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SMY11NA, 12'lt August.
I The confirmation of the above we have just re
Seved, via, Athens. It is moreover said, to-day,
L, the castle of Marettimo, Gandin, has been
Iken, and that the Greeks were bombarding the
hslle of Caine by land and sea.—Nikctaras lias
Crived before Putin» with 15UU0 Greeks, to pre
further landing ot Turks. In Livadia
Mint any . „
Odysseus lias defeated in five difierent encounters
tile bodv of troops there. The naval fleet ot the
Greeks, it is said, and we believe it, have gone
Mt to meet the Turks on their return. The Id
riots have fourteen lire ships with them. We
ll.. c accounts to day that the Persians have made
with the Turks.
It has been ascertained by Mexican pa
pers to the 20th August, that the
the provinces has been unequivocally ex
pressed in favour or a Federal Republic.
Santana had recognized in form the Su
preme Executive power of Mexico, and in
an address to that body, he signified the
pleasure with which lie learned that the
Supreme Congress, in accord with general
opinion, was employed in determining the
bpsis on which to organise the nation into
a Federative Republic. In several of the
Mexican documents, strong detestation is
expressed of the French invasions of
Spain ; in all of them, the principle of the
sovereignty of the people is emphatically
proclaimetl. On the 25th July, paper
ner to the amount of 200,000 «lois, was
pBulicly hurnt in the city of Mexico.
JY. I. hv. I ost.
voice o
Advices from Maranham, says the N. Y. F.v.
Post, received at Salem, state that the authorities
Mid principal inhabitants of that place, who had
•bout the middle of July declared against the re
establishment of despotism in Portugal, and in
fkvour of the new 1 iperial Government, were
able, on the arrival of Lord Cochrane about the
1« of August, to carry their views into effect.—
Para hail also joined them on the 11th The
whole con trout, it it said, was in the hands of his
lordship, who carried matters with a high hand,
seizing the ships and property ot the European
Portuguese merchants, amounting to about one
million of dollars, and sending it to Hto tor adju
dication. He bad also imprisoned several met-.
the place had in con
chains, and the business o
aequence greatly relaxed.
A letter dated Valparaiso, June 19th, states
that Midshipman Smith was attacked at that place
-'by three soldiers, who hid him stop or they
: would cut him down, upon which he vert cool
ly answered the summons by blowing out the
Spins nf one, wounding another mortally, while
the ibird took to his heels! Mr. Smith belonged
to the Macedonian.
LUWsdaAj, Oc toll er lW2/à.
Up, Appointments by the President.
Jamf.s J. Wbhiht, of New York, to be Consu
lar Commercial Agent of the United Stales at Si.
de Cuba.
^Francis \V. Armstrong, of Alabama, to be
■^Marshal for the District of Alabama.
KfjThe National Intelligencer of the 20th inst.
Jay s that letters had been received on the 19th
'from the friends ct Mr. Secretary Crawford, at|
ilsrboursville. He continued seriously indisposed,
but was able at times to sit up. Mr. Jxffeuson|
arrived at Mr. Barbour's, on a visit to Mr. Craw
ford on the 14th.
«The Steam Galliot Sea-Gull, Commo
dore Porter, arrived oft' Charleston on the
lit!) inst. on her return home.
, A letter received at Boston, from Smyrna, da
ted Aug. 17th, stales that intelligence had been
received from Constantinople to the 12th, when
peace had been concluded with Persia, and the
tj&çaty was signed.—All was tranquil at Smyrna.
Since the result of the Election in our
state has been ascertained, the pub
lit mind has been directed towards that
ojF Pennsylvania. Much anxiety is ex
pressed, and many bets have been made on
its issue. By a statement in the Phila
delphia Centinel of yesterday, the Demo
cratic candidate, Mr. Shulze, has a majo
rity of 24,452 votes. There are several
ceunties yet to be heard from.
JSV.e are indebted to the politeness of a friend
for the following extractnl a letter from an Am
erjean gentleman at Montivideo, dated July 28,
1823. Later dates have been received, hut none
we believe so particularly detail the events that
have transpired. Montevideo it appears i
jged by General Lacure, but nothing is said to
Iroborate the statement of liis army amounting
Sthirty thousand men.
