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n this manner he had killed. lie wasthegoat
consideration of their consanguinity. The
S UiÄ »»« m'Ä.' iff Al,
[From a late London Paper.]
Ugliness .—Perhaps no Lady was
better reconciled to positive ugliness in
her own person than the Duchess ot Or
leans, the mother of the Regent d'Orleans,
who governed France during the minority
of Louis XV.—Thus she speaks of her own
appearance and mariners.
" From my earliest years I was aware
liow ordinary my appearance was, and did p
not like that people should look at me at
tentively. I never paid any attention to j
dress, because diamonds and, dress were
to attract attention. My husband, ta
the other hand, loved to cover himself jj
with jewels, and was well satisfied at my
dislike of them,'as it saved all disputes it
for the possession of them. On great days
he used to make me rouge; which I did
greatly against my will, for I hate every as
thing that incommodes me. One day I in
ade the countess of Scissons laugh hear- t0
tily. She asked m# why 1 never turned s
my head whenever I passed before a mir- ou
ror, as every body else did ? I answered,
because I had tuo much self-luve, to bear
the sight of my own ugliness. an
"I must hâve been very ugly in mythe
youth ; I had no sort of features ; with lit
tie twinkling eyes, a short snub nose, anil
long thick lips. TI.« whole of my physi-j
ogiiomy was far from attractive. * ace j a
was large, with fat cheeks, and yet my ,|
figure wâs short and stumpy; in short I
was a very homely sort ot person. Except
fur the goodness of my disposition, no one
would have endured me. It was imp 0981
ble to discover any thing like intelligence •
in my eyes, unless with a m.cro.cope-|
Perhaps there was not on the face o the
earth such another pair ot ugly hands as a
The King often told me so, ami set
me laughing about it; for as I was qu.te a
sure ot being very ugly, 1 made up. my
mind tobe always the first to laugh at it. j
This succeeded very well, though I must
confess it furnished me with aguod stock
of materials for laughter.
My temperament is naturally rather J,
melancholy, and when any thing «listrea
ses me, my left side swells up as if it were
filled with water. 1 hate to lie in bed,
and the moment I wake, I rise immediate
!y. As tur breakfast, 1 take it very sei
dom, and then have nothing but bread anil
butter. Chocolate, coffee, tea, and all
other foreign drugs, I detest. My habits
completely German, and nothing suite
me in the eating and drinking way, which
is not conformable to our old customs. I
cannot eat soup unless it is mixed up with
milk, beer or wine ; and as for gravy broth,
it is abominable ; it always makes me su
ill, that nothing but sausages and ham can
put my stomach to rights again."
From the N. Y Evening Post.
AV|. Intel V ronie.l and article from the of
JL ùizette P whicli mentioned that the| a
1 * ' <• : r with
ifin feet idur inches S'ÄThfl«»
deposited in the East India Museutnl ,na
nf flint town When this rentile arrives t0
" !t 8 a L t |T V i£r'nwtiy i it t so t rnetime8 me a a r sùres ^ e
;,nward of 3 O fe; inrn^ ranr.s said' tban
to be a favorite food wRh he natives ol 8Ilia
Ionie countries A living one was lately
exhibited in London whfch measured 18 G »
fee tin the narrative of the 'wuec k of the
British frigate Alcaste bv M'Leod the
ohhat ^essel ls an account of a ,abl
surgettn o that vessel, is an account ot a ^
B "ri^ 0, tt trlC i < L r . f îtnîlnn »„A him.
I r ll0 a lnTtn a Batavia wl,ere hè w« he
had heensen to ^^avmvvhe rel, ewns
T n- , Z l rih or rale the hart
rrilTwere abouUouî feet liîgh, and about
five feet square, a space sufficiently large
to allow him to coil himself round the cage,
The eXk for ids use during the pas- Mr.
sage, consisting of six goats of the orilttia- of
ry size, were sent with him on hoard, five
beino- Considered as a fair allowance for
many months. At an early period of his
the voyage we had an exhibition of his ta
lent in the wav of eating, which was pub
iicly performed on the quarter deck, upon of
which he was brought. The sliding
beino- opened, one of the goats was thrust is
in and the door of the cage shut. Thejcificd
pom- goat, as if instantly aware of all
horrors of its perilous Situation, immedi-|of
,,el, began to otter the most piercing ami
distressing cries, butting instinctively at
the same Fime, with its liead towards' the
sernent in self defence.
