
-L- 7 inensely popular as a healing balm for
oases of the Breast, Throat and Lungs; wo hear
it highly spoken of daily bv those who havo used
it, the testimony in its favor appears to be gene
ral. In Mcasels it has sustained itself as a cura
tivc agent in every case; in Coughs,Cold, Horse
, Whooping Cough, Spitting of Blood, Short
or Breath, Croup, Pains in the Breast, to
gether with all other ailments, incident to
Breast, Throat and Lungs, this Syrup is u
sovereign remedy, relieving almost immediately
nnd curetng as speedily ns possible. Far gone
cases of Consumption will find great benefit from
_U8o of this Syrup if not a permanent
Dr. J. Siuun's White Liniment, now pre-emi
external remody. This Liniment is
and everywhere; it is highly
upprociuted fer its great remedial qualities, whi<
are at once realized in its application in Rheuma
tism Neuralgia Sore Throat Mumps,Sore Throat
in Scarlet to vor, or where it may occur from any
disease ; Gout, Frosted Feet, Sprains Bruises,
Burns and Scalds and Pains of every character.
None genuine without tho written signature, thus
Lubd lra,, ** a ® x °d to the Wrapper and
nent as an >
known far and
Dr. J. Sirnms Cholera Syrup—This a
ouro for Dysentery and Diarrhea in all their
various forms ; Crumps, Colic, Cholera Morbus,
rains in the Stomach and Bowels, Summer Dis
eases of children and in all diseases affecting tho
Stomach and Bowels incident to tho warm and
suUry seasons. This Syrup is certain safe und
affectual in its operation. -A liberal deduction
to wholesale purchasers. Orders
warded. Prepared nnd sold by
proprietors 4lh and King Sts.
p « «... Wilmington, Del.
r. s—oold by country store keepors and deal
at. generahj,. u .
promptly for
New Tobacco and Segar Store
J. & X>. BUTZ»
I "O ' 1 Son* 1, dealers, King street, above
nu.nl, Wilmington, Del. The choicest I,rand,
o American and Imported Segar. and Tobacco
always on bond. Bo»t Havana cigavrsdirect from
thojniporter for sale cheap.
fpilb Subscriber ia now nellin; r all tho most
W rov ®'l Agricultural Implemsmts. at prices
foim'!!' I toreasli. Amongwhioh will be
tound the Cnst.stocl Extending Point Plow,
Ptows 8 "']' W' B ^ ker - Ko'ehm, and Break
n .7.1« C ° rn Plow '' ,2 S5 *° ,3 0 ° each.
Brat .tael and common Cultivob jro, very olicup.
Thresh« Mocllim », liorse.powcr
I„toto h l A Cleaner, on wheel«. Aim, the
onginul Ammonintcd Super.Phos phato of Lime
Poudre, le. CI,inn. Fertilirer, Bo„£ Dn«,4c! '
nnd 8 and G "J! ll ' !n Seeds, warranted to bo froth
and genuine. For anlo by C. B. ROGERS,
1-1111 No, 111 M arket a*., Philadelphia.
kidneyiq Ä
Now Fourth .Street above Columbia, Kensington,
All order, promptly attended to.
Auctioneer and Commission Agent,
Cor. Sec-..id ami Plum st». Camden, N. J.
C—h adrai .;d
O Cloth M nufnctory,No.46N. Front stsPhjja. ^
Brass and i. on wire sieve«, of all kinds î^îroSÎ*
und copper wire cloth, for paper makers, &c.
Cylinders und Dundy Rolls covered in the bcsl
manner. Heavy twilled wire, for spark catchers ;
of superior quality, for brass and iron
founders. Screen wire, window wire, safes, coal
and sand screens, See. Orders from the city or
country will receive prompt attention. l-3m
Goods consigned for Salt .
The following letter
ing Bulletin, a fow days since, by Mr. Thorium
Simpson, the well known Dry Goods Merchant,
924 Pine street above Ninth, Philadelphia, und
hIiows the |K>werful effect of SCHENCK'S PUL
MONIC SYRUP, in curing consumption.
Mr. Editor —1 wish to make known, through
the columns of your paper to the public, tho fol
lowing statement : My son, George T. Simpson,
has been for several years afflicted with pulmo
nary consumption, having a scrofulous tendency ;
wc tried various modical treatments, but nothing
seemed to givo any permanent relief. 1
vised to take him to Europe, which I did, re
maining mort of the time in France, and return
ing home with him very little improved. W.o
then called on Dr. SCHENCK, with a view to us
certain, by means of his Respirometer, the exact
condition of his lungs ; a careful diagnosis was
made, and we found that his left lung
much diseased, nnd that he was suffe
to lhe E
bring, also,
from a chronic inflammation of the mucous mem
brane of tho other. With
took him to his residence, below Bristol, Pcnnn.,
where ho remained under Ii'ih charge about eight
weeks, and in that short space of time, I
happy to state, ho effected lus
und night-sweats, which
coased entirely, and all other bud symptoms have
disappeared—his breast, which was flat and
tracted, has expanded four inches ; he has gained
in flesh astonishingly ; his pulse, which was never
less than 140, is now down to 80. I make this
statement in order that others who may hé af
flicted in like manner, may know what mi/so In
convinced I
consent, tho Dr.
Ilis cough
very profuse, have
pursue. I
change in any person, in so short a time.