Mosteviubo, July 23, 1823.
jPptAa you are something of a Politician as well as
* ^Traveller, I must give you a sketch of the situ
»lion of events here i— Montevideo was taken pos
setaion of by the troops of the King of Portugal
»nd Brazil, before that king left Rio Janeiro, for
1 W.
After he went to Lisbon his son whom
he left to govern the Brazils under him, set up
for himself, anil declared the Brazils independent,
&n*d himself Lmperor! This measure, as might
expected, created a seisin in the Portuguese
Hbops iiere at that time, and General Lacor, the
^fcnmander-in-chief, took part with the new Em
I«rpr, and with those officers and troops, which
|H couid gain over to his new master's service,
JH retired from Montivedeo to San Joseph, (alias
|H. Hose,1 leaving Don Alvaro de Costa, a Colo
■ under him with about 1500 men, in .Montevi
Bo, with this understanding, that as soon as ves
Mis could be prepared, they were to embark for
*Bsbon. General Lacore had been but a siiort
Me out at St. Jose, when I arrived, and the na
P inl)ifbitai)ta of j Montevideo had then com
enced their iptrigue, or plan to get rid of both
>rtuguese and Imperials, and assert their inde*
jndence again ; and they prevailed on Don AI*
F° to delay embarking, and allow the city ol
Montevideo to arm as a corps of Civicos, or. Mi
litia. to defend it against General Lacor, who Don
Alvaro had then ceased to obey, taking under
liis authority the Customhouse, Consolado, Ca
vildo, &c. and applying all the revenues to the
support of liis troops, and arming the Civico,
who amounted at that time to about 1200, though
considerably diminished since, by many families
ed away on acconnt of the siege,
which General Lecor has declared against the
place, In this slate of things Inis Montevideo
been deprived of the benefit of trade with the
country now about four months ; its inhabitants
are growing poor daily, and provisions
Beef baa been as high as
and is likely to be very scarce, as General Lecor
permits no cattle to pass his lin-. for the use ot
the city. Other articles of necessity are propor
ftionably dear; Four is nominally at $ 16 per
barrel, being the price limited by the Govern
ment, or it would be higher."
12$ cents per pound,
the alarm; the citizens and firemen re
mo-paired immediately to the scene of Con
fl a g ru tjon, but notwithstanding the activi
^ ,|i ä p] a y e d, particularly on the part of
t j ie j} rel „ e n i sume of whom it is said threw
themselves into thp flumes to cut or pull
down fragments of the building,) it was re
duced to a heap of ruins—nothing now re
mains but disfigured walls and scattered
fragments of pillars lo mark the place on
Rich once stood one of the nobles' wiq-ks
The ancient and venerable edifice, St.
Paul's Church, at Rome, was destroyed
by fire, on the night of the 15th July.
Some workmen having been employed to
make repairs in the church, left a chafing
dish of cuals on the ceiling, which, being
of wood, took tire. A traveller happening
to pass, observed the flames issuing from
the building, when he immediately gave
This church was originally
of antiquity,
founded by Constaptine, and rebuilt by
Honorious. The columns which support
ed the nave, were, for the quality ot the
marble and their admirable proportions,
of the most celebrated pillars of
Ruine. It is supposed that they were ta
ken from the tomb of Adrian. The bronze
portals of this Church were cast in Con
stantinople in the twelfth century. One
half of the remains of the bodies of St. Pe
ter, and St Paul, were among the reputed
relics, preserved in the vaults of St. Paul's;
the other halves being at St. Peter's.
It has been decided in the Court ot Sessions in
New York, the case of the people vs. i> P. .1.
selling goods at public
(lautier, that u per
auction without a liccnHt*, cannot incur any pe
alty ; the legislature having otr.it 'cd to
law of April, 1817, agreeably to the »
ist* i he
v Lonsti*
, the
We understand that General Devere:
Irish Patriot, who was appointed by the Colom
bian Republic, Minister Plenipotentiary to the
courts of Russia, Prussia, and Denmark, b »8 since
been sent upon a very important mission to Eng
land, and expects to pay a short visit to his friends
[Daily Adv
in America, previous to liis return
MICHIGAN.—'File corner stone of the Capjtol
lof this Territory has been laid at Detroit. An
appropriation has been authorized by Congress
for erecting the building. The edifice is to lie
88^ feet by (iO, three stories high. It is to In
built of brick, with walls 31 feel in height, und a
gallery ten feet wide in front, ornamented with
six columns of Ionic order, supporting a pedi
ment and cupola. The whole of the building o
calculated to accommodate the Supreme Court
of the Territory, and the Legislature, and tocoii
tain rooms for several offices. Michigan is now
rapidly increasing in population, and it is proba
ble 1 hat before the Capitol is finished, the Terri
will become a state.