«The snake, which at first appeared
scarcely to notice the poor animal, somijahout
began to stira little, and, turning his heaillsteatn
the direction of the goat, at length fix
ed a deadly ami malignant eye on the
trembling victim, whose agony and terror
secined to increase; for previous to the
snake seizing its prey, it shook in every
limb, but still continuing its unavailing
shuwof attack, by butting at the serpent,
[joiv became sufficiently animated tally
0 repaie tor tlie banquet. The first opera
1 n! was that of darting out his
and at the same time rearing
LeaT, anJ then suddenly seizing
is S
wasthegoat by the fore le S
quick, indeed, and so lns ar > a " , pv( ,
b,i's '.h. »>W, if *"»'»«,»
hail first seized. The poor guat, in the
mean time, continued its feeble and half
siifled cries for some minutes, but they
became more and more faint, and at
The snake, however, re
p re p are
mout (, ; n iront of the head of the dead an
j ma | > |, e commenced by lubicrating with
his saliva that part of the goat ; and then
ta |(j n g its muzzle into his mouth, which
jj a j ( am | j n d e ed always has, the appear
ance 0 p a raw | ace rated wound, he sucked
it in as f ar as the horns would allow.—(piston,
These protuberances offered some little
not so much from their extent
as f rom t (ieir po j nts ; however, they also
in a very s h or t time disappeared; that is
t0 ga „ ex temal!y, but their progress
s jj|j j 0 he traced very distinctly on the
ou t 9 jde, threatening every moment to pro
tru( j e t h t0 ugh the skin. The victim hail
now descended as far as the shoulders
an j ; t was an astonishing sight to observe
mythe extraordinary action of the snake's
musc | es %v j ien stretched to such an unnat
ura | ex tent_an extent which must have
utter i y destroyed all muscular power in
j a nv animal that was nut, like itself, en
,| U wed with very peculiar faculties of
I pansion an d ac ' t i on at the same time.—than
When his head and neck had no other
pearance than tliat 0 f a serpent's skin
-sttjfled almost *o bursting, still the work
• of the muscles were evident; and his
power of suction, as it is erroneously call
ed , unaba ted ; it was, in fact, the eflect of
a contractile musclar power, assisted
two r( , W8 0 f 8tron „ hooked teeth. With
a „ this he must be so formed as to
able to suspend, for a time, his resp.rat.ot.Jrl,
j or j g impossible to conceive that the
proceas 0 f breathing could be carried on
w |,j| e t | le raaut |, ant | tliroat were so
nletely stufted and expanded by the body
J, f th / goat> and the lungs themselves
m jtting the traches to be ever so hard)
compres>sed a , they must have been by its
last it expired. ...
t ai tied it for a considerable time in its
grasp, after it was apparently motionless.
He then began slowly and cautiously to
fold himself till the goat fell dead from
his monstrous embrace, when he began to
himself for the feast. Placing his
compres>sed a , they must have been by its
p assage downwards.
Tbe who | e operation of completely the
gorging the bead,occupied about two hours
am j twenty minutes ; at the end of which
time the tumefaction was confined to the
mit ]j| e par t of the body or stomach; the
gu i()r partSf which had been so much
d j S f en ded, having resumed their natural ed
dimensions. He now coiled himself up
againi a „d | a ;d quietly in liis usual torpid
sta { e j or a ij ou t three weeks or a month,
wlien, his last meal appearing to be com
p | ete |y digested and dissolved, lie was
presented with another goat; which he
devoured with equal facility. It would
appear that almost ail he swallows is con
verted into nutrition, tor a small quantity
of calcareous matter (and that perhaps not|min
a ,enth P al t of t,le bu,1, ' s , of , ,lle an,ma,)
r with occasionally aome of tlie hairs, neom-and
to compose his general feces -and this
,na y accuunt for tlie . 9 ® an,malä b 1 c,n *? ab ^
t0 ,emain so lon K wlthout 8 au PP*y
^ e bad «»'Hiculty in killing a fowl
tban a lar «er animal, the former being too
ol 8Ilia » for ,lis « ra9 P- , , . _ r
" As tbe shi P a PP™ched thu pape of
18 G » od Hope, tl.e animal began to droop, as
tllBn opposed, trim» the increasing
culll,les9 °* the weather, (wlinch m a y proij
a ,abl y havc liad its influence) and he refused
a ^ sonie fow)8 uhich w ,. rc () fl,. re d to
him. Between the Cape and St. Helena
he was found dead in his cage, and, on dis
|m stmnach we ,. e j is .