THOS. SIMPSON, 924 Pine st. In- 1. 12th.
Dr. Schenck's Principal Office is at 39 N. Ctlj
street, above Market, Philadelphia.
S AMUEL POWELL, No. 413 «.Second st..
7 doors below Pine, west side, keeps con
stantly on hand a large assortment of Tin Wate,
Wholesale and Retail. He will make to order,
Lard Oil. Turpentine Cans of all sizes. Tin
Roofing and Spouting done at the shortest notice.
Milk and Dairy .Fixtures. l-3m
1 80
Helmbold's Genuine Preparation
for diseases of the bladder, kidneys, gravel, drop
sy, weaknesses, obstructions, secret disease«, fe
male complaints, and all diseases of the
organs, arising from excesses and impruc
from the bladder, kidneys,
whether existing in male or
or sexual
- , female, froflKrTnut
cause they may have originated, and n<,
matter of how long standing; giving honlil» „ml
v.,or to tli. frame,"and Wool
* h '. ■«"tod It euro, nervoi. i„ d ffi '
itated Buljcrcr., .nd remove all the .ymptooia
among which will be found induiioution to
ion loaa of power, loa, of memory, difficulty of
breathing, general weakne», horror of diseLj
weak nerve,, trembling, dreadful horror of de.lh'
night aweato, cold feet, w.kclulueaa, dünne« of
viaion, languor, universal la«itudn of the
cul.r ayatom, often enormous apuctile, with de«
peptic symptoms, hot hands, Shafting of tlto
body, drynea. of. the akin, riSu ZSLZtZ .
and eruptions on tho face, pain in the back hT
vines* of the eyelids, frequently black spots fl v
mg before tho eyes, with temporary suffuîTonand
loss of sight; want of attention, greatfcnobih v
restlessness, with horror of société rÄhin» i«
JSn d T ab,e t0 "Y* PfBenta than solitude, IthI
nothing they more dread for fear of tlicuiMlvea ■
no repose ol manner ; no earnestness, no apccüia.'
Uon t but a hurried Iranaftion from one qSoatu,,,
■ T 'T W m Pto™ if allowed to go on
—which tlua medicine invariable romovea-aam,
follows Ion. o/power, fatuity and epihjilic fi r._
in ono of Wliic .1 tlio patient may expire. Whu
say that these excesses arc not lrcuuentto
followed by tlioao direful diaoaeoa—INSANITY
. CONSUMPTION y The record, of the
insane asylum, and the melanclioly deatlia I, v
coniumplion bear ample wilneas to tile trutlx of
these assertions. In lunatic asylums the
molMcheiy exhibition epponra. Tlie countenance
actually aodden att d quite dealitute—neither
mirth ; °r grief ever visits it. Should a sound of
1113 r »rd y articulate,
With woeful measures wan despair
Law sullen sounds Ids grief beguiled."
Debility 1 , moat terrible" and haa brought
"P°n thousand, to untimely gravis :
thus blasting tlie ambition of many youth- it
be cured by this Infallible liemody.
Ifjou ore suffering with any of the above die
treaamg allmenu, tile Fluid Extra* Buchu will
" Bew."r' T Æ' 1 "1 d con,in "' i of it* effiraev.
oewan. of Quack Nostrums and Quack Doc
to ra wh o faUely botuit of abilities and references.
Litma. know aed avoid them, and save long
suftenng, money and expeure by aonding or
calling for a bolüe of this popular and So*
,l' I** * llay ' •" t" in " ,ld iuftato'UaUon, t
SSftftEL" ani1
Is prepared directly according in tli* mU c
Pharmacy and Chemistry, wit? foe greatest ac
cur.cys'KicI.rmicslknowie,!;,, snd f. re d '] 0 " f C d
m its combination. See Professor Dewees' valu
able works on the practice of physic and
the Isle standard ierk. „„ Æ«. nd
the Isle standard ierk. „„ Æ«.
One Hundred Dollar, will be paid i„ anv Pl,v
sioisn who can prove that thc medicine cwr m
jured a l>«ncnti and the testimony of lliousands
be produced to prove that ft doe. gerat Z]
«rom ono week to thirteen 4m' S'
mg have been cured. The msa. If volumi rt
tosümony m po.«ssi„„ a f liie ic J 1
ing its virtue, and curslivo powers, i, immense
embracing name, well known to sd™« ]Tl ,
fame. 100,000 bo,Ho. have bren rô M and 'at ,
single instance ef a f.Uurc has been reported
Personally appeared before me, «n Aldermnn
of the city of Philadelphia, H T SSu!
chemist, who being duly sworn doc. ray ,
prcparstion contain, no narcotic, meroorv " i,
"non. drug but are purely Vegetable. '
H. I. HELM BOLD, Sole Manufacturer
Sworn and subscribed before me this oo.l ,L,.
November, 1854. Wm P H,.. . a 7? V
Price fl per bottle or Zx £ Si A
any Address, accompanied by reliable n OI , VCrc< ,0
.iblc Certificate, from Profrafi,,. of Med cTîolü
leges. Clergymen snd others.
Prepared and sold by H. T. HELMBOLL
My Buildings, Pbiladelphia.
rJ*]vT 0 |™u h V l of E - Wilnijaw
Del-. WiioloMle Agent, and of all Dr
Dealers Ibroughout the UniuA.ti
and BritiRlilProvince««
Ask for
1 >.

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