XnteTestlns LW&mn^s.
On Saturday last, the Canal boat New York
Trader touched at n dock in this village, 8 day*
with nails, iron, butter,
She is 80 feet long, 50
from Whitehall, I:. en
boards, 8cc. for N York,
tons, and has a horse shoe nailed to the mast, to
keep the witches ofi'.—[Newbtirg Index.
A letter from a
Shocking Occurrence.
lady in Paris, Oneida County, to her
friends in Whiting, (Vt.) states, that while
four ladies were taking tea together near
that place, two of them sickened and died
at the table, and the other two died next
On an examination of the tea
kettle, it was found a hard worm hail
been boiled in it, the poison of which was
the cause ot their death,
Two men are now in Huntsville (A ) jail, com
mined fur trial on charges of murdering their
Surgeon O'Meara, in his "Voice from
St. Helena, makes Napoleon say " I never ut
* -it I*.- I
committed a crime tn all my political ca- prü
reer. At my Inst hour I can assert that.
Had I done so, I should not have been here
now. I should have despatched the Bour
bons. It only rested with me to give my h *
consent, and they would have ceased to
li ve i>
Stare Coach acc.uents.-A gold medal of the
value of thir'v guineas (150 dolls.) has been
fered by the 'London Soc ety for the encourage Jot'
ment of Arts and »Manufactures, to the person for
who shall inventa method of preventing 4C.ci- fo
dents arising from stage coaches.
The Cattle Show which took place at t i
Brighton, on the 15th October, is said to
have been superior to any preceding exhi
bition. An Ox from Peterham, the larg
est among the fat cattle, weighed about
2600 lbs. Among the novelties, there was
a Hindoo Cow and Calf.—These apimals
are uncommonly homely, and not more
than half the size of our domestic stock.
There were also four long wooled sheep
from Holland.
;ronn.—The National Intelligencer
states, that from the latest information received,
which was on the 10th inst. there was every rea
soti to hope and believe that Ml-. Crawford,
whose illness lmd lately assumed so dangerous an
appearance, would, in a short period, be entirely
Mu. C
The Savannah Georgian mentions that a gen.
eral complaint prevailed of the ravages among
the Cotton, in the upper fournies by the rot.
There is a great rage at present in the
English reading public for German Tales
of " Goats and Goblins." Three different
works of this description have been lately
pnbljshed. The first is entitled " German
popular stories by Grimm," the second,
•• Ghost stnrjes," published by Ackerman ;
and the third is called the " Popular Tales
and Romances of the Northern Nations."
Fevrii at Natchez —Accounts received at
Washington from Natchez stale, that as far as the
18th September, the yellow fever continued ra
ging with unabated violence, carrying off from
six to seven per day, oi(t qf a population of about
4Ü0 persons who then remained in the infected
district. The fever had extended tn $ plantation
about a mile and a half on the Natchez roail, and
several had died who had visited that place.
The Emperor of Russia has presented
four beautiful horses to the King of Eng
A new mad house has been erected at Milan,
port de St. Celsn, which contains a musical
saloon with keyed and musical instruments, for
the practice of the inmates It is intended to
try here whether music will have any influence
over mental disease.
The University at Gottingen has been
closed for one year. The students have
been expelled from the city.
Capt. Delano, who left Demerara on the first of
Sept-mher informs that the negroes still kept in
large bodies—one of about 150ÜU were within 8
miles of the town, and kept the inhabitants m
Kight were to be hung on the
day capt. 1). sailed, 253 others were sentenced
The troops had killed about 300
in the country. An embargo was laid on all ves
sels in the port; the American vessels however,
were on petition, permitted to leave the port.
A pamphlet in favour of Mr. Adam's
election to the Presidency, has been pub
lished at Providence.
Mr. Secretary Adams returned to the city of
Washington on" Saturday last from his visit to
liis n:i<ive stale
continual alarm.
for execution.