covered to be excoriated ami perforated
bti4 =
The number of the Edinburgh Philoso- at
phical Journal for last month, contains
Mr. Perkins' own account of Ids method
of applying the new principle to steam
engines of the old construction. I he ac
count is taken from the specification of
his patent, which was open to the mspec
tion of the public. The Editor of the l,tm
dim Journal of Arts, states that the mode
of applying the principle tu a variety
doorjoperations in which heat may be requisite,
is embraced by a second patent to be spe
Thejcificd this month, (Nov.) and that tl.e me
the.chanical construction of the working parts
tl.e engine will be explained in the spe
cification of the third patent, which will
he enrolled in December. The same wri
ter mentions that several of ttie new en
gines which have been ordered, were in
hands; and, particularly, that an engine
somijahout 80 horse power, for the purpose of
heaillsteatn navigation, was in considerable
wardness and would be in operation be
tween London and Margate before the end
of the Summer. Mr. Perkins, after giv
ing a particular account of the generator,
concludes his specification thus :—
" I therefore hereby claim exclusive pri
vilege for the following improvements on
tally : that is to say .first, for heating water
or other fluid or fluids, for the purpose of
forkedigenerating steam for steam engines, in a
aîvessel or vessels, kept (during sucli pro
cessbf heating) full of such water or other

fhe d ex?rnsi U ve J furce P 0 ^*^^
••Secondly _Fur causing such water,
L„TC'th« d cÄf" . f r™ "/ Ä
such water or other fluid or fluids to es
cape as aforesaid, that is to say, by forc
ing other water or fluid or other fluids,
into the generator, until the pressure a
gainst the steam valve shall cause it to
rise, the valve being so loaded as not to
raise except by means of sucli extra pres
sure as aforesaid.
" fourthly .—For the general applica
tion of such water or other fluid or fluids,
so heated as aforesaid, and of the steam
nr vapour generated thereby ; whether
such steam or vapour be employed through
a steam pipe without a steam chamber or
reservoir to act immediately on the pis
ton, or to be collected in a reservoir or
steam chamber, and thence to act on the
or only for heating water to gene
rate other steam, or for any other purpose
or purposes whatsoever, provided always
that such general apnlication as atoiesaid
be for the purpose of steam-engines."
Xenia, Penn. Oct. 28.
-We have seldom heard of a more bar
parous act of cruelty than the following,
[which took place last week, in Lebanon,
in this state. In the family of Mr. Hunt
wa9 an orphan buy of nine or ten years
of age, who was recovering from a spell
of the fever which lias prevailed so gene
rally this season. Mrs. Hunt ordered him
to take a vessel and bring some water
ex-from the spring. The boy stayed longer
she wished. The spring was distant;
ap-there was a considerable hill in the wa y
tu it, and the boy was weak ; notwithstand-j
ing, she fell upon him, and beat him, <>Hu
she was obliged to desist, through fajlure
of strength. She wished she was able to
beat him to death. A bro her of her s took
bythe whip and beat him till he did not «ce I
disposed to whip him any longer. A sis
be.ter succeeded.ami laid on till she felt in- ,
„eil to quit. Some men at work new
the place, came and took up the child
(who was speechless) and carried him to
eom-ltheir own bowse, and sent fora physician,
but it was too late; he expired in a short
(ad-time. When the Hunts heard that the
child was dead, they called in three P''?'
sicians to have the body opened to try to
prove that it died ot sickness; but when
the doctors saw it, they relused to open it.
They said it was obvious from the condi
turn it was in, that it hail died of abuse.
An inquest was held over the body, who;
gave a verdict of " death by chastisement.
Mrs. Hunt and her brother were committ-^
ed to prison. The lormer has since been
liberated on bail, i lie sister made bet
escape. Gazette.

Hoi.gein, (Cuba) Oct 19.
On the morning of the 28th September,
Benjamin Driggs of the schooner Abigail,
of New York ; Captain I hompson of the
sehr. Romeo, of Cuba ; Capt. Blv of the
sloop Caroline of Fairhaven ; Mr. ^ rn .i a 'j|wo
Driggs, son of Captain Driggs ; Mr.