It is said that several of the most learn
ed Jetys, residing at Paris, intend to com
the publication of a periodical
work devoted tn the moral and the social
instruction of individuals of their own re
ligious persuasion. The are already two
works of this description published in
Accounts from Rainojville, Ohio, dated Oct. 1,
slate that counterfeit Spinish dollar» baye just
made 'heir appearance in llpit vicinity, within a
dated 1830, appear very
plain as the genu
men ce
le v <Ii\h.
bright, but the stamp is not s
ine did tars, and arc comimsed principally of cop
nid are b\ some process made equally heavy
wiili tin- Bpunisli coin,
Godwin, the celebrated author of Caleb
Williams, is said to Iip wholly engrossed
in a work which lie says " may be liis last
legacy tn his fellow men." There is some
thing melancholy ;n this mode of announ
cing a work. This production is under
stood to be entitled the " History of the
Commonwealth of Great Britain."
Maryland —With much regret we have to
beljeve, says Nile's R* giMer, that the late elec
tions ip this state make it probable that our con
stitution will not be mended, aa proposed, at the
neu session, by striking out the religious test
required of members of tho legislature, and others
appointed to office. It is a shame that, at this
iMilightened .day, and in this free country, an at
tempt should be made bv government, to force
the consciences of men in rr utters of fai'h, or pre
set ib- the duties whiph they owe to their Creator.
The Richmond Enquirer gives the fill;
lowing very sensible argument against the
renomination of Mr. Monroe, "he cyncjir
mf in an amendment recommended to be
made in the Constitution, to debar any
person from being President fur more than
8 in any term of 10 years.
M. Reidlin, a learned doctor of Ulm,
narruteth, in his laborious collection of
cases, relating to the Praxis Medics, t|iat
a certain Valet de Chamber having receiv
ed many clothes from his master, who was
of a very gouty habit, wore some ot them,
whereupon he was instantly seized with
the gout; and though he immediately pul
led them ofi", the gout remained, and lie
was more violently tormented therewith
than his master.
The whole number of deaths at New-Orleans,
by accounts ;
ending the 16th, were 42.
generalh, a greater degree of health has not been
enjoyed since the summer commenced.
A Portsmouth Paper states, that a few
days since, Molly Miles, a coloured wo
man, one hundred and four years of age,
walked to Kennebunk, a distance ol about
30 miles.
late as Kept. 18, during the week
Among tile citizens
The celebrated Professor Ulumenbacli, of Got
tingen, hag collected a valuable cabinet of curio,
sides, which he highly prizes.
friend came to him will, a long face, to tell him
ut " ver f unpleasant circumstance, that he had
seen a man cut by a ladder into a window or the
prü f L . ssor > 3 |, UU9t / , Jf ,io w liich window?' cried
Blumenbach. 'I am suiryto say,' replied his
friend, ' it was your daughter's.' *G ! man,' said
!*•>' ou almost trightened me, I thought it
h * d f , ueen ,nto n '> cabint:t ' ,
I he New-Jersey Gepera! Election took
place on Tuesday last. The contest was
betWeen the3e wh t ° «rein favour of
ot-jContinuing seven percent . hs the legal late
Jot' interest in that state, and those who are
for lowering it tq sitf per cent. As fay as
fo e returns have come in, it is believed
that the Six Per Cent, party have gained
t i le victory. Ilepe is a new distinction of
One morning a
TIIE SHAKERS—Amidst all the singularities
of the Shakers, they have some rules which it
would be well for all denominations to adopt ;—
" It is contrary to order, or the gift ; as they call
it, (says Professpr Silliman, in his 'Four,) to leave!
any bars down or gates open, or leave any thing
they use out qf its proper place ; consequently,
they seldom have any tiling lost. It is according
to the gift, or order, lor all to endeavour to keep
all things in order; indqjence and carelessness,
they say are directly opposite to the gospel and
order of God ; cleanliness, jn every respect, is
strongly enforced j it is contrary to order even to
spit on the floor. A dirty, careless, slovenly or
indolent person, they say, cannot travel in the
way of God, or be religious. It is contrary to
order to tat It. loud, to (.hut doors hard, to rap at
a door for admittance,
respect ; even when walking the floor they mast
be careful not to make a noise with their feet.—
They go to bed at 9 or HI o'clock, and. rise at 4
or 5. Kvery man and woman must be employed
and work steadily and inoderutely."
to make a noise in any
Charleston, Oct. 7*
The grout outlaw JOE, (who murdered
since) and three of
Mr. Ford twn years
his principal associates, have at length!
met the fate they deserved, A party ofj
young gentlemen from Clarendon, under
the direction of Messrs. Moore and Man
ning, having received in formation respect-,
ins the place of their'encampment, fon-j
certed their measures so u3 to invite the
, 1 , . ,
attack of thestf daring dpsppradoes. At
the moment when they wepc about to pltin
der a river boat, they were surprised and
destroyed. Joe's head has been placed
on a pole, near the mouth of the Santee!