Jüh , n M ' kee * supercargo of the Carolinei
two Spanish gentlemen, left ^ ort t|
Principe, Cu'ba, for Neuvitas a ride of
leagues. About one o clock the same day ^
w,,en fbout 11 leagues from i rmcipe, c ®P'!ci
tains Driggs and Bly, who were about 500
yards ahead of their companions, were at-,
,ack ''' 1 b T thr . e ? robb ' ,r9 ' wh , 0 ru8he '' fr ? m .
the woods, with each a carbine presented
at their breasts. 1 he captains, upon being
thus attacked, dismounted and prepared
themseives by taking their pistols in hand, w
upon which'one of the robbers discharged
his piece at Capt. Duggs, and wounded "
him on the leftside, though not ilanger
otisly. Captain Bly immediately shot the
man J who fiUd at Driggs. Captain 1). was
soon able to use Ids hand, and shut the
tew. " i
getting into the woods, but was fired
at and he fell ; hut as it was necessary for
the gentlemen to make the best ol their
wav they ie t he fieffi eaving two dead,
and the third, ifTmt dead, in^suchasitua
Bon as to previ nt Im robbin lor some
time. 1 he whole of this scene did not
occupy more than fivp -
U •* neeessaiy i - P
Briggs is the gen eman w .o so o i, y e
offended himself against a large piratical
schooner on this coast, and who beat oil
the pirate—a toice o en n one,
Since the above was written there has
been an arrival from Principe, and it has
been ascertained that there were five rob
hers ...stead of three, two having remain
ed in the woods during the action, one o
whom wa 9 wounded in toe woods, the othei
in escaped. _ The wounded man was convey
cd to Principe, where lie confessed the
of whole matter, and has been committed to
The Baton-Rouge Gazette ofthe ï 1th
ult. contains an account of the trial of sc
veral criminals before one of the district
courts of Louisiana. Among the number
of prisoners, there was one, who, for bold,
onen-faced villainy, lastly excited univer
sal indignation, and is perhaps without a
.parallel in fbisor any other country. This
■vile scoundrel was named Wood, with "a
l well combed beard" of several mouths'jto
orowtli on a pale face, a frowning anil au
üacious look: such was the aspect of the
nrisoner when brought into court. The
indictment stated that on such a day, he,
tVood did steal from a certain person, a
luantitv of gnods, &.C. The ducument be
n°- rea'd Wood addressed the court and
said « They have made an error in the in
dictment, it was on the 4th of August, at
midnient* that 1 stole those goods." "You
»re not accused of stealing in the night,"
observed the judge to him, " and I conceive of
it my duty to inform you, that you are
not bound to confess yourself guilty, but
l would rather advise you to choose coun
sel." " I have done the deed," said Wood
and I plead guilty!— I thought that as the
proprietor of those articles was gambling
„way all lie had, it was better that I should
steal from him, than from another, as he
would certainly have lust all: but I think
I might also inform the court, that previ
ous to bringing me to gaol, my accuser
treated me to six hundred lashes—which
however I mean to repay him, as soon as
t am at liberty. I forgot to mention also,
that the guards which were placed to
watch over me, stole from me the best
part of the goods.
dereil the plea of " guilty" to he recorded,
anded the prisoner, who then expres
sed a wish to be sentenced before he reti
" Willingly," said the judge, who,
anxious to recall to the. paths of honesty,
i wandering fellow creature, made to the
prisoner, an appropriate address, which
lie was thus concluding—"The court sen
tence you to two years imprisonment at
hard labour and"—"you will have it da
ted from this day," said the undaunted
villain, interrupting the court, "for it is
but a few months since I left the prison at
New Orleans, and I have resided there al
ready fifteen years.
irritated, ordered the prisoner to be re
moved Irom bis presence.
Authentic Particulars.
T | ie i, om j on Courier of the 18th Octo
y ber s . iys _.. Cant Parry arrived this morn
J the A d m j ra | t y, having landed at
<>Hu v ? hitb Vl whence his Majesty's ships Fury
were cunt inuing their way to
to |hc river Thameg .
>rhe b)jc et that Capt. Parry has
I b etr j able to accomplish the Worth
y wi || be aniply compensated
, h * e ,. ne faI pleasure wideh will be felt
J ^ ^ uf t| . g gallant wfficer
in( | brave companions.
to ^ Jhai the expedition explored
, „ ' o- Th l Kne's Welcome
»iiii,ii B i,I', l i Froran Strait and that iieiL'h
alld finding no passage to the
N ur thward and Westward wintered in
The court having; or
The judge, justly
th b of an ib | an( l, called Win
j , an(! jn | a J t 66 ,, loD „ 83 .
Jn J82 £ the expedition guided and en
c0 ed b thc information they had
celV eU durine the winter, from a party of
K ; mauI> Wlth w hom they had establish
e( j * B friendly intercourse, pursued their
tu t h e Northward, and examined
j n | e j g t owa rds the West, till they arri
^ a straight which separates the
Nortb West Coast of America from what
Capt. Parry considers to be a cluster of
islands extending Northward towards the
g(;cne uf hig f urnl r r V i,y B ge
„ rea { object of ascertaining the
1)0r ,h ern limit of tl»e Cowtinent being thus
accom p|ished. Captain Parry penetrated
'j|wo degrees to the Westward, with con
gilleraWe expectBtion oflina, success ; but
& narrow part 0 f the strait, they found
t| ie j ce j n that peculiar manner,
U perpetual, and
^ sejiaraled in „„y season, or under any
®P'!ci rcU mstan Ce s. r l'he expedition was there
fore , f() wiuter ^ n , at itude 69, 20,
itud ; 81 , 50 .
. In the summer of this year, finding the
ice %m fi „ d t0 the shores, in such man
npr ag preclu ,| e ,l all hope of any further
progreS3 P in the neighbourhood in which he
w Capt. Parry thought it advisable to
jve P tbe att / mpt and return to Eng
" , H
The expedition has Inst by illness, nnly
Mr. Fvffe, the Greenland Master. a nd
ii. .jut, i ... ... „era.
three seamen, and one man Ktlleu by an
-Vnv it
. . I . ' ,,they
A strange accident tnok place in a Lhc- |
mist's shop a tew days since. A person
having put a gallon nr two of Alcohol up
stove in a tin vessel, the liquid took
I he whole room was tiled with name , and
a person endeavouring to escape by the
shop door, had opened it partly, and mere
|y put his head out, when the sudden ex
3 * . . . 1 . « .» I
pansion of air in the room closed the door, ((j
caught him by the head, and held him tor
several seconds, until the conflagration
ceased. No other injury than the loss of
pel sons present, was sustained.
From Poulson's American Daily Advertiser,
on a
Mr. Poulson,
In your paper of the 14th inst. it was
mentioned, that a profitable speculation
had been made by the remittance of Pista
reens from the North to New Orleans.—
Now Sir, it has always been the opinion
of myself as well as of many otiiers, that
this coin has been unjustly depreciated.—
1th It is found in many instances that five
sc- Pistareens are equal in weight to a dollar,
and that five of those stamped with the
head invariably outweigh a dollar,
bold, times by as much as a sixteenth. It
be seen' therefore that the loss of the com
a munity on this coin has been upwards
This 16 per cent, while the Banks and Brokers:^^'
"a have had the opportunity by shipping tliem|
mouths'jto tbe South, of gaining upwards of 41 per
cent, on their present va,».-. I been
urged that many of the Fistaiv have
become worn anil lightened bj , » use,
but I see not why the standanl v Ine of
dl should be reduced on account» these,
Mutilated and old coins worn mi 'K by
circulation, may well be depr.vd f all
hut their value as silver or gold hut n cn
lightened public should never >e m; le to
suffer for the interest ol Institutio is
men that might contribute to the w lf are
of all its members in promoting then now.
These remarks would perhaps have been
better, if offered some weeks since, but
even now, it is Imped they mavnothe us c -
„ „ , BKAZIL _ . . ...
h J;"^aa"o^rtu..iiy P m r * peruse. bro'gH
^Adrian"Ä lî^re oS Tue^ Z, I
find that an attempt had been made at Par,,!»,
capital ot a province ofthat name» to the north of
Pernambuco, by the governor at arms, Alb«,
VJ; e ÙVaUi" pa^.s howiver, maniuUy
sed and defeated the enemies of their indepen*
Re-dence, killed and wounded 50 and took 70 pri
»'»'era, the Governor at arms among the latter,
|Who 1 was . embal ; k *, d *'! d sent ' oBlü J " n . e ' r "^
^ aifdlaTrÄnd ai.gr'îcèt'and ,'anquili.,
in re established »Iter two days of tumult anil civil
LISBON, Oct.t.
The ship» which left England with scaled
ders, have, a9 wjü rightly conjectured, anchored
here- The reaion» for our Government a*.sen>.
hling a squadron in the Tagus must have hem
from a friendly attachment to the good old king
of Portugal and his family, who, from the violence
of political parties, may again need such a suc
cour. The present Government are greatly mor
tified at the loss of the lira/. ils. tien. Madeiia
md Com. Perevin de Compos were put under ar
rest, soon after their arrival from Bahia. It isaf.
Icged that the General ought not to have m-:»,.
ated the country. King John waa invested about
.i wct'k since with the splendid decoration* ,,f
the order of thc Garter, and two or three days
previously with the French Holy Order.