Canal. Three fellows made their escape.!
but the pursuit is so vigorous, that they
wi|l doubtlpss soon share the fate of their
associates in crime.
Yesterday, on Spruce street wharf, the
gentlemen in the Oyster line were greatly
amused with qn exhibition truly rational,
but we are apprehensive that few of our
fashionables, would enjoy the singular
sight; and none perhaps would lie willing
to adopt the same novel mode, of ' raising
(he wind.'—The gentleman alluded to,
whose name we sincerely regret we are
unable to lay before the public, for surely
he is as deserving of being handed to after
ages, as he who swallowed a broad-sword,
and by vomiting ribbons, induced us to
believe (hat his stomach was converted in
to a fancy shop; this gentleman was ex
hibiting to his motly Spectators, the fami
liarity with which he could play with a
Snake, and after various feats, which mo
ved to admiration the minds of the sooty
sweep and the lusty porter, he finally, for
the sum of one cent, exacted from each of
his spectators, crammed it, body ami soul.
all alive as it was, into his mighty mouth !
Then burst the appeal of deserved ap
plause, for in truth it was a merry sight
1 . ..... . . 1 I /•
the little animal poking its dead from
between the teeth of the great animal,
hissing defiance on all around. — Jlurora,
___ _
___ _
" 'the
At an adjourned meeting held accord
>»« public ib .be W. S IIt».»*
(up. room, in the boroo-h of W il.nipon,
October 9th, 1823, to receive the report of
the committee appointed to draft a c™
stitution for the Society, the Rev. R. W il
liston was called to the chair, and J. A.
Sparks appointed Secretary. The meet
ing being thus organised, the following
constitution was reported and unanimous
ly adopted.
Constitution of the Wilmington Union Co
lonization Society.
This society shall be called!
the Wilmington Colonization Society,
be auxilliary to the American Coloniza
tinn Society. [
Akt. 2. The object to which its views
shall be exclusively directed, is the Colo
nizatinn on the coast of Africa, with their
own consent, of the tree people of colour
of the United States ; and this Society
will contribute its funds and efforts to thej——
attainment of that object in aid ot
American Colonization Society.
Art. 3. The officers of this Society,
shall be a President, two vice Presidents.
and six Managers, a Secretary and 1 rea
surer, who shall ajso be members of the|
board of Managers; ail of whom shall bel
elected by ballot,at the annunl meeting
of the society, and shall have power to fill
up all vacancies occurring during the year,
nd make such rules ami regulations, not
inconsistent with the spirit and meaning
of this constitution, as shall appear to
them nt-cessary, for their own government,
in the management of {he aftiiirs pf this
Art. 4. Eyery person who shall sub
scribe liis nqme to this constitution, and
pay annually one dollar or upwards tu
the Treasurer, shall be a member of the
Society; and every person who shall, at
any one time subscribe and pay ten dol
lars shall be a member for life.
Art. 5. This Society shall meetannu
aliy on the first Thursday of November,
for the purpose pf electing officers and re
ceiving the report of the Managers, the
Secretary to give, at least, ten days no
tice, in the manner he may think best, ol
the time and place of such meeting.
Art. 6. This constitution may be al
tered and amended, at any annual meet
ing oF the Society, proyidefl that two thirds
of the members present concur therein.
Ara, 7. A member may at any time
discontinue his subscription, notifying the
Treasurer therof, and paying all arrear
ages, if any, at the time of sucl; notice.
The following officers were unanimous
ly elected.
Rev. R. Williston, President.
Rev. John Potts, 1st Vice President.
Rev. S. Green, 2nd
James A. Sparks, Secretary.
Edward Worrell, Treasurer,
J. R. Brinckle, S. Sappington, R. Porter,
Joseph Scott, J. Patterson, and George
Jones, Managers.
It was on motion Resolved, that a com
mittee of three be appojnted to solicit sub
scribers to the Constitution ; whereupon
the Rev. E. W. Gilbert, R v. Joint Potts
and the Rev. S. R. Green are chosen.
On motion Resolved, that the Rev. E. W.
Gilbert be requested to prepare and deli
address at the next meeting of the
Art. 1.
ver an
Resolved, that the (iroceedinga of this
eeting be published in the public prints
id notice given of the annual meeting.