The French conducted their» in very had taste,
whilst ours was accompanied with every appear*
i*noe of state and solemnity, which the caterer to
the dignity of Kings, Sir George Neyler, could
suggest. On the arrival of the cortege in the
King's presence, a neat and very appropriate
speech was made by our Ambassador, Sir (i.
1'hornton, tracing the history of the Order, and
the connexion which King John's ancestors hid
with its earliest installation, the exalted charac
ters who had been invested with it ; and thehon
our he was about to confer, and to receive,by
its acceptance. The whole went oft' with inde
scribable eclat. If the French government in.
tended by their show to run a race for political
ascendency at this Court, with us, they have, it
is believed, not succeeded. The King of Portu
gal was seen the billowing day, with thc Garter
tied round a pair of old trowsers.
that Al
In Pernambuco the people suspected that Al
meida, their governor at arm», had the design al
so to declare with his party in favour of the * Ab
solute Government,* and they believed the 12th
of October was the day fixed for that purpose ;
consequently all dusses assembled in a boihv\A
took the resolution to anticipate auch a nefarious
plot, by arresting and shipping him for Uio Ji*
neiro, to answer for his conduct, which wa? ef
fected without bloodshed. These are represen!*
cd as the creatures of tlie lately disgraced des
potic ministers of the Emperor of the Andradaj.
All was again quiet when the Adriana »ailed.
The Pernambucan Papers seem to be most ably
conducted, enlightened, patriotic and spirited —
If the other cities of ibe Brazilian empire arc
equally gifted with native talent and resolution,
the liberty and independence of that opulent and
immense region, are safe against the arts and cor
ruption of the Mother or any other country -
Nmeteen provinces, rich and populous, at 200Ö
leagues from Europe, if well organized and gov.
erned, may defy the efforts of all the despots of
that benighted continent to recolonize them ; »I
least as well as these thirteen United States dif
against the omnipotent resources of the British
The animosity displayed in the papers againtf
thc Portuguese generally, residing in Brazil,* 1
very great, and it would not tie surprising if they
were all soon banished a la mode de Colomb:*,
from that country The counter revolution in
Por ugal has caused them to betray their real
sentiments by manifesting an indiscreet and im
proper joy at the restoration of the old order of
things ; and this has redoubled the native vig>
lance and energy of the Brazilians.
In Pernambuco the writer» in the papers (Jo no!
seem to be satisfied with the doings of the Sovc
«nun Congress in Kio Janeiro; they think »hat
^ much influenced by the Executive P«»
„era. 1 hey state that thc whole number of depu
bes congress, is 100 by appointment
tliat two thirds of that number 67, are neressar)
to make a quorum, and that 54 members onl)
have met and proceeded to business. Hither«_
,,they seem to treat respectfully Pedro 1st; the'.BB
| l0WevePj once in a while insinuate that he '
young anil inexperienced, and have been
much offended at hia comparing in a late Proc
lamation, Despotism with Democracy; saying "»r
withstanding, a superior set of men to the
sals of any despot.
They hope that Congress will not frame ^'■a
Constitution a la Kusse, that is, suchaone asi«,
Gr»iid Desput of the North of Europe has giu**^*
((j llIltortun p te ,, 0 | and . In fine it wou |j seem
Pernambuco and the other Northern Provint»*!
of Brazil, are for such a frame of government ll
that ofthe United States, with an hereditary
somewhat more passive and servile in their
sitions. Iturbide, late Emperor of Meii®°i
[sometimes brought to view aa an example
chiefs who suffer vile and corrupt courtier»
beset and influence them. [Boston Patriot
sutne-.__ Ui
willlboyonet» ; nor wiil lie return to hi*beloved
try until peace i* rentorcd to our sister reP
Brokers:^^' n( t * acb " e " e before * year is el»P s ( '
and no so „n r r is this done than lie will r 'm
per from actite life, and finish tbe remainino P*
A letter from Gsraccas, dated Bth October, »
daye later than our last accounts, stale th»t ™
cial despatches had been received from BoI| v
dat(/d head quarters at Pasto, 26th July, by w j 11
it appears that, accompanied by General S»» u
he entered Paslo by two different roads, ,
the third, and last time, pacified this
ciiy, «lier putting to death upwards ot 60U
bels, without leaving one alive to under'akc a
tlier insurrection. "The president
the writer) pathetically takes leave °f his
here ; he repairs to Peru at the
head of

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