Ht 'solved thui toi-* meeting adjourn tn
meet at this place oil the tirs c Tuesday of
November next.
A. Spatiks, Sec'y.
Prices of produce at the Rçandywine,
8 ft 37
i aq
Oats, - -

4 3 TRAY can 3 e t0 Lon ? , J ool?
x\. Farm on tile lted Lion road, one mile from
Wilmington, some lime buck. The owner is r<-
quested to come forward, prove p.ropeyiy ^ pay:
pliarges, and take her away,
October 23, 1823.
4 0(1
No. 98, Market-street. Wilmington, Del.
RonmsüjY & co,
yriESFECTFULLY inform theirfrjpnd? and Ilia
Ug public generally, tint they have commenced
the above business, and offer the first quality of
Morocco at the lowest Philadelphia prices for
Cash, suitable for Bookbinders, Saddlers, Hatters
Coach and Shoemakers, who will find it to their
advantage to call and examine them.
N. 11. WOOL suitable for Rutters and Spinners.
October 16, 1823.
)n this beautiful Lottery, a package of Tickets
! comprises all the numbers in the wheel And
should the High Prizes be among them, must
tol'lraw 16 18 or 20 dulls at least : ,0 that the full
inrice ot 4 dolls. 75 els. nerticket, or 4^. uni. 7o ct.
p. ic j ca jç e , will be dispensed with to enenu
rtt g e enterprise, as the prizes will be sufficient p>
^Ry the balance; all over, will be the properly
lot*the owner; for the better security of whom
'the tickets will be lodged in the Wilmingl
Lust Class...New Series.
Positively to be drawn in A. FEW WEEKSj» qs the
Law authorising the Lottery will expire on
the 2d of February next, so that nq
lime is to be lost, and *lis
I In prizes of 10 & 4.
In prizes of 50.
Brandvwine Bank. The certificate trom the b*nk
IIt».»* JJÜÏ X ">•
^ p ( 30 ,wa-H.lf, is M.
of Q llai . teri 7 doll*.'50cts.-Eighth. 3 do!. 75
single Ticket, 4 dolls. 75 cts-2 ,i„l. 37$
il- Quarter, 1 dol. 25 cts.—— Eighth, 62£ cents,
A. prizes in the last class, received as C.tsh.
yop Tickets and shares, q.-plv at
Oct. 16,1823.
LUCKY OFFICE, Wilnungfun, -S.
5 -if
of almost every description, Manufactured
sold by
At Uig i onE established stand, No. Gd, ijurket-st
Wilmington, (Del.)
J. P£PPKR offers his sincere thanks to a
thejyjjQ generous public for the large share of tm
jsiness with which he has been favoured, and heg»
leave to remind them that he cimtmueB to (levin
JU ti-and
-jsitv e r Table, T' e a, Uesscrt lantl Soup Spoons,
Plated Castors, Candlesticks Bread-baskets, &c.
together with a large variety ot
Jewellery and Gold Work,
All of which he will sell at his accustomed mode
rate prices.
He will give the highest prices for old silver and
gold, either in cash or exchange. Sep. 18—3m
I NFORMS his friends and the citizens of Wil
mington ami its vicinity, that he intends open
mg an livening School on the first ot November,
at liis School Rootp t where will he taught I*,ng
lisli Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Y\ riting a.nl
Arithmetic, aiid hopes to gain the appprobr.tioi.
of all those who may call on him lor iiist-nctu-n
N. B. Young men who wish to obtain a know
ledge of Navigation, will be taught at ttie r- ùu-' fi
price of Kight dollars per quarter! it rc-qu'-ed,
tliL-y may obtain Lectures on the Lonars.
Wilmington, Oct. 16, 1823.
1 ÖKSPKCTFULLY give notice uf their h v
engaged tile Brewery at ilmiinftr
cemly occupied by Janies Sebbori., win-!
have this day commenced brewing
A Stock of Beer, Ale ami roro r,
of the public i
I'o which the altentio
Oct. 1,1823.
s *
Brush and Bellows Manufactory.
G 1 KORGK W. MKTZ respectfully informs the
% public that he has removed to No. 5, High
Street, south side of the Upper Market House,
at which place he keeps a general assortment of
BRUSHES & BELLOWS, in-all their variety,
which he w'ill sell on the most reasonable terms.
Country merchants and wholesale dealers can
Ge supplied at the shortest notice, and at the
lowest price*» Sept. 18—tfc

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